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Gray State (film)

February 19, 2024

Part VIII: Cult Connections

February 9, 2024

Quotes on War

December 11, 2018

CIA Front Companies

December 1, 2018

ETK Introduction: This 47 minute documentary is excellent. It reveals the true sponsors and techniques of state-sponsored terrorism in Europe during the Cold War. These included Operation Gladio’s innumerable bombings and assassinations of popular Italian political leaders such as Aldo Moro. Coordination of these atrocities seems to have been mainly by the CIA and British MI6 secret services. The goal of these ongoing clandestine terrorist operations ostensibly is the conquest of the hearts and minds of domestic populations. That is the highly sanitized explanation. In fact, the goal is to terrorization domestic populations into accepting political policies and structures they would otherwise not accept. In this sense, Washington has, since WWII, employed the logic of the Machiavelli and the Mafia…. “Might makes right, the ends justify the means, divide and conquer, you have to lie to the people, a pleasant lie is more appealing than a complex, hard truth,: etc. The myth that Washington is a shining city on a hill is perhaps one of the most dastardly lies of all time.

Of course, the American military-intelligence is primarily responsible for the executing the ongoing crime of 9/11, just as it is now executing the ongoing crime of global organized gang stalking. Indeed, many of the techniques used to modern gang stalking operations were honed in Operation Gladio and other such covert operations oversees. Here are particularly relevant dialogue from “NATO’S SECRET ARMIES: OPERATION GLADIO EXPOSED:

Notes of Dialogue From NATO’s Secret Armies: Operation Gladio Exposed!

But why would (US and British-sponsored) secret right wing armies terrorize peaceful countries like Belgium, Germany, and Italy in the heart of Western Europe? … The answer lay in a shift in Cold War thinking.

The end of the Cuban missile crisis of 1962 brought a kind of stability to the Cold War. A conventional Soviet invasion of Western Europe no longer seemed likely in the face of a stalemate in which East and West held each other in check with nuclear missiles.

America was now determined to built up and expand it’s bases in Europe and Italy was a key site….. But Italian politics were still unstable. The left was gaining ground and had the potential to upset Washington’s plans.

Richard Gardner, US Ambassador to Italy: Italy was a key element in the southern flank of NATO. And the communist Party of Italy opposed every practical measure to strengthen NATO. So there was concrete evidence that Italy could not be a good NATO ally if the communists took control.

The nuclear stalemate and the rise of domestic communism saw the purpose of the Stay Behind armies revised.

Victor Marchetti (author, The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence)…. The CIA was beginning to realize that these stay behind operations were of no significant, except that they served as a network to keep strong anti-communist people together and to keep them motivated. It was almost like a club, a fraternal organization.

In 1965, the crème de la crème of the Italian right and the secret services met in a luxury hotel in Rome. This meeting of what was known as the Institute o Polio would radically alter Italian society.

It wasn’t just far right extremists there but also political scientists, researchers of revolutionary war, and officials of the chiefs of staff. So there were many who believed that you needed to take preventive action against communism with all means available.

Vincenzo Viociqueira: Our Institute of Polio, the head of the army, and the military secret services said very clearly what they wanted to. They spoke of the fourth dimension of war. After the first phase of the ground war, the second phase of the Navy, the third phase of the Air Force, the fourth phase is the phase that deals with the conquest of the hearts and minds of the population. This is the war that was fought and is still fought today by means of low intensity conflict, even by means of what we define as terrorism.

Many different groups took an active role in this fourth phase of the fight against communism. Among them was the Italian Stay Behind network, Gladio, parts of which now became directly involved in domestic political subversion.

Felice Casson, Public Prosecutor: Of course, the individual militant or soldier from Gladio didn’t know exactly who was above them in the hierarchy but we know that the bosses of Gladio were in contact with those of the secret services and this makes us think that perhaps there was this higher direction…

After the Polio meeting in Rome, Italy was hit by a series of bombings. At first they caused only material damage. But with the Piatsa Fontana massacre in 1969, one the darkest periods of Italian history began.

Some historians now believe now believe it formed part of a semi-official secret project known as the Strategy of Tension. The Strategy of Tension was a complex phenomenon in which the various figures operating didn’t have the same objectives.

Rather than a full blown coup they wanted a stabilization of the institutions of power.

To destabilize the public order to stabilize the political order and justify a repressive intervention that would be welcomed with relief by the population. People want to live in peace. They don’t want to walk into a bank or a train die because of some unknown killer.

In Belgium Police Commissioner Eddy Voss has come to a similar conclusion. He suspects the Bravant attacks were designed to create widespread fear. We were extremely frightened, and that fits into this strategy which is an important element of terrorism.

Belgium was scared. Once fear has been instilled in a population, you can make them do anything.

(Three German) Lawyers are still trying to have the inquiry into the Octoberfest attack reopened but they discovered that much of the original evidence is missing or destroyed.

“Here we are dealing with mass murderers and they destroy the evidence.”

Christopher Simpson (author of Blowback: The First Full Account of America’s Recruitment of Nazis and Its Disastrous Effect on The cold war, Our Domestic and Foreign Policy): “The legacy of Stay Behind is that the tactics that created the Stay Behinds in the first place are still being used today, they are standard operating procedures. The people who pay the primary price for this are ordinary men and women, globally.”

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