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(Now Pertinent in America): Quotes On The Russian-Communist Revolution; From Juri Lina’s “Under the Sign of the Scorpion” (1994)

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Part VIII: Cult Connections

February 9, 2024

Webmaster’s Comment: In 1994, Swedish author, Juri Lina, completed “Under the Sign of the Scorpion,” a history of the Jewish-Masonic-Bolshevik-Communist revolution and occupation of Russia (1917-1991). I have little doubt at all that the same diabolical, predatory, and parasitic Judaic-Masonic-Illuinati-financial elite is now attempting to plunge the entire world into a similar Holocaust-inferno of hatred, torture, murder, chaos, and genocide.

As a so-called “targeted individual” (TI), I have struggled to comprehend the source(s) of the diabolical hatred being directed against other TIs and me. These quotes below help explain the source of this profound hatred and criminality.

Juri Lina notes: “These Jewish extremists, who were obsessed by Marxist hallucinations, transformed Russia into a temple of evil. Soviet Union became a new perfect temple of Solomon for the Jewish freemasons. Over one hundred million people were sacrificed there.”

Today, (politically)-targeted individuals are being covertly purged/genocided by the modern equivalent of the Soviet “Red Terror” and secret political police, the Cheka; as DHS, FBI, CIA, NSA, military special and irregular (civilian) forces accomplish these nefarious operations.

I believe these very same human devils have prepared an even worse fate for Americans and the rest of humanity as they prepare to sacrifice billions of people to their Lord, Lucifer.

Tell me, you Christians who presumably can read: What part of John 8:44 do you not understand?:

Jesus Christ to the Pharisaic Jews (equivalent of today’s Orthodox Jews):

“Ye are of your father the devil and his lusts ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and a liar and the father of lies.”

Particularly Pertinent Quotes From “Under the Sign of the Scorpion” by Juri Lina (1994)

Albert Pike (Jew and Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite Freemasonry’s Southern Jurisdiction, 1809-1891):

“We shall unleash the nihilists and the atheists and we shall provoke a great social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to all nations the effect of absolute atheism; the origins of savagery and of most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the people will be forced to defend themselves against the world minority of the world revolutionaries and will exterminate those destroyers of civilization and the multitudes disillusioned with Christianity whose spirits will be from that moment without direction and leadership and anxious for an ideal, but without knowledge where to send its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer brought finally out into public view. A manifestation which will result from a general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and Atheism; both conquered and exterminated at the same time.”

From the Jewish Talmud:

“The property of the Gentiles’ work is like a masterless desert, anyone who takes it has thereby acquired a right to it. (Baba Batra 54b).

“Only the Jews are called human, the goyim are all animals. (Baba Batra 114b, Jebamot 61a, Keritot 6b and 7a.)

“If a non-Jew murders a non-Jew or an Israelite, he shall be punished. But if an Israelite murders a non-jew, the death penalty cannot be imposed.” (Sanhedrin 57a)

“Even the best of the goyim (Gentiles) must be killed.” (Avodah Sara 26b, Tosefoth).

Juri Lina, author of “Under the Sign of the Scorpion” (1994):

In Deuteronomy 20: 10-17 we are informed that all other nations must work for the Jews if they come into the Jews’ dominion. If they resist, they must be killed and their property robbed. All goyim must be exterminated where Jews already live. In Deuteronomy 7:16 (King James Bible), one can read the following: “And thou shalt consume all the people that the LORD thy god shall deliver thee, thine eye shall have no pity on them.”

Past Jewish “Holocausts”- Mass Murders and Tortures:

Book of Esther records Jews, led by Mordecai, murdered 75,000 Persians and members of other nations. (Jews celebrate this genocide/holocaust every February or March at the feast of Purim.

116 AD during Roman Empire: Mass murder in eastern provinces of Roman Empire, especially cities of Cyrene and the province of Cyrenaica (eastern part of present day Libya).

Cyrenaica, 220,000 Romans and Greeks killed.
Cyprus: murder victims estimated at 240,00.

Dio Cassius reported that the Jews even ate their victims and smeared themselves with their blood.

The most brutal murders were in Egypt. The leader of the carnage, Jossuf Mashrak Dhu Nuwas seized power in southern Arabia (now Saudi Arabia) and began slaughtering Christians and other gentiles.

Adolf Isaac Cremieux (Jew and Mason):

“The union which we shall create will not be a French, English, Irish or German, but a Jewish World Union… Under no circumstances shall a Jew befriend a Christian or a Muslim, not before the moment comes when Judaism, the only true religion, shines over the entire World.”

Adam Weishaupt, founder of the Bavarian Illuminati (1776):

“You must stifle anyone you cannot persuade.”

Karl Marx (Satanist, Jew, co-author of “The Communist Manifesto”):

“Behind every tyrant there is Jew.”

“We are merciless and do not demand any clemency. When is our turn, we will not hide our terrorism. (about 1848)

“Religion is the opium of the people.”

(The old society) can only be ended by a single method- with revolutionary terrorism.”

“Violence is the midwife who helps a new society struggle out of the womb of the old.”

Marx and Engels (co-authors of “The Communist Manifesto”):

“We can only reach our goals by violently overthrowing the entire established order.”

Engels characterized Marx as a monster who was livid with hatred “as if ten thousand devils had caught him by the hair.”

Giuseppe Mazzini, Italian 33rd degree Mason, Illuminati, and Carbonari member:

“His (Marx’s) heart bursts rather with hatred than with love towards men.”

Benjamin Disraeli, first Jewish Prime Minister of England under the name Lord Beaconsfield:

“When the secret societies, in February 1848, surprised Europe, they were themselves surprised by the unexpected opportunity, and so little capable were they of seizing the occasion, that had it not been for the Jews, who of late years unfortunately have been connecting themselves with these unhallowed associations, imbecile as were the governments, the uncalled for outbreak would not have ravaged Europe.”

Vladimir Lenin (Ulyanov), Jew, Mason, bi-sexual, first Soviet Union Dictator:

“May 90 percent of the Russian people perish if 10 percent will experience the world revolution.”

“We must utilize all possible cunning and illegal methods, deny and conceal the truth.”

“The people will be taught to hate. We shall begin the young. The children will be taught to hate their parents. We can and must write in a new language which sows hatred, detestation, and similar feelings among the masses against those who don agree with us.”

“Dictatorship is a state of intensive war.”

“Peace means, quite simply, the dominion of Communism over the entire world.”

(Penal laws should) “justify and legalize terror in principle, clearly, without embellishment.”

“In the class struggle, we have always backed the use of terrorism.”

“Put more force into the terror…. Shoot every tenth person, place all the suspects in concentration camps.”

Vice Chairman of the Soviet Cheka (Secret Military Police), Martyn Lacis:

“We Israelites must build the society of the future on the basis of constant fear.”

H.G. Wells (“The Fate of Homo Sapiens”) concerning Orthodox Jews:

“The whole question turns upon the Chosen People idea, which this remnant cherishes and sustains, which it is the “mission” of this remnant to cherish and sustain. it is difficult not to regard that idea as a conspiracy against the rest of the world… Almost every community with which the orthodox Jews have come into contact has sooner or later developed and acted upon that conspiracy idea. A careful reading of the Bible does nothing to correct it: there indeed you have the conspiracy plain and clear. It is not simply the defensive conspiracy of a nice harmless people anxious to keep up their dear, quaint old customs, that we are dealing with. it is an aggressive and vindictive conspiracy.”

Author, Juri Lina:

“Lists of those shot and otherwise executed were published in the Cheka’s weekly newspaper. In this way, it can be proved that 1.7 million people were executed during the period 1918-1919 . Official Soviet reports from May 1922, show1,695,904 people were executed from Jan. 1921-April 1922, among these victims were bishops, professors, doctors, officers, policemen, gendarmes, lawyers, civil servants, journalists, writers, artists, nurses, workers, and farmers. Their crime was “anti-social thinking.”

The role of Russian intellectuals in society was taken over by Jews.

The Cheka was under the control of jews. All the chiefs were jews.

Lenin’s primary goal was to exterminate the most intelligent part of the Russian population. When the giants are gone, the dwarves may revel. The Chekists usually invented the charges against the intellectuals….. Lenin began the persecution of intellectuals immediately after his rise to power. He made them starve to death or forced them to emigrate, or jailed or murdered them. Thus he gave orders to murder hundreds of thousands of intellectuals.

In this way, Lenin drained the country of its finest minds. Eventually, Lenin managed to purge Russia almost entirely of educated, wise and free-thinking people. The worst began to rule the best of those who were still left.

Russia was turned into a bandit state.

In the first three months of 1919 alone, 138,000 workers were shot. The Bolsheviks finally managed to destroy nearly all of the best workers.

Towards the end of 1922, there virtually no intelligent people left in Russia, and the few left did not have any possibility of publishing or otherwise giving vent to their ideas.

In the early 1920s there were already 70,000 prisoners in 300 concentration camps. (Although there were probably many more.)

From “The Secret Initiation Into the Thirty-Third Degree” (of Masonry):

“Freemasonry is nothing more and nothing less than revolution in action; continuous conspiracy.”

Comrade Kohan, in “the Jews’ Services to the Working Class” (April 1919, Newspapter Kommuist (Kharkov):

“It can be said without exaggeration that the Great Socialist October Revolution was brought about through the hands of the Jews…. the red five-pointed star, which was known as a Judaic symbol in ancient times has now been taken over by the Russian proletariat… Jewish commissars as leaders of committees and soviet organizations lead the Russian proletariat to victory…. Could the dark and oppressed masses of Russian workers and peasants throw off the yoke of the bourgeoisie themselves? No, it was the Jews from beginning to end who showed the Russian proletariat the way to the rosy dawn of internationalism and who to this day rule Soviet Russia. The proletariat can feel secure in the hands of the Jews. We can be calm while comrade Trotsky commands the Red Army.”

Excerpt from letter in Russian from the central committee at the Israeli World Union’s department in Petrograd (March 18, 1918):

“Sons of Israel! The time of our final victory is near. We stand at the beginning of our world dominion and our renown. That which we only dreamed about before has nearly become reality…”

Despite the fact that Russia has been subdued and lies under our punishing foot, we must still be careful. We have transformed Russia into an economic slave and we have taken nearly all of its riches and gold and forced it to kneel before us. But we must be careful in keeping our secret. We must not have any compassion for our enemies. We must eliminate their best and most talented individuals, so that the subjected Russia will be without its leaders. In this way, we shall destroy every opportunity to rebel against us. We must provoke class war and dissension among the blind peasants and workers. Civil war and class struggle shall annihilate the cultural values the Christian peoples have acquired…. Trotsky-Bronstein, Zinoviev-Radomyslsky, Uritsky, Karmenev-Roesenfield, Steinber- these and many other faithful sons of Israel hold the highest posts in the nation and rule over the enslaved Slavs. We shall defeat Russia totally. Our people play leading roles in the city committees, the commissariats, the victualing committees, the house committees and other institutions. But don’t let the victory go to your heads!”

Lina: “Despite the dreadful terror, more and more Russians dared to express their discontentment with the rule of the Bolshevik Jews. The intellectuals were especially open about their beliefs. Therefore, on the 27th of July, 1918, Izvestiy published an appeal by the Council of the People’s Commissaries to the Russian people. This appeal condemned “anti-Semitism as a danger to the cause of the workers’ and peasants’ revolution.” The anti-Semites were outlawed and executed on the spot. Lenin himself signed the appeal but the initiative was Trotsky’s. Lenin stressed that anti-Semitism implied counter-revolution.

Trotsky regarded all patriots as anti-Semites. In April, 1919, in the middle of the great terror in Kiev, Trotsky visited the city and ordered that all Russian patriots should be exterminated. They were beaten to death with hammers and their brains ended up on the floor of the shed where this crime was later discovered…” (Platonov, “The History of the Russian People in the 20th Century,” part I, Moscow, 1997, p. 611)..

Trotsky had also introduce the American Taylor system (named after the American economist Frederic Winslow Taylor, born in Germantown, 1856, died in 1915) which transformed workers into robots. Lenin was fascinated with this system.

Follow the Money From Germany and America to Bolshevik Russia

The great Russian author, Fiodor Dostoyevsky. predicted that Communism would come from Europe and that its introduction would claim tens of millions of victims and that Communism would be a catastrophe for mankind…..

Lina: In 1915 Alexander Parvus (Israel Helphand) made plans for the Bolsheviks’ (i.e., Illuminati’s) seizure of power by the aid of the German secret service. He had written the leading role for Vladimir Ulyanov- Lenin. In the same year, Parvus received 7 million marks from the German Department of Finance “to develop revolutionary propaganda in Russia.”

The Zionist newspaper Peiewische Vordle wrote on the 13th of January, 1919: “The international Jewry… believed it necessary to force Europe into the war (WWI) so that a new Jewish era could begin throughout the world.”

The Rabbi Reichhorn in the periodical Le Contemporain proves that those plans were far-reaching on the 1st of July 1880: “We shall force the goyim into a war by exploiting their pride, arrogance and stupidity. They will tear each other to pieces. They will force each other out of their countries, which we shall then be able to give to our people.”

… It was above all Jacob and Mortimer Schiff, Felix Warburg, Otto H. Kahn, Max Warburg, Jerome J. Hanauer, Alfred Milner (British) and the copper family Guggenheim who financed the Bolsheviks, according to the Jewish historian David Shub.

Dostoyevsky predicted that the Jews would enslave the Russians so that these would become pack-mules and that the Jews would drink the people’s blood.

In December 1916, the freemasons began working especially hard in Russia. In January 1917 it was decided that the events should be on on the Jewish Purim day, the annual celebration of the mass-murder of 75,0000 Persians, according to the book of Esther in the Old Testament (9:16-26). The first shots were to be fired on the very Purim day- the 23rd of February (8th of March).

The Jewish weekly newspaper Yevreiskaya Nedelya (The Jewish Week) published an article about the “February Revolution” on the 24th of March 1917 (no. 12-13) with an especially revealing title: “It Happened on Purim Day!”

… The Bolsheviks’ cold-blooded mass-murders, amounted to 66 million in the beginning and later reached a total of 143 million, according to the English researcher Philipp van der Est.

.. The aim of the conspirators was to enforce Illuminati rule in Russia after the model of Weishaupt-Hess-Marx.

… Thousands of Jewish conspirators came also from the United States. A total of 25,000 international “revolutionaries” arrived in Russia. Dr. George A. Simons, the priest at the American Embassy, related the following about these events: “There were hundreds of agitators who had followed Trotsky from New York. We were surprised at the fact that the Jewish element dominated from the very beginning.

The United States Congress had declared war on Germany on April 16, 1917. Among the people who had worked hardest to draw America into the world war were the bankers George Blumenthal and Isaac Seligman, the industrialists Daniel Guggenheim and Adolf Lewisohn, as well as the rabbis David Philipson (1862-1949) and Stephen Samuel Wise.” (All Jews.)

At the international conference of Masonic Grand Masters in Interlaken, Switzerland, on the 25th of June, 1916, Dr. David promised that the Jews, after causing great bloodbaths of Aryans, will take control over the whole world.” (Oleg Platonov, “The Secret History of Freemasonry,” Moscow, 1996, p. 589).

… the authors presented various excerpts from those documents, which showed that the Bolshevik leader, Vladimir Lenin, had been given money for his agitatory campaign by the Germans through a certain Mr. Svenson (Swede) who worked at the German Embassy in Stockholm.

… The United States of America was the only nation to make a huge profit on the war. All the other warring powers lost gigantic sums and come to owe the United States a total of 14 billion dollars. it has been calculated that the international financial elite made a total of 208 billion dollars on the war.

… The elite who actually became a secret red transitional government were responsible for the show. those ten men, of whom at least half were freemasons, made up the Politburo and the Military Revolutionary Committee, which had been founded on the 16th (29th) of October- Yahweh’s doomsday.

They were: Vladimir Lenin (half-Jew), Leon Trotsky (Jew), Grigori Zinoviev (Jew), Leon Kamenev (Jew), Grigori Sokolnikov (Jew), Yakov Sverdlov (Jew), Joseph Stalin (half-Jew), Felix Dzerzhinsky (Jew), Moisei Uritsky (Jew) and Andrei Bubnov (Russian). Was this spectacle then a Russian revolution?

… So these were actually Jewish criminal groups who had come to power in order to suck the life from the body of the victim. Other Jews were immediately given privileged positions.

The New York Herald Tribune wrote: “It seems as if the Bolshevik revolution in Russia is actually an enormous financial operation, the goal of which is to transfer the control of vast sums of money from the Russians to European and American banks.”

At the beginning of April 1919, George Pitter-Wilson confirmed in the Globe (London): “The aim of Bolshevism is to gain complete power in the non-Jewish areas, so that no wealth remains in non-Jewish hands. In this way, the Jews would be able to gain power over everyone, ostensibly in the interest of others.”

… Communism was simultaneously used as camouflage for the international criminal activity. That was why Communism became a modern form of a collective slave-state. The Communist Party became a real Mafia and its general secretary was just the Capo di tutti i capi (the boss of all bosses).

In the beginning these criminals managed, with the help of German troops and American financial support, to eliminate or force into exile nearly all the honest and independently thinking people in Russia and transform the nation into a criminal society…. In fact, the world had never before seen such a triumph of evil and violence.

The Bolsheviks plundered riches amounting to 7.5 billion roubles in gold just from the churches, according to a conservative estimate by Western experts.

The Bolsheviks (in 1917) had already set up revolutionary tribunals, had begun “nationalizing” (that is- plundering) private property; they abolished the military ranks and in all secrecy founded the political police (the Cheka).

In 1918 (Orthodox) Patriarch Tikhon put the Soviet regime under a ban and proclaimed it Antichrist incarnate.

Not one single synagogue was destroyed or converted into a public toilet or storehouse, as happened to the churches. Not a single rabbi was crucified. Many churches in Moscow were torn down in 1922 and instead a synagogue with space for two thousand people was built. A total of 60,000 churches were destroyed.

In 1922, the correspondent for the British newspaper the Morning Post, Victor Marsden, published the names of all 545 civil servants within the government administration. 477 of them were Jews and only 30 were Russians (5.5 percent).

All kinds of Jewish speculators and anarchists, who were enamoured with Bolshevism, travelled to Soviet Russia at the very beginning. They came from many countries (from Turkey, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Bohemia, Slovakia, and the United States of America). Most of the them came from the United States.

The Council of People’s Commissaries proclaimed the red terror as an official policy on the 5th of September 1918.

The Jewish extremists’ coups in Russia in 1917 became the greatest social catastrophe in the history of humanity.

On the 23rd day of July 1919, Scotland Yard wrote a report to the American secretary of state, wherein it is written, among other things, that they now had enough evidence to prove that Bolshevism was an international movement controlled by Jews.

Trotsky’s comrade Clara Sheridan wrote quite openly in the New York World on December 13, 1923: “The Communist leaders are Jews and Russia is entirely dominated by them. They are in every town, in every government bureau, in the offices and in the editorial staffs of the newspapers. They drive away the Russians and are responsible for the increasingly anti-Semitic attitude.

… The Russian extremist Jews and their fellow travelers were only tools in the hands of Jewish international bankers, who wanted to transport as much wealth as possible out of Russia. Everything that happened during the Jacobin’s reign of terror in France was repeated in Russia.

… Eventually all of the bolsheviks’ gold reserves ended up in the United States, according to the Russian historian Igor Bunich. Over 600,000 miners died under forced labor in the gold mines of Kolyma alone.

Meanwhile, these Jewish extremists, who were obsessed by Marxist hallucinations, transformed Russia into a temple of evil. Soviet Union became a new perfect temple of Solomon for the Jewish freemasons. Over one hundred million people were sacrificed there.”

With the help of Great Britain, America, Germany and other countries, the Soviet regime was established in Russia. That regime propagated terror, deceit, plunder, and political prostitution. Communism became especially dangerous because it justified its incredibly evil crimes with an equally incredible propaganda of lies.

On the 6th of July 1918, the Bolshevik terror regime was about to collapse in connection with the revolt of the Social Revolutionaries but was saved by the German troops and by “Latvian riflemen” as the official propaganda claimed.

… The fact that the Bolshevik criminals gained a stable base in Russia meant bad news for the rest of the world, since it worsened the quality of life everywhere. The Communists’ goal was to use mass terror to scare all their subjects into total submission.

Jewish “revolutionaries” believed that, by all those repulsive and terrible mass murders, they were sacrificing goy victims to please Yahweh.

In Vologda, Mikhail Kefrov (Zederbaum) and Alexander Eiduk liquidated all the intellectuals, for whom they felt a particular hatred.

… It is impossible, for lack of space, to describe all the butchers and their crimes. I shall just mention some numbers.

During a single year in power, the Bolsheviks exterminated 320,000 clergymen. A total of 10,180,000 “class enemies” were murdered between 1918 and 1920. Another 15 million people died during the civil war. during the famine of 1921-22, another 5,053,000 people perished. The Bolsheviks, headed by Lenin, managed to destroy over 30 million people during their first four yeas in power.

2500 years ago, the Chinese philosopher Sun Tzu (4900 BC) wrote his “The Art of War,” where he described the most effective tactics against an enemy country in a way which is just as relevant today:

“Everything which is valuable in the enemy’s country must be knocked down and destroyed…. Co-operate with the worst and vilest of creatures. Provoke fights and conflicts between the citizens… Degrade the traditions of the enemy and wipe out his history. Infiltrate his society with spies.

…. The Bolsheviks began manipulating history precisely as it suited them in order to hide their crimes. They presented their “history” precisely as they wished the world to perceive it. That was why the greatest threat to Communisms, which was entirely based on lies and fear, were those who bravely dared to speak he truth. Speaking the truth was regarded as anti-Soviet agitation and punished accordingly. During the Glasnost period (1986-1991) such truthfulness pierced the very heart of Communism and destroyed it.

The Great Terror

By 1937, another 18 million people besides the 30 million who had been eliminated during the collectivization and the famine had lost their lives as a result of Kagonovich’s wave of terror. it was still not enough. There were still “too many people” left. that was why the great terror was begun in 1937. People were executed in waves, according to the historian Dmitri Yurasov. One such wave occurred in Moscow and Leningrad on the 30th of October, 1937, when an especially large number of people were killed. The perhaps the Chekists were celebrating something?

Planned economy began to be applied also to the murdering. Kaganovich had the first extermination plan drawn up in July 1937. According to this plan the NKVD were to liquidate, during a four-month period, 268,950 people, of whom 75,950 were to be killed immediately. Kaganovich soon realized that the tempo was still too slow.

.. At the peak of Stalin’s and Kaganovich’s terror, the number of executions reached 40,000. per month, according Alexander Solzhenitsyn, who estimated the total figure of those executed in the years 1947-38 at one million and assessed that another million died in the work camps.

Literaturnaya Rossiya published the largest estimate of the total number of victims of the Soviet regime, including those who died of induced starvation and maltreatment- 147 million. This came to nearly 5 million per year for 30 years, though the years 1937-38 accounted for a disproportionate amount of deaths. I must point out that many of those murdered were women and children who had been classed as “enemies of the people.” The systematic killing of large numbers of children began as early as 1934. After all, they cost money….

According to the latest estimates, the Soviet Union lost at least 32 million, possibly 45 million, citizens during the Second World War. The historian Nikolai Tolstoy claims that most of the m (presumably 20 million) were killed by order of Lavrenti Beria. All those deaths were blamed on the Germans.

…. In 1952, there were 12 million prisoners in the camps and 8 million soldiers in the army (who had an even harder life) as well as 30 million peasants working for virtually nothing in the kolhozes and 40 million working under the same conditions in the industry, according to Vladimir Soloukhin.

The Bolsheviks’ path to power was financially paved by Jacob Schiff, Paul Warburg, John Rockefeller, Franklin Vancerlip, John Pierpoint Morgan Jr. (who gave at least a million dollars to Lenin) and William Averell Harriman from the United States of America. There were also similar forces in Europe with the same aims. There the English Grand Master Alfred Milner and the Rothschild family supported the Bolsheviks. The Soviet Union began using the red banner of the Rothschilds as the official symbol of Socialism-Communism.

(Author) Anthony Sutton pointed out that the West eagerly began supporting the Bolsheviks in December 1917, when the possibility of establishing the Soviet Regime was still very uncertain. In fact, an intensive and systematic aid operation was begun just after the bolsheviks’ seizure of power. Anthony Sutton asserts that the Bolsheviks received all they needed (primarily weapons and tin) from the West. The Soviet Union was founded by the same financial circle, which had broken up Europe at Versailles and thereby created the necessary conditions for the outbreak of the Second World War. This circle has controlled both sides in several wars.

…. Everything has been done according to the programme that was revealed by Walter Rathenau (Jew) in Paris, 1913, when the financial elite and the Illuminati founded the International Bank Alliance: “The moment has come for the financial elite to officially dictate their laws to the world, as they have previously done only covertly…. The financial elite will be required to succeed empires and kingdoms with an authority which does not extend only to one country, but spans the world.”

Five million people died of starvation during 1921-22, according to official sources.

Lenin was more interested in appropriating the property and riches of the Russians than in practicing utopian socialism…. It was primarily “the greedy Jew,” Armand Hammer, who brought the Tsars’ and the aristocrats’ jewels and art to America where it was sold to other rich Jews.

… Hammer did not conceal his satanic attitude: “He who tells the truth has no future. The future is built exclusively on lies.”

… A new famine was organized in 1946 and 1947, in which two million people died. At the same time, the Ukrainians were forced to supply the Soviet Army (several million men) with food.

… The Jewish senator and high-ranking freemason Harry S Truman, who became vice-president and later president of the United States explained the situation after Hitler’s attack in the following way:

“If we see that Germany is about to win, we should help Russia, and if we see that Russia is winning, we should help Germany, because in this way we shall be able to let them kill as many as possible.”

(Invited by a general to relate their opinions about life in the gulag, none of the prisoners would talk. Finally, a former professor of history from Leningrad, after being enslaved in the Gulag, stated: “Never before has any slavery been as cruel and inhuman.” (He was executed immediately)

Not one of the Western leaders wanted to halt Communism, despite the fact that its ideology, which was based on hatred and agitation, was directed against all intelligent people.

Russian nationalists had been meanwhile managed to obtain copies of the “instructions.” Here are some typical excerpts from these directives:

It is necessary to help our young Jews into leading positions. The Russians are not capable of profound thought, analysis… they are like pigs…. Everything, which belongs to them today, is actually ours- they are using all this only temporarily. God has instructed us to take everything from them….

The goys (gentiles) are stupid and primitive, they can’t even lie.

Slander their most eminent people who are capable of making speeches… our motto is respectable audacity…

Accuse all who try to work against us of anti-Semitism and label them anti-Semites. Constantly spread statements about the eternal suffering of the Jewish people, who have been persecuted in the past and are now discriminated against. The tactic of the “poor Jew” has vindicated its practitioners for thousands of years.

God wanted Jews to rule the world and this is what we do.

Keep the mass media and information tools in our hands.

People without history are children without parents. They must begin all over again and then it will be easy to give them our world view and way of thinking. In this way we can liquidate entire races. They must lose their history and their traditions, following which we shall be able to shape them in our way.

Through marriage with Jewesses, there is a possibility to bring Russians under our influence and into our sphere of interest.

Buy, destroy and prevent the publishing of books, which reveal our tactics and strategy. The goys must never know the real reasons behind Jew-pogroms.

They must be forced to choose chaos or us. When they try to do without us, we must cause complete chaos. Make sure that the disorder remains until the suffering and tortured gentiles desperately want our regime back. The gentiles must work under our leadership and be useful to us. Those who are not useful to us must be expelled. He who is not with us is against us. “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth,” that is what Moses taught us. Money is our God!”

(Swedish Jew) Lars Gustafsson: There is nothing, nothing standing between us (i.e., Jews in leading positions) and chaos any longer…. Europe…. in international organizations is of course to a very great extent quite simply an expression of Jewish universalism… Without Jewish universalism and without the Jewish faith in the stability of values, there will be no place for Europe.”

On the 30th of September, 1992, the Hungarian journalist Andras Bencsik, editor-in-chief of Pesti Hirlap, published in his newspaper the article, “The Art of Crushing the Hard Core” where he allegorically described the basic problems which every post-Communist society has to grapple with. Andras Benesik declared:

The internal political crisis in the Republic of Hungary is a result of the trap whose nature is to pull the society which falls into it further into the trap, the harder that society tries to break free of it. If the nation would patiently wait and accept its fate, it is still not certain that this would see it to safety.

This trap is reminiscent of a spider’s web, where the captured fly, desperately buzzing, tries to tear itself loose. The fly seems to tear asunder the finest strands of the web, but the spider, which sits concealed at the edge of the web, feels the strength of the filaments and patiently waits, keeps out of sight, becomes nearly invisible. But this is not because it is shy.

…. This drama is tragic for the fly. it is about the fly’s. life. For the spider it is natural- this is how it feeds.

It is really about a struggle for survival. The nature of the struggle is that both sides believe themselves to be in the right. That is why the possible final results are also similar. Either the flies’ or the spiders’ order of society will be victorious. If the flies win, there will not be many opportunities left for the spiders. If the spiders win, the flies’ society will degenerate into a mere food-farm. They will procreate just to feed the spiders. In the society of flies, there is democracy whereas in that of the spiders there is dictatorship. Today we know both forms.

Only a few among us have discovered that, while our old and dear spider’s web dried up and withered, the new spiders stretched a new, dazzling we beneath us, so that our liberation actually means that we fall into a newer, stronger web instead of being able to fly about freely.

The spiders, who had organized their parasitic nation into a hard core, had a more advantageous situation when they began reorganizing the structure of society which had broken apart. Their advantage lay in the fact that they knew their own culture very well and had no doubts that their position had become considerably worse. The world was not created for the spiders, but the heavenly will had a place also for them, as for the mosquitoes. We may express it in this way, that it happened so that the peaceful creatures would not start feeling too secure.”

(Lina: This is the best analogy I have seen regarding the current situation in Europe.)

Count Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi (1894-1972) who wrote “Practical Idealism” (1925):

“The future of man will be a mongrel. As for Pan Europe, I wish to see there a Eurasian-Negroid mixture with great variation in personality types…. The Jews shall take the leading positions, since good providence has given Europe a spiritually superior race of nobility called the Jews.”

Author Juri Lina’s Conclusions: The same financial and Masonic forces (the Rothschild, Warburg, and Rockefeller families) who created the Soviet Union, are also behind the European Union and its “free market economy.” They utilize their knowledge of astrology to increase and extend their secret power-base. Officially, astrology is just superstition without any basis in reality.

So- do not believe everything these false power-mongers tell you! Think for yourself and the secrets of the world will begin to open before you! Even the secret power of the Illuminati can be broken. The Illuminati cannot stand the light of truth and seek to avoid it, just as the scorpion hides from the sun. The dark forces will inevitably fail and light will once more reach the souls of men.

The Goyim Know

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