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Groups and Key People Leading the Targeted Individual Program (From

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December 1, 2018

The groups and key people leading the Targeted Individual program are:

David Rubenstein –,
Dick Cheney – USAP programs (Black Projects), TI Program Director
David Cohen – CIA Operations,
General John Raymond – US Space Force,
Avril Haines – ODNI,
Merrick Garland – DOJ,
General Scott Berrier – DIA,
Melissa Smislova – DHS Intelligence & Analysis,
Steve Vanech – NCTC,
Jill Sanborn – FBI, National Security Branch
Charles Kable – FBI, Terrorist Screening Center
Stefanie Tompkins – DARPA
Michael Lauer, MD – NIH Extramural Division
Mossad – Israel
Owners of the Federal Reserve

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