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The “Techno-Sorcerers;” History of Totalitarian Brain Science in America; “The Minds of Men ” by A. & M. Dykes” (2018) with Transcription Notes by Dr. Eric Karlstrom

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Part VIII: Cult Connections

February 19, 2024

Dr. Stan Monteith, Author

February 25, 2014

Dr. Eric Karlstrom

February 25, 2014

Organized Gang Stalking Quotes

February 23, 2014

I. The Minds of Men, Aaron and Melissa Dykes Documentary 2018

Webmaster’s Introduction: I have taken the time to transcribe much of the dialogue featured in this excellent documentary because this film ably explains the history and “technology” of global gangstalking/electronic torture/psychological warfare/mind and behavioral control programs! Interspersed with my transcribed notes below, I note the various scientific “breakthoughs” that I believe are incorporated within global gangstalking operations with upper case letters A, B, C, etc.

Feb. 17, 2020). The Techno-sorcerers: Dr. Eric T. Karlstrom’s Transcribed Notes from the film “The Minds of Men” by “Activation of Man,” Cruel and unusual punishment:

Keynote address at UN Meeting in San Francisco Conference of the UN on International Organization, 1945:

“The United States and the Soviet Union are now among the chief artisans of the new international order.”

Typing of (CIA) Memorandum, 19th June, 1964. Subject: Soviet Research and Development in the Field of Direction and Control of Human Behavior, presumably by CIA Director, Richard Helms:

“Current research indicates that the Soviets are attempting to develop a technology for controlling the developmental behavioral patterns among the citizenry of the USSR in accordance with politically determined requirements of the system. Furthermore, the same technology can be applied to more sophisticated approaches to the coding of information or transmittal to population targets in the battle for the minds of men.”

President John F. Kennedy, 1963: “And there is very grave danger that an announced need for increased security will be seized upon by those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limits of official censorship and concealment. That I do not intend to permit to the extent that it’s in my control.”

Recorded Voice: “The transmitter changes the messages into the signal” ….

President Dwight D. Eisenhower: “We must guard against the military-industrial complex…. Research has become essential for, by or at the direction of the federal government…. We must also be alert to the equal and opposite danger that public policy could become captive to a scientific, technological elite.”

On April 13, 1953, the new CIA director, Allen Dulles signed the CIA’s top-secret MKULTRA mind control project into existence after giving a speech at Princeton University on the “Battle for the Minds of Men” to justify it. He stated:

Allen Dulles’ “Brain Warfare” speech: “The Battle for the Minds of Men:”

“The mind is the most delicate of all instruments…. proving a malleable tool in the hands of sinister men…. The perversion of the minds of selected individuals…. deprived of the ability to state their own thoughts…. New techniques wash the brain clean of the thoughts and mental processes of the past…. The attempt at mass indoctrination of hundreds of millions of people so that they respond docilely to the orders of their master. We might call it in its new form: “Brain Warfare”…. We have no guinea pigs, ourselves, on which to try out these extraordinary techniques. This campaign for the control of the minds of men.”

Project MKULTRA (officially carried out between 1953-1964) was under CIA’s clandestine Science and Technology Division and was sold as a counter-measure to Soviet brainwashing. It weaponized science and psychology under more than 149 subprojects. But it was really about controlling human beings both individually and en mass in every way researchers could dream of. It weaponized the techniques of big science which for many years had been funded and promoted by the Rockefeller, Carnegie and Ford Foundations. The public was unaware of this research.

CIA’s Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, head of Technical Services Staff Chemical Division, signed off on all 149+ subprojects of MKULTRA.

Testifying in front of Congress after his immunity to prosecution had been guaranteed, Gottlieb stated that the CIA was interested in retrograde amnesia, the blanking out a period of time in a person’s memory.

MKULTRA followed previous mind control projects conducted by CIA in cooperation with hosts of psychologists and scientists from many universities and hospitals as well as all military branches. The earlier projects were termed Projects Bluebird (1950), Artichoke (1951), Chatter (1947), etc.”

1) The 149+ MKULTRA subprojects experimented with 100s of different drugs, sleep and behavior modification, and other behavior modification strategies. Tens of thousands of (unwitting) people across North America and the world were involved in these experiments.

2) Countless agencies, hospitals, universities, and prisons were used to carry out government research.

3) Military soldiers, civilians, hospital patients, inmates, and even children were used as test subjects without regard to consent.

4) Virtually no aspect of potential control of human beings went untested.

There were 149+ subprojects in MKULTRA

1952 CIA memo (on Operation Bluebird): “The aim is controlling an individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his will and even against such fundamental laws of human nature as self-preservation.”

In 1973, CIA director Richard Helms destroyed all MKULTRA documents. But 7 boxes were accidentally spared as Xerox copies in a clerical office. And a FOIA request in 1977 by John Marks of the State Department got them released to the public.

Some of the MKULTRA subprojects were:

– Subproject 23 tested the effects of certain drugs on the central nervous systems of terminally ill cancer patients.

– Subproject 87 talked about purification of extremely high potency allergens with “greater potentialities.”

– Subproject 115 studied mentally disturbed in their environment to gain further insight into influencing human behavior.

– Subproject 40 investigated the feasibility of aerosols to deliver various psycho-chemicals of interest to the CIA on non-psychotic humans.

– Subproject 128 tested a method of rapid hypnotic induction.

– Subproject 138 involved body antennas, personal tagging, radiant energy measurement, and remote polygraphs.

(A. Webmaster (ETK): In my opinion, aerosols, hypnotic induction, personal tagging, and studies on radiant energy measurement and remote polygraphs are applicable to global gangstalking operations.)

Thus, the field of psychology began to increasingly affect warfare. And MKULTRA was simply a dark hallway in a much larger labyrinth. But Dr. Ewen Cameron didn’t work in a vacuum.

Some of the CIA doctors (Techno-sorcerers) were the most well respected mind and behavioral scientists in the country. These included:

A) Dr. Ewen Cameron: Using funding from the CIA, the Rockefeller Foundation and the Canadian government, Dr. Ewen Carmeron, Head of Allen Memorial Institute located in Ravenscrag Castle at McGill University, Montreal, wanted to erase, re-write and re-program the mind and the person with all new thoughts and behaviors…. He used dangerous drugs, sleep deprivation, sensory deprivation, massive doses of electric shock, forcing subjects to listen to endless tape recorded messages. Using his technique referred to as “psychic driving,” he wanted to make direct, controlled changes in behavior and personality.

Cameron was also a 33rd degree Mason, a former member of OSS (Office of Strategic Services, the precursor to the CIA), served on the medical panel for Nuremburg Trial, assessed Nazi Rudolf Hess, was personal friend of Sir John Rawlings Rees, founder of the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations)

Goal: To make direct, controlled changes in personality….. to create Manchurian Candidate assassins who would not remember carrying out orders.

Cameron wrote a paper in 1956 on Psychic Driving…. He hoped to earn Nobel Prize… for automating psychiatry. He was President Canadian, American and World Psychiatric Associations.

(B. Webmaster: Cameron’s “de-patterning” and “psychic driving” technologies were developed to erase and then re-program minds. Certainly, microwave hearing (synthetic telepathy or Voice-To-Skull) technology is used as a modern form of “psychic driving” to selected “targeted individuals.”)

B) Dr. Jose Delgado: Financed by Office of Naval Research. Used electrical stimulation of the brain (ESB) and learned to stimulate brains remotely with radio waves after having implanting electrodes into brains. He invented the “stimoceiver” which could be implanted in the brain and by microwaves.

Delgado: “According to Marcuse, inner freedom designates the private space in which man may become and remain himself. Today this private space has been invaded and whittled down by technological reality.”

The techno-matador spectacle in which Delgado was able to stop a charging bull was meant to shock people and to put humans in their place.

(C. Webmaster: The application of Delgado’s methods of remotely stimulating parts of the brain through ESB (electrical stimulation of the brain) has direct bearing on technology now referred to as ‘bio-telemetry” and “Remote Neural Monitoring” and “Remote Neural Manipulation.”)

C) Warren McCullough, Cybernetician, was also a pioneer of deep electrode stimulation in the 1930’s at Yale laboratory of neuro-physiology.

McCullough: “The master control for the whole body resides in the brain. Which regulates most of the body’s activities.”

D) Dr. Wilder Penfield: By 1934 at McGill University in Montreal Canada, Dr. Wilder Penfield had already mapped out much of the cerebral cortex, by placing electrodes on the brain. Rockefeller Foundation spent over 1.25 million dollars to fund the McGill Neuroscience Institute, and appointed Penfield to head the agency.

Penfield was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University where he was a student of Sir Charles Sherrington’s. He did hundreds of brain surgeries to map the brain…. He destroyed various portions of people’s brains, the associative portion of the brain.

He conducted experimental surgeries to his “many 100s” of patients to create the “homunculus”- a map for the outer cortex and a code for understanding the inner workings of the brain. McGill became a center of this research.

He carried out electrical stimulation of various parts of the brain to determine its various functions, including speech, motor movements, dreams, auditory and visual hallucinations, etc.

Although he was an American, he was considered “the greatest Canadian alive.” Many of his risky experimental surgeries caused impairment and/or destruction of the minds of his patients.

E) Dr. Donald O. Hebb was a Canadian who worked with Penfield at McGill University starting in 1937. His seminal 1949 work was “The Organization of Behavior.” He studied learning in the sense of conditioned behavior, bonding, imprinting, early experiences, conditioned behavior, and predicting future behavior based on past. Hebb became head of McGill’s psychology department; he studied neural networks and the impact of isolation on the human mind.

Military and national security agencies became quite interested in McGill, which at the time was the leading institution for brain and behavior research. In June 1951, there was a secret meeting at Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Montreal on CIA’s Artichoke and Bluebird projects. Hebb was there along with CIA personnel.

Hebb showed that deprivation is the simplest path to dominating the mind and would be useful in psychological coercion, to implant ideas. He investigated various ways to soften, remold, and shatter the mind through sensory deprivation, behavioral control, manipulation of guilt feelings, subtle or overt threats, hypnosis, isolation, deprivation, social pressure, overt threats, and especially, to pluck mind from reality by cutting off the senses.

His research on coercive conditioning by repetition and training, hypnosis, isolation, subtle or overt threats, was of great interest to the CIA.

Hebb was funded by Canadian government and the Rockefeller Foundation to test his theories on sensory deprivation. He found that total and extreme sensory deprivation for two to three days could drive people crazy and led to disintegration of peoples’ identities. Participants (test subjects) openly referred to it as “torture.” In his experiments, people’s minds lost complete touch with reality. Deprived of ordinary, everyday sensory experiences, any person’s mind would break down within days. For many, hallucinations began in 48 hours and the experimental sensory deprivation conditions caused psychotic breaks from reality. Also, he demonstrated that these “treatments” made a person highly suggestible with long-lasting effects. People then would semipermantly change their beliefs.

The implications for brainwashing and re-education were staggering.

(D. Hebb’s work in the effects of isolation and sensory deprivation have direct bearing not only on “no-touch torture” techniques spelled out in the CIA’s 1963 KUBARK manual but also to gangstalking protocols and procedures deployed today.
TIs are deliberately isolated from all support systems in order to break their personalities down and drive them insane. The military also uses the ISR technique to “isolate and remove” enemies.)

F) Dr. Robert Felix, National Institute’s of Health Director, testified at a hearing that if you deprive someone of their senses they will become totally disoriented in time and space and in their entire thought process. Without external stimuli, one is left in a closed circuit. Thoughts will go round and round and round in an endless loop. When the information is fed back in, and it’s the only information, even if it is nonsense, it will be accepted.. Feed (bogus) information back in to someone who has had sensory deprivation, nonsense then will be accepted as logical result.

Felix’s Conclusion: Isolation can be used as a weapon and anyone can be broken down by this technique.

McGill University became the epicenter of MKULTRA research. There, Hebb and Penfield were surrounded by MKULTRA research thereafter.

G) Dr. Maitland Baldwin was a protégé of Drs. Penfield and Hebb at McGill University. He also studied removal of the brain, conducted experiments on monkeys, and continued Hebb’s sensory deprivation experiments. He also worked at the National Institutes of Mental Health. Baldwin was quite willing to do “terminal-type” experiments in this area if the CIA would provide him with expendable subjects. His research results are still classified.

(F. Webmaster’s comment: We may consider many “TIs” to victims of “terminal-type” mind and behavioral control experiments very much in the tradition of the CIA’s MKULTRA and related mind control experiments. Brain doctors generally regard these hapless souls as expendable lab rats.)

According to author, Dr. Alfred McCoy, a lawsuit forced the Canadian government to admit Hebb’s close association with the CIA, including a briefing he did with the CIA that resulted in release of the CIA’s “KUBARK COUNTERINTELLIGENCE INTERROGATION” (more commonly referred to as KUBARK psychological torture manual) of July, 1963. When Hebb eventually stopped these “interrogation” experiments, he was cut off from CIA funding.

(On Screen, the Dykes’ show a page from the 1963 KUBARK manual: G. ETK note: Please note that some of these topics directly relate to what targeted individuals experience!!!!!!!!!)


A. Restrictions
B. The Theory of Coercion
C. Arrest
D. Detention
E. Deprivation of Sensory Stimuli
F. Threats and Fear
G. Debility
H. Pain
I. Heightened Suggestibility and Hypnosis
J. Narcosis
K. The Detection of Malingering
L. Conclusion)

Dr. Hebb cooperated with CIA’s operation Bluebird in the early 1950’s… The idea of using the name Bluebird was to get people to sing like a Bluebird even against their own will. BLUEBIRD evolved into Project Artichoke, then MKULTRA, then other projects such as, OFTEN, Naomi, MKSEARCH, PROJECT PANDORA (Title page shown for “Operational Procedure For Project Pandora Microwave Test Facility), etc.

Dr. Hebb got a special CIA security clearance in 1964.

Part II- Cybernetics: Behavior modification and mind control

“I think that cybernetics is the biggest bite out of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge that mankind has taken in the last 2000 years. “

Gregory Bateson

The CIA needed teams of scientific investigators to investigate the mechanisms that underlie behavior and thus the mind…. And to answer the essential question: Is man programmable like a machine?

Covert, organized scientific research had already begun in the 1940’s under the auspices of private committees, foundations, etc. Top scientists, psychiatrists, etc. had already been tapped to join the “President’s Advisory Committee for National Morale.”

Even during WWII, leading social scientists were tapped for the Presidential Advisory Committee called “The Moral Committee” for psychological warfare. It conducted classified research into psychological operations and countering enemy propaganda, while insuring the American public’s support for the war through domestic propaganda. This committee also proposed secret research into methods of enhanced interrogation that could be used to make people talk against their will.

Channeled though the Office of the Coordinator of Information (OCI), This became known as the Truth Drug (TD) project. This project merged with the OSS (Office of Strategic Services), the clandestine, wartime precursor to the CIA. These secret experiments operated under the cover that OSS was trying to find a cure for shell shock. (ETK: Just like Britain’s Tavistock Institute for Human Relations began doing when it was formed in 1917).

CIA memo by CIA director Richard Helms to Warren Commission:
Some of the newer trends in the USSR are as follows: A) The adoption of a multidisciplinary approach, integrating biological, social, and physical mathematical research in attempts to better understand and eventually to control human behavior in a manner consonant with national plans.” .

In May, 1942 (a few weeks before the creation of the OSS), the first invitation-only Macy’s Conference on “Cerebral Inhibition” was held and was centered around the topics of hypnosis and the conditioned reflex. The President of the Josia Macy Jr. Foundation (tied to Rockefeller oil empire and a CIA front) was neurologist, Dr. Frank Fremont-Smith. He brought together an interdisciplinary team of academic experts to weaponize science for the wartime intelligence effort in light of technological advances. Off the record, these people discussed what could be done about “the problem.”

The goal was to merge the sciences with American wartime and espionage efforts.

H) Dr. Warren S. McCullough, Chairman, was a neurophysiologist at the Neuro-Psychiatric Institute at the University of Illinois. Calling himself an “investigative philosopher of the nervous system in relation to the brain,” McCullough wanted to understand the brain-mind problem. (i.e., second order cybernetics)

I) Margaret Meade, another Macy’s Conference attendee was an anthropologist, member of the Morale Committee, and OSS agent who studied the psychology of groups and cultures at a distance and designed black propaganda.

J) Gregory Bateson, husband of Meade was also anthropologist, OSS agent, MI6 agent, and social scientist.

K) Dr. Lawrence K. Frank, Macy’s Vice President, was a behaviorist, whose work led to the federal governments’ Head Start Program

L) Dr. Arturo Rosenbluthe, Physiologist, of Mexico City, studied homeostasis and biological organisms and worked with MIT mathematician, Dr. Norbert Weiner in cybernetics.

M) Dr. Lawrence Kubie, Psychoanalyst and neuro-pathologist, worked under Dr. Wilder Penfield and, like Penfield, had also studied under Sir Sherrington at Oxford. He later stated of his work on prisoners: “what great fun we had.” He worked at the elite Rockefeller institute for Medical Research and his theory neurosis escalate by excitation waves that build up tension by cycling through closed loops in the nervous system.

N) George Hunter White, OSS, CIA, involved in four MKULTRA projects.

O) Dr. Milton H. Erickson: The leading topic at the First Macy Conference was the covert use of hypnosis, as presented by FBI-asset, Erickson, a pioneer of implanted hypnotic suggestion, who later contracted with OSS and CIA.

There are no published records from this first 1942 Macy Conference.

However, in a 1939 paper, entitled: “Experimental Neurosis in Man,” Lawrence Kubie wrote that Erickson could implant false memories and hypnotic commands through hypnosis and that psychotic emotional storms could be triggered on command by hypnotic cues.

(ETK note: In fact, the film then refers to an “OSS plot to send coded messages through hypnotized couriers.” In fact, the military has been doing this since World War II and continues to do this today. See the work of Dr. George Estabrooksand author, Walter Bowart.)

P) Dr. Howard S. Liddell: The second main topic at the first Macy Conference was the conditioned reflex, which was presented by Liddel. Liddell had established Cornell’s Behavior Farm Laboratory. His work showed irrational stimulus and response patterns were found to trigger artificial neurosis in sheep and other animals.

A devotee of Russian physiologist, Ivan Pavlov, Liddell used the techniques of conditioned response that Pavlov had developed.

To study the conditions between the central nervous system and emotions, these experiments proved that motivations like hunger could be exploited and the psychological response to stimulus, whether pain, fear, or reward could be gamed to create experimentally induced neuroses…. which is little different than torture.

(E. Webmaster (ETK) note: All targeted individuals’ lives are essentially controlled by scripted psychological attacks from strangers that comprise these “irrational stimulus and response patterns,” in order to help “produce artificially induced neuroses.” And yes, this deliberate manipulation of the TI’s external environment is an important aspect of “no-touch torture,” which the CIA pioneered.)

Like other Macy’s attendees, Liddell had been recruited by the National Research Council, which had with Macy’s Foundation funding, formed a number of emergency committees including a division of anthropology and psychology.

It was in this spirit of marrying science and research to efforts in espionage that the meeting commenced, entangled in the secrecy and urgency of the war.

But the most important conversation at the first Macy conference happened in the lunchroom when Arturo Rosenbluthe told the other attendees about his work with math genius, Norbert Weiner, on so-called teleology in “goal-seeking devices.” As it turned out, the behavior of organisms and machines could be neatly and simply modeled around the feedback loop.

The Macy’s group later met 10 more times on the “Man-Machine” Project a New Science of Control,” based largely on the work of Norbert Weiner.

What if the brain worked like a computer. If so, could it be decoded and re-programmed?

During the WWI, Norbert Wiener studied artillery fire, as a soldier and math expert. By WWII, Wiener had automated anti-aircraft artillery fire that used automatic tracking systems. It was all negative feedback.

Q) Dr. Norbert Wiener, math genius and MIT mathematics and cybernetics professor, earned his Ph.D. from Harvard at the age of 17.

He had constructed a formula for what he called cybernetics. He co-authored a paper on: “Behavior, Purpose, and Teleology” with Arturo Rosenblueth and Julian Bigelow (1943) that came out in Philosophy of Science. In the paper, the authors modeled the behavior of machines and organisms on the feedback loop.

This work led to his books and to the science of cybernetics,,,,

Wiener’s 1948 book was entitled: “Cybernetics: Control and Communication in the Animal and the Machine” and was underwritten by the Rockefeller Foundation. Cybernetics derives from the Greek word for “steersman” or “helmsman.”

Wiener’s 1950 follow-up book was: “The Human Use of Human Beings: Cybernetics and Society.” This book outlined a whole new era.

The Macy’s conference reformed and the 1st official Macy’s Cybernetics Meeting was held immediately following World War II in March, 1946. Entitled: CYBERNETICS: “Circular Causal and Feedback Mechanisms in Biological and Social Systems”), the meeting was held just three months before the passage of the National Mental Health Act which established the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). This act gave the federal government the mandate to prevent as well as treat mental illness.

Macy’s attendees now knew that both machines and human brains worked through inputs and outputs. Hence, in both types of “systems,” an interface should theoretically be possible.

There was a large military presence at all the Macy’s conferences. And modern information theory was used to study the “second signal system,” that is, how “speech and associated phenomena” affect human behavior.

Combined physical, biological, and psychological and social sciences were now directed to tackle the “Comprehensive Study of Man.” Expanded group members included:

1) Dr. Norbert Weiner, math prodigy at MIT and father of cybernetics.

2) Dr. John Von Neuman, Hungarian émigré, member of the Manhattan Project, pioneer of the digital computer, who used game theory to analyze cold war strategic thinking.

3) Dr. Walter Pitts, MIT math professor, ho coauthored papers with Warren McCullough on brain modeling:

His co-authored 1943 paper with Warren McCullough was: “ A Logical Calculus of the Ideas Immanent in Nervous Activity, Warren S. McCulloch and Walter H. Pitts introduced concept of neural net. “Neural Net Project”

4) Rafael Laurente De No, Rockefeller Institute of Medical Research, studied neurons and noted they are compatible with electronic and digital systems and could be modeled.

5) Heinrich Kluver, German émigré, experimental and gestalt psychologist, studied visual perception, hallucinations and mescaline, known for Kluver-Bussey syndrome, a cognitive impairment caused by surgically-created brain lesions.

6) Dr. Kurt Lewin, German refugee, OSS agent, Director of MIT center for group Dynamics, associated with Frankfurt School and Tavistock Institute,

7) Heinz Von Forrester, editor of Macy’s Conferences, 2nd order cybernetician, University of Illinois, studied physics and conducted radar experiments for the Nazis, part of Vienna circle, had written paper on memory as a function of quantum mechanics.

8) Molly Harrower, (also served on board International Committee of Mental Hygiene)

9) Henry W. Brosin (Mental Hygiene)

10) Clyde Kluckhohn (Mental Hygiene Board)

Invited guests included:

8) Dr. Harold A. Abramson, psychiatrist, and OSS and CIA asset, ran multiple MKULTRA projects involving LSD experimentation, he introduced LSD to many Macy conference attendees including Gregory Bateson and Fremont-Smith. He had worked at Fort Detrick, Maryland chemical warfare division.

Location of this Macy’s conference was at Beakman Hotel in Manhattan near the Macy’s Foundation, the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, Cornell Medical College (where MKULRA funds were channeled through the Human Ecology Fund), the CFR, and the wartime OSS, which operated out of room 3603 of Rockefeller Center, working side by side with Britain’s MI6 and in the same building as the Rockefeller Foundation.

John Von Neumann took the stage to update everyone on wartime advances in digital computer technology during the war.

Comparing digital binary machines and communication of the nervous system, they wanted to show the impact of the physical world on the mind in statistical terms of data, input and output. Eventually all entities will sync to the dominant. This fused together the principles of biological organisms with machines.

Wiener’s cybernetic concept held the key as to what they should do with the computers they had developed.….. It fused together the working principles of biological organisms, looping systems that maintained equilibrium.

Wiener and Rosenbluthe, presented their 1943 paper on “Behavior, Purpose, and Teleology.” They had a universal mechanism to create goal-seeking behavior that made machines and even people basically programmable on the influence of a feedback system.

Wiener stated: “The existing natural reflexes are essentially part of the same mechanism that can inform all purposeful activity in automata. One need merely supply a circuit with receptors and effectors. Then they become goal-seeking devices.”

The 1943 paper by McCullough and Pitts introduced the concept of a neural net and showed how communication between neurons could be modeled via computer. Science of mind thus became a science of signals. Comparison of machine and brains.

Warren McCullough wanted to find the nature of reality in quantifiable and cybernetic terms. At end of WWI, Yale’s Professor Boltwood, an expert in chemical warfare from a family of skull and Bones initiates, explained to McCullough the mysterious beginnings of science.

Bolton explained the hidden history of science from Egypt, Mesopotamia, Babylonia and beyond, that had been the mysterious keys to governing early civilizations. The secrets were cybernetic at heart. These secrets fueled the minds of secret societies, etc.

CIA Director, Richard Helms, memo continued:

“Implied by this research was the hope for a technology for controlling behavior via the second signal system, using information inputs as causative agents rather than chemical agents, electrodes, or other more exotic techniques applicable, perhaps, to individuals rather than groups.”

(G. Webmaster (ETK) Comment: Helms is referring to “Information Warfare.” If we start to understand human language as a “second signal system” as these cyberneticians viewed it, then we can see why they are interested in controlling “information” (more likely, “disinformation”) inputs in order to illicit desired behavioral responses of subjects.)

“C. This new trend observed in the early post-Stalin period continues. By 1960, the word “cybernetics” was used by the Soviets to designate this new trend. This new science is considered by some as the key to understanding the human brain and the product of its functioning; psychic activity and personality. To the development of means for controlling it and to ways of molding the character of the new communist man.”

Macy’s was meshing the power of language, communication, and symbolic exchange of information with the biological modes of control.

The Ratio Club in the UK was the counterpart of the Macy Conferences in US. Its members included:

1) Alan Turing

2) W. Ross Ashby

3) Dr. William Gray Walter (Bristol), brain wave analyzer, alpha waves, flickering light could produce changes in brain waves (strobe lights), worked with Dr. Norbert Weiner, introduced him in the early 1930’s to field of brain wave interpretations.

4) Donald MacKay

In 1948, a massive conference on mental hygiene was convened in London. John Rawlings Reese (founder of Rockefeller Foundation-funded Tavistock Institute) was the president…. The Global Manhattan project for the mind was kicking off, heavily funded by the American and British governments and the private philanthropic foundations. One World Or None.

To mold the post-war new world man…. Starting inside his own head.

The 1948 meeting culminated in the report: “Mental Health and World Citizenship” by Lawrence Brink and Margaret Meade. It focused on the modifiability of man and all of his social institutions’ political, economic, legal, and religious, family, school, work place…. in order to influence and change the world’s behavior- one person at a time…..

It stated:

“The sciences of man offered a new approach to the problem of war in a world community and it is the ultimate goal of mental health to help men to live with their fellows in One World so that men can live at peace with each other.”

So now the goal of mental health has been changed from helping individuals to the larger task of creating a healthy society. (This is the collectivist approach).

In 1948, The supposedly scientific “World Federation of Mental Health” was founded. It’s first president was Dr. John Rawlings Rees, former head of the British Army’s Psychological Warfare Division and founder of the Tavistock Institute for Human Affairs. Margaret Meade and Freemont-Smith were later presidents.

Their motto borrowed from UNESCO constitution: “Since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defenses of peace must be constructed.”

“The problem became one of communication between man and machine, between machine and machine, between machine and man.”

(H. This describes “the technology” that links brains of TIs to supercomputers for bio-telemetry and RNM.)

There was a large military presence at the Macy’s cybernetics meetings because they largely funded and were the ultimate users of the program…. All of these were later exposed as routine fronts for CIA endeavors.

The Office of Naval Research had its own branch for investigating Physiological Psychology- another name for Cybernetics.

John Stroud, Naval Electronic Laboratory, Macy’s Cybernetics Guest (Author, “Psychological Moment in Perception”):

“Man, which we have put in between two already known machines. Man is a predictor and says I shall continue to do whatever my last solution predicted will be right so long as no detectable difference arises. I’m very curious to know just how far we can push this human operator.

Would you please describe which part of the brain should they screw the spark plug? Heh, heh,

So we have the human operator surrounded on both sides by very precisely known mechanisms.

The question comes up: What kind of a machine have we placed in the middle? What kind of a machine is man?”

(I. Webmaster comment: We may speculate that John Stroud’s statement: “I’m very curious to know just how far we can push the “human operator,”” has formed the “scientific” rationale for innumerable military experiments on non-consenting human test subjects vis a vis their ability to withstand and adjust to directed energy and neuroweapons as well as many other forms of electronic and psychological attacks.)

From Published Macy’s Conference Proceedings:

Norbert Wiener: “The modification of the synapse: Neurons that fire together wire together….. Hebb proved that.

(The brain is)… a machine with an analogic part and a digital part.”

Gregory Bateson:So the analogue part is able to create analogies that mirror observed actions in human beings with whom we communicate.”

Norbert Wiener: “Such a device may also use data from previous experience to predict the future.”

Bateson: “What I see when I look at you is, in fact, my image of you. Or you see your image of me. The how of using our senses is a deeply concealed body of knowledge. Very few people seem to realize the enormous theoretical power of this distinction between what I see and what is actually out there. Most assume that they see what they look at. But the map is not the territory.”

Perception: Our brain translates analogue symbols into digital data in our brain. It isn’t reality that we see, but rather it is rods and cones interpreting the shapes and colors of the world… Human senses were tricked by many things in the labs along with practically every other animal species that had been tested.

In the end, the whole of man can be controlled through his dependence on his environment.

Because the mind is contained within the brain-body mechanism, and thus isolated from the outside world, it is entirely dependent on information derived from the senses. In other words, the mind is already contained within a natural matrix.

Many of the cybernetics members were now talking literally about constructing an artificial matrix. Von Forester: “The matrix embeds… “

Alex Bavelis of MIT in Group Dynamics Studies stated: “We are attempting now to describe the operation of a net in terms of the probability that there will be a message from a to b in a given time period. We plot the net as a matrix…. We put 1’s where there is a link and 0s where there is no direct link.“

At stake was the unveiling of an entirely new paradigm; one which encompassed a wholistic view of control that could potentially govern the world and the mind. The system they came up with required that individuals and society be placed in a common communications network. (The computer). It all centered around man-computer symbiosis.

(J. Webmaster comment: If the “artificial matrix” imposed on targeted individuals and everyone else consists in the government’s control of” 1) the external environment, through street theater, weather warfare, etc., 2) the internal environment, through “electrical stimulation of the brain”/microwave hearing, etc., and 3) the internet, as is suggested here, the remedy that most readily presents itself is for TIs and others to “unplug” from the internet and other controlled, artificial forms of communication. In other words, “go dark.”)

J.C.R. Licklider, experimental psychologist, Macy’s Cybernetics Guest:

“Things are going to be considerably better for a lot of people when and if we ever get changed over to an essentially electronic base.”

As this research evolved, the internet evolved into an artificial nervous system. Licklider’s had done war-time research, modeling the human brain with psycho-acoustic effects at Harvard. His experiments investigated how the human nervous system reacts to electronic stimuli?

Like other machines, man could be placed in a technical loop and his behavior modified.

Psychologist and computer scientist, Dr. J.C. R. Licklider’s, embodied the connection between cybernetics and cold war air defense, which was largely based out of Boston and MIT. His presence at the 1950 Macy’s cybernetic meeting coincided with his move to MIT and the start of a pivotal but shadowy role in creating the militarized MIT Lincoln laboratory, the SAGE radar network, and the DEW line (the Distant Early Warning Missile Defense System), a system that relied upon the very command and control networks that Norbert Weiner and others at Macy’s created.

Ultimately, the nerves of the nation’s defense were designed to operate like the human nervous system. Data processing was at its nerve center. To extend the useful capacity of man’s brain. The melding of computers and communication.

This matched Licklider’s vision of a networked and interconnected society. This eventually culminated in the DARPA created ARPANET, which preceded the modern internet.

It all centered around man-computer symbiosis. As this network evolved, the answer developed into an artificial (computer) nervous system.

It all centers on inputs, outputs, feedback loops, and ultimately controlling the inputs and outputs, which in human terms, means controlling the environment.

At this point, we realize that reality itself is not a fixed thing. Our nervous systems interpret the symbols and signals of familiar patterns and changes, continually revising and interpreting the external world. Thus, an artificial matrix is inherent and indeed, unavoidable.

Bateson: “Cybernetic systems are circuits of cause and effect. For me, the system is man and environment.”

Man sought to control his own kind by way of understanding what governed his actions, starting with the neuron, the base unit of mind-body communication.

“Cybernetics:” root word, “helmsman,” or juvenator, or cyberte, is the science of government.

In the end, cybernetic modification of the human being makes information and its communication the key to control, making reality itself malleable and our interaction with the technology at hand has created its own feedback derived from our interpreted reality.

The function or goal is to extend the useful capacity of man’s brain. It’s a digital communication technology aided and abetted by satellites. So you connect the computers together.

Control is built into the system. It’s called feedback and feedback is ubiquitous in control systems.

Cybernetics (to govern) becomes the science of government.

Weiner: “The world about us is accessible only through a nervous system and that our information concerning it is confined to what limited information the nervous system can transmit.”

As this technology captures, measures, and analyzes the world around us, man is programmed and reprogrammed through continuous updates provided by this intermediary….. and conditioning comes with it along with new reflexes.

It is a recursive epistemology. Self-reflexive cycles. Returning to bit their own beginnings. Feedback and adaptation.

Bateson: “The old world oroborus conceals his recursive nature and the implications of recursiveness. “

Ultimately, the underlying natural matrix is supplanted by an artificial one…. born with the collective consciousness of mankind’s total intent, goals, and purpose. Ultimately, the found that programming is easy. The science of cybernetics revealed to CIA that:

Although the mind cannot be directly controlled, it is in essence, malleable, due to its reliance upon physical sense data and man’s unique ability to comprehend language and to talk.

Behavior then, modified by continuous feedback, is inherent in communication itself… The ultimate question was: Who or what would control the signal.

Reports of first five of the ten Macy’s cybernetics conferences were never publicly released. These 10 meetings systematically worked out questions of control…. That could would have to be asked and could only be answered only through experimentation…. And some of these were so unethical they could only be carried out under a blanket of national security on a need to know basis.

These would have to be secret. Behavior modified by continuous feedback was inherent in language itself.

The last Macy’s conference was held on April 22, 1953, just 9 days after Dulles signed off on MKULTRA.

Dr. Norbert Wiener lamented:

“Those of us who have contributed to the new science of cybernetics thus stand in a moral position, which is to say the least, not very comfortable. We have contributed to the initiation of a new science which embraces technological developments with great possibilities for good and evil.

We do not have a choice in suppressing these new technological developments. We can only hand it over to the world that exists about us. There are those who hope for the good of a better understanding of man and society that they anticipate can outweigh the contribution we are making to the concentration of power. I am compelled to say that it is a very slight hope.”

Computing machines had already reached the point of such complicity where it threatened man’s freedom to make individual decisions.

Bateson: “We used to ask: Can a computer think? The answer is no. What thinks is a total circuit, a computer, a man, and an environment.”

If man can control the environment and the computer…..

Bateson: “Similarly, we may ask whether a brain can think? And again, the answer is no.”

He has to work by cycles of operation very much like an ordinary computer.

Bateson: “What thinks is a brain inside a man which is a part of a system that includes an environment.”

McCullough: “No. Scientists are not fit to run the world.”

Part III. The Brain Doctors

“We are, I believe, involved in present at what I can only call a Third World War…. Man’s struggle to save his personality from destruction by technology is something more than a substitute for war. It is a form of war itself.”

Arnold J. Toynbee

Soviet scientist: “Cybernetics can be used in molding of a child’s character, the inculcation of knowledge and techniques, the amassing of experience, the establishment of social behavioral patterns… all functions which can be summarized as control of the growth process of individual. Students of particular disciplines in the USSR, such as psychology and the social sciences, all support this effort.”

The Macy’s Conferences’ emphasis on cybernetics infuses all of CIA’s MKULTRA unethical cold war experiments to control human beings. One example was:

CIA MKULTRA Subproject 119 (1959):

The admitted goal was: “Interpretive survey of work being done in psycho-physiological research and instrumentation.” The five goals of the project were:

A. bioelectric sensors: sources of significant electrical potential and methods of pick-up.
B. Recording: amplification, electronic tape and other multi-channel recording.
C. Analysis: autocorrelators, spectrum analyzers, etc. and coordination with automatic data processing equipment.
D. standardization of data for correlation with biochemical, physiological, and behavioral indices.
E. Techniques of activation of the human organism by remote electronic means.

(K. ETK comment: This subproject seems to have direct bearing on 24/7 surveillance of and the remote targeting of targeted individuals via “bio-telemetry”/Remote Neural Monitoring. In 1955, Dr. Norbert Wiener had invented the technology essential for this activity, the autocorrelator. This subproject was a clearly an experimental test to determine if “the technology” worked in real life situations.).

Dr. Saul B. Sells, the principle investigator on subproject 119, was who moved to Texas Christian University after a decade at Air Force School of Aviation Medicine at Randolf Field and having worked as a statistician for the government during WWII. He founded the Institute of Behavior Research at TCU and also worked for the Office of Naval Research, NASA, Air Force….

As a statistician, he studied great amounts of data to statistically find patterns and ways to predict man’s behavior. He tabulated importance of 100’s of environmental factors to man’s behavior.

(L. ETK comment: Dr. Sells was a statistician who incorporated use of extensive data repositories into his experiments. We may speculate that subproject 119 was also precursor to the recent explosion of NSA’s “Big data” or “metadata”. If so, the goal would appear to be to extend these technologies to everyone.)

In one of his first assignments at TCU, in 1959, Sells made proposal to CIA to conduct psycho-physiological research to investigate electrical signals from the human brain and other systems and the development of a more advanced multi-channel electronic analyzer to interpret those signals.

Subproject 119 was funded by the Society for Investigation of Human Ecology (Human Ecology Fund), later exposed as a CIA front run by Drs. Harold G. Wolff and Lawrence Hinkle out of Weill Cornell Medical Center which is across the street from the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research on upper east side of Manhattan.

Sells, co-convened: “Stimulus Determinants of Behavior” Symposium in 1961.

MKULTRA subproject 119 research lasted almost 6 years, from 1959 through 1965.

In 1963, the CIA commissioned Saul B. Sells and Helen F. Sells to compile a “Bioelectronics Directory,” a detailed rolodex of invasive neurological projects carried out at countless major institutions that was being carried out by countless professors, including many who were running other MKULTRA subprojects. The same names keep recurring.

Related authors and studies include:

1) Hebb, Donald O.
2) Saunders, D.R., subproject 77
3) Teuber, H. (1959)
4) Kluver, H.
5) McCulloch, W.S.
6) Pitts, W.
7) Hoagland, Hudson
8) Von Forester, Heinz
9) Dr. Jose Delgado
10) Penfield, Wilder
11) Olds, J. and Olds, M.E. (Science. 1958)
12) Isbell, H. subproject 73.
13) Baldwin, M.,- subproject 6,
14) DeFleur, M.I. subproject 112- 1959,

What did 119 really mean by “techniques of activation of the human organism by remote electronic means?” Neither the declassified documents nor any of the subcommittee hearings of the 1970’s ever followed up about what the real goal of this project was.

(M. Webmaster comment: It appears that “activation” in this context means that individuals minds and behaviors are controlled remotely through automated supercomputer and bio-telemetry/Remote Neural Monitoring. We may assume that this global ambition is now far advanced.)

Dr. Jose Delgado’s name appears at least a dozen times in Dr. Sell’s directory. Electrical Stimulation of the Brain (ESB) could be done via remote control.

ESB- electrical stimulation of the brain.

Major Important Institutions involved in these studies include:

McGill University
Massachusetts General Hospital
Boston City Hospital
University of Mississippi, Jackson, Miss.
Brain Research Institute of UCLA
UCLA ‘s Neuropsychiatric Institute (under medical direction of Dr. Louis Jolyon West)
Center for Study and Reduction of Violence (UCLA)
Vacaville Prison in California
Long Beach VA Hospital
Yale Institute for Neurophysiology

Dr. Wilder Penfield:

Dr. Norbert Wiener: MIT mathematician, genius, author of 1948 book, “Cybernetics: Communication and Control in the Animals and the Machine; and 1950 book, learned to decode EEG brainwaves through his autocorrelator computer and re-send reciprocal signals to the brain. This is sophisticated, technologically-driven mind control. Direct communication with the brain. Brain waves could be decoded.

Wiener invented the autocorrelator in 1955:

Dr. Saul Sells: Director of MKULTRA Subproject 119 (1959): sought to activate the human organism by remote electronic means using bioelectric sensors, a lead with 24-channels of brain wave data, recording and data processing devices, and the autocorrelator (that Weiner developed to analyze and interpret EEGs).

Dr. Warren McCullough: Cybernetician, His investigations in the 1930’s demonstrated the profound connection between the thalamus inside the brain and the outer sensory cortex that Wilder Penfield had mapped at McGill University.

“The master control for the whole body resides in the brain and the new methodology of implanted electrodes has provided direct access to the centers which regulate most of the body’s activities.”

Hebb’s students, James Olds and Milner, discovered a “reward map” of the brain, which showed which parts of the brain could be stimulated to make creatures come back for more. (I.e., the “pleasure center.”) This was a cybernetic look at an electrical stimulus and rewards systems.

Electric-self stimulation of the brain…

Dr. Robert G. Heath, of Tulane University Medical School in New Orleans, studied direct physical manipulation of the mind and personality of humans. In 1943, he was a military psychiatrist in New York at Columbia during WWII he had been investigating effects of brain surgeries, implanting electrodes, and drugs on humans. Did experimental ergotamine tartrate treatment. By 1949, he was head of Tulane’s Neurology and Psychiatry Department. He tested mescaline, LSD, and other mind altering drugs.

In the name of battling schizophrenia and other mental disorders.

He had endless supply of human test subjects from various nearby institutions, including prisons and hospitals.

He was invited to Edgewood Arsenal (US military chemical and biological warfare laboratory), where he as a keynote speaker.

His entire department obtained military security clearance. FOIA docs said he took a CIA contract in 1955 to study effects of drugs designed to break the will power of humans. He used prisoners in his experiments.

His main focus was on the altering of human behavior. He focused on the “septal area”- part of the limbic system, where he thought schizophrenics may have had an imbalance..

News reporter: “Now, as a patient at the New Orleans hospital he has had electrodes implanted deep within his brain for a year and a half. In that time, he has been given a new personality.”

(O. Webmaster comment: This would represent the experimental and electronic fulfillment of Dr. Ewen Cameron’s goal to “de-pattern” and re-program human minds via “psychic driving.’)

He inserted electrodes in the pleasure centers of the brain of humans….. Like Olds had done on rats.

He attended symposia on hallucinogens with various MKULTRA subproject heads, including Drs. Maitland Baldwin of Subproject 62, Martin Orne of Subproject 84, and Louis Jolyon West of Subproject 43.

Voice of news reporter: “By placing electrodes deep within the brain, investigators, including Dr. Jose Delgado of Yale University, have located precise regions that activate emotions such as fear and rage and basic drives such as hunger and sex. Electrodes can carry currents into the brain and allow the scientists to control behavior.”

By the end of the 50s, the art of brain stimulation had advanced from long conspicuous wire leads to more discrete remote control technology.

Dr. Jose Delgado: “The motor cortex is probably like a large keyboard, able to the play the strings of muscular contraction and to produce movements.”

Delgado could turn everything from emotions to actions on and off like a light switch. He could adjust the diameter of a monkey’s pupil as if it were the iris of a camera. Anger, arousal, fear or sleep could be dialed up just as easily. He called his device a stimoceiver.

Delgado: “Garage doors can be opened or closed, even orbiting capsules can be directed from tracking stations on earth. It may be surprising to learn that we may also control the functions of living organisms from a distance.”

Using his stimoceiver, Dr. Delgado was able to reliably provoke a single monkey to carry out a complex series of actions that lead to the attack of a rival monkey.

(P. Webmaster’s comment: This seems to have direct applicability on the remote, electronic creation of “Manchurian Candidate” assassins).

Of course, Dr. Delgado’s ambitions were not restricted to the primate world.

In a national speech, President Lyndon B. Johnson announced that the nation had a major problem: Violence. He attributed the assassinations of JFK, RFK, MLK to a climate of extremism and violence. Therefore, the nation cannot tolerate violence in any form.

(Q. Webmaster’s comment: Note how the elite use the Hegelian dialectic to bring about desired changes. Whereas the world was told at the close of WWII that is essential to construct “peace in the mind” (that is, mind control), now Americans were being sold on the idea that in order stamp out the epidemic of “violence,” we need more mind and behavioral control. Of course, it is never admitted that WWII and the inner city race riots were instigated and stage-managed by the elite in order to bring about the desired “solution”- a mind-controlled, or “psycho-civilized society.”)

LBJ: “The violence must be stopped, quickly, finally, and permanently.”

Interview with Dr. Lee Coleman:

Interviewer: “Psycho-surgery. Is that a reasonable practice? Even for the most serious of illnesses?”

Coleman: “No. It’s an experimental procedure. Now if you ask: Is it a reasonable experiment? The answer is No. It hasn’t been conducted reasonably and I don’t see any signs it’s going to be.

A reasonable (ethical, legal, and above board) experiment would imply that the subject of the experiment is being told he is being experimented upon. And that isn’t done.”

Working with a team of doctors in Boston, Dr. Delgado experimented on neurological patients and developed treatments to scientifically disarm violent behavior.

Delgado and his colleagues, psycho-surgeons, Drs. Vernon Mark and Frank Ervin, claimed that ghetto rioters were just the beginning and that millions could be suffering from some ambiguous, undiagnosed brain disease and turned violent, despite the fact that the brain remained little understood.

Delgado: “Each patient wears a stimoceiver which receives a signal via radio that stimulates electrodes in the brain. Meanwhile, electrical signals of brain activity are sent back by telemetry while the patient moves freely through the hospital ward.”

It can’t be missed that this work was the logical progression of the CIA’s MKULTRA subproject 94 for the “continuation of investigations on the remote directional control of activities in selected species of animals through miniaturized stimulating electrode implants in specific brain center areas.”

During this time, Delgado’s funding came through the Office of Naval Research, later shown to be a conduit for covert funding for the CIA’s MKULRA projects. Officially, the investigators who carried out this work are unknown.

With this system, Drs. Ervin, Marks, and Delgado could hijack bodily functions and invoke rather precise behaviors in their patients, who, unlike the animals, could describe what they were experiencing.

Dr. Frank Ervin said: “One could sit with one’s hands on a knob and control the level of the patient’s anxiety.”

These doctors performed micro-lobotomies, using electrodes to burn specific areas of the brain. Ervin was a disciple of Dr. Robert Heath in New Orleans.

Dr. Vernon Mark was a professor at Harvard and was director of neurosurgery at Boston General Hospital.

They worked with Dr. William Sweet, who had also been a student of Sir Charles Sherrington at Oxford University in England.,

Dr. Louis Jolyon West: UCLA psychiatrist, former military, studied behavior modification, cults, communist mind control techniques, dissociation, sensory deprivation, hallucinogens, social engineering, examined Oswald assassin, Jack Ruby, Charles Manson, examined Patty Hearst, Sirhan Sirhan, Timothy McVeigh, Haight Ashbury during summer of love 1967, involved in CIA MKULTRA- subproject 43- altering of personality through sensory isolation and environmental manipulation, drugs, and hypnosis, wrote book: “Hallucinations”

In Survey of Bioelectric Approaches to the Study of Behavior Report No. 1, Stated:

“It is even possible to record biological changes in the brains of freely moving subjects through of the use of remote monitoring techniques.”

(R. Webmaster’s comment: Here what is being referred to is Remote Neural Monitoring.)

Microwave radiation to destroy segments of brain:

Dr. Jose Delgado: Physical Control of the Brain: Toward a Psycho-Civilized Society.” Delgado was a political philosopher who saw America’s fundamental principles (Declaration of Independence) as being scientifically incorrect based on 1960’s neuroscience. His view was 100% totalitarian…. Social and personal control of people. Doing anything to individual in the name of society.

Delgado wrote that: “Conquering the human mind is a national goal at parity with conquering poverty or landing a man on the moon. The main aim is establishing a scientific foundation for a future psycho-civilized society.”

Dr. William Sweet: Harvard Medical Professor, Massachusetts General Hospital, Rhodes Scholar who studied under Sir Charles Sherrington at Oxford. Experimenter on humans with radiation, co-inventor of proton emission therapy,

Dr. Vernon Mark: Neurosurgeon at Boston City Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital since 1949, and Harvard professor, US Air Force Hospital in Germany, Director of Neurosurgery at Boston City Hospital.

“Moral values are social concerns not medical ones in any presently recognized sense.”

Dr. Frank Ervin:“Brain damaged children and senile elderly people are sometimes “monstrous little organisms” and the kind of violent patients he treated that most doctors treated were “a pain in the ass.”

“We are not talking about nicer to people, I’m not making any argument at all. We’re really talking about socially cost-effective.”

Dr. Frank R. Ervin: neurologist and psychiatrist, Harvard, New Orleans, Head of Stanley Cobb Psychiatric Laboratories at Massachusetts General Hospital, methods of deep brain stimulation acquired under Dr. Robert Heath, Massachusetts General Hospital,

Dr. Peter Breggin: Psychiatrist, Washington School of Psychiatry, was the first and only professional to protest the conditions surrounding psychosurgery. He established the “Center to Study Psychiatry.”

Breggin: “I did not expect to be a reformer in psychiatry. In a psychiatric newspaper, I had read at an announcement of the Second International Conference of Psycho-surgeons, and they were giving some kind of award to Dr. Walter Freeman, who had lobotomized about 5,000 Americans. This was during the first wave of psychosurgery in North America that “took the brains out of about 50,000 people, and it was never opposed by anybody significantly in the medical field.

What I found that most upset me was at the University of Mississippi in Jackson, a surgeon named O. J. Andy was operating on little children as young as 3, 4, and 5, for hyperactivity, aggressivity, without even pretending to have psychiatric diagnoses. Andy was inserting multiple electrodes into various portions of these childrens’ brains, he was stimulating them and then he was heating them up and burning holes in heads of these children.

Dr. O.J. Andy: (University of Mississippi)- operated on little children for hyper-activity, without any psychiatric diagnoses, inserting multiple electrodes into their brains and then burned holes in their heads with electrodes by heating them up.”

Dr. Horace W. Maguon A founder of neuroscience (“Activization”)- UCLA scientist.

Dr. Warren McCullough…

Dr. Donald B. Lindsley,

Dr. John French:– neurological wing out of Long Beach VA hospital. By 1950- it had become premier neuro-physiological lab in the world. With much experimentation carried out on veterans.

Dr. Peter Breggin: Founder of The Center to Study Psychiatry: He then started the Project to Examine Psychiatric Technology – brought attention to trend of psychosurgery and electrical brain stimulation:

Breggin: “Mental illness is a myth, a fraud, a bad metaphor, an excuse, a rationalization. It is a religious viewpoint held by psychiatrists which says that human troubles are somehow medical in origin and medical in their solution. Now just how poverty, unemployment, unhappiness, fights between husbands and wives, beatings of children, anxiety, alienation. Just how all these problems relate to medicine and relate to illness is never stated.”

(Webmaster Comment: Well said. This is the truth. Mental illness as presently defined by the DSM V is mainly a fraud used to. perpetuate this totalitarian thought-control, police-state.)

In Sept. 1967, following a long hot summer with many urban race riots: Drs. Marks, Ervin, and Sweet wrote a letter to Journal of the American Medical Association putting forth their theory that rioters in ghettos could be suffering from brain dysfunction. This would prove to be a turning point.

Black leader: Drs. Ervin, Mark, and Sweet put forth a theory that as to the cause of the violence in Detroit:

“There is evidence from several sources recently collected by the Neuro-research Foundation that brain dysfunction related to local lesions plays a significant role in the violent and assaultive behavior of thoroughly studied patients.”

The reason individuals were violent was related to a brain dysfunction that they felt that surgery could correct.”

Dr. Breggin: “The idea that a (black) leader must be the crazy one because you don’t agree with them ideologically or because you are afraid of him doesn’t make any medical sense. But, boy, did it make political sense! Wow.”

So “in response,” President Johnson formed “The National Commission on the Causes and Prevention of Violence.” Drs. Delgado and Ervin were consultants on the commission.

Black commentator: “To the extent that medical science has created this “new technology,” there is the desire to use it. And the most logical community to use it against are poor people, Black people, and people who are incarcerated.”

The Boston doctors called for an extensive research project to identify the early warning signs of violent behavior and pinpoint, diagnose, and treat people in inner cities with “low violence thresholds” before they had actually committed any violent acts.

And what do you know, but their jama letter just so-happened to include specific language from the good doctor’s own proposal for a bran-new research project to do just that.

The first phase of the Boston violence project was entitled “The Medical Epidemiology of Violent Criminals.” It called for a cyber medical evaluation and collection of EEG patterns as well as other metrics. A vast coordinated media campaign was there to promote this idea to the public.

June 10, 1968, President Johnson appointed A “National Commission on the Causes and Prevention of Violence.” (Executive Order #11412)

June 19, 1968: The “Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets” Act was rushed through Congress. Public Law 90-351. It created the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration. This commission funded coercive behavior modification projects, all based on the fallacious premise that violence and criminality were mental disorders that could be treated and cured by psycho-surgeons.

Then the US Dept. of Justice joined National Institute of Mental Health…..

Boston City Hospital then hosted “The Neuro Research Foundation” (Sweet, Erwin, Mark)

Shortly thereafter, the cover of Life Magazine read: “The Psycho-Biology of Violence.”

Now man was little more than a machine to be controlled by electronic means. Remote brain stimulation and psycho-surgery.

Julia S. was the poster-child of a person who was thus cured….

(Q. Webmaster’s comment: We can accurately consider “Julia S” and “Thomas R”, described below, as early, prototype victims of this “technology” which is now being unleashed on millions of targeted individuals…. Again, the clear goal is for the elite to refine the tools they believe they need to covertly “neutralize”/”exterminate” perceived domestic enemies in order to maintain a submissive “psycho-civilized society.”)

The 1966 book by Dr. Jose Delgado, “The Physical Control of the Brain: Toward a Psycho-Civilized Society” promoted behavior modification and control at a society-wide level.

Newspapers published threatening articles of how America was over-run with violence and would soon degenerate into a series of Garrison Cities where “order is enforced without due process of law and without consent of the governed.”

Mark and Ervin published “VIOLENCE and the BRAIN” that year as well and dedicated it to themselves.

In the forward to the book, Dr. William Sweet wrote: “Our project holds out the hope that knowledge gained about emotional brain function in violent persons with brain disease can be applied to combat the violence-triggering mechanisms in the brains of the non-diseased.” In essence, everybody else.

The book, “Violence and the Brain” was published in the spring of 1966. It was about a man named “Thomas R” (real name: Leonard Kille). The book claimed Kille was a brilliant engineer with patents who was terribly violent- (Marks and Ervin said he had temporal lobe disease and was psychotic)but after surgery he was completely cured. His treatment was surgery with multiple electrodes in his brain, stimulating him, and then burning out parts of his brain.

Kille was a 36-year old engineer and married father of six children. He had been referred to doctors by his wife. But he his medical records show he didn’t have temporal lobe disease, or paranoid delusions, or any psychotic symptomology. In fact, he was normal.

Nonetheless, he was implanted with one of Delgado’s stimoceiver (implants). They were testing this “technology” on him. Marks and Ervin had obtained their equipment from the Veterans Administration Hospital.

In the spring 1966, he was officially admitted to the Violence Research Unit, where he was subject to treatment by many combinations of anti-seizure medication, tranquilizers, and psychic energizers, but to no avail. Then he was implanted with at least 80 electrodes into his brain. .

Leonard was outfitted with one of Dr. Jose Delgado’s stimoceivers. This sent a steady stream of telemetered EEG data analyzed by computer for an impending violent episode. Then the computer would decide when to remotely stimulate Leonard based on the data. Leonard was a landmark for them.

One article by Ervin and Marks stated Leonard had become psychotic while they were stimulating him. They made destructive bilateral lesions into his brain while he was being stimulated. They would just toy with his brain. And he didn’t know what was happening to him.

Dr. Breggin: “Drs. Mark and Ervin state: After enough treatment he became docile and passive and obedient. And this is key folks. Passivity, obedience is the key to this entire process.”

One article said he became psychotic when they were remotely stimulating him by computer and zapping him with high frequency microwave currents into his electrodes using remote electronic means. This is just like one of the major goals of MKULTRA subproject 119.

For months, Mark and Ervin remotely stimulated Leonard’s brain by computer. Meticulously figuring out what each electrode could do. Then the doctors made destructive lesions on the medial portion of both of his amygdala.

Leonard’s wife filed for divorce while he was in the hospital.

Leonard was discharged in August, 1967, after more than a year in the hospital…. After series of lesions were burned into his brain by passing high frequency microwave currents through the electrodes in his brain, he was discharged.

Leonard’s mother wrote:I knew they turned my son into a vegetable.”

Thereafter, his life was ruined, he was chronically hospitalized. He lost everything, his dignity, his life, his job, his family. The VA declared him 100% disabled.

The “Thomas R” case was touted as a success by Erwin and Mark. But when Breggin visited him in California, he was laying in a bed covered in newspapers in a state of terror. He had post-traumatic brain injury psychosis. He believed and stated that the Boston doctors were trying to take his brain.

He claimed that his IQ had increased by 100% and that the treatment he endured involved hooking geniuses up to IBM machines.

Thus, Leonard was transformed from a brilliant engineer and gainfully employed husband and father of six to a patently deranged chronically hospitalized and sometimes violent psych ward patient after his treatment in Boston. He never worked again and spent the rest of life heavily medicated in VA hospitals in Boston and California.

Despite this, Ervin and Marks continued to write journal articles about their great success story, “Thomas R.”

Breggin: “And yet they (Marks and Ervin) knew the truth.”

Leonard was also diagnosed as “schizophrenic reaction paranoid type,” in large part due to a fantastical story he told with great technical precision about what they did to his brain in the Boston hospital. When he was discharged in May 1968, Leonard’s record read:

“Patient stated that that Massachusetts General Hospital were controlling him by creating lesions in his brain tissue by microwave and that they had placed electrodes in his brain tissue. (He) stated that they can control him, control his moods and control his actions, they can turn him up and down, just like a mechanical toy.”

Dr. Peter Breggin: “I was finally able to obtain a copy of Leonard’s records and there I found things like: “Leonard wants to leave the ward.” Progress note by Frank Ervin: “Take his pants away.”

I was looking in on the life of a man who had been as violently abused as any horrendous sexual, emotional, physical abuse. He might as well have been in a brainwashing camp in North Vietnam or Korea being tortured.

One of the first things that fell out of the records was a hand-written note by him that the doctors from the MGH were killing him or taking his brain…. In the progress notes I saw: “Writing on the walls: murder.” That’s all.”

(S. Webmaster’s comment: The brutal treatment of Thomas R at the hands of two respected “neurosurgeons” of the 1960s is directly comparable to the sadistic, brutal treatment of targeted individuals throughout the world today.)

Meanwhile, as the American public was being sold this treatment as a potential cure for violence, this track of technologically-driven brain research was more than just the next logical step in medicine. Decades of work was converging on the threshold of a vast, far-reaching, covert agenda finally being realized: “The activization of man.”

(ETK: Now this technology is being used covertly as a cure for “terrorism”.)

Dr. Horace W. “Tid” Magoun, (University of California, Los Angeles Medical School), considered one of the fathers of neuroscience, was also focused on “activization” in 1948 when he co-discovered the reticular formation in the brain stem responsible for sending electrical signals and brain waves that activated waking and sleeping states and seemed to hold fundamental sway over consciousness as well.

Title of conference: “Cybernetics: Circular Causal, and Feedback Mechanisms in Biological and Social Systems”

In 1949: Dr. Warren McCullough of the Illinois Neuropsychical Institute invited Mcgoun’s close associate Dr. Donald B. Lindsley (Northwestern Chicago, Illinois) to the Cybernetics conference of that year.

At the Macy’s conference, Lindsley and Magoun gave a 30 minute presentation: “Dr. Donald Lindsley and Dr. Horace Magoun demonstrate the way in which electrical activity in the brain gives information about man’s behavior.”

Magoun assembled team with Dr. John French out of the Long Beach, CA Veterans Administration Hospital. This is where Leonard Kille was treated after he was released from MGH (Massachusetts Gen. Hospital) by Drs. Ervin and Marks. Of course, neuroscientists at Long Beach ignored his testimony and diagnosed him as paranoid schizophrenic…. And kept him medicated for the rest of his life.

By 1950, Long Beach VA Hospital was the premier Neuro-physiological lab of the day and was tied to UCLA’s Medical Center. There, much experimentation was carried out on (presumably unwitting) veterans. This became the nucleus of UCLA’s new Brain Research Institute research on brains.

Five years after MKULTRA officially began, in 1958, a special Macy’s Conference on (“The Central Nervous System and Behavior) was formed, chaired by Horace Magoun and facilitated by Macy’s medical director and MGH’s general neurologist, Frank Fremont Smith. Mary A. B. Brazier was the conference editor and an EEG expert/neuroscientist from a well-connected family. She had emigrated from Britain at the onset of WWII on a Rockefeller fellowship to work at Stanley Cobb’s specialized department at MGH.

The groups participants worked in secrecy had deep ties to clandestine intelligence agencies… neuroscientists worked along side CIA MKULTRA contractors, and representatives from DOD’s research and engineering branch, and the Walter Reed Army Institute for Research, as well as distinguished Soviet scientists worked on this as well. This was the Macy’s “central nervous system group.” During the height of the Cold War, the Soviets and Americans were actually working together on “the activation of man.”

And top Macy’s brain researchers flew to Moscow to join their Moscow colloquium on “Higher Nervous Activity.”

Backing for the research and the meetings came from the Rockefeller Foundation, the Macy Foundation, and the National Science Foundation. Mary Brazier and Horace Magoun led a team of Americans that flew to Moscow to join the meeting on the mechanization of the central nervous system. The conference was entitled: “Impressions of the Colloquium on Electroencephalography and Higher Nervous Activity” Held in Moscow, USSR October 6 to 11, 1958.

Soviet Premier, Joseph Stalin had forbidden research into cybernetics- even though it really originated in Pavlovian research. But Stalin died in March, 1953, just one month before MKULTRA began… and this opened door to both Soviet and world Cybernetics research.

Declassified documents reveal that Drs. Mary Brazier and Horace Magoun had close working relationships with the CIA. Also, the CIA had directly sponsored at least part of the Macy’s Central Nervous System meetings.

1958 was a pivotal year. One more meeting was needed to set the stage for the “activated of man.”

In June, 1958, Boston was host to the “Sensory Deprivation Symposium.” This drew together elite cadre of cyberneticians, neurologists, and CIA MKULTRA contractors to coordinate the next decade of clandestine brain research. The event was jointly sponsored by Harvard Medical School, Boston City Hospital, and the Office of Naval Research.

Canadian brain researcher, Dr. Donald O. Hebb, admitted during the conference that his work on isolation sponsored by the Defense Research Board of Canada began with the problem of brainwashing but he and his fellow researchers were not permitted to say so during their first publication. He had been invited by Dr. Stanley Cobb.

Attending the symposium were a familiar cast of characters, including a key unit of cyberneticians featuring Drs. Norbert Weiner, Warren McCullough, W. Gray Walter, and Lawrence Kubie, alongside the UCLA Brain Research Institute’s Horace Magoun, Donald Lindsley, Mary Brazier and MKULTRA contractor Dr. Louis Jolyon West, who was about to lead the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute. Also attending was a young Dr. Frank Ervin, who took had recently transferred from Tulane working with Dr. Heath to take over the Stanley Cobb Chair of Psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Dr. Cobb marked 1958 as a watershed year for progress and understanding the central nervous system, presenting a radical new picture of activity in the brain based on reverberating circuits, feedback systems, communication theory, and the modulation of sensory perception. All of which became central to the fields of physiology, psychology, information theory, and cybernetics, as well as the aims of the CIA’s MKULTRA program.

This new core of knowledge replaced the classical understanding of the brain. It would now be treated as a bio-computer to be scanned, screened, de-coded, and re-programmed.

(T. Webmaster’s comment: This is exactly what is now being rolled out globally by the global elite in order to usher in their one-world Luciferian (Judeo-Masonic-satanic) government.)

Richard Helms, CIA Director, CIA typewriter: “By 1960, the word cybernetics was used by the Soviets to designate this new trend. This new science is considered by some as the key to understanding the human brain and the product of its functioning, psychic activity and personality, to the development of means for controlling it and to ways for molding the character of the new communist man.”

Norbert Wiener, author of the 1950 book, “The Human Use of Human Beings; Cybernetics and Society,” had first attempted to tackle what would become his greatest challenge in 1930, when W. Gray Walter asked him for help in interpreting what were considered at that time random EEG readings that doctors and engineers the world over had yet to make any sense of. Later, noting a similarity between the oscillating scanning behavior of a brain and that of a radar dish, both constantly searching for new data inputs, Wiener began to theorize a complicated harmonic analysis of these EEG waveforms. Harmonic analysis accounted for the transmission of information in a whole new way which eventually connected with the core cybernetic principle of feedback.

If one could modify the way the brain processed signals one could program the brain, the behaving entity, just like the equipment in missile control rooms and just like the experimental animals who had been conditioned to perform predictable behaviors in the lab.

By 1955, Norbert Wiener, who had long ago had sworn off work on “weapons of war,” despite his continued collaboration with the very military technicians and defense contractors who had made those weapons, had overseen the completion of a powerful new device which he created with Massachusett’s General’s electrical engineer, John Barlow, and Walter Rosenbluth, an Austraia-born engineer who ran MIT’s Communication Bio-Physics Laboratory. Mary Brazier, too. would work on this big project which would become one of the Cold War’s least known but most powerful secret weapons.

They called it the “Autocorrelator.” (“A Method For Direct Communication With the Brain”)

(Related professional papers shown:

Mary A.B. Brazier and J.S. Barlow, 1955, Some Applications of Correlation Analysis To Clinical Problems in Electroencephalography, (aided by grant #B 369 from the U.S. Health Service and grant #113-141 Office of Naval Research)

John S. Barlow, M.D., An Analog Correlator System for Brain Potentials (Massachusetts General Hospital and Research Laboratory of Electronics and MIT))

Voice: “The apparatus made an enormous clatter. There are two dozen relays in the rapid repeater, the central processing unit that correlated one wave form with another, chattered incessantly among themselves. The clanking kept up for 20 minutes for each correlation until the machine spit out its completed correlogram and came to a thumping, self-satisfied halt.

Norbert Wiener loved the racket. He was captivated. He was absolutely fixed on the printout as it was coming out. Wiener’s goal for the project was nothing less than to find the “rosetta stone” for the script of the brain waves”.”

A machine that analyzed brain waves in analogue mode. As authors Conway and Siegelman wrote, the correlator was “Wiener’s baby,” the first analogue computer to apply his statistical methods automatically to the analysis of brain function.

Wiener considered the machine to be the most significant work of all the things he had ever accomplished. It took Norbert Wiener 25 years to crack the code of EEGs. It was the culmination of cybernetic research that he and Arturo Rosenbluthe had begun on automata and feedback more than a decade earlier leading up to the first Macy’s cybernetics meeting on Cerebral Inhibition in 1942.

In cybernetic terms, EEG (electroencephologram) represented the first known language which was not symbolic but rather communicated directly and powerfully in its expression.

The autocorrelor now made it possible to interpret brain waves intelligently and automatically via computer and for that computer to send a reciprocal response back through EEG to excite or inhibit brain activity. And when Mary Brazier transferred to UCLA for the opening of Magoun’s Brain Research Institute, she brought the autocorrelator with her.

Years later, all of this would have grave consequences for Leonard Kille.

Breggin: “They turned him into a shell of a human being. The spirit was still there. But it couldn’t peep out very well through the tangled wires, the murdered brain cells. He was psychotic and he was violent and unrestrained at times. He’d never been anything like that.

Dr. Sweet and Mark and Ervin and NIMH got a half million dollar contract directly from Congress….

It had been known for years that brain lesions called Kluver-Bussey syndrome. These are permanent behavioral effects. These included the inability to recognize the emotional importance of events.”

The Violence aspect was a cover story for mental and behavioral research into how to incapacitate and target just about anyone.

Sweet, Mark and Ervin were getting funding from NIMH and DOJ.

Breggin: “Can you imagine anything more totalitarian than a combination of DOJ and NIMH?”

But none of this was ever about treating mental illness. No portions of the grant monies procured was ever used for follow-up of patients.

Dr. Rodin: “We have been misled.”

Part IV: The Psycho-Civilized Society

“The complete joining of man and machine… will be calculated according to a strict system, the so-called “biocracy.” It will be impossible to escape this system of adaptation because it will be articulated with so much scientific knowledge of the human being.

The individual will have no more need of conscience and virtue; his moral and mental furnishings will be a matter of the biocrat’s decisions”

Jaques Ellul, “The Technological Society”

Dr. Jose Delgado: “In chimpanzee, Patty, brain waves telemetered from the left and right amygdala were received and automatically analyzed by an online analogue computer. This instrument was instructed to recognize a specific pattern of waves. The computer was also instructed to activate a stimulator. Each time the waves appeared, radio signals were sent to Patty’s brain to stimulate the point known to have negative reinforcing properties. Electrical stimulation of one cerebral structure was contingent upon specific EEG patterns in another area of the brain. And the whole process of identification of information and command of action was decided by the online computer.”

Melissa Dykes (narrator): “In this process, Patty’s very capacity for carrying out certain behaviors was drastically and rapidly altered through a very sophisticated form of computer driven conditioning which continued until the offending brain activity was no longer physically possible.”

Delgado: “Two hours after the brain-to-computer feedback was established activity in the amygdaloid and nucleus was reduced to 50%. Six days later with daily two hour periods of feedback, drastically reduced to only 1% of normal occurrence.”

(U. Webmaster’s comment: Here, again, the scientists themselves are describing the “technology”/weapons system now being deployed in global “G5, Global Government Gangstalking-Genocide Gestapo” operations.)

Melissa: The experiment showed how brainwaves could be singled out and virtually eradicated. Using the autocorrelator, EEG expression was filtered, altered, and domesticated. The project moved forward.

Leonard would die at the age of 65 at the Bedford VA having spent the latter half of his life totally disabled, heavily medicated patient in a psyche ward.

Drs. Mark and Ervin having wrecked Leonard’s life by mutilating brain they continued to publish success stories about Leonard up until 1975.

Breggin: “There are protections against cruel and unusual punishment.”

Dr. Louis Jolyon West: Director of UCLA’s Neuropsychiatric Institute. He was formerly in the military, and later in academia researching all manner of behavior modification, everything from cults to communist mind control techniques, dissociation, sensory deprivation, hallucinogens, social engineering and more.

As a psychiatrist, Dr. West examined Jack Ruby, Charles Manson, Patty Hearst, Sirhan Sirhan, and even Timothy McVeigh…. He also monitored Haight Ashbury’s so-called acid ghetto before and during the summer of love.

He was the main CIA MKULTRA subcontractor in charge of subproject 43 with a top secret clearance. This project involved the altering of personality through sensory isolation and environmental manipulation including the use of drugs and hypnosis. His book is “Hallucinations.”

West was on track to lead the Center for the Study and Reduction of Violence at UCLA…. This massive project took many of the ideas from Boston and expand them to screening and pretreat the public at large to somehow stop violent behavior before it could occur. It called for experimenting on people from all walks of life and all ages, including children, criminals, mental patients, students, etc.…. (ETK: Much like the modern gang stalking program.)

A wide variety of experimental treatment methods would be deployed. Including unapproved chemical castration drugs to monitoring abnormal electrical brain activity by implanting tiny electrodes in the brain. He even mentioned it is possible to record bio-electrical changes in the brains of freely moving subjects through the use of remote monitoring techniques. (ETK comment: as per gangstalking today).

A full third of the proposed projects were based on the attempts to link violence prediction to “abnormal brain waves.”

The ultimate goal was described as being able to label violence-prone individuals before they had committed any crimes. And then initiate preventative treatment in the form of behavior modification. (1973).

But the public and students protested the formation of this behavioral control center. And the project was abandoned.

Delgado: “We are advancing rapidly in the pattern recognition of electrical correlates of behavior…. Automatic learning is possible by feeding signals directly into specific neuronal structures without conscious participation.”

Breggin: “What struck me about Delgado is that he was a political philosopher, not just a psycho-surgeon, who saw the fundamental principles of America, the Declaration of Independence, in particular, as being scientifically incorrect based on the neuroscience of the 1960s. That humans aren’t individuals, they are under the influence of all sorts of forces. That means they are not individuals. They may feel self-important, but they are not important. And they may think they have rights as individuals, but the society has rights, not the individual.

His view was to do anything to the individual in the name of the social good.”

Delgado: “Humanity behaves in general no more intelligently than animals would under the same circumstances. This alarming reality is due largely to spiritual pride. Violence is a product of culture and environment and it is an extreme form of aggression. Man may react to unpleasant and painful stimuli with violence. A major role of education is to build internal controls in human beings so they can withstand external pressures and maintain internal equilibrium.”

Breggin: “It was a totalitarian philosophy under which Delgado was doing social control and personal control of people.”

Melissa: Cybernetics was first described by Norbert Wiener as communication and control in the animal and the machine. Human languages have remained complex in their unraveling and interpretation. Even computer languages must be defined.

In cybernetic terms, EEG brainwaves represented the world’s first known non-symbolic language, able to directly communicate signals and meaning into the partitions of the mind. Direct communication was key. Man had uncovered a pathway to decode brainwaves, to interpret EEGs and to encode reciprocal messages that a computer understands and responds to automatically. This was sophisticated technologically-driven mind control in action.

(U. Webmaster comment: Again, what is being described here is the global gangstalking, electronic torture, and remote mind/behavioral control program.)

Most people simply can’t grasp such a thing, can’t think, imagine, or believe it.

Dr. Saul Sell’s work on MKULTRA subproject 119 proposed and put into action in 1959, sought to activate the human organism by remote electronic means using bio-electric sensors, a lead with 24-channels of brainwave data, recording and data processing devices, and what Sells called an autocorrelator, the very machine the MIT and MGH team developed to analyze and interpret EEGs.

While the first autocorrelators of 1955 took 20 minutes to analyze Norbert Wiener’s brain, subsequent versions of the device could surely approach real time and with infinitely more channels of data.

By the 1960’s, Dr. Delgado demonstrated that his devices could automatically monitor, correct, and re-condition the very mental capacities of his experimental subjects. And that is an idea unlikely to be forgotten.

(V. Webmaster comment: Same as U above…. This is the modern gangstalking/electronic torture/remote mind and behavioral control program described throughout this website.)

Dr. Peter Breggin: “I had no idea of the treachery of these neuroscientists.”

Dr. Wilder Penfield in tape recorded message (1975):Is the mind merely a function of the brain? Or is it a separate but closely related element? In the past 50 years, we have come to recognize that in the brain there is an amazing automatic sensory and motor computer that utilizes the conditioned reflexes and there’s a highest brain mechanism that is closely related to what men have long referred to as consciousness or the mind or spirit. But the mind, I surmise, can give direction only through the mind’s brain mechanism. It is all very much like programming a private computer. The program comes to an electrical computer from without. The same is true of each biological computer. The purpose comes to it from outside its own mechanism. This suggests that the mind has energy. There I must leave it.”

Melissa: The 1967 Webster’s dictionary defines Cybernetics as:
“The comparative study of the automatic control system formed by the nervous system and the brain and by mechanical-electrical communications systems.

In 2008, the CIA declassified the Office of Scientific Intelligence (1949-68). In it, it mentions cybernetics, including classified research program involving a Bio-cybernetics Working Group that was monitored by a CIA medical subcommittee, Soviet cybernetics programs, East-West technology exchanges, and something called “World Cybernetics.” Even though this document wasn’t declassified until 2008, all of the pages describing the CIA’s cybernetics program are still redacted to this day.

Dr. Breggin: “I have puzzled over human evil for a long time. What was driving Drs. Sweet, Mark, Ervin, and Delgado?”

(W. Webmaster’s comment: Dr. Breggin may be being disingenuous here. He does not answer his own question.)

Melissa Dykes: “Dr. Delgado wrote that conquering the human mind is a national goal at parity with conquering poverty or landing a man on the moon. The main aim is to establish a scientific foundation for the creation of a future Psycho-Civilized Society.

But how many people knew that humanity’s new future course toward a psycho-civilized society could be traced back to a highly organized global program to unlock the black box of man’s mind established during World War II, funded by elite foundations, government health and intelligence agencies, and military research branches, run through Ivy League Schools, hospitals, mental health facilities and prisons, involving a diffuse global network of intelligence agents, neurologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, physiologists, anthropologists, mathematicians, and cyberneticians- all seemingly working under the same United Nations UNESCO goal for decades: how to create peace in the minds of men.”

(ETK comment: This is a powerful statement.)

Woman delivering statement at founding of UNESCO at the United Nations (1945):

“The governments party to this constitution on behalf of their peoples declare… that since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defenses of peace must be constructed.”

CIA memo by CIA director, Richard Helms: “In summary, therefore, there is no evidence that the Soviets have any techniques or agents capable of producing particular behavioral patterns which are not available in the West.”

Afterward – silent screen messages:

The National Research Act of 1974 created the National Commission for the Protection of Human Subjects of Biomedical and Behavioral Research. The commission recommended strict psycho-surgery guidelines, with a mandatory hospital review board in each case, and every patient’s informed consent.

Years later, it would be revealed that behind the Cold War and the space race was a secret race for mind control technology.

Soviet secret police, the NKVD, ran its own $1 billion mind control research program concurrently with the CIA’s MKULTRA. This led to the creation of “psychotronic weapons.”

Classified government brain research continued.

(Final comment by webmaster: Here we finally realize the Cold War itself was orchestrated by the global elite and that they controlled both sides of the “iron curtain.” The competition between the US and the USSR was therefore, much more apparent than real. Behind the scenes, they were cooperating and refining the techniques to conquer the minds of men, and thus humanity, forever.)

Excellent list of academic references follows at the end.

Epigraph Quote from “The Minds of Men” at 3:08:49

From Part IV: The Psycho-Civilized Society

“The complete joining of man and machine will be calculated according to a strict system, the so-called “biocracy.” It will be impossible to escape this system of adaptation because it will be articulated with so much scientific understanding of the human being.

The individual will have no more need of conscience and virtue; his moral and mental furnishings will be a matter of the biocrat’s decisions.”

Jacques Ellul, “The Technological Society”

Webmaster Introduction: The link to this excellent youtube video, well worth watching several times, was sent to me by Illinois “TI” and non-consensual mind control experimentee, Miranda A, along with this, her introduction:

“Illinois Universities are researching violent and predictable violent behaviors as a link to brain dysfunction that causes violence and crimes. That’s the setup they used with the documents. The universities are doing research for brain research on violent behavior and predictions of violent behavior. They used me a a guinea pig with hopes of causing me to act out as the video (hour 2) on brain dysfunction and predictive potential violent behavior and repetitive violent behaviors. The bullying staff, armed guards (3), reports of me being a criminal threat, having a gun on the state of Illinois property, (and) forcing (me) off the job (were) part of the setup as well to force me to act out for the research for BRAIN DYSFUNCTION AND VIOLENCE.

Also in this video, University of Illinois, University of Chicago, Northwestern University, and the National Labs (ARGONNE) are DOING BRAIN INITIATIVE RESEARCH; probably mapping (creating) criminogenic behaviors or potentials and (mapping) associated brain waves. These institutions, along with Cornell, Johns Hopkins, Universities in California, MIT, and various medical hospitals are all mentioned in the video and received grants from military industrial complex grants. I have the grants.

All these schools and the NSF are mentioned in this video as well: Carnegie, MIT, UCLA, U. of Illinois, U. of Chicago. Boston, NY, San Francisco, and National labs. (Get the picture)?”

ETK Observation: If there is one thing I have learned in my research it is this: Those who try to play God become devils.

At the conclusion of the video (3:33:33), narrator, Melisa Dykes, states:

“(Harvard professor and CIA neurologist) Dr. Jose Delgado, wrote that conquering the human mind is a national goal at parity with conquering poverty or landing a man on the moon. The main aim is to establish a scientific foundation for the creation of a future a “psycho-civilized society.”

But how many people knew that humanity’s new future course toward a “psycho-civilized society” could be traced back to a highly organized global program to unlock the black box of man’s mind- established during World War II, funded by elite foundations, government health and intelligence agencies and military research branches- run through Ivy League schools, hospitals, mental health facilities, and prisons. And involving a diffuse global network of intelligence agents, neurologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, physiologists, anthropologists, mathematicians, and cyberneticians all seemingly working under the same United Nations UNESCO goal for decades: How to create peace in the minds of men?”

Video clip of a woman speaking at the founding of UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) on November 16, 1945:

“The governments of the states party to this constitution on behalf of their people declare that since wars begin in the minds of men it is in the minds of men that the offensive of peace must be constructed.“

II. Alan Turing, Cybernetics, and the Secrets of Life

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