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Appendix 52: British Mind Control and Transhumanism: Cathi Morgan Interviews

Mind Control & Cults
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Part VIII: Cult Connections

February 19, 2024

Dr. Stan Monteith, Author

February 25, 2014

Dr. Eric Karlstrom

February 25, 2014

Organized Gang Stalking Quotes

February 23, 2014

“My research indicates that the UK is one huge mind control experiment.” Cathi Morgan

ETK Introduction: Information presented in these interviews helps to clarify an astonishing number of confusing topics…. including the British role in MKULTRA mind control; and specifically, the contributing roles of the London School of Economics, Tavistock Institute, psychological warfare, Jewish neuroscientists, the eugenics and transhumanist movements, elite deviance, and the institutional use of pedophilia-trauma-based abuse of children.

Caveat: The above information and most of the information presented on the interviews I include on this post are empirically verifiable. After making this post, I viewed another Cathi Morgan/Bases interview in which off-planet bases, aliens, etc., are discussed. It seems unfortunate to me that Cathi Morgan and other otherwise credible researchers subscribe to “alien agenda” theories as well. Based on my research, I see no reason to subscribe to these UFO-alien agenda theories. Rather, I and many and other researchers, including Jim Keith, believe this narrative has been designed specifically to discredit mind-control victims and other so-called “conspiracy theorists” who subscribe to these beliefs.

Cathi Morgan’s website blog is

Cathi Morgan in above video: (Re: Operation Paperclip and MKULTRA mind control)….

“It’s not just German doctors coming over after the war in Operation Paperclip, but there was this huge movement of Jewish doctors BEFORE the war…. So that Jewish doctors were doing similar experiments as were done in the concentration camps (except that they were taken to extremes in the concentration camps)… the Jewish doctors were all placed right at the heart of their speciality in either America or England. So the top (Jewish) virologists, for example, would suddenly find themselves with all the major things going on in England, and they’d run the departments.

So it’s not just Paperclip. (A major reason for) the world war (WWII) seems to be have been to deliberately to get these Jewish doctors working with their counterparts in America and England, and with people that could look at all different aspects of the human being and how they tick.

…. The ‘Tower of the Winds’ at Oxford… was built to measure the transit of Venus across the sun so the UK could fine-tune their nautical instruments so that they could colonize the world. It was a copy of one at the Vatican and one in Greece. And in 1760 it was made so that Britain could colonize the world, so they could take over. Now in 1935, Lord Nuffield bought it for the embryologists to bring in all the mammals and fetuses so they could find out….. they studied every chemical and hormonal aspect….. (moderator): it was an occultic (Frankist) thing…. It was the idea that when a perfect, pure child is killed, at the moment of their soul expiring, they can ingest some chemical or some whatever that will prolong their life, vril, the elixer of life.

What’s worrying is that this guy, Alan Parks, ushers in the Abortion Act with David Steele, then you have hundreds of thousands of aborted children…. (moderator) that’s for supply.

It wasn’t just LSD; MKULTRA was a cover story, but the real stuff is in the published academic literature…. It’s all there.

Moderator: The MKULTRA official story is that America imported all the Nazi scientists. But I know that the British Establishment were the brains behind it and they used America as an outpost. There’s great snobbery within the British establishment….. I so I think they farmed it out to America. And let them take the heat if ever the heat came. But they stayed very much invisible and under the radar, and they just put the money out there, and making the committees and giving the instructions and so on. I know this intuitively, I’d like to prove this. I know that the British Establishment and the military were huge in overseeing it all. It’s a bit like colonization.

Morgan: The testimony revealed that one girl, who was a victim in the MKULTRA trials… when she was 9 she was made to sleep with older men. Many of these were MKULTRA guys, and one of these men was Senator Frank Church, who was conducting the Church Senate hearings at the time that were supposedly exposing the CIA crimes.”

The Liminalist # 72: Devil in the Details (with Cathi Morgan)

Part one of two-part conversation with Cathi Morgan of UK Mind Manipulation, on areas of overlap in research, the tots and pops, London School of Economics & Tavistock, Jimmy Savile, Mass Observation, and dance halls, the question of compulsion for a researcher, military underground bases, laying the groundwork for remembering, anchoring the memory, the mainstream conspiracy narrative vs. the subtleties of experience, conspiratainment as a safety valve, looking at history from a different perspective, putting the pieces together, finding yourself on the map of history, the devil in the details, if these are the means. . ., a rational basis for insanity, learning to distrust, putting up boundaries, Kinsey & child abuse, experimenting with twins, a family under surveillance, Jasun compares his abuse symptoms to his brother, the trauma of having a narcissistic mother, a two-faced father, hot-housing in childhood, the harm of early reading, the Pedophile Information Exchange (P.I.E) and the Horsley family, a minefield of denial, the danger of digging, Tony Blair’s right-hand man.

The Liminalist # 72.5: The Context of this Darkness (with Cathi Morgan)

Part two of my conversation with fellow survivor of Jimmy Savile’s Britain, Cathi Morgan, on the Wallaces, Cecil Rhodes’ diamond mines, the thick skins of the elite, planning for disclosure, throwing their own to the wolves, addressing the conscious and the unconscious with the media, normalizing aberrant behaviors, what happens when the pillars of society are seen to be rotten, compartmentalizing the mass into audience cults, Mass Observation in the UK, the internet as a window of opportunity, fear of the internet, why the military let us have the internet, Facebook and data collection, giving our intellectual property to the Borg, surrendering to the machine, MKULTRA & how to turn human beings into organic robots, a long line of control, stopping at the Archons, getting back to our cosmic core, why the robot wants to meet its maker, a dark ancestral legacy, the Golden Dawn, the Templars, & the keepers of the bloodlines, Jimmy Savile’s bloodline, the Horsley bloodline, why bloodlines get buried, a fundamental problem for the aristocracy, progressive schooling, using hardship to keep the rich from getting soft, Spartan schooling methods, Jasun’s self-initiation, wealth as a prison, the burden of expectation, Jasun’s father and a crippling legacy, Chris Haskins, Northern Foods, Marks & Spencer, food control, the chemical control of the brain, organophosphates, the influence of the arts, Arthur Koestler & eugenics, the CIA & cultural engineering, how to handle artist & writers, the added dimension of the visual (Jasun’s art), the endless psychic journey.

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