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Appendix 171. Terrorism Watchlist For Targeted Individuals (TIs): 4 Nominations For “Known and Suspected Terrorists” (KST)/High-Value Targets For TIs and Freedom Lovers

By Dr. Eric Karlstrom, Emeritus Professor of Geography, Feb. 22, 2023

Epigraph Quotes:

1. “We are living in an era where everything is controlled by the elite and intelligence agencies and those opposing their tyranny are eliminated by mind controlled, micro-chipped patsies, or false-flag suicide or accidents or induced illnesses. The organization that rules the world today behind the scenes is the “New World Order”, Illuminati with the Star of David, CIA, FBI, British Intelligence, and their local lackeys…. Their goal is the next generation as biological robots. And the middle class has to be eliminated.”

Dr. Rauni Kilde, Former Chief Medical Officer of Northern Finland, Targeted Individual, author of “Bright Light on Black Shadows” 2015, (From: “The Organization” And Its Methods and Goals Exposed by Dr. Rauni Kilde (M.D.)

2. “These people (stalking perpetrators) are connected with the Joint Chiefs and the NSA and the White House. (Col.) George (Griggs) told me that they wear different hats, and it doesn’t really matter which hat they wear. He had different passports with different names. I felt as though he might have even had a double. He was very insecure and robotic.

“Who’s behind all this? It’s Caspar Weinberger, Henry Kissinger, Nicholas Walt Whitman Rostow, Eugene Debs Rostow (ETK: All Jews)…. What’s going on here? These guys are not even born in America. They’re training mercenaries now to kill on an order. Not killing people because they are bad. But just, we want to control this country. That’s what George told me. It’s political. The Marine Corps is the political arm of a group that wants to run everything. Control the drugs, sell the weapons… Keep the weapons and drug money flowing. This “brotherhood” is a very small group: George Griggs, Bob Edwards, Donald Rumsfeld, William Colby, George Schultz, Frank Carlucci, and Allen Dulles. Dulles I believe is the one responsible for bringing my husband, Carlucci and Rummy (Rumsfeld) in. All of these were in Princeton’s Cap and Gown fraternity; my uncle Ben had been in that club. Princeton is/was the Mecca for Jewish/Zionist intelligence agents over here.

Kay Griggs, ex-wife of Col. George Griggs, Targeted Indiviual; From: Who and What is “The Brotherhood”/”Firm”/”Syndicate”? How Does It and Their Organized Stalking System Work? Highlights From Kay Griggs Interviews of 1998/2005

Given that federal sources admit that well over 97% of the individuals on the FBI/Department of Homeland Security Terrorism Watch List are NOT terrorists, it is time for citizens who are illegally targeted to develop our own Terrorism Watch List to identify the real terrorists behind “the TI program.” (See: TargetedJustice’s $1.3 Billion Lawsuit Against DOJ, FBI, DHS On Behalf of Targeted Individuals (Jan 11, 2023) and Preliminary Injunction (Feb 5, 2023) W/ Webmaster’s Bullet Summaries Of Information Presented). In the FBI-DHS Fusion Center system, anyone can nominate anyone else as a potential terrorist threat. Here are my four nominations for Known Or Suspected Terrorist (KST) who should be considered high-value targets for TIs and freedom lovers everywhere:

1) John Pointdexter, ex-Admiral, convicted felon, member of the international Iran-Contra arms and drug smuggling network, termed “The Enterprise,” Creator and Director of Total Information Awareness (TIA) program (2003), which he referred to as “the Manhattan Project for counterterrorism”.  This DARPA-Pentagon program was rejected by the American people but came back in the private sector as Palantir Technologies, Inc. founded by Jew, Peter Thiel and now headed by Jew, Alex Karp
2) Alex Karp, CEO of Palantir Technologies, Inc.
3) Dr. James Giordano, neuro-weaponologist and neuro-ethicst of Georgetown University
4) Dr. James Canton of Global Futures, etc.

The FBI-DHS Fusion Center system refers to terrorists like these four individuals as KST or “Known Or Suspected Terrorists”. These people have names, addresses, phone numbers, homes, daily schedules, families, friends; they take vacations, drive cars, go shopping, etc.! Able-bodied TIs: don’t waste your anger on street-level perps, thugs, goons, drug dealers, crisis actors, ex-cons, and police/FBI/DHS informants when we know the identities of some of the top perpetrators. These criminals hide in plain sight, dwelling in our communities and moving and living amongst decent citizens in America. Despite the fact they are the real terrorists, taxpayers ignorantly fund their war crimes and crimes against humanity (torture, treason, attempted murder, murder). TIs: Be creative.

Here’s a little about each of these four KST nominees:

1) Admiral John Pointdexter: from wikipedia:

Adm. John Poindexter, ex-NSC Adviser implicated in Iran-contra affair. (Photo by Cynthia Johnson/Getty Images)

Total Information Awareness (TIA) was a mass detection program by the United States Information Awareness Office. It operated under this title from February to May 2003 before being renamed Terrorism Information Awareness.[1][2]

Based on the concept of predictive policing, TIA was meant to correlate detailed information about people in order to anticipate and prevent terrorist incidents before execution.[3] The program modeled specific information sets in the hunt for terrorists around the globe.[4] Admiral John Poindexter called it a “Manhattan Project for counter-terrorism”.[5] According to Senator Ron Wyden, TIA was the “biggest surveillance program in the history of the United States”.[6]

Congress defunded the Information Awareness Office in late 2003 after media reports criticized the government for attempting to establish “Total Information Awareness” over all citizens.[7][8][9]

Although the program was formally suspended, other government agencies later adopted some of its software with only superficial changes. TIA’s core architecture continued development under the code name “Basketball.” According to a 2012 New York Times article, TIA’s legacy was “quietly thriving” at the National Security Agency (NSA).

Webmaster comment: Regarding the importance of the connection between targeting and “The Enterprise” (exposed during the Iran-Contra scandal by the Christic Institute and other sources), two brilliant TIs (targeted individuals), Dr. Rauni Kilde, former Chief Medical Officer of Northern Finland, and Kay Griggs, ex-wife of Marine Corps Col. George Griggs, trace their targeting to “The Organization” and “The Brotherhood,” respectively. I believe “The Enterprise,” “The Organization,” and “The Brotherhood” refer the same criminal syndicate. Both of these brilliant women believed that this criminal network was run by Jews.

See: “The Organization” And Its Methods and Goals Exposed by Dr. Rauni Kilde (M.D.) and

Who and What is “The Brotherhood”/”Firm”/”Syndicate”? How Does It and Their Organized Stalking System Work? Highlights From Kay Griggs Interviews of 1998/2005

2) Alex Karp (Jew), CEO of Palantir Software (TIA repackaged)

3) Dr. James Giordano, neuroweaponologist, neuro-ethicist at Georgetown Univeristy, DARPA and Human Brain Project consultant:

Neuroscience captures $175 billion dollars annual market space…. The brain is the next battlespace…. We are targeting the brain…. We need to recon (the) target area (i.e., the domestic population) in order to: 1) acquire viable targets and 2) avoid collateral damage. Like (in) any race, the morbidity and mortality, going at this speed… is real.

We are tracking neurological or brain signatures of key targeted individuals that are thought to represent whole groups. If I understand how his or her brain works and do this on a broad enough scale, I can develop patterns and I can use this in ways that informs my intelligence; this force multiplies and synergizes my human intelligence (HUMINT), my signals intelligence (SIGINT), and my communications intelligence (COMINT). NEURINT (Neuro intelligence) coupled with assessment and access gives me these capabilities….

I can utilize neuro-pharmacologics and various forms of brain stimulation to extract information from key intelligence targets.

Confessions of a High-Level Perp: Dr. James Giordano – Battlespace/Organized Stalking Applications of Neuroscience and Neuroweapons (2017 youtube lecture, my transcription and notes, and pdf)

“We Are Targeting The Brain:” Confessions of a Neuroscientist Perp (Audio Narration, Music, & Text; Insights of Dr. James Giordano)

CHANTILLY, VA – JULY 22 James Giordano, a Georgetown professor. (Photo by Greg Kahn/GRAIN for The Washington Post)

(Regarding the weaponization of neuroscience): That level of deep surveillance… examines the idea of what type of surveillance and its informational transfer and ultimately actionability*, would obtain and entail… What is really required in that type of deep surveillance that carries it through for the acquisition of information all the way to actionable entities* that would then target certain things to be able to then mitigate our strategic competitors’ and/or adversaries’ (Webmaster: targeted individuals) efforts in this area would require more “a whole of nation approach.” Where now we have almost a seamless triangulation between government entities, research entities, and commercial entities that are then able to mobilize those resources in the deep surveillance that is necessary for acknowledging, addressing, and assessing relative risks that may become threats, quantifying the risk to threat index, and then identifying what aspects of those quantifiable risks are mitigable and/or preventable, and then engaging the resources that are necessary to do that (i.e, “mitigate”/”take out” the “threat”/”targeted individual.”)”

Weaponizing Brain Science: Neuroweapons w/ DARPA “Neuroweaponologist” Dr. James Giordano (Parts 1 & 2)

4) Dr. James Canton, CEO of Global Futures, Inc.

“Neural nets at the core of AI involve over a trillion dollars of financial trading… So neuro is likely a game changer, and it has much larger impact domains when it’s in the wild (webmaster: i.e., secretly used against “targets” in society)…. Neuronal self-assembly and nano-technology…. one of the factors of neuro-science – The dark side is the weaponization of these technologies… These (Cuban and Chinese) embassy attacks are directed, purposeful, and targeted at a particular population that is targeted and chosen…” Neurotechnology will drive the next “hybrid war,” which has already started… Everything that can be made can be hacked. Neuro-hacking includes the ability to create thoughts and blend it with AI. These devices that we think were used externally or possibly internally (in the Cuban embassy attacks). Or they are are tied to other sensors, or flyables, drones… Neuro-hacking allows us to adjust memories at the nano-scale.

I came up with the concept of “Dark Networks” when I was advising SOCOM (US Special Operations Command) on this concept of “Bad Guy Hunting-Targeting”….. Just like Wal-Mart has a supply chain, Dark Networks have supply chains. Their goal is to produce disruption and conflict. So if you are in the Bad-Guy Hunting Business (i.e., the targeted individual program!), you’ve got to have a supply chain.

Neuroweapons, “Dark Network Supply Chains,” “Man-Hunting Business” (aka GANGSTALKING) & “Hybrid Warfare;” Presentation By Dr. James Canton (Video, Transcription, and My Commentary)

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