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Zionist (Neo-con) Geo-Political Strategy For World Domination By “American Empire” (State of the Nation, Sept. 11, 2015)

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STRATFOR Chief Reveals Zio-Anglo-American Plot For World Domination

Posted on September 11, 2015 by State of the Nation

Why the Anglo-American Axis is so determined to wage war against Russia

Global Geopolitical Chessboard: Psychopathic Players and Cynical Moves Guarantee a Future of Perpetual War

STRATFOR Chief Reveals Zio-Anglo-American Plot For World Domination


Explosive presentation hosted by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs
reveals what no government official, no political representative, no NGO
executive and no think tank director has ever said before in public.



It is surely no accident that this exposé was posted on September 11, 2015. The very same cabal of miscreants is directly responsible for the conceiving, coordinating, executing and covering up the 9/11 false flag terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington, D.C.

Many might take objection to the descriptive phrase used in the subtitle — “Psychopathic Players”. However, it has never been so urgent to call a spade a spade. Not only did this rogue camarilla steal nearly a century from the Russian people, they have terrorized the world since 9/11 using that day’s false flag operation as a false pretext to fabricate a fake War on Terror.

Truly, we are dealing with a group of criminally insane psychopaths who have used the United States of America as the military arm of their New World Order. They subscribe to the notion that the end (world domination) completely justifies the means (synthetic terrorism), no matter how ruthless and barbaric. Consequently, the neocon cabal has used and misused and abused the American people right up until their death and destruction.

The USA: Military Arm Of The New World Order

State of the Nation “From the Black Sea to the Baltic”

STRATFOR Founder George Friedman Expresses the Profound Flaws and Extreme Hubris of American Exceptionalism and U.S. Foreign Policy

The preceding map of Eastern Europe and Western Asia represents the most active part of the current global geopolitical chessboard. The few colored lines illustrate the very essence of the Anglo-American geopolitical strategy to maintain world domination and global economic control. This map was shown as a slide at a critical speech given by STRATFOR founder George Friedman. It was taken as a screenshot in case the exceedingly volatile and incriminating video is removed from the internet.

George Friedman presented his speech to the Chicago Council on Global Affairs on February 4th, 2015, which was then followed by a quite telling Q&A period. There is perhaps no other public presentation ever recorded that has so clearly delineated the militaristic geopolitical agenda of the British-American Empire. Friedman explains with extraordinary candor and unusual detail the manner in which the Western powers have set up the global chessboard to their (Anglo-American Axis) seemingly never-ending advantage. Of course, it is the Russian Federation that is, once again, on the losing side of this Great Game … in the words of George Friedman.

According to the neocon narrative, Germany sits squarely, once again, in the middle of the two superpowers — the USA and Russia. German destiny has put the nation in the position to literally determine the future fate of the world. The last century saw two very graphic examples of the same dramatic geopolitical dynamic. Both World Wars I and II put the same three power-players on full display.

Now, fast forward to 2015 and the civil war in the Ukraine and bankruptcy of Greece. Both have occurred alongside the greatest immigration crisis in European history as the European chessboard is being fastidiously set up. What is especially crucial at this very moment is Germany’s rapidly evolving position and movement on the board. The whole world watches and waits to witness the next moves that Chancellor Angela Merkel will make. The current status of this highly consequential geopolitical chess match is further depicted by the map below.


For those who are uninitiated in the history and arcana of the Great Game, it is not from New York City or Washington D.C. that the moves are made today on this centuries-old geopolitical chessboard, it is Chicago. Both Leo Strauss and Milton Friedman made the University of Chicago their academic home. Leo Strauss, the Father of Neoconservatism, was the political philosopher who spawned an underground movement that has aggressively used the U.S. Military-Industrial Complex to create a de facto American Empire, sometimes promoted as Pax Americana. Milton Friedman provided the foundational blueprint for the necessary political economy which would support such a perpetual war economy. Chicago is where the real action is, especially because of the immigration hub that it has always been for highly educated eastern and central European immigrants, as well as disaffected Russian intellectuals and oligarch wannabes. The prime objective of this ‘Great Game’ has always been to strip Russia of its wealth and exploit every natural resource from Saint Petersburg to the Kamchatka Peninsula.

Chicago: U.S. Headquarters of the NWO Zionist Neocon cabal

Herein lies the real problem. There has long been a network of Eastern Europeans who have harbored an inveterate hatred toward all things Russian. This hatred is at once irrational, intense and without any substantive basis. These lifelong Russophobes have been plotting against the Russian Motherland for decades; their ancestors had likewise conspired over the centuries. Toward that end they have enlisted a whole host of nations which comprise an unspoken alliance known as the Anglo-American Axis (see glossary) which has been and is now arrayed against Russia and her allies. In the USA many of these Russophobes hail from Chicago as the University of Chicago has been used as their academic headquarters for decades.

That President Barack Obama (who hails from Chicago) is surrounded by the same jaded characters is quite problematic. It fully explains why a Nobel Peace Prize winner would go out of his way to antagonize Russia and restart the Cold War. George Soros (originally from Hungary) funded both of Obama’s presidential campaigns while Zbigniew Brzezinski (originally from Poland) functioned as his primary foreign policy advisor. He has also appointed a whole slew of neocon operatives and Chicago politicos to key positions throughout both of his Administrations.

For example, feisty Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emmanuel of Jewish Romanian ancestry was Obama’s first Chief of Staff. Penny Pritzker, whose Jewish family founded Hyatt Hotels and originally emigrated from Kiev, Ukraine, was national finance chair of Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. Chicago attorney and Obama political consultant David Axelrod’s father was a Jewish immigrant who escaped the pogroms in Eastern Europe. Even Obama’s community organizing past was heavily influenced by the deceased Saul Alinsky, a community organizer from Chicago whose Jewish family immigrated from Russia.

Then there is the current First Family of Neoconservatism, Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and her husband Robert Kagan. Victoria’s father, Shepsel Ber Nudelman, was born to immigrant Russian Jewish parents Meyer and Vitsche Nudelman. Needless to say, Victoria “F**K the EU” does not present the necessary diplomacy to function as the Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs. She will also be forever remembered for singlehandedly restarting the Cold War by hand-delivering cookies and cupcakes to virulent anti-Russian Ukrainians executing a CIA-coordinated coup in Kiev’s Maidan Square which led to the ongoing civil war. Victoria Nuland’s family ties: The Permanent Government in action

The two key figures behind the unrivaled campaign chests amassed by Obama prior to both of his presidential elections were George Soros and Zbigniew Brzezinski. Only by understanding the true forces behind these two characters will the current war against Russia be properly understood. Suffice to say, that both individuals harbor an intense and irrational hatred toward Russia, as do all of their Cold Warrior co-conspirators who have colluded to collapse the Russian state.

(Source: Anglo-American Axis Wages Financial/Economic War Against Russia)

Those central and eastern European émigrés who came to America were mostly liberal, urban intelligentsia who once lived within the Russian orbit. Because of their shared Russophobic sentiments, they naturally bonded together in common cause to bring down Russia, which they did once by way of their carefully planned Bolshevik Revolution. The ‘Russian Revolution’ actually had very little to do with indigenous Russians, and a lot to do with this rogue group of European Russophobes. The Bolshevik Revolution was in fact conceived and manufactured, financed and promoted in both New York City and the City of London. Without American war financing and British military intelligence, the Soviet Union would never have been established.


*Russophobia in this particular context was quite purposefully manufactured (as in Made in the USA) over generations as a ruse to justify the exploitation of the Russian Motherland. By fabricating fear toward the “Russian Bear”, it is easy to marshal worldwide opinion against her. Friedman refers to how ‘scary’ a strong Russia would be, especially when closely allied with Germany.

The original group of hardened Russophobes was primarily Jewish. They were bankers and businessmen, scientists and academics, lawyers and doctors; and always transplants from Central or Eastern Europe. Around this nucleus of rabidly anti-Russian activists (e.g. George Soros) came other sympathizers. Subsequently, educated conservative Catholics (e.g. Zbigniew Brzezinski) from the same eastern European countries joined the cause. George Friedman’s history fits into this pattern as per the bio that follows:

“Friedman’s childhood was shaped directly by international conflict. He was born in Budapest, Hungary to Jewish parents who survived the Holocaust. His family fled Hungary when he was a child to escape the Communist regime, settling first in a camp for displaced persons in Austria and then immigrating to the United States, where he attended public schools in New York City, and was an early designer of computerized war games.[1]

With this essential background the following video of George Friedman’s speech is provided on 4 different channels for the reader’s serious consideration. Two of these have German subtitles; the last one has a Czech translation. There are 3 different YouTube videos shown below; the first being the short version. The second one captures his entire presentation with the relevant material beginning at the 52:30 mark. At the very least, it is well worth watching the first 11-minute video clip. Only by viewing this presentation can one apprehend the true depth and breadth of this multi-century conspiracy. In short, this video captures the very essence of American exceptionalism gone awry and U.S. hegemonic ambition at its very worst.

For those who are unable to watch or listen to this video, please note the following transcription of the most important statements made by Mr. Friedman. These are presented in chronological order and have been rendered exactly as he stated them. Because his command of the English language is rather uncertain at times, some of his utterances require the reader’s own translation.

*** Video Transcription begins below the line ***


Friedman: No place is really pacific [at peace and without war] for very long neither the United States … We have constant wars, okay. Europe will I suspect, not return to the 31 years but will return to humanity. They will have their wars. They will have their peace. They will live their lives. There will not be 100 million dead but the idea of the European exceptionalism I think, is the one suffering the first death. There will be conflict. There was conflict in Yugoslavia and there certainly now is conflict in the Ukraine.

As to the relationship to the United States we no longer have a relationship with Europe. We have a relationship with Romania. We have a relationship with France. There is no Europe to have a relationship with.

Question: Is Islamic extremism really the major threat to the United States, and will it die on its own, or will it keep growing?

Friedman: It is a problem to the United States it is not an existential threat. It has to be dealt with, but it has to be dealt with proportionately. We have other foreign policy interests. So, the primordial interest of the United States over which for a century we have fought war, the first, second, and Cold War has been the relationship between Germany and Russia, because united they’re the only force that could threaten us, and to make sure that doesn’t happen. If you’re a Ukrainian is essentially reach out to the only country that will help you which is the United States.

Last week, ten days ago, General Hodges, Commander US Army Europe visited the Ukraine. He announced that US trainers would now officially be becoming, not just unofficially coming. He actually pinned medals on Ukrainian fighters, which by protocol of the military; foreigners don’t get to pin on medals, but ‘he did’ showing that this was ‘his’ army. He then left and in the Baltics announced that the United States would be pre-positioning armor, artillery, and other equipment in the Baltics, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria, which is a very interesting point. So the United States, yesterday the United States announced it that it would be sending weapons, tonight of course they denied it, but they are, the weapons will go.

In all of this, the United States has acted outside the context of NATO because NATO has to have a 100 percent vote, any one country can veto anything, and the Turks will veto just for giggles. The point is that the United States is prepared to create a cordon sanitaire around Russia. Russia knows it. Russia believes that the United States intends to break the Russian Federation. I think that as Peter Lawrie put it, “We don’t want kill you, we just want to hurt you a little bit.” Either way, we are back at the old game. And if you go ask a Pole, or a Hungarian, or a Romanian, they live in a totally different universe from a German, and they live in a totally different universe from a Spaniard. So, there’s no commonality in Europe, but if I were a Ukrainian I would do exactly what they doing — try to draw the Americans in.

Question: Inaudible

Friedman: The United States has a fundamental interest. It controls all the oceans of the world. No power has ever done that. Because of that we get to invade people and they don’t get to invade us; it’s a very nice thing. Maintaining control of the sea and control of space is the foundation of our power. The best way to defeat an enemy fleet is to not let it be built.

The way the British managed to make certain that no European power could build a fleet was to make sure the Europeans were at each other’s throats. The policy that I would recommend is the one that Ronald Reagan adopted toward Iran and Iraq. He funded both sides so they would fight each other, and not fight us. This was cynical, it was certainly not moral, it worked, and this is the point. The United States cannot occupy Eurasia.

The moment the first boots hits the ground the demographic differential is that we are totally outnumbered. We can defeat an army; we cannot occupy Iraq. The idea that of 130,000 men would occupy a country of 25 million well, the ratio in New York of cops to citizens was greater than we had deployed in Iraq. So, we don’t have the ability to go across but we do have the ability to first, support various contending powers so they are concentrated [supported] themselves with political support, some economic support, military support, advisors, and in extremists, do what we did in Japan, in Vietnam, in Iraq, and in Afghanistan … spoiling attacks. The spoiling attack is not intended to defeat the enemy it is intended to throw them off-balance. What we did in each of these wars, in Afghanistan, for example, is we threw Al Qaeda off-balance. The problem we have, since we’re young and stupid, is that having thrown them off-balance instead of saying okay job well done let’s go home, we said, well that was easy. Why don’t we build a democracy here? This was the moment dementia that came in.

The answer, therefore, is that the United States cannot constantly be intervening throughout Eurasia, it must be selectively intervening and very rarely. That is the extreme moment. We cannot as the first step send American troops, and when we send American troops we have to truly understand what the mission is, limit it to that, and not develop all sorts of psychotic fantasies. So hopefully we’ve learned that this time, it takes a while for kids to learn lessons, but I think you’re absolutely right, we cannot as an Empire do that, Britain didn’t occupy India, it took various Indian states and turned them against each other, and provided some British officers for an Indian Army.

The Romans did not send vast armies out there, it placed Kings like … um … you know various kings it created under the Emperor and those kings were responsible for maintaining the peace. Pontius Pilate was an example. So, Empires that are directly governed by the Empire liked the Nazi Empire failed. No one has that much power. You have to have a level of cleverness; however, our problem is not yet that, it is actually admitting that we have an Empire, so we haven’t even got to that point where we don’t think we can kinda go home and it’ll be over and done. And so we’re not even ready for chapter three of the book.

Question: So I infer from your comments that the Euro as the currency will not survive.

Friedman: The question on the table for the Russians is will they retain a buffer zone that at least neutral, or will the West penetrate so far in the Ukraine that they’re 70 miles away from Stalingrad, and 300 miles away from Moscow. For Russia the status of Ukraine is an existential threat, and the Russians cannot let go. For the United States, in the event that Russia holds onto the Ukraine, where will it stop? Therefore it’s not an accident that General Hodges, whose been appointed to be blamed for all of this, is talking about pre-positioning troops in Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, and the Baltics. This is the Intermarium from the Black Sea to the Baltic that Piłsudski dreamt of.

See the slide below depicting the Intermarium which was taken from the same video presentation by George Friedman:


Międzymorze (Polish pronunciation: [mjɛnd͡zɨˈmɔʐɛ]), known in English as Intermarium, was a plan, pursued after World War I by Polish leader Józef Piłsudski, for a federation, under Poland‘s aegis,[1][2][3][4][5] of Central and Eastern European countries. Invited to join the proposed federation were the Baltic states(Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia),[6] Finland, Belarus, Ukraine, Hungary, Romania, Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia.[7][8]

The Polish name Międzymorze, which means “Intersea” or “Between-seas,” was rendered into Latin as “Intermarium.” [9]

The proposed federation was meant to emulate the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, stretching from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea, that, from the end of the 16th century to the end of the 18th, had united the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

Intermarium complemented Piłsudski’s other geopolitical vision—Prometheism, whose goal was the dismemberment of the Russian Empire and that Empire’s divestment of its territorial conquests.[10][11][12][13]

Intermarium was, however, perceived by some Lithuanians as a threat to their newly established independence, and by some Ukrainians as a threat to their aspirations for independence,[14][15][16] and was opposed by Russia and by most Western powers, except France.[17][18]

Within two decades of the failure of Piłsudski’s grand scheme, all the countries that he had viewed as candidates for membership in the Intermarium federation had fallen to the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany, except for Finland (which nonetheless suffered some territorial losses in the Winter War).[2]

Friedman: This is the solution for the United States. The issue, to which we don’t have the answers, what will Germany do? So, the real wild card in Europe is that as the United States builds its cordon sanitaire, not in Ukraine, but to the west, and the Russians try to figure out how to leverage the Ukrainians out; we don’t know the German position. Germany is in a very peculiar position. Its former Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder is on the board of Gazprom. They have a very complex relationship to the Russians. The Germans themselves don’t know what to do. They must export, the Russians can’t take up the export. On the other hand, if they lose the free trade zone, they need to build something different.

For the United States the primordial fear is Russian capital, Russian technology … I mean, German technology and German capital, Russian natural resources, Russian manpower, as the only combination that has for centuries scared the hell out of the United States. So how does this play out? Well, the US has already put its cards on the table. It is the line from the Baltics to the Black Sea.

For the Russians, their cards have always been on table. They must have at least a neutral Ukraine, not a pro-Western Ukraine. Belarus is another question. Now, whoever can tell me what the Germans are gonna do, is gonna tell me about the next 20 years of history, but unfortunately the Germans haven’t made up their mind, and this is the problem of Germany always. Enormously economically powerful, geopolitically very fragile, and never quite knowing how to reconcile the two. Ever since 1871 this has been the German question, the question of Europe. Think about the German question, because now it’s coming up again. That’s the next question that we have to address and we don’t know how to address it, we don’t know what they are going to do.

*** End of Transcription ***


Vital Qualification of George Friedman’s Answers: What was NOT said

Obviously, Friedman did not give away critical pieces of their (neocon’s) historical war strategies. Nor did he reveal the key elements of their future warmongering plans. The point is that the neocon war plans have always included controlling both side of the battlefields. Not only do they earn enormous profits from war financing, they also generate massive revenue streams from the subsequent disaster capitalism.

The much more important point is what Friedman conveniently left out of his responses regarding the likes of Al Qaeda. In all intelligence circles — WORLDWIDE — it is well known that Al Qaeda is really Al CIAda. The neocons have created all the bad guys out there in the world. ISIS, ISIL and the Islamic State are perfect examples of their most recent bogeyman creations. So are the original Mujahideen in Afghanistan which was specifically formed and funded by the CIA to fight the Russians during the Soviet-Afghan War. (Under President Jimmy Carter it was National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski’s pet project to arm the Afghan Mujahideen against the USSR.)

What is also very important to note is that the neocon cabal is extremely proficient in utilizing the darks art of Divide and Conquer and its many odious tactics. There is absolutely nothing that they will not do in the interest of advancing their war-making schemes. Therefore, government-sponsored terrorism has become their primary MO and preferred trick of the trade. No other strategy and/or tactic produces quicker results than the fear generated by their incessant terrorizing of nations and societies everywhere.

It is crucial to bear in mind that this misguided agenda, dedicated to maintaining the American Empire, is quite in vogue throughout all of the urban centers of this nation. New York City and Washington D.C., Chicago and Los Angeles each play their integral roles in the advancement of this imperial plan. The entire U.S. political class and banking industry together with the Military-Industrial Complex and key transnational corporations are all in sync.

The Military-Industrial Complex, quite unfortunately, is only prosperous when there is war … LOTs of war. What is there to do for them during peace-time? How can they justify the humongous budget appropriations year after year when there’s no bogeyman out there to attack and subjugate? The hallmark of empire is this inevitable tendency toward perpetual war.

Because a neoconservative political agenda has been so seamlessly wedded to a neoliberal economic scheme, there is now a dangerous juggernaut that steamrolls across the planetary landscape with virtual impunity. Given its current form and formidability, there is no countervailing force that can meaningfully oppose it on any battlefield. It has only been contained by the nuclear weapon deterrents possessed by Russia, the financial leveraging via Treasuries executed by China and the collective economic prowess of all the BRICS-aligned countries.

Essential Takeaways from Friedman’s Speech; U.S. Foreign Policy Laid Bare

The following 10 points represent the most chilling revelations from George Friedman’s talk. Ergo, if the reader remembers nothing else from this exposé, these are the most important. Keeping them in mind will greatly inform the correct understanding of weighty current events, especially those which are occurring anywhere on the largest landmass in the world — Eurasia.

(1) Russia must be contained and controlled in any way possible so as not to even pose a potential threat to the USA’s sole superpower status.

(2) Germany must be prevented from entering into an economic union with Russia; fabricating false pretexts by the USA in order to levy economic sanctions against Russia drives a wedge between both nations.

(3) A German-Russian alliance would challenge U.S. world domination as no other combined force on Earth. The marriage of German capital and technology with Russian human and natural resources would be invincible.

(4) The best way to preclude a close collaboration between Russia and Germany is to bring war to their borders, especially through the employment of “spoiling attacks” (read: terrorist attacks). Russia has experienced this with Chechnya, Georgia, South Ossetia, and the Ukraine.

(5) By inciting wars among Russian neighbors and conflicts between the concerned Eurasian powers, USA world supremacy is assured (e.g. the Ukraine conflict was started after Russian peacemaking initiatives in Syria).

(6) Just as the British Empire controlled its many colonies through divide and rule, the U.S. must use the same MO and military tactics. Rome used the same divide and conquer strategy appointing local kings to maintain the peace.

(7) Pilsudski’s Intermarium delineates the ideal way of containing Russia at the European border, which could then be used as a springboard to conquer the Motherland. Pushing Russia’s Western front close to Moscow poses an existential threat.

(8) Channeling the hatred of the defunct USSR, found within the Baltic states and ex-Soviet satellites, toward the 25-year old Russian Federation will help secure the Intermarium.

(9) Maintaining a cordon sanitaire around Russia will neutralize its military force, limit its alliances and minimize its economic influence throughout the world. Forever keeps Russia on the defensive.

(10) Russia and Germany must be kept apart even if it means starting World War III. The first two world wars served the very same purpose; the Ukraine Civil War can be expanded at any time in order to preoccupy the concerned nations as it was chosen for its volatility.


The statements and responses made by George Friedman are both reckless and reprehensible to the extreme. As a highly paid advisor to the U.S. Federal Government and various NGOs, his services ought to be discontinued post-haste. His casual references to upsetting world peace and committing naked acts of aggression toward foreign nations in the interest of rapacious neocon conquest are completely unacceptable.

The lawless coterie of government officials, military officers, think-tank executives, NGO presidents, corporate CEOs, university chancellors and media moguls needs to be exposed for implementing such a malevolent and destructive agenda. Truly, an overwhelmingly nefarious neocon/neoliberal conspiracy has been exposed on video by Stratfor’s George Friedman. Whether this was done by design or by accident can only be guessed at; nonetheless, its exposure will be critical to bringing about its final termination. After all, when the last century’s “Cold Warriors” are removed from the chess game, there cannot be a 21st century version of the Cold War.

The indisputable proof regarding those Russophobes who instigated the Cold War is now available for all to hear. A dyed-in-the-wool neocon divulges ‘classified’ dark secrets which rarely, if ever, see the light of day. The evidence is so strong here that criminal prosecutions (as in The Hague’s International Criminal Court) can now proceed on the basis of those many illegal wars, which were provoked and prosecuted by the U.S. Federal Government, in the advancement of this patently neocon agenda. There are also those numerous military conflicts, carried out by foreign proxies and treasonous surrogates, which occurred as an outworking of the same game plan.

It’s of vital importance to understand that geopolitical ‘experts’ like George Friedman walk through virtually any door they want to in Washington, D.C. The influence they assert within the U.S. Government and Corporate America is far too extensive given the moral bankruptcy of their profoundly defective political philosophy and fundamentally flawed foreign policy. These are the same “chickenhawks” who started the Iraq War, as well as the Afghanistan War before that. Hence, it is imperative that they be removed immediately from public life as they have proven themselves to be a terrible menace to society.

Likewise, all the various parties associated with this murderous and larcenous enterprise ought to be apprehended expeditiously before they can inflict any more damage. The USA and Russia, Europe and the Middle East have all seen enough of their handiwork. Each co-conspirator in the neocon cabal ought to be identified by name and organizational affiliation, and then posted on a dedicated internet site under the heading:
“WANTED — For Crimes Against Humanity”

Only in this manner will the world-at-large be saved from more war and the inevitable mayhem that is left in its wake.

State of the Nation
September 11, 2015

Author’s Note

It is surely no accident that this exposé was posted on September 11, 2015. The very same cabal of miscreants is directly responsible for the conceiving, coordinating, executing and covering up the 9/11 false flag terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington, D.C.

Many might take objection to the descriptive phrase used in the subtitle — “Psychopathic Players”. However, it has never been so urgent to call a spade a spade. Not only did this rogue camarilla steal nearly a century from the Russian people, they have terrorized the world since 9/11 using that day’s false flag operation as a false pretext to fabricate a fake War on Terror.

Truly, we are dealing with a group of criminally insane psychopaths who have used the United States of America as the military arm of their New World Order. They subscribe to the notion that the end (world domination) completely justifies the means (synthetic terrorism), no matter how ruthless and barbaric. Consequently, the neocon cabal has used and misused and abused the American people right up until their death and destruction.

The USA: Military Arm Of The New World Order

Editor’s Note

Soon after publishing this piece, SOTN happened upon an article at Global Research that contained information which has led us to believe that George Friedman is unaware of his serious indiscretions. It has been very difficult to understand how anyone in his capacity could speak such unvarnished and ‘dangerous’ truths in a public forum. It now appears that he is not in complete control of his faculties, particularly his ability to discriminate between what can and what cannot not be spoken of in public.

Whether this lack of discrimination is due to medication or dementia or some other affliction, it is clear that the “Universe” has used him to disclose forbidden truths. What has been shared in this post should never have been sourced from an NGO that is known in some circles as a “private CIA”. George Friedman was also a tad indiscrete when he said that the Kiev coup d’état was “the most blatant coup in history”. As follows:

Head of Stratfor, ‘Private CIA’, Says Overthrow of Yanukovych Was ‘The Most Blatant Coup in History’

Special Note

We owe it to for bringing this exceptionally revealing video to our attention. The Facebook video posted above appeared in a comment under an SOTN article on Syria’s Bashar al-Assad which featured on their site. It must be acknowledged that Syria, too, has suffered the very same fate as planned by the same rogue criminal elements which infest the American Government.

Syria’s Bashar al-Assad: Secret Back Story Reveals Why The West Cannot Topple His Government


[1] George Friedman

[2] Intermarium


Kagan Family: NeoCon Warmongers Dragging America Into Conflicts Around The Globe

Why Neocons Seek to Destabilize Russia

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Anglo-American Axis:

The Anglo-American Axis is represented, first and foremost, by the major English-speaking countries of the world: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Israel. The European member nations of NATO, such as Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands are also closely aligned with the AAA as are all the Scandinavian countries. So are the Asian Pacific Rim nations of Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the Philippines. Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan, Kuwait, Jordan, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, and Qatar also owe their allegiance to the AAA but some of these may be changing. The World Shadow Government is an ultra-secret, supranational organization which completely controls the Anglo-American Axis, as well as the European Union, NATO, among many other institutional entities which constitute the Global Control Matrix.

(Source: Vladimir Putin’s Russia: Perfect Foil To The Anglo-American Axis And Their New World ‘Order’)


CEO/CIO George Friedman’s Bio Page at

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 9.51.52 PM

Originally written by State of the Nation and published at:

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