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Pre-planned 2020 Election Chaos & The New “Cyber 9/11” (By the 9/11 & Gangstalking Perps?!); 3 Whitney Webb Videos/Articles (10/28-11/1/20) W/ Webmaster’s Transcriptions Plus 2 Amazing Polly videos

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February 23, 2014

Epigraph Quotes:

1) Whitney Webb: The same people tied in with (planning, execution, and cover-up of) 9/11 are seemingly now simulating election chaos to advance their agenda. They use the problem-reaction-solution Hegelian dialectic in order to justify implementing the things they want to put in. If people are worried about foreign interference in our electoral politics, I would say look no further than Cybereason (an Israeli cutout). This playbook was set up years in advance and is tied to Israeli and American intelligence. And I would argue these are the same intelligence agencies tied up in 9/11. This isn’t Russian. It isn’t Iran. This our government and the government of Israel.

2) Paraphrased from Whitney Webb’s video on this post:

(From video clip from March, 2020 Congressional hearing):

“DHS Advisory Council’s Robert (Max?) Rose asserts that domestic “anti-semitism” is now more and more considered “domestic terrorism.” Their “narrative” is that “white extremism” coupled with “anti-semitism” is leading to the next 9/11. Their implication is that “white supremacists” are working with Iran as domestic terrorists. These groups are united, they say, due to their extreme anti-semitism.

FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) are merging with groups that also want to focus on the threat of domestic terrorism. Fusion Centers/JTTF are getting information from their “partners,” tech companies and the ADL (Anti-Defamation League), that they use to go after terrorists. The ADL functions as a lobby for the Israeli government and criminalizes anyone who criticizes Israel. It is funded by the Mega Group (of Jewish billionaires), like the Bronfman family, Ronald Lauder, Pierre Olmidyar, who are at the forefront of de-platforming independent media.

Ms. Sanborn’s testimony at March, 2020 House Homeland Security Subcommittee on Intelligence and Counterterrorism meeting chaired by Max (Robert) Rose (Jew; D-New York):

“I can tell you from my time in the upper Midwest that one of our best partners was and still is the Jewish Community Relations Council of Minnesota and the Dakotas. These relationships are working. In just the first quarter of this fiscal year, these partnerships have assisted JTTF in disrupting and arresting 38 terrorism subjects right here in the United States.”

3)… “the Department of Homeland Security is now recognized as a major IZCS (International Zionist Criminal Syndicate) beach-head inside America and part of a long term plan to establish a foreign-controlled IZCS neo-Bolshevik military force inside America to tyrannize, wage war against, and eventually serially mass murder most Americans.”

Preston James, Ph.D., YOU Are THE ENEMY, Veterans Today, 2014

4) “With so many jews involved with methods of deep psychological torment directed at me for so many years, it is impossible that these methods are not culturally jewish, known by all jews above a certain age….

This culturally jewish method of profiling and stalking someone to ruin would have existed before technology made it easy, perhaps explaining why jews have been exiled from so many lands.

… Jewish stalkers were so intent on always appearing to be a victim in anything I recorded, they gave themselves away as my core predators despite so many government agencies serving as their camouflage.”

Stephen O’Keefe, Canadian Targeted Citizen, From his Youtube (now taken down): “Deceive and Hide-Jewish Mob Stalking Culture”

5) “Israel was behind all four fronts in 9/11, that momentous event in our nation´s history: 1) The actual terror attacks themselves; 2) the subsequent cover-up; and both 3) ¨the U.S.-led military invasions overseas¨ and 4) the ¨domestic security state apparatus.¨

Hugh Akins, “Synagogue Rising,” 2012

6) “My discovery in 2005 that the Ptech software company from Quincy, Mass., was actually a disguised Israeli intelligence operation is key to understanding the role of Israeli military intelligence in the crimes of 9-11. This is a discovery that has helped reveal other key people in the Israeli network behind the crime.

Michael Goff was the key person at Ptech when it was founded in 1994. Goff, a young Zionist lawyer from Worchester, Massachusetts, subsequently worked for Guardium, an Israeli software company tied to military intelligence. This is the crucial connection that has helped expose the larger Israeli military intelligence network working behind the 9-11 scene.

Through Goff’s connection to Guardium we can see how a nexus of senior officers of Israeli military intelligence agencies links all the key elements of 9-11. This connection also explains how dodgy Israeli enterprise spy software wound up on critical U.S. government and military computer networks.”

Zionist Connections To WTC on 11th Sept (December, 2008)

7) “They [the Jews] work more effectively against us than the enemy’s armies. They are a hundred times more dangerous to our liberties and the great cause we are engaged in… It is much to be lamented that each state, long ago, has not hunted them down as pest to society and the greatest enemies we have to the happiness of America.”

George Washington stated (from Maxims of George Washington, by A. A. Appelton & Company)

8) “I fully agree with General Washington, that we must protect this young nation from an insidious influence and impenetration. The menace, gentlemen, is the Jews. In whatever country Jews have settled in any great numbers, they have lowered its moral tone; depreciated its commercial integrity; have segregated themselves and have not been assimilated; have sneered at and tried to undermine the Christian religion upon which that nation is founded by objecting to its restrictions; have built up a state within a state; and when opposed have tried to strangle that country to death financially, as in the case of Spain and Portugal.

If you do not exclude them from these United States, in this Constitution, in less than 200 years they will have swarmed in such great numbers that they will dominate and devour the land, and change our form of government, for which we Americans have shed our blood, given our lives, our substance and jeopardized our liberty.

If you do not exclude them, in less than 200 years our descendants will be working in the fields to furnish them sustenance, while they will be in the counting houses rubbing their hands. I warn you, Gentlemen, if you do not exclude the Jews for all time, your children will curse you in your graves. Jews, Gentlemen, are Asiatics; let them be born where they will, or how many generations they are away from Asia, they will never be otherwise. Their ideas do not conform to an Americans’, and will not even though they live among us ten generations. A leopard cannot change its spots.”

Benjamin Franklin, Constitutional Convention in 1789 (notes held at Franklin Institute in Philadelphia)

9) British General Charles Cornwallis’ Surrender Speech to General George Washington at Yorktown, VA, 1781:

“A holy war will now begin on America, and when it is ended America will be supposedly the citadel of freedom, but her millions will unknowingly be loyal subjects to the Crown. Your churches will be used to teach the Jew’s religion and in less than two hundred years the whole nation will be working for divine world government. That government that they believe to be divine will be the British Empire. All religions will be permeated with Judaism without even being noticed by the masses, and they will all be under the invisible all-seeing eye of the Grand Architect of Freemasonry.”

“Jonathan Williams, “LEGIONS OF SATAN,” 1781

10) “Wherever revolution breaks out, it is managed by the Jews.”
Ch. Wibley

11) “I have glimpsed into hell (Russia). The Jews are in control. Lenin spent his last days crawling on all-fours round the room and shouting repeatedly: “GOD save Russia and kill the Jews.” 90% of the important posts in the Soviet Government are held by Jews.”

Sir Percival Phillips, Daily Mail, London

12) “We must look at the Jews not only as a distinct race, but as on aliens. It would be a most awful humiliation to be ruled by this, the most base race on earth.”

Napoleon, La Vieille France, N-305.

13) “We hate Christianity and Christians; even the best of them must be looked upon as our worst neighbors. They preach the love of our neighbours and mercy, which is contrary to our principles. Down with the love of our neighbour; what we want is hatred. We must learn how to hate and it is only then that we shall conquer the world.”

Commissar for Public Instruction of Soviet Union, Lunatscharsky.

14) We are a superior subspecies. We transcend humanity. We are Nature’s Supermen. We deserve the subservience and availability of everyone around us. Luckily, every year 100-million people are born throughout the world. We have 100-million new choices every year.

Sam Vaknin, Jew, EGOMANIA

Webmaster Comment: It has become increasingly obvious to me that Global Government Gangstalking-Genocide Gestapo (G5 aka organized stalking-electronic torture) operations are essentially a depopulation purge of individuals identified as threats to the New (Jew/Israeli/UN) World Order. The entities named in these interviews are apparently behind the staged “communist” revolution in the United States which has extended from: 1) the execution of Operation 9/11, and 2) ongoing gangstalking-elimination of opponents to the New World Order and culminated in 3) the current, staged, Covid-19 fraud, global economic lockdown, and orchestrated chaos. All of these elements are part of the extremely well-planned globalist communist-fascist-Jacobin-Judeo-Masonic-Illuminati-satanic revolution that now besets humanity.

Israeli, American, and UK intelligence agencies (CIA, NSA, FBI, DHS, DOD, Mossad, Unit 8200, IDF, MI6, MI5, GCHQ) and their myriad corporate partners and cutouts, including Cybereason, Carbyne911, DarkTrace, BlackCube, Team8, ADL, Lockheed Martin, Leidos, Palantir, and scores of others, are among the primary perpetrators and beneficiaries of all these operations. America’s high-tech sector (Silicon Valley), including Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Cisco, and Amazon Web Services, among others, are key players in the Israeli-American Bi-National Security State.

These operations, according to Webb, “represent a merging of the U.S. and Israeli National Security States” and through various ties between corporations, individuals, and intelligence agencies, their activities are easily traced to the 9/11 false-flag state-sponsored terrorist attacks. The Jewish “conservative” think tank, PNAC (Project For A New American Century), has played a guiding role in all these nefarious activities over the past several decades.

Clearly, we are now the victims of a long-planned Jewish-Masonic-Satanic world takeover bid under the auspices of United Nations Agenda 21 (now 2030). This takeover bid is intended to usher in a radical depopulation purge and permanent global technocratic-fascist-totalitarian one-world-government.

Pubic-private-partnerships comprised of influential Jewish-Israeli and American spooks, entrepreneurs, government agencies, and corporations intimately involved in these operations are named in these interviews and in my transcriptions of them for this post. THIS is the real Deep State, a nexus of interlocking corporations and intelligence agencies and their front groups, and government agencies. Mussolini stated that “fascism should more properly be called “corporatism,” since it is the merger of state and corporate power.”

Election Special: Pre-Planned 2020 Election Chaos And The “New 9/11”

Part I. Election Special: Pre-Planned 2020 Election Chaos And The “New 9/11” (October, 28, 2020)

Election Special: Pre-Planned 2020 Election Chaos and the “New 9/11”

Webmaster’s Transcription and Notes From Part I video:

I. Whitney Webb: Oct. 28, 2020: Pre-Planned 2020 Election Chaos And The “New 9/11”

The same people tied in with (planning, execution, and cover-up of) 9/11 are seemingly are now simulating election chaos to advance their agenda. They use the problem-reaction-solution Hegelian dialectic in order to justify implementing the things they want to put in.

Cybereason (Mossad-Unit 8200-Israeli Defense Force cutout)

Cybereason, founded by members of Israeli intelligence with ties to American intelligence and the neocon’s PNAC as well, has been war-gaming the 2020 US election for 2 years.

They are now making a government-wide effort to go after “domestic militias”- they are calling them foreign entities. Their “narrative” is that “white extremism” coupled with “anti-semitism” is leading to the next 9/11. It’s all about combating “anti-semitism.’

DHS Advisory Council’s Robert Rose asserts that domestic “anti-semitism” is now more and more considered “domestic terrorism.” Their implication is that “white supremacists” are working with Iran as domestic terrorists. These groups are united, they say, due to the extreme anti-semitism they have in common.

The Governor Whitmer (of Michigan) plot was infiltrated and led by an FBI informant. FBI has undercover individuals pre-placed in election positions. In actuality, domestic extremist groups are infiltrated by intelligence agents.

FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) are merging with groups that also want to focus on the threat of domestic terrorism. Fusion Centers/JTTF are getting information from their “partners,” tech companies and the ADL (Anti-Defamation League), that they use to go after terrorists. The ADL is funded by the Mega Group (of Jewish billionaires), like the Bronfman family, Ronald Lauder, Pierre Olmidyar, who are at the forefront of de-platforming independent media.

The ADL functions as a lobby for the Israeli government and criminalizes anyone who criticizes Israel. It was born out of B’nai B’rith. The ADL was originally formed after the Leo Frank rape-lynching case to protect Jews from paying for the consequences of their crimes. ADL has long-standing ties with the (Israeli) “national crime syndicate,” aka the Meyer Lansky (Jewish) mafia.

At a March, 2020 Congress hearing chaired by DHS’s Robert Rose:

Ms. Sanborn’s testimony: “I can tell you from my time in the upper Midwest that one of our best partners was and still is the Jewish Community Relations Council of Minnesota and the Dakotas. These relationships are working. In just the first quarter of this fiscal year, these partnerships have assisted JTTF in disrupting and arresting 38 terrorism subjects right here in the United States.”

Ms. Elizabeth Neuman’s (Deputy Chief of Staff of the Department of Homeland Security) stated: “All the counter-terrorism professionals I know at home and overseas (including 5 eyes plus Israel) agree that another 9/11 is coming and we don’t know how to stop it.”

“We know there are groups and individuals who are very sophisticated. So we need to change the rules so that we can get these people. We need to regulate speech online. Domestic terrorist movements or groups and maybe we just have to re-look at the whole framework.’

(Whitney Webb comment: These people manufacture the crises they claim to be combating.)

Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin, one of US government’s largest private contractors, uses Cybereason software on all its computers. Lockheed Martin opened an office in Beersheba, Israel, the capital of the Negev Desert, and the cyber hub of Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). Before locating in Israel, Lockheed was hacked in a devastating hack that has never been solved. But there are indications of hacker ties to Dell and other Israeli companies. (These are mafia tactics.)

Leidos is a spin off of Lockheed Martin (and is SAIC, reconstituted) and uses Cybereason on all their computers and markets it to all federal agencies that contract it. It analyzes signals for the NSA. According to researcher/reporter, Tim Shorrock, the Leidos-Lockheed Martin-Cybereason combine is the largest of the 5 largest companies that together receive 80% of US government contracts in the US spy-surveillance area.

This gives Cybereason (actually, Israel’s Unit 8200) backdoors to just about everything. Leidos runs the US military’s telecommunications system. It is partnered with World Wide Technologies that runs cybersecurity for the entire US Army, Navy, and NASA, and runs the US Air Force biometric ID system. (Both NASA and Navy have been targeted by Israeli government). Cybereason also has ties to the Trump administration, specifically, Jared Kushner. Again, this gives Cybereason (actually Israel’s Unit 8200) a backdoor to all these agencies and activities.

Softbank, one of Japan’s largest telecom companies, is Cybereason’s largest investor. It too has ties to the Trump administration’s Jared Kusher and Kushner’s Middle East Peace Plan with Adam Neumann of WeWork (Israeli). (The National Security Commission on AI headed by Eric Schmidt said Softbank forms the backbone of the global IoT (Internet Of Things) network-surveillance grid, aka the Orwellian panopticon).

Cybereason has stated publicly that it wants to accelerate its access to US networks. Toward that goal, it hired Andrew Borene as Director of its US sector. Borene vowed to hire experienced US spies, etc. in order penetrate all levels of government, include states and municipalities. Borene was senior advisor to IARPA, worked for Booze, Allen, Hamilton, was Assoc. Deputy Council for the Pentagon, a senior official with IBM, a Wall Street investment banker for Wells Fargo, a life member of the CFR, and member of the National Security Institute (with Paul Wolfowitz and other Jewish neocons).

Robert Bigman is another advisor to Cybereason. Another is Peter Sherlock, former CEO of Mitre Corporation. (Mitre and Ptech sabotaged NORAD computer systems on September 11, 2001).

David Kris, another Cybereason Advisory Board member, is an authority on US foreign intelligence surveillance who advises FISA courts, and advises two anonymous elements of the US intelligence community. Here he is also working for an Israeli front company. Of course, this comes with big financial benefits. He was also top executive to Time-Warner (MSM), CNN’s parent company, and got a medal from the CIA.

(Webmaster comment: Corruption of the FISA court process has the enabled DHS and FBI Fusion Centers to illegally watchlist and target innocent American civilians (aka TIs). Thus, David Kris and the “two anonymous elements of the US intelligence community” mentioned above are prime suspects for perpetrators in this heinous, treasonous, and anti-constitutional activity.)

Cybereason’s Election-Chaos Simulation of 2018:

(In which they used fake twitter accounts, hacked self-driving cars and rammed them into people, and targeted the 9/11 call centers). One official stated: “Elections are very attractive because they are at the cornerstone of our democracy. One employee the hacker team (red team): “Our goal was to get everyone to think that the election was rigged and that the results were invalid. We wanted people to question the results for years.”

(ETK comment: This has happened in the 2020 election.)

Webb: If people are worried about foreign interference in our electoral politics, I would say look no further than Cybereason (an Israeli cutout). This playbook was set up years in advance and is tied to Israeli and American intelligence. And I would argue these are same intelligence agencies tied up in 9/11. This isn’t Russian. It isn’t Iran. This our government and the government of Israel.

Cybereason made a video about this simulation. The red hacker team (Sam Curry and a number of women) of Cybereason’s simulation was called “The Broken Eagle Taskforce” with a skull for the logo. The eagle is the national bird of USA.

Sam Curry said he “relished doing these gaming exercises.” Curry works at National Security Institute (along with Paul Wolfowitz and Jack Keane (who is career operative in the US military’s Institute for the Study of War, run by the Jewish Kagan family and the Jewish PNAC neocons) and also the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, and was former general council to the CIA).

Curry: “We decided to make the result of the election as invalid and as politically biased as possible.”

(This has happened in the 2020 election as the democrats obviously stole a Trump landslide victory.)

One of their objectives is “narrative control”- via putting out disinformation and misinformation. Thus, Cybereason is blaming Russia, China, and Iran for doing the very things that they war-gamed out.

Similarly, on September 28, 2020, we experienced electrical outages at 911 call centers in 14 states as was pre-scripted in Cybereason’s simulation. Among these 14 states are an alarming number of “swing states.”

During the Jeffrey Epstein scandal, the Carbyne911 advisory board was nearly completely Jewish and Israeli. It included Ehud Barak, Amir Elichai, Alex Dizengof, Pinchas Buchris, Nicole Junkermann, Elliot Tawil, and Michael Chertoff.

Carbyne911, Smart Phone Apps, and Pre-Crime Prediction

Carbyne911 (which bills itself as a “next generation 911 platform,” was founded in 2014 by veterans of Israeli intelligence) offered solutions to governments for the problem of mass shooters, as the answer to the US aging 911 systems, and as way to detect and deter “pre-crime.” It has ties to the national emergency number association.

Carbyne’s first CEO was Amir Elichai (former Israeli Unit 8200 commander). Then he moved to Cybereason’s board.

Almost all the Carbyne people are former Unit 8200, IDF, Mossad, as well as American intelligence, etc. After the Epstein scandal, conspicuous Unit 8200 Israelis and Jews were replaced by Americans who were former FBI, DHS officers, etc.

Carbyne’s smart phone app extracts information from the phones on which it is installed including:

– device location,
– video livestream,
– any data from the phone,
– any information that comes over a data link,

According to Carbyne, this information can be extracted from any smart phone if they call a 911 center connected to Carbyne. They were also marketing this to corporations, schools etc. Their goal is to connect all 911 call centers. Carbyne’s platform with pre-crime application has a “see records” component that enables decision makers to accurately analyze past and present behavior of their callers and react accordingly and in time- and predict future patterns. So they can analyze and “predict” the behavior of 911 callers!

The goal is that in the future 911 call centers will not be needed. Rather, smart devices in smart cities (like a smart street light) will make emergency 911 calls for you. So we are all potential criminals according to this algorhythm.

According Attorney General William Barr, pre-crime technology will be implemented nationwide at the end of 2020.

Trump has said the solution to mass shootings was for big tech companies to detect mass shooters before they strike. The next targets will be “anti-semitic,” “domestic terrorists.”

Peter Thiel was in Trump’s transition team and put many of Trump’s people in place. Thiel funded (the CIA’s) Palantir computer program.

Since Coronavirus came along, Carbyne911 has pivoted their platform to prevent Covid outbreaks (as well as terrorist outbreaks). In their own documents, Carbyne acknowledges it relies on callers submitting themselves to self-surveillance via their own mobile phones. It is a surveillance and pre-crime system based on what you say on your phone, social media, etc.

Their pitch is: “We’re Carbyne911 and we’re going to stop criminals before they strike.” The health equivalent of DARPA is HARPA.

The current Carbyne911 board (post-Jeffrey Epstein scandal) includes:

Secretary Kirsten Nielsen
Michael Chertoff (whose mother worked for Mossad and who was first head of DHS)
Kevin R. Brock (former Assistant Director For Intelligence, FBI)
Robert David Paulson (Former Director FEMA, 2005-2009)
Edward F. Davis (Former Chief Commissioner of Boston Police during Boston Bombing)
Jim McDonell (former head of Los Angeles Police Department)
Andy Rooke (Global eCall expert),
Phillip Reitinger, President and CEO of the Global Cyber Alliance. In 2009, he was at DHS as their Cyber Security Center
Gal A. Comminka, Professor of Computer Science, Bar Jian University, Israel
Trae Stevens , formerly at Palintir (CIA), partner at Founders Fund, Peter Thiel’s venture capital fund. (Palintir is directly involved in covid response, contact tracing).

Carbyne’s partners include:

Google, Microsoft, AWS (Amazon Web Services), Cisco (set to be the backbone in US Smart Cities), NCS, Mark43 (high tech for law enforcement, backed by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, and General Petraeus, PNAC), Telmex, Vodafone, Vonage, America Movil, Global Hitss,

(These companies represent the complete merging of US and Israeli National Security States).

One week after the 2020 election, Carbyne has scheduled a meeting in which they will be addressed by an ex-Navy SEAL who supposedly caught and killed Osama Bin Laden (ANOTHER LIE).

Google, Amazon, Microsoft are all US National Security State contractors with ties to DHS. Microsoft is partnered with Carbyne911. DHS is charged with protecting critical infrastructure in the US, including all the 911 call centers. So the attacks against 911 call centers will justify the hiring of Carbyne911 and other Israeli front companies for “security.”

Part II. Election Special – Part 2: How A “Cyber 9/11” Will Usher In The AI “Internet Security” State (October 30, 2020)

Election Special – Part 2: How A “Cyber 9/11” Will Usher In The AI “Internet Security” State

Whitney Webb: “I’m ready to expose these losers who are clearly planning something awful.”

To continue the previous discussion about Cybereason, also on the Board of Advisors of Cybereason is Dave Dewalt:

Dave Dewalt: Member of Team8 (a front for Israel’s Unit 8200), funded by Eric Schmidt of Google, who ran the Pentagon’s modernization policy, set up by former commander of Israel’s Unit 8200, Nadev Zakri, with ties to billionaire Paul Singer), part of Obama’s cyber security council, he was CEO founder of FireEyes, NightDragon Security, Delta Air,

Team8’s investors include: Microsoft, Walmart, Cisco, Airbus, Moody’s Nokia, NTT, AT&T, Softbank, Accenture, Scotiabank, Munich RE,

Team8’s Advisors: Michael S. Rogers, Former Director of NSA, Adam Ely, Dave Dewalt,

Immanent attack (probably ransomeware attack) on American hospitals by an evil nation state that doesn’t like the US or its freedoms. Over past several months, 80% of health care institutions report experiencing major cyber attacks (hacks).

HHS (US Dept. of Health and Human Services) has made large budget cuts.

Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) League

CTI League (aka The Cyber Justice League) has volunteered to give free AI cyber security to American hospitals. They also their services free to critical infrastructure systems throughout the US including dams, nuclear power stations, chemical plants, disinformation (cyber) campaigns (it neutralizes disinformation regarding Covid-19).

“The CTI League neutralizes any threat in the cyber domain regarding the current pandemic, including disinformation.”

There is no oversight as to who can be a member of CTI. There are nearly 1500 members but their names are secret. You only need to be approved by the four founding members to be a member of CI League.

CTI works with the Health Information Sharing and Analysis Center (H-ISAC) Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Merck (who are developing vaccines for Covid-19), Blue Cross-Blue Shield, Athenahealth, and Amgen. H-ISAC’s president, Denise Andersen, works closely with DHS and once worked with DHS.

CTI works very closely with US Cyber Security and Infrastructure Security (CSIS), which is overseen by DHS.

CTI’s key founder, Ohad Zaidenberg told CBS news that Iran, China, and Russia are “trying to steal everything” (regarding Covid-19 and vaccine information). In fact, this what they (CTI) are doing. (So they are manufacturing the Iranian threat.)

Ohad Zaidenberg was a Unit 8200 commander, specializing in cyberwarfare targeting Iran. He is now in the private sector (but still focused on Iran as strategic target), and a leading cyber-intelligence researcher for ClearSky Cybersecurity (ClearSky), partnered with Variance, Inc., and Checkpoint. He works with Tel Aviv Institute for National Security Studies member, works with IDF and Israeli Government.

They want to goad US into attacking Iran… and will launch a big cyber attack on US infrastructure and then blame Iran.

Zaidenberg is primary source for claim’s of Iranian propaganda and fake news and cyberhacking of American systems.

Other founders of CTI include Marc Rogers, a self-styled hacker now working for large corporations, VP of Cybersecurity Strategy at Okta.

Other founders are Nate Warfield and Chris Mills, both work at Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC), and Mills worked for US Navy’s Cyber Defense Operations Command. US government and Dept. of Defense are customers of MSRC.

So many public-private partnerships (PPP)!

Chris Krebs, now head of federal agency CISA (Cyber Security and Infrastructure Security Agency; overseen by DHS), oversees critical electronic infrastructure of the US including the voting system. Formerly he worked with Microsoft on their US cyber security policy.

MSRC is directly affiliated with Microsoft’s ElectionGuard, a voting machine software program.

Krebs, the guy in charge of election security, issued warnings saying the election was going to be hacked, probably by Iran. So after this occurs, he and Microsoft will be poised to sell ElectionGuard. Microsoft also has AccountGuard and NewsGuard. Krebs was partnering with groups like CTI league.

So for the past 2 years, these groups have been predicting major election hacking by Iran. (Problem-reaction-solution leads to the US attacking Iran for Israel.)

Although CTI’s members are anonymous, Sara-Jayne Terp is mentioned as a member of CTI. She is on the forefront of countering Covid-19 “disinformation,” It turns out she is a former computer scientist for the UK military and the UN. She is a member of a group called the Credibility Coalition, funded by Google and Facebook. Craig Newmark Philanthropy and the Knight Foundation.

Currently, Krebs (CSIS) is prioritizing the protection of the Health System and the Election System. (Meanwhile, he promotes Microsoft’s Election Guard and “Telehealth” products).

It seems like there will be a convergence of these things.

Immediately after CSIS’ warning that hospitals might be attacked, several hospitals are cyber attacked… They are drumming up fear that such attacks will increase to a “cyber 9/11”

Recorded Future was set up by IQTEL and Google.

Global Cyber Alliance: Founded by Manhattan attorney, Cyrus Vance, Jr. (extremely corrupt with ties to organized crime!). He teamed up with City of London police commissioner, Adrian Leppard, and John Giligan, Chairman of the Board of the Center For Internet Security (CIS).

Cyrus Vance Jr. started GCA using $23 million he got in “asset forfeiture” from purported criminals. In other words, they took money from the people they were prosecuting.

(Webmaster comment: “Asset forfeiture” here, which is wildly unconstitutional, sounds much like the asset stripping of “targeted individuals” by “the Organization.”)

Webb: GCA is like a cyber security mafia so either join their alliance or they will hack you to death.

Co-founder of GCA is William A. Pelgrin who serves on New York State Cyber Security Advisory Board under Andrew Cuomo.

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, has turned to Eric Schmidt and Bill Gates to help “re-imagine” New York after Covid. He also has given Israeli tech companies contracts to build 5 smart cities in New York in 2021.

Pelgrin served 3 terms as chairman of the National Council of the Information Sharing and Analysis Centers (ISACs). This is to advance the physical and cyber security of the critical infrastructures of North America. They say this will be hacked. He was also a Commission Member of the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). He briefed Obama on critical cyber security issues.

Jane Holly Lute- Another member of the Center For Internet Security.

Phil Venables, CFR, Goldman Sachs, Duetchebank,

Eric Schmidt is basically running the National Security State in America now. It’s out of control. And Henry Kissinger is calling him his friend and no one is paying attention to him.

So these cyber security companies claim to be combating cyber risk to form a “trustworthy internet to enable progress”…. So they are going to make the internet safe from hacks and safe from hate speech. They are ready to come down hard on the internet.

“Cyber risk requires a Global Effort”

These are all AI cyber security companies. They use AI algorithyms to do their cyber security. This is the way to bring in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Once AI is in your system, they can expand it however they want. This is where the spooks have been working, including the software companies involved in 9/11.

Global Cyber Alliance: It’s the UK, the US, and Israel’s Unit 8200 companies.

Who are the founders and funders of Global Cyber Alliance?

Bloomberg (Michael Bloomberg, he was key in the pre-planned election chaos). Craig Newmark Philanthopies, Hewlett Packard, Facebook, Paypal, Agari, Microsoft, ICann, Adobe, Aetna, Bank of America, Albany Medical Center, Barclay’s, Broadcom, Citi, European Union, Cyber NYC, Cognito, Crowdstrike, CTM 360, Cybercrime, Cyberguard, Covenant, CyberReadiness Institute, CyberOwl, CyberResiliance, CyberIDGuard, Cyberaglobal, CyberSecOn, CentralNIC Group PLC, CIS, Deloitte, DeepCyber, CyberVista, Digital Ocean, DNGISAC,, MITRE, NYC, Metropolitan Police, NYC EDC, Juniper, Lorca, Lookout, NITA Uganda, Netsupportuk, NC4, NYC IT&T, Online Trust Alliance (OTA), NetCraft, InfoSecurity, Noord, NDMARC, ISACA, KYDN, IronNet, Internet Society, Keele University, KPMG, Liberty Group Ventures, LALCAPLTD, IHS Markit, KRATIKAL, RSA, Punch, PWC, RISKIG, Sepio Systems, Profit, Orgain, SAM, Proofpoint, Quad9, paloalto, Paul Weiss, Secure World, Patterson Belknap, RiskIQ, Return Path, Risk Ledger, QOMPLX:, Sightline, Pacific Northwest, Shadow Server, Sightline, RStreet, Republic of France, Public Knowledge, Payload Security, Global Resiliance Federtion, HUNT, Huntsman, Highlight, HANYS, ISSA, INKY, Infosec Ventures, Immuniweb, ICT Switzerland, Grey Castle, IST, Highlight, Intermedia, ITU, Electus, Appgate, DuoCircle, FARNER, FS-JSAC, Flashpoint, Fraunhofer, GCSP, EGIGFA, Fairhaven Capital, GBP, Police Nationale, GEBZE, GCSP, E. Hoare & Co. (UK), France’s Ministry of Justice, Marsh & McClennan (9/11 ties), RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police), Simpson Thatcher, Sony, Telos, Tech, TalTech, Strategic Cyber Ventures, Standard Chartered, Souix, Softcio, Sophos, Swiss Internet Security Alliance, The City UK, (Britain’s most powerful financial lobby group), Third Way, Verizon, US Secret Service, Cipher, Chancellor Wealth Management, Spectrum Internet, TM, Trend Micro, University College Dublin, Triada New York, Third Way, ThreatStop, Cybersecurity, Warwick, The Cyber Rescue Alliance, Templar Valimail, Money, Vivida, VP-SHOM, Whitehawk, World Vision

Philip Reitinger, President and CEO of Global Cyber Alliance: In 2009, he was at DHS as Deputy Undersecretary For the National Protectorate at National Cyber Security Center, also he was first Executive Directive of Pentagon’s Cyber Crime Center. He previously worked at Microsoft and Sony. And Andrew Cuomo’s Cyber Security Advisory Board.

Nathaniel J. Gleicher: also CSIS (Center for Strategic and International Studies), # think tank in US, head of Cyber Security Policy at Facebook, National Secuity at the Whitehouse (with Ari Schwartz- Operation Blackout with Cybereason), was at US Dept. of Justice who investigated Cyber crime.

Also at CSIS is Dov Zakheim, who was Pentagon comptroller on Sept. 11, 2001. At that time, Pentagon was “missing” $2.3 trillion. Is also on board of directors at the Atlantic Council.

Denise E. Zheng (at CSIS) used to be DARPA’s “Plan X” honcha. Secretive Pentagon research program looking to replace human hackers with AI.

Eric Schmidt: lets merge Silicon Valley with the National Security State.

Who Funds CSIS?

US Government, Bank of America, Pan American Energy, Cheron Corporation, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Duquesne Family Office, Boeing, Exxon Mobil Corporation, BP, General Atomic Aeronautics Systems, Inc., Gilead Sciences, Inc. Bechtel Corporation, Citigroup Inc., General Dynamics Corporation, Hitachi, Ltd., Huntington Ingalls Industries, Inc., Hess Corporation, Chemonics International, IBM, Hanwa Group, Merck and Co., Inc., McAfee, Inc., Raytheon Company, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Mitsubishi Corporation, Nekkai Inc., Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation, Marubeni Corporation, General Electric, Hewlett Packard, DAI Global, Intel Corporation, Royal Dutch Shell, Science Applications International Company (SAIC), Intel Corporation, Coca-Cola, Noble Energy, Inc., Qualcomm, Inc., Kia Motors Corporation, 13 Harris Technologies, Parsons Corporation, Verizon, United Airlines, Inc.

Data Connectors, Since 1999: Bring together vendors like Cybereason, Dark Trace, and Agari with customers in secret services, federal and state governments, private sector people, cities, etc.

Virtual Philadelphia; Cyber Summit, May 7, 2020,

Jeffrey Epstein came up with the Clinton Global Initiative.

What and Who is DarkTrace?

Founded in 2013 with a world class team of mathematicians and AI specialists from Cambridge, England, who were/are experimenting with giving machines a sense of self. To make self-aware AI, they were trying to make the singularity.

Now over 4000 companies worldwide rely on their AI cyber security technology. They are combined with Britain’s top spooks (GCHQ, MI6, MI5) who work with NSA and Israel’s Unit 8200. They expect that their technology will go mainstream soon.

They say their AI takes action against cyber attacks without humans in the loop.

Their main customers include Drax, and UKs National Health Service (NHS),

DarkTrace Advisory Board consists of:

Lord Evans of Weardale, KCB: Former Director General of MI5 (2007-2013), Ten days before 9/11, he was appointed to the Security Services Management Board of UK Intelligence as Director of International Counter-Terrorism, Director at HSBC Bank, tied to money laundering, drug cartels,

Professor Nick Jennings CB: From Imperial College at London responsible for computer models that justified lockdowns, Chair in Artificial Intelligence, member of UK governments AI Council, UK government’s current scientific advisor for national security

Rt. Hon. Amber Rudd: after career in banking, she held 3 cabinet roles in UK government, was Home Secretary overseeing UK’s response to terror attacks, international industry-led to removing radicalizing material on the internet, the global internet forum for counter-terrorism, censoring free speech (this endures as the Global Internet Forum To Counter Terrorism)

Dr. Mike Lynch

Alan Wade (only American on DarkTrace Board, had 33-year career at CIA) was chief information officer at CIA, worked with Bigman, co-founded Chilead software company with Christine Maxwell, with PROMISE Software with a backdoor to Israeli intelligence, was involved in Chilead, and it successor, Palantir. Chilead was successor to PROMIS software. So he connects PROMISE to Palantir.

Chilead sales pitch: they billed themselves the company the solved 9/11 after the fact. But it was created a couple years before 9/11.

Chilead software was used by FBI, the Office of director National Intelligence (ONI), 911 Commission, DHS, CIA, DOD, and NSA.

Chilead folded in 2013, that was the year that DarkTrace was founded.

Poppy Gustafsson is CEO and Co-Founder of DarkTrace.

Total Information Awareness (i.e., total surveillance). This idea was rejected by American people. General John Pointdexter was the main driver behind this. Alan Wade was involved in this effort too.

Amit Yoran

Amit Yoran’s new company is Tenable. He was head of RSA, major Israel based cyber security company. Involved with DHS. Was director of National Cyber Scurity Division created after 9/11. He studied at West Point, but is not an Amerian, he is an Israeli. Was at DoD, was CEO and advisor to IQTEL (CIAs). On the board of Guardium which was set up by Israeli officials that was acquired by IBM).

Guardium: Michael Goff (Zionist lawyer) was inventor of Ptech software

Watch James Corbett’s film: “Ptech and the 9/11 Software.”

Ptech’s clients included CIA, FBI, White House, DOE, US Navy, Air Force, FAA, IBM, Enron.

Ptech software had back door and sabotaged key systems at NORAD at the time the 9/11 attacks happened. Michael Goff wrote the Ptech software. After leaving position of Marketing Manager at Ptech, he started Goff Communications.

Guardium tied up with Israeli intelligence. Yoran helped run Guardium. The overlap between American and Israeli intelligence is phenomenal (and highly illegal.)

Amit Yoran is CEO of Tenable and is on board of Global Cyber Alliance. The election infrastructure is now running Yoran’s Tenable software as of Oct. 7, 2020.

III. Election Special Part 3: How The Bipartisan Swamp Is Engineering Election Chaos In Philadelphia (Nov. 1, 2020)

Election Special Part 3: How The Bipartisan Swamp Is Engineering Election Chaos In Philadelphia

Partial Transcription of Last American Vagabond-Whitney Webb Interview by Webmaster (Dr. Eric Karlstrom)

Webb: American National Security State is bipartisan and it has completely merged with Israel (IDF, Mossad, Unit 8200, Shin Bet, companies run by members of these groups) and the “corporatocracy”- including democratic, republican, American, and Israeli.

Whitney Webb: Engineering Election Chaos part 3 video: Wargaming-Simulating The Destruction of America:

AI and gene editing will transform what it is to be human.

1) Predicting Cornavirus-lockdown-vaccine fraud: Rockefeller: Lockstep Document 2010:

2) Event 201: The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hosted Event 201.

3) Post-Election Chaos in America/destruction of democratic process/introduction of martial law

Article: Bipartison Washington Insiders Reveal Their Plan For Chaos if Trump Wins The Election by Whitney Webb.

Under all scenarios, TIP (Transition Integrity Project) war-games how to produce chaos, under a Biden win, under a Trump landslide win, or tie. They gamed out these scenarios in June, including doomsday scenarios leading to a constitutional crisis. They met in June to chart out a “dark 11 weeks” between election day and inauguration day.

TIP (Transition Integrity Project) war-gamers comprised of democratic insiders, never-Trump republicans, and neocon republicans, have spent months war-gaming scenarios.

TIP: Transition Integrity Project

In their war games simulation, role of Biden was played by John Podesta (Bill Clinton’s Chief of Staff, Hillary’s 2016 campaign manager).

Hillary Clinton has stated: Biden shouldn’t concede, and if we drag this out as long as possible, eventually he will win.

Wisconsin, North Carolina, Michigan are asked for a re-count by Biden. Then their governors send different set of electors to electoral college.

A deuling electors scenario orchestrated by the DNC has Governors choosing different sets of electors and sending these to the electoral college. Recipe for chaos.

Philadelphia is ground zero.

One goal is to abolish the electoral college in favor of populate vote system. This would be better for democrats.

Biden campaign encourages California, Oregon, and Washington to secede from the US unless Congressional Republicans agree to a set of structural changes in the US.

– Break California into 5 states.
– Eliminate the Electoral College.
– Give statehood to Washington DC and Puerto Rico
– Supreme Court Justices have to retire at 70.

Secession was what civil war was all about. These reforms will benefit democrats. Mafia tactics.

One scenario: On Jan. 6, Podesta (Biden) gets House of Reps to agree to award presidency to Biden. Even though it was a landslide for Trump.

Another scenario: Due to chaos, create a constitutional crisis: No president elect is inaugurated on Jan. 20, it is unclear what military would do….. i.e., they would have to step in.

Rosa Brooks created TIP.
She was funded by New America Think tank? Silicon Valley: Eric Schmidt (former CEO of Google), Rockefeller Foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, US State Dept., Pierre Olmediar, Reed Hoffman (Iowa Caucus created shadow app that created chaos), JP Morgan Chase, Craig Newmark (Silicon Valley billionaire who created Craig’s List).

Goal is to redesign/remake America in authoritarian style- using AI. Creating “order out of chaos.” Bringing about military coup. Rosa Brooks was General Council to Soros’ Open Society Foundation. She stated military coup could remove Trump. Pentagon and State Dept. Hillary Clinton

TIP director is Joey Hudson- Open Society and US government-
During Obama era coups against Ukraine, Honduras. Color revolutions via US state dept.

TIP is gaming out a color revolution for the US. George Soros’ Open Society Foundation has done this in many countries.

Rosa Brooks (Georgetown Law Professor) is scholar at West Point’s “Modern War Institute,” focuses on relationship between military and domestic policing…. Georgetown University’s innovative policing program (gangstalking)…. Open Society Foundation creation of federalized police force. Plan is to defund local police- and then federalize it with high tech, Palantir, AI. They falsely claim this “will end police brutality”.

New America: Rosa Brooks;

Peter Thiel’s Palantir came out of Stanford, Google came out of Stanford- This is part of Silicon Valley. .

Group (People) making this happen are “Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection” (ICAP, August, 2017) are at Georgetown University, guidance for law enforcement, for election officials, fact sheets for all 50 states, to bar unauthorized private militia groups. (But militias are inherently constitutional). Taking away poll watchers. They call militias paramilitary’s.

Ground war of dueling protests….. Private paramilitary

Digital Forensic Research Lab (DFR) does “fact checking” Facebook… monitoring digital information. “extremist information online”. The Silicon Valley thread is through all this.
Atlantic Council (and ICAP)….

ICAP– Board chairman is Mahmood Hamid, manager of Kleiner-Perkins from Silicon Valley venture capital firm (Facebook), Collin Powell, Al Gore, Pierre Almediar, close ties to CIA, Arik Ben-Zvi, former IDF Israeli, involved with Carbyn911 and Ehud Barak, Alix Burns (lobbyist, Silicon Valley-Washington, Obama Nat. Sec. Council), Mickey Edwards, former Congressman, VP of Aspen Institute (neocon think tank) and CFR, Joshua Gelzer (Obama’s Senior Director for Counter-terrorism on NSC) said “2020 election chaos is inevitable”

Executors: Neal Katyal (Faculty Chair of ICAP) co-council for Al Gore in Supreme Court decision of 2001- they are setting this up again; Joshua Gelzer (in Rolling Stone interview: “they will mess with the American mind and democracy will never recover,” CFR), Law Professor Mary McCord (asst AG for National Security at US Justice Dept.; involved with Obama Admin. targeting Trump campaign- FISA courts),

They are giving legal advice to states and cities that only state approved militia’s are legal. Only state can have the weapons. Unconstitutional. Also trying to push through federalization of police- all now work for DHS.

ICAP is active in every state.

CSIS (Center for Strategic and International Studies)

Transition Integrity Project (TIP) has a tool kit. Has created docs for all 50 states- marketing resources to cities to states…. New coalition of nation’s leading law firms…also involved is ADL (partnered with FBI in Counter-Terrorism Task Force and after entrapping Muslims previously is now entrapping white American males- the new 9/11), combating political violence and extremism.

TIPs personnel:
Michael Chertoff (former head of DHS and Asst. AG under George W. Bush),
Laurence Wilkerson (former aide to Colin Powell, and chairman RNC),
David Frum (Atlantic),
John Podesta (former campaign manager, H. Clinton, 2016),
William Kristol (PNAC),
Max Boot (Washington Post),
Donna Brazile (ex-DNC),
Reed Galen (founder of Lincoln Project),
Chuck Hegel (former Sec of Defense),
Norm Ornstein (American Enterprise Institute).

These people are coming together to screw over the 99%.

Looting and riots in Philadelphia- police ordered to stand down.

So what we have is bi-partisan former National Security state (people who used to be heads of DHS, intelligence agencies, etc.) people coming together to plan out chaos that would lead to the controlled demolition of the election system- overthrow the 2nd amendment. They want a national federalized police force- imposition of martial law. Strategy is to create maximum chaos and then impose maximum order.

They want to force us to new system of government where there is no more democracy.

One of many pre-scripting article: “The election that could break America.”

They are setting up Philadelphia to be ground zero in new 9/11.

Multi-agency task force: includes ICAP, emergency responders from both state and fed level… …. In Penn. Oct. 29,

Activated in Philadelphia, Penn. since beginning of Oct.:

Penn Emergency Management Agency,
Penn. State Police,
Philadelphia Police Dept.,
National Guard,
Office of Emergency Management..
unspecified cyber security team…. (could include Dark Trace (CIA and UK intelligence), Cybereason, Tenable, w/ ties to the software side of 9/11). Their software is now already installed in Philadelphia.

Adam Thiel. In charge of Office of Emergency Management in Penn. is Adam Thiel. Earlier, he was Deputy Sec. of Homeland Security for the state of Virginia. He used to work for ANSER, that did the Dark Winter- bio-terror simulation drill before 9/11. They had foreknowledge of the Anthrax attack and blamed Iraq for it. (and were involved in 9/11 and cover-up.). FBI JTTF (Join Terrorism Task Force.)

DHS gamed out chaos for Cybereason. (Used Philadelphia to game out war games). Former DHS head, now part of TIP, Michael Chertoff, Israeli-American dual citizen and Zionist Jew, has influence here.

The National Guard in civilian clothes will be new poll workers. This is setting the stage for a massive conflict. This is a false flag.

We are seeing the extension of the same agenda from 9/11 to now.

An early October Reuters story: “Special Report: Why the Pennsylvania Vote Count Might Throw the US into Political Crisis”

Early CNN Oct. article: “Pennsylvania Becomes Epicenter Of 2020 Election Chaos.”

They are seeding these ideas and using military language such as “ground zero.”

ICAP activates Penn. Taskforce…. ICAP set to do legal battle like Bush v. Gore. Pennsylvania is the Florida of 2020 election in terms of court battles. “Pennsylvania is ground zero for determining outcome of 2020 election.”

Even last March, they were setting up the idea that the next 9/11 would be caused by white supremacists. (The FBI has admitted to having a lot of insiders in these militias). One example includes the Proud Boys vigilantes (but they have Latino members).

Various headlines tout: Pennsylvania is “ground zero” for election litigation. Arizona is “ground zero.” Georgia is “ground zero” for 2020. There’s lots of ground zero terminology. Texas is “ground zero” for change.

The partisan ground war narrative has been pushed for months.

They have been framing this election as the next 9/11 and saying they can’t stop it.

We know of the many FBI fake terror plots.

There’s going to be militia activity in swing states, says the Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization and Operations- connected to the State Deptartment).

The US intelligence community is pivoting from doing regime change abroad and are now doing it at home. DHS focuses on the domestic side of the so-called “war on terror.” Based on their rhetoric, we are on the doorstep of another 9/11. Their narrative is that chaos is inevitable. This will forever undermine and destroy US democracy. This is to undermine people’s faith in the system.

This is about “messing with the voter’s minds”…. It’s a psyop.

IV. Post-election Perspective by Amazing Polly, November 9, 2020:


V. The Swamp is doing the Auditing! Amazing Polly (November 14, 2020)

The Swamp is doing the Auditing! Amazing Polly

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