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Russian General Petrov on The Global Mafia, Jewry, and Cold War Tactics To Genocide Humanity (youtubes)

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Russian General Petrov on How the World Really Works: The Global Mafia, World Jewry, and Cold War Tactics To Genocide Humanity (youtubes)

I. Russian General on the Global (Mafia) Elite (the “Third Power”- of the 6,000 super-rich)

This is what many politicians call a “world government.” Now it’s main headquarters are in Switzerland.

Many may watched the mini-series “Seventeen Moments of Spring” (1973), in which the main character is Max Otto Von Stierlitz. Remember that when all of Europe was blazing in the fires of war, Professor Pleischner was feeding swans in Lake Geneva. He was asked that if the Fuhrer is such a dashing fellow why won’t he rob the Swiss banks? In those banks were money and gold, but Adolf Hitler didn’t go there. That is, Switzerland was untouchable. But why?

It’s because Hitler understood that his masters are in Switzerland. And Hitler’s victorious march over Europe was nothing but a surrender to him, under one leadership, of the whole human, military, and industrial potential of Europe for the throw on the USSR. The thing is that by implementing this same Globalization these globalists led humanity to a global systematic crisis. The existence of this crisis is admitted by all academics.

Many of you know that the crisis is ecological, economic, credit-financial and military. Everywhere there is crisis. The reasons for this global crisis were bared at a conference in Johannesburg. What was this conference about? In August of 2002, the representatives of all the leaders of countries on the planet gathered for the second time to discuss how all countries and people can live together on our planet.

The first such conference was in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. Our country was represented by Alexander Rutskoy. In Johannesburg our representative was Mikhail Kasyanov. At both conferences the representatives solved the problems of how to live together. What’s noteworthy is that when they gathered for the first time they proposed the tasks ofsaving the ecology of the planet. One of the results was the Kyoto Protocol. After 10 years they gathered again in Johannesburg and recognized that the position of the ecology didn’t improve but deteriorated.

Research presented in indicated that 15% wealthiest people in the US and Europe consumed 75% of all the natural resources extracted by humanity on the planet. The remaining 85% get the 25% of resources that are left over. These are not wealthy countries and some of them are in Europe too.

What’s most important is that the existence of a “third power” is recognized in the magazine. This third power set an ultimatum for all of humanity. The leaders of prosperous countries set the task of saving the ecology and they worry about clean water and clean air. But the leaders of poor countries like ours say that they first worry about feeding themselves and clothing themselves instead of saving the ecology. That is, a conflict arose. So this third power was revealed because the heads of trans-national banks and trans-national corporations set an ultimatum in the form that they will solve all these problems of the rich and the poor if they’re given undivided ownership of all the infrastructures that provide the life activity of people. This is related first of all to the energetics of the planet, water and raw materials.

So here’s the majestic evidence concerning what many politicians talk about. The world mafia are the heads of trans-national banks and trans-national corporations. There’s information about them too. There are about 350 financial clan families in the world, and they own about 50% of the wealth that’s accumulated by all of humanity. I’ll mention some of the odious surnames so that you have an idea. They’re:

Rothschild, Morgan, Oppenheimer, Lieb, Kuhn, Abraham, Sachs, Deutsch, Weiner, Meyer, Strauss, Baruch, Lyman, Lazar, Montefiore, Rockefeller, Fischer, Warburg, Boyer, Kalman, Goldman, Guggenheim, Seligmann, Kaufmann, Dreyfus, Morgenthau, Weinberg, Blumenthal, Harriman, Schiff, Kahn, Goldschmidt, Beilchroder, Mendel, Wallenberg, Dupont, Krupp, Mellon, Heine, Stern, Cohen, and Ford. These surnames are known. (ETK: and almost all are Jewish!).

They’re the owners of these banks, including the ones in Switzerland.

On the one hand, 6 billion people live on the earth, but on the other hand are 6 thousand people from these Families. From the point of view of material well-being, the scales are balanced between these 6 thousand people and all the other people on the planet combined.

This is the whole story about common human values, humanitarian ideals and all the other things that are used to fool us. Actually, we continue to live in a global involuntary civilization.

But problems arose for these globalists. These problems arose long ago. And, by the way, these problems were the basis of the First World War, of the Second World War, and in particular of the emergence of Hitler. The thing is that three global problems are recognized now.

1) Firstly, they think that there are now too many people on the earth. There are 6 billion people but they consider that the earth can stand 2-3 billion people maximum. This is the so-called “theory of the golden billion.” That is, one golden billion are God’s chosen people, and they can live well and have everything. Well then, the second billion can serve God’s chosen people. The existence of a third auxiliary billion is allowed too. The auxiliary billion are people who will till the soil on future plantations. The 3 billion people left over are the excess population. According to the plans these people have to break by themselves. That is, they can die from hunger, AIDS, diseases, drugs and alcohol. But the globalists think that they have nothing to do with this because those people are dying by themselves.

2) The second problem is raw materials. The earth is round and it has been thoroughly explored. So everything that’s been explored has to be taken under control. At the beginning of the interview, I told you that Russia has everything. We’re not going to go through the whole world, but take the example of prosperous Europe. You people especially envy Europe. They talk about France and Germany and how well people live there. But in prosperous Europe there’s no gas, oil, gold, silver, or aluminum. By and large there are even no forests there. There are parks though. But those Europeans live well and we, the people who have gas, oil, timber, coal, aluminum, copper, zinc, and everything else, live like this. Why is it like this?

It’s like this simply because we’re being robbed like suckers. The bulk of the people don’t even try to understand why in a country that has everything we live like this and why in the countries that don’t have anything they live well. This is something we will discuss further. That is, the crisis is about raw materials and how many academics say that in 15-20 years there will be wars over water. In particular, you probably heard Yury Luzhkov say that we should divert Siberian rivers to the south so that we can sell the fresh water. He was referring to the third problem which is ecological.

3) Everyone already knows that there’s a global ecological crisis. Fresh water has become a deficit and we sell it now. I remember when I was a boy I could drink water from the tap. Now hardly anyone drinks tap water. Even children know that you shouldn’t drink tap water and instead buy water bottles.

In this sense, the next problem is solved in the following way. Imagine that we’re that same mafia. We live in Switzerland. But if, for example, a nuclear accident occurs, like in Chernobyl, the nuclear fallout can reach Switzerland. That is, the ecological situation on the planet is extremely difficult, so we decided to remake the national economy of the planet so that we can live in ecologically clean regions of the planet. The polluting industries are brought closer to regions where raw materials are mined. One has to look at what’s happening to our motherland through the prism of these three problems.

II. “Russian General on the New World Order”

We continue to live in a global involuntary civilization. I’ll explain the structure of this civilization. If you look closely at the one dollar bill you’ll see a pyramid on one side. The top of the pyramid is glowing and is cut off and is glowing with rays. At the is bottom is a heap of bricks. Under the pyramid is the inscription “novus ordo seclorum” which means “new world order.” That is, this pyramid, is the embodiment of that real structure which exists in all countries and peoples on the planet earth.

At the top are the slave holders, still slightly lower are the supervisors, and still lower are the slaves. The retention of people in this top authoritarian pyramid is achieved by means of dosing knowledge into the different strata of society. That is, if right next to this pyramid you draw an inverted pyramid it’ll be the pyramid of knowledge. The people at the top possess the fullness of knowledge. The supervisors are given the factual knowledge that in part concerns them. That is, if you’re a minister of the lines of communication you have to polish your rails, compose the train schedule, and you don’t need to know history. If you’re a defense minister like Pavel Grachev you fire on your own people and you don’t need to know about the economy. And notice that the slogan is “everyone has to do their job honestly.”

The simple people on the bottom get the donut hole. So hold on tight to your wheel and don’t think because with us is someone who will solve everything for us since he’s a giraffe that sees more.

…. This mafia sets tasks for each country in globalization, the concentration of control of the productive forces of humanity. For example, Japan is about high technologies, the United States is the world’s policeman, Spain is the world resort, and Russia is about raw materials. Every cricket knows its place. From this simple scheme you can look at what I already told you. They carry out global policy but the leaders of countries carry out internal policy and external policy.

They’re hostages of those who know and carry out global policy.

There used to be two mighty propaganda stations: the USSR and the USA. We were allegedly frightened by imperialism and they were allegedly frightened by communism. In fact, there was a global pyramid here and there. But a danger arose for the globalists. If the leadership of the USSR and the USA came to an understanding of global policy they could have cast out the globalists.

Remember Anton Chekhov’s play, “The Cherry Orchard. In the play there was a hostess of the cherry orchard, supervisors, and a village with serfs. The hostess didn’t do anything so the counterman cast out the hostess and claimed the orchard for himself. Now then, the globalists decided to prevent this. The verbal deception was about a two-polar world, but now it’s a multi-polar world. In the two-polar world there used to be two propaganda stations and they were the same.

In the United States there was an open, top authoritarian model but in the USSR it was hidden. Do you think that members of the politburo lived badly? No, there were elites her and there. But there it was legal. In our country it was hidden. The globalists solved their problem by legalizing our elite. The globalists didn’t want to be cast out.

If you’re a Rothschild, Morgan or Oppenheimer you don’t have your own military and ministry of finance. You control countries and peoples without a structural way. You make the dupes themselves do what you need. But if the dupes understand how they’re being tricked they’ll cast you out. So, you have to do it in a way that they won’t understand anything. The globalists decided to ruin the two global pyramids and create a multi-polar world.

Their principle is to divide and conquer. They used to pit the USSR against the USA, and they lived well by creating tension. The heads of transnational corporations produced helicopters, submarines and ships because of the tension.

I already told you about the three arms markets. If you want to sell a new submarine you have to create tension. Further, when a small war was organized and flaws in armaments were revealed modernization was needed. So they modernized again. But since this led to the creation of two mighty superpowers that began to claim their power the task of avoiding this situation arose.

So they decided to ruin the two plants or superpowers (USSR and USA). But how? Imagine that one plant is making Zhigulis and the other plant is making Fords. If I’m the owner of the two plants and I don’t want the director of a plant to cast me out I divide the plant into several shops. One shop makes carburetors, another makes radiators, another makes tires, another makes devices, etc. But each shop individually can’t make a car.

In this plan the USSR fell first. I already told you how the USSR was divided, and the further dismemberment of Russia is being planned. The same call is being made in relation to the USA.

They’re making an evil empire of the USA. And I’m telling you that a map of divided states of America was published. How does the situation look there? The USSR was dismembered by contrasting countries, peoples, and religions. And you probably know that in the United States the movement of Louis Farrakhan is being developed. That is, blacks are being armed with Islam. Their spiritual leader is Muhammad Ali, the famous boxer whose real name was Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr.

The blacks are being told there that the well-being of the United States was built on their bones and that they have a right to sovereignty. Alaska is one of the Christian states on the map. The south-east of the country with Florida is African and Hispanic states. Texas is an independent republic on the map.

In Canada, there are separatist moods because the French used to dominate there, so they’re fighting for French to be the official language. This is the map and the principle is the same one that was used against the USSR.

The reason for this is the globalists, who are the heads of trans-national banks and corporations, want to remain the masters of the planet. For the dupes this is being presented as a transition from a two-polar world to a multi-polar world.

Many people think that anti-globalists are good. But the horror is that anti-globalists are an instrument of the globalists. Imagine that, since they don’t have anything to do, thousands of anti-globalists gather in some city to smash things because, for example, the prices of food rose. But someone has to gather them and someone has to pay them money.

Understand one simple thing. Why do globalists need anti-globalists? I already told you. They’re transferring the process of management from a world that’s concentrated toward two mighty pyramids to a multi-polar world, with many countries and peoples so that everyone can do their own thing honestly. That is, the anti-globalists express the plans of the globalists. This becomes obvious after everything that I said.

III. “Russian General On ‘The Jewry:’”

Highlights: The globalists control countries and people by controlling elites. They needed an army….. The priesthood figured out ways of wagingwars without losing them using methods of cultural cooperation. They needed an army armed with information arsenal instead of bows or swords. The world Jewry became this army.

The Semites were nomads from Saudi Arabia. Moses gave the Jews God’s commandment to enter the land and take possession of it and rule over it. “(Through your shrewd lending practices)…. Foreigners will rebuild your walls and their kings will serve you.”

Through the trauma of circumcizing male babies, the Jews were programmed in a particular way as “bio-robots,” and then they scattered across the globe after Jerusalem collapsed.

The mafia became the Levites, the high priests who had monopoly rights on preaching the truth. The Rabbis are the chiefs of the Jewish tribes and they have to do what the Levites tell them. This is what some people call a “world government” or “Western powers.” The mafia themselves are in the shadows.

The people in the Kremlin are all Jews, the bankers are all Jews, Mikhail Khodorkovsky is a Jew, Boris Berezovsky is a Jew, Roman Abramovich is a Jew….

IV. Russian General on the Cold War and “Cultural Cooperation”

In all matters a global systematic crisis exists on our planet. In an attempt to solve the global problems this mafia adopted a decision to solve these problems at the expense of our country (Russia). This is done with the method of cultural cooperation. That is, by trying to take our resources in the years of the Great Patriotic War they received an adequate response from our fathers and grandfathers, who defended the independence of our motherland.

This mafia then openly moved to conducting information wars. Documents exist. I’ll begin by asking the people who are watching this transmission a question. Well then, all of you surely heard that the USSR was defeated in the Cold War. What do you think of our motherland’s defeat in the Cold War? I’ll tell you. The absolute majority of our people refer to this with complete indifference. They say: “What war? All around there’s democracy and freedom. There are discotheques. You can go where you want. Everything is fine.”

For nought. If you’re not affected now you will be affected in the near future. Let’s think about these two words. Cold War.

At all times, war had specific goals; to capture the human, commodity and energy resources of a foreign country and to parasite on someone else’s work. This is the goal of any war. This goal can be achieved with two different methods. In a Hot War, you conquer a country. You send troops and set up patrols to occupy a country. But this is an ineffective method. People will go to the (become) guerillas and there will be hell to pay. So, people will resist.

What is a Cold War? It is an information war. It’s when people, who are victims of aggression, are fooled in such a way that they don’t even understand that they live in an occupied country. But the goals of the war have been achieved. Our gas, oil, timber, gold and aluminum flow to the West like a river. What is more, the trick of this war is that we make our own occupation with our own hands. We don’t see foreign patrols with blue helmets on our city streets, but actually we live in an occupied country.

The goals of the war have been achieved. Some of our countrymen rob and export, and others protect the robbers. They justify the robbing with scientific theories, primarily with economic and historic theories. They fool people so that people won’t deal with what is happening.

They fool people with all sorts of spiritual movements and sects. Do you think it’s an accident that there are all these movements in our country? What’s all this for? This is so that people won’t realize that they’re being exterminated. These are so-called spiritual dead ends. They alcoholise people and alcohol flows like a river into the country. Women in villages drink now. School kids drink beer during breaks. Girls and boys who are 10 years old walk with alcohol bottles in their hands. Drug addicts live for two to three years after they begin to use drugs. And besides, they pay money for their own deaths. Drugs are expensive.

If one is to talk about drugs, there are three markets in the world. The most powerful market is the raw materials market and it brings a lot of revenue.

In the second place is the arms market. The third market is the drug market. And so, now the drug market is moving to second place and lowering the arms market to third place. And by the way, this was the cause of Bush’s victory over Clinton.

The English monarchy represents the drug market, and it has had control of the drug market since the Opium Wars in China. Princess Diana was killed because she tried to skip from one mafia to another. But there this can’t be forgiven.

Bush is related to the clan of this English monarchy. Clinton is related to the Democrats. Therefore, when someone comes to power this is taken into account. Since we touched on drugs, if someone is pressing on the Columbian mafia this means that it doesn’t share. That is, if some regional mafia begins to rise, troops are sent, like in the Falklands War. A squadron is sent and order is restored.

The Allen Dulles Plan, Directive 20.1, August 18, 1948

This is what’s done toward us. That is, it’s a Cold War and not a Hot One. The goals of the war have been achieved. A document exists. Many people heard about it as Allen Dulles’ Plan, but we operate with documents. This is directive 20.1 from August 18, 1948. In this document it’s mentioned that Russians cannot be defeated by force. Note that this was immediately after 1948. So to capture the resources and riches of Russia it’s necessary to create conflicts between different peoples. Our country is multi-cultural. It’s necessary to create conflicts between different religious confessions, to tear the youth from the older generation, and to implement the cult of sex, debauchery, drug addiction and alcoholism. We’re seeing all this our society now.

(ETK note: We have seen the same strategy applied against the youth of America since the 1960’s!).

It’s necessary to support immoral writers, actors and artists and to crush moral people. It’s horrible what we’re being shown on television. They’re openly presenting abominations as cultural achievements. Actually, this is simply Satanism in the open form. They’re introducing all this in our country to achieve their goals.

Satanism and the Harvard Project

This plan was improved and, immediately before Perestroika, took the shape of the so-called Harvard Project, by name of the university in the United States where social technologies for the destruction of our motherland were developed. The Harvard Project provides the dismemberment of the USSR into 30-40 small independent states and the reduction of the population to about 50 million slaves who will extract raw materials. I will remind you that according to the last official census, our population is now 144.5 million. That is, at least 100 million people have to disappear. Well, not to be unfounded, I will quote the Guardian newspaper, that’s printed in England. John Major, a former prime minister of the United Kingdom, said: “We defeated Russia in the Cold War, now Russia’s purpose is to become a raw materials appendage of the West, but Russia’s population can’t exceed 50 million people.”

Margaret Thatcher, the Iron Lady who’s admired by many people, said with frank cynicism that 15 million Russians will be enough. There’s the real evidence for you. At least 100 million people have to disappear. I travel around the country, meet people, give speeches, and answer questions. Elderly people usually ask me why this is happening and why we don’t have medicine. We’re simply being killed.

All this is inscribed in the global scenario. We’re not needed and we’re excess people. In these circumstances having hope is the same as asking the executioner for a piece of cake while your head is on an scaffold and there’s an axe above you. We’re simply being exterminated. A full-scale war is being waged against our country.

The reason for this war isn’t that we’re different or that someone wants to destroy us because of having nothing to do. The reason is the global systematic crisis on planet Earth. Attempts to solve the problems that the global mafia created are at our expense. This is the answer to the question about what’s going on. It’s scary to believe but the main instrument for the destruction of our country was its top management in the person of the CPSU. A simple factor was used.

Imagine that you’re a member of the Central Committee or, God forbid, a member of the Politburo. You have everything. In the morning you can get on a plane with your family and fly to Sochi to swim and rest. In the evening you can return to Moscow and hold a meeting of the Politburo. Life is beautiful.

When you retire on a pension this beautiful life comes to an end. But you have children and grandchildren, and you want to leave all this for them. This factor was used through privatization.

The Harvard Project is now well-known. It was allegedly obtained by Soviet intelligence. It was thrown into the upper echelons of our authority and they went for it. That is, they were allowed to do all these things. Well, figuratively speaking, what was Mikhail Gorbachev told? Gorbachev was told that he will make history, that he will turn Russia. Raisa Gorbacheva was also crooning. Under Gorbachev people took what they could. They were allowed to take. That is, there was a conspiracy on the conscious level.

People were made to understand that they can take things. People who knew what was going on acted quite consciously. So, people took what they had. Anyone who had a republic took a republic. Anyone who had a department took an autonomous oblast. People who didn’t have anything were given a voucher and they were told that if they wait they’ll be rich. Everyone went for it. When they went for it they got caught in the trap of the Harvard Project. I’ll tell you three phrases and you can assess the degree of humor. The first phrase is “oil increased in price.” The second phrase is “the dollar fell or rose.” The third phrase is “the USSR collapsed.”

Now I’ll speak a little differently. The Merchant Sidorov raised the price of olive oil. The global mafia lifted the dollar. The USSR was dismembered for the capture of its resources. The understanding is different. But what did I do? I simply called things by their proper names. This is because there are no uncontrollable processes. If something happens somewhere this means that someone needs it. All the more so, in human society nothing is random. Everything is subject to this global policy. Do we want this or don’t we want this?

We’re told that the USSR collapsed and all these academics, political scientists and sociologists repeat this. We’re told that empires collapse by themselves. But nothing collapses by itself. That is, the USSR was dismembered. There was a purpose. I already told you about it. The instrument was the top management of the country. And besides, this management was also doomed.

Just look at Eduard Shevardnadze. Happiness didn’t come to any former Soviet republic. These people behind the scenes don’t need us. One just has to know that there are plans for the next 50 or 100 years, so everyone’s turn will come.

Therefore, the first phase was performed. But the people from the CPSU who were sitting in the Kremlin knew what they are doing. Therefore, they decided to do this dirty version with the hands of young reformers. I told you how oil increased in price. Further, it’s the same. Outstanding reformers appeared. Anatoly Chubais, Gennady Burbulis, Yegor Gaidar, Sergey Shakhray and others. What was the calculation? These young animals will do the dirty work but later they’ll somehow be removed. But the young animals got a taste and showed the uncles in the CPSU a big fig. And what we’re seeing now is a powerful redistribution of property. That is, they will kill each other and they are killing each other. They will kill each other but this is exactly what was provided by the Harvard Project.

Note that the shootings are all over the country and on all levels, beginning with owners of stalls and ending with governors. People like Tsvetkov and others in Magadan. There are murderers in St. Petersburg and in Moscow, all the way to highest echelons. There are even attempts on leaders of former federal states.

Here’s an example of the Harvard Project. Their turn will come too.

V. Russian General on Vladimir Putin

The task for the global mafia is to hold back the process of people’s consumption of wealth. And this democracy is like a bone in the throat for them. The ideal of this mafia is Indian fascism. This is because the toughest fascism is in India. There’s a tough caste system there. Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, Shudras. A small man who sits next to the road with his legs crossed can’t even dream of becoming a mechanic there…. It’s very convenient because the people don’t rise up. Understand?

By the way, this is why in our country they are creating general education schools for the cattle and schools for the elite. But the children of the elite are buying diplomas instead of earning diplomas. That is, there’s no knowledge here and there. Degradation is taking place because of the attempt to create this top authoritarian model. What they need is for the people to want this stiff hand.

For this fascism works the entire system of international terrorism. What we have now are explosions made by the hands of thoughtless Islamists and others. What are they pushing the people toward? There are explosions in Spain, France, Germany, United States, South America, Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia and Iraq. It turns out that this is worldwide. The conclusion is very simple; a nearby house was blown up but please don’t let my house get blown up. That is, people want order to be restored. The people themselves will want someone like (Chilean fascist General) Augusto Pinochet to rule them. Understand? That is the focus. The entire system of international terrorism is pushing humanity toward the reception of a hard fascist regime. This includes our country.

… What are the problems in Russia? What are Putin’s problems? These are the same problems that Joseph Stalin had. The entire management body that Stalin got was Trotskyist. The Trotskyists were all Vladimir Lenin’s guard, and…. Jews. The commissars in leather pea jackets were all Jews back then. It’s the same thing now. Do you see?

There are landmarks that just can’t be bypassed (ignored). That is, the entire management body is Yeltsin’s guard. But the Jews have a feature. While they’re trying to attain something and while they’re coming to power they’re united. When they come to power they begin to argue among themselves.

It was like this under Stalin. He’s being blamed for everything now, but there was an opposition of two clans. On the one side was Leon Trotsky (real Jewish name: Lev Braunstein) and on the other side were Grigory Zinoviev and Lev Kamenev.

If you read the newspapers of the 1920s you’ll see that there were always debates between them. They were always swearing and arguing about the direction of the country and who gets what place. They ratted on each other in the literal sense.

If you look at the lists of Gulag chiefs you’ll see that they were all Jews. Take the example of Israeli Avigdor Eskin. I read about him in Literaturnaya Gazeta. He was jailed because he revealed a conspiracy between the leadership of Israel and the Arabs. He described how the Jews were involved in the development of this immoral democracy in Russia.

What’s most important in a Cold War is to make your enemies lower their arms and stop resisting. On television we’re shown all the woes and pains. A person watches this truth, gives up, gets a drink and says that Russia is lost. But this is exactly what they (the global mafia) need. (So they try to convey the message): Don’t be engaged in politics, fold your wings, stop resisting, and a cross can be raised over Russia. Such is the deception.

(ETK note: The parallels with what has been happening to the people of America are striking!).

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