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Secret Post-WWII US Genocide of American Solders: “Atomic Veterans” (Over 400,000 Soldiers Used As Nonconsensual Human Experimentees) Were Silenced For Over 50 Years. Now They’re Talking

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February 19, 2024

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Webmaster (ETK) Introduction: Another US government “coverup of mammoth proportions” of their crimes against humanity…. This was GENOCIDE too! The US Government is a psychopathic killer. As one commenter states below: “Shameful. Utterly disgraceful.”

The millions of victims of neuro- and nonlethal weapons (non-ionizing radiation) testing by the US government over the past 50 years have much in common with the men interviewed here- the victims of ionizing radiation testing experiments. We have all been used as lab rats and have had our lives destroyed by the criminal US government.

“Shameful. Utterly disgraceful.” “Chilling.”

Elin Eriksson
7 hours ago
You can hear the terror in the voices of these men.. what a terror mankind invented ?

phillip st
5 hours ago
and one day the earth will be covered with the horrors described here….thanks a lot to war and governments

4 hours ago (edited)
This is unfathomable trauma and to have to be silent about what happened to them is an unforgivable sin on this nation.

Nuclear weapons are humanity’s most horrible achievement.

Shirley Ware
7 hours ago
There are no words to describe how sorry I am for you men having to live and continue to live this nightmare, no one should have to and my heart breaks for you all!!!! I am glad that you all are getting the story out there to let others know, the world needs to know, but feel badly that you are reliving it, maybe in some way this may help you, I pray that it does!!!! Much love and respect to you all!!!

Thomas Chicka
7 hours ago
This is so sad but also do astounding. I don’t know how to feel about it.

Buford Caller
5 hours ago
I’m a 70 year old Marine Corps veteran. These men are my brothers. I see you. I hear you. I share some of your pain. I thank you for your sacred sacrifice.

When a government abuses a segment of its citizen’s trust and well being intentionally, it ceases to be a legitimate entity in a world of civilized men and women.

What are we to do? You know… don’t you?

joshua shinn
5 hours ago (edited)
I’ve always wondered what the atomic veterans were. I’ve seen a sign out on Kansas Highway 400 that dedicates it to them.
And now I’m learning a little bit.
a sign on the sideof the road is not enough. Are damn government needs to step up and help.
I am ashamed for What happened no country should do that to its own people… EVER.
And I really never been one to call for the destruction of nuclear weapons I think that’s changed my mind now.

6 hours ago
As with all travesties in history, they are first swept under the rug, and denied, then finally it becomes undeniable. Just as my father who died from Agent Orange from exposure in Vietnam, the military denied that for decades afterwards. It’s pretty shameful that the country who is supposed to protect us sends so many good people into situations that kill them unnecessarily

Just My Opinion
5 hours ago (edited)
Where did this happen? What gave them the courage to finally tell their story? It sounds very horrific. My heart goes out to these men.

Freedom’s Life
3 hours ago
These devices need to be completely removed from our planet. No country has any need what so ever for these. Small arms can only kill: these can kill our planet entirely.

Alex A the Bard
6 hours ago
I believe y’all.

Sincerely Eccentric
6 hours ago
Happy Memorial Day- Don’t join the military.

John Bossnack
2 hours ago (edited)
These weapons must never be used again. Absolutely an evil creation of mankind. May you all find peace.

Orion Stardust
4 hours ago
Nuclear bombs should have never existed. Now we are doomed.

Cat Neko Kotyonok
4 hours ago
I’m so very sorry, gentlemen. I am in awe of your bravery in speaking out. Bless.

4 hours ago
This is the most astounding video I have ever watched.

Boondoggle Smith
1 hour ago
I am so sorry this happened. Thank you for sharing this shameful horror. The government has done so much wrong in the interest of national security. It is just absurd.

zevi kramer
4 hours ago
Shocking to see what government officials are given the power to cause. My love to all these people.

Talesin- God of the Internet
3 hours ago
they put these men out there to test how effectively the bombs would kill our enemies
it makes me sick

Nikki Russell
1 hour ago
This documentary is incredible. Good job to those that put this together.

Troels Brøgger
2 hours ago
And they are still at it: Still justifying these weapons. SICK

Lisa Rosenkoetter
7 hours ago
It’s good you’re talking about it now. My heart goes out to all of you and I remember you not just on this day, but everyday. It must have been terrifying for all of you, and you’re very courageous. It makes my heart heavy that they put you through that. Life is not meant to be this way. Unfortunately some people don’t understand that concept. Sending healing thoughts and love to all of you. ? May love and peace triumph over fear, and may all weapons of the world be eradicated so that people are forced to work things out civilly.

6 hours ago
This story is incredible. Couldn’t fathom holding such secret for 50 years. Thanks for your service.

Canyon Racer
6 hours ago
Thank you for your service and sacrifices!

moss grey
1 hour ago
Utterly moving and very, very important to watch.
This ought to be played at every school all across North America and beyond.
This is war.
This is the war machine.
This is your government.

Yes, a cover-up of mammoth proportions!
These men were brave then and continue to be brave now – so much palpable vulnerability but also the

clarity of knowing the moral importance of sharing their story: not simply for us, but for the memory of
all those who died and do not have a voice.

To know that they were being threatened by the gov’t with Treason if they even spoke a word –
which could be punishable by death….
And to know they do not receive any compensation for the myriad of health problems that ensued….

Shameful. Utterly disgraceful.

Sending love to all those brave men – and to all those affected.

Scott Obregón
6 hours ago
God bless these men.

Holly G
5 hours ago
HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY! our services at their best. We’ve been lied to all along. Don’t fight for corporate culture anymore.

Roger Schanz
4 hours ago
may justice be served to those who caused this and honor be on those who had to endure the pain

Justin Dececco
7 hours ago
Sad part is they launched all them nuclear bombs back in the day and then we wonder where all these cancers come from…..duhhhhh

Alisia Lopez
1 hour ago
Damn I’ve definitely never heard of this

Ming Gnim
26 minutes ago
Read the Plutonium Files by Eileen Welsome

Sam Lacey
7 hours ago
400,000 guinea pigs…. and our government wants act like it never happened. Just imagine everything else they’re hiding from us.

4 hours ago
Remind me, who is the “empire of evil”?

D Rock
6 hours ago
Adam Smith wrote about the man of system. He’s an extreme he could never imagine.

Rob D
3 hours ago
They waited 50 years? Lucky bastards. My Dad didn’t even live to be 50. He died of military related cancer at 48. There’s a video that shows Marines being ordered to walk towards a mushroom cloud in Nevada. My Dad is in it.

P.E. Cor
2 hours ago
Devastating. I hope these men continue to speak about their experiences. We should all be raising our voices in protest against nuclear weapons and testing.

3 hours ago
Shockingly horrendous what they did to these fellas.
I wish they had never invented the bloody things.

Erwin Feld
7 hours ago
This reminds me of a passage in the Novel “The Case of Charles Dexter Ward” from H.P Lovecraft

here is the quote

“Something about the bearing of the messenger carried a conviction which his mere words could never have conveyed; for though he was a seaman well known to many of them, there was something obscurely lost or gained in his soul which set him for evermore apart. It was the same later on when they met other old companions who had gone into that zone of horror. Most of them had lost or gained something imponderable and indescribable. They had seen or heard or felt something which was not for human creatures, and could not forget it. From them there was never any gossip, for to even the commonest of mortal instincts there are terrible boundaries. And from that single messenger the party at the shore caught a nameless awe which almost sealed their own lips. ”

Donna Lemmo
7 hours ago (edited)
If there’s a Heaven, I hope there’s a special place for you guys, because you deserve a royal welcome, red carpet and all, Peter open up those pearly gates for these guys, because, no one deserves what happened to them, In these golden years, please take away their suffering, and let them walk easy..Amen!!

1 hour ago
The way they talk about it, you can hear how it still shakes them to the core… like it happened yesterday. As a veteran myself, this horrifies and saddens me. I can’t believe how our government can treat people that serve their country like expendable goods.

1 hour ago (edited)
This reminds me of the chernobyl tv show

David Williams
8 hours ago

DJ Ward
2 hours ago
Excellent piece. Terrifying ordeal.

8 hours ago
The most patriotic thing you can do for this country and for the Men and women in the military is to stop voting for people who send people in the military to wars in the first place.

5 hours ago
There’s a British documentary similar to this

Neil Layton
9 minutes ago
and people question.. why we don’t trust the government. This was a 50 years cover up. Imagine what’s happening now

5 hours ago
Instant PTSD right there.

Chando Bhardwaj
8 hours ago
Why not brainstorming on sustainable development and peace?

5 hours ago
I just realized this was already played on a couple other channels, the New York Times posted the same video. A while back. I’m curious as to who produced it, do they all use the same clips?

Gina Kay
5 hours ago

Gina Kay
5 hours ago

thomas boyd
1 hour ago
listen 2 the penalties hush hush sign here

Aaron Jenkin
8 hours ago
This is so sad. Why do humans do things like this?

Jodii Capo
6 hours ago
Ill go to canada before i do that again??? that old man is a G

Nikki Russell
4 hours ago
I have no words. These are humans. ☹️

Bill Mcfags
7 hours ago
Semper fidelis

3 hours ago
Uranium, why was it ever built??

C. Lab
7 hours ago

A Cup O. Coffee
6 hours ago
Great piece

Sheila finn
6 hours ago
Keep telling yourself it never worked. Put your idiotic head up under your wing and deny,deny,deny.

Frank DeMarco
42 minutes ago
This one story is enough to justify 100% support for whistle-blowers!

Ashim Jain
3 hours ago
And they tell us it’s part of the price to pay for freedom! **BS** So much for the First Amendment! Analytically, this is no surprise as this nation was built on a history of killing, taking other people’s lands, rights, and violence. The culture continues to this day with violence in schools, streets, homes, wars waged by US for no reason, destroying other countries by way of proxy wars, economic destablisations, …

Linda Warnke
1 hour ago
SOLDIER’S , I am lisening to this. My father told me about it, when I was A little girl. They had no right to use you as a human genitalia. May God be with you bless you and give you peace and at last. Thank you for telling your stories! May GOD HOLD YOUR HAND FOREVER.

Leaven Thomas
6 hours ago

Gina Kay
5 hours ago

The Way
6 hours ago
To all the sheep that still love America, America kills it’s children and tests on it’s soldiers.

Alex Pacheco
1 hour ago
In the Azores, a natural paradise, there was an US military operation going on for several decades, dating back to the cold war. Around 1300 US military lived there for extended periods of time untill recently. The biggest killer in the Azores is cancer, with measurable difference between islands and distance to the Lajes Base. In Portugal mainland it is heart disease. Noone living there has a doubt that there was some shady stuff going on in the private areas of this base.

Lu Moynihan
1 hour ago
Can’t believe this has only got 5.4k views in 7 hours. I know it’s not breaking news but it’s pretty impactful. It’s a holiday weekend in America. Social media must be over run with Americans wandering aimlessly. I guess that says something too.

Charles Brightman
7 hours ago
The USA dropped two atomic bombs directly upon the innocent Japanese citizens, some of whom were literally vaporized.
It was Japan’s political and military that attacked the USA, not it’s innocent citizens. Men, women, children, infants, pregnant women and even their pets. And those that didn’t die right away, suffered for a long time before they did. Many are still suffering even today.

40 minutes ago (edited)
If it sounds like something the Nazis would do, you’re probably way off on the wrong side of history. This isn’t how you treat your fellow humans.

8 hours ago
What does he say at 8:13 onwards? The neck of their eyes all sucked up?

8 hours ago
In the name of protecting our country, we sacrifice. God Bless these men for their sacrifices.

Miguel Rodriguez
6 hours ago
You guys do know the US also tested in islands full of people that are native there search it up.

3 hours ago
Governments and corporations have been experimenting on humans forever. St. Louis, Tuskegee, vaccinations, chemtrails, etc. You are even programmed to call me a “conspiracy theorist” for mentioning this to you.

dennis bryan
5 hours ago
We have countries like Iran and North Korea that want those weapons
The Usa and Russia know what they can do and won’t use them and for this reason alone we should be allies to make sure no one has those weapons other then us

Chaz Domingo
3 hours ago (edited)
Burn a flag this memorial day, for the soldiers this country doesn’t want you to remember.

Open Eye
6 hours ago
These working conditions where not OSHA approved.
Busy Mom’s Bento Ideas
Busy Mom’s Bento Ideas
6 hours ago
Uh yeah please remember the military is NOT a democracy…you sign those papers and they own your body and soul. You are all in for whatever they choose for you. That is why we say thank you for your sacrifice and service, our country needs people willing to live without democracy to fight for it. Thank you Sirs.

2 hours ago (edited)
Nuking entire cities full of innocent civilians, including children, as a response to a non-civilian attack on Pearl Harbour, and then justifying it by saying it “ended the war early”. America should answer to this genocide!

Franklin Clinton
9 hours ago
200th viewer

Charles Brightman
7 hours ago
And to add to all this, CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING:
Ask yourself the following questions:

1. Ask yourself: How exactly do galaxies form? The current narrative is that matter, via gravity, attracts other matter.

2. Ask yourself: How exactly do galaxies become spiral shaped in a cause and effect state of existence? At least one way would be orbital velocity of matter with at least gravity acting upon that matter, would cause a spiral shaped effect.

3. Ask yourself: What does that mean for a solar system that exists in a spiral shaped galaxy? Most probably that solar system would be getting pulled toward the galactic gravitational center.

4. Ask yourself: What does that mean for species that exist on a planet, that exists in a solar system, that exists in a spiral shaped galaxy, in an apparent cause and effect state of existence? Most probably that if those species don’t get off of that planet, and out of that solar system, and probably out of that galaxy too, (if it’s even actually possible to do for various reasons), then they are all going to die one day from something and go extinct with probably no conscious entities left from that planet to care that they even ever existed at all in the first place, much less whatever they did and or didn’t do with their time of existence.

5. Ask yourself: For those who might make it out of this galaxy, (here again, assuming it could actually be done for various reasons), where to go to next, how long to get there, how to safely land, and then, what’s next? Hopefully they didn’t land in another spiral shaped galaxy or a galaxy that would become spiral shaped one day, otherwise, they would have to galaxy hop through the universe to stay alive, otherwise, they still die one day from something with no conscious entities being left from the original planet to care they even ever existed at all in the first place, much less that they made it out of their own galaxy. They failed to consciously survive throughout all of future eternity.

6. Ask yourself: What exactly matters throughout all of future eternity and to whom does it exactly and eternally matter to?

Either at least one species truly consciously survives throughout all of future eternity somehow, someway, somewhere, in some state of existence, even if only by a continuous succession of ever evolving species, for life itself to have continued meaning and purpose to, OR none do and life itself is all ultimately meaningless in the grandest scheme of things.


Nature is our greatest ally in so far as Nature gives us life and a place to live it, AND Nature is also our greatest enemy that is going to take it all away. (OSICA)

6 hours ago
God always blesses America with the blessings from the good guys and gals in US Armed Forces..

d bisram
4 hours ago
It would be better for us all if Computers would replace humans in position of government.Maybe they will make better decisions for mankind.Humans are just motivated by greed for money and power.That is why shit like this happens.

7 hours ago
… and to think Odumass and Killary were providing Iran nuclear powers…
Thank GOD for Trump!

Phil A
9 hours ago
Their accounts make you want to be there and experience it

Serge Fournier
9 hours ago
Are you a IMBECIlE the bomb is not reel its never work

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