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CIA Engineering American Civil War: Deep State Chaos Operation and The Stolen $21(+) Trillion: Catherine Austin Fitts (1/10/21)

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Epigraph Quotes:

1) “This civil war game is very cleverly done… It’s all based on divide and conquer; the generations, left vs. right, race, gender… You need a war to get the people to self-destruct their own covenant. They are owed trillions of dollars in health care, trillions in retirement obligations, trillions in many different regulatory obligations. And now what you want to do is to slither out of these obligations without admitting that you stole all the money (the “missing” $21 trillion+). So your job is not just to slither out of social security and FDIC insurance and all these other obligations, your job is to make sure you can keep the $21 trillion.

(Ever since the financial coup of 1995)…. Both sides (Democrat and Republican) are colluding on the creation of the civil war. Since the Kennedy Assassination (1963), the CIA runs the United States, not the President.

(With the Covid fraud, economic lockdowns, and toxic injections) We’re all in the invention room now. But that’s our opportunity too. We all have a say in the field. So we, the general population, can make a huge difference.”

Catherine Austin Fitts, economist, former Assistant Director of HUD (Housing and Urban Development, Solari (1/10/2021)

“Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away.”

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister, 2002

Dark Journalist meets Catherine Austin Fitts. The Deep State Chaos Operation (1/10/2021)

Dark Journalist: Our guest is Catherine Austin Fitts. We will be discussing Smart cities, black op riots, civil war, World War III, and the Presidential election.

We’ve been seeing an amazing Deep State power grab here. Let’s start with the Covid operation. It’s kind of a dystopian nightmare come to life through the pharma fascism. It seems like one of the boldest moves ever on their part.

Catherine Austin Fitts: Fortunately, I have an amazing network of medical people from all over the world that help me by bringing information to the Solari Report. This is a huge help (in unraveling all this) because the lies are just coming in like a machine gun…. A lie machine gun.

They (Deep State/government) have built such an incredible control grid with the surveillance systems and they are so confident with their mind control technology.

(Webmaster comment: Here, Catherine refers to the technologies used in the global gangstalking system, or G5 (Global Government Gangstalking Genocide GESTAPO).

If you look at what they needed to do to keep the dollar system going and bring in the new digital system….. And if you look at the obstacles they were facing… (But) The new system was basically dead in the water at the WHO meeting in December. (So) it was steroids for the old system and steroids for the new system.

It’s hard for a lot of people to understand what the new system is. Most people can’t fathom that someone would envision downloading an operating system into the human body and hooking it up to the Pentagon cloud.

Have you seen our (Solari Report’s) map of the riot zones in Kenosha (Ohio) and Minneapolis (Minnesota)? You have these patterns down the street where boom, boom, boom, where (the riots) are clearing out a whole line of businesses in the opportunity zone on an attractive street. The re-development patterns are really quite astonishing.

If you look at what’s going on with the riots you are talking about many broken laws. My guess is you’ve got mercenaries going in there (doing the rioting). These so-called riots were multi-layered ops. It’s all highly financed and somebody’s financing the op.

If they wanted to, the DOJ (Department of Justice) could shut this down in 24 hours. Don’t tell me that the NSA and NASA aren’t tracking them all. The Fed and Treasury know where all the money is coming from. You have total intelligence about what laws are being broken. So don’t tell me they can’t shut this down. If they are not doing it, there’s a reason.

Based on the DOD’s (Department of Defense) behavior, it all looked like a big contracting scope of work mess (to me). So I’ve said: OK, they are on both sides. They negotiated with the team that went in there to do this (the mercenaries doing the riots)…. And they don’t want to finance another team (US soldiers, for example) to stop them (because that would break the budget allotted for the operation.)

So my question is: Are these riots being financed with FASAB 56 money?

Dark Journalist: What would be the aim of having that kind of chaos in the streets?

Fitts: I’ll grossly oversimplify. Let’s go back to 1995. You (central bankers in coordination with government) can’t get the budget deal through. You give up on the country. You decide to pull all the money out. So $21 trillion gets moved out. You move out another $24 trillion with the bailouts. You have some other frauds. $50 trillion is pulled out of the mechanism. But what’s not pulled out of the mechanism…. You still have obligations.

You have military pensions, social security, all these health care obligations. So you’ve pulled the assets out but you haven’t gotten rid of the liabilities. So how do you get rid of the liabilities?

If you have a civil war and people demand that their states secede from the nation, you can say: “Well, the people don’t want the vehicle (the US government) any more. The people chose to secede rather than get Social Security.”

Dark Journalist: So it has to be coordinated on both sides of the political isle.

Fitts: Right. You need a war to get the people to self-destruct their own covenant. They are owed trillions of dollars in health care, trillions of dollars in retirement obligations, trillions of dollars in many different regulatory obligations. And now what you want to do is to slither out of these obligations without admitting that you stole all the money. So your job is not just to slither out of social security and FDIC insurance and all these other obligations, your job is to make sure you can keep the $21 trillion.

And if you destroy the mechanism (the US government) then they have no vehicle to ever get the $21 trillion back. If you bankrupt the country now, I would argue you can put that $21 trillion back on the plate, call it or assets back in a bankruptcy to keep your promise.

The $21 trillion is the documented figure. I think the figure is actually much bigger.

The reality is the whole system depends on secrecy, and if we were to try to play this in a straight bankruptcy, then we’d have to find out what really happened with the money (the stolen $21 trillion), where did it go, who’s got it?… You’d have to undo the secrecy. So if you are going to protect the secrecy and protect the $21 trillion, you need the people to destroy the mechanism. Remember, you are trying to get the younger generation to destroy their family wealth and the money they stand to inherit.

The baby boomers got snookered (by this group). They put all their money in the pension funds which these guys then stole.

This is all designed to divide and conquer- generations, races, genders, left vs. right, etc.

This civil war game is very cleverly done. One of the things that is happening is, ever since 1995, there’s a real push to destroy black neighborhoods, black businesses, black independence, etc. And yet you have this Black Lives Matter Op- which is highly financed and is not coming organically from the African American community- and it does not help the black community at all. It just keep getting weirder.

When the Central Bankers decided to put us into the invention room and creatively make it up, you are basically re-inventing the entire governance structure of the entire planet and you are doing it on the fly. And if it’s that fluid at the top and that subject to change and factionalism then the fluidity in the middle and the bottom is going to be out of control. We’re all in the invention room now. But that’s our opportunity too. We all have a say in the field. So we, the general population, can make a huge difference.

So (meanwhile) you’ve got weather warfare (the California “wildfires”), disaster capitalism, the so-called riots, and people have been let out prisons and moved back into communities – that’s your Phoenix Program army depending on when you want to turn them on. If I’m right about the opportunity zones and the riots, look at the Solari Report and look at the Covid 19 tracker. And we did a breakdown of cases and deaths by cities and riots by cities where the Federal Reserve has banks. And 34 of the 37 cities with riots have Federal Reserve banks. So if you’re putting in the Smart Grid, the logical place to put them in initially are the cities with Federal Reserve banks. So if you are going to re-engineer the financial system, you’ve got to re-engineer the Internet of Things.

They have to build the Smart City grid into every neighborhood, every home, and, if you look at what they want to do, every body. That’s why Bill Gates started out saying they were going to vaccinate 7 billion people and now he’s kind of back pedaling.

I’m assuming Gates is not his own man, that he’s on a leash. My question is: How much of the Gates money is roaring out of the US government versus coming from his Microsoft winnings? I don’t know. At this point, if you look at Microsoft winning the Jedi contract (with DoD), that whole Gates operation is such an intimate part of the Deep State that I just don’t think he’s his own man. He works for the Syndicate and he does what he’s told.

I’m assuming they’ve basically had him market the ‘Mark of the Beast’ thing as a high tech fashionable thing. That’s what it looked like.

We now have a triple indemnification on these injections (the so-called “vaccines”- they aren’t medicine.). It’s so over the top. Now we are paying you (corporations) to develop a vaccination and we are protecting you from any liability. (So now) You’ve got car companies making vaccines, because, why wouldn’t you want to?

(On Donald Trump and Covid-19)

The man has incredible physical and intellectual energy. (But) I’m not going to give him a pass on Covid-19. He basically bankrupted hundreds and hundreds of thousands of legitimate businesses and is allowing the private equity guys to make a fortune taking over that market share. It’s pretty simple. Over here you got Main Street. You shut them down and you say they are not essential. Then you give zero percent cost of capital to these big guys who go in and take all the market. It’s the ultimate in economic warfare. He just destroyed Main Street. That was him.

People say oh no, it was the state governors. No, it was not the state governors. If he had told the truth about all this it would have shut it down right away, number 1. But Number 2. If the CDC has the power to stop evictions nationwide they have the power to stop these shut downs. There was no scientific basis for them.

Trump has to take responsibility fr not stopping the riots. He has to take responsibility for shutting down and destroying Main Street. He just bankrupted millions of legitimate people who supported him.

It’s a BS game. We are talking about power. If you have the power to do something and you don’t do it… I know what his excuses are… I had to do it because the people are stupid and mind controlled and I had to give them the vaccine. If you are the President you have to lead. So basically he has destroyed a very significant part of the economy, destroyed businesses, destroyed lives.

If you are going to engineer a civil war, you have to play this right-game game. Here’s the thing… Trump did FASAB 56 (Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board). Secret money for secret armies in infinite amount. What that does, it says we can take the treasury and do whatever we want, and we can do it secretly. We can issue trillions of bonds off balance sheets, and put it into our private pockets, and it’s all OK. The Trump did that the week of the Cavanaugh hearings, along with Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell, the whole leadership of Congress and the White House. They were united and they did it together.

We have a link on “missing money” on my website that explains all this. They can now do everything they want in secret. I would say it’s Unconstitutional. And in a lawsuit, they could lose. So the goal of the civil war is to make sure that doesn’t happen.

In one terse phrase….. Trump has to do what the CIA says because the CIA has 6 ways from Sunday to get you”. Sen. Chuck Schumer explained to the country that the CIA, not the President, runs the country.

strong>Trump did FASB 56 (Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board (FASAB); which is secret monies for secret armies in infinite amounts. I would say this is unconstitutional. Now they do whatever they want in secret.

But the goal of the civil war is to pull the mechanism of the American Republic apart. Both sides (Democrat and Republican) are colluding on the creation of the civil war.

Since the Kennedy Assassination, the CIA runs the country not the President. The CIA also has incredible reach over the media. We put the CIA in charge of the biggest pot of secret money on the planet, then we gave them the ability to do covert operations and to kill with impunity. What do you think is going to happen?

JFK dead, then Bobby Kennedy dead, Martin Luther King dead, Malcolm X dead… Boom, boom, boom… You can look at the long line of assassinations. We have a governance structure, it’s not a democracy, it’s being run and controlled by a huge covert infrastructure.

The rumors were that Gates’ success at Microsoft was that the NSA had a back door into everything- that’s everyone’s computer.

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