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Bobbi Peitsch (Canadian TI): Statement Regarding Cyber Torture, Directed Energy Weapons, Non-Consensual Human Experimentation, Human Trafficking (Oct. 24, 2020)

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By Bobbie Peitsch: Regarding Cyber Torture, Human Trafficking, Non-consensual Human Experimentation

2nd time reporting (Oct. 24, 2020)

I noted above on your website (urgent matters)

I am contacting you regarding: Cyber Torture, Cyber Hacking, Transmitting of my sisters, mothers and my data including medical data through international networks and Crimes Against Humanity. Perpetrated by: (I have facts, dates, times, digital evidence, witnesses etc). I also publicly POST evidence.

This is a crime involving:

BioMedical Engineering, Non consenting implants (GuardRFID, Xerox, Dupont, Nano and others I have the Mac Addresses, Xrays and terrible MRIs as the hospital did not release all- St. Boniface general Hospital is directly involved in this as well) that are called and used as a dial up monitoring system to mutilate, torture and cause damage to our persons using B-Scada system and other scada systems. I have also recorded Block Chain exchanges involving the BScada system on my network after an assault to my person. Devices included but not limited to: a remote heart monitoring device (I contacted the company and recorded it after multiple assaults), GmbH and Manitoba Hydro and others.

We have located surgical sites on our bodies that should not exist. I have traced my Doctors office to the BScada system and relays to AS112, which is project 112 involving military contractors which I clearly believe have retained local individuals of whom I have traced to stalk, assault and trafficking our biomedical intellectual property. I have recorded two patents recently taken out in Germany based on my environment when there are only TWO MAC addresses in the entire world of this, I have nor has my family ever been to Germany nor do we knnow any person from Germany, but Buhler has infact been in our network.

I am aware I/We are under surveillance and have been deemed as a “international Criminal” when I have never traveled internationally nor do I know any individual personally that has travelled internationally. I am also aware Bristol Aerospace is involved, and clearly other contractors housed under project as112, which feed Linode who sell data and collect it also for USA government Healthmill. I am assuming I have been under survallience since age 11, due to non consenting devices placed into our bodies.

I am also aware if I can probe my network and the routing, RCMP have probed the routing on my network, including obtaining evidence of non consenting transmits through Bell Media and Shaw, demonstrating intercontinental bio medical detailed information that is sent without consent.

I have resided at three addresses in just over a year, tried to report these crimes, they were not investigated, including break ins into our (sisters) and my vehicles. We were met with mockery, and Autopak failing to investigate electromagnetic radiation levels that are deemed as illegal and beyond human health. These I believe have been done with tracking devices, transmitters and radiation emitting devices.

I believe life insurance policies have been taken out on our persons without consent and benefactors are perpetrating this CYBER crime.However, the Life Insurance Ombudsman of Canada informs it is forbidden to review who has taken out life insurance on you until after you are dead for three months, this supports Organized crime if one cannot review their own life insurance Policies taken out on them.

I have digital data on the routing that my employer did participate in this data exchange with unknown entities, that I was able to trace through their ASN addresses.

We have been drugged, raped, implanted, hacked and suffered Radio Frequency assaulted hourly for three years (Infra (Tetra), Ultra and other. I have tracked data that appears to have been collected on our family for over 30 years digitally. All leading back to very specific individual corporations, IISD, City of Winnipeg, insurance companies and employers. Including government of Canada Neuro BioEngineering: [email protected]

If this is Legal, I would like a statement from your offices confirming BioMedical and Cyber Torture is legal in Canada, since DoD departments are permitted to work under and agreements from 1963, which does NOT define restrictions or compliance regarding the Statute of Rome, which Canada Ratified. This indicates MkUltra is still in operation.

I would also like a statement from your offices if you have any intentions of investigating Crimes Against Humanity involving BioMedical Human Trafficking on Higher Education Networks, including but not Limited to: Canarie, Dameon Defense Systems,, Merlin and others. Bell Media (router hacking and Beacon Hijacking over 2600 beacons have been now detected in the home I am residing in and dozens of Wifi networks have been redirected to the home to assault), Stalking, Digital stalking, mutilation (drugged, rapes and operated on without consent).

Canada had laws under Organized Crime Against Directed Energy Weapons on Feb 26, 2020, once I found it they deleted those laws from the web view and froze out the archive, does this mean that those laws still apply since these assaults have gone on for decades, I believe section 82.2 pre Feb 26, 2020 still remains in effect.I have data that indicates this is done on WCDMA networks in specific bands with IMSI Catchers.

None of us consented to BioMedical research on the heart, genetics or blood research. There are less than 3 million in the world alive with our haplogroup and only a few thousand remaining in our clade. While I am sure it is fascinating to study human beings with 4 back mutations, I assure you this was without informed consent, and is physical terrorism and HUMAN TRAFFICKING.

Our mtDNA group is HV0 t195c!

including being AB-, B- and a hybred.

Our Origins are the NEAR EAST, NOT EUROPE, We also have Bio Markers of Cherokee.

In closing,

Our ASN is deemed as residential, corporations are rerouting our data on it, clearly registered as businesses involved in a Foundation-Donation-Reseach and Development money making scheme, without consent and earning off of PATENTS and Blockchain.

Please see:

A reply in a reasonable time frame is required as the assaults within the frequencies, due to Bio Medical Human Trafficking are causing and have caused brain damage, and tissue destruction.

Data is FACT, and Meta Data is forever.

I have filed once with International Criminal Court and I will file again adding to the existing file and will continue to file internationally should I not have a response from your offices.

Human Trafficking in EVERY FORM, Human Experimentation is against international, moral and ethical laws. If this is a NEW Canadaian Law to torture and mutilate citizens with military contractors (because canada has no laws preventing or reporting non state torture), I would request execution by beheadding in a public square, that is more humane.

I will continue to circulate this email NATIONALLY and INTERNATIONALLY to other leaders who are NOT directly involved in this crime.


Bobbi Peitsch

Phone: 431-373-5712

Twitter (posting evidence and noting leaders have been tagged):

Additional Evidence YouTube:

36 Elm Street Pine Falls my cousins home which is now going through direct energy weapon assaults, see attached.

———— ———— ———— ———— ———— ———— ———— ———— ————

First reporting on May the 25th, 2020 (digitally below):


I am reporting hacking which has also directly resulted in breakins to my home where illegal senors and camera systems linked to a net based group who stalks in real life by my home around the clock using IMTE on band 7, AWS1, PCS (Camera system on band 2), UTMS, a Jammer, and direct energy weapons which is torture and mutilation which has caused injury, using electromagnetic radiation. These individuals have also broken into our vehicles and caused the output or electromagnetic radiation in burst pulses which are defined as deadly by all leading experts in the field of microwave radiation.

I have noted that the RCMP are to investigate Crimes Against Humanity. I have not had success in trying to report this locally or at the RCMP level. I have had to file international complaints for resolve as these crimes are officially recognized as Cyber Torture no Touch Torture/Cybernetics by the United Nations, due to the fact the RCMP and Winnipeg Police have been dismissive. I would like to know when torture, mutilation and terror of citizens using aggression have become legal under the Statute of Rome in Canada.

I am also reporting illegal RFID in my legs and body, placed by nefarious persons.

I am requesting an official response from your offices as to where to have this investigated locally by police officers who understand hacking, stalking, harassment and direct energy weapons which are covered under Organized Crime in the criminal code of Canada via section 82.

Given the gravity that hacking has occurred from the MB legislature (I have saved all data inside of the Microsoft account as to where these attempted hacks have come from). I believe this should have a form of serious investigation.

I require a TSCM scan of my home and vehicle, as these weapons systems have been recorded and the IP addresses and several IP addresses of specific locations they have been traced to. I have been recording everything with software applications which is fact based, not in mythology.

I have also recorded these hacker terrorists blocking me trying to download factual applications that record who, what, where and when.

Do the RCMP believe that torture, mutilation and weapons of mass destruction can in fact be used on Citizens, I require that response in writing as well.

Have I suffered a loss? Yes I have, I have been continually assaulted with direct energy weapons around the clock by stalking vehicles, using web based addresses. All of these individuals, hacking locations tie to specific entities.

Do I have witnesses? Yes, my partner, my sister, mother, cousin, camera footage, application recordings, and support from the international community that these crimes are indeed happening (Nils Melzner) all over the world.

If this is outside of the scope of the RCMP at all levels, please provide this in writing so that I may submit this directly to the Sr. investigator at the UN and at International Criminal Court, as Canada is a signatory to the statue of Rome.

Torture, mutilation and MURDER with microwave weapons by Organized Crime, military contractors, mercenaries, gangs and even officials is against the law.

Thank you for your assistance in Advance,

A Member of the Statute of Rome,

Bobbi Peitsch

263 Johnson Avenue East, Winnipeg Manitoba, R2K 0L6

Phone: 431-373-5712

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