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Gang Stalking IS “Unconventional Warfare:” Elements of Citizen Torture: Dr. Eric Karlstrom on WWB (1/21/17)

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During this World Beyond Belief interview with host, Dr. Paul Marko (posted January 21, 2017), Dr. Eric Karlstrom explores the various aspects of gang-stalking, citizen surveillance, PsyOps, and electronic warfare and explains the who, why, and hows of covert citizen torture and murder programs orchestrated by the various government agencies, INCLUDING ALL BRANCHES OF THE US MILITARY! Did you know that the entire world has now been designated as the “battlespace” in this new conflict where the minions of the super rich harass and destroy ordinary citizens whom they have designated as “insurgents” and “adversaries?” Did you know that in this new 4th Generation Warfare (4GW), YOU are the enemy and your foe, the “National Security Establishment” is armed with unlimited power and influence and incredibly scary technology (including PsyOp and EW (electronic warfare)) that is evil beyond your wildest imagination? How do we fight this reality that now threatens the very existence of mankind?… Attack their “legitimacy!” Expose their “illegitimacy!” For by secretly murdering innocent citizens on a vast scale, they have violated their mandate to protect and defend the citizens of the United States and the U.S. Constitution. They have now completely lost whatever legitimacy they might once have had. This is the video EVERYONE MUST SEE!!!

In this interview, Karlstrom discusses information that is included in the following new posts on this website (as well as his website):

1) Beastiary of Terms in the New War (Against Civilians); Its Weapons Systems and Perpetraitors

2) Organized gang stalking/electronic harassment IS a “global Phoenix Program.”

3) Laws, Military-Intelligence Papers, and media reports re: the New War (on Civilians)

4) Radio Frequency, Active Denial & Psych Weapons, By Ted Twietmeyer

5) “Gang stalking”/Electronic Torture as Asymmetric Warfare Against Political Dissenters (M. Thomas)


ETK Comment: Yesterday, in scanning the comments to this interview, I noticed a very, very sophisticated comment in which someone tried to explain how “command and control” operators actually communicate with “perps” (stalkers) “in the field.” Unfortunately, this comment has apparently already been removed, so I can’t reproduce it here! It seems the trolls are apparently watching and editing all these communication outlets? Nonetheless, I reproduce some of the comments that seem particularly interesting below- and other comments can be seen on the youtube video itself.

1) G D1 week ago (edited)
TIPS for Targeted Individuals(aka TIs):

This is a Government Intelligence Agency and Military PsyOp(Psychological Operation), with the sole purpose of running the TI’s life into the ground; and if possible, to drive the TI to commit suicide.

You have been targeted for deletion… Pay attention! Your life, mind, body, and soul depend on it!

They want to keep you locked into a lower vibrational field of ‘FEAR’. You MUST stay positive and practice ‘LOVE’, and acceptance, in order to get thru this… RISE or FALL.

Do NOT bother reporting to Law Enforcement, they are DEFINITELY involved!

They WILL harass you at work, at home, thru friends, family, neighbors, and whoever they can recruit. They have ‘recruits’ linked into this Matrix at all times, everywhere! Some that show up, know nothing about you. Some know everything about you. The higher up in the food-chain they are, the more they seem to know. Low level perps only know what orders are ‘texted’ to them. Usually, just follow and stalk and/or laugh at you for no reason. They use their cell phones to communicate between each other, and set up attacks. Sometimes, they are simply there to ID you and collect a small payment for their ‘bounty’ services; Usually done thru their cell phone as well.

YOUR CELL PHONE IS THEIR MAIN TRACKING AND LISTENING DEVICE! They will bug your house, car, work, friends, and family to spy on you 24/7. They will use your words against you every chance they get. i.e. If you ‘privately’ cuss your boss out in your vehicle on the way to work, they’ll pass that ‘bugged’ conversation to him by the end of the week; And that will be your last Friday.. Understand?
They can listen to your voice through the glass in your residence. They can listen through the ground port of your electrical
plugs. They have technology and capabilities beyond your imagination.

If going somewhere, try to WRITE down plans on dry-erase boards in your home, then tell your partner that you’re going somewhere else.. Lead them on wild goose chases. WRITE your plans down. Don’t announce everything you’re doing in your home, car or around your cell phone. They listen to your plans and will intercept you. That’s how they set up ‘street theater’ before you get there.
Make them guess EVERYTHING you’re doing.. You’ll see that you end up being able to get in and out of stores before they have a chance to intercept you.

YOUR ROUTINE IS YOUR WORSE ENEMY! BE & STAY UNPREDICTABLE! Change up EVERYTHING about your routine whenever possible. Your routine will be used against you in your attack protocol…

Have CLOSE friends and family with you whenever possible in public. This makes it more difficult for them to pull off dangerous or otherwise highly insulting ops without a witness. Your ISOLATION is another MAIN WEAPON they use against you!

FILM as much as possible! That’s their biggest enemy! Get cameras for your car. Spy glasses are great for face to face interactions. Document and save everything. GYM rats.. You WILL experience a LOT of this harassment at the gym, due to ‘first responders’ being the main players, and they almost ALL work out. So BE PREPARED if you go to the gym!

Social media is their favorite platform for harassment and subconscious mind manipulation. They control EVERY aspect of your Social Media experience.. They will inject ‘triggers’ into your profiles, and befriend you with fake profiles. They can also takeover your friends accounts and pose as them to harass you. They can control your friends, likes, Views, and any other ‘counters’ in order to deligitmize, demoralize, and oppress you. They will block any and all progress you are trying to make in life. They control your name results on Google as well. Your profiles feed thru SKYNET and the NSA. IF you are in the program, all of your Social Media feeds are examined in REAL TIME.. Don’t fall for the Social Media TRAP!

Do NOT get discouraged, you are NOT the failure they are making you out to be. THEY ARE setting up roadblocks for you everywhere and with everything that you do. At work, they are communicating with your boss FOR SURE; They can control you there. If you’re REALLY passionate about something, they will do everything to deny you your passion. Love music? Want to be a DJ and play your music? You’ll NEVER get booked.. They’ll make sure of that. THEY are the SICK ones!
They WILL sabotage your vehicle IF they believe it will cost you money! If you’re a mechanic, that’s one up for you.

It’s better to ignore your ‘perps’ completely if you can’t handle confronting them.. ‘Poker Face’ them. ‘The problem’ will go away quicker if they think that they can NOT push your buttons(triggers)… As long as ‘the trigger’ sets you off, it will continue to be part of your harassment protocol.. Be cool and NON-confrontational. Smile at them. NO FEAR vibrations! Positive energy only!

Maintain a higher state of consciousness.. Do NOT fall into their low-vibrational energy field! IF YOU CAN, confront them with positive greetings and meaningful chit-chat; you will find this throws them off guard. This is great for letting them know that you are aware of them and they have NO effect on you.

BE CAREFUL not to develop ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ with any perps. This will aid them in continuing your oppression and/or destruction. If you ID a perp in your ‘inner circle’ FOR SURE, GET THEM OUT OF YOUR LIFE IMMEDIATELY! No matter who they are…

BE CAREFUL NOT to slip down the ‘rabbit hole’ TOO FAR’… It’s possible to mistake ‘normal’ citizens as perps. It can get so overwhelming, that you begin to THINK EVERYONE is a perp.. THIS WILL make you seem CRAZY! It can take months or years to recoup after they stop. You have to learn to ignore as many of them as possible, and they will begin to disappear. They FEED on your reactions!

If you haven’t already, PLEASE educate yourself with the following links; Knowledge is power!

Gangstalking (aka Security-Services Stalking, COINTELPRO Torture/Terror/Murder, Hybrid Warfare), Mind Control, & Cults

COINTELPRO News (2016 – 2018) (Provides training for Targeting – 2nd column, 6th from the top)

Great YouTube videos explaining ‘The Program’

A very MINOR version of the stalking caught on film.. It can get much worst.

I hope this helps.. Be safe and STAY STRONG!

2) Andre Romero2 hours ago

Excellent list there. Obviously a long time target. Seems the longer you live the more you understand. I believe in Christ as well and think those who open their hearts to him survive this. I have had a few serious attempts made on me and I know for a fact God protected me. Satan doesn’t want to kill you if your going to go to heaven, he wants you to lash out in serious sin like murder or self murder to send you to hell. This is absolutely spiritual warfare. We are at war for our souls. Jesus said keep the faith till the very end and you will enter the kingdom of heaven. Nit an exact quote but you know what I’m saying. Hang in there brothers and sister. Keep the faith at all cost.

3) FYI: My neighbor – a retired Raytheon employee has set up multiple Commercial Surveillance Devices with Sonic Pest Control capabilities around our neighborhood. This is what my neighbors and he are using to attack people within our community. They target cats, dogs, birds, squirrels, babies, children, adults – NONE are what was mentioned for targeting – just REGULAR People.

Gangstalking and Harassment are what they usually start with for that Surveillance and Tracking with the DHS Joint Task Forces under that so called RMT Realistic Military Training on the Civilian Population. At some point, some of us started getting attacked with some kind of electrocution weapon and what amounts to biological warfare as well. I challenge the Legality of RMT on Innocent Unsuspecting Citizens. This encompasses far more people than understood. Evidence is on hard drives of all parties involved.

Final Remark: Who does one appeal to when a Joint Task Force of our own Nation’s Security Defense Forces under RMT Attack Citizens of the United States enmass and Endanger the Nation’s Security/Defenses or plain out Destroys Our Country by their Illegal Actions/Crimes? What they’ve done is ATTACK the USA. It’s called TREASON by Home Grown Terrorists when done by any other entity

4) dave giroux1 week ago (edited)

been dealing with it for 60 years…born into it…good vid

5) Simon Humphries 1 week ago

I’ve read it (new world war), it’s too good in my opinion, I believe Mark also authored another work entitled “Psychiatry kills” under the pen name Samuel Antoine Moser who @ the time it was written was a confessed Jehovah Witness. I have been gangstalked for 23 yrs now they can make the bones in your feet go crazy it is so bad now that I am getting angina (heart inflammation) as a secondary effect. My father just died and they are now breaking all my best possessions. When I refer to “they” I am more or less referring to the J-Hoover witnesses. Yes the book will tell you EVERYTHING you need to know, but so did the Protocols, very good info but bought with a price of possibly funding your own murderers.

6) G D1 week ago

Gentlemen, thank you for ALL of this info! Very informative, and probably the best video surrounding this program so far..
Great stuff here, thank you! God Bless!

7) LAR-OSA1 week ago (edited)

I’m happy to see people from your generations and from your scholar background reaching this topic. Because beside the social governmental and institutional practices which is citizen stalking. I’ve more and more the certainty that categories of humans are unconsciently taught, to behavioring in a certain new way, through media, televisions, movies. For exemple: taken some kind of attitudes the one agains the other that triggers cognitive dessonance. It may, at first glance, seems to be nothing or small things but the repetition and permanently establishes anxiety and more other destructives complex feelings. It triggers in the whole category of the chosen targets complex range of desorders such negativisme, devaluation, loss of self-esteem and above all guilt and shame to not be able to managed what as been portrayed even to the target it selfs as the norm. Whereas it has never been in the past. Although I do not live in the USA and have no social-political activities. I undergo such attacks constantly and I am more and more affected. I think that for a large part this is social engineering which is used to divide evrybody to better control the civilians masses but also to depopulate the babybomer and the following generations like mine. They do not want too many smart experiented old apes healthy with experiences that could advise and convince the younger ones. The youngest of the middle classes and of the working classes whose brains are in all possible ways attacked through so-called “recreational” drugs and unhealthy social activities and images controlling their mentalities. The worse for someone like me is that when I was at school the strip me of my faith and turn me into an atheist so I don’t have religion and I’m a eas!ier target for them. I was raised catholic but can’t go back to that religion, so my struggle goes on, but I believe in god and it helps. Thank you to you brothers.

8) lambdamage932 1 week ago

gang stalking is spiritual warfare. The stalkers are demon possessed.

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