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“Cyber-Security:” Power Grid Going Down? The Reason Will Be A Lie Likely Blaming Iran – David Icke (Nov. 27, 2020)

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Power Grid Going Down? The Reason Will Be A Lie Likely Blaming Iran – David Icke (Nov. 27, 2020)

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an hour ago
I get paid more than $120 to $130 per hour for working online. I heard about this job 3 months ago and after joining this i have earned easily $15k from this without having online working skills. This is what I do…

2 hours ago
57:00 Peoples wear a mask or do social distancing or whatever else , in first times because they were realy afraid of a real pandemia as Hollywood movies put in their brains in the years before . Then , once the movement was started over fear , peoples complied for one only reason : the fear of fines ! The day one of ours will defy , game is over . ( And since all media are in the same hands , usual loud mouths do not succeed to go through the censure .) Go to Rebel MEDIA ( CANADA ) and check the videos about ADAMSON BARBECUE , a man who stood up against the police , supported by all his community .

4 hours ago
“intel inside” could be a duel meaning…. “intel agenciies inside” and “intelligence found inside, not the boobtube”

6 hours ago
They won’t do this until money is all digital I think. Because it talks in revelations that you can’t spend gold etc

6 hours ago says Gog is the one. They blame Russia

10 hours ago
Joe Biden little girl Ashley is turning out these days for adolescents. His energy to present a website which is beneficial for youths like jobs, online earning, latest technology and so forth She acquainted his site beta rendition with survey it. open this connection and go to remark segment and compose an audit about it……

14 hours ago
evil Jews (not good Jews) have two system :
1 . globalist Jews mostly inside democratic party and Europe , they want world dominance by using UN and help of CCP , they are mostly democrat and controlling media , colleges , big techs , wall street , banks ,…
people like Soros , Rothschild , Bloomberg , …
2 . evil state of Israel , that have a very important role in heart of middle east center of world and birth place of Abrahamic religions , they want their state to expand and for that they create war and chaos , and using evangelicals against Muslims. they doing lots of mess not in shadow (like what globalist Jewish democrats do)
for example Syria war have benefits for both of them , so they destroyed Syria , but Iran nuclear deal is mostly for democrat Jews (like Kerry) so Israel hate it

I am not against Jews , there are good faithful orthodox Jews that hate satanic democrats and evil illegitimate state of Israel , and i think they mostly voting republicans

14 hours ago
a foxnews video about Bloomberg globalist satanic plans:
it’s interesting that fox reporting that cause Mordoch is jew

15 hours ago
Just watched about the grid going down and how its all about the worldwide fascist dictatorship…seems to me every fascist dictatorship ever has had a single guy at the top of the heap…so, who is he? I cannot see it being a group of people with a common line of thinking since there are so many groups in on it, all with their own ideas of how things should be…it seems we are just nibbling around the periphery of a big problem…there has got to be some charismatic guy with the plan who is calling the shots from behind the curtain…Who is he?

17 hours ago
I love how the Ickes crack up laughing instantly when they read the fake narative,lolol,it reminds me of the sceen in Milagro Beanfield war when the bad cop tries to desguise his identity by banging up his shinny cop car in the desert on his way into town, but when he rolls into town everybody right away looks up an sais, PIG”, lolol…You can catch covid from falling off a ladder, lololol, i get the seriousness though…

18 hours ago
If Trump is out, this might be the way they go. If Trump is in, my bet would be on an EMP blamed on North Korea but probably done using a covert method.

With Biden/Whoever in the White House, they can be more incremental in the destruction of the US Economy + American resistance to the Great Reset. They’ll have the full power of the US Gov moving things along. If Trump is back in, they’ll have to choose other means, because they aren’t likely to wait 4 years now that the Great Reset has been launched. The didn’t hold off on unleashing a bioweapon that directly + indirectly killed millions around the world.

Have you notice the multiple news stories over the past couple of weeks about NK’s ICBM Capability? About NK likely to Test the Biden Administration with its Missile Test? — And while these reports were coming out — the US Military displays it can knock an ICBM out of the skies even very high up?

If you see news of NK loading an ICBM on the launchpad for a Test or to launch a satellite — pay attention + worry a little. If Gates, Kissinger, Buffet, Turner, Oprah, + other Billionaire De-Population Advocates are — outside of North America at the time — run for the shelters….

Estimates have said up to 90% of the US Population would die in the chaos caused by an EMP high enough overhead to blanket most of the nation, but it wouldn’t leave decades of radiation or topple buildings or require lots of warheads + missiles.

More importantly — by claiming it came from NK — they could DRASTICALLY limit the potential for US Retaliation by our forces still functioning or overseas or at sea.

Losing the US Economy + US Armed Forces as a coherent force projection tool would devastate the world. — But the US launching Nukes or other superweapons against China or Russia would make it exponentially worse. NK is a good, isolated, weak target to blame.


Ok. Don’t use machines of any sort to vote and Paper only! Listen to Tulsi Gabbard.

20 hours ago
The U.S. military is Great Britain’s bitch.

20 hours ago
The military also steals inventions.

21 hours ago
No closed circuit no safety at all. Even closed circuit faces physical attacks. They are even recoding hardware.

21 hours ago
Ec council is active. ? International hackers beware ?

21 hours ago
Iran to blame huh? ? I think not Iran has one serious enemy I’ll leave unnamed.

21 hours ago
Spot on.

a day ago
Goal Fired Power Plaints stop being built was start to the blackouts. NU Plaints waste will grow and be around 1,000s of years – no walking back this United Nations agenda.

a day ago
This site is fantastic! Just discovered it, registered straight away

a day ago
If the grid goes down then all the testing will stop.

a day ago
David what is happening? Where is Alex and the rest?

a day ago
I’d buzz off having a pint with Dave and Gaz… I’d like to get them proper pissed up, I bet they’d get all rowdy and start kicking off….. At what point DO people just start kicking off?

a day ago
The left in Europe is different than the left in the U.S is what I’ve heard is this right? I’ve been told the left there is conservative like the right in America true or not?

a day ago
The election steal was blatant for a reason.
America is being maneuvered into a destabilization campaign by the Globalists and the Chinese.

a day ago
Well, both Chinese and Islamofascist players have been caught testing and trying to take down portions of the grid in previous years. So…sounds like a pretty good educated guess. A simple fix would be to supplement the existing energy grid with alternative energy relays in clusters locally as well as solar on individual homes.

a day ago
Solution to all this……We patriots need to start rounding these criminals up and locking them away.

a day ago
Hello from Sweden !! Here in Sweden we give or old people who caught the corona virus death cocktails containing Morphine and Benzodiazepam etc ..It works like a charm we killed off over 2000 elderly people in nursing homes and therefore saved 306 million on elder care etc and that result is made in a few months ..Think what we can do when we got years of this shit still in the future…WOW Sweden is fantastic..Urghhh..hmm we don’t have lockdowns…YET…take care people

a day ago
Trump is now fully committed, he knows he has no other choice but to go hardcore in order to stop the sick agenda of the Globalists.
I trust the information coming from Mike Adams.
There will need to be military responses to the insurrection that is now underway in America.
Trump has given blatant signs that he has taken action already.
He fired Mark Esper and replaced him with Chris Miller, he has pardoned General Flynn, and he is fighting against the election steal.
Things will become very surreal soon, more surreal than they already are.
David, I know you have issues with Israel outside of the cabal and the collaborators that collude with the cabal coming out of Israel.
We are not interested in the global fascist agenda at all, as a people… we are interested in our sovereign rights over our ancient homeland and that is what we genuinely care for and fight for.
The global cabal can burn in HELL for all we care.
I hope you realize this.
What happened? Did Israeli freedom fighters kill some of your British relatives during our uprisings against the British mandate back in the 40s or something?

a day ago
Here you go David, have a listen.
This is very accurate info.

a day ago
Trump just recently fired Christopher Krebs, director of the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, do you think Trump is not aware of what is going on?
The internet will be taken down for some days in the near future, that is why Russia built their own independent internet network and infrastructure.
They know what will eventually go down, they have their informants and spies working overtime now.
Beta tests have already been run to do this.
The internet kill switch is real.
I doubt that the national power-grids will go down in either the US or in Europe, that is not likely.
What will be taken down is the internet and other forms of communication.
I trust the info coming out of Mike Adams, it is more reliable and logical based on developing events.
Trump has initiated operation Warpspeed, the power-grid in the US is now being secured by the US Military. The threat to the US power-grid is from China and the morons in Antifa that are paid mercenaries of China and the Global cabal.
the cybersecurity threat is also real and will be dealt with during the time the internet gets taken down. THAT IS EXACTLY WHY IT IS GONNA BE TAKEN DOWN.
To deal with the cyber threat.
I recommend you listen to what Mike has to say, David.
All the points you have made about certain Israelis and certain Jews are valid, but once again, I repeat, those people are leftists and they operate against the interests of the Jewish people.
They are more than willing to sell us out and take advantage of us.
We are not stupid, we have our own methods to guard against them.
There are plenty of Jews and Israelis that still support Trump and are fond of him.
Israelis for the most part are traditional and lean right.

a day ago
David, were you aware of this character from Britain?

Trump knows that there are elements of British intel working to depose him.
The Steel dossier……..and this guy……Lord Mark Malloch Brown.

(Lord Mark Malloch Brown – Smartmatic’s chairman is a member of the British House of Lords, Mark Malloch Brown, a former vice-chairman of George Soros’ Investment Funds, a former vice-president at the World Bank)

a day ago
By virtue of my even responding to this video as an Israeli many will just choose to jump to the conclusion that I am working for the IDF cybercommand.
All I can say is that I have been sending Infowars messages and comments for years upon years and those of you that know me, know that I am a genuine and real individual.
My agenda is out in the open and I make no attempts to hide my agenda.
I have been consistent for years.
All I can say as far as the Israeli collusion in cyberwarfare is that Israel is looking out for itself and for our security.
We do have bad actors that are authoritarians and are on powertrips, but our overall concern is the security of our country and our citizens, just as the UK and US have their people looking out for the interests of their states.

a day ago
Icke needs to go to the institute of Love in new york and interview the overlords there

a day ago
The dastardly and reckless acts of the people that have caused us unimaginable suffering and damage do not escape us, David.
You call them the Sabateans and the Frankists…granted it is what it is.
It is just one permutation that these people have re-incarnated into this world as.
These people have been our worst enemies throughout history.
The story goes much much further back into history.
We are dealing with the souls of the mixed multitudes that came out of Egypt.
They are prone to causing strife and they are big time trouble makers.
They want to rule the Earth via FORCED USURPATION.
Just like the Hyksos usurpers of Egypt. These people are those same souls.
Just as they wanted to usurp Moses at Mount Sinai when they fashioned the golden calf.
They were a mixed bag of all types…
Amorites, Canaanites, Ishmaelites, thus the term mixed multitudes.
There is a mystical element to who these characters really are.
They re-incarnate into this world from among the Jewish people.
It is a curse. We were cursed with them at Mount Sinai for the failure of the golden calf.
We suffer them and the consequences of their actions, until the arrival of the Messiah.
It is reaching a crescendo now.
They are now distinguishable from your average well meaning Jew.
It is one of the clearest signs of the End Times according to our traditions.
That we would be able to recognize them easily during the End of Days..

a day ago
Powers overrated. It’s best to get an underground tank, a really good one, and fill it with gasoline. And as many jigs and barrels and any other container…take old cars gas tanks would be best…make sure to get the additives that allow the fuel to last for years…and then, you not only have a way to run your generators, but you can sell it as well…for 100 dollars a gallon eventually

a day ago
11/25/2020 Trump purged 11 more “Defense policy advisors” including Kissinger.

a day ago
I said this as soon I heard Trudeau warn about it. It means they themselves are going to intentionally turn the power off.

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