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Organized gang stalking/electronic harassment IS a “global Phoenix Program.”

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ETK Introduction: Some researchers, including Marshall Thomas (“MONARCH: The New Phoenix Program,” 2007) and Douglas Valentine (“The CIA As Organized Crime: How Illegal Operations Corrupt America,” 2017) claim that organized stalking IS a “global Phoenix Program.” Given that fact, it is interesting to note that the common synonyms for gang stalking differ dramatically from those of the Phoenix Program of the Vietnam Era. This, I believe, is the result of deliberate Orwellian manipulation of language (PsyOp/propaganda) by intelligence agencies, etc.

Thus, our understanding of the global organized stalking operation today can be enhanced by noting the definitions/synonyms that have been applied to the Phoenix Program (Valentine, D. 2017, “The CIA as Organized Crime, How Illegal Operations Corrupt America”).

I. The common synonyms for organized gang stalking- are misleading in that they provide only limited information about the program. These include:

1) organized stalking
2) cause stalking
3) community stalking
4) vigilante stalking
5) multi-stalking
6) gas-lighting

More accurate descriptions of the program would be:

1) organized stalking/electronic warfare
2) PsyOp/EW (electronic warfare)
3) the U.S. Military’s unconventional war against domestic targets
4) a modern, global, interagency Phoenix Program

II. Synonyms for the Phoenix Program, a covert CIA-sponsored program that targeted the civilian infra-structure that supported the Viet Cong “insurgency” in the Vietnam War, provide important additional insights as to the true nature of the modern (military) gangstalking/electronic torture operations (from Valentine, 2017):

1) “bounty-hunting program” (Sergeant Ed Murphy), and an attempt to eliminate the opposition”
2) “political warfare”
3) psychological warfare
4) deniable population control
5) death squad operations
6) hunter-killer teams
7) mass political murder
8) political neutralization warfare
9) highly bureaucratic system to dispense anyone or thing that can not be ideologically assimilated
10) death lists
11) targeting the civilian infrastructure of Viet Cong
12) “greatest blackmail scheme ever invented”
13) program to terrify civilian population into submission
14) protection racket
15) extra-judicial system
16) mechanism to extend the (Vietnam) war indefinitely
17) unstated policy- murdering civilians
18) intentional corruption of collaborating officials (including drug trafficking)
19) pacification program
20) quota system for 1800 “neutralizations”/mo.
21) In July 15, 1971, it was reported that 26,843 Vietnamese civilians (non-military Viet Cong insurgents and sympathizers) were “neutralized” in the previous 14 months.
22) National Interrogation Centers (NIC) and Provincial Interrogation Centers (PIC) were torture centers

III. Since the Vietnam War ended in 1975, the U.S. Military has used the Phoenix Program of the Vietnam War as the template for:

1) the death squad operations in Central America (“the Salvador option”) of the 1980’s.
2) the death squad operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and elsewhere in the first two decades of the 21st century.
3) Department of Homeland Security (DHS), from 2001 to present. DHS Fusion Centers are the equivalent the “Intelligence Operations and Coordinating Centers (IOCC)” of the Phoenix Program in Vietnam. The goal of both is to coordinate operations of the many various agencies involved in their targeting of civilian enemies/insurgents/dissidents, etc.
5) Quite possibly, the highly classified Operation Rex, and two recent state-wide drills; Jade Helm 15, and UWEX (Unconventional Warfare Exercise) 16, which were domestic counterinsurgency operations that target civilian “enemies” through coordinating various Special Operations and Civilian Affairs sectors.

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