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Appendix 192: USG Child-Human Trafficking-Slavery Syndicate Exposed: (DHS’) Mayorkas Is A Sex (And TI!) Trafficking Kingpin 4/27/23

Appendix 192: USG Child-Human Trafficking-Slavery Syndicate Exposed: (DHS’) Mayorkas Is A Sex (and TI) Trafficking Kingpin 4/27/23

(DHS Head) Mayorkas Is A Sex Trafficking Kingpin Apr 27, 2023

Webmaster comment:  This is the International Zionist Criminal Syndicate (IZCS) that operates the US government as partner in RICO violations.  Not coincidentally, Alejandro Mayorkas, a Cuban Jew, is also one of several defendants named in Targeted Justice’s 1.3 billion dollar lawsuit on behalf of targeted individuals, who are also human-sex trafficked (See: Targeted Justice’s $1.3 Billion lawsuit on Behalf of TIs (Targeted Individuals) against M. Garland (AG, DOJ), DHS, FBI, C. Wray (FBI Director), A. Mayorkas (Sec. DHS), C. Kable, Jr., (FBI TSC Director), K. Wainstein (DHS Sec. Intelligence and Analysis) w/ Bullet Point Summaries & Preliminary Injunction).

Details of the human-trafficking, nonconsensual experimentation, enslavement and bio-robotization of targeted individuals explained in  Appendix 190: US Army Military Police Veteran and TI Explains The “Technology” Behind Organized Stalking-Electronic Harassment (Amy Holem Interview May 25, 2022) w/ webmaster’s transcription, indicate that a parallel system of government-organized crime syndicalism is responsible for the human trafficking and exploitation of TIs.

Could it get any worse?  Just stay tuned.   I bet it does get worse unless we deport these Jewish-satanist psychopaths that control the US and the world. 

Introduction to John Bowne Report Video:

Behind the scenes of the O’Biden crime Empire, things can’t be as smooth as they appear. What with the World Wars brewing on two fronts. The pressure of the Hunter Biden IRS debacle under the thumb of a Trump appointed US Attorney David Weiss. The crawling foreign policy disaster that is the totalitarian grasping dementia riddled Biden Presidency. A bid for the Presidency when 70% of the Country says no. In fact the departure of domestic policy adviser Obama puppeteer Susan Rice wreaks of a shift in Democratic support of Joe Biden. Who will now lie like he never has before in a bid for the Presidency on his own. A blatant desperate attempt to pardon his family of criminals.

On top of it all. What had been on the backburner is now boiling over. As now even mockingbird media is reporting on the massive sex trafficking and child labor violations now surrounding the Mayorkas Border timebomb.

Since the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, children under the age of 16 have been restricted from working under the conditions that Mayorkas is exponentially creating.

Democrats attempted to blame the Republicans. But the mountain of evidence only resulted in breaking their tiny little minds. As Eric Swalwell embarrassingly attacked the whistleblowers.

And according to UNICEF ”The United States is considered one of the top destination points for victims of child trafficking and exploitation. Cases of human trafficking have been reported in all 50 U.S. States”

How about we take all of that dubious money for reparations and actually put it towards slavery that absolutely exists in the here and now as we live and breath.

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