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Gangstalking-Electronic Torture Of Innocent Civilians = DHS “Kill Contracts:” ex-NSA Whistleblower, Karen Melton Stewart

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February 19, 2024

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February 19, 2024

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December 11, 2018

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December 1, 2018

Remote neural monitoring and organized harassment of activist

Nov 6, 2018

Webmaster Comment: The most important part of the video, in my opinion, begins at t 7:54, when ex-NSA whistleblower and TI, Karen Melton Stewart, ttates:

“I used to work for the National Security Agency, the NSA. Post-9/11 laws are being purposefully misinterpreted to say that since we, the USA, reserve the right to kill terrorists anywhere anytime, that if we lower the criteria to less than probable cause in regard to the Terrorist Watch List, which was done in 2013, then thousands of random people can be put on the TWL (Terrorist Watch List), no questions asked. DHS (Department of Homeland Security) has made a separate, for-profit DHS entity and is selling “kill contracts” on innocent people to buddies in the military-industrial complex to torture and kill to test on humans weapons like gases, poisons, directed energy weapons, nano-particles, secretive medical chips, and even networks of chips that according to the Pentagon comes in torture protocol 1 through 5, at least.

Another protocol being used is to order law enforcement to write off anybody who complains of stalking harassment and being tortured as crazy and they are forbidden to help the person denied constitutional rights. Infragard vigilantes under the auspices of the FBI and the Fusion Centers are paid to stalk and harass the victims so that the harassment mimmicks what one-dimensional psychologists immediately assume is schizophrenia, delusions, paranoia, when it is not. This constant harassment was perfected by the former East German communist secret police, the Stasi, as psychological warfare to destroy dissidents. Since there are millions of dollars to be made using non-consensual human experimentation even to lethality, this program is viciously covered up with an intricate network of paid conspirators.”


Mariann Bakken
3 years ago (edited)

At the time the recordings in the video was done, one of the main things the “stalkers” used to shout after me was “hate you”. The man in the first recording repeating what I only thought of, “Granada, Sandinista” together with “you stupid drone” etc, is who I call my “main stalker”. He was the one most frequently harassing me and is a central person in the stalking operation against me so I really want to know who he is… When I lived on the West side of Oslo (Norway’s largest town) he were harassing me on a daily basis from outside the house I lived in there. He also showed up on different places down town Oslo walking after me harassing me, and showed up at the climbing area on the East side of Oslo where the first recording in the video was done each time I went climbing there alone to which I frequently did in the summer of 2010, except for only one day.

But as I also mentioned in the video, never when I went climbing there with friends. I recorded him harassing me most of the days he were harassing me at that climbing site and he had a hangup on shouting “you’re dead”, “you gonna die”, “I want you dead”, “hate you” and “stupid” after me on both sides of the town. I also recorded him repeatedly using the nick name “iron maiden” on me which they frequently called me together with “macho” which the stalkers also used on me for about a year. And when the stalker in the recording in this video from the climbing area start out saying “love you” it was the first time ever anything like that was said, the intention was to mock, and he of course meant the opposite…

Do also watch activist from New Zealand, Suzie Dawson’s video “Diary of a person of interest”:
And activist in the USA, Elizabeth Mueller’s video:

Deadman’s tv
3 years ago
Try the app ghost hunting tools, it picks up the harassment. They are using a modded CB radio on the 60 Hertz frequency to interfere with the electrical grid app around of you, the broadcast is widespread so they just have to listen in for you. I have a YouTube video showing this, v2k easy to prove to others.

GlobalCash System
1 year ago
People that get involved in gangstalking are so evil. I hope they find God before it’s their time to go.

Anny Chest
13 days ago
She should never have been allowed to take a child out of Africa..
The devil is a sadist bully

3 years ago
35 yrs with me of this voice in the air stalking I have traced it to infraguard private contractors. intellihub says it is nsa and fbi hiring private contractors for this hell on earth crap.

1 year ago
Hello Mariann. Im a victim of harassment to. How do you record these voices. Mine is inside my head.

Eliza Parr
2 years ago
This is artificial intelligence mainly.

3 years ago
Dear Mariann, you are seeing patterns where there are none. The human brain is a muscle, if you flex it you may be fed distorted sounds and sights. Your clips here show this clearly. Remove your subtitles and you should hear that it is mostly perfectly normal things being said, and not to you.

3 years ago
No, you’re just unlucky to have those guys around. and over half of the comments you misinterpreted.
and some people are cruel, and Will call you names. that’s life, and not a conspiracy.
though i guess, absolutely, sometimes it surely could feel like it… as of low standards.

3 years ago
Turn of your Wi-Fi

Tommy Olsen
3 years ago
Mariann u can dowload a free rf scanner to your mobile phone and it is more than good enough

uk awake world
2 years ago
I only know this I’m in UK

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