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Appendix 204: Army War College confessed about TI weapons program in 1995 (Targeted Justice, June 12, 2023) & follow-up online TI discussion

Here’s Targeted Justice email message to TJ members June 12, 2023:

Army War College confessed about TI weapons program

bombshell… From:

The Strategic Studies Institute (SSI)

is the U.S. Army’s institute for strategic and national security research and analysis. It is part of the U.S. Army War College. SSI conducts strategic research and analysis to support the U.S. Army War College curricula, provides direct analysis for Army and Department of Defense leadership, and serves as a bridge to the wider strategic community. It is located Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania.

In 1995, they released a Top Secret report that few people have ever read. It details their plans to eradicate resistance from the general population, using the same weapons known to Targeted Individuals.

At the present, we only have 2 pages, but they are a bombshell.

Here is our source for these 2 pages:

Starting around 2:49:00

Can you help us obtain the entire 11 page report? – please forward to

[email protected]

The document below is discussing a fake UFO program that will be used to scare people into submission. Forming a UFO cult and creating fake abductions. Note the use of Targeted Individual terms – Directed energy weapons, implants, V2K (hearing voices). This was planned back in 1995. The technology was already tested and fully operational.


The two pages state:

Strategic Studies Institute, Jan. 8, 1995, page 3 of 11 pages:

Might be able to get the document via FOIA request…

Webmaster comment:  But wait, who wrote the 1995 document?  This becomes evident below.   I sent the following message to a TI email group the next day (June 13, 2023 at 8:10 am):

Email 1:   From Eric Karlstrom to Max William’s TI email group (8 am 6/13/23):

This post I’m forwarding from Targeted Justice is REALLY HUGE in my opinion…. Please print out and carefully read the two pages of the 1995 Strategic Studies Institute report to the Army War College which is on this message-

And also watch Dr. Steven Greer’s presentation at about 2:49 where he discussed this in a 4-hour 2015 presentation.    What is described by the partial document and Greer’s presentation certainly appears to be “our program” –  No wonder Tis can’t get any legal redress!
This confirms so many of the conclusions that I and others have derived independently!     For example, one conclusion I derived independently is that our stalkers derive from interlocking satanic cults- as wild as that sounds.   Here is confirmation of that all laid out in black and white.  All this relates to government-contrived UFO cults (Scientology, Temple of Set, etc.), MKULTRA, Operation Bluebeam (faked alien invasion), and eradication of “dissidents.”
All best and thanks to TJ for this important information.   (I attach TJs email (above) the two pages of the 1995 document at the bottom for ease of printing).
Email 2: From Dr. Millicent Black to Eric Karlstrom (6/13/2023 9:13 am)
Dr. Karlson,

The document he reads seems to be the one discussed with Greg Syzmansky by Julianne McKinney who wrote about it as, “Homemaker’s Recipe” for a Successful Revolution in Military Affairs By Julianne McKinney January 1995. Ramola D reprinted it.

I voiced my concern many times about the plight of the children based on what Julianne told me many years ago was written as a satire. I noticed that Dr. Greer did not seem to read that one in the video. It reads,
“1. Raise one or two generations of children under the auspices of government-approved satanic cults, such as COL (USA ret.) Michael Aquino’s Temple of Set. Violent sexual, physical and psychological abuse of these children over a period of 15 years will produce generations of dissociative automatons who will comply with instructions in obedient, unquestioning fashion. Their required adherence to cult tenets precludes any consideration of laws governing U.S. society, generally. Cult-programmed “graduates,” among other things, will be expected to participate in contrived UFO abduction scenarios.”
This statement was substantiated in Fiona Barrett’s statement as published by Eric Karlson on his website.
In 2008, the named perpetrator who claims to BE AT THE HELM of the operation against me began announcing in Maury County Tennessee, “We got all the children.” He announced a death cult and being a Satanist, converted during his military career. (1981-20087) He talked about trafficking the children for sex and stated that he would be one to take them out of school during the school day in a trance to be taken to service pedophiles. Since that time, NASA and the Air Force has opened the first global and international STEM/STEAM campus (2016) at mine and this Air Force veteran’s Alma Mater taking over all three schools (k-12) in this small town of about 4,000 people.
He spoke of himself being a trained pilot and using the towns small airport to transport, men for sex, children to be trafficked or drugs into or out of the area? He is also a big property investor, spo,e of me being traded on Wall Street and him owning stock, funeral director and pastor who claims to be a mind control programming expert. His dd-214 confirms that he has advanced SERE training and Morse Code on multi levels. During his two-three weeks of nightly broadcast in what he kept repeating was, SUBLIMINAL MESSAGING, he also announced his plans to use me to market his business and to train men how to mistreat women and girls. He took credit for loading my body with microchips and spoke of tracking women/girls if they got away.
Millicent Black, D.Min, MMFT
Email 3: Kevin Canada to group: June 13, 2023 10:44 am

Yes this confirms a lot about my targeting as well, my Special Forces Cmdr taught at Carlyle, Army War College,

retired a general. Nut case in my opinion, my story is very long, will all be in my book. But much of it tied back to my military
time inservice. I got out as a captain, didn’t drink their Special Forces kool aid so I’m targeted. This just confirms a lot that I
had strong suspicions about anyways. Steven Greer’s video is incredible, tells you what we are up against.
There are strong Satanic ties to this Carlye area anyways. Do some research into Carlyle, reason for the Carlyle Group, etc.
The Bushes, all satanists in my opinion.
Kevin Canada
Email 4: Eric Karlstrom to the group 6/13/23 11:58 am
Thank you for sending along the information…..   The pdf document: that is on everyday seems to be a letter written by Julianne McKinney.
The pages cited by Dr. Steven Greer and Targeted Justice seem to be from a (tongue in cheek) letter written by Julianne McKinney.   This is indeed confusing.    I apologize for spreading disinformation, as I apparently have- in addition, that is, to Dr. Greer and TJ.
Here’s the pdf of Julianne McKinney’s Jan. 8, 1995 letter TO 
Steven Metz, Ph.D.
LTC James Kievit
Strategic Studies Institute
U.S. Army War College
Carlisle Barracks, PA 17013-5050
In other words the letter did not originate from Strategic Studies Institute at all!   Yikes.    I wonder if TJ is aware of this confusion??????!!!!!
Thanks again and I retract my last message which I thought was REALLY HUGE.    Are we being played?
Best wishes,
Email 5: Joanne Carey to Eric Karlstrom 6/13/23 1:15 pm

Thank you for your clarification of source….you ask if we’re being Played.

I think we are by all Players from both Left and Right.
An agenda based on producing trauma and chaos is afoot.  Seems to be a part of the Accelerationism movement shadowing just about every agenda afoot right now.
Apparently we get “borrowed” as proof of misfeasance by all sides of everything in the public arena of concern, including E.T.s.  I have long noted the complaints of the “walk-ins” that they can hear their “alien” controllers 24/7 and that their memories are being “stolen”.
Do believe there is sufficient evidence to believe their programs and what happens to us come from the same drawing board.
Thanks again for Clarifying.
Email 6: Eric Karlstrom to Joanne Carey 6/14/23 6:44 am

Greetings Joanne and others, 

My message to all the group doesn’t go through so I’ll send out my attempt to further clarify to you who responded, Joanne.
Seems we are in crazy, crazy land.   
Let me try to summarize the mysterious 2 pages issue.

As you recall perhaps, what got this strange discussion started was that TJ sent out an email entitled:  Army War College confessed about TI weapons program

In that message, TJ included two pages of 11 pages of a Jan 8, 1995 document supposedly written by Strategic Services Institute.     These two pages- reproduced in the TJ email have the words: “How the Deep State Works: The Most Explosive Expose – HD” written over the top.   Also in the TJ email is a video of a 4 hour 2015 talk by Dr. Steven Greer.   At about 2:49 in the video lecture, Dr. Steven Greer- who has always been a central figure in the Disclosure Project (concerning government knowledge of UFOs, ETs, etc.)- reads these two pages.    The TJ email also asks people to help them identify where the rest of this 1995 document can be found.   

Dr. Millicent Black replied to my email message and provided the URL to the pdf I sent you earlier (ttps://  This is the entire document from which the two pages were taken.   This letter was written by (our own) Julianne McKinney to two members of the Strategic Services Institute.   Although the two pages seem to be attributed as being from Strategic Services Institute by both Dr. Greer and TJ, it is obvious from the above pdf document that the two pages are from this letter written by Julianne McKinney and sent to two individuals at Strategic Services Institute.
So I erred when I passed along the incorrect information provided by TJ and Dr. Greer to the effect that the pages laid out a US Army War College plan written by Strategic Services Institute.     
This amazing story is even more amazing when you read the two pages and the entire document and realize that the plan put forth (by our own Julianne McKinney!?) seems to closely resemble what’s going on in the world today.   And it seems to rather accurately describe the program we suffer under.
The pdf document (Julianne’s letter) is entitled ““Homemaker’s Recipe” for a Successful Revolution in Military Affairs” by Julianne McKinney and she wrote this under the banner of the Association of National Security Alumni AND the Electronic Surveillance Project… then she gives her address and phone number in Silver Spring, Maryland.  
Did Julianne present a serious war plan of action for a Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA) by US military?    This is my question to the group.   Because if she did, then she was never on our side.   This letter (plan) is one of the most evil, disturbing, cruel, megalomaniacal and cynical things I’ve ever read.   Is this the way the Deep State works as was written on top of the mysterious two pages……. So as to make attribution of ideas difficult?  It seems to be the Deep State plan to bring in the Antichrist Kingdom and topple our nation.
Please forward along to the larger group if you like, as I don’t seem to be able to do that.
All best wishes,
Email 6: Dr. Millicent Black to small group, 6/14/23 8:13 am

Dr. Karlson,

My understanding is that Julianne was in a group of whistleblowers who used her to reveal this alarming information then backstabbed her.  The whistleblower protection was supposed to be in effect but it wasn’t.  Someone else may know more, but she was an Army Intelligence Officer. I’m unable to locate the interview that she did with Greg Szymanski that was also on YouTube. It was the only time that I saw a picture of her. In 2005  she was very helpful offering survival information.


Dr. Millicent Black, M.M.F.T
Email 7: Eric Karlstrom to Dr. Millicent Black and now small email group 6/14/23 9:16 am

Here is the interview you refer to with Julianne and Greg Symanski.

Email 8: Joanne Carey to Eric Karlstrom 6/14/23 6:54 pm

Thank you for your excellently detailed reply.

I find it difficult to accept that Julianne was it’s author in original context.  I’ll do some deeper delving into sources and naturally, share what is found.  I do not have that information at present having just read your missive.
As to her being our enemy, when she took retirement from the Army (she was deeply employed both in Intelligence and counter intelligence), and set up one of the original investigative efforts on behalf of the then, little known plight of TIs, using most of her retirement income.  She’s in several YouTube videos and published a number of papers in support of TIs and our then little believed reports for over three decades. (I’ll forward one I have handy on microwave access).  ( You realize, of course, she died in Michigan on April 13TH, this year and is now unable to comment on any of this).
As to Dr. Greer, I’m going to reengage with this video once again to glue context to his entire presentation, with the purpose of stabilizing meaning of the extracted noted two pages into comprehensible
within his videos purpose.
Again, thank you for your clarity and adhesion to keeping to verifiable detail in reporting.  I find that admirable.  Wish more in our enclave would find that trait an inspiration.
Email 9: Eric Karlstrom to Joanne Carey 6/14/23 9:26 pm

Hi Joanne,

I welcome your attention to and research regarding this question…. Because, I just re-read the entire document…. 
And it seems to me that Julianne’s proposal has been accepted in its entirety by the US military- since it so accurately describes what has happened and what is happening it can hardly be considered a scathing critique.   Of course, we still await the Project Bluebeam (faked alien invasion) AND the Zombie apocalypse as precursors to the total military takeover and extermination of dissidents envisioned in the document.    I hope you are right that this is a scathing critique.      Perhaps we should continue our debate on this- given the potential importance of the document.
It seems to me it is entirely possible that an intelligence officer like McKinney might play a variety of roles- advocating for one thing while pursuing something else- all to misdirect….. Spies are spies, it seems.  And deception is their stock and trade.
I don’t know how long you have been on this email list, but her messages were consistently hostile and deflating toward TIs.    I dismissed her as a troll or worse long ago and deleted her emails immediately as being far too toxic.
All best,
Email 10: Joanne Carey to Eric Karlstrom 6/15/23 7:15 am
Good morning, Karl.
I briefly commented last evening to the veracity of Julianne’s letter being satirical.  Knowing her at a social media distance for 20+ years particularly her fondness for Satire, I can assure you it was written as a scathing critique and not a Tsan Tsu designed plan for future war. (Regardless of general perception by military and others).
As to Project Bluebeam and what is apparently a highly imaginative plan to further stress the American (and everyone’s) peoples via feigned Alien Invasion (not to speak of Zombie Apocalypses), I think the American people have been the subject of control factors in psyops and marketing programs since the late 1940’s via remote media and access.  (QANON/TRUMP being the latest attempt to enthrone a morally decrepit future dictatorial despot with highly questionable loyalties into a position of power once again).
Julianne’s activities after her departure from the Army were not dictated by her past Superiors nor by their agenda.  She rightly perceived the danger to everyone’s citizen’s of intrusive brain wave technologies capable of remote interrogation and made the independent decision to oppose same.  Yes, she was a Spy, a Double Agent at one time according to legends surrounding her, but her heart and loyalties were American.  And yes…she could seem on paper and screen like a rabid Troll gone wild, she adopted two homeless alley cats and a raccoon into her home.  There was a gentler side to her that a few of us got to glimpse on occasion.
All her other activities and published writings were in support of the TIs condemning those conducting what we experience.  That there are those Out There taking her satirical writings as a diagram for future war speaks more to a prophetical streak in predictive accuracy. (Rather than a Classified doc available to dictate present and future war tactics at high command levels).
I can understand your reaction to her at first take…she could terrify and put off anyone including Generals.  I initially corresponded and chatted with her treading on egg shells, fearful of even a minute transgression against her unknown at that time moral codes on most subjects.  After a few years she eased up on hardness and became freer in sharing and accepting.
Because of what we experience, Eric,  we are hyper vigilant.  We are always on guard against further intrusive technologies and misinformation.  It is understandable.  There have been times when a neighbor in the past has said “Good Morning” and I have been instantly on alert for the next unexpected next phrase or action. (PTS Syndrome), for no visible or logical reason.  I’m an 81 year old woman who has been targeted since she 54.  I can forgive myself for stressed reactions.  But it is highly unlikely I can ever forgive those who participated in psychological torture
nor traumatization to the point of disability…
I believe we both share that opinion.
Again, thank you for your engaged and well-informed interaction on this subject.
Oh….I’ve known Max for about a decade and am known in the larger TI Community as one of us for 28 years.  I’ve been monitoring the boards for sometime and corresponding with Max for years.  I rarely comment to the larger Community.  I’ve belonged to Derrick’s PACTS (under other banners as well) for more than 20 years.
Hoping you have a good and drama-less day.
Webmaster comment:  Well that settles that.   NOT!    I leave it up to readers to decide the matter.  Meanwhile,  I wish these TI people would address me by my name.  
I record this story because it occurs to me that some, possibly much, of this interchange may be related to what the military calls Computer Network Operations, Cyber Stalking, Cybertorture, and IIA (Interactive Internet Activities.)   I could but I won’t hazard a guess as to which “inputs” into the discussion can be thus classified, but with the anonymity afforded to operatives (cyber warriors/cyberstalkers, JTRIG, 77th Brigade, etc.) who hack into email threads, websites, etc., it is possible that much or most of the above “inputs” can be considered in those terms.   As ever, the challenge is to separate the nuggets of real truth from the barrage of misinformation, disinformation, fake people, fake documents, fake videos, etc.   After all, Cass Sunstein (of the Obama administration) said that the “enemy” (i.e., truth telling American citizens) must be “cognitively infiltrated.”   This operation has exponentially expanded today, I believe, with a great many privately-owned as well as government agencies now involved in this form of cyber-cognitive warfare.  This is simply the modern extension of the CIA’s “poisoning the well” tactic earlier decades.  Continuing….
Email 11: Joanne Carey to Eric Karlstrom, June 16, 2023, 10:13 am
Best have a look at this one for the latest in much related to our concerns.
Thank you.
(This is youtube video entitled:

Monday, June 12, 2023! Dr. Greer’s Groundbreaking National Press Club Event! FREE to Watch!)

Email 12: Eric Karlstrom to Joanne Carey, June 16, 2023; 1:42 pm

Hi Joanne,

Can you please explain to me how this (Dr. Greer, aliens, Disclosure Project, etc.) relates to our concerns….. Yes, it seems we Tis are part of a massive black project….. But how is it related to the UFO issue?
BTW, many Christians, including myself, tend to believe that the so-called aliens are demons.    And many, including myself, believe that the UFO narrative has been a cover story for mind control.   But I keep an open mind.
Thanks,  Eric 
Email 13: Joanne Carey to Eric Karlstrom, June 16, 2023, 1:56 pm
Delighted to do so.
First if all, I do not believe in any alien presence in our traumatization.  I have, however, during the past 28 years, heard reports that several victims of V2k thought they were hearing from “Aliens”.  I believe the same contractor interests choreographing the rest of the imitation “show” abduction scenarios spoken of by Dr. Greer and witnesses are also responsible for a good deal of illegal experimentation in electro-magnetic weapons and Artificial Telepathy on civilians internationally.
They have NO oversight and are therefore accountable presently to no one.
Dr. Greer’s Disclosure Project is starting to put together legal teams internationally to address this huge problem.  They want to bring the Corporations to trial. (One is Ratheon).
We should take a good deal of interest in that.
It is entirely possible some of those to be cited in the law suits will also be proven involved in our torture, disablements and the deaths of many TIS.
Cherry pick here, Eric from the information shared, that which ties into our reports, particularly on V2k.
Thank you for your quick reply and hoping your day is peaceful.


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