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Appendix 40. Pentagon Sprays Respiratory Viruses in Chemtrails Over Civilians to Remove “God Gene” (Fun-Vax)

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Pentagon Meeting on Chemtrail Spraying to Remove “God Gene”

FunVax: Fundamentalist Vaccine
Pentagon Video, Document Reveal Aerial Vaccination Plan to Remove “God Gene” From Iraqi Civilians

“In non-conflict zones, effectiveness [of the fundamentalist vaccine] could be measured by a decrease in the people attending religious activities.”

— Quarterly Report on the Pentagon’s FunVax (Fundamentalist Vaccine), 6/1/07

ETK Introduction: If there is one single thing I have learned in my research and in my life, it is this: Those who try to play God become devils.


The Pentagon may vaccinate large populations in the Middle East with what is being called FunVax – a fundamentalist vaccine. As explained by Pentagon researchers, the FunVax uses an airborne virus to indiscriminately infect populations considered high risk for religious fundamentalism. The virus in this vaccine purportedly has been tested and shown to reduce fundamentalism and religiosity in all who are infected by damaging what is called the “God gene.”

Though this may sound like some bizarre science fiction novel, the four-minute Pentagon video presentation and official FunVax report below show that this vaccine against fundamentalism is actively being tested for implementation. As it has been a few years since this date of this video and report, it is entirely possible this program has already been started.

Four-minute Pentagon video presentation of FunVax dated April 13, 2005:

Pentagon Sprays Chemtrail Viruses on Iraqi Civilians to Remove “God Gene”

Government report on the fundamentalist vaccine: Quarterly FunVax Review, June 1, 2007

There is some possibility that the above video and document are faked. But if they are, it is very intelligent disinformation. Who would spend all of the time and money required to come up with such a sophisticated and coherent story? And why? Knowing how science and the military often work together, a program like this is all too possible. I once attended a lecture by Al Gore’s science advisor in which he said he had been invited to see some of the most secret biological research programs being undertaken by the U.S. military. He said it gave him nightmares for months.
For those who doubt the government would carry out such a campaign, consider a July 12, 2011 New York Times report that the CIA organized a fake vaccine drive to get Osama bin Laden’s family DNA. It appears that health care workers were used knowing or unknowingly on a clandestine mission as part of a deliberate policy of the U.S. government. An article in the Washington Post quotes a senior U.S. official as stating, “The vaccination campaign was part of the hunt for the world’s top terrorist, and nothing else.”

According to the FunVax report above, the fundamentalist vaccine is prepared using “a viral vector that will inhibit/decrease the expression of VMAT2 within a human population. The VMAT2 gene, also referred to as the “God gene,” has received wide coverage in the media. It is the gene which has been shown to have the most relationship to spirituality. Time magazine featured the God gene story on it’s front cover on Oct. 25, 2004. For the fascinating article on VMAT2 in that issue of Time, titled, “Religion: Is God in Our Genes?”, click here.

So the Pentagon has found a way to decrease religious fervor using an airborne vaccine. What are the ethical implications of this? Do we really want to get involved in manipulating people’s genes, especially when those subjected to this are not being informed? Do we really want to decrease spirituality in unknowing citizens through a vaccine? And why isn’t this disturbing news being reported and debated in the major media?

The Pentagon report states that tests have been conducted on six different methods of dispersing the virus: “high altitude release, water supply release, insect transmission, diffusion by a ground level object such as a car, diffusion from a stationary object such as a bottle and infection of food supply such as cattle or produce.” You have to wonder where these tests were conducted and on whom. The minutes of the report also mention discussion of a “proposal for a suicide gene.”
Here’s a quote from the FunVax report’s recommendations section:

Of the 600 variants of Vesicular Stomatitiis Virus tested, VSV287 had the greatest decrease of VMAT2 within mice. However, this may not be the case for human subjects. All 600 strains of VSV should be retested on human subjects in the clinical group.
Once again, we have to ask who these human subjects will be. Will they be informed of what is happening and give their consent? Would anyone in their right mind give consent to have one of their key genes altered? We know in the past that low-ranking soldiers were used for tests like this and recruited with special bonuses, but not told about the real objectives of the test. For a long list of secret government tests in which soldiers, prisoners, and even the general public were unknowingly treated like human guinea pigs, click here (links provided to verify each case).

Of the behavioral indicators which would determine effectiveness of the vaccine mentioned in the report, one states, “In non-conflict zones, effectiveness could be measured by a decrease in the people attending religious activities.” A second indicator mentions “measurable increase in … telephone, email, and other forms of communication that express discontent with religion or God.

The FunVax report concludes that “high atmospheric dispersal or dispersal by ground level moving objects appear to be the most practical. Once initial dispersal is accomplished, infection will be transmitted person to person.” Atmospheric dispersal would likely use what has been referred to as chemtrails. Many have claimed chemtrails are simply paranoid fantasies of conspiracy theorists. This document and other easily verifiable information on chemtrails available at this link prove that jets have been used to spread substances on the unsuspecting general population numerous times.

A final concluding note in the FunVax report states that “complete knockout of VMAT2 in mice as well as monkeys has shown to be lethal.” So the God gene is apparently necessary for life. Yet the Pentagon is planning to use this vital gene to manipulate people’s beliefs. Why isn’t the media investigating this major story? Please help to make up for the sad failure of the media and spread this news to your friends and colleagues far and wide. Together, we can make a difference.
With best wishes for a better world,

Fred Burks for PEERS and

Former language interpreter for Presidents Bush and Clinton

Note: For the claimed origin of the above video and report, click here. For a published scientific study showing that experiments on manipulating VMAT2 (the “God gene”) are ongoing, click here. And for another published scientific article discussing genetic engineering of spirituality, click here. If anyone has more recent, reliable information on the FunVax, please contact us at this link.

What you can do:

• Inform your media and political representatives of this vitally important information on the FunVax or fundamentalist vaccine. To contact those close to you, click here.
• For lots more reliable information and a call to work together for positive change, click here.
• For an inspiring essay on how we can work together to build a brighter future click here.
• For a heart and mind expanding online course, see the free Insight Course.
• Spread this news to your friends and colleagues, and bookmark this article on key news websites using the “Share” icon on this page, so that we can fill the role at which the major media is sadly failing. Together, we can make a difference.


1) The folks in Bagdad aren’t fighting because they are fanatics – they are fighting to defend their homeland. The ass holes at the pentagon are just about as clueless as they come._

N/ A1 month ago

2) Fighting an army and country that are there to install puppets (their new govt) so to continue to rape their country of all its resources._ Gwyne Falo2 years agoFric Said1 year ago

3) The government has been exposing americans to chemicals without their permission for a very long time. LSD, plutonium and the gassing of the New York subway, our government doesn’t hesitate using unknowing americans as guinea pigs._

Gary A. DePietro9 months ago

4) Listen to the video “Is Your TV Telling You What To Do”. Much info about mind control._

5) Why do you have to go to Baghdad to see Chem trails? They saturate the skies of Southern California all the time._

6) titus titus they are spraying all over the world. Join a chemtrail Facebook page.

7) IT IS NOW 2016-This is just sick here in OREGON we have the chemtrials and now ASH WHITE FLYS EVERYWHERE with Lithium Yes, people are just sick, trees are dead,my garden was useless this summer. People are just stupid, they can not even park a car or understand basic instructions._

Luie P4 months ago

Elizabeth Di Francesca. yeap! man are becoming EDE. and stupid. No wonder so many walk with their pants down. You can’t blame e’m ? Just read Agenda UN2030 cinematic35 . We don’t have no heroes! the ones left are zombies dead brain

8) We need to wake up to the fact that Jesus Christ is coming back soon, first as a thief in the night for those waiting for Him, when true believers will meet Him in the air (1 Thessalonians 4:17) and then when He will appear before the whole world as the One who will crush Satan and his system of the Anti-Christ (Revelations 19). There is a conspiracy, but it is not a theory. It was written about more than a 1000 years ago in Psalm 2, so I urge anyone to turn to Jesus Christ, repenting of any sins, receiving His forgiveness and eternal life, so that you are not left behind when the world’s most evil period will take place under this unleashing of the Anti-Christ. God bless you: 1Why do the nations conspirea and the peoples plot in vain? 2The kings of the earth rise up and the rulers band together against the Lord and against his anointed, saying, 3“Let us break their chains and throw off their shackles.” 4The One enthroned in heaven laughs; the Lord scoffs at them. 5He rebukes them in his anger and terrifies them in his wrath, saying, 6“I have installed my king on Zion, my holy mountain.” 7I will proclaim the Lord’s decree: He said to me, “You are my son; today I have become your father. 8Ask me, and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession. 9You will break them with a rod of ironb ; you will dash them to pieces like pottery.” 10Therefore, you kings, be wise; be warned, you rulers of the earth. 11Serve the Lord with fear and celebrate his rule with trembling. 12Kiss his son, or he will be angry and your way will lead to your destruction, for his wrath can flare up in a moment. Blessed are all who take refuge in him.

9) annette spencer2 years ago: PARASITES run this PLANET or MATRIX PRISON..This is more of an ALIEN DEMON’S Agenda . This Is not Human in any-sense … Why are they allowed to do this to everyone? This Is HELL it is just disguised… look at all of them that have taken on HUMAN FORM in all top positions of power. well they had EONS of time in their Underground bases to experiment to get it right tampering with our DNA!!!! all for the take over of Humanity! ah No One gives A shit no more…. Go back to Church and pay your overlord your 10% this is what gave them power over you. well money too! same blood-line runs the show. Hy-Bird Humans have been here for a very long time now.. now they want your SOUL!!!_

10) annette spencer. You are right! what you think about our world and aliens it’s a lie! There has always existed two creations . The seed of the snake and the seed of the woman! They will convince you that they are the chosen ones and the others aren’t! You might ridicule. bitch about it and attacked back. The truth hurts and deception is too great to bear!

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