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Declassified “CounterSpy” Magazine (1973-1984) Issues Expose U.S. Government-CIA-FBI Criminal/Terrorist Operations Worldwide

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February 19, 2024

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February 19, 2024

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December 11, 2018

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December 1, 2018

CounterSpy Magazine Volumes 1 Through 8 (1973-1984)

Epigraph Quotes:

“Should the practice of Spydom become universal farewell to all domestic confidence and happiness.” London Times, Christmas 1859

“I will splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the wind.” –President John F. Kennedy, shortly before his assassination on Nov. 22, 1963

“It is the function of the CIA to keep the world unstable, and to propagandize the American people to hate, so we will let the establishment spend any amount of money on arms….” John Stockwell, Ex-CIA Station Chief and highest CIA employee to “go public”

“Abolish the CIA and Covert Action: The Organizing Committee demands the CIA and covert action be abolished not only because we recognize that the CIA serves only the multinational corporate empire, which is thoroughly antidemocratic and unAmerican, but also because the CIA ls a criminal organization and covert actions are criminal actions.” (From CounterSpy Volume 2, Issue 4, 1976)

“Intelligence operations have turned out to be a domestic war.” Maria Serna, Crusade For Justice (From CounterSpy Volume 3, Issue 1, 1976)

Introduction: “From 1973 to 1984, CounterSpy (The Quarterly Journal of the Organizing Committee of the Fifth Estate) published detailed, damning information about US covert activities (and, to a lesser extent, those of other countries, including Israel, Australia, and South Africa). It was most infamous for naming CIA station chiefs. The CIA loathed it and, it’s said, succeeded in undermining it. (In 1978 some of the people involved with CounterSpy created a similar magazine, CovertAction Information Bulletin, which then became CovertAction Quarterly and was published until 2005. It’s about to make a comeback; CovertAction Magazine launches this year.)

CIA has long collected copies of publications exposing its operations, and the CREST archive contains scanned photocopies of most issues of CounterSpy. (Printed copies are essentially impossible to find, even on the secondary/collectors’ market for rare books and magazines. Very few libraries have any copies.) Susan Maret dug through CREST and gathered every issue in there (21 out of the 32 that were published), then sent them along to AltGov2. I ran text recognition on them, so they’re now searchable. An additional six issues are from the Weisberg Collection at Hood College, Frederick, MD, USA.”

“CounterSpy Statement of Purpose: The United States emerged from World War II as the world’s dominant political and economic power. To conserve and enhance this power, the U.S. government created a variety of institutionas to secure dominance over “free world” nations which supply U.S. corporations with cheap labor, raw materials, and markets. A number of these institutions, some initially jointly with allied Western European governments, have systematically violated the fundamental rights and freedoms of people in this country and the world over. Prominent among these creations was the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), born in 1947.,

Since 1973, CounterSpy magazine has exposed and analyzed such intervention in all its facets: covert CIA operations, U.S. interference in foreign labor movements, U.S. aid in creating foreign intelligence agencies, multinational corporations-intelligence agency link-ups, and World Bank assistance for counterinsurgency, to name but a few. Our view is that while CIA operations have been one of the most infamous forms of intervention, the CIA is but one strand in a complex web of interference and control.

Our motivation for publishing CounterSpy has been twofold:

-People in the U.S. have a right and need to know the scope and nature of their government’s abrogation of the U.S. and other citizens’ rights and liberties in order to defend themsellves and most effectively change the institutions.

-People in other countries, often denied access to information, can better protect their own rights and bring about necessary change when equipped with such information.”

(After being systematically confiscated, most issues of CounterSpy were declassified or “Approved for Release” in 2004 and 2010. However, many pages and sections have been “redacted” and 5 issues remain altogether missing.)

ETK Introductory Note: The information presented in these CounterSpy Magazine issues should be considered in the light of numerous other reliable sources, including L. Fletcher Prouty’s “The CIA and Its Allies in Control of the United States and the World” (1973), Douglas Valentine’s “The CIA As Organized Crime: How Covert Operations Corrupt America and the World” (2017), the books and lectures of ex-CIA Station Chief, John Stockwell (featured on this website), ex-CIA whistleblower, Phillip Agee’s “Inside the Company,” Dr. Collin A. Ross’s “Bluebird” and a host of other books, youtubes, websites, etc.

Back Issues of CounterSpy (1973-1984)

1) CounterSpy 1-4 and 5 Weisberg.pdf (1974): Terrorism: What’s Behind It?, FBI’s COINTELPRO, Military Intelligence Operations Against Civilians, US-Africa Policy: Intervention By Proxy:

2) Counterspy Volume 2 Issue 1, 1974 CIA Target: Labor; Undercover Agents Profiled, The Military at Wounded Knee, The Ideology of Internal Security: “The Kent Committee for a Fifth Estate, at Kent State University in Ohio, recently uncovered the existence of a prototype “Master Plan” for political surveillance of campus groups and activists as well as private agreements on riot control assistance between 17 local police forces.”

3) CounterSpy Volume 2, Issue 2, 1975 (partial), 1975: CIA Chiefs of Station: Who Are They and What They Do, Women Targets of CIA Operations, :

4) CounterSpy Volume 2, issue 2, (full), 1975) CIA Chiefs of Station: Who Are They and What They Do, How the CIA Spies on Women, Exposing the CIA, CIA Labor Operations in Latin America

5) CounterSpy Volume 2, Issue 3, 1975 The AEL CIA Goes on Safari, The Last flight of the Phoenix Program, The Politics and Proliferation of Data Banks, Resources for Fighting Big Brother

6) CounterSpy Volume 2, Issue 4, 1976 GARDEN PLOT & SWAT; US Police as New Action Army, More CIA Around the World, NCLC Brownshirts of the Seventies, The Great Africa War: Blood Test of US Foreign Policy

7) CounterSpy, Volume 3, Issue 1, 1976 COINTELPRO: Psychological Warfare and Magnum Justice, The US Government War Against the Third World, Congressional Aide Spies on Left, FACFI: US Pushes National ID Card, TIP, Terrorist Information Project, CIA Around the World, Women’s Liberation – A Subversive Act?

8) CounterSpy, Volume 3, Issue 2, 1976 Earthquake Warfare, Vietnam Atrocities, Jamaican “Werewolf” Coup Aborted, CBS Aids Pentagon Cover-Up, The CIA Covers Up Murder Web of Chilean Gestapo, Technofascism, The FBI’s Hitlist

9) CounterSpy, Volume 4, Issue 1, 1977 Princeton-CIA-Middle East, U.S. Intervention in Afghanistan, CIA: Plowshares Into Swords? CIA in Indonesia: 1965, US Intelligence in Norway, US Intelligence: Guatemala, Haiti, France, Japan, England,

10) CounterSpy, Volume 4, Number 2, 1980 CIA Cops in El Salvador, Africans and Riggs Bank in South Africa, CIA and Labor in Turkey, CIA Intervention in Afghanistan, CIA in America, US-Australian Role in East Timor Genocide

11) CounterSpy, Volume 4, Number 3, 1980 CIA Cops in South Korea, MOSSAD in West Germany, MOSSAD’s Long Arm, CIA-IMF-World Bank-AID: Counter-Insurgency in Thailand, U.S. and Naval Bases in Turkey, Ghana’s Independence Or Valco? CIA’s Chamber of Commerce in Argentina, Aid and Ideology in Columbia, CIA in Sweden, Notes on Afghanistan

12) CounterSpy, Volume 4, Number 4, 1980 New York Times Covers and Aids 1953 CIA Coup in Iran, New CIA BIll: Death to the First Amendment,

13) CounterSpy, Volume 5, Number 1, 1980/81, CIA Rebels Supply U.S. Heroin CIA Rebels Supply U.S. Heroin, Chemical Warfare in Afghanistan, Iraq-Iran War, AIFLD in El Salvador, Rightwing Terror in Guatemala, CIA in Turkey, CIA Banking in Australia: Nugan Hand, Colonia Dignidad: New Revelations, U.S. Rank and File: Ban AIFLD in El Salvador, CIA Cops in Guatemala

14) CounterSpy, Volume 5, Number 2, 1981 Secret World Bank Documents on Marcos, AFL-CIO in Poland, U.S. Bases in Oman, Gen. Haig and RCMP, George Bush, CIA in Africa

15) CounterSpy Volume 5, Number 3, 1981 El Salvador White Paper?, New Executive Order on CIA and FBI, The Washington Post-Speaking for Whom?, U.S. Bases in Saudi Arabia, Who Wants Peace in Afghanistan? Turkey: Torture for NATO, Secret World Bank Plan for Indonesia, ASIO: Made in USA

16) CounterSpy Volume 5, Number 4, 1981 U.S. and NATO Intervention in Africa, First MNC Intelligence Convention, Honduras; Staging Area for Counter-revolution, FBI Cops in Puerto Rico, Moonies: CARP, British Columbia: Bourne Again, South Korea: AAFLI Taken Hostage By Its Own; El Salvador White Paper, War Mongering: Council On Foreign Relations, Afghanistan-Pakistan Update, NATO Intervention in Africa, U.S. and NATO Facilities in Africa, Secret 1981 South Africa Documents

17) CounterSpy Volume 6, Number 1, 1980-81 Libya: U.S. Propaganda and Covert Operations, World Bank Blueprint for China, AIFLD: Secret Plan for El Salvador, U.S. Destabilization of Canada? U.S. Biological Warfare Against Cuba, AIFLD: Secret Plan for El Salvador, U.S. Marshall Plan forthe Caribbean: Counterinsurgency, Reagan Resurrects Savimbi, World Bank Counterinsurgency in the Philippines, The British Right and Intelligence

18) CounterSpy Volume 6, Number 2, 1982 XIV Conference of American Armies, Threatening the Sandinistas, Amnesty Faults FBI, Libyan Witch-Hunt: the War At Home, Inside Boss: South AFrica’s Secret Police, British Right Censors for South Africa, Greece: the Long Road to Freedom, Turkish Fascism as NATO Democracy, India: Under the IMF’s Thumb, Gen. Haigh’s Yellow Rain

19) CounterSpy Volume 6, Number 3, 1982 CounterSpy Volume 6, Number 3, 1982: Fueling Counterrevolution in Nicaragua, Resuming the Vietnam War, US Green Berets Torture in El Salvador, BOSS Gets Caught, Noam Chomsky Interview: The Intelligence Identity Protection Act, British Intelligence and Iran, Secret CIA Documents on Mossad, AID in El Salvador

20) CounterSpy Volume 6, Number 4, 1982 Nuclear War Is Not Unthinkable; For Pentagon It’s An Option, Belau: The People Say NO To Nuclear Weapons, A Documentary History of U.S. Nuclear Threats, CIA Plans for Economic Subversion in Africa, World Bank and Urban Counterinsurgency in the Phillipines, Reagan’s Marching Orders for Honduras, British Government Admits IRA is Anti-Colonialist Force, US Nuclear Plans for the Pacific, World Bank Moves Against Tribal Peoples

21) CounterSpy Volume 7, Number 1, 1982 We Can Use Nuclear Weapons & Win…. U.S. Army Manuals Say, Nuclear Weapons Employemnt Doctrine and Proceedures, US Government Irradiated Humans For Nuclear War Data, Reagan Prepares for War in Outer Space, U.S. Responsibility for Famine in Chad, Is the CIA Subverting Elections in Canada?, Mauritius Challenges Reagan Over Diego Garcia, Strategic Hamlets Revived in Philippines, British Disinformation and the Malvinas War

22) CounterSpy Volume 7, Volume 3, 1982-83 Haiti: Choice Between Two Evils: Duvalier or IMF, Nicaragua: A Bay of Pigs in the Making, U.S. Representatives Say CIA Lies About Central America, AIRLAND Battle: The Army’s New Aggressive Doctrine, Secret U.S. Embassy Report Affirms Marcos Corrupt and on Shaky Ground, CIA and West Germany’s Christian Democrats, Pentagon Proposes “Peace Through Protracted Nuclear War”, U.S. Sells Cluster Bombs to Morocco, CIA Documents on East Timor, U.S. War Plans Against the Soviet Union, CIA and the Courts, CIA in Australia

23) CounterSpy Volume 7, Number 3, 1983 Foreign Intelligence in the U.S.? The Assassination of Two Seattle Unionists, U.S. Military Aid to Guatemala, Soviet “Slave Labor” Charges Examined, IMF Moves to Roll Back Socialism in Vietnam, Green Berets, Eddie Carthan, Soviet “Active Measures?”, Nuclear War Documents

24) CounterSpy Volume 7, Number 4, 1983 Disinformation in the Reagan Administration, CIA to Europe: Take the Missiles! Moonies Move on Honduras, IMF Pushes Pinochet to Brink, Klaus Barbie: Global Nazi, Casey’s Terrorism Math, The Pope Plot: CIA Production, Inc., U.S. Backs Morocco’s Saharan War, Project Democracy

25) CounterSpy Volume 8, Number 1, 1983 Secret Documents on South Africa, Atomic Veterans, Eyewitness Afghanistan, “Yellow Rain”, CIA in Chad, Pershing II, U.S. Naval Buildup in Pacific, Northern Ireland, Thatcher Arms Pinochet

26) CounterSpy Volume 8, Number 2, 1984 KAL 007 and U.S. Intelligence, Women Speak Out, Pershing IIs Head for Europe, Military Coup in Guatemala, CIA and the Philippines, Reagan Prepares to Violate Arms Control Treaties, Contra Terror in Nicaragua:

27) CounterSpy Volume 8, Number 3, 1984 Terrorism in Miami, Economic War Against Nicaragua, Secret U.S. Bases in Honduras, CIA, Vatican and Nazis, Reagan’s Censorship Law, U.S. Nuclear Weopons in West Germany, Philippines Interview: From “Queen of the Pacific” to Political Activist, TNT: Israeli Terror Group, FY85 Pentagon Budget, Space War and Third World Intervention

28) CounterSpy Volume 8, Number 4, 1984 Senator Laxalt and the Mob, CIA Front Caught Red-Handed in Haiti, Reagan Censors Government Workers, The CIA’s “Free Elections” in El Salvador, Pilippine Elections “Made in U.S.A.”, CIA Goes to Rutgers, South Africa Positions for Olympic Gold, Corruption in El Salvador, Right Wing Subverts Australian Labor

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