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Appendix 207: “”The Program” Is Covert Domestic Terrorism Against And Torture Of “Political Targets:” 19 Videos By “Dr. X Keyscore”

Webmaster (ETK) Introduction:

“Dr. X Keyscore” claims to hold Ph.D., M.A.S., M.A.. B.A. degrees, have a background in Security Studies and as a Mil/Intel-CI/CT Analyst, and to be Son of the American Revolution, Patriot, Whistle-blower, Global Nomad, and Deep State target.

Dr. X Keyscore: “The program” is the DHS and most likely DOD-funded extra-judicial, political targeting protocol coordinated, at least on the street level, through regional (FBI and DHS) threat-fusion centers.

According to the DOD: “Terrorism” is “The calculated use of unlawful violence or threat of unlawful violence to inculcate fear intended to coerce or to intimidate governments or societies in the pursuit of goals that are generally political, religious, or ideological.”

So people, for the several millions of us that are now on federal watch lists despite having done nothing wrong: We are the victims of a “covert state-funded, domestic terrorism operation,” a black operation,” an “Unacknowledged Special Access Program” or USAP.

ETK Observation: The first 17 youtube videos are quite convincing and compelling to me and seem to comprise an excellent summary of “the program.” However, in my opinion, video 18 does not pass the “smell test.” Listening to video 18 made me question the validity and identity of “Dr. X Keyscore.”

I. The Program: Introduction – Video 1

II. “The Program” – Street Level Operators – Video 2

III. “The Program” – Counter-targeting Tactics – Video 3

IV. “The Program” – “Disinformation Snowballing” – Video 4

V. “The Program” – Directed Energy Weapons – Video 5

VI. “The Program” – Directed Conversation – Video 6

VII. “The Program” – Neuro-Linguistic Programming – Video 7

VIII. “The Program” – National Security Racketeering Network – Video 8

IX. “The Program” – Legal Jiu Jitsu Tactics – Video 9

X. “The Program” – Technology Deployment Curve – Video 10

XI. “The Program” – Homeland Security BUSTED in Stalking Op – Video 11

XII. “The Program” – Corruption & Respect in LE and IC – Video 12

XIII. “The Program” – Managed Aggression & Terrorism – Video 13

XIV. Fairfax County’s Department of Code Compliance

XV. “The Program” – The Fairfax Police BUSTED Again – Video 15

XVI. “The Program” – Terrorism Liaison Officer Drive-by – Video 16

XVII. “The Program” – Terrorism Liaison Officer Managed Aggression in Fairfax County – Video 17

XVIII. Dr. X – The FBI Kill List – Proxy Detention & Solitary Confinement in a 3rd World Country

XIX. “The Program” – Fairfax – Fire & Police – Managed Aggression – Video 19

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