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New World Order
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February 23, 2014

David Johnson
, lives in Humboldt County, CA (1970-present)
Answered 9 months ago · Author has 383 answers and 612.9K answer views

They put in an application just like any other job. Some have friends and family in law enforcement or the military but they than have to apply. The following are screenshots I took from a booklet called , “Presidential Directive 51 and F.E.M.A Prison Camps.” By Richard lighthouse. He has a lot of good information for TIs and I believe most of his booklets are free.

These are actual ads looking for Gangstalkers.

David Caines, former Infantry at U.S. Army
Answered 1 year ago · Author has 824 answers and 413.3K answer views

At least in my neighborhood my reputation d , it started with people telling lies about me and soon enough the entire block went from friendly to nasty, and I saw and heard two men who looked like detectives telling a neighbor that I was a thief and I leeched off of women and all of that. Neighbors are no longer happy to see me,, even though I’ve helped most of them out more than once. In my case it started with the drug dealer on my block bad mouthing me. to anyone who moved in and even peop…

Kelly Duncan
, Targeted Individual for 9 years
Answered 11 months ago · Author has 72 answers and 24.3K answer views

Many ways.They can send you a message asking you to join.They also go through indeed and other job apps.Hiring people for roll play jobs.
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Profile photo for Michael James Roberts
Michael James Roberts
Answered 1 year ago

mental health records.these dreggs are going to want there own.Here the will find many mentally ill

narrsissisome,a must.Social devient,and degenerates’.Malajusted Phycalogical disorders’Delusions’ of grandure.Sociyopathic,and phycopathic,by the cryteiriatik standard

Then secondly: I’d be hard pressed, not saying,Banking records. They will want a stuck or trapped overwhelmed colaberator. This will insure the Handler’s Handlers’complete manipulative control. Finishing would have to be edjucation : because they’ll need a real dipshit to insure http://deniabilitties’.As

they pay with gift cards.

Mark Sanchez
Answered 1 year ago · Author has 2.5K answers and 396.3K answer views

These organisations find low life, scum, vagrants, satanic masons etc. Pretty much anyone willing to sell their soul for a check. And a small one at that. They recruit cowards to work for them. Cowards are weak people obviously. There is a saying ‘a strong man is often alone, and the weak always in a crowd’. And that crowd is ‘gangstalkers’.

Dave Phelps
Answered 1 year ago

They have a special slow sawed off hunan type mega pussy farm of home grown cowards where they pluck a couple ripe retards every week…na im playing…no idea..but this is how i see it..

Astra Miglane Stanwyck
, former Doctor of Ophthalmology, USPMGA Hall of Fame
Answered Nov 30, 2021 · Author has 714 answers and 159.6K answer views

How do you end being gang stalked? Even when I travel to other countries their gang stalkers there still abuse me and continue the gang stalking. The police won’t help me but will help them gas light me. Has anybody seen the end of gangstalking?

These programs are worldwide along with worldwide tracking. To end these programs, NWO has to be taken down and destroyed along with their minions. We are lab rats for what they want to unfold on rest of the world. At this point winning Covid battle is big part of stopping this.

Astra Miglane Stanwyck
, former Doctor of Ophthalmology, USPMGA Hall of Fame
Answered Nov 1, 2021 · Author has 714 answers and 159.6K answer views

How do gangstalkers become gang stalkers? I mean its not like you just apply? How does it come about?

Actually they do get recruited through police departments, town hall meetings for community policing, trough neighborhood crime watch groups and trough job advertisements. Recruitment through police involves criminals who like to continue use drugs and sell them, criminals who want to have sentences reduced to harass innocent victims of government watchlists. Government watchlists include many innocent people for purpose of boosting government agency budgets under pretense of fighting terrorism and extremism. Using unconstitutional laws these victims get enrolled without their consent and without knowledge in fear-based mind control and directed energy weapons experiments for profit.

The ultimate goal of these programs is to to destroy victim physically, emotionally and financially by terrorizing person into suicide, being locked up into mental institution, forcing victim into severe crime to lock person up and using these crimes for political advancement, like mass shootings. The victims are testing group for New World Order complete control of population. Criminal stalkers who participate in harassing these victims are paid by taxpayers. Upon victims death, life insurance policy payments are collected by many of these organizations that took part in these crimes.

In my answer I did not even scratch the surface of iceberg.

Bill Bixby
Answered 1 year ago
What application do organized gang stalkers use to locate you?

I find these uneducated answers misleading and I’m sure the Feds find them amusing. If you are a targeted individual you are on the Feds watchlist that was recently ruled unconstitutional (El hady v Kable) however it is still in place. The profiles of the watchlisted individuals, aka targeted individuals, is disseminated through RISS (Regional Information Sharing Systems) and more specifically through the ATIX (Automated Trusted Information Exchange Network) for the private sector. It came out in the court depositions that individuals have access to the wathclist on their own personal devices. The Watchlist was disseminated to over 1,600 private entities. As part of the Patriot Act, all financial data is monitored, and if you are on the watchlist, it is uploaded real time to the RISS. Your GPS on your Phone and Car (they will plant a device on your vehicle if you don’t have one and your phone can be tracked even if its off.

– Stingray devices) is monitored and tracked real time and alerts/dings the Perps who have the ATIX mobile App to your presence. When you use any financial currency (credit/debit cards) it also alerts the app. Citizens on patrol, Infragard, and other citizen groups will get paid or volunteer to track and update your whereabouts. I believe that a commonly used back door has been shared and spread for this app throughout the general public as if you are a targeted individual you have even seen kids under 18 yo participating in it (could be their parents giving them their login info as well). Even Hotel management has access to the app, so it isn’t a top secret thing.

Judge Anthony Trenga ruled it unconstitutional in Sept. 2019, however the Feds have attempted to side step, delay, and have not complied with his ruling. So what app do they use: ATIX (Automated Trusted Information Exchange Network) a real time anonymous information sharing network cloud for people to share real time info/photos/lies/slander about ‘suspected threats’. Finally, someone has spoken the truth. Amen!

Aimee Richardson
, Consummate Researcher
Updated Oct 26, 2021 · Author has 171 answers and 66.9K answer views
Is there a phone app specifically used for gangstalking?

There are many apps gangstalkers use to keep track of us and depending on whether you have an Android or an iPhone, they will be different. I’ve had several phones: Samsung, LG, Motorola, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 11, and ALL of them were hacked. I couldn’t escape being monitored via smartphone regardless of how many times I switched phones.

For Android, they use a custom version of the operating system because I think the new operating system has fixed the security holes. They configure each app to have additional privileges that only a person who owns the phone should have.

For iPhone they use something called the WebKit and the HomeKit. They take control of your iCloud account because it’s web based and easier to hack than your Apple ID account.

For Android, they use something called Google Play Services which has an icon that looks like a puzzle piece. It’s bright colored and looks legitimate.

They have tainted all the apps you’ve downloaded from the Playstore or App Store, so they have special permissions to do administrative tasks on your phone like change your WiFi settings, detect new accounts, prevent your phone from sleeping.

They also use Smartlock to keep your phone from sleeping. Smartlock is the app that utilizes the trusted device feature meaning they are always allowed to connect to your phone because they are a trusted device.

They configure your settings to be able to support their infrastructure like certain notifications are silenced so you don’t get them. They love to silence your phone when you’re expecting an important call.

There are Facebook apps too called Facebook App Manager and Download Manager that manages every single file and app that you download.

On Samsung, they have a different configuration using something called Samsung Family.

That”s all I can remember for now, but I’ll update this post if I think of anything else.
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Melee Lee
, studied Writing at Life Stories University
Answered 2 years ago · Author has 1.6K answers and 3.1M answer views
How do I find out who my gangstalking handler is?

Your “handler” is the person who was interested in you in the first place. He or she initially told the others about you and they often do the will of the :leader: or in this case, your handler. The person is usually not around once the stalking starts. However, the person keeps tabs on you through the others and you will feel a sixth sense about who that person might be. Most of the time, the handler is someone you actually met or even spoke to many times before. Think of someone you met who was very popular, manipulative and who you sensed gave you the creeps. Most likely that person is your handler. Sometimes it is someone who just looks at you while the others ask if you can be the next one. They have a reason why they want to know what you are doing. I don’t know all of the details because it varies from person to person. If you want to know who they are ….and they are contacting you in any way or shape or form…. talk to them.

They will show a pattern of conversation *email, text, voice or video* over time and you will begin to remember who they remind you of. They will talk to you like they know everything about you and sometimes at a certain point, they really do! It is so strange to meet someone who is really following every detail of your life. Your handler will act like that. You will be able to figure it out over time if you ever met them in real life. Just watch for the signs and repetition.

Dutch Bennet
Answered 7 months ago · Author has 229 answers and 36.6K answer views

What do gang stalkers do when they can’t successfully and covertly convince a TI that they are just crazy or defective?

If thats their objective then its unlikely you will realize whats going on to begin with, they will thoroughly F with your head eg they will induce auditory and optical hallucinations, via covertly doping you with drugs or inducing it with electronic devices wirelessly or both, so being able to think straight will be difficult.

If your religious they may play on your beliefs to that effect or any beliefs you have they may try stage and create hallucinations to that effect or any fears and vulnerabilities you may have.

They dont just target people at random, all are selected, you may notice how most are easy to isolate, they avoid targeting people who are well financed, resourced and well supported by friends/family, because things could become messy to handle/clean up.

They like to target people where the individual is already very isolated or those around them can be easily turned away from them or used against them.

They may also befriend that person well in advance to profile them or to aid in pre-isolating and conditioning them to be used in the future or even continue to play the part without ever letting their victim realize they are one if them.

however its important to realize any genuine friends, they may intentionally try to create doubts and mistrust so you turn away your only help as well, so one would have to always think things through before jumping to conclusions as they like to make victims act before they think.

most victims are also just training tools, simply put to train recruits or operatives getting additional training, so the select members of the public to become the dummys for such training.

which is why allot of the stalking is overt, its intended to isolate you and make you appear crazy to normal people, so basically few if any will try help you.
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Conner Obviously
Answered Aug 2, 2021
How do I find my gangstalkers?

follow them home, by a digital camera, take pictures of there home and street address. Look them up on a background check website. A good background check website you pay for should find there place of employment/names/phone numbers/ social media/ criminal history/ and family members.. don’t contact the police they are most likely somehow deniably reposonsable for this individual doing this. As creepy as they are the gangstalkers appear to be mindwashed, and convinced there not actually weirdos or losers without a life.. what to do when you find them? Get revenge. I have a few suggestions.

1. Find where they work and try to get them fired, if said gentleman works at a school anonymously report them for touching kids, if they work for your town throw some bear cans in there truck and take pictures.

2. Threatening to whoop there ass works. These are some of the biggest pussbags on the planet. You should easily be able to intimidate them or scare them away.

3. Try the old fashioned method of shaking them down for information or by bribing them to telling you any information you want to know.

4. If you are a woman or have kids and a shake down is not your thing I recommend turning the table on them in public, say they grabbed you or your child’s special place then call the police. Simply done by pushing your child into the gangstalker in a public place…just make sure they don’t like it…

5. Vandalism. Good old fashion Vandalism will cheer you up, just some advice do it the second you wake up. No ones listening to you sleep. Thats the best time for a revenge strike.

6. Pay a hobo to set there house on fire ?.

7. take a dump on there BMW. Remember you’re only alive to be a genie pig ?.

8. Put pictures of there homes and families and names on the internet telling people what they do, and slander them a bit.. just use a VPN. Thats a virtual private network, there’s tons of free ones.. send those pictures of there homes and personal information true or false facts about them to fox news, 4chan, Craigslist, and any other website where telling the truth about them or lieing will put them or there families life in danger or ruin there operations. Just for example tell people they hate black people this will most likely put them in your shoes.

8. Put there families on a hitman websites yes these websites exist.

9. Kill them before they kill you.

10. Put asbestosis materials in there mailbox and in there air-conditioning unit. Given them cancer is going easy on them in my opinion.
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, lived in Houston, TX
Answered 9 months ago · Author has 1.3K answers and 609.4K answer views
What are some of the weirdest things your gang stalkers did to you?

All of the tactics used in the FBI targeted individual gang stalking operations seem childish and weird. Not only that they seem extremely idiotic at times as well. Obviously they use such stupidity in there stalking operations in order to make the story told by survivors of these programs easy to discredit. The goal is to constantly make the target aware that he or she has no privacy, security or rights as a civilian as these agencies carry out their terrorist like assaults 24/7.

Yet we find cases like the most publicized case of Rick and Cindy Krlich who endured a ongoing many many year harassment campaign carried out after they angered the Fire Chief of the town they resides in. The nations fire departments and police departments part of the criminal syndicate of local, state and federal officials that participated in the original stalking, harassment, assassination operations that ran for decades in secrecy. The Krlichs have and are enduring a horn honking campaign, this is a widely reported tactic of harassment that is used in the FBI, Homeland Security operations, is documented over and over again year after year, and there is no denying it is part of a very well funded and organized campaign of terror for it follows people state to state and city to city.

Video Couple Claims Entire Town Has Turned Against Them
Act 2: Rick and Cindy Krlich say horns have been honked 5,000 times by people driving past their house.

This is also one of the many harassment campaigns I have endured for many years, it started in Alaska and has followed me city after city in Texas, there are many witnesses to this and it has also been used as a intimidation tactic against another witness to Cointelpro stalking activities directed at stalking, assault, and rape victim Sarah Degeyter, when documenting the continued stalking of Sarah Degeyter after she fled to Fort Worth Texas, I had Jason Foust drive from Louisiana to help witness and document this, I of course had been documenting over a year of this constant harassment, ever since I was set up by the Harris County Police and all personnel possessions including new appliances and all documentation was stolen following a false imprisonment.

(Fabricated charged and false imprisonments as well as break ins and theft some of the many crimes carried out by the FBI in their illegal cointelpro operations, these crimes were admitted to, proven and exposed after being carried out for decades in secrecy.)

After Jason Foust left Fort Worth, he went to Houston Texas where he immediately Began being harassed using this same technique. Many videos available on my YouTube channel. I recently purchased a home outside of Pine Forest Texas and have only lived here for eight days as of 03/30/2021, I am accompanied by Sarah Degeyter who felt safer with me and is now renting a spot for her RV on the property. The stalking and trespassing of course immediately resumed as soon as we moved onto the property, and of course this morning the horn honking began as well, 30–40 horn honks coming from the edge of the subdivision which is remotely located in the Country. You can see how one would be dismayed at such harassment carried out by what could only be well funded and well organized intelligence agencies, there is little denying the actions or who is responsible which only leads one to question who could be running such activities carried out at such a level of stupidity.

Below: link to ongoing harassment, noise harassment, ( horn honking campaign) which follows me city to city in Texas.
Keith Lankford
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This is not surprising for survivors of the operations, Sarah Degeyter fled from Houston to Fort Worth trying to escape the terrorist criminals targeting her. After being stalked for many years she had traced the IP addresses found to be on her online accounts to the houses surrounding her, one linked to a ex Harris county deputy, her RV was then broken into and she was beaten, assaulted and raped, her calls to 9/11 ignored as the 45 minute assault took place. After fleeing hundreds of miles she immediately photographed the same stalking activities she encountered across Texas as she moved from place to place trying to find safety.

Below: pictures taken by Sarah Degeyter after assault and rape when she fled hundreds of miles to Fort Worth Texas.

No action has been taken by the Harris County Police department in the rape case though they have DNA test results of the rapist who was identified by Sarah Degeyter. As she can attest, her stalking and harassment continues till this day even though once again she resides in a location far from anyone she has ever known that would carry out such assaults.

My case is unusual as the stalking began exactly one day after the federal government participated in a raid on my home in Anchorage Alaska. This raid was directed at a tena t I was renting a separate apt to using a warrant for his arrest. There are many witnesses to the stalking which began the next day and has continued close to a decade in locations separated by thousands of miles. This directly links the FBI and their renewers cointelpro operations to the crimes that have occurred beginning one day after their assault on my property. (I was never charged for any crime related to the raid directed at Steve Landers in Anchorage Alaska.) I did have further contact with the FBI in Spring Texas after being alerted by a clerk at a store that agents had followed me into the store after my preceding trip. This is part of the exposed cointelpro operations where the agents also reached out to individuals that yhe targeted person might encounter to spread disinformation and slander the individual. This is a common practice in ongoing cointelpro operations.

Both Sarah and I have been subjected to daily break ins at our residences as well, the practice of breaking into a residence, moving items, leaving doors and windows open, etc is widely reported by survivors of these operations. This has also been documented for many years in both Sarah Degeyter’s case as well as mine, of course we have both encountered theft, vandalism, vehicle tampering, drugging, poisoning, assaults, police harassment, etc, these are just some of the normal crimes those targeted in the FBI, homeland security operations experience and report daily as they reach out to try to spread awareness of these crimes on social media platforms like Twitter, youtube, etc, though their accounts are often shit down, manipulatied or removed as these agencies try to maintain secrecy on these programs that are quickly gaining public awareness.

Maria Ali
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Campbell Rose
Answered 2 years ago · Author has 313 answers and 98.8K answer views
Why am I being gangstalked when I’m not even a relevant person?

Maybe you are more relevant than you think you are. Someone definitely has something against you or you would not be gangstalked. You have made someone want to seek revenge against you for something you have said, done or know. Give it some serious thought. It will come to you but lets be clear that unless you killed someone, you do not deserve what is happening to you. Remember gangstalkers are being paid to do what they do but they all have the FEAR of being caught and having to pay for the evil they have done and are doing. Make it your goal all day, everyday, to video, record and document everything they do so you can get proof against them. Work towards making your life better.
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Samantha Ben

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