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Iraq War Update (4/22/16): And the Winner is…. Greater Israel!

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Transcribed and summarized by Dr. Eric T. Karlstrom, Emeritus Professor Geography, CSUS, May 27, 2016

Notes from Texe Marrs’ Power of Prophecy program: “Embassy of the Illuminati” (April 22, 2016):

America has built a huge, 2+ billion dollar embassy in Iraq. This is a story that has not been adequately reported on.

Marrs: Today, we are carrying out a number of wars in the Middle East…. We started with Iraq (ETK: 1991 and 2003) and we went on to invade Afghanistan (2001). Now we are fighting in Syria. And, of course, there’s fighting going on in Lebanon, Palestine, and Egypt. A huge revolution was conducted in Egypt. In Libya, we overthrew President Muammar Gaddafi. And Saudi Arabians are monstrously murdering people in Yemen.

What’s going on in the Middle East? What are all these wars for? Why did the United States take over Iraq? What really happened there? We’ve had an ongoing war in Afghanistan for longer than we were in Vietnam. And it looks like we are going to stay a few years longer. I was recently reading the American troops’ evaluation where the American commander there said that we are no better off than when we went into Afghanistan.

Today (2016), of course, there’s no real government in Iraq. Well, there’s semi-government in Baghdad. We have divided the country into three regions that more or less coincide with the three main ethnic groups of the country; the Sunni, Shiite, and Kurds. All of these regions are in chaos and turmoil and none of them has any real government. In Libya, we called this “failed government,” meaning that various terrorist groups are fighting for control and the nation is nearly completely dysfunctional.

Strangely, in the midst of all these wars and conflicts in the Middle East, all of which were begun and prosecuted by the United States of America, with thousands of American troops being killed, we decided to build a huge American embassy in Baghdad. For years, we have been bombing cities, including Falluja, Mossel, and other cities throughout Iraq, totally destroying them. Power plants, sewage plants, roads, and airports have been destroyed too. So basically, Iraq is not a functioning country any more. ISIS is now in the middle of it and we are claiming that we are killing ISIS forces every day while they’re killing Christians and others, etc.

We’ve been told this war will never end, right? But it seems we don’t really care about the war. We’ve built a massive, incredible new American embassy building in Baghdad on the Tigris River. You might ask: Why do we need to build such a huge new building? Well, it seems we’ve got a special purpose in Iraq.

Iraq had about 22 million people when George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, his idiot, insane Vice President, started this war in 2003. We were told there were chemical, biological, and nuclear “weapons of mass destruction” there. We were told we had to go there because we were afraid that Iraq was going to bomb the United States. Nobody every explained to us how the Iraqis were going to get those bombs over to us. They don’t have an air force. They don’t have any ships. I suppose Saddam Hussein was going to put those bombs on his back and swim over to us. Or maybe he was going to use a bow and arrow. But it turned out he didn’t have any nuclear bombs anyway.

But nevertheless, we took Iraq with massive military forces. I would not think there would be much bragging about what we did in Iraq. The war was sort of a pushover. The Iraqis were mostly interested in getting away from us. Whenever they tried to fight us, our superior tanks and helicopters and so forth just slaughtered them. How long did the war last? Maybe a few weeks? A month at the most? And then we took Saddam Hussein, put him on trial, and hung him.

Saddam Hussein was a very popular leader in Iraq. People loved him there. But George Bush and Dick Cheney told us that everyone in Iraq hated Saddam Hussein. They told us we we’re going to give the Iraqis freedom and liberty and democracy. Well, the Iraqi people may have loved Saddam, but we killed him.

Iraq had some 22 million people when we started the war there. Now there are about 18 million in Iraq. So we’ve killed about 4 million people, though some of them may have fled the chaos. Right now, a lot of people are killing each other in Iraq. The U.S. is giving billions of dollars in armaments to the Jordanians to kill people there. We are giving billions of dollars to the Israelis to go in and kill people there. We are giving billions of dollars to the Turks to go in and kill people there. And the Saudi Arabians, of course, have billions of dollars from the United States and they are killing people there. I would not doubt it at all if we are paying the ayatollahs of Iran to kill people there. In fact, we are paying five or six different nations to kill people in Iraq. It seems like we don’t have much love for the people of Iraq. And, of course, we never did give them democracy.

Even so, we have built this huge American embassy for them in Baghdad, the capital city, in the eastern part of Iraq. You know, I’ve traveled all around the world and I’ve seen a lot of U.S. embassies. But I’ve never seen one like this one. This is the greatest embassy building in the entire world and it’s in one of the smallest countries. Check it out on google. We’ve got 20,000 workers at that embassy. What are 20,000 people doing there? Iraq is not much of a country any more. Nothing much is left.

The breaking apart, the partitioning of Iraq was all decided before we started the war. Before we destroyed it, Iraq was a functioning country with a very diverse population that was led by Saddam Hussein and his Ba’ath party. We went in with the specific objective of destroying and deconstructing Iraq. We had already determined which ethnic groups would govern which regions. We gave the Shiites the eastern part, we gave the Sunnis (and now ISIS) the center and western part, and we gave the north and a little to the south to the Kurds. This was all approved before the invasion by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, headed by the Joe Biden when he was a U.S. Senator. In fact, the entire Senate approved this plan.

Why did we want to divide Iraq into three parts? And why did we make this plan long before we actually invaded Iraq? Well, there’s a lot of foresight going in the Middle East. In fact, the next 15, 20, 50 years are already planned out. It seems you can’t stop “future history!”

—- If you want to learn about “future history” you can go to a book called “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion,” which was originally published in 1905. I decided to publish this book here at “Power of Prophecy.” We’ve had it out now for five or six years.

Friends, this book is real. It’s authentic. Somebody told me, “This book has been proven to be a forgery.” Really? Who proved that? That’s nonsense. And if it WAS a forgery, what is it a forgery of? Think about that. This book tells you what the Jews intend. It talks about their great serpent, the Oroborous, and it traces his slithering path across the whole world. He will gobble up country after country. And he has gobbled up country after country. We are waiting our turn here in the United States. The Jews have gobbled up our country and they now tell everybody what to do.

You need to know what the Jews have done and what they indend to do. It says in the “Protocols” that:

1) They are going to open up every border and have unbridled immigration. That’s what we are having now. We are following the Jewish plan outlined in the Protocols. That’s we now have all these millions of Moslem immigrants.
2) We will have no religions. All the religions will now be practiced together. Except, of course, the Jews’ religion will be kept sacrosanct and it alone will be kept separate.
3) All the races will be mixed together. But one will not be mixed. That will be the “Jewish race.”
4) And there will be a great dictator of the whole world. He will be called the king despot, the Messiah of the Jews. He will be possessed by the Serpent.

I’ve been working on a new book called “The Holy Serpent of the Jews.” Yes, they pray to him. He’s their Messiah. We have to know what’s going on in the world.

Back to the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq… I have a little information on this. Let me read to you from this paper:

“At 104 acres, it’s the largest and most expensive embassy in the world. It is as large as Vatican City. It employs 15,000 people. (Marrs: I understand it’s now 20,000). It originally cost $750 million. But the United States has admitted the cost is now up to $6 billion. And all of this money was approved by the U.S. Senate and the House.”

They say the walls were built to withstand any measure of bombs. In fact, it’s a series of buildings.

When we first conquered Iraq, we first set up the U.S. embassy in the palace of Saddam Hussein. If you keep up with the ‘Power of Prophecy’ monthly newsletter, you may remember a picture of a New York Jewish rabbi sitting on Saddam’s golden throne in his palace in Baghdad’s Green Zone. Now what was a New York rabbi in a U.S. military uniform doing sitting on Saddam Hussein’s golden throne?

Even then, we had in mind the new embassy building that was since opened in 2009, and then officially finished in 2012. (But apparently construction there is still ongoing.) Now you might be surprised to learn how many Israelis work there. Israelis, you ask? Isn’t this an American embassy? Wouldn’t we have Americans there working with Iraqis?

Listen to me closely, my friends. This is an embassy built by the United States for the Israelis! We paid $6 billion for the Israelis. Why would the Israelis need an embassy in Iraq?

You see, the nation of Israel is not finished. If you look at the Israeli flag you see the six-pointed Star of David and above it is a wide blue stripe. Below it is another blue stripe. These are emblems of the great rivers, the Nile River in Egypt and the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers in Iraq. The Jews claim that all the land between the Nile and the Tigris-Euphrates belongs to them. That’s the meaning of their flag.

Of course, the United States always foots the bill for Israel. We have given trillions of dollars to Israel. But why would we spend $6 billion for an embassy that is run and controlled by the Israelis? Well, it’s sort of like all of the prison camps that we built.

Reason for American and Israeli Torture of Iraqis

After we conquered the Iraqi people, we took the prisons they had and we even built more prisons. And we started putting Iraqi citizens in there; men, women, and CHILDREN. What did we do with these Iraqi prisoners? Well, first our CIA and Army Special Forces were brought in and they worked hand in glove with Israeli monsters (that means Israeli secret service agents and Mossad spies) in torturing and persecuting the Iraqis. Thousands of poor, persecuted Iraqis were sent into prisons and there they were tortured and sexual things were done to them.

Friends, if you haven’t seen the pictures of the U.S. troops sexually tormenting the Iraqis you haven’t seen anything. I’m telling you that we have prisons, not only at Abu Graib, but across Iraq, where we horribly persecuted the Iraqis. What were we trying to get from the Iraqis? They were already a defeated people. They had no nuclear bombs or anything else. They had this poor excuse of a military that was quickly defeated. But we still brought thousands of Iraqis to American-made prisons throughout Iraq. And there we tortured them, we sexually raped them. Men, women and boys were raped by American officers. But that’s not all. All of the rape and torture was overseen, was supervised, by Israelis.

Brigadier General Janice Carpenski was a commanding officer there but she didn’t have any charge of the prisoners. She said she noticed how many Israelis were there working with the CIA and the U.S. Army. There are many horrific stories of torture, abuse, and needless cruelty. That’s what we do friends! We’re Americans. We love to torture!

Now I know General Michael Hayden, head of the CIA for seven or eight years, said: “We Americans don’t torture.” What a horrible liar that man is! If you don’t think even water boarding is torture, General Hayden, give me and my friends 10 minutes with you. We’ll water board you and you’ll be screaming in pain and terror. Instead, you are dressed in your nice suit coat and tie and white shirt and you are saying; “we didn’t torture.” When everybody knows we torture!

Why were we torturing? We tortured thousands of Iraqis to discover ancient Israeli manuscripts. Where they were, who was keeping them, what museums they were in. What?

Recovery of Ancient Jewish Texts

Let me explain something to you. Iraq is ancient Babylon. In fact, Saddam Hussein was planning to rebuild ancient Babylon. And one of the most prideful pictures that the U.S. military forces has put out is a photo of a U.S. F-15 or F-16 aircraft parked in the desert right next to the great ruins of ancient Babylon. Oh, didn’t that show victory! We conquered Babylon!

But the Jews wanted more. You see, by Old Testament accounts, the Jews had been taken prisoner by the Babylonians way back in the days of Nebechadneezar and the great prophet Daniel. And for 70 years, the Jews were kept captive in Babylon. Nebachadneezer was used by God to punish the Jews. And the Jews did some strange things while they were there. The rabbis, who were evil back in Israel, became even more evil in Babylon. There, they mixed in the gods of Babylon with the God of the Old Testament. You can’t do that, friends. But they did. And the Talmud and Kabbalah began to be written in ancient Babylon. Those ancient Talmuds still exist. And Saddam Hussein was collecting all of the Talmuds.

The Talmud is the holy book that contains all of the 613 laws of the Jews and the commentary for them. And the Kabbalah, of course, includes the Jews’ books of magic, superstition, and demonic evil. They have to do with all of the Babylonian gods and goddesses and how the Jews mixed up their worship of God, our God, with them.

Saddam Hussein had done years of research on this. He had planned to expose to the world what the Jews did when they were captives of the Babylonians: The evil that they did. The wickedness that they had performed. He wanted to show the world that the Talmud was a wicked, evil book of the Jews, written by the rabbis, working hand in glove with the ancient high priests of the gods and goddesses ancient Babylon. Certainly, these texts show that they worshipped the dragon. They worshipped the serpent. They abandoned God.

So the Jews considered Saddam Hussein an evil man. In fact, for two years in a row, Saddam Hussein was named the “Haman of the Year.” Read the story of Esther in the Bible. Haman was sort like of the Prime Minister for the King. (As the story goes, Haman) was going to put all the Jews to death on a certain day. But it ended up with him and his ten sons going to the gallows.

But what’s important is that the Talmud was written during that period. The Talmud was not written by God but by demonic Jewish rabbis working with Babylonian high priests, who also wrote many of the books that are now part of the Kabbalah, which is a horrible system of magic and superstition.

Saddam Hussein and his scientists and historians had found all this stuff and were collecting all these ancient books of the Jews. They were going spring all this on the world. And so Israel told America: “We Jews want you to conquer that nation. Make up any excuse you want. But conquer Iraq and Saddam Hussein and take those ancient manuscripts.”

Do you doubt me friends? Let me read to you from the New York Times, May 7, 2003:

“Bagdhad, Iraq, May 6: What began today as a hunt for an ancient Jewish text at secret police headquarters here wound up unearthing a trove of Iraqi intelligence documents in one huge room in the flooded basement of the building. American soldiers from MET-ALPHA, the Mobile Exploitation Team, Col. Salazar and Col. Richard McPhee were in charge of this team. The team searched for these ancient documents for three months in Iraq after we won the war.

The discoveries which American military officers called significant…. What they found were precious books and holy texts. The team chaplain shook his head in disbelief. They found documents that were stored under four feet of murky, fetid water. Dead animals floated on the surface. There were shards of glass, pieces of smashed walls, and other bombing debris. They were in search of holy text books. They found hundreds of books floating in the foul water. They rescued three bundles of older Jewish books, including a Babylonian Talmud from Vilna. They also located the accounting books of the Jewish community of Baghdad and dozens more modern scholarly books. They turned over one large truckload of intelligence documents to the Defense Intelligence Agency.”


Dear friends, American intelligence experts weren’t looking for nuclear/biological/chemical weapons. They were looking for the Jewish ancient documents that would prove how murderous, how treacherous, how filthy and dirty and polluted were the minds of the Jewish rabbis who lived in ancient Babylon and who helped the high priests of Babylon write these damning books.

And then they found a wooden box with Hebrew writing. They were aided in their intelligence search by a man named Ahmed Chalabi. He’s the guy that helped lead the U.S. invasion of Iraq. These precious religious documents of the Jews were then brought to America to Texas. And there, teams of scientists pieced them back together. We spent millions of dollars to restore all of these documents, including that ancient Talmudic textbook. You see, the Talmud today is called the Babylonian Talmud. The Jews say this book is more important to them than the Bible. It’s more important for a Jewish rabbi to study the Talmud than to study the Bible.

Well, here’s another article from Ha’Eretz daily newspaper from Israel. And Israel is now saying: “we want these documents back.” What do they mean they want them back? For over two thousand years, they’ve belonged to Babylon, to Iraq.

Remember when our troops went into the Iraqi museums looking for things. That’s what we were doing. We were crawling all over Iraq, looking for these ancient documents. We wanted to save the necks of the Jews. Plus, we would have discovered the Khazarian thesis was correct. We now know through DNA that the Khazarians are the Jews of today and ancient Jews who lived in Babylon of that time did not become the Jews of today. In Revelations, Jesus talked about “those who say they are Jews and are not, but are of the Synagogue of Satan.” They want to hide all these things.

All of those people were tortured, sexually, physically. And George Bush enjoyed the torture. He watched it as it occurred on closed circuit TV in the White House with his filthy, dirty friend, the Vice President of the United States, Dick Cheney.

Let me explain something. This American embassy, the largest in the world, is actually the Israeli embassy for “Greater Israel.” It’s the headquarters building from which Israel plans to take over the entire world. We spent $6 billion to build an Israeli New World Order, Illuminati embassy. They will have over 20,000 people working there.

How did they take over the Ukraine? By working in this embassy. Think about it. A country of only 18 million people with the largest embassy in the world. And our Congress spent over $6 billion for it. It’s got everything. Tennis courts, swimming pools, offices, and, of course, all those intelligence analysts from Israel and the United States, the CIA, and on and on. They are planning all the wars for the future. We are funding ISIS and everything going on in Syria and the Middle East today, because of this great embassy. This is the embassy from hell. The embassy of the Illuminati in Baghdad on the Tigris River.

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