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Las Vegas Shooting Survivor Describes TEAMS Of Shooters Killing Americans: State-Sponsored Terrorism (Oct. 1, 2017)

Vegas Shooting Survivor Describes Teams OF Shooters Killing Americans

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

George Orwell, author of 1984

Webmaster comment: What this means is the US military teamed up with the Las Vegas Police Department to execute this public mass murder-massacre of Americans. Private subcontractors, such IDF’s spinoff Blackcube or US mercenary company, Blackwater, were probably also used. Certainly the conspirators would have obtained the cooperation of local hotels etc.  Per standard practice with such government black ops, Stephen Paddock, the alleged “lone nut” shooter (actually patsy) accused of carrying off the entire operation, was a victim of CIA-military MONARCH-MKULTRA-remote electronic targeting, mind control, and torture.

This event joins the ranks of American state-sponsored terrorism that also includes the murder of JFK, Oklahoma City, Waco, Ruby Ridge, 9/11, and a host of others. The pattern is nearly always the same, and as per 9/11, involves coordination of “moles, patsies, and professional killers” by military and intelligence agencies (from Webster Tarpley’s “911 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA,” 5th edition, 2012).

Let’s be clear, the so-called Global War on Terrorism, concocted and conducted mainly by the US and Israel, is the greatest fraud and covert operation in history.    AND the most profitable.

The American war-terrorism-death machine is now turned against the American people (just as in the organized stalking-electronic torture black program). It involves coordination of all military branches with CIA, NSA, FBI, DHS, NATO, NASA, Northcom (US Northern Command), US SOCOM (Special Forces Command) and innumerable agencies and players in all sectors of society, termed “the Interagency.” This is the “Deep State.”

Please let this fact sink in: The US military-intelligence-police complex murdered 58 and wounded another 527 innocent people on Oct. 1, 2017 in Las Vegas. And we citizens pay these devils to protect us?!

Please let this fact sink in: The Las Vegas Police participated in this mass murder. Based on my experience as a TI, I conclude that every police department in America is similarly tied into the “Deep State” and carries out operations to which they are assigned. I.e., the public serpents we pay to protect us, murder us.  The level of evil involved in the “targeted individual program” cannot be comprehended by normal people.   The only logical explanation for such determined and sustained evil that I can come up is that a majority of cops are Freemasons and Freemasonry is the worship of Satan.   Thus, these individuals do satanic rituals and are rewarded for carrying out “blood ritual murders” for their God, Satan.  That is probably an apt description of the “targeted individual program.”   And how else would you describe the Las Vegas shooting?   These people are devils.

For starters, we must hang the ringleaders and then court-martial military-intel personnel responsible and defund the police!

Since statistics on police murders of civilians became available in 2013, the number of Americans killed by police sworn to protect us has exceeded 1000/year. In 2022, the number reached a record high of 1,176. Personally, I believe the real number to be at least an order of magnitude higher. When you add the number of targeted individuals who are murdered, commit suicide, or otherwise killed through this covert government black program run out of Sheriff’s Departments, the real number of deaths must be at least two orders of magnitude higher- i.e., 100,000 per year, conservatively. Remember, organized stalking-electronic torture black ops are run out of Sheriff’s Departments! Defund the police!!!!!

America is occupied by enemy forces. Those enemy forces have found evil dupes, minions and mind-controlled patsies to carry out their crimes. America has become a totalitarian state, completely anathema to its founding documents and history. The American Neo-Nazi-Stasi-police state must be universally despised, dismantled, abolished, and exterminated- by the American people- or by foreign powers. And those who have participated in these heinous crimes must be held responsible.

Let’s cast the net of justice at least as far back as the public execution of President John F. Kennedy in 1963.


3 hours ago
Don’t Forget people – just like they hide multiple shooters during this attack they also hide the fact that multiple people including fire fighters testified of explosions during the 911 attacks on the world trade center
8 hours ago
I saw the helicopters shoot and I saw them get away. I have testimony unlike anyone else I have heard. I have written literally hundreds of emails including every Infowars address I can find and nobody from Infowars has ever replied. I can answer many of the questions asked here but they apparently have no interest. Apparently coffee is a way to their platform. I wonder what else they like
11 hours ago
In a lot of shootings, the victims describe multiple shooters. Are they planned events to allow archons to feed on negative emotions, I don’t know.
12 hours ago
It’s stuff like this that makes my blood boil over. I wish we could fight a war against the Deep State and every one of their worthless agents. To exterminate every last one of them. To send them screaming in misery straight to the eternal fires of hell.
15 hours ago
This would not be the first time the DEEP STATE killed a lot of Americans. They want to destroy the 2nd Amendment. If we lose our guns, we will not be able to stop the DEEP STATE from killing us all. Just look at Australia.
16 hours ago
Folks, the amount of rounds being fired at one time was more than a thirty round clip! This was a S.A.W. ! NO AR or M-16 can fire that many rounds at one time without a jam from an over heated barrel! THIS WAS A BLACK OP BY EVIL FORCES IN OUR GOVERNMENT!!! This was indeed MAJOR fire power from multiple fields of fire!
19 hours ago
For real.
a day ago
So what are you people going to do about it?

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