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Appendix 42. Psychological Operations Blueprint (by Omnisense)

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February 19, 2024

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February 25, 2014

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February 23, 2014

Appendix 42. Psychological Operations Blueprint & From Psychological Operations Blueprint

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1 Psychological Operations Blueprint
2 Disinformation Formulas
3 Methodology
4 Allegories & Derivatives
5 New Age Psychological Operations
6 The Covert Technology Side of the New Age
7 New Age Cover Stories for Remote Influencing Technology Exploitation
8 Targeted Individual Psychological Warfare
9 Psychological Warfare Quotes
10 Summary
11 Highly Likely or Confirmed Perpetrators
12 References

Psychological Operations Blueprint

• Social engineering / population conditioning / perception management
• Predictive programming aimed at behavioral change[1]
• Predictive programming with an intent to manipulate beliefs / belief system engineering
• Operations are designed with a foundation of plausible deniability
• Internet Information War – Obfuscating the Truth
• Information warfare directed at controlling the opposition
• An objective is to co-opt the ‘truth movement’
• Agendas exist to discredit the truth, also to cover up the truth
• Information warfare objectives of marginalizing sensitive information in the public mind
• Cover stories have been established to conceal proliferation of remote influencing technologies
• To manipulate the enemy (the civilian population) into fruitless paths
• To create apathy / To suppress effective oppositional activity
• Demographics divided into left & right brain imbalances[2]
• To warp mind programming tied to language to align to the shadow government’s agenda. e.g. How mainstream media has warped the public’s NLP related to the words “conspiracy theorist”
• Electronic control grid orchestrated psychological operations to discredit the credibility of a target or target demographic
• Misrepresentation of opposition is a primary ethos of military / intelligence psychological operations
• Misrepresentation of oppositional paradigms is a primary objective of modern psychological warfare
• Psychological operations are used as a stratagem to divide & conquer the opposition
• Setting up of chosen opposition has occurred
• Standard counter operations (counterintelligence) for potent individuals, truths, or paradigm shifts
• Black project science has provided shadow government war criminals superior knowledge, this superior knowledge is highly useful to derive disinformation from, partially because it is not yet known
• Electromagnetic mind control enables covertly controlled opposition
• Engineered events and/or media is demonstrably falsified in the public eye while targets oversimplify the falsified event into an area of truth (e.g. Sorcha Faal articles about a sensitive subject that associates that subject with “fake news”, dailymail fake news articles about directed energy weapon truths strategically packaged as April Fools jokes, “Galactic Federation of Light” failed global contact predictions, can be used with false witness testimony in a case that is actually true, numerous other methods)
• Some so called journalists are nothing more than CIA shill mouthpieces, essentially psychological warfare operatives[3]
• To establish new age cover stories to be used for concealing electronic control grid symptoms
• To establish mental health paradigms engineered to cover up the targeted individual plight
• To establish extraterrestrial cover stories to be used for sensitive truths
• Disinform the open minded related to extraterrestrials (This has been weaponized versus the time when extraterrestrials actually do come forward)
• Information warfare aimed at contrasting negatively with deeper truth (i.e. weaponized against truth absorption)
• Disinformation designed to reorient from progressive paradigms to regressive paradigms
• Covert use of electromagnetic mind control to make a mockery of the general public or alt media, this provides a strategic elitist secret society environment of superiority
• Government access to true extraterrestrial contact with beings from our galaxy provides potent psychological warfare data. (e.g. highly intelligent occult data)
• What I call ‘mk-special’: This can be to discredit the target or to appease their ego. e.g. Use of flattery with mind control assets by their handlers and/or use of discrediting techniques like persuading them they were a notable person in past lives
• Creating an environment where alt media appears absurd to the mainstream, gives a sample of irrationality to over-simplify to all conspiracy believers
• Belief systems have been engineered to look irrational to one another
• The CIA appears to have the desire to co-opt just about everything
• The CIA employs overzealous weaponization of everything possible

“It’s not a matter of what is true that counts, but a matter of what is perceived to be true.” ~Henry Kissinger

Disinformation Formulas

• Truths mixed with psychological hooks
• Feel good material mixed with disinformation
• Hard truth mixed with a small number of falsities (e.g. to push one specific hook, or to slander an oppositional individual)
• Orchestration of truth from an individual to be later used for gatekeeping purposes or specific agendas such as lesser perceivable false light
• Disinformation intended to demonize reality for psychological effect (e.g. the entire universe was created by evil)
• Disinformation concocted to cover up war crimes (e.g. there is a set of notions in mainstream mental health used to conceal high-tech war crimes as mental illness)
• Disinformation meant to character assassinate
• Faux-debunking is occurring in fields of sensitive truth or against persons who bring truth
• Sensitive truth can be sacrificed to eliminate or suppress a greater threat (Like a powerful dissident)
• Psychological operations designed with intent to divide & conquer conspiracy belief prone demographics
• Anything psychological that can be considered is prone to be weaponized in some form by the intelligence community
• Discredited by association is an effective psychological warfare technique (Seen with the Flat Earth PSYOP, the new age, Nibiru, fake news, mainstream media cover ups of government organized crime, etc)
• Resourceful use of the idiosyncrasies & deceptive nuances of the universe to persuade to a false conclusion
• 100% Truth can also be used as a form of psychological warfare (e.g. Smaller truths distracting from greater truths, orchestrated actions in a target which technically happened but in a deeper sense was not based on their own volition/free will, traditional methods like telling your enemy what you will do to them before you do it, and a lot more)
• People often see what they desire to in reality, this has been exploited by psychological operations telling people what they agree with in addition to the psychological hooks
• Engineering of the disinformation to be more exotic than reality (This produces a strategic effect when the target population hears the truth)
• Psychological triggers to develop trust in the information mixed with with psychological hooks
• ‘Fake News’ was in part a disinformation formula made operational to be able to strategically marginalize conspiracy truths (Specifically #Pizzagate). I am predicting it will be further used strategically
• Truths mixed with psychological hooks appears to be the standard disinformation formula

“An intended effect of information warfare is the division of those who disagree with each other.” ~Omnisense


• The high-tech products of Project mkultra, what I call ‘the electronic control grid’ is the ultimate psychological warfare apparatus
• The brain is open source to electromagnetic technologies, a major part of the electronic control grid is covert electromagnetic mind control
• The electronic control grid can make a concept viral (e.g. flat earth)
• Directed energy weapons/implants are the physical source of electromagnetic mind control
• Electromagnetic mind control augments all major psychological operations
• Artificial intelligence operates the electromagnetic weaponry
• Remote computerized tracking of targets via DNA and bio signatures
• Neural monitoring data Ai processed – Thought surveillance analysis
• Neural monitoring of PSYOP consumers is used to better hone & craft content
• Full blown mind surveillance has been achieved in black projects
• Ai mapping of all brain waves for strategic warfare versus the global population
• End game virtual reality – Synthetic dream mind control programs
• Exotic Neuroscience – Synthetic signals in the brain (e.g. Neurobody tech)
• Some psychological operations may not be very effective without electromagnetic mind control
• Major planet-wide operations enhanced or carried out by the full black project technology suite
• Bribery / Paying people off to shill for the agenda
• Tax payer dollars funneled into strategic mass deception
• Information warfare weaponized against the civilian population
• Impersonation of higher power – impersonation of cosmic beings
• False light as a tactic to persuade and psychologically direct
• Failed Predictions / False Hope (Seen in new age channeling)
• False light masquerading as a savior
• False light masquerading as a teacher
• False light sources presenting a false version of reality that is strategically designed to contrast negatively with the truth
• Electronic control grid used to misdirect beliefs
• Covert RF mind hacking controls the opposition

“It seems AI has the power of the Matrix(in the movie) without the need for us to be in a pod plugged in.” ~Andrew Hale

Allegories & Derivatives

• Disinformation Model; Derivations based on deeper truths of the universe
• Derivatives of secret government extraterrestrial contacts
• Superior scientific understanding of the universe is being weaponized
• End game technology can be an allegory of disinformation (e.g. Neuroscience based virtual reality for astral projection, BCI packaged as remote viewing, BCI packaged as psychic nature, & other new age deceptions)

“There are many ways to miscalculate reality.” ~Omnisense

New Age Mind Control Programs

New Age Psychological Operations

• Information warfare over people’s perception of reality
• Control of the opposition has been achieved with false light information sources
• New age psychological warfare aimed to obfuscate the truth and control the opposition in an internet age
• Alt media has been co-opted via electromagnetic mind control & other directed energy weapon methods
• Promotes apathy by presenting the idea of an ascension shift taking care of Earth’s deepest problems
• To think the victim is at fault for being victimized (In truth this is sickening brainwashing from the occultists)
• Ignore the negative[4][5](As long as the negative is ignored nothing will change)
• Meditate world peace into action (while the world burns)
• Promotion of the idea that there is no such thing as truth or knowledge, it’s all a matter of subjective opinion[4][5]
• The new age promotes alienation of the mind instead of learning it’s secrets
• Moral relativism is promoted in the new age, i.e. There is no right or wrong[4][5] (A Satanist ideology)
• The new age promotes the idea that an army of disembodied spirits are eating our emotions, and this is why there are obvious dark forces creating so much suffering. After coming to know the dark forces, it appears that the main allegorical truth to this is that the dark forces are sadists. Sadism: Enjoyment of cruelty: a taste for the suffering or psychological distress of another person[6]. Through brain-computer interface models of sadism someone metaphorically feeds off of the consciousness of a person.
• Indigo children (a wave of galactic starseeds to assist mankind) turned out to be millennials, if you think millennials are the gifted cosmic beings of the galaxy be my guest
• Thinking holding a belief in one’s mind will automatically change the mechanics of reality in one’s favor[4][5] (This is termed the law of attraction)
• Bastardization of modern spirituality
• Emphasis on a higher power taking action for you
• Misdirection related to correct actions in opposing the NWO
• Disinformation designed to discredit / contrast with deeper cosmic truths
• There are new age psychological operations objectives to disinform the world in the field of extraterrestrial information – bastardization of UFOlogy has occurred
• Demonization of end game technology – predictive programming of new agers aiming to divide population as much as possible with the coming neuro-tech revolution
• An assortment of old age and new age paradigms chosen & proliferated via the electronic control grid to enhance aspects of a New World Order agenda
• Predictive programming of both new agers and those who react to new age information
• New age set of beliefs is a New World Order engineered belief system – the global intelligence community’s psyop brainchild
• There is nothing potent enough to be a one world religion: The new age set of psychological operations is the NWO planted “religion”
• New age religion engineered with all sorts of psychological pitfalls (e.g. solipsism, “everything is an illusion”, apathy causing mindsets, infuriating when it’s pointed at you kind of stupidity, etc)
• Acts as a dragnet to imprison people transcending old age engineered belief systems into a new covert technological influence friendly manipulation
• Predictively programs the masses regarding coming global first contact truths
• New Age disinformation that hits many birds with one stone (e.g. truth suppression, societal division / social engineering)
• Promotion of solipsism and/or “everything is an illusion” to obscure the idea that the truth exists (the truth is a threat to national security)

“An army of CIA AI based channelers pepper alt media with information warfare.” ~Omnisense &

The Covert Technology Side of the New Age

• New age manchurian candidates – new age mind control assets infect the field of internet information (especially in the field of extraterrestrial information)
• New age cover stories exist for literally all black ops tech abilities
• Secret technology engineered events to persuade into the belief system
• Technological channeling mind control programs under cosmic disembodied spirit or deceased relative facades (Or anything the psyops crews could dream up)
• Remote influencing technology based psychological direction under a ‘spiritual ability’ disguise
• Black ops technology is being proliferated under a spiritual warfare cover story
• Creation of false messiahs with remote influencing technology
• Psychic nature is the perfect covert psychological direction cover story, it maximizes psychological direction potential while fully misattributing the source
• Astral projection is a perfect way to interact with someone under a neuroscience based virtual reality intranet disguise
• Remote viewing is a perfect way to implant a vulnerability to 3rd eye brain-computer interfacing
• Spirit possession is a perfect way to remain unseen while operating overtly with total individual control technologies
• The idea of a psychic attack obscures the true source (directed energy weapons)
• The cover story of ‘ascension symptoms’ is being proliferated to conceal electronic control grid activity
• The construct of the higher self is another perfect way to influence a target overtly while remaining unseen
• Psychic nature could be an equivalent of the monotheistic God mind control mechanism of the old age (God is another perfect psychological direction tool)
• Electronic telepathy / BCI is the perfect impersonation tool (e.g. cosmic being impersonations, gaia impersonations, RA impersonations, blue avian impersonations, any impersonation you can think of is possible)
• Natural telepathy is a new age paradigm strategically proliferated (e.g. To give BCI a cover story, to delude people about how revolutionary BCI truly is, to deceive about the nature of the universe, to deceive about the nature of extraterrestrials)
• Remote influencing technology under a “natural” remote influencing facade
• Manipulating of people’s perception of their past lives (e.g. “reptilian starseeds”)
• Promotion of the idea that “raising your vibration” disallows one to be mind controlled (complete and utter nonsense)
• Technological mind tricks of many types supporting of psychological operations via black project technology (Mandela effect psyops, time travel psyops, synthetic optics based psyops, powerful mind control)
• Invisible black project technology under an inter dimensional being / disembodied spirit cover story
• Black ops remote influencing tech used to create notions like ethereal implants and their removal to keep opposition in a continual loop of fruitless action
• More fruitless paths: use of notions like fighting in a synthetically produced tech based VR “astral realm” will help humanity defeat evil (e.g. Cameron Day)
• New age disinformation & many new age cover stories have been modeled after derivatives of black project science capabilities
• New Age Telepathic Impersonations: ascended masters, Ashtar, demons, jinn, shadow beings, RA, archangels, Jesus, holy spirit, God/Source, Gaia, extraterrestrials, inter dimensional Beings, Blue Avians, Pleiadians, reptilians, etc
• Directed energy weapon environmental manipulation with a “jinn” interaction cover story
• Artificial intelligence + electromagnetic weaponry engineered synchronicities
• New age mind control assets are rewarded by the electronic control grid (What I have called the dark law of attraction)

“New Age Psychological Operations are successful societal engineering attempts in that which a supernatural spiritual ability is central to the belief system. I believe a reason the black ops sources chose this flavor of psyop is it enables a supreme vulnerability to remote influencing technologies. Implanted v2k thoughts can be psychic ESP… end game virtual reality cognitions can be remote viewing. Synthetic dreams can be astral projection. Electronic harassment can be ‘ascension symptoms’ or ‘psychic attacks’. Mind Control can be spirit possession or higher self. I believe all of these cover stories were engineered to be popular for their providing remote influence ease and concealment.[7]” ~Omnisense

“In the era of new age psychological operations there is an emphasis on controlled opposition in alt media. I have learned remote influencing technologies are rampant in the modern day turning targets into mind control asset false messiahs of sorts. It doesn’t end there. This conspiracy also involves covertly engineered events with remote technologies to persuade into the belief system. After a few decades of constant societal digestion of mind control assets, and constant mind control programs aimed at persuading into the belief system, we have an engineered mass delusion of decently big proportions.” ~Omnisense

“New age cover stories exist for literally all black ops technology abilities.” ~Omnisense

“The New Age Belief System was engineered to be more bright and exotic than the truth, this creates a situation where if a fully programmed new ager was ever to stumble upon a good picture of the truth, it would seem underwhelming, ridiculous, or even like a psyop.” ~Omnisense

New Age Cover Stories for Remote Influencing Technology Exploitation
The following is a list I compiled of New Age explanations for things I know to exist via technology. Not all of these things I am saying are only technology, but I am saying the sources of black project technology based psyops have an agenda to make people think the New Age version when they are being engaged by these technologies due to the nature in which it obscures their presence.

Mind Control Cover Stories:

• Higher Self Influence
• Spirit Possession
• Demonic Possession
• Archonic Possession
• Jinn Possession
• Cosmic Entity Channeling
• Guidance from “Source” or God

Electronic Harassment Cover Stories:

• Psychic Attack
• Astral Attack
• Ascension Symptoms
• Demonic / Jinn / Archontic Possession
• Spirit Attack
• Spiritual Warfare
• Inter dimensional Beings

Neurobody Synthetic Signal Neuroscience Cover Stories:

• Ethereal Implants
• Chakra
• Entity Attachments
• Astral Body

Synthetic Dreams/Virtual Reality Cover Stories:

• Prophetic Dreams / Visions
• Astral Projection
• OBE – Out of Body Experience
• NDE – Near Death Experience
• Natural Remote Viewing

Electronic Telepathy Cover Stories:

• Cosmic Being Contact
• “Gaia” Contact
• Psychic ESP (e.g. Implanted Conceptual Energies)
• Natural Telepathy

Remote Neural Monitoring Cover Stories:

• Clairvoyance
• Psychic ESP
• Natural Telepathy
• Synchronicities

All Seeing Eye Technology Cover Stories:

• Remote Viewing
• Akashic Records
• Psychic Visions
• Extrasensory Perception (ESP)
• Engineered Prophecies
• Synchronicities

“When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and it’s speaker a raving lunatic.” ~Dresden James

Targeted Individual Psychological Warfare

• Gangstalking / Street Theater used to discredit targets
• v2k used to discredit, psychologically direct, or torture targets
• v2k used to get TI thought of as mentally ill
• Isolation / limiting of interaction
• Limiting of information / control of information
• Gaslighting – derivatives of gaslighting
• Sleep deprivation
• Character assassination
• Drugging of the TI
• Engineered psychosis via electromagnetic mind hacking
• Psychological direction via engineered experiences
• Trauma based mind control – electronic tortures of all types
• Technological illusions – technological mind tricks
• Electromagnetic mind control of people surrounding a target
• Thought broadcasting
• Dark synthetic emotions / dark implanted thoughts
• Suicide programming[8]
• Punish/Reward systems[9]

“The point of the program is to have maximum psychological effect and leave the minimal amount of evidence.[10]” ~Anonymous Targeting Program Insider

Organized Stalking Psychological Warfare:

• Creative psychological warfare exists known as organized stalking or zersetzung, currently being perpetrated by a wide range of intelligence agencies worldwide
• Organized stalking purposes are a form of refined psychological warfare, commonly used against whistleblowers
• From obvious public observation one reason overt stalking experiences are given to a target: To discredit a target with a true but irrational sounding story; To frame them as mentally ill[11]
• The East German Secret Police (Stasi) rumored to have originated organized stalking for counterintelligence purposes – Termed “Zersetzung”[12][13][14]
• Potential recipe for success: Ignore the stalkers
• Perpetrator break ins done to psychologically direct the target
• Comprehensive orchestration of events to induce a fight or flight mindset in the target
• Comprehensive orchestration to induce states of irrational fear or paranoia in the target
• Comprehensive orchestration to induce a distrust of literally everyone in a target
• I personally believe that ‘gangstalking’ has psychological operation origins. In saying that I am not saying there are not real stalkers, just that the operation itself has results of discrediting targeted individuals and also assists to engineer the mental illness paradigms further to be weaponized against Zersetzung targets
• Targeting people who are already a bit off balance or emotionally disturbed who then give all TIs a bad name (The next two bullet points cover this)
• There are ‘gangstalking’ targets chosen for their already-evident emotional instability based on neural monitoring psyche-profiles, who are then targeted and given the definition of targeted individual to disrupt the collective truth, psyche, credibility, and well being of the TI community (These can be misidentified as ‘perps’ by many targets)
• Discrediting by association is done by mind controlling distressed and disillusioned TIs to send emails (For example writing about a ridiculous but true targeting in all caps with no paragraphs), and/or writing on social media all manner of nonsense & paranoid accusations. This is a desired mind matrix of the targeted individual by the perpetrators.
• Some “gangstalking” targets ostracize the idea of electromagnetic weaponry, this demonstrates a divide in the TI demographic which I believe is intentionally engineered
• Another objective is likely to obscure the much more sensitive electromagnetic weaponry & Ai based operations
• The secret society members who control intelligence agencies are virulent despotic abusers hellbent on sadistic domination, if you are a stalking target these are ultimately your “perps”, not your neighbors or family as they might like to psychologically direct

“The psychological operation that is run against gangstalkers themselves and people that participate in the program is just as advanced if not moreso than the psychological program that is run against TIs.[15]” ~Anonymous Targeting Program Insider

Gangstalking Illusions / Technological Street Theatre:

• Technological street theatre cleverly packaged as gangstalking
• Gangstalking illusions are done via the full suite of remote influencing technologies + artificial intelligence
• There are forms of high-tech AI coordinated stalking illusions which I have termed technological street theatre where unwitting individuals are weaponized against a target in a covert fashion to everyone involved but the target
• All sorts of trickery is used meant for the target to foster a wrong belief (e.g. About the true perpetrators is perhaps the most common)
• Labyrinth of tactical illusions used on the target
• Technological orchestration of events to be beyond coincidence leading to false conclusions
• RF mind hacking used to control a target’s perception
• Artificial intelligence oversees orchestration and makes decisions in real time or is pre-programmed
• Remote neural monitoring is one ingredient (AI processed thought surveillance)
• Thought reactive remote neural monitoring targeting AIs
• Electromagnetic mind control of neighbors+ to coordinate the cover story of stalking
• Powerful electromagnetic mind control of the TI can take place
• Electromagnetic thought suppression of key truths or solutions (Works best in isolation)
• Electromagnetic mind control used to augment negative psychological factors of the operation
• Comprehensive black project AI data collection used against the TI – (e.g. Every youtube video, Hollywood film and even porn video is catalogued for sinister use)
• They have very methodical programs aimed at using electromagnetic mind control of people surrounding a target to create the illusion of gangstalking. What the AIs can coordinate can be mind blowing.
• Complete lack of understanding of black project technology is a vulnerability of targets
• Cognitive dissonance to how potent artificial intelligence can coordinate events through neural monitoring and electromagnetic mind control is an exploited vulnerability of targets
• Many targeted individuals are currently deceived about ‘gangstalking’ (Whether truly stalked or not)

“It takes a certain level of humility to reassess one’s conclusions.” ~Omnisense

Electronic Targeting – New Generation of COINTELPRO:

• Government sources are using directed energy weapons and Ai to terrorize, threaten, intimidate, discredit, silence, torture, and murder dissidents
• “Minority Report” Retrocausation: Extensive international remote neural monitoring programs can calculate a target’s potentials before the target is aware of them (e.g. They knew I would want to make activist videos before I had that calling)
• Legit organized stalking or gangstalking illusions (Technological street theater) done to targets

Modern Day COINTELPRO Objectives:

• These are counter-proliferation centered programs intended to subvert
• To discredit the target / To character assassinate / To slander the target
• To taint the target’s image / To misrepresent the target
• To suppress the target’s monetary success
• To suppress the target’s good character qualities or people’s awareness of positive aspects of the target
• To arrange a partner for the target or mind control the partner of the target
• To destroy relationships of the target
• To co-opt the target’s manifestation
• To turn the target into controlled opposition (In terms of beliefs & actions)
• To incriminate the target
• To round down the target’s output and audience – To marginalize the target
• To eliminate connections & networking ability
• To suppress the target’s personality
• Sanitization of pleasure, emotions, and individuality
• To punish the target / To torture the target
• To destroy the target’s life
• To stop a target from procreating / Ending a target’s bloodline (Eugenics)
• To suicide the target / To covertly assassinate the target
• To cover up the targeting operation

Modern Day COINTELPRO Methods:

• Covert remote influencing technology suite
• Outlandish black project technology experiences
• Gangstalking / Organized stalking
• Trauma based mind control – No touch torture
• Technological illusions – Technological mind tricks
• Synthetic suicide programming
• Electromagnetic mind control aimed at discrediting the target (quite an effective method)
• Mind control of people who provide opportunities for the target
• Use of family against the target (e.g. malicious mind control of family)
• Use of pharmaceutical drugs against a target
• To orchestrate the detaining of the target in a psyche ward
• Technology playing devil’s advocate (entrapment) via implanted thoughts to get a target in trouble
• v2k to get a target diagnosed as “schizophrenic”, which is then used to take away the target’s rights[15] • Use of ego against a target (mk-special)
• There can be operations of mind controlled comments with an objective of making a target appear egotistical
• Specific technological control of a target’s body language or vocal tone (e.g. To generate mistrust or a number of other things)
• Use of electronic control grid to orchestrate misfortunes for a target

Electronic Telepathy – BCI – v2k

• Artificial intelligence acts as an operator (e.g. impersonates beings to targets, or gives perpetrators BCI cognitions of their abuse victims)
• Done via electromagnetic directed energy weapons (RF energy / microwaves)
• Capable of producing any internal mental voice for warfare purposes (a neighbor, a family member, God, holy spirit, anything)
• v2k Tactic: Get the TI diagnosed as mentally ill
• v2k Tactic: Get the TI sectioned in a psyche ward
• v2k Tactic: Get the TI drugged
• Dark psychological direction (black ops playing devil’s advocate)
• Dark implanted thoughts (e.g. self doubt)
• Plays devil’s advocate with shadow government agenda oriented implanted thoughts

“If they see too much power and originality coming out of someone, they either use it and siphon it or they undermine it in order to neutralize it.” ~Ahmad Enani (TI)

Psychological Warfare Quotes

“Behavioral change is at the root of the PSYOP mission.[1]” ~US Army Psychological Operations Officer’s Manual

“…information warfare unit calls ‘chasing the white rabbit’ and in their literature they talk about the war strategy of leading the enemy down fruitless paths and searches of information as far as they can go.” ~Ex-CIA Engineer Dr. Robert Duncan

“It relies on the average person’s tendency to generalize a single sample point to a whole group and use binary thinking.” ~Department of Defense Whistleblower, From the Out of Print Book: The Matrix Deciphered

“The invisibility of directed energy weapons provides for a potent environment for disembodied spirit illusion trickery.” ~Omnisense

“Electromagnetic mind control provides for revolutionary opportunities to control the opposition.” ~Omnisense

“The shadow government is always thinking of ways to discredit the truth.” ~Omnisense

“Strategically contrasting demographics have been engineered.” ~Omnisense

“The most basic form of mind control is repetition.” ~Unknown

“There are psychological operations for all demographics.[16]” ~Omnisense

“There’s only one way to be right, but there’s lots of ways to be wrong.” ~Jeremy Radlow

“Black ops sources have made full use of the nuances of Abrahamic religions in cover stories and disinformation.” ~Omnisense

“Psychological operations sources are strategically contrasting disinformation with the truth.[17]” ~Omnisense

“It is possible to tinker with scientific instruments covertly with RF weaponry. Coupled with comprehensive international neural monitoring programs a conspiracy to conceal a scientific truth or a conspiracy to implant false science into culture is feasible.” ~Omnisense

“The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.” ~Selwyn Duke

“The Constitutional system of checks and balances has not adequately controlled intelligence activities.” ~Church Committee

“Superior scientific knowledge has been obtained via government black projects and this knowledge is being weaponized.[18]” ~Omnisense


• Ability to play God with the enemy’s mind has been obtained (The population is the enemy)
• An army of unwitting mind control assets is the new age of the infowar
• At this time the internet population is almost completely unaware of technological psychological operations aimed at their demographic
• New Age psychological operations as a form of engineered mass delusion
• Psychological warfare deployed through mainstream media / Hollywood & beyond
• Information warfare deployed through unwitting alt media mind control assets & beyond
• Psychological operations weaponized against domestic populations
• There are psychological operations for all demographics
• Strategic cover up of conspiracy taking place at all times
• The electronic control grid’s massive scope enables programmable mass delusions
• Smorgasbord of psychological operations via electronic control grid

Highly Likely or Confirmed Perpetrators

• The Vatican / The Society of Jesus / The Jesuits
• The CIA
• United States Military – U.S. Navy / U.S. Air Force / U.S. Army
• The Pentagon
• Department of Defense (DoD)
• National Security Agency (NSA)
• Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
• Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
• Security Industry Companies
• DARPA – Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
• Israeli Government / Mossad / Zionist cabal
• UK Government / MI5 / MI6 / GCHQ
• German Government / The Federal Intelligence Service (Bundesnachrichtendienst)
• Government of India / Intelligence Bureau (IB)
• Chinese Government / The Ministry of State Security (MSS)
• Russian Intelligence / Federal Security Service (FSB)
• Japanese Government / Public Security Intelligence Agency (公安調査庁)
• Danish Government / Politiets Efterretningstjeneste (PET)
• Government of France / French Intelligence / French Military
• Spanish Government / The National Intelligence Center (CNI)
• Australian Government / Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS)
• New Zealand Government / Security Intelligence Service (SIS)
• Canadian Government / Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS)
• Brazilian Government / Agência Brasileira de Inteligência (ABIN)
• Saudi Arabian Government / General Intelligence Directorate (GID)
• Plenty of unnamed corporations within the military industrial complex
• Every unnamed & corrupted military worldwide has potential to be involved
• Every unnamed intelligence agency worldwide has potential to be involved
• Secret societies that ultimately control the intelligence community, militaries and governments
• Rumor: Every party that has figured out remote neural monitoring has been initiated into a secret coalition controlled by totalitarian secret society members

“Each agency plays it’s role in the integrated global system.” ~Black Project Engineer Dr. Robert Duncan

Note: I know this much about psychological warfare largely from it being weaponized against myself. Secondary is some level of insider knowledge. I am strongly against the use of these techniques. I understand that through publishing them that it is possible they will be exploited, however I feel the public need to know is outweighs the negatives.

More Psychological Warfare Analysis from the Same Source: God as a Psychological Direction Tool
Faux Demonic Possession
The Cover Story
Ascension Psychological Operations, 5D PSYOP
Transhumanism Psychological Operations
Flat Earth Psychological Operations
Channeled Messages and their Link to Mind Control Programs
Agenda by Proxy


↑ Jump up to: 1.0 1.1 US Army Psychological Operations Officer’s Manual
Jump up ↑ Ex-Satanist Priest Mark Passio
Jump up ↑ Dr. Udo Ulfkotte
↑ Jump up to: 4.0 4.1 4.2 4.3 Mark Passio – “New” age bullshit and the suppression of the sacred masculine – extended with slides
↑ Jump up to: 5.0 5.1 5.2 5.3 Ex-Satanist Priest Mark Passio
Jump up ↑ BCI Sadism
Jump up ↑ War vs. the Truth: Psychological Operations Film
Jump up ↑ Suicide Programming – Covert Transhumanism Documentary
Jump up ↑ Punish / Reward Systems – Covert Transhumanism Documentary
Jump up ↑ Security Industry Specialist Anonymous Targeting Program Insider
Jump up ↑ New York Times Hit Piece (Trashy Journalism)
Jump up ↑ Stasi & Gangstalking Similarities
Jump up ↑ The Surrepticious Reincarnation of COINTELPRO
Jump up ↑ What is Gangstalking
↑ Jump up to: 15.0 15.1 100+ NeuroWeaponry & Artificial Intelligence Quotes
Jump up ↑ War vs. the Truth: Psychological Operations Film
Jump up ↑ Twitter: mkultraRF 8:25 PM – 27 Jun 2017
Jump up ↑ Transhumanism Psychological Operations

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