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Welcome to life in government terd soup. Courtesy of The Patriot Act.


Tortured in America
MKULTRA is alive and well. It’s the culmination of surveillance state powers used against an INDIVIDUAL. The entire kitchen-sink approach. ONE -vs- ALL.

The Crazy Makers

“…are you feeling OK, buddy?… ya doing alright, pal?…”

Are you PARANOID or are you a Targeted Individual being terrorized by a little-known federal law enforcement
orchestrated community harassment tool which has been given the name “Organized Stalking“?…

Essentially, this is a POLICE CORRUPTION & ABUSE OF POWER campaign (all the way down the chain of command, from the DoD/CIA & Homeland Security to local “community policing” types) of epic proportions – designed to completely overwhelm and appear so fantastical and absurd that even discussing a target’s new reality will make a Targeted Individual appear to have lost their mind…

Who am I? I am a father of 3 amazing, young children, a licensed Real Estate Broker, and grandson of an FDNY Fire Chief. I have never been diagnosed with any type of mental illness nor have I ever been prescribed, or taken, any form of anti-psychotic medication – not even an anti-depressant. For almost 14 years (since early Jan 2006) I have been subjected to a relentless terrorism & torture (war crime) campaign, in my opinion being orchestrated by the Department of Justice & Department of Defense (Fusion Centers). This terrorism campaign consists of psychological warfare, constant invasion of privacy and literally torture daily, by targeted overexposure to directed electromagnetic radiation weapons targeting (“slow kill assassination”). This is modern-day MKLUTRA (mind control).



FOIA Response – Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) FOIA Response – U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Office of Intelligence & Analysis


DISCLAIMER: This website and copyrighted materials (2009) and copyrighted materials (2011) are NOT written by the author Michael D. Fleming who published “Tortured in America: The Life of a Targeted Individual”, 2014.



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A Guide for Targeted Individuals



What is a Targeted Individual? I believe a targeted individual has essentially been added to a “list” that declares them an “enemy of the state” by whomever in power in the Department of Defense and federal law enforcement community that can make such decisions.

Who becomes a Targeted Individual? It is my opinion that literally anyone can become a target of our government. Whether it be someone who thinks and acts in a way that is in contradiction to current populas viewpoints or simply someone who has aggravated a person(s) holding a position of power (wrong place at the wrong time). In recent days past, targeted individuals could include leaders and participants in the civil rights movement, womens rights movement, etc. In similar fashion, modern day targeted individuals can include anti-war activists, gay rights supporters, marijuana users, animal rights advocates, whisteblowers, loners, political disidents, etc. Although I have heard many accounts of targeted individuals that hold liberal, leftist views, I have yet to find a person who holds conservative, right-wing idealogy being targeted. Basically anyone viewed as a nuisance or threat (or an easy target) by someone holding a position of power in the Department of Defense and/or federal law enforcement community. I believe the goal of making someone a targeted individual is removal from society by any means necessary; even if that means EXTERMINATION. The terrorism tactics they deploy would make COINTELPRO and MKULTRA bow their heads in shame…



First addressing the psychological warfare aspect, this type of operation is a torture (war crime) & harassment campaign of monumental proportions – it is NOT surveillance. The perps want you to know they are there. They want your undivided and constant attention! However, this is probably the most important thing a Targeted Individual can give to the perpetrators. Without it, their efforts are significantly minimized. This is psychological warfare, in my opinion being conducted by our Department of Defense (and their government contractors along with local community policing) against American citizens on domestic soil! So much for the Posse Comitatus Act. The perps thrive on a targeted individuals constant attention. Just think about it – if you are doing subtle (or not so subtle) things to intentionally aggravate someone, do you feel more gratified if the intended target ignores you or if they give you their undivided attention? Once a person realizes they are being targeted it is a completely natural reaction to want to see who is perpetrating this terrorism, torture, violation of civil liberties and war crime against you. This is modern-day MKULTRA (mind control). However, a targeted individual must train themself to ignore the perps (no matter how unnatural it feels) – a target must block the perps from their consciousness. If you have not seen the movie “The Secret” – BUY IT! And watch it often. In my situation, the psychological harasssment portion is mostly done by constant vehicular “mobbing” EVERYWHERE I go. If I lived in an urban environment such as NYC or San Francisco, or did not have a vehicle, the perps would most likely be mainly pedestrian. A target must train themself to look at vehicles – NOT FACES! In my case, these government trough-feeding cowards and their local community policing (InfraGard, Citizen Corps, etc) refrain from doing much harassing while not in their vehicles (during these times they often try to squeeze out the most constipated smiles I’ve ever seen or avoid eye contact all together). “Mobbing” is a term used to describe the tactic of literally surrounding a targeted individual by perps. In my case, the “street-level” perps are predominantly Hispanics (possibly recruited from community organizations such as National Council of La Raza) and older, very stern & conservative looking Caucasians (possibly retired military, retired law enforcement, freemasons etc) with angry, some even enraged, facial expressions. The Hispanics often use threatening arm movements, but almost always utter the words “asshole” or “bitch” – very easy words to distinguish, try it. In the early stages of the abuse, the effects on a Targeted Individual may be minimal – but over time and after being subjected to this terrorism CONSTANTLY, day in and day out, along with constant Electromagnetic Radiation attacks (“slow kill assassination”), it will act as a poison to the targeted individuals body (especially your heart). A targeted individual may become depressed or even suicidal and you will almost certainly start to reap negative psychological and physical effects – fear, anxiety, fatigue, pains in your chest, headaches, lack of interest in activities, disease, cancer, etc. It is a way to murder you without leaving any evidence. You MUST IGNORE them! At the very least, do NOT constantly look at their angry faces. It will help to significantly NEUTRALIZE the perps toxic efforts. This part of the terrorism campaign is essentially a “negative energy” operation. If you are constantly surrounded by negativity & anger, it will act as a toxin to your body & you will slowly become a negative and angry person. Do not allow the perps to poison you in this manner.

B. To Agitate, Confuse and Distract the Target.

The perps seek to aggravate and agitate a Targeted Individual through constant psychological and electromagnetic abuse, that while occuring infrequently may be attibuted to common life events, but when perpetrated constantly against a targeted individual, it will understandably begin to frustrate and anger the victim. The harassment is usually very subtle in appearance and engineered to be easily viewed as normal everyday occurences by any casual observer. The perps want a targeted individual to be continually thinking about them and in an agitated & volatile state which is just another way they can poison a targeted individual with constant negative, toxic thoughts and hopefully get a target to lash out in sheer frustration. A wise older gentleman, who was my “business partner” and whom I considered a mentor and friend when this all began nearly 14 years ago, told me that “no one can survive in a constantly negative environment” – a very interesting but very true statement! If a target is constantly thinking about “them”, the target is indeed being distracted from other much more important (and enjoyable) aspects of life. A targeted individuals performance at work will undoubtedly suffer, relationships will evaporate, attention and time will be wasted on thinking (negative thoughts, no doubt) about the perps and the truly important things in life will not get the attention they need and deserve. YOU CONTROL YOUR THOUGHTS – if you find yourself starting to think fearful or negative thoughts – STOP!!! A targeted individual must make a conscious effort to change their mindset – THINK POSITIVE! Focus on anything that brings you pleasure – family, a favorite hobby, travel, etc and let these trough-feeding puppets and their “community policing” helper’s focus on you!

C. Create the Perception of a Targeted Individual being Paranoid / Mentally Ill.

Ironically, this might actually be the easiest task for the perps to accomplish. Once a targeted individual realizes they are a victim of “Organized Stalking” they can easily fall into one of many psychological traps this type of operation is designed to induce. It is completely natural for a targeted individual to become over-observant and hypersensitive to everything and everyone around them. However, this type of reaction can now easily appear to resemble paranoia from any “casual observer”. When this type of terrorism begins a Targeted Individual is literally “shocked and awed” by the sheer magnitude and manpower/resources required to carry out such an operation. Not to mention the shock of suddenly having your privacy completed violated and many of your civil liberties essentially revoked. The scale of which an operation like this entails is unimaginable to someone who has never experienced it (in this case, ignorance is indeed bliss!). From the moment a targeted individual leaves their home to when they return, the target is literally surrounded at all times by hostile, angry perps. Through the use of GPS tracking devices (a cell phone may even be able to track a targeted individuals movement & possibly eavesdrop), aircraft, both stationary and mobile participants (all of which are using their cell phones to communicate a targeted individuals position & actions), the victim is never out of sight from a perp and is very often surrounded by them – literally. “This can’t possibly last long…”, “they won’t waste these types of resources forever on me…”, “they’ll soon realize there’s nothing here to persue and move on…” – these are the initial thoughts of any rational and sane Targeted Individual. As the YEARS pass – a target learns to adapt, accept that it may actually continue forever, and if a targeted individual has a competitive spirit such as myself (but not the resources needed to take on our federal government, let alone prove a “conspiracy” – especially one that is designed to make you look mentally ill if you even discuss it) a target must try to neutralize the perps efforts – render their VAST efforts impotent!

Have you seen the movie “Changeling”? If not, watch it – this type of abuse of power and character assassination appears to have deep roots with the civil servants we entrust to protect us. This is a modern day version of “CODE 12” – in my opinion, C.I.A. style!

D. Get the Target to React with Aggression or Violence in order to Incarcerate and/or Institutionalize.

This type of operation is the definition of ENTRAPMENT. The frustration experienced by having your constitutional rights revoked is more than most Americans could bear. If a targeted individual does not have the financial resources to take on the federal government and/or the community organization(s) they manipulate (and I imagine most do not), let alone the “proof” this terrorism is actually occuring, the frustration of constantly being tortured & living in this abused state understandably manifests into anger. Likely even rage. Even the most benign action can now cause a Targeted Individual to lash out in sheer frustration. And that is EXACTLY the type of reaction this operation is designed to produce. In my opinion, a targeted individual has essentially been declared an “undesirable” by someone holding power in our government and this is their way of removing them from society by any means necessary. Literally! Especially if a targeted individual does not understand the perps goals, I imagine this type of reaction to the constant abuse happens more often than not. “But, your Honor, I was being stalked and harassed everywhere I went…”, “They were torturing & terrorizing me…”, “There was a conspiracy against my rights…” Most likely the Targeted Individual skips incarceration and gets institutionalized instead! Did you know that once a person is diagnosed as having a mental illness by a psychiatric professional (and how could explaining an operation like this possibly give a mental health professional reason to believe their patient has psychosis) and that person commits ANY act of aggression or violence they can be involuntarily institutionalized indefinitely??? The now diagnosed (whether correctly or incorrectly) mentally ill person can also be forced to remain medicated for the rest of their life – essentially turned into a walking zombie. How many targeted individuals are now dead, incarcerated or institutionalized as a result of this blatent abuse of power and abomination of basic rights perpetrated by the very same people we entrust to protect us and would naturally turn to for assistance? Who knows

E. Destroy the Targeted Individual Financially.

Through the tactics discussed so far along with a relentless campaign of slander and character assassination which is designed to completely isolate the victim, a targeted individual can literally be left financially destitute and often homeless. Just think, how many Americans are currently living from paycheck-to-paycheck? A car accident or illness destroys them financially. Now try to imagine if our federal government with their unlimited resources (U.S. military, NSA, CIA, Homeland Security, FBI, DEA, JTTF, etc), the vast local law enforcement “community” including all of their informants, snitches and community-policing types, along with the various religious/ethnic/political groups they manage to manipulate having as their goal to destroy you – can you even imagine it? Now imagine living it!!! You wake up tomorrow morning and what you’ll read on this website is your NEW REALITY! All day – every day. Month after month, YEAR AFTER YEAR. Maybe Paragraph (C) of this Chapter should have been more appropriately named “How to Create Mental Illness”…

F. Instill Fear, Doubt and Hopelessness in a Targeted Individual.

“Who are all of these people?”, “Why are they stalking me?”, “What do they plan to do to me?”, “Is my family safe?”, “They can’t be doing all of this for no reason…” Get the idea?

So a targeted individual contacts their local law enforcement agencies (in my case it was the local Police Department when I lived in Concord, California and the local Sheriff’s Office when I lived in Contra Costa County, California in early 2006) and their response is… “I wonder why!?”, “I’ve seen people committed for 72 hours for complaints like this”, “How do you know you’re being followed?”, “If it’s more than one vehicle, how do you know they’re following you”, “We don’t have any form to take such a complaint”. But, after a little persistance on my part and then filing a couple “miscellaneous reports” – no follow-up, no interview, NOTHING! (I had to actually pay a fee at the local P.D. in Concord, California to file the complaint – can you believe that!?) Now you realize you’re on your own and it appears to be law enforcement sanctioned. A Targeted Individual now feels like they’ve officially entered “The Twilight Zone“. There is a U.S. federal crime called “Conspiracy Against Rights” which can be prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney’s Office if they so decide (actually, they have the duty to – but that’s another story). The question is WHY are they not assisting targeted individuals? Unless, of course, this terrorism & torture is implemented and sanctioned by the U.S. Department of Justice themselves…

G. The Perps Ultimate Prize: SUICIDE.

Many participants, especially local community policing, may be unaware they have been recruited to essentially aid in a murder campaign. After reading Chapter 4: Electromagnetic Radiation Targeting (EMR) and Torture (“slow kill assassination”), maybe you’ll fully understand. The beauty of a targeted individual committing suicide, from the perps perspective, is that they’ve committed no crime – punishable crime, at least. The perps didn’t have to murder you (or have one of their snitches/informants or brain-washed idealogical zealots do it) – you did it for them! As for proof of their crime – what proof? what crime?

If you are a Targeted Individual and are even considering this option, PLEASE realize you will be handing the orchestrators exactly what they want! Change your mindset, use them as motivation – THRIVE! Unfortunately, we ALL must die someday – why speed the process and hand these hypocritical cowards a victory… Work harder than ever before. Build a life they will envy. And make them watch!

ALERT: Smartphones have been weaponized.

If you are experiencing symptoms of directed energy weapons attacks,
immediately place your cell phone in “AIRPLANE MODE“.
Also, turn “Location Services: OFF”.



FISA Abuse by FBI

The Washington Post report on “Top Secret America”

Doctor Speaking Out as a TI (Targeted Individual)

Pentagon Discloses Hundreds of Reports of Possibly Illegal Intelligence Activities

TIME report 8/25/10 – The Government Can Use GPS to Track Your Moves

Drilling Opponents Spied on Like Terrorists – 9/16/10

FBI Improperly Spied on Activists, Says Justice Department Inspector General – 9/20/10

NSA Lawyer Questioned Over Cellphone Location Tracking of Americans

NSA Mind Control and Psyops (aka MKULTRA)


Jewish Gang Stalking

Based on the response by my local law enforcement agencies when I first reported this situation ALMOST 14 YEARS ago, it became very obvious to me that our tax dollars were “hard at work”. This is modern-day MKULTRA (mind control). Since this torture (war crime) & psychological harassment campaign began in early 2006 I have moved my family twice and now live in another State. Not only did the stalking and terrorism campaign continue uninterrupted, but so did the continual very low-flying aircraft (small propeller, helicopter and full-size 727/747 jet) pass-over’s and “holding patterns” (at all hours of the day and night) directly over & surrounding our home. It’s probably necessary to mention that I live in a high-end subdivision and am not in the vicinity of any major airports. The propeller planes in Arizona (all-white with 2 white stars centered inside blue circles, 1 on each wing positioned closest to the body on the underside of the aircraft OR all-white with blue tips on underside of wings OR all-white with a red stripe on the underside tip of each wing OR white, dual-propeller w/ blue stripe running horizontally along fuselage) and dark-colored helicopters are the most common small aircraft. Full-size jet aircraft that started frequently flying over and around our home when this campaign began in 2006 (full-size all white 727/747 jet plane(s) in CA OR white full-size 727/747 jet with dark blue underside in AZ OR full-size red & white 727/747 jet plane in AZ) continue also. During or shortly after these planes fly by is typically when the most intense Electromagnetic Radiation Targeting (electronic harassment) and torture seems to occur. These jet planes may be just another source of EMR overexposure possibly from very high power INFRARED cameras and/or RADAR (occuring while my 3 very young and still developing children are present)… Is it possible that satellites (yes, the kind in space!) are also being used against targeted individuals??? Does our government (Department of Defense) have satellites with the capability of delivering highly targeted “doses” of electromagnetic radiation (electronic harassment) from space??? What if a Targeted Individual was constantly being “tracked” by satellite(s) and/or continuously exposed to other electronic “surveillance” & harassment equipment from a neighboring house(s)…. The continuous planes flying over and around a targeted individuals home may be just another tactic to get a target to make what appear to be rediculous (or insane) accussations. After all, besides being a terrorism & torture campaign this type of operation is obviously designed to make a Targeted Individual appear mentally ill if even discussed. Will this constant and continuous overexposure to directed electromagnetic radiation (electronic harassment) negatively effect a person’s health and well-being over time? How about their family & young, developing children?In my opinion, I believe that our federal government (most likely CIA and FBI) are in charge of and orchestrating this abuse. It may be implemented through various government contractors and community organizations (InfraGard, Citizen Corps, Freemasons, religious groups, etc). The FBI & Department of Defense (Homeland Security) running this terrorism campaign seems logical to me considering the vast resources needed for an operation of such magnitude combined with its continuance, especially across State lines. I can assure you I am NOT delusional or paranoid, nor am I a criminal – I feel the need to clarify this, as just reading this sounds crazy to me (and I’ve lived it for nearly 14 years!) – so I can only imagine what you as the reader must be thinking. I am NOT a terrorist, a spy, a child molester, a serial-killer, a rapist, a cartel member or whatever else could possibly justify this type of terrorism and torture. I’ve read that this type of operation is referred to as extra-judicial” punishment. NO judge, NO jury, NO due process – how convenient for them! Most likely a targeted individual has been under some form of surveillance for many, many years and never committed any significant criminal act (or at least one worth prosecuting and/or one that can be successfully prosecuted). Once it is realized that the chances are extremely low of a particular Targeted Individual ever committing a serious offense (without the type of provaction described thus far), they may then be referred for “extra-judicial” punishment. Maybe I’m just practice – who knows?

So, besides the Department of Defense along with law enforcement and their local “community policing” helper’s, who else may be involved in this psychological terrorism, physical torture and war crime against U.S. citizens on American soil?… As I stated previously, when this type of operation begins, or at least when it is first noticed by the targeted individual, the victim becomes over-observant and I’m sure the orchestrators are well aware of this fact. Now understanding the extreme “mind-games” (psychological warfare) the perps seem to enjoy playing, I’m not sure how much weight, if any, to put on the VERY FREQUENTLY seen symbols and stickers on surrounding vehicles. After all, this is modern-day MKULTRA (mind control). But here’s a list of the most prevalent (both in the San Francisco Bay Area where this campaign began in early 2006 and Arizona where I currently live):

1. Small sticker of the American Flag (most prevalent of ALL when this campaign first began in the San Francisco Bay Area)
2. Sherrif Supporter/Posse Member and “Support The Badge” stickers
3. U.S. Marine Corps / Semper Fi stickers
4. Veteran license plate frame
5. Fraternal Order of Police sticker
6. Freemason emblem
7. Fire Dept sticker
8. Christian cross and rosary beads hanging from the rear view mirror of vehicle (they must have completely missed the meaning of their religion – hypocrites!)
9. “Coexist” bumper sticker
10. “La Raza” and “Piolin” bumper stickers (more prevalent in the San Francisco Bay Area then Arizona)

When this terrorism began in Concord, California back in early 2006, my very nosy neighbor, whom I observed “lurking” in our driveway on numerous occassions, (who ALWAYS seemed to be home) had the license plate “RWEB US” on one of their vehicles. In my opinion, the license plate refers to a victim being stuck in “our web” anywhere a targeted individual goes in the “U.S.” – Just a coincidence? Who knows? What I do know is that as soon as I mentioned this opinion to my wife (while inside our home), the vehicle immediately disappeared and never returned! (I later checked and the vehicle was indeed registered to my neighbor in Concord, CA – so this was not a visitor’s or borrowed vehicle). Also a coincidence?… It’s an even stranger story how I came to purchase that house in Concord, CA where this all began (at least at the current frenzy) – here’s how it happened… One day while at my office (again, I’m a licensed Real Estate Broker) I received a call from a man we’ll call Mr. R. Meiers – he stated “we had met once before at a Trustee Sale and he heard that I was looking to buy a home”. This was back in the summer of 2004 near the peak of the real estate boom. Just to put things in perspective for those of you not familiar with the Bay Area real estate market – well, it was on fire!!! Almost every house, irrespective of location/condition/etc, was getting multiple-offers and selling within a few days on the market for substantially above asking price! So, to get this call from Mr. R. Meiers seemed like a God-send. My preganant wife and myself were indeed looking to purchase a home and Concord was a much shorter commute to my office than where we were living at the time. Mr. R. Meiers proceeded to give me the contact information of the seller (who also turned out to be a licensed real estate agent) and I thanked him for the lead. I offered to take him out for lunch to thank him, to which he replied, “no thanks – but if you come across any good deals, just let me know”. I quickly called the owner and had the property in contract (before even seeing it – but this was the market at the time). The price was right, the terms were very favorable and the price was within our budget – what a deal! I was expecting to find a fixer-upper when I went to view the property the following day and to my astonishment – it was in excellent condition! I couldn’t believe my luck. WHAT A SCORE!!! That was the only call I ever received from Mr. Meiers. It wasn’t until this harassment campaign began that I started to reflect on the interesting circumstances of my purchase. The house was never listed on the MLS, no “For Sale” sign, NOTHING! Either the seller, who again was a licensed real estate agent, wanted to leave some bucks on the table or that house was meant for me. Or maybe those very “nosy” neighbors across the street were the one’s that were meant for me… RWEB US. Personally, in my opinion, I believe the owner of this vehicle had a very close relationship with our federal law enforcement community and when I realized his involvement in this entire calamity they decided to come after me even harder in an attempt to either silence me or at least make me appear mentally unstable in order to discredit me.

Here’s a few other interesting personalized license plates I’ve noticed on surrounding vehicles since this terrorism campaign began in early 2006:

LWFL EVL (Lawful Evil) – CA plate
URA HUNT (You Are a Hunt) – CA plate
HEARS 2U (Hears To You) – CA plate
CN THNGS (Seein’ Things) – AZ plate
WARGAME (War Game) – AZ plate



“Threat Assessment” Teams OR just a very cleverly designed entrapment campaign?

What would YOU be willing to do if an “authority figure” asked you to?


I’ve read this type of torture is also referred to as “the jail without bars”. Here’s a list of some of the tactics the perpetrators deploy:

VEHICULAR – The perps will manuever to “block in” a targeted individual, especially during freeway travel, in another effort to exert control over the victim, frustrate the Targeted Individual, and hopefully get the target to react irrationally. Another tactic is to make turns from oncoming lanes directly in front of the targeted individual in order to startle the target in yet another effort to keep the targeted individual in a constant state of dis-ease. The perps will also drive from perpendicular angles, either from side streets or oncoming turn lanes and proceed as the target is passing narrowly missing “t-boning” the target. Perps driving in the same direction as the targeted individual will move very close to a targets vehicle while passing and then return to the center of their lane after they pass. All of these actions are done in an attempt to keep the Targeted Individual in a constantly agitated state. And hopefully to get the targeted individual to react to the continuous harassment in an aggressive or irrational manner for the perps to attain one of their primary goals – incarceration of the target. These terrorism tactics are also designed to get a targeted individual to “spontaneously combust” due to the building and truly unimaginable frustration of constantly being subjected to the perpetrators harassment and torture.

PEDESTRIAN – “mobbing” is a term used to describe the surrounding of a targeted individual with perps – literally everywhere a target goes. Another attempt to invade a targeted individuals personal space and privacy. A store that is empty when the target arrives will quickly be filled – usually with one or more perps seemingly interested in an item VERY close to wherever the targeted individual is standing. It can actually become quite comical. I have to chuckle when I’m at a store and there is no one to be seen up and down the entire isle except for the one person (or couple) now standing literally inches from me, not usually saying a word, but looking at the items next to the ones I’m interested in (again, usually standing VERY close). This is just another tactic used to hopefully get a Targeted Individual to react irrationally.

AIRCRAFT – Wherever a targeted individual goes they are always being tracked by aircraft (and possibly satellite). The most prevalent (and easy to see), in my case at least, is a small white propeller aircraft and less frequently a dark helicopter. Low-flying jet planes are also used to constantly remind the target they are being watched.

Even the most rational and sane targeted individual will likely go through a “rage stage”. For the targeted individuals sake (and freedom), this stage will hopefully be very short-lived and not give the perps one of their desired results – incarceration. Or in extreme cases, take the lives of innocent people. Ever heard of the expression “Going Postal”?… After experiencing this terrorism & torture campaign (war crime) first-hand, I now wonder how many of the shooters were themselves targeted individuals who couldn’t cope with the building frustration and literally exploded. Who would be to blame for their actions IF that were the case? I’ve read (but have not verified) that many Postmasters have had previous careers with the CIA – now that’s a very interesting job transition. Hopefully, by reading this and understanding the perps goals and objectives other targeted individuals can outsmart, outplay and outlast these criminal hypocrites and cowards. When seeking a reaction of rage, there’s nothing the perps despise more than to be genuinely laughed at…(well, maybe ignored!)

Anti-GPS Stalking Device

I’ve learned that there is a anti-GPS tracking gizmo that plugs into your cigarrette lighter socket that prevents GPS tracking from working.
It prevents organized stalkers from successfully using a hidden GPS tracking transponder that the perps may put secretly on your car.
They sell two different models on eBay (look in “Spy Gadgets”). You may want to add this info on your site to help Organized Stalking victims.

BREAKING NEWS: Judge warns of “Orwellian state” in warrantless GPS tracking case

Depending on your particular situation, the perps may create the appearance of “different sides” being involved in a targeted individuals stalking/harassment. In my opinion, they are all just part of the psychological warfare (mind control) campaign – in my opinion… the CIA / Department of Defense with the close assistance of federal and local law enforcement agencies run this torture & psychological terrorism (mind control) campaign – local recruits/community policing may be a mix of various community organizations & clubs including whatever religious/ethnic/political group(s) they are manipulating and attempting for a Targeted Individual to perceive as “the bad guys”. Helicopters circling around your home in the evening and constant fly-overs whenever you (and your family) leave/arrive are all part of the psychological harassment and invasion of privacy – not to “protect” you from anything! One of the perps primary objectives is to manipulate your emotions in an attempt to use a targeted individuals fear/hopelessness/etc in order to allow this abuse to continue. This is modern-day MKULTRA aka mind control.

Are you being targeted and tortured by electronic weapons?
SCALAR WAVES may be able to help…
Check out the QuWave Defender


Just in case you don’t know what electromagnetic radiation (electronic harassment) is, here are a few examples: radio frequency (RF), microwaves, radar, infrared, x-rays, and gamma rays.



Directed Energy Weapons Assault on Florida Home

What you’ve read up to this point describes in a nutshell the psychological warfare, well here comes the physical torture – I call it being “zapped“. Most commonly it is referred to as “electronic harassment” – effectively it is continual overexposure to targeted Electromagnetic Radiation (electronic harassment). It is undoubtedly TORTURE! It is a war crime. Depending on the type of radiation targeting (ionizing vs. non-ionizing) being used during the repeated and ongoing attacks, the effects on a targeted individuals body (and cells) can vary widely. The word disease (dis-ease) literally means a disordered or incorrectly functioning system of the body resulting from the effect of imbalance, toxicity, or unfavorable environmental factors. I have little doubt that the continuous overexposure to directed electromagnetic radiation targeting (electronic harassment) will result in future health issues. Again, this abuse is being perpetrated while at our home with our 3 very young and developing children present!


1. Sharp pains and burning in heart area of chest (slightly up and to the center of body from nipple & side of chest under armpit region) – this pain results from the most aggressive of the attacks and a jet plane (passenger-style, not fighter) can almost always be heard flying by or in a “holding pattern” above our home either during the attacks or shortly after the attacks occur. I believe these highly targeted terrorism attacks are designed to make the targeted individuals body over-sensitive to ALL future electromagnetic radiation – which is all around us in our everyday lives. It seems to be a way of overloading the body’s natural electric balance. These continuous attacks are also intended to keep the Targeted Individual in an agitated state, cause a heart attack or simply inflict continuous pain. Most likely these ongoing daily attacks will significantly contribute to a future heart attack, heart dis-ease or some form of cancer.

2. “Fluttering” or “Gulping” sensation in heart area (this sensation seems to occur most often just after small, very low-flying propeller planes pass directly over our home).

3. “Charged” sensation in chest region.

4. Racing or Irregular heart beat.

5. Hard/heavy pumping of heart.

6. Fatigue/exhaustion, dizziness, vertigo, loss of balance.

7. Intense headaches.

The attacks are most often perpetrated while at our home (with our 3 very young children present!) and much less frequently while out shopping/dining/driving/etc. However, these attacks have occurred, although rare, at restaurants (while seated) and movie theatres (while watching the movie). The EMR attacks seem to be more effective if the target is relatively stationary. My gut instinct tells me the initial source of these attacks was from the continuous passenger-style jet(s) & propeller plane(s) which began flying over our home when this terrorism campaign started in January 2006. Once a targeted individuals body becomes sensitized by the directed overexposure (possibly from very high power INFRARED and/or RADAR initially) the mechanism(s) used to continue the assaults may be easily transported (possibly Radio Frequency or Microwave Weapons). Is it possible that satellites (yes, the kind in space!) are also being used by our government as beacons of electromagnetic radiation targeting (electronic harassment) torture devices against targeted individuals? Under the guise of “reasons of national security” or “an ongoing criminal investigation” (which never ends) could these and various other electronic “surveillance” devices, which emit continuous doses of various electromagnetic radiation targeting (electronic harassment), be used against a Targeted Individual over YEARS to terrorize, torture and MURDER the victim?… The symptoms also occur, sometimes with seemingly greater intensity, when staying at a hotel during vacations. Upon arriving, entering our new hotel room is literally like a breath of fresh air – no EMR attacks – a temporary, but much appreciated feeling of peace and ease… unfortunately this does not last long. Typically, no later than the evening of our check-in the attacks resume in full force, very possibly attributed to perps now occupying a surrounding room(s). Honestly, this is the one part I’m still not sure of… it’s a mystery…I guess that’s why it is referred to as “the perfect crime”.

I’ve read that law enforcement agencies including the FBI are presently testing and deploying “Directed Energy Weapons” (D.E.W). If the FBI has it, the U.S. military has probably had it for a decade or longer! Though it would be a rather expensive ploy, the planes flying directly above and around my home may be just another tool used to try and make a targeted individual appear mentally unstable if the victim reports such a suspicion (but I doubt it). It is indeed possible that “Directed Energy Weapons” are also being used from a neighboring property of a local community policing and/or vehicle(s). At this point, I wouldn’t take anything off the table.

“Technologies and techniques developed for use on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan have migrated into the hands of law enforcement agencies in the United States.”

Representative Jim Guest requests assistance for electronic harassment victims – Oct. 10, 2007

Microwave hearing. Is this what some “Targeted Individuals” have described as hearing voices in their heads? Claims like these can easily lead to a diagnosis of mental illness. But are they really crazy? The U.S. Army has been developing this technology for years.





Science Fiction?… Think Again!
Watch these recent episodes from The History Channel to understand
the technology now being developed AND TESTED by our military.

That’s Impossible: Death Rays and Energy Weapons – Part 1

Domestic Torture Via Radiation Weaponry: America’s Horrific Shame

US Electromagnetic Weapons and Human Rights Abuse

Here’s a list of some of the inexpensive and portable devices perps may be using against targets:

Phasor Pain Field Blaster, Phasor Blast Wave Pistol, Phasor Pain Field Generator, Phasor Pain And Shock Field

Laser Illuminator/Designator

Highest Power Adjustable Ion Ray Gun

Microwave Weapons

Here’s a list of some “Do-It-Yourself” books the perps may be using:

Electronic Gadgets for the Evil Genius: 28 Build-It-Yourself

MORE Electronic Gadgets for the Evil Genius: 40 NEW Build-It-Yourself Projects

Cell / PDA (ex. BlackBerry, etc) phones seem to be yet another device the perps can use against a targeted individual – not only to possibly track them and eavesdrop but also to “zap” them! I recommend taking out the battery when it’s not in use. I purchased an inexpensive “Electrosmog Meter” from (I have no affiliation with this website) and did some testing on my cell (PDA) phone as well as my wife’s. The meter read that our cell (PDA) phones were putting out more voltage than our 10-year old microwave oven while each was in use! As much as 18 V/m!


CELL PHONE (FBI can listen to you when phone is turned off) – FOX NEWS
In my case, the perps liked having me wake up at 3:00 AM every morning. Recently, that has changed to 5:15 AM. This is most likely accomplished by stronger “blasts” of EMR. And there often seems to be a jet plane in a “holding pattern” around our home when this occurs. Just another way they attempt to contribute to a targeted individuals exhaustion, allow time for a target to reflect on his/her situation, and exhibit their ability to exert control over another aspect of a targeted individuals life. On numerous occassions I would be awoken by the “zapping” sensation (usually in my heart / chest area and recently to my mid & lower back region) and go downstairs to find my cell (PDA) phone display brightly lit, yet there were no messages or missed calls! This was one of my reasons to believe that cell / PDA phones may be being used as weapons of EMR torture against Targeted Individuals. Possibly, there was a jet plane using INFRARED and/or RADAR against me, a satellite and/or a local community policing helper’s directing EMR at our home. I guess it’s possible that a targeted individuals body can become so overexposed and sensitized to EMR, a cell / PDA (with Bluetooth capability) phone can be used as a weapon (good thing there’s not too many of them around!)

Depending on the type of electromagnetic radiation (electronic harassment) being used at any particular time against a target, certain frequencies along the Electromagnetic spectrum may have distorting effects on television picture reception. I’ll notice that the screen of our master-bedroom TV set will flash two different shades, light to dark (especially noticeable while on the pink colored menu-screen) in a pulsating format – a few seconds lighter then a few seconds darker, continually repeated. This picture distortion has occured on 2 different TV sets and also happens to be in the same room where our 12-month old daughter sleeps! I should note that we use a cable provider, so there is no antenna or dish which could be affected by the weather.

Full-Body Scan Technology Deployed In Street-Roving Vans

US to Use Microwave Weapons On America Citizens

Microwave Weapons Will Rain Pain From The Sky

Electromagnetic Radiation Targeting (EMR/EMF) Weapons: As Powerful As The Atomic Bomb

Michigan Passes Anti-Electronic Harassment Law Including Life in Prison

Court to Defendant: Stop Blasting That Man’s Mind!

“Survivor of Electronic Harassment” on SFLive – aired 7/23/09

Army Caught Spying on Anti-War Group – FOX NEWS

In Court Documents, Federal Attorney Admits CIA Targeted Innocent Texas Citizen Who Is Also Being Targeted With Deadly Electronic Weapons


Professional Detection of Directed Electromagnetic Radiation Targeting (Electronic Harassment)

BOOKMARK THIS PAGE! (Press “Ctrl” and “D”)

CHAPTER 5 – What the Perps FEAR Most.

EXPOSURE & PROOF! They know their actions are criminal and in absolute violation of human rights, constitutional rights and civil rights. These perpetrators are essentially terrorists! Their tactics are designed to be nearly impossible to prove & make a Targeted Individual appear crazy if they report it (or even discuss it). “WHY WOULD THEY WASTE THESE TYPES OF RESOURCES ON YOU??? IT DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE…” Ironically, I believe this fact is what allows the perpetrators to get away with their crimes. It may be easier to believe an organized crime figure or someone of that caliber if they complained about this type of terrorism campaign being perpetrated against them. But a “nobody” with no criminal record – who could possibly believe that these types of resources would be “wasted” on them?… They must be crazy! This horrific abuse of power and terrorism will undoubtedly continue (and most likely grow in scale) until someone in a position of power or with adequate resources decides to have the courage to confront & expose the human rights abuse and civil liberty violations being perpetrated by these cowards under the guise of “national security” or an “ongoing criminal investigation” (which never ends). BY FAR, the most intense Electromagnetic Radiation Targeting and TORTURE (“slow kill assassination”) in recent memory occured between the time I registered this website and prepared to upload it to the internet (for all eyes across the world to view!). And now since the site has been uploaded [and the perps seem to be beginning to understand my resolve to expose them] the attacks have substantially decreased. These war crimes will NOT go away without taking action against these cowards! The perps rely on a targeted individuals fear and hopelessness to remain silent and not remedy the situation. Without those elements, the perps and their crimes will certainly be EXPOSED. Be brave! And the cowardly hypocrites perpetrating these human rights abuses will be EXPOSED and eliminated

Click here to download “State-Sponsored Terror Campaigns – The Hidden Evil” written by Mark M. Rich. It is, by far, the most detailed account of Organized Stalking I have found anywhere.

Ways to Combat and [Hopefully] Neutralize The Effects of EMR Overexposure on Your Body:

Are you being targeted and tortured by electronic weapons?
SCALAR WAVES may be able to help…
Check out the QuWave Defender

If you are a Targeted Individual, chances are you feel fatigued and possibly completely exhausted of energy (depending on the length of time you have been subjected to their abuse). The added stress along with the constant Electromagnetic Radiation (electronic harassment) targeting and overexposure have most likely caused damage to your cells which is a contributing factor for your lack of energy. You need to help your body to undue this damage with ANTI-OXIDANTS. Here are some ways you can reverse the negative effects which have been caused to your cells, regenerate healthy cells and in turn give you more energy (and make you a healthier person!):

1. Visit for various shielding products and detection devices. Paints such as “Y-Shield” and various clothing, bedding & drapery fabrics can help reduce the amount of electromagnetic radiation (electronic harassment) being directed at you (and your loved ones)

2. Although expensive, a company called BIOPRO makes various products they claim changes the effects of EMR on your body/cells through their proprietary ERT and MRET technologies. If you have the extra money, I highly recommend using their BIOLife pendants and iWater system.

3. Eat and drink lots of DARK fruits/fruit juices such as Blueberry, Cranberry, Cherry, Polmegranite, Plum/Prune, etc.

4. Take a “super-food” supplement daily such as ACAI (pronounced ah-sigh-ee). The liquid form is best and can be found at any health food store.

5. Eat DARK vegetables such as Spinach or Kale (in a salad is best since no cooking is involved which tends to reduce the nutrients).

6. EXERCISE (and get some fresh air!) – Remember, the world is NOT against you, the perps just work really, really hard to create the illusion of such!

If you know of any other effective shielding devices/technologies or great anti-oxidants & “super-foods” you think should be added to this list, please email me using the link at the bottom of this website.

Note: ACLU will not offer any assistance (or usually even respond to requests for help)


I came across the following email written to another TI (Targeted Individual) from someone claiming to be a street-level perp and it is quite an interesting read, to say the least!…


I hereby declare I am a U.S. citizen and non-consenting test subject in Department of Defense (DoD) directed energy weapons experimentation, “testing” and targeting.

I hereby request assistance and give my full consent and authorization for any attorney to contact me regarding this ongoing torture, abuse of power and war crime.


Email Address:
Phone 1:
Phone 2:


Report Violations of Civil Rights or Civil Liberties to the Office of the Inspector General

Department of Homeland Security – Office of the Inspector General

National Security Agency – Office of the Inspector General

U.S. Department of Defense – Office of the Inspector General

CIA Inspector General

ATTENTION: All Targeted Individuals should take the time to file F.O.I.A. or Privacy Act Requests

There is a very good chance someone in government had a National Security Letter issued against you and/or you have been placed on the US Terrorist Watch List (TSDB).


The longer you continue to accept their abuse, the more emboldened these cowards become. Calmly, logically & effectively communicate the details of your experience and these trough-feeding wanna-be “secret agents” will slither back under the rocks from which they came. Stay Strong!

Please sign this petition to U.S. Congress
End Electronic Harassment and Organized Stalking


  • “All we need is the right major crisis, and the nations will accept the new world order.”



David Rockefeller

9/11 and the Orwellian Redefinition of “Conspiracy Theory”
Question Authority!
9/11 War Games
Alex Jones’ Infowars
Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura
HAARP – The Military’s Pandora’s Box
False Flag Operations

I love my country not my government.

Are you being targeted and tortured by electronic weapons?
SCALAR WAVES may be able to help…
Check out the QuWave Defender

Obama Calls For National Civilian Stasi

Stop the Police State, Repeal the PATRIOT Act!

Click Here For A List Of Human Rights Organizations – REPORT YOUR ABUSE TODAY!

BOOKMARK THIS PAGE! (Press “Ctrl” and “D”)


Watch the full documentary now

Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup (2009) CLICK LINK TO PLAY VIDEO

(you can move beyond a “need to know” basis)

Ex-FBI agent: ‘Gangstalking’ term self-harm for Gov. no-touch Torture eugenics


ALERT: Smartphones have been weaponized.

If you are experiencing symptoms of directed energy weapons attacks,
immediately place your cell phone in “AIRPLANE MODE“.
Also, turn “Location Services: OFF”.


You are under attack by the U.S. military and ALL of their “assets” (most often for having damaging information about law enforcement misconduct and corruption)

Propaganda against U.S. civilians has been authorized by the N.D.A.A. and is NOW BEING USED AGAINST YOU!
(the “puppets” constantly surrounding you EVERYWHERE YOU NOW GO are U.S. Special Forces, intelligence agents, federal, state and local law enforcement, and community policing participants)

YOU ARE BEING MONITORED 24/7/365. EVERYTHING you say. EVERY MOVEMENT you make. EVERY phone call. EVERY internet/electronic communication and activity. EVERY transaction. EVERY breath you take. All of your habits have been analyzed. EVERYTHING about you is being analyzed. THIS IS LITERALLY THE MOVIE “Eagle Eye” and YOU are the target

Quantum Physics is being used against you in your new “constantly negative environment” (research the term and understand the detrimental health and emotional effects of constantly “absorbing their negative energy”). Welcome to MKULTRA!

Intimidation is a primary objective in psychological warfare and mind control. Understand this key to their puzzle and recognize this objective. MKULTRA is designed to silence and discredit. Do not fall for their clever charade – it is all part of their grandiose show!

You are being FRAMED and subjected to an extraordinary entrapment campaign that is designed to alienate you, enrage you and get you to lash out in any way possible in order to incarcerate or simply REMOVE YOU from society

Everything you’ve ever been taught to believe about justice, freedom, constitutional/civil and even human rights have now seemingly VANISHED. You are an MKULTRA test subject in a classified and extremely intricate maze of psychological warfare and mind control (sometimes also accompanied by ongoing, daily physical torture and poisoning through the targeting of directed energy/radiation/acoustical next-generation weaponry designed to break you and eliminate you)

Your new reality is now that of a non-consenting test subject in a classified program that is controlled at THE HIGHEST levels of our government and military

The damaging information you have about police corruption, military or intelligence (our government) is deemed to be MUCH MORE IMPORTANT to SILENCE and DISCREDIT than any individual’s rights (or even life)

WELCOME TO A POST PATRIOT ACT SOCIETY. Your new reality will now more closely resemble a 1984 Orwellian Police State than any normal existence you’ve experienced prior to being placed into this program (you have officially been listed as an enemy of the U.S. government and will now be under constant attack by our government – utilizing ALL of their resources to covertly destroy you)

My advise is as follows:

DO NOT ALLOW your new reality to become all-consuming of your time, energy and attention (or you will very soon find yourself destitute and homeless!)

FOCUS YOUR ENERGY on keeping any and all positive relationships in your life intact and try your best to cultivate new ones (this is unfortunately much more difficult than it sounds when being subjected to this ongoing abuse)

FOCUS ON YOUR FINANCIAL SUCCESS (it is literally your ONLY CHANCE of escape from this program)

DO NOT expect anyone else to understand your situation (or even particularly care) – making every conversation you have center around this abuse (about YOUR problems) will only help to drive people away and assist the perpetrators in further alienating you from any support

Try your best to COMPLETELY IGNORE the perpetrators and instead focus on living an enjoyable life (as much as possible while being subjected to ongoing, daily mental and physical torture)

Once you can manage to navigate your way through the shock of being subjected to this horrific abuse by what will seemingly be by EVERYONE – EVERYWHERE YOU GO and can gain a true understanding and acceptance of your new reality, DOCUMENT YOUR ABUSE! Create a permanent record by Copywriting your written account of the abuse at The Library of Congress. Again, do this at a pace that will not detract from your close relationships or ability to provide an income for yourself and your family

These feats will be EXTREMELY DIFFICULT – but they CAN BE DONE!

Be strong. Be optimistic. Make a conscious effort to be positive. Fully understand the objectives this program is designed to achieve. And be a SURVIVOR OF THE WORST ABUSE OF POWER IN AMERICAN HISTORY!


DOD Directive (not law) 5240.1-R was created and links those targeted for illegal and needless surveillance by Fusion centers, local police, CERTS, Citizens Corps and others (per the Washington Post article “Monitoring America” Dec. 2010) as “unwitting” subjects for war weapons testing by virtually anyone.

Ever heard of State-Sponsored Terrorism? A civilian being under attack by their own country’s military? This website describes some of the tactics military intelligence agencies are deploying against their own citizens to silence and discredit them.

No link to terrorism. No criminal charges. No judge. No jury. Instead, behind closed doorsYOU’RE BLACKLISTED!
and often worse…

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) Legalizes The Use Of Propaganda On The US Public.


Main stream media will not cover the topic. Police refuse to assist. And to top it off… you’re labeled as being crazy.

THE NSA VIDEO – Goodbye America!

The U.S. Air Force torture planes operating freely on domestic soil

FEAR Propaganda!

Maybe 9/11 should be named OPERATION

United Airlines Flight 93 was a passenger flight which was part of the September 11 attacks. It crashed into a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania during an attempt by some of the passengers to regain control. EVER WONDER WHERE THAT PLANE WAS HEADED?… Watch the above video and see if you can put 2 & 2 together.


THE FBI‘S NEW COINTELPRO TOOL: CITIZEN HARASSMENT GROUPS                    InfraGard                    Citizen Corps



FALSE FLAG OPERATIONS                    9/11 WAR GAMES                    ALEX JONES INFOWARS



PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION against long-term “Electronic Surveillance” (Radiation Targeting) at!
The U.S. military has recruited the Clergy of the Church to “assist with National Security”. Through Propaganda enabling a modern-day “shunning” of individuals deemed undesirable by the State (or high ranking member(s) of such). Also acting as a buffer for the U.S. government from direct culpability during these classified but rapidly spreading operations against U.S. civilians. It’s an ORWELLIAN POLICE STATE literally spiralling out of control.

Stop the Police State
Repeal the PATRIOT Act!


WHY would our government want to create terrorists???

Could the answer be… GUN CONTROL

Try imagining one of the following scenarios for just a minute. A dramatic and sudden spike in oil prices. Or the truly catastrophic consequences of the U.S. Dollar someday losing it’s current status as the world’s reserve currency. Or even some form of natural disaster or pandemic on a scale our government just wasn’t prepared (or had the ability) to handle. Now couple any one of the above hypothetical scenarios with an angry American public that’s ARMED and knows how to use their guns. Nearly half of all American households currently are. The American public is the largest Standing Army in the world – you and I. Could one of these potential, hypothetical (and likely looming) scenarios occuring in the not too distant future have created the “desire” somewhere within our government (US military) to DISARM Americans?

By any means necessary. And now the fun part… have the American public believe they made the choice themselves.




The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) Legalizes The Use Of Propaganda On The US Public.

Are you being targeted and tortured by electronic weapons?
SCALAR WAVES may be able to help…
Check out the QuWave Defender

Is the “War on Terror” a Complete Hoax?

Mind Games: The Tortured Lives of “Targeted Individuals”

Outlaw nonconsensual human experiments now

Representative Jim Guest Requests Assistance for “Electronic Harassment” Victims


BOOKMARK THIS PAGE! (Press “Ctrl” and “D”)

Microwave Harassment and Mind-Control Experimentation
by Julianne McKinney (Former Army Intelligence Officer)

“Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.”
Benjamin Franklin



Everything you ever wanted to know about the 9/11 conspiracy theory in under 5 minutes.

Please sign this Petition at (NEVER MIND, IT WAS IMMEDIATELY REMOVED)

Top Obama Advisor: Homeland is “Primary” Focus of Counterterrorism

Feds Profiling Whites, Middle Class Americans As Terrorists

Michigan Passes Anti-Electronic Harassment Law Including Life in Prison.

Targeted Individuals – An Overview | Targeted Individuals – The Ultimate Form of Entrapment & Police Corruption | Targeted Individuals – And The Freemason Connection
US military abuse using electromagnetic radiation targeting (electronic harassment) on US citizens

CATCH: Citizens Against Technological and Community-based Harassment


USAF Research Lab Biological Effects of Directed Energy


Are you being targeted and tortured by electronic weapons?
SCALAR WAVES may be able to help…
Check out the QuWave Defender



  • What is the link between FUSION CENTERS, jointly operated by the Department
    of Homeland Security and U.S. Department of Justice, and the horrific civil
    liberties and human rights abuse currently being reported by “Targeted Individuals”
    all across the United States of America?…




FBI Cointelpro intensifies against innocent Targeted Individuals

Fighting for Our Privacy Rights, Against the FBI’s New Powers by Senator Jon Tester.
“…And I’ll keep fighting to make sure the federal government doesn’t give away our freedoms in the name of security. Because when that happens, the terrorists get exactly what they want…”


Domestic Torture Via Radiation Weaponry Targeting: America’s Horrific Shame

Please sign this petition to U.S. Congress
A Petition Against the Military and Intelligence Agencies’ Use of Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassment



Full-Body Scan Technology Deployed In Street-Roving Vans

US to Use Microwave Weapons On America Citizens


A very interesting read for anyone experiencing electromagnetic radiation targeting (aka electronic harassment), written by Dr. John Hall A NEW BREED – SATELLITE TERRORISM IN AMERICA



Space-Based Domestic Spying: Kicking Civil Liberties to the Curb




This bill was referred to committee and no further action ensued. (2001, 2002, 2005)

My Life Changed Forever: The Years I Have Lost as a Target of Organized Stalking




Are you being targeted and tortured by electronic weapons?
SCALAR WAVES may be able to help…
Check out the QuWave Defender

The following definitions are from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Harassment: Harassment covers a wide range of offensive behaviour. It is commonly understood as behaviour intended to disturb or upset. In the legal sense, it is behaviour which is found threatening or disturbing.

Entrapment: In criminal law, entrapment is when a law enforcement agent induces a person to commit an offense which the person would otherwise have been unlikely to commit.

Directed energy weapons: A directed-energy weapon (DEW) is a type of weapon that emits energy in an aimed direction without the means of a projectile. It transfers energy to a target for a desired effect.

Electronic harassment: Referring to the use of electronic devices to harass, torture, and/or physically harm a person.

CHILD ABUSE: In the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) define child maltreatment as any act or series of acts of commission or omission that results in harm, potential for harm, or threat of harm to a child.

Stalking: Stalking is a term used to describe unwanted attention by individuals (and sometimes groups of people) to others. Stalking behaviors are related to harassment and intimidation.

Conspiracy Against Rights: Conspiracy against rights is a federal offense in the United States of America under 18 U.S.C. 241: If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person […] in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of his having so exercised the same;… They shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, they shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death

Torture: According to the United Nations Convention Against Torture, is: …any act by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is intentionally inflicted on a person for such purposes as obtaining from him, or a third person, information or a confession, punishing him for an act he or a third person has committed or is suspected of having committed, or intimidating or coercing him or a third person, or for any reason based on discrimination of any kind, when such pain or suffering is inflicted by or at the instigation of or with the consent or acquiescence of a public official or other person acting in an official capacity.

State Terrorism: terrorism “committed by governments and quasi-governmental agencies and personnel against perceived enemies”, which can be directed against both domestic and external enemies. Refers to acts of terrorism conducted by governments.


More About FBI Spying

Confessions of a Covert Black Ops Agent – “Psychological Operations are my specialty”

No matter how the wind howls, the mountain cannot bow to it.


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