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Intelligence Guide For First Responders (i.e., “counter-intelligence stalking,” GOG’S NEW GESSTTTTAPO, Hell, USA)

War On Terror
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Part VIII: Cult Connections

February 19, 2024

Gray State (film)

February 19, 2024

Quotes on War

December 11, 2018

CIA Front Companies

December 1, 2018

ITACG_Guide_2ed first Responders

“Roll Call Release (RCR). Available on HSIN and LEO, the RCR is a collaborative For Official Use only (FOUO) product developed by DHS, FBI, and the ITACG (Interagency Threat Assessment and Coordination Group). The product is written specifically for state, local, and tribal “street-level” first responders, and focuses on terrorist tactics, techniques, procedures; terrorism trends; and potential indicators of suspicious activity. The product is written on an ad hoc basis, is focused on one subject, and fits on one page. “

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