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Appendix 216: Remote Neural Monitoring used in unethical Army PSYOP experiments on private citizens

Remote Neural Monitoring used in unethical Army PSYOP experiments on private citizens

Remote Neural Monitoring used in unethical Army PSYOP experiments on private citizens

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Examining the social and legal impact of alarming DARPA research detailed in nightmarish account submitted to police.

The future-tech known as ‘Remote Neural Monitoring’ has emerged from conspiracy-speak to being known as a real world defense system already in development.

Until recently, often dismissed as impossible, Remote Neural Monitoring is a defense system relying on satellite-relayed electro-optical energy-like lasers to measure and model the brain activity and sensory nerve impulses of an individual.

“Any data that is sampled and transmitted, remotely, machine learning algorithms can then correlate communication and behavior data with brain activity data from individuals who are targeted,” explained William Starrett, a technology consultant and author of the landmark police report briefing that he agreed to include in a recently published book.

A Letter to the Texas Governor: The Jade Helm Report* offers chilling insight into the daily life of a modern “targeted individual” or victim of gang stalking.

According to military researchers, Gang or Group Stalking has been an Army Psychological Operations training right of passage for years. During which, stateside troops single out a private citizen, profile them, study their routine habits, and, as described in the Starrett report to law enforcement, carry out what amounts to criminal acts against the citizens they are sworn to protect.

Now, equipped with satellite-based Remote Neural Monitoring systems, Army Psychological Operations personnel reportedly employed by defense contractors like Lockheed Martin for furthering DARPA research and development, can telecommute and remain invisible as they effectively violate civil rights, civil liberties, basic human rights, and wartime laws.

According to Starrett, as of early 2017, the harassment explained in A Letter to the Texas Governor: The Jade Helm Report have been ongoing for over a year in the Richardson, Plano, surrounding Dallas, Texas area and while traveling.

“Law enforcement and state government have either neglected to respond, refused to take any action, or deferred investigation to the military programs sanctioning activity,” the book reveals.

The Starrett report to law enforcement begins with solemn personal objectivity: “While completing a software specification for neural networks and drafting a non-provisional utility patent application for modeling emotion representations as data, I was attempting to sell my home. It was during that time when this nightmare of endless harassment and forced participation resulting in theft of services began.”

Readers then see how Starrett’s concurrent self-funded research and development was interrupted by military members reportedly employed by a major defense contractor who stole trade secrets, intellectual property, and strategies for hedge funds to build expert systems leased back to their military and intelligence organization clients.

Routinely dissuaded verbally and subliminally by Psychological Operations (PSYOP) personnel using the Remote Neural Monitoring systems, Starrett’s numerous attempts to contact Texas military was met with no response.

“I was convinced by Texas military and Psychological Operations (PSYOP) personnel that local law enforcement was not informed and could not help. I attempted to respect any security clearance concerns. Of course, the potentials of me losing intellectual property licensing opportunity, consulting payments, and opportunity for remedy was of concern,” Starrett details.

After many months, it became clear that United States Army Special Operations Command at Fort Bragg, North Carolina is tasked with leading the Psychological Operations group and any help to end the twenty-four hour per day nightmare was to be requested directly from them.

Starrett explains that after leadership finally confirmed personnel names in August 2016, USASOC (aka USSOCOM or simply US SCUM) refused to investigate harassment until they were supplied with a detailed account of what that harassment was.

The Inspector General was informed that Starrett was unable to detail the acts against him without legal counsel or hold any discussion by phone. While ignoring Starrett’s needs or his being under duress, Special Operations Command ended contact without any support or help and the action request to investigate harassment was closed.

See Edward Snowden describe similar technology in this brief video explanation:

As if from the cautionary words of Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk, with their dark warnings how artificial intelligence may one day threaten the widespread health and well being of humanity, it appears as if evidence hinting toward our collective self-destruction has already arrived.

* A Letter to the Texas Governor: The Jade Helm Report: Examining the social and legal impact of Remote Neural Monitoring and neuromodulation research Paperback – Large Print, 8 December 2016

Military and political leadership failed Americans.

A year went by and the unethical experiments continued.

The military denied help and law enforcement was not informed or equipped to investigate.

“Providing the Governor and the President with ready forces in support of state and federal authorities at home and abroad” is the public mission statement of the Texas Military Department.

Yet, people were worried and Texas was marked as “hostile” territory over a year prior.

When local and national news reported on Jade Helm 15, the official narrative explained how Special Operations military exercises were to take place across seven states from July to September 2015.

Where were the drills on private property and how was the military “Mastering the Human Domain?”

News writers and pundits mocked while others feared tanks and troops with guns.

Meanwhile, United States Army Special Operations Command planned unconventional warfare exercises that proved to be an invisible high-tech civil war brought to the minds of the citizenry.

This book reveals the letter to the Governor of Texas – a request for help – that uncovered one technology consultant’s first-hand nightmarish account of the Jade Helm 15 and UWEX 16 military events that continued long after news reporters in the media (and even the President of the United States) sarcastically declared them over.

You will uncover the answers to…

What civil rights and liberties of individuals were infringed upon?

How can the government use technology to sabotage decision makers?

How were trade secrets, intellectual property, and strategies for hedge funds stolen by alleged employees of a major defense contractor for systems they lease to the military and intelligence organizations?

What was the daily life of “history’s most-targeted individual” – a lone wolf professional tech geek living peacefully in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas – the hapless focal point of what can now be seen as the longest most unethical series of experiments to take place on American soil?

What were the discoveries that could impact the field of psychology?

How does the military “install” a Manchurian President?

…and how your military and law enforcement will respond if you experience most people’s worst nightmare day after day for minutes, hours, days, weeks, and months at a time.

Who exposed the military command and defense contractors using satellite-based Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM) and Transcranial Stimulation technologies to carry out criminal acts against the private citizens they are sworn to protect?

Foreword address delivered by President Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States of America.

Among the most important writings on the topics of next-era unconventional warfare in modern military history.

A must-read for every American.

It is vital that every practitioner in the fields of law and psychology continue their education by reading this book.

First responders everywhere – police officers, emergency medical services, firefighters, rescue, and security personnel – reserve your copy of this very important publication today to be better equipped with questions to patiently assist.

Proceeds from book sales help to support legal expenses of the author.

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