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Episode 10: Global Targeting Program; Opening the Five Eyes: Exposing The Spies; Suzie Dawson (Nov. 24, 2019); Video Transcription and Source Document

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Episode 10: Opening the Five Eyes: Exposing The Spies – a #1vs5i Live Event

Webmaster Introduction: “The Global Network” (aka “NSA Global Spy Network”) IS “the architecture of oppression” that rules and shapes the world. Drawing on her experience as a TI and a journalist-researcher, Suzie Dawson exposes this “architecture of oppression” in her 10-part series: “Opening the Five Eyes: Exposing the Spies.” The system is comprised of covert SIGINT (Signals Intelligence) and HUMINT (Human Intelligence) ops carried out by the NSA, CIA, DOD, FBI, DHS, and NATO, etc., in the US, the UK Ministry of Defense GCHQ, JTRIG, MI6, MI5, etc., in Britain, the IDF, Unit 8200, Mossad, Shin Bet, etc., in Israel, and their equivalents in over 100 other nations. Cooperating private security and intelligence contractors and their hired thugs (aka “surveillance role players,” “counterterrorism specialists”) execute street level operations and psychological attacks. The Global Network secretly surveilles, targets, and destroys honest, incorruptible activists, journalists, “dissidents,” scientists, truth-tellers, and innumerable others who have been secretly watchlisted and flagged as “potential terrorist threats” or considered “enemies of the state,” “enemy non-combatants,” “extremists,” “radicals,” or “persons of interest,” etc.

This horrific, reprehensible, and criminal “social engineering” system, aka “The National Security Racketeering Network,” is a “growth industry.” It is the largest black and black-market op AND “Crime Against Humanity” in human history. It radically ramped up after 9/11 and continues to expand across the globe today as a for-profit enterprise.

In episodes 6 through 9, Dawson and guests analyze documents from JTRIG (Joint Threat Response Intelligence Group), a part of GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters; the British equivalent of the NSA) and expose the manuals, psychological tricks, methodologies, and protocols deployed in these nefarious operations. My opinion is that these psychological warfare techniques derive mainly from government-military-intelligence agencies’ weaponization of psychology and other sciences conducted by Britain’s Tavistock Institute (1921 onward) and the US governments’ Macy Conferences-CIA MKULTRA+ mind control programs (1947 onward).

The satanic nature of these programs cannot be dismissed. The Christian ethos of “love thy neighbor,” the very underpinning of Western Christian civilization, is hereby replaced by a comprehensive system of psychological abuse, trauma, and torture which, in effect, is the overt expression of “hate, degrade, deceive, and destroy thy neighbor.”

‘Cursed is anyone who attacks (kills, strikes, smites down, smites) a neighbor in secret.’ And all the people will reply, ‘Amen.’

Deuteronomy 27:24

I believe this curse now extends to the agencies, police units, businesses, nations, scientists, academics, populations, and individuals that participate in, financially support, and/or tacitly acquiesce to this (beyond) despicable torture-murder system. Apparently, hell is now expanding exponentially both in this world and the next.

Webmaster’s Transcription of Video Content

Elizabeth Mueller, American TI, has looked up military manuals and found a UK manual (Five Eyes (FVEY) “Special Demonstration Squad Tradecraft Manual,” 1995, by DS Coles, a police officer allegedly linked to the “mafia,” “corruption,” and accused in assisting in a cover-up of a double murder, including the murder of a police officer who was a whistleblower. He was part of a surveillance unit called “Ghost Squad.”

Special Demonstration Squad Tradecraft Manual, 1995

The manual states:

– “Confidential Informants” who work for Five Eye (FVEY) Government Security Agencies in the U.S. can make for than $500,000/year, some make over $1 million/year.

– Sometimes FBI promises a percentage (25%) of “the net value of any property forfeited as a result of the investigation.”

– Agencies search for criminals and offer them leniency for their crimes if they cooperate.

Special Demonstration Squad (SDS) in UK operated from 1968 to 2008. It is now under the Domestic National Extremism unit.

SDS Tradecraft Manual includes innumerable redacted phrases.

– SDS tactics include stealing dead children’s identities and develop confidential informants identities. These will have low electronic footprint.

– SDS target groups include pacifists, environmental activists, libertarians, Irish, anti-nuclear activists, animal-rights activists.

– Confidential informant will make contact with and cultivate relationship with Targeted Individual. “Withdrawal methods” are discussed. “After Care for Confidential Informants” includes: Avoiding Target and Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSS).

– Local police and sheriffs work with Deep Cover Operatives who do short-term and long-term spying ops on activists for years. These can be called “honey pots.”

– Police departments and private security firms like Pinkerton and Burns send in Solitary Surveillance Agents (Undercover Infiltrators). Federal and State Agencies send in Undercover Agents with large Backup Teams.

– Deep Cover Operatives “lives” the role. Novices are preferred over “Cops” who may blow role with “Authoritarian Habits.” These undercover agents have fake IDs (with real first names), phony previous employer, works real job, rents property, lives role 24 hours/day. This is a way for criminals to work off their prison sentence.

– Undercover Agents (CIs) plant surveillance equipment to assist break-ins into targets’ residence. They look for evidence to justify retroactive search warrant.

Suzie Dawson: This is a growth industry for private security agencies. So they need more targets and more spies each year. In 2018 in New Zealand, a State Services Commission report proved that 12 different government agencies were sending lists of targets to for-profit private intelligence agencies to have them surveille and stalk New Zealand citizens. In addition to activists and journalists, they were also targeting state insurance claimants, state child abuse victims who had grown up in state facilities and were suing the government. They are targeting anybody who crosses paths with anyone in government. This is now about how anyone can be targeted.

So this problem will get bigger and bigger until we band together and stop it.


– CIs often wear wires and take TIs to places already rigged with surveillance equipment to entrap targets. CIs will often try to get TIs to repeat things that were not recorded. Night recording will occur from parked cars or nearby houses. (This is infra-red surveillance equipment).

– manuals talk about how CIs can frame TIs in order to level conspiracy charges against them. They want to establish pattern of suspicious behavior. Then they can get warrant to increase surveillance. FBI has good track record of getting warrants from judges based on lies.

– tracking devices are placed on cars.

– bank and financial records are surveilled and interfered with by police and private security agencies.

– In UK, targets are called “wearies,”

– If CIs are caught they should just double down on lies (denial and deception).

– CI’s and Spycops fight boredom while they are ruining others’ lives.

– spies are advised that if their cover is blown- cut losses and leave the scene ASAP.

– SDS undercover police are participating in coordinated rape. You have mentors, handlers, a whole background team monitoring and directing them. They know there was never any informed consent.

– Spycops often have spouses who have no idea they are raping targets and activists.

Dawson: This is premeditated conspiracy to rape. The spycops know the target would not give consent if they knew they were spycops. I call these people “life-stealers”- they are like vampires. They are also targeting their own wives and girlfriends when they do this.

– other police cover for their fellow officers.

– manual recommends that spycops who must become sexually involved with a “weary” (women activists) during a “tour” (as in military campaign) they should be kept fleeting relationships…. .

Dawson: This is a grand larceny scheme. These spycops have psychopathic audacity.

– one famous UK spycop (Mr. Kennedy) who infiltrated the lives and bodies of female “wearies” went on to do similar operations in 20 other countries – including the US, where he passed information on to the FBI.

– CIs often fake depression as an exit strategy.

– Exit strategy A: engineer a political disagreement, throw a fit, and then disappear. B: drift away unnoticed, C: redacted, D: pretend to have personal difficulties. E. Fake mental illness.

– aftercare- supervised interviews.

– CIs need abut 4 weeks to get back into their normal lives after assignment. They may suffer from PTSS.

Dawson: These people are being trained to do evil things, deception, lying, wrecking their lives. They are rewarded for this. But they still have to look in the mirror. They realize they are using military grade weaponry against innocent civilians.

These spycops need to be jailed for rape.

– Manual tells spycops they are the most important persons in the world.

– Manual: “Activists have no respect for the British state.” “Might makes right.” They “respect force.”

– All CIs need to do to justify criminal activity is claim there is a breach of national security. They can commit crimes to catch people who may commit a crime in the future (“yet to be proven to commit a crime”).

– Covert Human Intelligence Sources- Codes of Practice. (From the “Home Office”)

– CIs share information abroad with Five Eyes.

(Elizabeth: I think this will be the global police strategy for all the world in the future. These are crimes against humanity.)

– sometimes government security agencies spy on the spies.

– Three pages of groups that are complicit with these torture activities including:

innumerable government departments, local police departments, metropolitan police force, royal navy, intelligence services, fraud offices, Army, Customs, IRS, Dept. of Environmental Food, Plant Health and Seed Inspectors, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Fisheries, Dept. of Agriculture (Monsanto), Vehicle inspectors, Dept. of Health, Hospitals, Immigration Services, Dept. of Work,

Their motto: “Building a safe and tolerant society”- they are torturing people for national security.


starlyt twilyt
1 year ago
the cointelpro manual info is extremely eye opening…. btw….

cat terrell
1 year ago
I definitely, need a good breakdown of The Haversack ruse (piece of bad luck), instruction. I think there’s more to it than what is stated.

starlyt twilyt
1 year ago
hey idk how to comment in the live chat window….??

cat terrell
1 year ago
Another type of team, is the couple team. Many of these surveillance teams in my town. I’m on the border in a military training zone. That means 5g, weather control, data, lalala, Everything. Including these quick exit strategy 6mo- 2 yr tour, gems of garbage shit, wormyyyyyyyyy non humans.#roleplayerparttimejobstoo#couplescanworkfromhome#drinkandsocializesurveillance

Simulcasting: Courageous Kiwi journalist Suzie Dawson and a special guest take us to school on the ways Western intelligence agencies and their subcontractors target and destroy the lives of activists, journalists and citizens everyday.

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