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U.S. Government/Military/Intelligence and Israel/American Jews Are Behind 9/11, War on Terrorism, and (Probably) Gang Stalking; Dr. Eric Karlstrom with A. C. Hitchcock, 9/11 & 9/20/17)

Operation 9/11
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ETK Introduction: In this two part interview, Dr. Eric Karlstrom reveals the rather shocking conclusion he has come to after 16 years of research into the origins of 9/11: Operation 9/11 was carried out by U.S. government/military/intelligence (“the interagency”) as CONTROLLED by Israel, Israeli Mossad, and American Jews.

Part I. Dr. Eric Karlstrom Discusses Operation 9/11 with Andrew Carrington Hitchcock, 9/11/17

Part II. Who Carried Out Operation 9/11? Dr. Eric Karlstrom with Andrew Carrington Hitchcock, 9/20/2017

Here are the headlines:

1) The 46 drills conducted on the day of and leading up to September 11, 2001 that mimicked all aspects of the operation and then, at the last minute, “flipped live,” prove that 9/11 was carried out by the U.S. government in cooperation with numerous (over 50) military and civilian institutions, including the US Air Force, UN, NATO, NORAD, FAA, etc. (Tarpley, “9/11: Synthetic Terror; Made in USA,” 2011).

The following agencies, institutions, and offices are implicated as participating in the execution of Operation 9/11 (from ):

1) the White House and Vice President Cheney
2) NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command)
3) the CIA and DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency),
4) the Pentagon; Army, Navy, Air Force
5) New York City Fire and Police Departments
6) the mayor of New York City
7) FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency)
8) the FBI
9) the Coast Guard
10) Pennsylvania local first responders and emergency managers
11) the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration)
12) U.S. Department of Transportation
13) Canadian government

Tarpley (2011) also documents that:

1) Operation 9/11, a “false-flag, state-sponsored, synthetic terror event,” is an example of “geo-political” or “spheres-of-influence” terror.
2) the sponsors and architects of the 9/11 putsch are most likely to be found within Wall Street-City of London international financial centers and the CIA.
3) the U.S. Air Force played the dominant role in the execution of Operation 9/11.
4) the main beneficiaries of Operation 9/11 are the U.S.-British Empire, which has ruled the world since about 1890, and the U.S. dollar.
6) it is fairly commonplace that military drills can be “flipped” live, as happened on 9/11, the London 7/7 bombings, to become genuine terrorist events, etc.
7) every aspect of the 9/11 operation was preceded, anticipated, and/or accompanied (i.e., covered) by the 46+ drills and exercises conducted by military/intelligence and agencies. Hence, scrutiny of the drills allows researchers a better understanding of what happened in the actual operation.
8) For example, to help understand what hit the Pentagon, Tarpley notes: “Amalgam Virgo 01 is “U.S.-Canada multi-agency drill conducted by NORAD, SEADS (Southeast Air Defense Sector), Coast Guard, Army, Navy” and the scenario is an “unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) drone launched from rogue freighter in Gulf of Mexico or cruise missile from a barge in the Atlantic Ocean.” This drill description helps reinforce the conclusion that what hit the Pentagon was probably a missile or unmanned aerial vehicle that could have been launched from a body of water, from under water, or from a mobile truck.
9) the purpose of many of the drills was to remove fighter pilots and jets from the Northeast area (Washington, Boston, New York, Pennsylvania) at the time the operation was staged. The 9/11 planners’ wanted to ensure that pilots not privy to the coup plans would not take matters into their own hands and actually defend American air space.
10) another purpose of the drills was to confuse air traffic controllers at NEADS (the Northeast Air Defense Sector) at Griffiths Air Force Base in Rome, New York, which was the command center for air defense in the area involved in Operation 9/11. Because of the drills, NEADS personnel were totally confused and could not distinguish the drills from real life flights.
11) To enhance confusion at NEADS, NORAD, located in Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado, inserted false radar blips on the screens of NEADS personnel. Hence, Tarpley argues, some of the “putcshists” were operating from Cheyenne Mountain.
12) real stand-down orders did not come from Cheney, but rather were issued by Col. Marrs of NEADS. This explains why no fighter planes were scrambled to defend the northeastern U.S. for one hour and forty-five minutes during the “faked” attack.
13) contrary to official and unoffical accounts, Cheney may not have been in control of either “continuity of government” or the staged coup attempt on the morning of 9/11. Rather, Tarpley suggests that the operation was probably carried out a private military contractor possessing some hundred consoles. (ETK note: The location of the operation operators could have been at NORAD underground bunker in Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado.)
14) the “Angel is next” communique made to Air Force One as President Bush was flying out of Florida was a warning to Bush by the coup plotters. It suggests that Bush himself was considered expendable by the planners of 9/11. (ETK note: This aspect of the story may have been invented to protect Bush from scrutiny.)
15) the entire FBI, and CIA anti-terrorist task force were sent to Monterrey California on 9/11. (ETK note: Again, this aspect of the story may or may not be true. Either way, it provides cover for these individuals.)
16) the “alleged hijackers” including Mohammed Atta, were recruited and managed by FBI case officers to be role players and the “patsies” of the operation.
17) the complex of drills include many that began a decade prior to 9/11. This is evidence for long-term planning of the operation.
18) the immediate geo-political goal of Operation 9/11 was to justify and prepare for U.S. military attacks on Afghanistan and Pakistan.
19) on the morning of 9/11, the U.S. (STRATCOM) staged nuclear war drills in order to intimidate Russia and prevent Russia from defending the sovereignty of Afghanistan and Pakistan. In this nuclear brinkmanship exercise, the American military, once again, took the calculated risk the destroying the lives of hundreds of millions of innocent people.
20) Several forts surrounding the Washington D.C. area (Belvoir, McNair and others) were “locked down” about a week before 9/11 in order to prevent journalists and others from discovering the Operation.
21) Kean and Hamilton, chief authors of the 9/11 Commission Report of 2004 admitted in their 2006 book, “Without Precedent,” that Air Force officers had lied during their sworn testimony to the Commission. But rather than referring the matter to the Justice Department for indictments, they referred the matter to the Inspector General of the Air Force and the Air Force officers were never indicted or punished for perjury.
22) the 9/11 truth movement has been “cognitively infiltrated” as per recommendations made in a paper by White House staffer, Cass Sunstein.
23) Sept. 11, 2001 was the first and only time in American history when continuity of government (COG) protocols were utilized.
24) Thus, 9/11 itself may have functioned as a drill for testing and fine-tuning COG protocols which could be used to usher in a greater terrorist/coup event in the future.
25) The facts that Cheney and Rumsfeld were among the original architects of the COG protocols and just “happened” to be in high executive positions (Vice President and Secretary of Defense, respectively) in Washington, DC on 9/11 is one piece of evidence that supports the hypothesis that Operation 9/11 was intended to function, among other things, as a test of COG procedures.
26) The 46+ drills and exercises that occurred on and prior to 9/11 provide almost irrefutable evidence that Operation 9/11 was primarily an inside job.
27) While other governments, including those of Britain, Israel, and Saudi Arabia in particular, seem to have played important roles in the Operation, such as for instance, helping to formulate the plan and implement the cover-up, the Operation itself was clearly carried out by American military/intelligence for the benefit of the “rogue network”/invisible government.

2) The pivotal role that Israeli Mossad, Jews, and crypto-Jews (secret Jews) played in the planning and orchestration of Operation 9/11 indicate that Jews and the state of Israel effectively control enough key sectors of the United States Government and society to effectively control all aspects of the operation and its ongoing cover-up!

A brief look at the activities of the following key (Jewish) figures in the 9/11 conspiracy serve to prove the point. These include:

1) A year before 9/11, the Jewish neoconservative think tank, Project For a New American Century, authored a document calling for a doubling of the US military budget in order to conduct “multiple-theatre wars” in the Middle East. The document, PNAC’s manifesto, was entitled “Rebuilding America’s Defenses.” The document incorporates the 1982 Yinon Plan, authored by Israeli journalist, Oded Yinon, to launch a series of wars in the Middle East to invade and “balkanize” (partition) Israel’s oil-rich neighbors so that Israel can expand its borders to become “Greater Israel” (“Eretz Israel”). PNAC’s manifesto stated explicitly that the American people were unlikely to support the needed doubling of the military budget “absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event, such as a new Pearl Harbor.”

2) Larry Silverstein, NYC businessman and personal friend of Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, who purchased the WTC complex just a few months before Sept. 11, 2001, insured them against terrorist attacks, and then pocketed some 4.5 billion dollars in insurance money. He also stated on TV, in regard to Building 7, “We made the decision to “pull it.”

3) Michael Chertoff, Jew and dual Israeli-American citizen, was Assistant Attorney General on Sept. 11. He should have been the one to prosecute criminal investigation of the crimes of 9/11. Instead, he destroyed the evidence and allowed some 200 Israeli agents, including the five “dancing Israelis,” return to Israel without being questioned. He went on to be the first head of the Department of Homeland Security and then formed the “Chertoff Group” as a private “national security subcontractor” to cash in on the National Security Enterprise.

4) Alvin K. Hellerstein is the (Jewish) judge that paid the families of the 9/11 victims about a million dollars of “hush money” each so that they would not pursue court proceedings. Thus, due to the actions of Chertoff and Hellerstein, there never will be a trial that examines what actually happened on 9/11.

5) Philip Zellikow, Jewish executive director and lead author of the 9/11 Commission Report, actually wrote his college Masters Thesis on “Creating Public Myths.” He also wrote “Catastrophic Terrorism: Imagining the Transformative Event” three years prior to 9/11. In other words, he meticulously structured the post-9/11 narrative to meet the needs of PNAC and other planners. Rape Story – Phillip D. Zelikow… 911 Myth Maker.

6) CIA Director at the time 9/11 was George Tenet (real name: Cohen), presumably a crypto-Jew.

There are countless other examples of insider influence of Jews, “sayanim” (Jewish secret agents), Mossad, etc. in virtually all aspects of Operation 9/11. (See, for example, Rebekah Roth’s youtube videos, Christopher Bollyn’s books, and this website).

These well-documented connections prove that Jews/Israel control the U.S. government and covert operations of military/intelligence such as 9/11.

We may speculate that the same basic dynamic underlies the various other types of “State-Sponsored, False-Flag, Synthetic Terrorism” in America and beyond, including the Global War on Terrorism, the innumerable staged “false-flag” terror events, global gang stalking operations, and weather warfare. We may also speculate, based on the 100-year history of the Anglo-American Empire, that British intelligence (MI6) played and plays a key role in these operations as well.

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