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Mind Control Under Control of New World Order (and the US Air Force)

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Mind Control: Under Control of New World Order

PROOF!–Air Force DEEPLY Involved in Mind Control Projects

1999 John Quinn/NewsHawk Inc.

August 17, 1999

The rights of UNALTERED reproduction/distribution hereby waived.

PROOF!–Air Force DEEPLY Involved in Mind Control Projects– According to Eric Harris’s Air Force “Controller” AND Harris Himself

The Air Force–THAT is, those divisions of what USED to be the U.S. Air Force which are now under control of New World Order global governance masters, seems to have trouble keeping itself out of NewsHawk’s press releases lately.

We just issued a heads-up to our readers yesterday concerning the fact that KC-135s and other aircraft KNOWN to belong (at LEAST on paper!) to OUR U.S. Air Force are currently engaged in an extremely widespread campaign of continual, all-out, virtually round-the-clock bombardment of the people of North America (not ONLY U.S. residents) with chemical and biological materials known to be injurious to human health–and almost certainly to the health of most indigenous life forms on our planet (cloned reptoid-zomboid-android-Nazoid test-tube vermin such as those overrunning our entire governmental structure are obviously not affected by this most unwelcome crud being showered down on us daily.)

We have also made note of the extremely interesting fact that mind-controlled “Manchurian Candidate” perpetrators of at LEAST four of the recent mass shooting nightmares in our country had/have SIGNIFICANT and HARD ties to the Air Force.

In just the past two days, these articles of ours have stimulated additional responses from others with knowledge and/or direct experience which further confirms the high degree of involvement on the part of covert Air Force intelligence operatives at specific Air Force bases in the “engineering”, programming, indoctrination and training of those unfortunate subjects; picked to become mind-controlled mass killers.

A wide variety of tactics and techniques are used in these utterly abusive and demonic programs, which are almost completely derived from the infamous MK-Ultra project, the Montauk Project and related intelligence agency mind-control projects. The “genealogy” of all these evil, grotesque activities leads DIRECTLY back to the death and torture slave camps of the Third Reich by way of the Nazi-infested CIA, NSA, DIA and other U.S. intelligence groups. This absolute, unqualified FACT. Check the records. These agencies funneled HORDES of high-level Nazi Party members, intelligence and military officers, “scientists” (yea right!) and vast quantities of Nazi technology information databases into the most fundamental levels of OUR United States government: after, DURING and even BEFORE WW2!

Two of these recent communications to NewsHawk in fact pinpoint a particular Air Force base which has ALREADY been heavily “outed” by us in our articles (“The Rocky Mountain Horror Show” and “Putting the Columbine Puzzle Together”) on the Columbine High School massacre on April 20 . This corroborates information from other widely divergent sources regarding bizarre covert activities at this location.

The location we refer to is PLATTSBURGH AIR FORCE BASE in northeastern New York State, roughly 80 miles south of the Canadian border. Beneath the Plattsburgh base is a VAST, 18-level deep subterranean facility.

Eric Harris, whose father has been linked to covert AF intelligence projects going back nearly 20 years, lived with his family at Plattsburgh AFB for over 4 years right before moving to Littleton.

We have previously received confirmation on the Plattsburgh base as (being) a location for severe, horrendous, outrageous and scientifically very advanced mind/consciousness-manipulation technologies and projects from a wide variety of sources: from other victims and from those who were in the employ of project operators.

Plattsburgh AFB was by some reports linked in the 1960s the horrendous known Nazi-lover Ewen Cameron, president of the American Psychiatric Association, The Canadian Psychiatric Association AND the World Psychiatric Association, and Cameron’s massive abuses in the CIA-contracted MK-Ultra (drug and neuro-electrically-based) mind-control project just over the border in Montreal. Firsthand accounts indicate that this legacy continued at Plattsburgh through the 1970s and beyond to present times with electromagnetic/radio-frequency and drug-based mind control activities tied to some of the experimentation at Montauk.

As noted in earlier reports this Air force installation SUPPOSEDLY “officially” closed in 1994.

However, thoroughly credible testimony from many sources provides clear proof the base remains quite active years after it s “official” closure. Local residents and other firsthand eyewitnesses report that the base, though somewhat deserted, is currently in some level of operation even on the “surface,” AND EM/RF signal detection equipment verified that top-secret operations currently ongoing in the documented 18-level underground complex BENEATH the base. Aside from mind control related operations, signal detection equipment proves the Plattsburgh base is a site of particle accelerator/beam research and experimentation.

ALL legitimate funding for any activity at the base–even so much as turning a doorknob–ended completely early in 1995. The only activities taking place on base property after this date would by their very definition be covert, totally classified, restricted-access operations of whatever sort; operations which CLEARLY depend upon illegitimate, unofficial, clandestine funding for their very existence. Wayne Harris (AND his family) stayed on in Plattsburgh long AFTER the base was officially shuttered.

One of those who has just contacted us about Plattsburgh AFB and the mind-control programs in operation there is a scientist/researcher who was until VERY RECENTLY directly involved in a number of these terrible and inhuman activities. This person has to some degree gotten a conscience about his participation.

This person was in fact personally involved in one major aspect of the programming and training activities which ERIC HARRIS HIMSELF was subjected to at Plattsburgh.

He has informed us that Eric was one of scores of children injected with mind-altering drugs and chemicals on a REGULAR and extensive basis; that his physiological and psychological responses to these various chemicals were continually monitored and tabulated until the “perfect” combination of substances was found which synergized most effectively with the OTHER mind control technologies and programming Harris was subjected to.

He has informed us that Harris and many others were victimized by a particularly SATANIC offshoot of the MK-Ultra/Montauk operations centered at Plattsburgh AFB; which in fact heavily utilized satanic and cultic ritualism, symbolism, satanic psychosexual abuse and the like in molding such “products” as Harris. Extremely racist, Neo-Nazi indoctrination was/is part of this particular brand of programming. These “Montauk boys” are known to make a large percentage of the Goth/Trenchcoat Mafia/skinhead subculture–ESPECIALLY in the Denver area and the closely-linked Dallas-Fort Worth-east Texas region as well as around Montauk and upstate New York, and also Atlanta.

This contact further informed us that Harris’s group were in fact “chemical” “Manchurians”: that is, of the wide variety of mind-control techniques and tactics used by these Nazi rodents, Harris and others were primarily but not ONLY subjected to drug/chemical mind alteration/manipulation. (This fact makes the ongoing spraying by the Air Force of North America with unknown chemical substances all the more sinister. This crap is very likely AFFECTING OUR MINDS!) Also utilized extensively in turning Harris into a Manchurian killer were hypnotic trance induction and EM/RF systems.

This unfortunate human being had his entire life, his youth, his mind and his SOUL utterly invaded, mangled and brutalized beyond ALL RECOGNITION, then reconstructed by these godless Nazi demons from the depths of hell itself. This BOY was TURNED INTO A KILLER by this wretched, horrid, psychotic fascist filth before he ever had a chance for a life.

Further confirmation of this exact state of affairs came from the mouth of Eric Harris himself! A NewsHawk representative did some nosing around in Plattsburgh and located someone who had been friendly with Harris right before the family moved to Littleton. Harris had confided to this boy that he couldn’t wait to leave Plattsburgh– he said he hated the place–BECAUSE OF THE CONSTANT, BIZARRE EXPERIMENTATION he was subjected to there. Harris in fact referred to the exact activities cited by the informant who contacted us, involving CONSTANT chemical drug mind manipulation. Harris was WELL AWARE–at least to some extent–what in fact was being done to him and he DETESTED IT!

Most unfortunately, things did not get better for Eric Harris after moving to Littleton–located within hailing distance of what is probably the PRIMARY New World Order power base and nerve center in the entire North American continent DENVER, Colorado. This poor kid was less than TEN years old where his family first got to Plattsburgh and the ongoing brutalization began. The additional horror is that he KNEW what was being done to him and was POWERLESS to stop it! A BOY! A defenseless boy!

THIS is what the New World Order has in store for ALL of us and for all our children.

What’s more, implicated here WITHOUT ANY DOUBT in the “procurement” and psychological devastation of Eric Harris is the boy’s father, Air Force spook Wayne Harris. (Wayne Harris has already been exposed as having been well involved with the manufacture and testing af various explosive materials with his son AND as having had significant input to Eric’s website and Internet activities. This miserable worm willingly and knowingly gave his son over to these satanic spook slugs for their horrifying projects. He literally SACRIFICED HIS SON to the devil. WE find indications of similar complicity on the part Air Force parents in the current situation involving the L.A. “Jewish Center” shooter Buford Furrow, and the Atlanta-area mass murderer Mark Barton. As well, Atlanta (Conyers) SCHOOL shooter T.J. Solomon (who hears mechanized, robotic mental commands to kill) spent a number of vacations in close proximity to Plattsburgh AFB.

One more quite interesting note in closing. Eric Harris, based on his own personal and direct knowledge of such through his exposure to the shadowy realms of covert government projects, repeatedly spoke to this buddy in Plattsburgh of the impending “takeover” of our democratic republic by the global forces of darkness, oppression and enslavement.

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