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Appendix 166: WHAT, WHO, WHY, and HOW Of Weaponized Radio Frequency Surveillance System (partial transcriptions of 5 ‘Lookoutfa Charlie’ videos w/ BONUS videos On US Air Force’s “Chart of Coercion”)

1952 CIA Memo: “The aim is controlling an individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his will and even against such fundamental laws of nature as self-preservation.”

“This is all a plot. There are more “sons” out there. God help the world.” David Berkowitz (aka “Son of (Uncle) Sam”)

Webmaster Introduction:  In these videos, TI (targeted individual) “Lookoutfa Charlie” points out that ALL the famous “shooters” had stated that they were hearing voices (i.e., synthetic telepathy, microwave hearing weapons, voice-to-skull or V2K “Voice of God” weapons) prior to their shootings.  He specifically mentions:

1) James Holmes, the highly educated “mass murderer” who purportedly killed 12 and wounded 70 in Aurora, Colorado on July 20, 2012.  No known criminal record prior to the shootings.

2) Nicolas Cruz, purportedly killed 17 and wounded 17 others at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14, 2018.

3) Seung-Hui Cho, purportedly killed 32 and wounded 17 at Virginia Tech mass shooting in Blacksburg, VA on April 16, 2007.

4) Aaron Alexis, former Navy reservist and military contractor, purportedly shot and killed 13 and wounded another 3 at the headquarters of the Naval Sea Systems Command inside the Washington Navy Yard in southeast Washington, D.C on September 16, 2013.

5) Nathan Gale was a former American Marine who supposedly murdered former Pantera guitarist “Dimebag” Darell Abbot and three others during a Damageplan concert at the Alrosa Villa nightclub in Columbus, Ohio on Dec. 8, 2004.

6) Mark David Chapman is infamous for murdering former Beatles guitarist John Lennon in New York City on December 8, 1980.

7) David Berkowitz, aka Son of Sam, pleaded guilty to eight shootings that began in New York City on July 29, 1976.  Berkowitz grew up in New York City and served in the United States Army.

8) Stephen Paddock is accused of killing 60 people and injuring approximately 867 at a country music concert on the Las Vegas Strip on October 6, 2017.

9) Myron May, 31-year old attorney and targeted individual, is thought to have shot and wounded 3 at Florida State University on November 20, 2014.

10) others.

It is clear to me, at any rate, that these are innocent people who have been turned into Manchurian Candidate programmed assassins via a combination of organized stalking harassment and radio-frequency weapons (directed energy and neuroweapons).   It is equally clear that creation of domestic terrorists by the US government (specifically, FBI-CIA-NSA-DHS) is a long-term, top-secret, black project which extends back to the 1950s and continues today.

Table of Contents:

I. Webmaster’s Introduction/Quasi-quantitative Equation-Description of the GEEEETTTTMO (Gangstalking Electronic-Experimentation, Enslavement, Execution, Targeting, Terrorism, Transhumanism & Torture-Murder Operations) civilian targeting system

II. Epigraph Quotes from Lookoutfa Charlie’s WEAPONIZED RF / ELF – “WHO’S DOING THIS?” video (Oct. 9, 2022)

IIIA. WHAT Is the Weaponized RF Surveillance System?: “C’MON..DO CRIMINAL STUFF” – 21ST CENTURY SURVEILLANCE – ITS WEAPONIZATION AND SUBVERSION (Lookoutfa Charlie, March 2022)
Partial Transcription

IIIB. WHAT Is the Weaponized RF Surveillance System?: OPEN AIR GUANTANAMO – RF TARGETING – V2K – ELECTRONIC TARGETING & Biderman’s “Chart of Coercion” “The RF Targeting-No-Touch Torture Playbook” (Lookoutfa Charlie video, 2 years ago)
Partial Transcription

IV. WHO Is Doing the Targeting? WEAPONIZED RF / ELF – “WHO’S DOING THIS?” (Oct. 9, 2022)
Partial Transcription

Partial Transcription

Partial Transcription

I. Webmaster’s Introduction and Quasi-quantitative Equation-Description (per A+B+C = D) of “The Targeted Individual (TI) Program” (Nov. 5, 2022):

‘Organized stalking/electronic harassment’ (TI) program =

– CIA’s MKULTRA (1953-), MHCHAOS (1967-) & Phoenix Program (1968-) + FBI Cointelpro (1956-) +
– 9/11 and “Global War On Terrorism” (‘battlespace is everywhere, everyone is potential target’) +
– ADL, SPLC and other Jewish lobby groups advise DHS who to place on Terrorism Watch List +
– DHS-FBI Fusion Centers issue secret “hunt & kill contracts” on “terrorists”/”dissidents” +
– TIs stripped of civil liberties and targeted via gangstalking and “nonlethal” EM weapons ops +
– Involuntary test subjects required for EU’s Human Brain Project and DARPA’s BRAIN INITIATIVE (Brain Research Through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies) (2013-) +
– “Whole of nation used for targeting the brain:” DARPA neuroweaponologist, Dr. James Giordano +
– Psychologists/cognitive researchers/POGs (Psyop Groups) “tailor” & “monitor” mc/torture of TIs +
– US Air Force’s ‘Chart of Coercion’ (no-touch torture used at Guantanamo Bay) used against TIs +
– EM Frequencies from satellites, power grid, cell towers carry voices and images to TIs’ brains +
– DoD hybrid warfare/unconventional warfare deployed to hunt & kill TIs
– military-grade directed energy and neuroweapons (neurowarfare) deployed against TIs +
– NSA Global (Five+ Eyes) Spy Network’s SIGINT (signals intelligence) spies track, stalk TIs +
– DoD-CIA-FBI-DHS-NASA-NATO and other agencies’ “counterterrorism” spies track, stalk TIs +
– Jewish groups receive over 90% of grants/contracts from Dept. of Homeland Security to stalk TIs +
– NSA/Mossad Promis/Prism/Palantir software, metadata, & supercomputers used to hunt & kill TIs +
– Private sector spy/security agencies (Infragard, Blackcube, etc.) hunt & kill TIs +
– Civilian-military perps on-the-ground and online (cyberstalkers) harass, abuse, stalk TIs +
– SIGREDUX, police, first responders, & Neighborhood Watch vigilantes abuse, stalk TIs +
– psychological trauma and manipulation can result in TIs becoming mass shooters and “assets” +
– legal system and the press aid in cover up

= State-Sponsored Terrorism, Torture, & Mass Murder Of Innocent Civilians

II. Epigraph Quotes from Lookoutfa Charlie’s WEAPONIZED RF / ELF – “WHO’S DOING THIS?” video (Oct. 9, 2022):

The tactics being used on people since 2001 are directly related to Guantanamo Bay-style interrogation and torture tactics. They are the same tactics.

… And coincidentally, every villain from pop culture history has been affected by these weapons.

Who would do this (use RF weapons to turn normal civilians such as Myron May into mass shooters)? The same people that did James Holmes, Nicolas Cruz, Seung-Hui Cho, Aaron Alexis, Nathan Gale, Mark David Chapman, David Berkowitz, Steven Paddock, and the others, the same people that don’t want guns around anymore. “The ends justify the means,” they believe, just like 9/11.

…. For the past 5, 6, 7 years, Mark Zuckerberg (of Facebook) is telling people that the future of communication is telepathy and what this entails is reading your sub-vocal speech and being able to make a cell phone call basically from one person to another without a phone. This is the exact same thing as what (TIs) are experiencing. Basically, these people are being put through a cell phone call, an artificial telepathy phone call that they can’t hang up on.

Webmaster Summary: Herein, I have partly transcribed five insightful videos by Lookoutfa Charlie which purport to explain the “what,” “who,” “why,” and “how” of a weaponized radio frequency surveillance system which may form the technological basis of organized stalking-electronic torture/aka “the program.” Information in these videos and four related videos on “Biderman’s Chart of Coercion” suggest that modern “gangstalking” operations comprise an “open-air Guantanamo Bay” brainwashing-no-touch torture program that deploys surveillance, mind control, and torture techniques derived from the CIA’s MKULTRA and other government black projects, as described in Aaron and Melissa Dyke’s documentary, “The Minds of Men.”

Lookoutfa Charlie’s videos also provide a plausible description of “the technology” deployed and explains the objectives of this covert warfare system as well. The technologies explained in these videos can remotely sense, measure, and alter breathing patterns, stress levels, heart rate, brain activity, etc. and appear to be the basis for the “under-the-skin surveillance” now being rolled out globally in the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset.

Lookoutfa Charlie’s thesis is that “this technology runs 24/7 365, everywhere. It’s not a bunch of different things. It’s one thing.” This makes an interesting hypothesis. Can it be tested and verified? While I find most of Charlie’s insights to be quite useful, I am not convinced that his audio analyses successfully expose “the Voice-To-Skull/synthetic telepathy voices” on the spectral audio clips he analyzes (see below) mainly because I can’t hear them on my laptop’s audio. However, his audio equipment could be far superior to mine.

Lookoutfa Charlie videos also do an excellent job of tracing the history of CIA-DoD mind-controlled Manchurian Candidate assassins over the past six decades, beginning with Beach Boy founder, Brian Wilson in 1965, and they connect these events with the technology with which “targets” are subject to V2K/synthetic telepathy today.

“The Minds of Men” documentary goes into greater detail about the development of these technologies. It relates the story of electronics engineer, Leonard Kille (aka “Thomas R”), who was psychologically destroyed in the 1960s by the CIA and their “spychiatrists,” Drs. Vernon Mark (Boston City Hospital) and Frank Ervin (UCLA), purportedly to cure his “violence in the brain.” Dr. Peter Breggin of the Center to Study Psychiatry investigated the Kille case and found Mark and Ervin’s psychiatric notes commanding attending nurses to “take away his pants.” Breggin proved that Kille had been subjected to brain implantation, electronic torture, psychological warfare, systematic abuse, and “cruel and unusual punishment” within Massachusetts General Hospital hospital and elsewhere. This case is also documented in Hearing “Voices”: The Hidden History of the CIA’s Electromagnetic Mind Control Experiments by Alex Constantine (1995).

Charlie also demonstrates that Dr. Albert D. Biderman’s “Chart of Coercion” (a 1956 US Air Force document) provides the basis not only of the covert psychological warfare, mind control, and torture ops against TIs, but the Guantanamo Bay concentration camp itself.

This wholesale abrogation of the Hyppocratic Oath and weaponization/militarization of the medical and psychiatric professions has presaged an era of criminal medical conduct culminating in the mass murder of civilians under the auspices of the Covid plandemic/scamdemic. Furthermore, the UN-government “response” to the Covid plandemic/scamdemic, i.e., the “lockdowns,” are a perfect demonstration of, and 1-1 match with, the techniques outlined in Biderman’s “Chart of Coercion.”

Lockdowns vs Albert Biderman’s chart of coercion

(Wikipedia: In a 1973 report on torture, Amnesty International stated that Biderman’s Chart of Coercion contained the “universal tools of torture and coercion”.)

In sum, evidence presented in this post and on this website indicates that “organized stalking-electronic harassment” and the Covid “lockdowns” comprise state-sponsored brainwashing, terrorism, and torture of civilians. This is why I now refer to “the program” as GEEETTTMO (for “Gangstalking-Electronic Experimentation, Enslavement, Extermination, Transhumanism, Terrorism, & Torture-Murder Operations”).

There can be no amnesty for the perpetrators of these crimes against humanity. They must be identified and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Lookoutfa Charlie Videos (partly transcribed):

IIIA. WHAT Is the Weaponized RF Surveillance System: “C’MON..DO CRIMINAL STUFF” – 21ST CENTURY SURVEILLANCE – ITS WEAPONIZATION AND SUBVERSION (Lookoutfa Charlie, March 2022)

Webmaster’s partial transcription from the video IA::

From: Video explaining Screening Mobile Modules: “The FAST (Future Attribute Screening Technology) demonstration laboratory can be used at security checkpoints. This portable facility allows security officials to establish security boundaries at any location. Inside the Screening Mobile Module, a suite of real-time, non-invasive sensors measure behavioral or physiological indications of “malintent,” or the intent to cause harm.”

Charlie: “What is this really measuring? It is measuring blood pressure, breathing pattern, pulse rate, stress level, sub-vocal speech, and other things. And you can do this with practically nothing, with a 0.050 Hz signal sent through the electrical grid. So they can monitor your breathing patterns in your house. So the world is the research center. These signals are everywhere. And this is exactly what we are dealing with.

First and foremost, this is a surveillance system. It’s weaponized, but it’s a surveillance system. It can be pulsed right on the power grid. And with SMART meters giving an address, they know who is breathing in there. This is all metadata. All this data is going to and fro.

These frequencies are piggy-backing on the grid, wifi, smart electrical grid. The system is similar to an Alexa or a Siri, except it is looking for criminal behavior instead of key words. They’ve been using Voice-to-Skull sound weapons since the 1960s. This system of monitoring and tracking people then using all their weapons on them, they started testing this in the late 80s and early 90s. These surveillance fugitive detection frequencies changed the game. They started testing originally on people who were isolated, including people who were hiking alone in national forests or were in mental institutions.

After 9/11, they could legally monitor anyone exhibiting these traits, whether agents had created them or not. All they need are the frequencies to monitor all your vitals, your movement, everything. This is a system that is designed to catch criminals, fugitives, and somebody who may be attempting to commit a crime based their measured stress levels, vitals, breathing pattern, body language, by all this different metadata combined.

There are only a few different scripts being used by machine-learning computer here. The people (targeted individuals) who are attacked with these weapons will begin to hear these scripts. The only common denominator is to constantly keep you, the TI, in a state of panic, fear, distress, with high levels of stress-inducing audio, such as: “we’re coming to kill you;” “You have to do this or we are going to kill your family, whatever.” Why is that happening? This is a system that was weaponized without the good guys understanding of it. It was slipped by under the premise that it is only going to pick up the bad guys. That it’s not surveilling everybody. It is looking for specific behavior, specific vitals. That was the excuse for putting it into place.

But what if you can turn somebody into somebody who behaves like they have “malintent?” Like a criminal, like a fugitive, who lives in fear of other people, on the run? That is exactly what they are doing to these targets. This system was put in place under the premise that it only picks up bad guys. But they are turning people into having the behavior (or physical or psychological traits) of bad guys.

When the smart meter system went into place, we have a system that is putting this signal everywhere. Now if we have a person living a calm, normal life. But strange things begin to happen. They start to get zaps and pulses, they don’t realize that this is a signal propagating around them all the time. They start to carry the demeanor and the breathing pattern of a criminal, a fugitive. Because “they” want to know if and how “they” can take a normal person and turn them into a Manchurian candidate, a criminal.

This is why everbody who experiences this experiences threats. This is why the computer is always doing something to induce stress, fear, etc. When you are behaving like a criminal or a fugitive, you can be monitored. So this system is turning you into an artificial criminal.

This system subverts everything. Mmedical information, criminal information…. But if you just chill out, you are done with the game. The key is you relax, and drop out, and don’t play the game. So if you don’t play the game, you can’t stay on the radar. What this boils down to is they have to keep you in a state of fear and stress so that you can be monitored. It’s constant threats to keep those stress levels up… So they bring up the stress levels in these people and just ride them until they burn out…. that is, unless you can get control of it and realize that it’s all bullshit.

They’ve had this technology for decades. It’s just a buildup of different magic tricks in the bag until it can be presented as this whole magic act. Without (the TI’s) stress, they can’t do this.

In a nutshell, 9/11 happens, the Patriot Act is passed, all these crazy laws are passed, the globe is blanketed with chemtrails, free wifi, and cell coverage, and the electrical grid that things are piggy backing on into your home. They implement these signals (but supposedly, it’s only looking for criminals, fugitives, people with malintent, right?). And then about that same time, the number of TIs explodes. Figure it out.

And once they stress somebody out, they can legally monitor them. So they are creating the criminals.

So let’s change their acronym FAST (Future Attribute Screening Technology, which is “pre-crime” technology) into Future “Asset” Screening Technology. Because they are making people act like fugitives and criminals (through torture and harassment and V2K etc.) so they can legally do this to them.”


Lookoutfa Charlie
8 months ago
Lookoutfa Charlie 196 –

“C’mon. Do criminal stuff” – 21st Century Surveillance Technology, its weaponization and subversion.

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1 month ago
Bravo, sir. Bing badda boom!

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7 months ago
I dont think your giving snowden the credit he deserves. He probably has the smoking gun. But hes saving it as an insurance policy. US could easily have him killed. He knows what you know with evidence. But releasing it will get him killed. Snowden released what he could but hes not ready to die yet. Maybe it is released when he dies. But you have to know of it exposes what they’ve been doing all these years itd be catastrophic and result in some sort of martial law type stuff.

White Raven
8 months ago (edited)
Thank you for the information!!! .050 hrtz is very low in comparison to my signal!!! I now completely understand why I had so many adverse reactions. After it all I’m honestly very surprised that I am even alive…

8 months ago
Thank you, Charlie. Absolutely WONDERFUL content. I appreciate you very, very much!

Adam Hopkins
8 months ago
When I saw the title,Aileen Wuornos instantly came to mind.When you really research what went down with her,she’s not a ruthless killer looking to kill.She says cops would follow her in helicopters around some of the sites where she killed.And in prison she would get hit by pulse (pressure) weapons with certain thoughts.The mirror in cell had computer circuit boards behind it.Check out her interview.She’s that mindset but I think they watched her do every single murder.They knew about them before they happened cuz they were the one’s controlling her movements

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Yeah and everybody’s favorite buddy Trump also passed and kept going the Patriot Act KNOWING what they are doing to innocent people

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Makes perfect sense…

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Great job done, Mr. Charlie.
You manage again to put many pieces of the puzzle in place and the overall picture begins to clear.

What do you call this artificial monitoring system?
It will really make it easier to have a “name on” it.
THE-IT_Grid ?

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I guess someone who has anxiety, panic disorder, social anxiety, etc, would look just like a criminal to them

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manchurians thay want, and are looking for one’s who can be flipped. The evil is in the hands of the one’s who run the programms

Scottie Boy
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Money Charlie, when I said duck them and kept doing life, it stopped. It is never gone I feel, cuz every few months thay start up again. Pay them no fucks and it goes away . Pure program running on cycles . Great job Charlie

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Excellent. Truth. DO NOT ENGAGE. We should all be meditating and doing yoga. This IS the answer. Do NOT engage. Period.

Theresa Montz
8 months ago (edited)
This makes total sense to me. Back when I first got an iPhone a thought not my own popped into my head. Suddenly I wanted Chic-fa-la. It was the same day all those people flooded Chic fa la in protest of gay marriage. I think that day was a demonstration of the power of their technology. I know myself enough to know I have never suddenly wanted Chic-fa-la. This was 2012. I lived in Gainesville Florida where The University of Florida had a booming department in researching nanotechnology. I have since suspected that they are highly involved in the research of the technology. So now I know I have been singled out for targeting since. Now all the things that were done to me to stress me out were definitely used to try and turn my calm demeanor into a agitated criminal state. Thank you Look out fa Charlie. You completed the puzzle for me.

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Maybe people becoming bluetooth devices after being Pokémon’d has something to do with this.

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Your vids have been invaluable for those I’ve shared with, we all thank you and love your content !!

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One of your best videos; great info; fantastic explanation and delivery.

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I’m only 2 mins in but I’m almost positive they had one of these things at a phish show outside of DC at Merryweather . everyone at the show thought it was high tech cameras

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You’re 100% right on

Lookoutfa Charlie
8 months ago
If you fedpost here by dropping keywords that are not-so-cleverly weaved into your message, I will just force you to start a new account each time you attempt it. Here is a great example of what I am talking about –

Ann Ritchie
8 months ago
These SICK PEDOS should be held for the RESPONSIBLE for the people who’ve lost their lives due to their EVIL Targeting & Trafficking of innocent people to create Manchurian Candidates.

Twin Vortex
8 months ago
Yes, your right, also let them know, that being less conductive, can help them not receive the signals ,or messages. Detoxing is important l was a fully blown, receiver, not anymore. It takes months to become less conductive, being persistent, and progressing in increments, should be the goal of every T.I. Thanks for letting them know. Take care.

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Shelley Woolf
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Does chewing gum disrupt subvocal speech?

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Shared..It is time for all to pay attention. Always great content here..

IIIB. WHAT Is the Weaponized RF Surveillance System: OPEN AIR GUANTANAMO – RF TARGETING – V2K – ELECTRONIC TARGETING & “The RF Targeting-No-Touch Torture Playbook” (Lookoutfa Charlie video, 2 years ago)

Transcribed Portions of Dialogue:

Charlie: I found a website where this woman goes over brainwashing-mind control-torture techniques used at Guantanamo Bay that were originally developed by the Bolshevik communists. (Which gives you a clue as to who is really running the country now. Bolshevism.)

(Webmaster: The 2008 youtube Charlie is referring to is “Brain Washing, Mind Control, Torture, Guantanamo, Mk Ultra,” a two part series by PsycheTruth. The woman talking is apparently Zoe Sofia of Psychetruth. The youtubes focus on Biderman’s Chart of Coercion, which is the basis of “interrogation” (torture/coercion/brainwashing) techniques used at the US detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. (And, as should become apparent, the bases of coercion-no-touch torture techniques used against “targeted individuals” and now the entire world population with the Covid plandemic-scamdemic and particularly, the coordinated “response” to the plandemic/scamdemic.

Zoe Sofia explains that the chart used to be called “Communist Coercion methods for Eliciting Individual Compliance” but that it is actually from a 1957 US Air Force document by Dr. Albert D. Biderman entitled: “Communist Attempts to Illicit False Confessions from Air Force Prisoners of War.” The claim in this document is that these techniques were used by communists against American soldiers during the Korean War. This may or may not be true, as all or most of these techniques actually derive from the CIA’s MKULTRA (including Artichoke, Bluebird and the Navy’s Chatter) programs. At any rate, this same chart was used as the basis for brainwashing/torture at Guantanamo Bay, with the name now changed to “Coercive Management Techniques.” Furthermore, as Charlie points out below, it is the basis of the global targeting, no-touch torture program directed against civilians all over the world that I now refer to as GEEEETTTMO (which sounds like Gitmo and stands for “Gangstalking Electronic Experimentation, Enslavement, Extermination, Transhumanism, Terrorism, & Torture-Murder Operations.”

From Wikipedia: Biderman’s Chart of Coercion includes the following coercion methods:[1]

1) Isolation
2) Monopolization of perception
3) Induced debilitation and exhaustion
4) Threats
5) Occasional indulgences
6) Demonstrating “omnipotence” and “omniscience”
7) Degradation
8) Enforcing trivial demands

From: Biderman’s Chart of Coercion – Written in 1956 and being used today by Dana Ashlie

Biderman’s Chart of Coercion:

A tool designed to demonstrate and explain the coercive methods of stress manipulation used to torture prisoners of war. It has been applied to explain the coercive techniques used by perpetrators of domestic abuse.

This list directly reflects the original chart (elements presented here but not configured properly), it has not been changed to fit the domestic abuse context. Again, please notice the British spelling of words like “favours.” These are the would be slave-masters.

Effect and Purpose

1) Isolation
– Deprives victim of all social support of their ability to resist.
– Develops an intense concern with self (this could be home environment)
– Makes victim dependent.
– Complete solitary confinement Complete or partial isolation Group Isolation

2) Monopolisation of Perception
– Fixes attention upon immediate predicament.
– Eliminates information not in compliance with demands.
– Punishes independence and /or resistance.
– Physical isolation Darkness or Bright light Restricted movement Monotonous Food

3) Humiliation and Degradation
– Makes resistance more ‘costly’ than compliance.
– ‘Animal Level’ concerns.
– Personal hygiene prevented
– Demeaning Punishments Insults and taunts
– Denial of Privacy

4) Exhaustion
– Weakens mental and physical ability to resist.
– Semi-Starvation
– Sleep deprivation Prolonged interrogation Overexertion

5) Threats
– Creates anxiety and despair
– Outlines cost of non-compliance
– Threats to kill
– Threats of abandonment/non- return
– Threats against family
– Vague Threats

6) Mysterious changes of treatment.
– Occasional indulgences
– Positive motivation for compliance. Hinders adjustment to deprivation
– Occasional favours
– Rewards for partial compliance Promises

7) Demonstrating Omnipotence
– Suggests futility of resistance
– Confrontation
– Showing complete control over victims face

8) Forcing trivial demands
– Develops habit of compliance
– Enforcement of ‘rules’
– Amnesty International (1994)

Partial Transcription of Lookoutfa Charlie’s OPEN AIR GUANTANAMO – RF TARGETING – V2K – ELECTRONIC TARGETING

Zoe Sofia: There are eight methods of coercion to illicit compliance. The first one is isolation.

Charlie: Every one of these 8 methods ties back to the same thing that the V2K computer does to a human being. They drive the target to isolation.

Zoe Sofia: And the effects of this method are that:

1) it deprives the victim of all social support,
2) it deprives the victim of his ability to resist
3) victim develops an intense concern with self.

Charlie: Develops an intense concern with self. When you talk to a lot of targets, it sounds like they are out-of-control narcissists. It’s all about me. Everyone of these effects can be attributed to Radio Frequency targeting.

Zoe Sofia:

4) makes victim dependent on interrogator.

Charlie: They do that. They good cop-bad cop you. There’s always a good cop and a bad cop. One that is threatening you and one who is either being nice to the person or trying to make some kind of deal or rationalize it.

Zoe Sofia: Variants of this method are:

1) complete solitary confinement
2) complete isolation
3) semi-isolation
4) group isolation

Charlie: That makes sense. What happens to a lot of these people is that when targets start telling people what is happening to them, they are deemed crazy and they soon lose their support system. If they can keep their support system intact, they will often have a better chance. But for those targets who don’t really need a support system… well, the operators have their work cut out for them.

Zoe Sofian: Now imagine being put away in a small room or cell with no human contact for weeks on end.

Charlie: Sounds like “lockdown.”

Zoe Sofia: The second method, “monopolization of perception.”
The effects of this method are:

1) fixes attention upon immediate predicament
2) fosters introspection
3) eliminates stimuli competing with those controlled by capture
4) frustrates all action not consistent with compliance

Variations of this are:

1) physical isolation
2) darkness or bright light
3) barren environment
4) restricted movement
5) monotonous food

Charlie: They are trying to get every thought of yours to go back to the interrogator-harasser-torturer.

Zoe Sofia: The person brainwashing could put a hood over the victim’s head so he can’t see anything and he can only the brainwasher’s voice or putting a bright light in the eyes of the victim, or tying the person down so they can’t move.

Charlie: In the case of TIs, they just hear the person’s voice 24 hours a day along with shocks and pains and the inability to sleep.

Zoe Sofia: Or tying the person down so they can’t move.

So the third method is “induced debilitation, exhaustion.” And the effects of this are weakened mental and physical ability to resist. The variations of this are:

1) semi-starvation
2) exposure (to hot and cold, the elements, deprived of water)
3) exploitation of wounds (they slash open your leg or whatever)
4) induced illness

Charlie: in terms of exploitation of wounds and induced illness, these can be induced by radio frequencies, as well as the chemicals and agents and fungus you are subjected to. A lot of people think they are poisoned when they go through this. They all have the same complaints. This playbook may as well be the RF targeting playbook.

It’s amazing to me that these doctors won’t connect the dots. They are all the same.

Zoe Sofia:

1) Sleep deprivation. They don’t let you sleep.
2) Prolonged constraints. They tie you down.
3) Prolonged interrogation or forced writing for hours and hours and hours.
4) Over-exertion. where you worked or kept awake until you collapse.

Method 4: “threats.” The effects of this are:

1) cultivates anxiety or despair

Charlie: I keep telling people: quit listening to what they are saying. Don’t ever listen to the targeters. Everything they tell you is bullshit, even is 10% is truth. It’s designed to keep your anxiety and cortisol levels through the roof.

Zoe Sofia: And the variations of this are:

1) threats of death, to you, your family
2) threats of non-repatriation
3) threats of endless isolation and interrogation
4) vague threats
5) mysterious change of treatment

Charlie: Vague threats. That’s all they do.

Zoe Sofia: Method #5: “Occasional indulgences,” for example, you are allowed outside when you haven’t seen sunlight for 3 months, or you are allowed to sleep for an hour, or you are allowed a cigarette,

“Promises:” Rewards for partial compliance.

The effects of this are:

it provides positive motivation for compliance,
it hinders the adjustment to deprivation,

Method 6: demonstrating omnipotence and omniscience This means the brainwasher wants to have complete control over the victim. To suggest futility of resistance.

Charlie: Luckily there are people out there who won’t stand for this.

Zoe Sofia: Method 7: Degradation.

Charlie: This seems to be a very, very popular technique with the Bolshevik communist torturers. And when I say Bolshevik communists, I don’t mean Russians, I mean international Bolshevik communists. In fact, if I told you who I thought was doing this for the most part, I would literally have my channel for only 30 seconds.

Zoe Sofia: The effects of this are” it makes cost of resistance appear more damaging to self-esteem than capitulation… They make it seem like you are better off if you don’t resist than if you resist. This reduces the prisoner to animal level concerns.

Variations of this are: personal are prevented (they don’t let you shower or brush your teeth), filthy surroundings, demeaning punishments, insults and taunts, denial of privacy.

Charlie: They always have people (TIs) thinking they are being watched while they use the bathroom. Sure they use wifi. But there are not cameras planted in your bathroom You have to remember that the whole point of RF targeting is to try to manipulate you from afar.

This playbook is everything they are using. It came from Bolshevik communists and Guantanamo Bay.

Zoe Sofia: Method 8: Enforce trivial demands. Like walk over to the wall, or raise your hand, or touch the ground… they are conditioning you to do what they want you to do, so that when they really want you to do something, you’ll do it. The effects of this are a developed habit of compliance. The variations of this are forced writings, or enforcement of minute rules.

Charlie: In this case, it’s control of psychology, psychiatry, and the psychiatric community. They are inventing the symptoms.

Zoe Sofia: You have to have your left shoelace untied at all times. Basically, they are conditioning you to abide by all their rules and do everything they say.

Charlie: This goes in line with what I’ve been saying about all the ridiculous things that they tell targets to do to get this to stop or to let up temporarily.

Zoe Sofia: Doesn’t this seem like torture to you. They say it’s not causing bodily damage.

Charlie: Think about this. This is legal, since 9/11… even if they are doing this wirelessly to anyone they consider an enemy combatant, or a terrorist… then when you argue with someone that it’s illegal. This is the RF targeting playbook.

Zoe Sofia:
How can this not cause permanent psychological damage?

IV. WHO Is Doing the Targeting? WEAPONIZED RF / ELF – “WHO’S DOING THIS?” (Oct. 9, 2022)

Partial Transcription of Video:

Lookoutfa Charlie:

Q: So who are “They”? Who’s doing it?

A: Somebody with a lot of power, influence, and the sheer gall that they know they are going to get away with it. The psychiatric and medical industries and the news media will not talk about it, even though they know they exist and it’s happening.

And yet we hear the same story over and over again…. It’s always the same scripts.

Who is doing this? This began on the West Coast in the mid to late 60’s and early 70’s and then it made it’s way to the East Coast. There was a steady increase of people being affected by these weapons as time went on.

Then there there was a surge of people who were being affected by these frequencies between 1990 and 1993, right about the time that HAARP came online. There was also a different satellite group of people who began to hear the hum, and it was just a low frequency, right about that time, in record numbers. And then there was a steady increase through the 90s until 9/11. Right after 9/11, the Patriot Act was signed and also the wireless communications grid was being laid out everywhere. After that, there was a giant spike in (the number of) people who began to be affected by weaponized RF.

Then there was another surge of people between 2013 and 2014. And this was the time of the SMART meter roll out nationwide. Whether that was a coincidence or not, who knows.

But Guantanamo Bay detainees have all stated in the past that after about 30 days in captivity there, they began to hear voices.

Who is doing this? Somebody who can send these signals into Guantanamo Bay and get away with it. The news media and their counterparts on social media will not touch this. The only time they will touch it is to do a hit piece or when they are talking about “Havana Syndrome.” And only when our diplomats and other government employees are the victims. See, they can spin that and use it. Is it Russia? Is it China? Is it the commies? It’s great fuel for war and division and everything else. What that does is it makes a lot of people pissed off because they aren’t being paid attention to. And some guy can have a ringing in his ears for 30 seconds and somehow that is big news.

So who’s doing it? Hmmm. When you listen to old stories about people who experienced these weapons back in the 1980s or the 90s, it is much different than what it is today. Today, people are pelted with it 24/7; they can’t get away from it. And the tactics used are identical to Guantanamo Bay-style tactics. They are identical in every single way. The tactics used on people since 2001 are directly related to Guantanamo Bay-style interrogation and torture tactics.

So, who is doing this? People who are modeling it after Guantanamo Bay.

Years ago, a guy was quitting NASA. His family was falling apart; he was getting a divorce. So he moved to Texas to be close to family. During that time, he was attacked by a demon. And his house became demonically possessed. Which was really these frequencies and these weapons. And he believed it to be demons. Who was doing this? Somebody who didn’t like the fact that he just walked away from NASA. And since he did that, somebody wanted to mess with him.

For the past 5, 6, 7 years, Mark Zuckerberg is telling people that the future of communication is telepathy and what this entails is reading your sub-vocal speech and being able to make a cell phone call basically from one person to another without a phone. What is this? This is the exact same thing as what people are experiencing. Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook or Meta, has entire floor department area completely dedicated to this technology.

So who is doing this? Well, Facebook, or the CIA, or Meta, is working with the same technology that people are being attacked with. Basically, these people are being put through a cell phone call, an artificial telepathy phone call that they can’t hang up on. And Mark Zuckerberg talks about this all the time. Look it up.

Many people that speak out against corruption or 9/11 or other issues similar to that are attacked with these weapons. And suddenly they are on the receiving end of weaponized RF.

And many people who purchase weapons afterward, 6 months down the road, begin to be affected by weaponized RF. Now, who is doing this? Someone that has access to purchase logs. Someone who is compiling information on photos of guns posted on the web. Someone who is putting all this together. This is all compiled. So who is doing this? Someone with a lot of access.

(Webmaster comment: Some government or private agency or individual that is employing PALANTIR software.)

This is Aileen Wuornos, the first female serial killer. This (technology) was used on her in prison. And coincidentally, every villain from pop culture history has been affected by these weapons. Everybody you’ve heard about. Brian Wilson from the Beach Boys was one of the first. I told you it started on the West Coast and then it made its way to the East Coast later. Right after that in Santa Cruz was John Lindley Frazier (the killer prophet) who heard God telling him that had to kill people to save the earth. After Frazier, in the same city, was Herbert Mullin, who had to kill people to stop a catastrophic earthquake. He was hearing these voices and he was a true believer in God. So he believed that he was hearing God’s voice. Very, very dangerous.

There were others out in California but when it went to the East Coast, you had Ronald “Butch” DeFeo of Amityville Horror fame in Long Island, New York, who heard his family plotting against him and took them out. After Defeo, there was David Berkowitz and he was involved in satanic stuff and it was being monitored by the government. And he actually called his sister and told her long before the serial killings that he was being tapped and monitored by the FBI. Then he began hearing demons.

There are dozens and dozens of cases through the 80s and 90s but they just weren’t paraded out like they are now. Some of them were higher profile but not like this.

This is the case of Aaron Alexis, who was the Naval Yard shooter, and he actually wrote “My ELF weapon” on his shot gun. He was complaining of not just hearing voices but vibrations and all these different effects of RF weapons before he did what he did. Sharon Laughner was hearing this and dealing with the same stuff. So isn’t it weird that all these people that deal with this, many of them gun owners, go out and begin to do these things in retaliation to these RF weapons.

And then what is it used for? It is used to attempt to disarm the American public. So who’s doing this? Somebody that has an agenda. Somebody that has access to mass surveillance.

Nathan Gale, the guy that shot Dimebag” Darrell Abbott in Ohio at a Damageplan music show was dealing with this. He was an ex-marine. And he was being affected by weaponized RF all this crap gets blamed on “mental issues.”

Mark David Chapman, the man who shot John Lennon. What happened to him? Well, he began to hear voices in his walls. And that’s what they don’t tell you. A lot of these people will begin to hear tinnitus before the voices start. Or the voices are in their skulls reverberating around their sinus cavity. Or it sounds as though the voices are coming from the walls or somewhere else… just like Myron May. And Chapman had what he referred to as these “little people” who would speak to him. And they would call him things like “Mr. President.” Just insane things that are insane to believe that the brain just makes up.

He intended to go to New York and kill John Lennon. And the “little people” begged him not to, saying “please think of your wife, please, Mr. President, think of your mother, think of yourself.” And then they would use the same voices to say, “Do it, do it, do it.” So it was good cop/bad cop.

Now, who’s doing this? Somebody who wanted to see if they could get somebody else to kill John Lennon for them.

And wait a minute what was the goal of this whole thing?

Voice in documentary; “The Minds of Men”:

“The goal remained the same. As this (1952) CIA memo says… “the aim is controlling an individual to the point where he will do our bidding even against his will, and even against such fundamental laws of nature as self preservation.”

That’s right. And isn’t it funny how that is exactly what all of these people have done and they end up going to prison.

Camerlin Sarney of the Boston Shmummer was visited by the FBI and after that he began to hear the voices of three people who began to speak to him all the time and put him down and say demeaning things to him. Now, who would do this? Somebody who wanted to have an easily controlled patsy at their hands.

When you talk to a lot of people who spread rumors and disinformation about things that they think are bad for people. Say smoking. They’ve been caught lying about that. They will say “the ends justify the means.” All these people are hearing the exact same thing, the exact same weapon. This is Cho, the Virginia Tech shooter. He dealt with the exact same thing, the exact same weapon. Who would do this? Someone who wants to disarm the American public

Nicolas Cruz, the Parkland shooter, same thing, was hearing voices. And who would do this? The same people who did the same thing to Cho.

James Holmes, the batman Aurora shooter, was hearing the voice of Obama. And he was dealing with these RF weapons. Who would do this? The same people that did Cho, Nicolas Cruz, and the same people that want to disarm the American public.

Jason Dalton was a totally normal guy from Kalamazoo, Michigan, who decided to drive an Uber to save money to take his family on vacation. He then began to hear voices in his car while he was driving and he eventually shot people who he thought were in on it… because he had been psy-oped utterly and completely. Who would do this? The same people that did James Holmes, Nicolas Cruz, Cho, Aaron Alexis, and the others, the same people that don’t want guns around anymore. The ends justify the means, they believe, just like 9/11.

Myron May was a prosecutor who began to have electronic harassment symptoms. It was back pain and zaps and vibrations and all kinds of things. It turned into him hearing people plotting against him in the other room, just like Butch DeFao in the early 1970’s. He started out trying to advocate for this before he allegedly did something really stupid. So who would do this? The same people, etc.

Stephen Paddock was the alleged Las Vegas shooter, although they found him dead and his hard drive was missing. And he said that the CIA could hack his brain and take over. He told a Las Vegas escort that he was a government experiment and that the CIA could hack his brain and take over in a series of disturbing text messages shortly before the worst mass shooting in modern American history. So he was dealing with this as well, which probably made him panic and make a lot of dumb moves that was turned him into a patsy. So who would do this? Same people for the purpose of disarming the American public.

So we may not know exactly who is running this weapons operation, we have a pretty good idea.

Now if I told you who I believe is in complete command and control of this weapons system, this youtube channel would be taken down in 5 minutes. You can take that however you want. So look at all the evidence I’ve supplied.

(However, in general, “they” are anyone involved in “full spectrum dominance.” The NSA, DHS, DoD, FBI, DARPA, Meta, Boeing, NASA, the Cubes, HAARP, Lockheed Martin. Anybody.

Full spectrum dominance equals the matrix, Skynet, Simulation Theory. We are dealing with ELFs… Extremely Low Frequencies. “They’re just frequencies, dude; man-made frequencies.”)


is paranormal related. Or something else entirely. While ignoring that there is years and years of study and analysis here. There are almost 300 videos on this channel that all work as a body of evidence.

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Living Purgatory 3
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This reminds me of when the LAPD discovered police impersonators who actually believed they were genuine police with jurisdiction inside and outside the United States. They referred to themselves as the Masonic Fraternal Police, and the caught “Grand Master” died before the case could be brought to court. The timing of his death was suspicious. His lost testimony would have been public, and I’m sure would have brought much needed information to light on who hired him and his partners. I believe, if memory serves correctly, that additional facts reported in the LA Times (I no longer have a subscription to revisit for review) were concerning, as this guy was employed within California government, yet seemed to believe that he was, indeed a member of an elite fraternity who worked with the police.

The fact that the LAPD itself caught this fraud is why the story made the newspaper. The story was buried after the guy died with the timing that made his testimony impossible to attain in a courtroom.

Also they have Smart Meters BEFORE fixing the electrical grid system. Think about that. Priorities.

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How To End Electronic Harassment w Grandma Jizard
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This will not be a popular opinion, I specialize in that. The question of why shrinks don’t say anything as one I have pondered for years. Decades actually. Perhaps it’s tied to the drastic change of demographics amongst employees in the psychiatric industries. Starting in the late 80s and especially early 90s, hundreds of thousands of women graduated from colleges with psychology and psychiatry degrees.

The foster care system forced me into therapy starting at the age of five. All of the shrinks were men.

Later on in life, when I couldn’t figure out why I was silly cidel at the age of 19 for no observable reason, I got nothing but female psychiatrists.

Here are the differences I noted: the male psychiatrists never once prescribed me a single medication. But they did ask me a lot of questions.

The women, however, the female shrinks, always start/ed with medication from the get-go.

I have spent the last 4 1/2 years testing different prescription medication‘s to see how they interact with this tech system. I have no idea what to do with the information garnered and learned through trial and error, but I assure you that there is only one prescription medication I have found that is completely incompatible with this technology. Only one. I have tested more “medication” than you could possibly fathom.

Let’s say a female psychiatrist gets a patient who thinks they are targeted. Let’s say that that same psychiatrist then starts to get targeted without realizing it. Let’s say that psychiatrist then misattributed symptoms to something else entirely, and accidentally prescribes her patient some thing that makes the symptoms much, much worse. Let’s say that the psychiatrist herself then starts taking the exact same medication. I believe that is your answer.

They don’t talk about it because they’re too fucking stupid to even see it in the first place. That is my personal experience.

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If you are a paranoid type, and your car is unlocked or your alarm has gone off or some sensor has been triggered, every time you call the cops, you risk your “freedom.” Just saying.

How To End Electronic Harassment w Grandma Jizard
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@5:56 Thanks for the chuckles ? You weren’t quite right enough lol

3 weeks ago
What are the recorders called that pick up these frequencies? I am going to do some tests myself ?


Partial Transcription of Video: Lookoutfa Charlie:

“The original goal of RF weapons was to create assassins. But RF weapons in general became an entire industry. The motives are like an octopus. The motives are like tentacles of the octopus:

Why are people subjected to weaponized RF?

1) Subversion of the psychiatric industry
2) Subversion of the medical industry
3) Subversion of the pharmaceutical industry
4) Used to create funding for everything; mental health gestapo, policing, to get more surveillance, more federal policing
5) For terror and the illusion of terror; you need to be in fear always; road rage
6) To feed future technology and AI learning; these chat bots are sounding more and more human all the time; all these different AI configurations learning how to read; they are hooking people up to a phone call that they can’t hang up on
7) To create political and social narratives; for example, “guns are bad and have to go;”
8) As a eugenics style weapon of war; this is used to take people out, drive people mad and/or kill them, can be used against dissidents, whistleblowers, “terrorists”

It can’t always be dissidents or whistleblowers or “terrorist.” So they have to target average people as well.

There are people making a lot of money with this “artificial telepathy” system. The SMART meters the entire smart grid, human body communication, are all tied in to this. This equals total control. When a chatter bot is talking to somebody all night, this adversely affects people’s health and they become weaponized. Then they can be turned into an Aaron Alexis or Myron May. Then you’ve got all your narratives. Having a full control of every human mind is a giant amount of power.

On a personal level, if they are taking out a whistleblower or dissident or “terrorist”, this destroys the legacy of the person. As a weapon of war it decimates people. This is used for revenge against dissidents, whistleblowers, etc.

These frequencies do not occur in nature. Electromagnetic frequencies cause voices, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, bipolar, and a good 90% of the symptoms that people are feeling. Symptoms as if people are going senile, or dementia. They are creating the symptoms for everything and they are curing it with their medications. In reality, they are just masking the symptoms. These conditions are mere symptoms. The cause is RF.


Why are they doing this? Weaponized RF / ELF

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I’m political dissident/whistle blower, they pulled all this on me. I have evidence and can get no help.
Even got a p.i. scan showing rf frequencies coming from me

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Operation Crimson Mist

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Want all the names of the people running these projects. Look up the NNI 2022 FINANCIALS REPORT. It tells you about some of the things you have said but at the end it gives all the names of people running the programs. Bill Gates and the WEF are truly who is running it. There are other companies as well like One World Alliance, Gama Aviation llc, Akima llc.

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Agreed about psychotic symptoms—I question other diagnoses as well as psychotic disorders since experiencing this overtly I question everything.

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You’ll be better the next day hoppin, jumpin, skippin, frolicking, summersault, then pop while you spring up triple sow cow.
Your welcome

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If you ask any average American or Canadian about what happened during the second world war, the vast majority of their information is from the movie Schindler‘s list. One of the biggest, most remarkable, most successful pieces of complete an absolute bullshit propaganda to the public completely fell for and continues to believe.

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“Stupid TV people” is highly accurate.

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Smoke Shop audio shows 2-Way, mass surveillance. If you haven’t seen the video called “C’Mon, do criminal stuff”, it is on my channel. It gets in depth on how this weapon came to be. And it…

Webmaster Comment: While I am impressed with the techniques Charlie demonstrates in this video, I cannot personally hear the words of the “ELF voices” he claims to hear in the “adjusted” audio recordings. Therefore, I must remain skeptical of these claims: He may be correct in his methodology and conclusions, but I am not in a position to evaluate either.

Partial Transcription of Video:

“There has been a two-way audio frequency-based surveillance system in place for years. This system is also weaponized, two-way. The signal is everywhere, including jumping on and piggy backing on our infrastructure, power grid, electronics and within our housing and businesses. It travels everywhere and I’ve documented it everywhere.

At this point, the people who are running this operation are literally laughing at everyone.

Regarding audio and video surveillance clip of robbery at Store: Charlie plays sound track of surveillance clip, looking at the actual auditory signals on computer screen. (audio shows up as green spectral sign waves).

Charlie: “Here’s the audio from that robbery. There are so many audio anomalies in this, it’s insane. There is a big band of infra-sound in the room from 43 to 86 Hz. So there’s low frequency and infra-sound. A band of it traveling through the entire thing. And you can hear in the recording that it is literally drowning in infra-sound. These are pulsed communications.. They aren’t quite right. Just as the guy is running out the door, a voice that doesn’t belong to anybody says: “He’s taking off” (3 versions). Before he’s saying “he’s taking off,” we hear a female voice, which sounds a bit robotic, saying “take the little guy.” (3 versions) After the guys says “I’m dead” we another (remote) voice saying “call the cops.” Here is an adjusted and boosted version of that. After that the voices continue that don’t belong to anybody in the room. Check it out. All these voices sound like what you’d hear on a police broadcast or an emergency broadcast, except they are pulsed and they are enunciated a little bit strange.

I have to get a little technical here. Each of these electronic ELF voices are missing formants, which are of frequency bands of human speech. That’s why they are half distinguishable. You can hear the guy saying “I’m dead” and you can see all these lines in the spectral view… Those are all the formants and frequency lines of his voice. The voice that says “Call the cops” only has a few formants. So they look and sound very strange.

So you can hear these voices commenting and taking notes about what is going on. It operates exactly like a short-hand court reporter taking notes every second or two about what is happening around any and all situations. This is how it works. But this “call the cops” was loud as hell in the original recording along with “he’s taking off.” It was so loud that I can’t believe that no one noticed it. People notice things in visually in videos all the time and point them out. But nobody notices this audio stuff ever and it’s in a lot of stuff. There is no one in the room and you can look at it spectrally and tell that it’s not a regular human voice.

This part, before it was adjusted, is enough to rumble the woofers on my studio monitors. (Listens to thumping sounds). So let’s check it out when it’s been adjusted. (Now you hear some higher pitched sounds.) That’s what it sounds like when it’s been adjusted, when you lose that ELF rumble that pops up. You get this. Very, very interesting. You hear: “Say what?” Then ELF voice comes in here. What gets crazy is after it’s adjusted it says this. It almost sounds like a police radio, right? Then you hear this. (we hear sounds). Right there, you hear: “that guy’s dealing with all these weirdos.” And that is nobody in the store. You can look at it. It’s a pulsed communication. And it says: “That guy is dealing with all these weirdos.” (plays sounds).

Let me isolate “all these weirdos”. (jumbled sounds). Here’s “dealing with all these weirdos.” (jumbled sounds) (Webmaster: Honestly, I can’t hear these words or phrases being said, I hear jumbled noise)).

So it’s as if the business, the area, is being monitored at the same time the event is happening because this technology runs 24/7 365 everywhere… It’s not a bunch of different things. It’s one thing.

Now let’s go back to “he’s taking off” for a minute… let’s listen to it (garbled sounds)… just as the guy is running out of the building. Now imagine if the guy running away was actually hearing this as a voice hearer. This would be equal to what voice hearers out there are hearing. They are hearing things like “he’s in the hall,” “she’s by the window,” “she’s driving,” etc. They feel as though their privacy is being stripped away. It’s just making statements assessing the situation in a surveillance style way, like short-hand court reporter. So if the dude actually heard that “he’s taking off”, like one of these voice hearers do, then he would feel as though his privacy was being stripped away and he was being being followed.

Not only is it physically there, saying it, so if he heard that he wouldn’t actually be schizophrenic. But it proves that this is everywhere, whether people can hear it or not.

From everything I have looked up on this case, no one involved in this was hearing voices. This was a random smoke-bake shop in Las Vegas. And I have picked this up in hundreds in random of recordings through the years. People actually believe that are multitudes of RF weapons being used. This proves that this is the weapon and it’s there working even if somebody doesn’t hear it.

Now this is right near the end. you are going to hear the door bell. A voice there that doesn’t belong to anybody says: “next.” Then another voice that is very robotic says “too late.” But the kids voice here, with the formants. Then at the end, the voices carry on.

And lots of this sounds like radio communication. It has that police radio communication style. You definitely need good speakers or headphones for this part. That ELF band that I showed you between 46 and 83 Hz. I isolated that band and it just sounds like a bunch of rumbling and low frequencies. But when you adjust those ELF frequencies and tweak them…. now it sounds like radio communication. Who is using extremely low frequency to communicate?

It’s actually ELF communication that sounds like radio communication. After it’s been adjusted you can hear: “they are going to rob him.” Then another voice comes in here and says: “He’s not a hippie.” Then right after it happens, he says: “He stabbed him.” Right after that, a voice and says: “good job.” then another voice comes in and says: “Police don’t care.” This was ELF rumble. These are comments about what was happening in the store. Then another voice comes in and says: “he is walking.” Sounds just like emergency radio communication.

So that frequency band that was in the original recording, that rumble (sounds), is actually ELF communication. This is ELF communication that’s going on and its not picked up on a regular frequency band or a regular radio. So this isn’t monitored by the NSA SIGINT, FBI, or anyone else. This is a band that people are unaware of. I showed you the ELF but the rest of this is surface audio that’s absolutely audible in the original recording.

So pretty crazy. It’s not a regular human voice. There are frequency bands that aren’t there that make it much harder to understand that a regular voice. The ELF runs through this entire thing. All connected to the ELF band that’s jumping up. “Call the cops” is not a real voice. It is a digital pulsed communication. Artificial female, artificial male.

So let’s listen to these voices. That’s a real voice. That’s not a real voice, that’s an ELF contrived voice. Call the cops is not a real voice it is a digital pulsed communication. So we need to re-examine all these so-called mental health cases.


15 days ago

You’re an idiot.

2 months ago

When it says NEXT it said “Next Victim” I think.
Edited 2 months ago

2 months ago

just put my phone on developer mode went to the store and 4 people 1 clerk 3 random people just talking 10 plus mac addresses most said apple inc. on the drive over to the store {3mile mostly rural} 80 plus most of these mac id’s i see come from the schools when no one is there…. drove by the hospital cause people think it is vaccine related i got 0…….
2 months ago

maybe a small suggestion….. it’s your channel to do as you please but maybe not include actual incident just post a link
2 months ago

Do you think when something is uploaded to youtube and other platforms, secretly a subliminal layer is added on to the original audio of the video. could the sub voices your finding here maybe have been added by an AI whenever you upload to youtube? do you understand my question? thanks! I personally think they and other platforms [show more] ···
2 months ago

damn that’s weird didn’t think about that like to sub con influence viewers towards certain channels next thing you know all the viewers are categorized or some weird shit need proof to back it up though…….
2 months ago

Thanks for posting. If I wanted to analyze ELF like this could you recommend some basic software and basic instruction?
2 months ago

I have been using Audacity for many years and i would recommend that program.
2 months ago

I can hear most of it easily and my ears are not the best. Somewhere I also heard ‘attacked’ or ‘attack(ed) him’ @ around 9:18
I work in a bar for a few hours a week and I would not be able to take on more; there’s full surveillance inside and outside in the street, everybody feels weird in that place; as soon as you set one foot in the door, stress and heaviness befalls you, it’s ‘in the air’.
2 months ago
Lookoutfa Charlie

I know exactly what you are talking about. In some of those places where it is heavy, it’s almost as if you can feel it pushing down on you physically. In one partcular home, anyone who walked in would get pressure on their head, pain in their eyes, pain behind their eyes, instant headaches, etc. And people wonder why they feel like [show more] ···
2 months ago
Lookoutfa Charlie

” pressure on their head, pain in their eyes, pain behind their eyes, instant headaches” … exactly that.

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