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gang stalking is satanic- insider tells all. targeted individuals video 2018

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February 19, 2024

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February 25, 2014

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February 25, 2014

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February 23, 2014

Truth seeker
Published on May 19, 2018
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Targeted Individuals know it as Organized Gang Stalking; Gang Stalkers call it “The Game” or “The Games”. It is ancient, and secret societies (such as the Freemasons) are still being used to gather intelligence, Gang Stalk, and target and terrorize any individual perceived to have integrity, as righteous individuals are considered impossible to predict, control, or corrupt; they also have a special destiny.

Targeted Individuals of the Bible were targeted by the same Gang Stalking Program that you as an Elect Saint of the End Time are today. In recent times, secret societies have engineered “intelligence agencies” in order that the ancient persecutory system can masquerade under the names of various covert operations carried out in the modern age, interfacing the existing ancient components of infiltration, discrediting campaigns, noise campaigns, street theater, directed conversations, frame-ups, set-ups, poisoning, and witchcraft with technology (electronic surveillance and harassment such as V2K [Voice to Skull] and “slow kill” weapons such as microwave weapons and electromagnetic weapons, and quantum computer controlled nanotechnology and trauma-based mind control), thereby streamlining their Satanic methods.

However, the technological aspect of Targeting is relatively minor, as it is largely a supernatural phenomenon, and the concept of a modern “black op” essentially amounts to a disinformational whitewash to keep Targeted Individuals from discovering the ultimately spiritual nature of this covert war; lower-level Satanists use tech to surveil, gather intel, and attack, while higher-level ones use “familiar” spirits (demons). While it is true that The Program Matrix (also known as Gang Stalking, Stalking by Proxy, and Covert War) works through secret courts within the shadow legal system here on Earth, Targeting originates in the Heavenly Courts. Satan is a legalist, he gets away with persecuting Christians via gang stalking in this spiritual battle of principalities just the same as he does in worldly matters—legally. Rather than break laws, Satan uses legal loopholes that depend upon our ignorance of the law. If you are a Targeted Individual, this means that Satan has filed a lawsuit against you in the Heavenly Courts. God is allowing this loophole in order to put The Elect through the Refiner’s Fire so that it may serve as your spiritual catalyst and cross to co-carry with Jesus, your responsibility as an End Time Saint. According to the Bible, the Adversary has identified you as an elect Christian of a lost Hebraic bloodline (“lost sheep” of every color and shade) who is thus destined to be transformed into one of the Judging Angels who will judge the Adversary and other the Fallen Angels who follow him; this is why you’ve been Targeted.

From Gangstalking is Satanic youtube

This is not a game. It is war. But since these psychopaths know that they’ve already lost this war, until it plays out it is for them merely a sadistic game. And here are some of the rules.

Rule #1) The good side can’t communicate to us about the existence of the game, the object of the game, or its rules- and the bad side won’t- we have to figure it our ourselves.

Rule #2: Our freewill cannot be compromised. No matter how tempted or manipulated or tricked or pressured or frightened that we are, we technically cannot be made to do anything we don’t want to do. Even under heavy mind control. Our freewill remains intact: There is no such thing as true mind control, only incredibly strong mental influence even if it means fighting our own minds and sinfulness, we have sovereign will that no one- not even our God- can take from us.

Rule #3: Any sins we commit- especially a continuously sinful lifestyle- allows us to be attacked. Ironically, the righteousness of not committing sin also elicits abuse by demonic perpetrators. The difference, though, is that when we’re being attacked for being unrighteous, we don’t have God’s help and protection and defense against witchery and it’s onslaught, but when we’re living righteously we do, and He will deliver.

Rule #4: If we fight fire with fire rather than with (living) waters, we fall into the trap that the gang stalkers have set for us, which is to be subtly conditioned to become a satanic perp ourselves by trying to fight them using their own tactics of hate, sabotage, deception, and magic. Thus ironically becoming- and unwittingly joining- the enemy which we wish to defeat. Don’t play the game using their tactics, as this is exactly what they want.

Excerpts from Youtube interview with Brian Kofron:

“Ex-military and ex-intelligence people are being hired by the thousands each and every day to staff private security companies all over the country. Or they are active military and intelligence personnel now operating domestically under the cover of being a private security contractor. These private security investigators investigate, surveille, they follow, and they carry out covert operations domestically in a way that can be protected. It’s the perfect way to carry out gang stalking operations against TIs.

The number one rule in intelligence work and in security work, at least in terms of people who are surveilling the public, is to remain undetected. So in terms of a profile, they go out of their way to recruit people of diverse ethnic backgrounds, each gender, all age ranges, etc. Static and mobile units are the two basic units in security. The more mobile units will be staffed by elderly people.

As far as the profile, they are ex-military, ex-intelligence. Many people, like myself, have no ties to that, but they start off low in the company as a security guard, maybe threat assessments, maybe they have an IT background. And then they are trained little by little to be let into the gang stalking and covert which is involved in this social engineering program domestically to target TIs.

In terms of a street gangstalker, the kind of people who will have regular contact with the TI, they will have a certain profile physically. The men will often be very strong, they work out, they’re buff, they will have a generally intimidating demeanor. Although these can very decent people who are just doing their job. Because they all know that if they come forward and say something, they will be gangstalked as well. And unfortunately, I’m proving that by the way I’m being targeted now.

This is the general appearance they give. It’s to be intimidating. And there is a very fine line between the military intimidation and the gangster/thug intimidation. And both aspects are there on purpose. Gang stalking has been designed specifically to have both aspects there. They want you to believe that your country hates you and that you are in great danger all the time. So you can start to see how, psychologically, this is going to have an effect on someone very, very quickly. If they are under the impression that the military, their own government, and a bunch of thugs are following them around the country all the time.

There is a precedent for hiring people that displayed a certain moral ambiguity. Certain private security companies in the Seattle area, where I’m from, have hired many ex-LA police personnel. A lot of police who were forced out of the LAPD after the Rodney King riots and scandals were hired by these private security companies. So you can imagine the kinds of characters that wound up in private security companies when the LAPD didn’t want them anymore. These same companies have also hired people with what could be called a criminal mentality and others with actual criminal backgrounds. These kinds of people are coveted for gang stalking assignments. Obviously, they don’t mind mistreating other people.

But it’s also important to note that despite the unsavory characters that are within this, the entire point of it is to maintain a “hands off” policy. And this is very, very evil. This “hands off” policy is in place specifically so that the gangstalkers, the private security companies, the government, and everybody else involved with this will have the excuse to say “we never we never did any physical harm to them.” We never struck them, we never shot them. So everything that is done by this program is meant to have a psychological effect.

And the psychological effect is meant to complement the effect that the technology is having on the individual. So that they are brought to place in their life where they are isolated, broke, unemployed, they have no family or friends. And nobody in the general public can track or trace anything that’s being done to them because the technology is remote and it’s wireless and usually there are usually no physical signs left on the individual that anything is being done them. And there is no physical evidence that any gang stalking ever went on. So the point of the program is to have maximum psychological effect and leave the minimal amount of evidence.

And so you can see how this hands off policy against the TI, so that when the TI ends up physically deteriorated or in a hospital can’t blame the gang stalkers, or federal government, or the technology because they were never “touched” or physically harmed by them….. even though all of the harm that’s done to TIs is done by the gang stalkers, by the federal government that endorses this program, and the technology. So therefore the gang stalkers, the federal government, and the technology are 100% responsible and liable for all the harm that is done to TIs.

There are no adds on Craig’s List for jobs to harass and torture people. It’s just not done. And when we find out what is going on, most of us (stalkers) are disgusted by it. There is also a very quick, peer pressure induced, acceptance of it. Then you feel it’s pretty cool.. Because we are the people with all the power- with ties to the intelligence agencies and the government. And we’ll be OK no matter what. Because we are willing to violate the law and so are our superiors. We are offered a series of incentives, acceptance into the group, acceptance into what will be the future of America. You and your girl friend or wife, kids, are going to be taken care of, make a lot of money, your kids are going to the best schools, and you will have a good life….. So as long as we do our job and make our bosses happy, we’ll be happy.

And at this point it really does take on almost an organized crime feel to it. Because these people are pleasing their boss to do things that are absolutely illegal. They’re monitoring and harassing and torturing, sometimes leading to the death of American citizens. They are violating their civil rights, their human rights, basic human decency. This is horrible stuff that is being done to people.

So you have to understand the psychological operation run against gang stalkers and others that participate in the program, is just as advanced, if not more advanced, than the psychological program that is run against TIs. This very intense psychological program involves hive mind, voice-to-skull, emotion manipulation, behavior modification technology is being used against the gang stalkers themselves to assist them in doing their job… specifically to take away their conscience, to take away their empathy and their sympathy. So that they don’t feel bad or guilty about what they are doing.

Just as intelligence officers and soldiers are trained to be able to kill without a conscience, the exact thing is done within the program to V2K gang stalkers…. it is done by peer pressure and direct training and by the technology itself. The empathy and conscience is turned off. The reward for going along with this is that you get to be part of the group. Look at how isolated the TI is.

This program will be rolled out nationwide.

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