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MONARCH: The New Phoenix Program (GOG’S NeW GESSTTTTTAPO) by Marshall Thomas (youtube)

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February 19, 2024

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February 25, 2014

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February 23, 2014

ETK note: GOG’S NeW GESSTTTTTAPO is my term for “Global Organized Gang Stalking Neuro-Warfare Groups’ Electronic Surveillance, Slavery, Tracking, Targeting, Torture, Terror, Tyranny, and Psyops Operations being run by CIA-FBI-NSA-DHS and a host of cooperating agencies (“the interagency”) and cooperating governments around the world. In this video, which accompanies his book of the same name, Thomas accurately traces the origin of FBI/DOD/DHS’s global stalking operations to the CIA’s “Phoenix Program” of the Vietnam War era.

“Army intelligence, microwave weapons, and a dirty secret war”

Introduction and Excerpts from youtube video and Marshall Thomas’s book of the same name

“The Vietnam war was the formative experience for a generation of CIA and military intelligence personnel involved in the Phoenix program. They viewed the military defeat in Vietnam as a betrayal on the home front, a loss of will by domestic political enemies, not a military failure against a nationalistic revolution fought as a guerilla war.

The Phoenix program, assassinating suspected VC (Viet Cong) sympathizers in a systematic manner, worked well and is the blueprint for the current black operation (aka gang stalking) targeting thousands of loyal Americans using state of the art microwave and radio frequency radiation weapons. The motivation to suppress domestic dissidents and to assassinate loyal American opposition stems from the perception of dissent against the war as treason. This philosophy is stated very clearly in the “Mind War” (1980) paper written by Michael Aquino.

The Department of Defense has a huge stake in futuristic technology that kills by ionizing and non-ionizing radiation, leaving little or no trace. The indiscriminate killing of the Phoenix program continues on American soil. The terms “soft kill,” “slow kill,” and “silent kill” refer to the new way of killing the enemy in conflicts short of war and in small wars of the future. The counterinsurgency doctrine has now been applied to the home front so that the perceived betrayal of the military in Vietnam will not be repeated.

The generation of CIA and military intelligence led by Ted Shackley, Richard Helms, (CIA Director) William Casey, Maj. John Singlaub, Richard Secord, Maj. John B. Alexander, Col. Michael Aquino, Paul Vallilee and others have built the perfect beast, using selective assassination that leaves no trace. The ability to cull the human herd with “silent kill” technology allows a few personalities to remake the entire society in their own image.

Extremely low frequency (ELF) technology slowly drives the target crazy with silent sound, similar to the CIA MKULTRA psychiatrist, Dr. Ewen Cameron’s, “psychic driving” technique, used to break down the target’s personality. The new buzzwords at the Pentagon are “synthetic telepathy” and “psychotronics.” Another means of attack on targets is the Smirnoff patent, that uses subliminal suggestion to manipulate human behavior. This patent was purchased by the remote viewing company, Psi Tech Corporation.

Military intelligence officers involved in developing these “non-lethal weapons” also control Psi Tech. Emotional manipulation is accomplished using Dr. Michael Persinger’s work to remotely project emotional states that the brain entrains or locks onto and emulates. One can broadcast rage or fear at an individual target to manipulate and control them. As if these methods were not enough to torture and murder people, add to this nightmarish toolbox, active gang stalking. CIA-created cults and other cause-oriented groups are used by actively harassing them in public in neutralization techniques described in counterintelligence operations manuals that are aimed at enemy agents.

In the race to develop a new weapon it has always been necessary to test it on human beings. Perfecting the latest weapons designed to kill slowly and silently as well as perfecting the process of controlling the human mind are no different. Once the weaponry has been perfected on these few thousand people, the same techniques will be applied en mass to the general population and then to humanity as a whole.

The Guilty (Deserving Eternal Perdition and Public Execution!)

1) Allen Dulles (CIA Director, 1953-1961, who authorized Project MKULTRA)
2) Richard Helms, CIA officer and Director, ran “Dirty Tricks” Dept., who oversaw Project MKULTRA and destroyed MKULTRA docs in 1972. Grandfather was President of Federal Reserve.
3) Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, Head of CIA’s TSS (Technical Services Staff), directly oversaw MKULTRA
4) General and later President, Dwight D. Eisenhower and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who authorized Operation Paperclip (importation of 9,000 Nazi “mind” and rocket scientists to the USA)
5) Dr. Michael Persinger,
6) Dr. Ewen Cameron, head of Allen Memorial Institute and President of American and Canadian Psychiatric Associations, CIA spychiatrist, author of “psychic driving,” psychopath.
7) Nazi “mind control” scientists (Drs. Hubertus Strughold, Joseph Mengele, and 34 other “paperclip” scientists)
8) Dr. L. Wilson Green, German Jewish “mind control” scientist (Dr. Green, who experimented on American adults and children)
9) Dr. Martin Orne, CIA spychiatrist
10) Dr. Steven Aldrich, CIA spychiatrist and MKULTRA programmer, who took control of CIA’s Office of Research and Development in 1962 and started Operation MK-OFTEN, investigation into the occult and remote brain manipulation.
11) Dr. Morse Allen, CIA spychiatrist
12) Dr. James Hamilton, CIA spychiatrist

“Electronic Mind Control” aka “Biological-radio (radio-frequency, RF) communications:”

MKULTRA subproject 119 was the foundation of all today’s non-lethal weapons programs. One of the five areas of this subproject is entitled “Techniques of Activation of the Human Organism by Remote Electronic Means. ” (memo dated August 17, 1960).

By 1960, the CIA had dropped their emphasis on LSD in favor of at-a-distance electronic influence (by RF or “radio frequencies”).

CIA-cutout, Scientific Engineering Institute (SEI), set up in 1956, and studied radar and the effects of electrodes in the brain. In 1972, SEI also sponsored a course at University of S. Carolina in rituals of demonology and voodoo. Twin threads of this corporation are remote brain manipulation and the occult.

In 1962, a CIA manual focused on RHIC (Radio Hypnotic Intra-cerebral Control), developed by the Pentagon. (This may have been used in the assassination of President JFK (See “Were We Controlled,” by Lincoln Lawrence, 1967): “When a part of your brain receives a tiny an emotion is produced. These emotions can be sent to your brain by outside controllers.” RHIC can insert emotions into the brain at a distance.

Another term, Electronic Dissolution of Memory, EDOM, refers to the ability to erase memory at a distance. (This technology was also possibly used in the CIA operation that resulted in the death of President John F. Kennedy in 1963: See Lawrence, 1967).

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