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Controlled Demolition of the United States and Western World Through State-Sponsored Unconventional Warfare

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Controlled Demolition of the United States and Western World Through State-Sponsored Unconventional Warfare

(The Long-term plan now being implemented is certainly a centuries-old plan.)

By Webmaster

Epigraph Quotes:

1) “Isn’t the only hope for this planet that the industrialized civilization collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?”

Maurice Strong, Secretary-General of 1992 U.N. Rio Earth Summit

2) Treason doth never prosper, what’s the reason?
For if it prosper, none dare call it Treason.

Sir John Harington (1560?-1612)

3) I can pay one half of the working class to kill the other half.

Jay Gould, one of top four 19th Century American robber barons

4) The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis.

Dante Alighieri, author of The Divine Comedy (1265-1321)

Types of Unconventional (Hybrid) Warfare Now Being Deployed Against Humanity

1) – Economic warfare, Bio-warfare, Cybernetics, Transhumanism: The Federal Reserve plan is to end currencies and “go direct” to digital currency hooked up with people’s bodies and minds through “vaccine”-cybernetics technology (Bill Gates’ Patent 060606). The UN, World Economic Forum, Federal Reserve, City of London, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers (Rockefeller Foundation) are primary advocates. Historically, the buildup to this includes the Macey (Cybernetics) Conferences (1940s-50s), the CIA’sMKULTRA mind/behavioral control programs (1953-onward), Mengele’s Nazi mind control experiments, the British Tavistock Institute (WWI onward), and recently Event 201 (2019), Lockstep Document (2010), and Crimson Contagion (2019) drills. In addition, this program builds upon data from covert experimentation on TIs over the past 70 years by CIA, NSA, FBI, DHS, and corrupt corporate and medical establishments (See my website).

2) State sponsored, false-flag terrorism; psychological warfare; trauma-based mind control: Events such as 9/11 were staged by the US and Israeli governments as pretext for the global war on terrorism and expanded war against domestic civilian populations. 9/11 served as pretext to roll out the global Phoenix Program, developed by the CIA and deployed in the Vietnam, Iraqi, Afghani and Latin American wars. Neoconservative Jews (PNAC), Israel, Netanyahu, DOD, CIA, and US Air Force were among the principles involved in the Global War on Terrorism. (See my website.)

3) The climate change false-flag terrorism fraud’ information/psychological warfare: functions as: 1) cover for UN global government (UN Agenda 2030) and 2) geoengineering-weather warfare. UN Operation Clover Leaf and US Air Force and cooperating private contractors are principles. The fraud is fed by the UN-coordinated science fraud that includes the wildly inaccurate computer projections by Dr. Phil Jones, Climate Research Unit (CRU) at University of East Anglia, as well as elsewhere. Co-option and corruption of scientific research institutes, universities, etc. became publicly-known during “Climate-gate” (2009), Kiwi-Gate, and Aussie-Gate. The Five Eyes Nations were principles. (See my website.)

4) Economic Warfare: Includes the secret theft of over $50 trillion from DOD and HUD alone since 1998 in “unaccountable adjustments.” (Catherine Austin Fitts).

5) Massive theft, i.e., “privatization” of resources by robber barons in concert with UN environmental programs occurred along with the rise of PPPs (public private partnerships) and UN Agenda 21. Under Agenda 21, “stake-holder democracy” supplants democratic representation. (See my website.)

6) Chemical, Biological, and Psychological Warfare: Covid – “Vaccine” and Operation Warp Speed comprise a mass depopulation, sterilazation, and enslavement operation. The UN, the WHO, the World Economic Forum, the global corporatocracy, and the US and UK military and intelligence agencies are executing it on behalf of global financial institutions. Over 50% of the US population is now fully vaccinated. Experimental “gene therapy” injections violate Nuremberg Code and Geneva Convention. All liability laws have been waived. The operation incorporates massive, coordinated science fraud that, again, utilizes wildly inaccurate computer projections generated at English universities, in this case, by Dr. Neil Ferguson at Imperial College, and the massive co-option and corruption of the biological and medical sciences.

7) Economic and Psychological Warfare; CIA No-Touch Torture: Economic lockdowns began on March 20, 2020 and the associated mask mandates continue around the world today. Orders came down from the Federal Reserve (2019), WEF, and UN, and were implemented by the global corporatocracy and all federal and state governments. All pertinent laws were waived.

8) Covert incarceration and soft-kill, slow-kill, silent-kill, no-touch torture of civilians, psychological and electronic warfare; i.e., global gangstalking-electronic torture operations: The NSA Global Spy Network (“Five Eyes”), and the US and partner governmental, military, intelligence agencies, and private subcontractors are conducting these ongoing black operations. Civilians are secretly watchlisted extra-judicially by DHS and FBI Fusion Centers and their equivalents in other nations. Private armies of paid civilian street thugs are coordinated by FBI-DHS, intelligence agencies, and the military. All pertinent laws, including the Nuremberg Code and Geneva and UN Conventions Against Torture are waived. These black operations include human medical trafficking. Military special operations forces and psychological operations groups coordinate with civilian groups to target TIs via electronic and neuroweapons and to coordinate street stalking and harassment. This part of the global Phoenix Program comprises the organized torture and elimination of “civilian enemies” by the “interagency.” (See my website.)

9) Mass surveillance and data collectionon everyone and collection of everyone’s (metadata) data by NSA Global Spy Network.

10) Stolen 2020 elections/psychological warfare/destabilization/low-intensity conflict; 2020 election theft was war-gamed by Israeli Defense Forces Unit 8200 and their private cutouts, including Cyberreason. All pertinent laws were waived. Democrat and Republican Parties and most state, local, and federal government are in on it.

11) American cities set on fire by Soros-CIA-paid private armies of thugs/psychological warfare/low-intensity conflict: Private armies (Antifa, BLM, Proud Boys, etc.) have targeted certain US cities and specifically destroyed areas that coincide with HUD “Opportunity Zones,” as designated in 2018. These down-town areas comprise real estate, often owned by minorities, that can be purchased as tax shelters by billionaires unloading profits from the sale of their stocks. (These billionaires notably include Mega Group Jewish billionaires, including Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Microsoft’s Bill Gates, George Soros, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Neuralink’s Elon Musk, Facebook’s Jack Dorsey, Google founder Eric Schmidt, Sergei Bryne, etc.).

12) False-flag synthetic terrorism/destabilization/low-intensity conflict: The so-called “capitol insurrection” was staged and faked by private armies of Soros-paid crisis actors/thugs, that included Jayden X, aka John Sullivan (Antifa),and ex-US Air Force intelligence agent, Ashli Babbitt. Babbit (not real name) apparently has ties to British companies. Sullivan’s adoptive father is US military special forces general. Congress is clearly complicit. The Capitol police and Congress are also in on it. All pertinent laws have been waived.

13) “Phoenix Program” martial law/indefinite detention/soft-kill, silent-kill, slow-kill no-touch torture: Over 500 Jan. 6, 2021 protestors are still locked up in indefinite detention extra-judicially without charges and without access to lawyers. They are being tortured. These measures constitute totalitarian police state-Global Phoenix Program measures against the civilian population.

14) Radical expansion of civilian targeting through expansion of “domestic terrorism” watchlist/economic-psychological-electronic warfare. As a result of the staged “insurrection,” Congress, FBI and DHS are now poised to target “white supremacists,” “domestic extremists,” and Trump voters (half of US population) as “domestic terrorists.” (This is exactly what has been happening to we Tis: Thus, the TI program is to be expanded to target half of Americans, thereby dividing America into two groups: predators and prey.).

15) Massive human trafficking along the southern border of the US has radically ramped up since Biden and the Democrats stole power. The UN, FBI, Border Patrol, and police are complicit. This is another George Soros-UN operation. More than one quarter million illegals (to be sold as slaves and sex slaves?) have been smuggled into the US from just one facility run by a “Catholic Charity” in one town. The law has been waived to facilitate this human smuggling-trafficking operation. This story is now being covered by Alex Jones’ Infowars.

16) Massive, unconstitutional media censorship of thought and information/information/psychological warfare is being carried out by the “big tech giants” owned by Jews: Zuckerberg, Bezos, Dorsy, etc.

17) Economic-cyber-information warfare: Blackrock, Inc., the Federal Reserve, Bill Gates, and the Jewish billionaires (Mega Group) are buying up global assets for pennies on the dollar. One example is the “Opportunity Zones” in major cities destroyed by Soros-paid crisis actors-thugs-private armies, BLM and Antifa. Again, Congress, military, and police are complicit.

18) Mass propaganda, disinformation, and information warfare: The Jewish controlled Mainstream Media stands down on everything and supports all government, military, and intelligence agency propaganda and lies.

19) Technocratic Takeover: The World Economic Forum-UN Agenda 2030 technocracy is poised to control just about everything and everyone through the AI-IoT-5G-satellite-supercomputer-SMART City system. This system is principally controlled through US-UK-Israel-China and the corporatocracy.

20. Ultimate Citizen Surveillance and Control is meant to be exerted through “Vaccine Passports” in addition to ingested toxic materials in the injections that connect individuals to the Pentagon Cloud via supercomputers and satellites.

21. Induced drought/floods/extreme weather via geoengineering and weather warfare, with US Air Force the principle executors.

22. Mass mind control through psychotronic-electronic-neuro- and weather warfare using HAARP (High Active Frequency Auroral Research Project) and other ionospheric heaters, radoms, GWEN towers, etc.

23. Concerted attacks on Christian church and Christianity, as is typical of Bolshevik/communist revolutions.

24. Deliberate gender obfuscation, pushing LGBT and pedophilia agenda.

25. Digital immortality and omniscience via satellite-supercomputer-neuralink-neuralace technology planned for Judeo-Masonic-satanic elite (the so-called “breakaway civilization”) and cyborg enslavement is planned for those allowed to survive and serve them as their slaves.

Primarily responsible for this long-planned global takeover and eradication of human liberty are:

1) World financial institutions (Federal Reserve, City of London, Black Rock, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, ultimately controlled by Satan).
2) The United Nations (controlled by Masons and Jews, Britain, and US)
3) The global corporatocracy (controlled by CIA and Rothschild-UK Tavistock Institute).
4) The US government, military, intelligence agencies in concert with other governments, all controlled by the NSA (Five Eyes) Global Spy network.
5) In background, having infiltrated and now controlling all levels of power structures, are Judeo-Masonic-satanists.

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