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Appendix 198: Organized Stalking-Electronic Harassment Explained: Suzie Dawson 10-Part Video Series: “Opening the Five Eyes: Exposing the Spies” of the NSA Global Spy Network (Fall, 2019) W/ Transcriptions, Graphics, & Sample Quotes

Webmaster Introduction: In her 10-part series, “Opening the Five Eyes: Exposing the Methods of the Spies,” activist, researcher, TI, and former head of New Zealand’s Internet Party provides an outstanding compendium of information about how the global gangstalking program works, who does it, and why they do it. Thus, I have transcribed major portions of these superb videos and encourage all TIs to study them carefully.

Tacit Confession of Responsibility For Suzie Dawson’s Malicious Targeting Campaign by Ex-CIA Analyst, Ray McGovern, (active 1963-1990)/co-founder of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS)/political activist(?) in Introduction to Podcast 1:

McGovern: “Two things. First, I admire very much what you are doing and have done. Under considerable duress. Again, I think we have to give credit where it’s due. You were allowed to live in peace and to do these things even though, I suppose, the Russians would just as much prefer that you go away. They haven’t sent you away. That’s big, OK?”

(Webmaster comment: Here, ex-CIA agent, Ray McGovern, is apparently taking credit on behalf of the CIA that Suzie has been allowed “to live in peace and do these things!” What a bald face lie! Suzie was was not allowed to live and peace and do these things. She was maliciously targeted and subject to years of “cruel and unusual punishment” at the hands of intelligence agencies and their private sector cutouts, as she so ably proved in the New Zealand media and in this 10-series podcast. In fact, this brutal, no-touch torture-abuse campaign (organized stalking-electronic harassment) forced to flee her home, friends, family, career, and position as President of the Internet Party in New Zealand with her two young children and relocate to Russia in order to save their lives!

Then McGovern shows his mastery of obfuscation and lying by combining the first bald-faced lie with a separate topic in the same sentence, stating: “even though, I suppose, the Russians would just as much prefer that you go away.” Is McGovern tacitly taking credit on behalf of the CIA that she was allowed to re-locate to Russia and live in peace there, and that perhaps her move was facilitated by the CIA? I do believe that the CIA is ultimately in charge of “the program.” So here, I gleen, is one of the real “controller-perps:” a real life “Cristov,” as in the movie “The Truman Show”)

McGovern: “Now, Christine Assange, Julian’s mother, wrote a wonderful letter for you. She says: “Suzie is a courageous person of scrupulous integrity and honesty.” Well, yeah. That’s who you are.”

Suzie: “You have a knack for me making me want to cry, honestly, Ray.”

McGovern: “The other thing is the so-called Official State Services Commission of New Zealand has confirmed what you have been charging all along, that the government has been engaging spies to target members of political parties, like you, all along. I mean, hello?! That’s an official statement from the New Zealand government and it’s been published. (Of course) nobody knows this.”

(Webmaster comment: When McGovern states that the New Zealand government admitted, “that the government has been engaging spies to target members of political parties, like you, all along” but that “nobody knows this,” he is apparently tacitly bragging about the CIA’s participation in and even oversight of the targeting program deployed against political activists and parties globally via organized stalking-electronic harassment operations. Is he also gloating that, due to its control of global communications, CIA is able to maintain secrecy about this fact, i.e., execute a gigantic cover-up of this crime against humanity? It appears to me that this is a tacit confession that the CIA oversees these activities worldwide! Many knowledgeable TIs and researchers, including, have come to this conclusion indepenedently.)

As Douglas Valentine opines in “The CIA As Organized Crime: How Covert Operations Corrupt America and the World” (2017), CIA is the “serpent in the garden.” Those who play God become devils and McGovern is no exception.

This podcast was made in the fall of 2019, immediately preceding the “Covid” lockdown of the entire world economy. I suggest that the agency with the power, political reach, and motivation to suppress political activists around the world prior to that orchestrated event also controlled that event and continues to control global events today. Hence, it appears that the CIA is also a central player in the orchestration of the current world depopulation/enslavement project proceeding under the auspices of the Covid plandemic/scamdemic. This makes them mass murderers guilty of genocide. De facto, they are a satanic cult. (See Victor Marchetti’s “The CIA And The Cult of Intelligence” (1974).) It is past time to begin convicting and hanging the perps for torture, murder, and treason.

I. 10-Part Series of Suzie Dawson Podcasts:

1) The NSA Global Spy Network: Episode 1: Opening the Five Eyes: Exposing the Spies – Suzie Dawson (9/22/19); Transcription & Graphics

2) Episode 2. Opening The Five Eyes: Exposing the Spies; Suzie Dawson (9/29/19); Transcription, Graphics, & Perps’ CVs

3) Episode 3: Opening the Five Eyes: Exposing The Spies – Suzie Dawson (Oct. 6, 2019) W/ Video Trancription & Graphics

4) “Understanding WWIII”; Suzie Dawson video: Episode 4: Opening the Five Eyes: Exposing The Spies; 10/13/19 w/ Webmaster’s Transcription

5) Episode 5: Opening the Five Eyes: “The Control Orders” (Suzy Dawson, 10/20/19)

6) Episode 6: Opening the Five Eyes: Deciphering UK’s JTRIG (Joint Threat Response Intelligence Group) (Suzie Dawson, 10/27/19) W/ Transcription & Graphics

7) Episode 7: Opening the Five Eyes: Deciphering UK’s JTRIG (Joint Threat Response Intelligence Group) -Part 2 (Nov. 3, 2019) W/ Transcription & Graphics

8) Episode 8: Opening the Five Eyes: Deciphering UK’s JTRIG (Joint Threat Response Intelligence Group); Suzie Dawson, 11/10/19, W/ Transcription & Graphics

9) Episode 9: Opening the Five Eyes: Deciphering UK’s JTRIG (Joint Threat Response Intelligence Group of GCHQ)- Suzie Dawson, Nov. 17, 2019); Source Documents & Video Transcription

10) Episode 10: Global Targeting Program; Opening the Five Eyes: Exposing The Spies; Suzie Dawson (Nov. 24, 2019); Transcription

II. Important Quotes From Above Programs:

Some of the Documents Examined In Series:

1) ”Behavioral Science Support For JTRIG’s (Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group) Effects and Online HUMINT Operations (Mandeep K. Dhami, PhD) 10 March, 2011

2) Five Eyes (FVEY): “Special Demonstration Squad Tradecraft Manual,” 1995, by DS Coles, a police officer allegedly linked to the “mafia,” “corruption,” and accused in assisting in a cover-up of a double murder, including the murder of a police officer who was a whistleblower

Episode 1. “We are seeing the use of secret courts, secret evidence, we are seeing media being banned. We are seeing prosecution-only trials. The defense doesn’t even know it’s happening. We are at a place where a transnational intelligence cabal supersedes government, law.

The intelligence systems are part of what is known as the “military kill chain.” The “kill chain” is completely dependent on the intelligence systems. This same system is being used domestically against innocent civilians. The Congressional Oversight Committee was targeted by the CIA. Oversight is either avoided or non-existent. In NSA documents there are countless references to avoiding Congressional and Constitutional oversight.

Liaisons are another method of control across the board. NSA plants spies (liaison officers) inside its customers; it’s all about keeping tight control over the flow of information. And there are police liaison officers who are all about controlling the information flow. The same mechanisms of control are perpetuated at all levels in society.

Why should people care about this? First, I think most human beings are anti-war. It seems there are only relatively few greedy psychopaths who are pro-war. But most people, unfortunately, are not anti-spy or anti-intelligence agency or anti-intelligence gathering. I want to make this very clear. If you are anti-war you must be anti-spy. This is because every single bomb dropped anywhere on the planet is dropped using intelligence agencies’ targeting systems and information and data gathered by them. NSA personnel are on-site with the operational military personnel in the war zones. And they are using the targeting systems- they are called the “real-time targeting gateway” system- and a number of data bases. All this bombing is enabled by this transnational intelligence cabal. Likewise, the targeting of citizens in our home countries around the world uses those same military targeting systems against us in our own countries. Our inability to recognize the role of the intelligence agencies …. Our ignorance has led to our own demise and detriment. It is now everywhere.

George W. Bush said that in the War on Terror, the whole world is the battlefield. They weren’t joking. Their plan was to have the ability to target any person on the planet in real time. And that is what they have expanded their systems to have the capacity to do. And that is what they have been doing ever since. Every year the problem is getting worse and more widespread.

Today, they are not just targeting political dissidents, or journalists, they are targeting child abuse victims with pending claims against the government, and earth quake insurance claimants. This spying and targeting by government agencies is all paid for by taxpayer dollars.

At what point do we start looking at the people who are doing the targeting? These people are the same people facilitating the dropping the bombs in Syria, the destruction of Iraq and Afghanistan, and who are now setting their sites on Iran, Venezuela, and North Korea. Understand that the intelligence agencies that are targeting their own regular citizens in their own countries are the same agencies empowering every single bombing and war destruction in other nations. The same programs, the same funding, the same systems. The only difference is that instead of dropping bombs on our houses they are hounding us to our deaths over a protracted period of time. Just like wars are done for profits, so the targeting is also all about the money.”

Suzie Dawson, activist, journalist, targeted individual, and former President of New Zealand’s Internet Party; from this video

Episode 2: “It’s mind boggling how many people are involved in targeting one person. It’s quite terrifying actually. It’s like a full-scale military operation. There is somebody directing these operations. They can be psychological operations. It can be smearing people, stalking their mail, and physically breaking in. They want to be always learning more and more about you. It’s called “The Collect:” they want to collect information about how to control you. They disseminate the information back to the team. And they keep running missions. It can be constant. Targets will have people doing these ops against them all day long. If they break into your house, they report back.”

Elizabeth Mueller, Activist and targeted individual from Virginia

Episode 3: “The intelligence agencies are obsessed with managing risk, and with anything that might disrupt their control over society. They don’t care which party is in office so it’s not about electoral politics in any given country. But they care deeply about their military-intelligence partnerships within and between nations. This would be the ultimate threat that must be mitigated. For them, it’s about military and intelligence data sharing policies. So they have effectively become an un-elected state. They are a permanent un-elected state.

We don’t get to vote on any of it. They are acting for their own gain and not for ours, as a society. They openly use subtle coercion against politicians who know they can’t take on the military-industrial-intelligence agencies.

… How many elected representatives in America are now being funded by Boeing, General Dynamics, or other private sector partners to the MIC (Military-Industrial-Complex). This is what Donald Rumsfeld calls the “Total Force.” Which includes the companies profiting from the many wars since 9/11. It is virtually impossible for our elected officials’ opponents to prevail if they don’t have the funding of the MIC.

… Intelligence agencies meddle and control the political sphere, technology, economics, and education. We could also add the social layer- they are absolutely controlling social movements. They target activists because activists and activist groups have the potential to move society in directions they disapprove of.

Intel agents infiltrate and sabotage both left and right wing movements. Both pro-choice and pro-life organizations are infiltrated, monitored, spied on, and destabilized. Any group that wants any kind of change is considered a threat to the status quo. They don’t want change. Why? They ARE the status quo. So they don’t want to lose an inch of their control. They are acting to maintain their own global supremacy over all of our societies. And they subvert every aspect of every fundamental pillar of human society in order to do so every single day.”

Suzie Dawson, activist, journalist, targeted individual, and former President of New Zealand’s Internet Party; from this video

Episode 4: “I am also hyper aware that those who target us know full well how miserable we (TIs) are sometimes, how much suffering we are going through, and how hideous what we are going through is. They know this because they constantly spy on us and broadcast it live to Langley, Virginia to CIA headquarters. They were spying on Julian (Assange) on every single second of every day, including in the bathroom. They knew how much Julian was suffering. They watch and study the effects on us targets of what they do to us. We are like lab rats to them. They will tailor their targeting of other people based on the impact that they gauge from monitoring the effects of what they’ve done to us.

… The Enabling Act of 1933 set legislative groundwork that enabled WWII acts by Nazis. After 9/11, Bush asserted both the right and the intention to wage preemptive war or preventative war… this became the basis of “The Bush Doctrine.” This is the same premise as the Nazi War Powers Act of 1933. The Nazis soon used their powers to justify the imprisonment and execution of their own people. The USA Patriot Act of 2001 gave these powers to the US government. Since 9/11, the US empire has likewise used drones to kill Americans extra-judicially. In 2012, the NDAA, the National Defense Authorization Act, had provisions for indefinite detention without trial and American targets have become targets in extra-judicial killings. All this is justified by Bush’s AUMF (Authorization to Use Military Force) of 2001.

WWIII is already happening. It started when Bush said that the entire world is the battlefield. The string of invasions we’ve seen is part of WWIII.

War is an addiction for these leaders. With a perpetual war in progress, they speed toward their own undoing. War-planners, then and now, see war as a game of risk. To them, war is not the stark reality of blood, bone, murder, rape and mass displacement. Rather, it is a map upon which is determined the geographical control, monopolization, distribution, and ownership of resources.

This also really applies to the intelligence agencies. The vast majority of intelligence personnel are not actually in the real world doing HUMINT operations, killings, etc. Rather, they are sitting in offices with power point presentations, sitting at corporate meetings, fudging budgets for reports for Congress, or they are involved in spying on and monitoring targets from afar. They are in their safe cubicles. They have total detachment from the havoc they wreak. They are also voyeurs. It is like a video game or form of entertainment. They use their spy satellites to watch the carnage of war like it’s a reality TV show. That detachment is really dangerous.

Their plan is not about democracy or stability or security or fighting terrorism…. It is all about control- The US empire, like the Nazis, want total control over the world. The press has to be controlled, of course, via criminalization of the truth and persecution of those who tell it. (This is the story of Julian Assange and many other TI’s).

Finally, not one bomb could have been dropped in any of these countries without intelligence agencies. And the same intelligence agencies have expanded their target pool to millions of citizens in countries that aren’t supposed to be war zones, where they are not supposed to be at war. They are targeting people like me who have no military background or training, who possess no weapons, and have no history of violence, and yet I end up on a terrorist watchlist. There’s a problem with these agencies when they have to label citizens as terrorists who are not terrorists. And where they bring to bear military resources, targeting systems, and personnel against unarmed civilians. It makes them no different than the military agencies that are now killing people in Ecuador.”

These intelligence agencies kill us more slowly and quietly. But it is the same core issue: The abuse of military resources and personnel and networks in targeting and devastating people in all these countries.

Suzie Dawson, activist, journalist, targeted individual, former President of Internet Pary in New Zealand

Episode 5: “Thread: “New Zealand’s “Terrorism Suppression” bill allows authorities to deem you a terrorist “on the balance of probability” without showing you evidence, and then control your work, finances, movements, net access and prevent you telling people it’s happening.”

… So the bill says you don’t have to be a terrorist to be targeted, you don’t to have known that any specific terrorism is being facilitated or supported. And it doesn’t actually matter if any terrorism was ever undertaken. These control orders can be made without notice to the person they are being made against.

This legislation gets used to target political dissidents, people that the government doesn’t like. It has nothing to do with ISIS or terrorism. The whole ISIS argument is a smokescreen. This will be used against journalists, activists, dissidents, and whistleblowers. It can be used against anyone who who has meaningfully opposed the government, the intelligence agencies, the Five Eyes, or the US. It is rife for abuse.
They want a way to punish and control people who they know they don’t have the evidence to take to court, to arrest, or to convict, etc. Any journalist who writes about this, gets punished. Then they can entrap the target. People ask me why I can’t go home. This is why.

All of the counterterrorism activities that have been conducted by New Zealand’s agencies have been against journalists, activists, dissidents, etc. With this bill, now the enemies of the US and the NSA can also be targeted.”

Suzie Dawson: activist, journalist, targeted individual, and former President of New Zealand’s Internet Party

Episode 6: Lissa K. Johnson, clinical psychologist: “It is quite disturbing as a psychologist to discover that our psychological knowledge is being used to covertly deceive people, discredit people, abuse people, and covertly destroy people’s lives. They talk about false flags, spoofed blog sites, fake victim posts, forming online aliases to befriend people and deceive them. As far as their goals go; they talk about making something happen in the online world and the real world. From the point of ethics of the psychology profession, the abusiveness of the tactics are extremely disturbing. These practices are also deeply anti-democratic. People are being manipulated using the principles of social influence, social psychology, and persuasion.

For me, coming to this afresh, it’s quite shocking and unbelievable as well. I found myself thinking: “really, against activists?” People with absolutely no criminal records, no charges against them, nothing to do with terrorism or national security? GCHQ (Government Communication Headquarters, Britain’s NSA) talks about targeting “political radicals.” Historically, since 9/11, the term “domestic terrorist” has been applied to organizations and grass-roots activists, another term is “black identity extremist” that is used to go after people. When you look at what the terms “terrorist” and “national security” have come to mean, basically they are political opposition and non-violent activists.
For targets, it’s easy to become distrustful. So I’d encourage targets to: 1) become aware of these psychological tactics. And 2) be aware of your own psychological strengths and weaknesses that can be used against you in quite sophisticated techniques. They are mimicking real relationships. They are talk about exploiting people’s personalities. So be self-aware of how you behave under stress. These are very sophisticated techniques.”

Suzie Dawson:While the targets are often dissidents, activists, or journalists, this really is affecting everybody. Because we know that everybody around a target is also targeted. And everybody around them in 2 concentric circles. It’s known as the “2 hops principle” at the NSA and 5 Eyes. And William Binney, the ex-NSA technical director has explained this and also James Clapper (ex Director of National Intelligence). So for every one person that is targeted, hundreds of people get drawn into that net just by association.

And you are absolutely correct that “terrorist” is an ever-expanding definition. In the “Terrorism Suppression and Control Orders” Bill recently introduced in New Zealand, it says that a “terrorist” doesn’t have to be a terrorist. A terrorist can be someone who supports or comforts a terrorist group or organization. AND that person doesn’t have to KNOW that they have given comfort or aid to a terrorist group or organization. AND the terrorist group or organization that they don’t know that they’ve given aid or comfort to doesn’t have to have actually committed a terrorist act or have actually done anything at all. So now, it’s now not just terrorists that are being targeted, it’s anybody vaguely associated with anything the that government doesn’t like or wants to brand as terrorism regardless of whether any actual terrorism has taken place. And the legislation specifically states that; that no terrorist act needs to have been committed and that the people who are being targeted don’t need to be aware that they are somehow associated with this.

We are seeing the secret courts, the secret legislation, the prosecution-only trials. The whole thing is just insane. And as far as I’m concerned what is driving that is the privatization of spying. It’s that they’ve introduced a profit model which means that you now have all these subcontractors and contractors. It’s not even the intelligence agencies themselves, as much it’s who they contract the work out to and who they contract the work out to. And when you expand the so-called intelligence community to encompass this behemouth strucuture of all of these private companies… Well, what do you need to make more profit? You need growth. And what does growth mean in the surveillance industry? It needs more targets. And if you need more and more targets, then what do you have to do get more targets. You have to expand the definitions of who you can target.

…Unfortunately, when you look at the real-world outcomes for targeted journalists and dissidents… For example, Jamal Kashoggi was a targeted journalist. He was targeted using private-sector NSO group spyware and was targeted through someone he knew. They came at him through a social connection. He was targeted and it cost him his life. He wasn’t in a war zone. He wasn’t a terrorist and he wasn’t an enemy combatant. He was just somebody who was politically opposed to a regime which had sufficient money and resources to be able to hire mercenary hacking companies to provide them with software to be able to target him in such a way. So this “capture and kill” operation premise from the war zone and NSA providing technical support to those operations does expand out to the targeting of people outside of war zones who are not terrorists but who can still wind up in jail or dead or having their lives destroyed in some manner or another.”

Episode 7:For me, by 2014, when there were serious attempts to harm me- and there was a lot of psychological stuff relating directly to the physical attempts to harm me. They would create these serial killer profiles and send them to me and they would send me videos of people being killed and people dying. When I was planning to leave New Zealand, I would be seeing lots of clips of crashing air planes, plane crash victims, news items about people being killed in plane crashes.

When I made a FOIA request to New Zealand police in the context of drone activity, they actually admitted to doing all this to me. The police FOIA response admitted doing this and continued the gaslighting in the report by highlighting that a 30-year old woman had been murdered, etc. It’s the repetition. They repeat the message from all different and unexpected directions. All this is to build a trigger response and to provoke you. So you begin to anticipate it, so you feel when will they do this next? What will it be this time? I would go shopping and these men would walk behind me in pairs and talk about me and my life and what was happening to me.

They are trying to make you feel like you’re boxed in, it’s inescapable. Everything is always done in such a way that it’s virtually impossible to explain. As they are happening, before Snowden leaked these documents, before the public knew this kind of thing was going on, it is virtually impossible to explain to someone what is happening and it is completely impossible to get any redress or to stop it. Because the resources that they bring to bear are so dramatically much greater than those I had as a single mother in the suburbs, independent journalist. How am I supposed to take on teams of people in teams of vehicles?

We know now that these teams have mobile apps on their phones and they have geo-location tracking and they know where each other are. They can see that one of their operatives has followed, two are following me, two are around the corner going into my house. They are coordinating. But if you are the target, you don’t have the mobile app, you don’t how many are involved in this team. You have to guess who they are and who they work for. You never know the scale. Are there two of them or 20? Are they trying to just scare me or will they actually drive me off the road today? There are so many unknowns.”
Suzie Dawson, activist, journalist, targeted individual, and former President of New Zealand’s Internet Party

Episode 8: “The level of sophistication (of these operations) is so high. And the expended resources is almost limitless. When I studied the Snowden documents, we studied the processes of the NSA targeting centers. It shows the work flows of these social media targeting qnd analysis centers, and you discover that every target has dozens of agents working through the life cycle of that target. So you’re not dealing with one person, you are dealing with teams of assholes who have brainstormed their assholeishness.

You are dealing with multiple layers of authority and multiple centers of specialization. There’s a whole team just for dealing with investigating your family and your friends and the people around you who are then producing reports on that for the people who are targeting you. There’s a team for the actual interactions with you. There’s a team for the CNA (computer network attacks), the intrusion of all your devices. It’s not just one person that is destroying your life. It’s coordinated teams of specialists destroying you life.

Once you come against that level of sophistication, anything that confronts you in your life could have anything behind it. And you would never know. So everything becomes untrustworthy.”

Suzie Dawson

Episode 9: “From “Behavioral Science Support For JTRIG’s (Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group) Effects and Online HUMINT Operations (Mandeep K. Dhami, PhD) 10 March, 2011

The Measurement of Operational Success:

4.8 Measures of operational success should be directly or indirectly related to the specific aims of the operation (e.g., to “discredit,” promote “distrust”, “dissuade,” “deceive,” “disrupt,” “delay,” “deny,” “denigrate”/”degrade,” and “deter.”) (p. 24 of 42).

“To be a target, the most basic functions of living that everybody takes for granted, the use of the most basic services, becomes an emotional and financial liability to you. Because your engagement with those services presents an opportunity for harm to be done to you. And ultimately you start to exclude yourself from those spaces to save yourself that pain and headache.

… Anyone involved with you in any way, shape, or form will either also be smeared and also be targeted or will be pressured to take some action to break trust or break loyalty with you. Anybody who is involved with you will either get made an ally or they’ll be defaulted to being an enemy as well.

…. The top of the page is really key: “JTRIG (Joint Threat Response Intelligence Group) provides most of GCHQ’s cyber effects and online HUMINT capability.” That means that JTRIG is not just some minor component of the GCHQ (Britain’s NSA). That means that JTRIG extends across their targeting enterprise.

What I’ve seen is that the methods of the core players in what is known as the Global Network (aka NSA Global Spy Network) are replicated; the infrastructure, the human resources structures, even the funding structures. The architecture of the NSA is replicated across all the “partner agencies.” So without any shadow of a doubt, NSA obviously has their own version of JTRIG. All these intelligence agencies are homogenized. Right down to the same training. These online training sessions are open to all the “counterpart” intelligence agencies.”

Suzie Dawson, TI, activist, researcher, former President of New Zealand’s Internet Party

Episode 10: Elizabeth Mueller: American TI, has looked up military manuals and found a UK manual (Five Eyes (FVEY) “Special Demonstration Squad Tradecraft Manual,” 1995, by DS Coles, a police officer allegedly linked to the “mafia,” “corruption,” and accused in assisting in a cover-up of a double murder, including the murder of a police officer who was a whistleblower. He was part of a surveillance unit

“The manual states:

– “Confidential Informants” who work for Five Eye (FVEY) Government Security Agencies in the U.S. can make for than $500,000/year, some make over $1 million/year.

– Sometimes FBI promises a percentage (25%) of “the net value of any property forfeited as a result of the investigation.”

– Agencies search for criminals and offer them leniency for their crimes if they cooperate.

Special Demonstration Squad (SDS) in UK operated from 1968 to 2008. It is now under the Domestic National Extremism unit.

SDS Tradecraft Manual includes innumerable redacted phrases.

– SDS tactics include stealing dead children’s identities and develop confidential informants identities. These will have low electronic footprint.

– SDS target groups include pacifists, environmental activists, libertarians, Irish, anti-nuclear activists, animal-rights activists.

– Confidential informant will make contact with and cultivate relationship with Targeted Individual. “Withdrawal methods” are discussed. “After Care for Confidential Informants” includes: Avoiding Target and Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSS).

– Local police and sheriffs work with Deep Cover Operatives who do short-term and long-term spying ops on activists for years. These can be called “honey pots.”

– Police departments and private security firms like Pinkerton and Burns send in Solitary Surveillance Agents (Undercover Infiltrators). Federal and State Agencies send in Undercover Agents with large Backup Teams.

– Deep Cover Operatives “lives” the role. Novices are preferred over “Cops” who may blow role with “Authoritarian Habits.” These undercover agents have fake IDs (with real first names), phony previous employer, works real job, rents property, lives role 24 hours/day. This is a way for criminals to work off their prison sentence.

– Undercover Agents (CIs) plant surveillance equipment to assist break-ins into targets’ residence. They look for evidence to justify retroactive search warrant.”

Suzie Dawson: “This is a growth industry for private security agencies. So they need more targets and more spies each year. In 2018 in New Zealand, a State Services Commission report proved that 12 different government agencies were sending lists of targets to for-profit private intelligence agencies to have them surveille and stalk New Zealand citizens. In addition to activists and journalists, they were also targeting state insurance claimants, state child abuse victims who had grown up in state facilities and were suing the government. They are targeting anybody who crosses paths with anyone in government. This is now about how anyone can be targeted.

So this problem will get bigger and bigger until we band together and stop it.”

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