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1960 CIA Memorandum For Climate Control (pdf and Veterans Today article)

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CIA 1960 Memorandum For Climate Control Plan:

CIA 1960: Memorandum for Climate Control

By VT Senior Editors -August 11, 201855229

By Enkidu Gilgamesh for Veterans Today


Comprehension of the uncomprendable!
Why Climate Control?
ClimateControl results in ClimateChange!
Explaining some notions.
Truth with the labyrinth of lies.
The CIA-Memorandum
The “good” CIA job.
Other Historic Documents
Other Papers confirming ClimateControl!
Geophysical Warfare in practice!

1. Comprehension of the uncomprehendable!

. . Before the climatology scam began, the CIA wrote a memorandum named “Climate Control“. Under the conditions of post WWII and ongoing cold war. After 20 years of research the development and usage of climate control methods was proposed and the official implementation started with this memorandum. . The paper reveals not only the intention of global water grabbing (GWG) for desert farming and climate control as WMD of “Goephysical Warfare“, but climate control as the main reason for the development of nuclear energy! . According to this paper the nuclear power plants are proposed as the source of magnitude energy, required for climate control! . Definitely, climate control is the backbone of BPMED (Bankster Pervert Military Empire of Deception)! Just to give the monster a descriptive name. .

As the CIA is managing the global roll out of the climate control at least since 1960 and to enable this, manipulates the common education, the research at universities and institutional science, the public opinion by news in the media and its NGOs and straw men, the CIA is factually the top organization of Global Climate Control Governance (GCCG).

Dear readers, the monster may not like to be named like that, but other creative names exist: Solar Radiation Management Governance (SRMG) . Earth System Governance (ESG) . Climate Geoengineering Governance (CGG) .Carnegie Climate Geoengineering Governance Initiative (C2G2) . New World Order (NWO) – At least this may wake up some people! ? Weltregierung, “Die 5 Säulen der Macht!” (World Government, the 5 pillars of power). It doesn’t matter how we name it or how it names and describes itself, it is decisive that we are able to recognize, describe and name the imperial monster! Words form thoughts and with suggestive thought humans are programmed!

Also for that a notion already exist: Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). The authorization of a secret service organization to lead this project resulted in a World of Fakeness, where all imaginable kinds of mendacity are the consequence of this fake secrecy, because even the secrecy is not real, as it has to disguise from mind, what cannot be hidden from eyes. It is sad to observe that this fakeness strategy works very well until now for the humanity. With this sociological experiment the CIA has disclosed the abyss of humanity. It proved that all humans can easily be mind blinded and dumbified, independent of their “education level”, income, age, sex, culture, location, religion or whatever else property they may have. Therefore we have to contrast every notion with a notion of fakeness, by prefixing it with the word “fake“, enabling us to describe the upside downed world. Only by that we may become mentally able to distance and deprogramm ourselves from fakeness. The conglomerate of fakenesses:

Fake-News, Fake-Free-Media and Fake-Alternative-Media
Fake-Politics and Fake Politicians,
Fake-Secrecy and Fake Secret Societies,
Fake-Science and Fake-Scientists,
Fake-Studies, Fake-Institutes and Fake-Statistics,
Fake-NGOs and Fake-Experts,
Fake-Moral and Fake-Moralists,
Fake-Uprisings and Fake-Revolutions,
Fake-Popular-Movements and Fake Grassroots Movements,
Fake-Wars and Fake-Peace,
Fake-Freedom and Fake-Democracy,
Fake-Good-People and Fake-Intelligence,
Fake-Development-Support and Fake-Development-Helpers,
Fake-Heros and Fake-Authorities,
Fake-Human-Rights and Fake-Human-Rights-Activists,
Fake-Equality and Fake-Sexuality etc.

We have to liberate us from control of our language by the NLP of fakeness, just to become able to think clearly. Dear people willing to think, the method of liberation is very simple. When You lied at, the truth is not far away. In most cases it is the opposite of the lie or at least something different from the message of the lie.

2. Why Climate Control?

Most people still think that petrol is the commodity, on which the Petrodollar is based. So, why should the climate control be the backbone of it? The answer is multilayered.

1. Most mineral oil and mineral gas is already produced by fracking and for fracking onshore or offshore, particularly in desert regions, huge amounts of as clean as possible water is required.

2. Climate control serves as geophysical weapon of mass destruction, which decides about life and death by drought and inundation, storm and poisoning across large scale areas. The enemy rendered harmless, chased from land, genocided without radioactive contamination.

3. The control on water cycle and carbon cycle turns the Petrodollar into a H2O-Dollar and CO2-Dollar. Meanwhile the bubbling banking system cannot stay without Pyramid gambling on water and carbon, as the legacy Petrodollar has lost most of its power.

4. Climate control is the ultimate weapon for an ultimate empire! Climate control is the essence of globalization. The CO2 tax, and as next the H2O tax, will serve to finance the global imperial government. “Water rights” and extreme weather derivatives (betting papers) are traded! . . .

3. ClimateControl results in ClimateChange!

The symptom orientation: Let the people be occupied with the symptoms, that they never may think about the reasons! . The marketing name of climate control is climate change, but the origin is this CIA paper, which declares that climate change is the result of climate control! The CIA project paper uses the notion of “change” in many ways

“changes in moisture“
“changes in circulation regimes”
“changes in the abundance and location of fertile fishing grounds”
“moderate changes in climatic characteristics“
“change in climatic conditions“
“energy and moisture exchanges“
“climatic change which would result from changes due to artificially introduced energy and momentum sources and sinks”

4. Explaining some notions.

Impuls means the carried mass, which is moved. There is a difference if a bucket is filled only 10% or 100% with water, when it is swung. Energy sources are areas, where energy materials are exploited from. Energy basins are areas where energy resources accumulate. For example Siberia is a basin for natural gas, because the cold climate causes the buildup and accumulation of methane hydrate, resulting in a resource of natural gas. This applies to all carbon as energy resource. A forest producing timber, which doesn’t decompose, becomes a carbon basin, and a resource of coal in the future. Analogously, icebergs and ice caps are sweet water basins and also resources of water.

If there is a hysteric propaganda about melting ice caps and glaciers, then the temperature in the area is modified upwards to evaporate more water and lift it into the wind streams of upper troposphere. The winds are saturated with water, similar to filling up a bucket. On radar satellite imagery, the ongoing radiation of the polar caps, the oceans and pivotal points like Madagascar and Bab AlMandab is easily observable. Here are some examples: NEXRAD Pulsing! . All these resources are evaluated according their exploitablility and usability.

5. Truth with the labyrinth of lies.

Just to indicate the truth within the NLP “fake truth”! Climate change is occurring! Climate change is man made! Climate change is a WMD! Climate change is used for water grabbing! Climate change is causing mass death! Climate change is the reason of wars! Climate change is the reason of mass emigration! Climate change is damaging the health! Climate change is the main reason of air pollution! Climate change is causing the rise of CO2 and decrease of O2! . Climate change is causing global suffocation! Climate change can only be done globally! . Climate change is causing mass extinction of species! Climate change is endangering forests! . Climate change is causing extreme weather events! Climate change is murdering all life! . Climate change is causing food insecurity! But climate change is the result of intentional climate control by TAI, SRM, HAARP, GWG! . TAI = Tropospheric Aerosol Injection SRM = Solar Radiation Management (Sunlight Robbery Menace) . HAARP = High Altitude Aurora Research Program . GWG = “Wasserrecht”, Global Water Grabbing.

6. The CIA-Memorandum

The memorandum is freely available from the public website of CIA, scanned as PDF file. Origin: Climate Control From there a manual copy was made and used for this article. . The text will be left as it is, but some notions will be highlighted and some own comments within square brackets in [ cursiv ] will be added! . The full quote will be kept within bold double lines (====) at the beginning and at the end! . ============================================== .

From: Luis Florez . Date: 22 November 1960 . MEMORANDUM FOR: GENERAL CHARLES P CABELL . SUBJECT: Climate Control . [ Why is an insurance company preparing a paper about climate control? ] . Attached is a paper prepared by the Research Division of the Travellers Insurance Company on the need for climate control study program after discussions with Dr. Thomas Malone (Chief of the Division) and his staff. I trust you will find it interesting. . LUIS de FLOREZ . Research Chairman . Attachment: (1) .

As Noted . CONFIDENTIAL . Declassified in Part – Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/08/06: CIA-RDP78-03425A002100020014-2 . THE NEED FOR A CLIMATE CONTROL STUDY PROGRAM .

1. Introduction . Control of the weather environment involves the complete spectrum of weather phenomena. As a function of the time and space scale associated with such weather phenomena, different types of human activities are affected ranging from those of the individuals, through the complex operation of large industrial and military organizations and the activities of entire societies. The concept of weather control has meaning only when it is discussed in terms of the specific operations for which it is to be used. The techniques which are and can be used for control of the weather environment vary with the scale of the operation considered and with the specific goals which are to be achieved by such weather control. . Large scale climate control [ Shorter name is Climate Engineering ] requires the modification of the global weather patterns by altering and interferring with the large-scale physical processes which are associated with the characteristic motions on the scale of the general circulation of the atmosphere. Many proposals have been made regarding means of altering the various physical processes in the atmosphere which might affect these large-scale atmospheric circulations. Most of these proposals have never been subjected to detailed scientific feasibility analyses. . These proposals fall into several general categories. In general they can be categorized by whether they seek to alter processes associated with the energy and momentum or moisture balance of the atmosphere.

For example, proposals have been made to alter the energy balance of large areas by altering the surface albedo. Proposals of this nature involve changing surface albedos by the use of substances of appropriate absorptive or reflective characteristics [ aerosol building fine dust particles ] which differ from the natural surface. An example is the proposal that polar areas be covered with layers of soot. Other proposals are made to alter the energy balance of the atmosphere by injecting dust and other particulate matter into the high atmosphere [ TAI (Tropospheric Aerosol Injection)]. .

Proposals for altering the normal energy cycle of the atmosphere extend also to the alteration of the chemistry of atmospheric substances especially in the high atmosphere [ high atmosphere need to be understood as upper troposphere ] which might also effect the radiational balance [this is SRM (Solar Radiation Management = Sunlight Robbery Menace)]. . Proposals are made to alter the moisture balance [this is GWG (Global Water Grabbing)] of the atmosphere by the alteration of the evaporation mechanisms. These proposals suggest spreading various kinds of film upon large bodies of water thus cutting down evaporation and interferring with the moisture cycle of the atmosphere. Furthermore, when films are spread upon surfaces to alter their evaporation potential the mechanical effects of the surface are also altered, which might affect the momentum balance of the atmosphere. .

Proposals are also made for altering the momentum balance of the atmosphere. Theses proposals generally involve a modification of the surface frictional stresses by changing the frictional drag coefficients over large areas of surface. .

2. The Technological Basis for the Reexamination of the Feasibility of Climate Control . Technological developments of the past two decades [ 1940s & 1950s, experiences during WWII ] have provided the understanding, the techniques, and the means necessary for an assault on the problems of climate control. Control of any kind requires capabilities in all three of these areas [ energy, momentum, moisture ] . Meteorology is just now beginning to acquire such capabilities. . Achievement of an understanding of the large-scale physical processes of the atmosphere has been a continuing process over many decades. However, during the past several years the systematic exploitation of observational information on a global scale has led to a coherent description of the manner in which the large-scale physical processes in the atmosphere operate to provide for the maintenance of the global circulations against the dissipative effects of friction, and the manner in which they operate to transform the solar energy into the kinetic energy of the organized large-scale atmospheric circulations. Theoretical studies have led to an understanding of the reasons why the atmospheric physical processes operate in the observed manner. In combination theses studies have led to the formation of the first consistent rudimentary theories for the causes of the fluctuations of the large-scale atmospheric circulations. .

The attainment of such a theory holds broad implications for the manner in which climate control studies should be conducted. Much as the biologist must first achieve an understanding of the causes and processes involved in the generation and communication of diseases before he can consider the problem of disease control, so the meteorologist must achieve an understanding of the causes and processes involved in the fluctuations of the atmospheric circulations which control the regional and global climate. While the meteorologists’ understanding is by no means perfect, and much remains to be done, at least the first and most necessary level of the understanding has been reached. . Given such understanding the meteorologist must have the capability of simulating and testing the natural phenomena he must control. In other physical sciences this is a relatively straightforward matter of laboratory simulation.

The circulation phenomena of relevance in global climate are not so readily amenable to laboratory simulation. Fortunately, simple models of the atmospheric circulations of a mathematical nature can and have been intensively studied by meteorologists in connection with theoretical studies of the general circulation and in connection with the problems of numerical weather forecasting. The indispensable tool which has generated such intensive interest in such mathematical formulations of atmospheric models has been the high speed electronic computer [ maybe the main driving power behind the development of computer technology ] , which has become the laboratory of the meteorologist. Rapid technological advances in the data processing and computing art now make it feasible to consider the treatment of simple mathematical models of the atmosphere of considerable sophistication in which important physical processes can be simulated.

Such computing machines now place the meteorologist in the enviable position of other scientists in that the effects of various physical processes can be studied under controlled conditions. In particular, it has now become feasible not only to speculate about the consequences of human intervention in the atmospheric processes but also to simulate, test and study these consequences [ weakened photosynthesis indicated by rising CO2 and decreasing O2 level, mass death in oceans and on land, vitaminD deficiency, poisoned air, aerotoxic fumes and death in passenger jets ] . . The meteorologist has also attempted to imitate his more fortunate scientific brethren by constructing laboratory models of large-scale atmospheric and oceanic circulations. He has been able to attain considerable success in producing reasonable hydrodynamic analogues [ This in 1960! How perfect are the simulations now? They have already perverted our world of life into their laboratory.] of these large-scale atmospheric motions which are also amenable to study under controlled laboratory conditions.

This second tool for simulation and test purposes provides the meteorologist with another indispensable capability which was unavailable to him just one decade ago. . Much of the well justified skepticism about the feasibility of climate control has centered on the available human means for exercising necessary control. . While there are many conceivable methods for the control of climate, all of them involve the expenditure of energy in one form or another. Even the vulnerable instabilities of the atmosphere which one would hope to uncover through a systematic program of climate control studies, the so-called “trigger mechanisms“, will probably require access to energy sources of immense magnitude for proper exploitation. .

In this atomic age [ here the interconnection of nuclear energy with climate control ], we now have available truly immense potential sources of power, and it is highly likely that our lifetime will see the harnessing of hydrogen fusion [ the scam masters of CIA fell into the trap of fusion scam ? ] power, which will provide almost limitless sources of energy [ Not for heating and cooking but for climate control!! ]. .

Thus it is no longer possible to relegate considerations of climate control to the fantasies of science fiction on this account. It has now become necessary for us to recognize the realities and potentialities of modern science for what they are and what they can mean for the possibilities of climate control. .

3. Civil and Military Implications . The impact of the successful achievement of methods for the control of climate upon all types of human activities confounds the imagination. Slight amelioration of adverse precipitation or temperature regimes could result in the reclamation of vast territories for agricultural [ desert farming & fracking ] and many other types of human activities. Desert areas which cover a large fraction of the earth’s surface are known in many cases to require only slight changes in moisture [ water delivery ] regimes to make them suitable for large scale agricultural production. . [ Industrial Farming in Desert Regions (Desertfarming)!] . DESERT FARMING . Small changes in circulation regimes [ extreme weather ] could bring about the moderation of severe temperature climates to yield additional areas suitable for human habitation. Such changes in circulation regimes can also affect the normal paths of destructive storms like hurricanes [waterspouts and storms], such that their destructive energies could be dissipated in regions far removed from major human activities. [ Satellite images showing Tropospheric Aerosol Injection (TAI)! ]

Satellite view of Tropospheric Water Grabbing . Changes in atmospheric circulation regimes would have marked effects upon oceanic circulations with consequent changes in the abundance and location of fertile fishing grounds. Moderate changes [ As “modearately” killing as the brainwashed, bloodthirsty, terrorist “freedom fighters” attacking Syria, Iraq and Yemen! ] in climatic characteristics will have serious repercussions for all aspects of industrial activity. . Military, a climatic control capability raises the possibility of a totally new type of warfare. This type of warfare may be termed “Geophysical Warfare” in which our ability to control the weather environment can be used as a weapon.

This geophysical weapon will be unique in character in that it can be used in both hot and cold struggles. It can be used to affect an enemy adversely [ Think about the endless drought over Somalia! ] or benefit a friend [ Why the gulf dictators are attacking Syria, Yemen and Iraq! ] As a function of the nature of the control capability, the use of such a weapon could be a determining factor in the success of national military operations [ WWIII by geophysical WMD ] . .

As a hot war weapon it would be best to have strong control capability for specific areas [ Attack on Iran, Zimbabwe, Southern Africa, Latin America, Pakistan etc. ] and specific periods of time. Since we are talking about intermediate and long period climate control, this would imply a conflict of considerable duration. Specific military consequences of such a control capability would be in the potential for destruction of an enemy’s food production [ Now we know, why the climate mafia propagates about food insecurity! ] capability thereby weakening his total military power, and also in the derangements of transportation systems and other industrial activities which might result from a marked change in climatic conditions. .

As a cold war tool, the capability of climate control would place in the of this Government a tool for ameliorating the weather conditions in friendly [ Algeria, Saudi, Qatari, Emirati & the chaotic Libya are now “the axis of the friendly“, because they frack shale gas and petrol with the delivered water! ] and uncommitted nations as a means of strengthening bonds with this country. Conversely as a cold war weapon, a climate control capability provides for a unique surreptitious means for weakening a potential enemy [ Drought over north-west Iran, endless forest fires in Russia, super floods in Pakistan etc.! ] so that he does not have the capability to wage a hot war. .

The general study of the feasibility of climate control independent of the use of this capability in either hot or cold conflicts provides necessary national insurance if other nations achieve a control capability. Such a capability in either friendly or unfriendly hands represents a threat of weather conditions which might adversely affect the welfare of our nation. As an absolutely necessary countermeasure, this country must have within its scientific arsenal, the knowledge of how to combat any such attempts at control by other nations.

Failure to undertake a consistent program at this time which might provide the knowledge necessary to combat such climate control operations on the part of other nations could lead to another “Sputnik” situation. .

4. General Outline of a Technical Program for Investigating the Feasibility of Climate Control.

4.1 Principle areas of technical activity. . Those items marked with asterisks are considered to be long range continuing activities of prime importance. .

4.1.1 Complete literature survey especially focused upon Russian work. [ Soviet Union made also research in this field and Russian Federation is prepared and is fighting back with the same weapon! Also China is using SRM, GWG, TAI! Russia even helps Iran to get water, which was blocked about 20 years from north-west Iran! ] .

4.1.2 A detailed scientific analysis of all proposals made to date for controlling climate with an evaluation of the economic feasibility as well as the possible scientific consequences, if any. .

*4.1.3 An expanded effort to collect, systematize, and analyze observational material for the entire globe extending to the highest accessible levels to obtain a more detailed and clearer description of the fundamental physical processes operating in the earth’s atmosphere.

*4.1.4 An expanded effort to develop mathematical models [ The famous computer models of IPCC ] of the atmosphere capable of including those pertinent physical processes which are felt to be important in the fluctuations of the large-scale atmospheric motions. . *4.1.5 A consistent long range program of comparative numerical integrations of mathematical models to determine the consequences of interfering with any physical processes in the atmosphere. .

4.1.6 A much expanded program in associated sciences, especially in the field of numerical analysis [ The faked statistics! ] to enable us to conduct extended numerical integrations. .

*4.1.7 An extended effort to undertake studies of radiational processes in the atmosphere which will provide necessary information for incorporation into mathematical models suitable for numerical integrations. .

*4.1.8 An expanded effort to establish experimental laboratory facilities for the construction of experimental models suitable for simulating and testing various theories about atmospheric circulations which may be important for climate control. .

4.1.9 A long range program of investigations of the interactions between ocean and atmosphere to determine the nature of theses interactions. .

4.1.10 A program of investigation into pertinent micrometeorological processes especially as they refer to the fictional dissipation of kinetic energy and the transfer of momentum and energy at the earth-atmosphere interface. .

A Possible Program for the Study of Climate Control Problems.

1. Introduction . It is proposed that a group of scientists be assembled to conduct experiments on the feasibility of climate control. The objective of this research will be to develop methods necessary to analyze and test the theoretical and economic feasibility of ideas which have been and will be proposed to control climate. . There is a clear need to undertake the following types of studies on a systematic long range basis. .

a. The evaluation of present knowledge which may be pertinent the problem.

b. The supplementary research not adequately being performed by present research organizations. .

c. Theoretical climate control experiments as justified by the state of the art. . It should be clearly emphasized that the chances of attaining feasible climate control methods are extremely small. The potential value to the nation is so great, however, as to warrant the initiation of the activities proposed below. .

2. Surveillance and Evaluation of the Existing State of the Art. . There are many research efforts in this country and abroad which have important bearing on the problems of climate control. This research encompasses numerical general circulation and short range forecast experiments, observational studies of the large scale atmosphere physical processes involving momentum, energy and moisture exchanges, experimental research on laboratory atmospheric analogues, and pertinent technological advances in non meteorological sciences concerned with the availability of energy sources, delivery and distribution systems, and materials [Fine dust for TAI]. .

An active program of surveillance and evaluation of the existing state of the art as represented by the research described above for its applicability to climate control problems is required. This work should commence with a literature survey of pertinent and related research. This surveillance program will permit the isolation of promising developments which require further engineering and testing and will define any supplementary research required to further climate control objectives [The famous 1°C, 2°C games.]. This should be a continuing effort to monitor all pertinent research so that at all times the state of the art is fully exploited for purposes of examining the feasibilities of climate control. .

3. Supplementary Research. It is envisioned that the activities of the group will include research necessary to supplement the work of other groups. Additional research may be required to describe more fully the climatology of certain pertinent physical processes in the atmosphere. Information on space and time spectra will be required of the various atmospheric energy and momentum exchange processes. This research will aid in the formulation of realistic physical models of the atmosphere. It is likewise needed to test the suitability of various models for the purpose of numerical climate control experiments. . Extensive research into the formulation of mathematical models of the atmosphere which are suitable for long period integrations will be required. These models will be integrated numerically on an electronic computer and tested for agreement with the climatology of pertinent physical processes. Depending upon the test results, the numerical integration methods and the mathematical models may require modification in order to achieve a formulation which is suitable to numerical climate control experiments. .

4. Climate Control Experiments. A series of systematic numerical climate control experiments will be performed with suitable atmospheric models to analyze and test the theoretical and economic feasibility of ideas which have or will be proposed to control climate. These experiments will be designed to assess the climatic change which would result from changes due to artificially introduced energy and momentum sources and sinks. [ This is the answer, what climate change really means! ] Innumerable ways have been proposed for varying these sources and sinks, such as changing radiation absorptions and reflection characteristics controlling evaporation from free water bodies, altering surface stresses, etc. .

5. Personnel and Program Costs. Until such time as it is clear that the state of the art can permit extensive climate control numerical experimentation, the research effort should be concentrated on items 2.0 and 3.0. When the model development under item 3.0 has progressed to a satisfactory point, a large increase in electronic computer time would be required for item 4.0. . Personnel required to pursue this program would be: . [ Who are the ruling people of this project now? IMHO a science actor ape like David Keith cannot be a leading figure, also not the idiots and perverts of IPCC! ] . 2 Senior Research Associates (dynamic meteorology) . 1 Senior Research Associate (physicist) . 1 Senior Research Associate (mathematician) . 2 Research Associates (dynamic meteorology) . 3 Research Associates (mathematician, analysist, and programmers), . plus supporting help. . Total salary support and overhead costs estimated on the basis of $25,000.00 per professional would be $225,000/year. Initially, computer rental for 200 hours/year would total approximately $75,000/year. Computer costs would greatly increase for any substantial effort under item 4.0. . ==============================================

7. The “good” CIA job

We cannot blame the CIA for doing its “job”! . The CIA is from its first beginnings in the law office of the Dulles brothers in New York, the foundation of OSS and the “National Security Act in 1947“, was formed as a state sponsored criminal organization, ordered to do criminal covert operations, which should serve the assumed interests of the USA, but from the perspective of this law office were identical with the interests of the corporations. . The Dulles Brothers – …how to wreak havoc in Guatemala and Iran… . Gold, God, Glory: Two Brothers’ Secret War . The Brothers: John Foster Dulles, Allen Dulles and Their Secret World War by Stephen Kinzer – December 10, 2014 by Bob Shea . However, it is time to abolish the law and the organization of CIA! . According to such papers and the global scale of climate engineering, we may assume the head of BPED (Bankster Pervert Empire of Deception) is the CIA. Maybe also the employees of CIA, mesmerized by megalomania, considering themselves omnipotent and omniscient, sometimes think or behave like that, the CIA remains a state accredited criminal terrorist gang, working as designed to serve the interests of super-rich and super-powerful criminals. It is up to us to end this! . One of the methods of the CIA is the “Plausible Denial“. For that I would like to recommend to the interested readers following article. It explains how the CIA is using this method to deny climate control. Plausible Denialbility! . . .

8. Other Historic Documents

. A Recommended National Program In Weather Modification . A Report to the Interdepartmental Committee for Atmospheric Sciences . WEATHER MODIFICATION: THE EVOLUTION OF AN R&D PROGRAM INTO A MILITARY OPERATION . Let the chief propagandist explain it by himself! . [youtube] . [youtube] . It is all about WATER!!

Embedded video

NASA Earth


A global view of precipitation and water vapor during the first three weeks of February 2017. @NASA_Rain

11:00 AM – Feb 24, 2017
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Atmospheric RIVERs!!

Embedded video

NASA Earth

#California hit by atmospheric rivers and the rain they bring during the first three weeks of February. @NASA_Rain

11:43 AM – Feb 23, 2017
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. .

9. Sources
. MEMORANDUM for: General CHARLES P CABELL TOPIC: Climate Control . Impuls . All other links are from the blog. . Embedded video documents speak for themselves. . Complete source of further recommended documents are delivered within the article. . .

10. Other Papers confirming ClimateControl!

11. Geophysical Warfare in practice!
. Stoning from the skies!

Embedded video

قصف بردي على #اسطنبول ❗️
لا اله الا الله ❗️#تركيا #طقس_العالم

12:57 AM – Jul 28, 2017 · Ajman, United Arab Emirates
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. Waterspouts to fast-lift water, by directed energy from above!

Embedded video

Waterspout reported today (Nov 9) between Punta Campanella and Capri Island, S Italy. Report:

8:04 AM – Nov 9, 2017
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