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Appendix 123: 1) Sheriff’s Departments Behind Gangstalking; Transcription & Comments; 2) Synopsis Of “Circle of Snakes: How To END Your Gang Stalking!”

I. Gang Stalking Tactics: Sheriff’s Departments Behind The Harassment (May 18, 2020)

Webmaster’s Comment: This is extremely important and insightful testimony by a targeted individual with “insider information.” This TI had a friend who explained the program to him and paid for this breach of secrecy with his life! All TI’s should watch this. This video more or less proves what we TIs have already learned from hard experience.

After the transcription of this interview, I include synopsis, summary and reviews of Bobby Tower’s book “Circle of Snakes: How To END Your Gangstalking” (II). Towers’ information dovetails very well with the information provided in the video (and transcription).

II. Partial Transcription Of Text of “Gang Stalking Tactics: Sheriff’s Departments Behind The Harassment (May 18, 2020) youtube:

Speaker/maker of youtube/Targeted Individual: I left a comment for someone. I felt horrible for this person who did a video on his targeting and who is a victim of gangstalking which is funded by government agencies. I wanted to give a description of the program. It is hard to get information on this because it is run by sheriff’s departments and funded by government agencies to do this 24/7 surveillance. It started out to be against people they suspected of terrorism or a husband who killed his wife, or things like that; they can surveille them and do different things. But this is different because they are specifically psychologically targeting people to break them down. And it brings a lot of people harm and some people commit suicide from this.

I left a comment for this man who did the video so I could give him the proper information to help him get through this. I was lucky that I got tipped off by one person who actually did this. So I’ll read what I left for him in the comments section (to his video).

1) Gangstalking is coordinated by the sheriff’s department. A confidential informant, a friend of mine, told me that they put me on the list for 24/7 surveillane after I turned in a dirty cop. My friend told me their ultimate goal is to get you to commit suicide after they stalk you and isolate you. They will break in your house and do things to double your bills, so they can also target your finances. They do things to systematically make you waste money, fixing things you shouldn’t have to because they sabotage things.

2) My friend said at his Masonic Lodge, many of the Masons are on the list to do the stalking, but most of the people they use are the confidential informants that do surveillance and other things for the police departments, like thecontrolled buys. But there is a difference between surveillance and harassment. In stalking they want you to know you are being harassed and stalked.

3) When they finally drive someone to suicide, they will actually throw parties to celebrate like it was a big joke.

4) It wasn’t so bad for me because my friend had thankfully told me what was going on.

4) Within one month of him telling me that I was on the list, and that they were coming at me, they found him dead from a diabetic thing. He was 36 years old and his name was Josh.

5) Your vehicle is the biggest thing they will come after. They will do things to have your check engine light come on all the time. They scratch your vehicle constantly. Little things. I filed police reports on this. I did this just to get it documented even though I knew that the police department and their informants were doing it and it wouldn’t go anywhere. They’ve slashed at least 6 or 7 tires. They would drain the battery and unhook the cables from the battery.

6) They’d break into my house and let some of the pets out of the cages. I’d come home and there were animals running all around. I’d put surveillance camera’s in my house and they’d just break the cameras… and sometimes they deleted months worth of footage.

7) A couple girls at the bar told me they were approached in the bathroom by someone who told them that they should stay away from me because I was violent or a child molester and a felon. They would tell them lies to slander your name to get people to hate you so they wouldn’t have anything to do with you. I would have conversations with people and everything was fine and then after I would go to the bathroom and come back, again, the atmosphere would completely change and now the people don’t want to be around you.

8) They will get family members to be part of this and come against you. They will make up lies and tell them if you talk about these things, that you are delusional.

9) The cops will cover their tracks by lying and saying you are having contact with big drug dealers or something like that.

10) They already have the surveillance to spy on the drug dealers. But this is different, this is demonic, because they want to harass people until they commit suicide. There is funding for this, and so when someone commits suicide they have big parties and give each other high fives, etc. It’s real sick.

11) The sheriff’s department is coordinating almost every part of it. This was supposed to be used to track violent terrorists and criminals, psychotic people, pedophiles, etc. They would do the same kind of surveillance in order to watch them. But they don’t harass them psychologically.

12) My friend said they would even use gas on high level targets in their homes while the people were sleeping. Then they can enter while the person is actually asleep. That’s the sort of thing they would do in hostage situations.

13) My friend looked real sad and he told me that he could be targeted or hurt for telling me these things. He was quite nervous and paranoid. He right away pulled the batteries out of the cell phones. He said the surveillance with the targeted individual consisted of law enforcement using law enforcement tools to track their cell phones and GPS to track the vehicles. They’d use Stingrays on the cell phones to pick up the texts. Or they would pay different people to help them set up in that area.

He said they could track people through their computers and anti-viruses. To keep on top of every single bit of information coming in and out, to know who they are talking to. So if the target meets someone online and they are going to meet up, a lot of times they intervene with them so they won’t want to talk to you.

14) This is a legal process, but they are using it in a criminal way. But they aren’t supposed to actually break your things, or kill your pet animals like mine, etc.

14) There is a mirrored way of the different surveillance tools and the ways that they copy your phone, it’s actually mirrored. So everything you see, they can see. Every text you send, they get.

15) The main goal is to isolate the person and introduce other fake people into their lives that are snitches to help take control of their lives and manipulate those people. And to destroy their finances and bring them into a super depression after they isolate them and use different tactics, they would hope that they would then commit suicide.

16) If someone turns in a cop for police brutality or someone sleeps with a cop’s wife or something, then they can be put in this program illegally. But they’ll make up an excuse or lies to say it’s legal. They’ll say: “We think he knows this high level drug dealer,” things like that.

17) They’ll get false witnesses to lie about that individual so they can put them on the list to be harassed.

18) It’s a (well) funded program.

19) Some of the civilian stalkers actually think they are doing a service for their community. They’re retards. So if a cop comes up and says “hey, we think this person is a possible child molester, can we use your house to put surveillance equipment in?” They pay them some money. They agree. That’s how stupid people are.

20) Once they know all of your schedule they approach people in the places you go and those people will think they are helping out the sheriff’s department by relating information about you back to them and going along with the program. I go to the gym, so they’ll go to the gym and tell a bunch of lies. And so these people who are making minimum wage are more than happy to cooperate, to monitor you…. This also works with the isolation (to degrade and destroy the target).

21) For the stalker-snitches, they provide cash, gift cards, sometimes they cut a check, sometimes they’ll give drugs to drug addicts. This would be on the side.

22) They mark these people’s license plates so the cops know they are helping them and won’t touch them if they commit minor crimes. These are the “informant-collaborators.”

23) So they have stalker-snitches, informants, doing all this to harass the TI.

24) This is militarized psychological warfare. They like to honk their horns and set up car alarms. Flash their headlights at you to let you know they are trying to pick at you.

25) I’ve actually had state troopers flip me the bird with hatred in their eyes.

26) The surveillance part of it is what they would do to any high level target.

27) They truly think it’s funny.

28) My friend started out doing this to go against pedophiles and things like that. He started with the right intentions. But then he was stuck and he didn’t want to be a target himself. Anyone could be added to the list that someone in the group didn’t like. He had to sign a confidential informant agreement with the sheriff’s department. And he was not allowed to talk about the program. He was dead within a month or two of when he told me about the program.

28) The program is abused for all their demonic purposes and their hatred for people that the surveillance network wants to harass.

29) I’m a good street fighter and most of the people involved in this really are pussies. But they don’t engage like that. But if I scrap with one of them, they are actually taught to fall down and make sure they rub their arms or face on the ground to get scratches and cuts. It’s like the NBA (when a player falls down and fakes that he’s been fouled) so they can hopefully show some blood. They want to get an assault not just a disorderly conduct. The prosecuting attorney tells the cop or the gangstalker what to say, so that the TI is more likely to get convicted.

Then they call the police and act like this person is being psychotic. Then they go to the family and say we’re really worried about this person. With these lies, they get the family to work against their own family members.

30) They feel like they are above the law because under this program, they are allowed to break into people’s homes and cars in the name of surveillance.

31) Not only do they turn your cell phone into a rolling bug. They also monitor your home. They use these to find out where you are going and then they send someone to where you are going so they can actually be there when you get there.

32) To understand gangstalking and it’s origins: This is coordinated by sheriff’s departments with their informants and citizen stalkers, etc.

33) It’s state to state. All the sheriff’s departments coordinate with each other from state to state. So if a TI moves from one state to another they just call the police in the next state and tell them what harassment protocol they are using on that person.

34) Informants in the program can do all sorts of illegal things because of the work they do for the cops. They get away with selling drugs, whatever.

35) Cops are actually taught when they are beating someone down to tell them to stop resisting. Now with cameras you can record a lot of these things.

36) You can always get steroids through the cops. They are using these steroids and that is a felony. When you are justified under these surveillance programs, they often get high on steroids and go nuts.

37) They use people closest to your home. They get a few bucks and they coordinate with other people. Many of them are selling drugs. Their license plates are marked by the cops and they get away with it.

38) They lie to civilians and offer them money and talk to home owners- and say: “can we use your house for a time to do this surveillance?”

39) If you reset your iphone on itunes, that cleans your phone for a while. Apple knows when you go online, they match your devices by your digital signatures.

40) They work with different lock and key shops to get into your homes. If you buy a safe, all the sheriff’s department does is get the code on the safe and then call the people who made it and learn the combination to open it. Likewise, to get into your car and house. They can get a key cut from your vin number on your car. These people think they are above the law and they are really sadistic.

41) If you look up Freemasonry Police and Freemasonry Police badges on google, you’ll see pictures of police and Masonic lodges. It’s all Luciferian doctrine. They study the teachings of Albert Pike. All these guys have read the Satanic Bible, different Aleister Crowley books, and magic, witchcraft, etc. So you have to figure a lot of these police are Masons and belong to the lodge. They study Luciferian doctrine and do satanic rituals at Masonic lodges. On top of that they jack themselves up with steroids. So they think that you’re a slave, and they are masters.

42) Freemasons do Satanic Ritual Abuse….

43) Even if someone very high, like the President, comes after these people, they will use their informants to lie and justify their “investigations” and “surveillance.” That’s how they cover their tracks.

44) Other countries do this same thing also.

45) I’ve had razor blades put in my shoes three times. I’ve had broken glass put in my laundry.

46) The worst thing that has happened to me is that when I was downtown at a parking lot, a brick was dropped on my head. It almost hit me. That’s when I was targeted to be hurt bad or killed.

47) I follow Christ now. That’s a comfort. You can see the evil of these people and the demonic activities they are doing when you are into the scriptures. They are really trying to isolate and destroy you and destroy your finances. They want you to commit suicide. Then they celebrate and are all happy that someone took their own life.

I suggest you listen to an audio New Testament Bible. That can change your life and give you a little bit of comfort. Because you are going through hell and the tools they are using are demonic. A lot of these guys are doing satanic ritual, Luciferian doctrine. They do blood rituals with birds, rabbits, and goats and things.

I used to dabble in the occult. When I was asked to be a Mason, they were really offended that I didn’t want to be.

48) And only a few people will come forward because they don’t want to be put on the list.

49) Again, they use the exact same technologies and tools that are available through law enforcement that they use against criminals, but now they use these tools in a perverted way to harass you, try to isolate you and manipulate you. And ultimately, a lot of people do commit suicide.

50) So it’s a very sick thing. And a lot people involved in this are sick individuals themselves. And even if they start out with the right intentions, being around those sickos, they become sickos themselves.

51) Once you realize that this program is a coordinated effort- government-funded and run by sheriff’s programs, using law enforcement tools meant to be used against criminals, now being used against civilians…. it makes a big difference.

52) I’m going through this myself. The hatred for me is because of my love for Jesus Christ. I read my Bible and I pray and I love people. And I identify the occult and try to educate people about this. I want you to know that I care about you and you are not alone. I think we should start a group to go against this.

III. 76 Comments

Kim Mie
1 year ago
This is the most amazing accurate video!!!! Thank you for making me feel less alone.

1 month ago
Experience everything you talk about dead on point. But no one tipped me off very scary situation.

Romanian TI -Targeted Individuals
2 years ago
”Gang Stalking” is a persecutory action organized against a “Target Individual” or “Targeted Individual” who perpetrates himself through a set of hostile acts not significantly attributable as crimes or explicit violence but which overall are heavily harmful to mental health. and physics of the victim. The vexatious action produces stress that, prolonged, induces maladaptation disorder (DDS), which can provoke, asociality, aggression, misanthropy, panic crisis, anxiety attacks, insomnia, obsessive-compulsive behaviors, and in most cases serious induce suicide or murder. The stress produced by the vexatious action also induces the syndrome of post traumatic stress disorder in its various forms, depressive and anxious (DPTS), (see Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders). The objectives that it sets are the conditioning of individuals, their control, “Programming” or elimination by inducing paranoia (madness) or suicide. Gang Stalking has many similarities to Mobbing with the difference that the latter is practiced in the workplace while the latter embraces every moment of the persecuted’s life.

Jay Way
1 year ago
Able Sanchez holds the Chief position of the unit in the west Texas area of gangstalking. Please share location and names of the people involved in this together you stand United this keeps going.

Burrito Burrito
2 years ago
Hey! I’ve been a victim of this for 10 YEARS!!! Thank you for your video. This is unreal!! I am Christian as well and these people HATE Christians. I thought i was just a feminist group of people but now this makes sense!. Maybe I have both feminists and these guys after me. Is there a contact we all can share for updates? I took a trip across states and you are right that they communicate with the other departments. In my case they run through paranoia scenarios! They also get my job to do these paranoia scenarios as well!!. CORRUPT!! I have also experienced it when I tried going to one of the Churches here in Salt Lake City where someone went ahead and told the pastor/pastors someone bad or something was showing up. Just absolutely satanic people.

Jay Way
1 year ago
This is the most accurate information on the subject. If you are reading this please share to educate the public. Knowledge is power.

Lemuel Booth
2 years ago
Thank you for taking the time to make this video. I am a targeted individual in Los Angeles and have experienced pretty much everything you touched on. My Gf is also a targeted individual and I believe her parents who are connected to scientology and the illuminati are responsible. What do I do? Everyone hates me and her and I believe they are trying to human traffic her. We have been separated since December. Our families hate us and people spread some nasty lies and accused me of touching the child of some lifelong friends whom I believe are the ones that spread the lie about me touching their child inappropriately ( I would never do something so gross and wrong) I am completely innocent of everything these people accused me of and they spread these lies and I had no idea because they did it in secret. I could really use some suggestions if you have anything to offer, as far as help getting our lives back. I really do appreciate your video, it gave me so much more confirmation and really helped lift my spirit. Thank you and God Bless

MagicalMasky v7.0
1 year ago
Lemuel Booth I’ve faced similar false accusations. I got polygraphed, passed, and these ppl don’t believe me based on songs I listen to. They’re not very smart

Tabo Natidze
1 year ago
I’m sorry for what they’ve done to you. Come to Georgia, Caucasus (Orthodox Christian country) If you can and take your friend with you. I think you’ll be safe here. God bless you!!

MagicalMasky v7.0
1 year ago
Thank you so much for articulating targeting. I’m a TI and am very proud to say I found god and purpose in this life. Thank you for posting this!

Natalia Dior
2 years ago (edited)
I have been a “Targeted Individual” for about 9 months now. I could say so many things, but what I will say is that at this point, I actually PITY SOME of the people involved. I may be harassed and persecuted, but I am NOT OWNED and I can say whatever I want. These people are sheep and have a master that tells them when and how high to jump and they have to do it. So while many higher up people are very sick, evil individuals who take pleasure in others pain and seek total control; there are many who do not fully know what they are involved in and later find out that they are caught in this evil web and are now slaves to the master of it.

RunTo Christ
1 year ago
Low hanging fruit and their own lives are dispensable. That is the most important part of this and even tracking down an old lady is pretty pathetic. If I want to speak against child human trafficking and you feel threatened by me….Great…God is on my side.

Vida Cupcake
1 year ago
I barely realized I’ve been targeted 5 yrs ago. But my entire life has been a fake. 4 of my great great grandparents deforested the southwest and 4 of my great grandparents were born to migrant camps as well as my parents. My mother ended up in prison and my father a professor. This is deep and I’m a warrior.

Cory Kellow
3 months ago (edited)
You can combat this and since you know they hear and see everything you do and say, by never missing a chance to tell explain what just happened to someone and remind them what complete pussies they are but do so in a polite manner with an all knowing smirk on your face. It drives them nuts. It’ll piss them off and they’ll turn the heat up for awhile but since we aren’t pussies, we suck it up and deal with it because the longer you can stand strong and deal with this shit the stronger you become. I’ve got 6 years in now and y’all would laugh at some of the tactics or some of the things I’ve done in retaliation to this. Just have fun getting into the fuckery of it all. I’ve had CI’s and “actors” actually break character and smile or laugh because of some of the shit that comes out of my mouth for real. Head down, eyes up y’all. Fuck’em.

Emily Wood
1 year ago
Author Ronan Farrow describes his gangstalking experience while writing his book about the Harvey Weinstien crimes. His book is called Catch and Kill. Definitely recommend

Vida Cupcake
1 year ago
P.s. thank you for exposing the unseen.

1 year ago
Legally Homeless for 4 years here in the U.K thanks to my Psychopath ex-husband whom is a Sergeant in the Army and his ex-Police Officer and also a Freemason here in Scotland. I’ve lost my home, my business, been slandered. Local Authorities on ALL in on it. National Homless charities, local Lawyers, The Schools. They’ll get jealous crazy women to befriend you and casually drop into the convo that their family members are High Level Police Officers (as threats). I’m R.H negative. I’m a single Mum with two young daughters and have zero agenda apart from to better myself. My ex-husband cannot believe I’m still alive. I’m going no where.

Kim Mie
1 year ago
Same situation…you have my prayers

Rosa-Maria Regis
2 months ago
Same here.

1 month ago
? we are not going anywhere!!!!
wayne weberpal
1 year ago
I never thought I would ever see the day that America would become a Stasi state like east Germany where people would snitch on one another.

a targeted Christian
3 months ago
I’m in will county. Same with me! Was in the ministry and drug recovery at church, trying to start a dance ministry, and was about to go for training to fight child sexual trafficking over seas. Someone in the recovery group gave me a tip of battered women being turned out and the cops were involved… one in particular seemed to have a particular taste for young girls. I was told the masons gave the order against me.

Richard Brown
1 month ago
Everything that has been talked about is true !! They started on me in 2014 in Northwest Arkansas Newton County Wayton community. They have been mentally abusing me for nine year’s now everyday of my life from the time I wake up til I go to sleep. November of 2015 I went to the Newton County Sheriff’s Office to speak with someone. I walk into the Sheriff’s Office and all the lights was off besides one office light so I set down in the front of the Sheriff’s Office. About that time I hear them start talking in their meeting room. This is what was said, ” This Richard Brown guy is not going to snitch on anyone and is not going to help us any, then a federal officer spoke up and said he hasn’t even gotten scared of what we put in the program.” Then they all started laughing about it. They have also gotten my kid with some of the directed energy used because my kids was complaining about their ears rinnging and buzzing. So they don’t care who they hurt with this type of harassment.

wayne weberpal
1 year ago
I was surprised when your video’s were no longer on youtube, It goes to show how much freedom we as a people have now days, We are becoming more like former east Germany or like a Communist Country. Wayne

Shan Aherne
1 month ago
Hi. I’m a TI n have been for some years now. Only became known to my followers maybe 18 months ago, but at least 16 years of age I have been followed. What can I do to either stop it or ways to handle the emotions that come with being a TI. I’m also marked with EA on my wrist (like an invisible tattoo). I also have a scar on my top thigh in the shape of a sun. My father too was a TI. My question is WHY? I get the beeps, car lights, cars on the side of roads with indicator’s on etc. I’m not a bad person, I’ve had my time on the drug scene, now trying to b clean. Why would I b a 43 year old followed individual?

Donna Taliercio
1 year ago
I know my roommate son-in-law was Lieutenant at the Sheriff’s Office him and his brother got caught in a pedophile situation so they were both let go but in the meantime I caught them on my phone my internet my email as well as my car I have the GPS sport by the lady across the hallway that was gang stalker King me as well as in my home. They follow me everywhere I go since with the police department and I also have false police report so they got caught at that too. Now I have 14 legitimate complaints with the local police department and I carry a camera Everywhere I Go. It’s interesting though they know and I forgot I don’t forget it. My gang stalker got caught red-handed in fact most of them even the ones that hit me with cars I’ve gotten it. They’ve all been caught in my particular case so you know

mind full
1 year ago (edited)
I am a senior citizen in New Jersey. Gang Stalked for over a year, stil going on. Isolated from friends via a horrible smear campaign. They are now agressivly using Direct Energy Weapons. V2K VOICE TO SKULL, TORTURE, ODORS THAT ARE PUMPED INTO MY HOME THAT IS SUFFACATING. . HARD TO BREATH. They tell me they are going to give me a heart attack and cancer 24/7.Nor sure how long I will live. Cant get help. Inhumane torture. Burning body parts. Hard to swallow. goes on daily.

bob starz starz
3 months ago
Hope your ok

mind full
1 year ago
Ive had local police from my town shine lights in my face at night while Im driving. Several Sherrifs cars would sway there cars towards mine while im driving. Local police shined a large light into my bedroom at night. Harassed by police. Need a secure place to live.

As Gs
1 year ago
Range stalked by the former Chief and the present chief .Retired Chief from the Los Angeles Police Department. It’s training day here

3 months ago
Very helpful video.

Nikki Luck
1 year ago (edited)
Just became a colleague… My brother is running it and I think my mother is using the trust my grandmother left to fund it. My vehicle is a target and won’t last much longer. My business has been hijacked and my phone keeps getting hacked. I will be homeless within the week. I’ve no one left and I don’t know what to do… Please help.

10 months ago
When they call on me it be like 5 cars when i call takes 1 hour to 5 hours

Scott H
10 months ago
know your enemy

As Gs
1 year ago
Yes the P D is right around the corner directing it

As Gs
1 year ago
Your neighbors are doing it too

Peter Gurba
3 weeks ago
1920-1940 in ukrain cops had 50 ways to kill torcher there pupetraters had 362 different for man vs women

10 months ago
Yes they in my gangstalking tho

As Gs
1 year ago
I will pray for you too

a targeted Christian
3 months ago
Where is this original video from, please.

Derek Graham
4 months ago
All its doing is pissing me off these sob’s think they will break me but in reality its going to turn deadly for the ones doing it to me and they know it and it has backed down alot only because they knew i was to a point where i was ready to break legs

Tabo Natidze
1 year ago
Come to Georgia, Caucasus and people will help you. We are Orthodox Christians. We have many churches and monasteries. Many people here are believers. Our country was the only one which didn’t close churches on Easter during this false virus pandemic and liturgy was held all over Georgia. We have a place called Second Jerusalem – Mtskheta. I can’t tell if this stalking stops, I don’t know but just give a try. God bless you!

Nicholas Breden
11 months ago
Contact info?

Thug elohim
1 month ago
This guys a shill bros..,

Peter Gurba
3 weeks ago
in ukrain 1920-1940 cops had 50 ways to kill torcher there pupitraters had 362 different for man vs women

Mrs. Selby
5 months ago
Does anyone know who this gentleman is in the video? I will probably end up committing suicide because it looks like there isn’t any hope. I just want to make sure my daughter and grandson are ok first.

bob starz starz
3 months ago
Have u been ok are you now and I pray you dont go down that road

bob starz starz
2 months ago
@a targeted Christian who u writing to me or the person

eCKo Krump
7 months ago
I was gang stalked .. ended up on 5 years of paper ands a year and a Hal in jail.. All cause they were able to bank me on disorderly conducts and bail jumping

2 months ago
Did it stop when you were in jail?

As Gs
1 year ago
Stazi prigram

a targeted Christian
3 months ago

barbara guillette
11 hours ago
Because it’s fucking illegal and lie most about accusations, because like me , most are false.

barbara guillette
11 hours ago
Elite want to get rid of all vehicles, move to coasts , and have all public transport,1. elite free up roads for them,2. lower so called pollution , and3. enhance public transport

IV. Selected Quotes and Synopsis From “Circle of Snakes: How to END Your Gangstalking” by Bobby Towers

Epigraph Quote:

“The system is broken- bent on ruling the world and micromanaging the population. It’s up to us to free ourselves.”

Bobby Tower’s stalking began when he was quite young. He believes he was targeted for his artistic and song-writing abilities. Indeed, he wrote a song when he was 18 about being targeted by the government. That same year he was placed in an elaborate government “set-up.” “Way back then, I sensed interference (with my life), always interference.”

“The people who have sworn an oath to protect our rights are themselves the evildoers. That’s the ultimate betrayal…. It’s not a secret activity… in fact, it has been going on forever under different names…. Everyone in government is aware of what’s going on from your local police to the president to the Supreme Court justices, to the U.N…. The NCVC (National Center for Victims of Crimes) in NYC which keeps statistics, has reported receiving thousands of citizen complaints per month from around the country related to gang stalking… everyone involved with the justice system is aware of it…. They can’t deny it’s going on but they can still attempt to discredit people on a case by case basis- which of course they will do in every case.”

“Everyone has been indoctrinated into domestic spying. “If you see something say something.” The new wave of citizen informers are so eager to participate that a mass hysteria seems to have set in around the country. When really we are more likely to be struck by lightning than a foreign terrorist and as some of us know, the real terrorism isn’t foreign.

The typical terrorist isn’t being investigated for potential terrorist activity but targeted for ideology. Speeh, views, political opinions, associations, involvement in groups that may have gotten attention, civil rights advocates, anything can get you targeted…. (And) those involved in inflicting the suffering consider themselves the “good” people. I consider these people EVIL… Make no mistake, this is a military-based creation.”

“My belief is that the US has an overall agenda of nothing less than total global rule. So much of the gang stalking then is part of an ongoing experiment because ruling the world necessitates “TOTAL” control…. Your country has chosen you, and for many of you, your lives will be destroyed… The objectives of globalization in the 21st century is now achieved through terror. They want the power to decide which lives are worthy of existence and which aren’t…. Lives for jobs- pretty simple and in the case of the elite this translates to “Lives for Wealth.” For war machine, war is profitable no matter which side you supply.”

The US has positioned itself as the modern-day Third Reich desiring nothing less than the military domination of the world! Control is what this war is about. This is a war for the next battleground which is the mind… After WWII, the US gave haven to some NAZI scientists and obtained their human research data from the Dachau prison camp.

Using prisoners as test subjects, the NAZIs compiled massive amounts of information from experiments which often duplicated real world scenarios. Like… how long it would take to get someone to commit suicide? Could they get someone to commit murder? How can you test unapproved vaccines or medicines? What are the effects of radiation on humans?….. Of course, the US doesn’t openly do human experiments here, right? No, we do them SECRETLY… The truth is, interest has shifted to the mind because more subtle control is required. These new technologies still need test subjects but with possible illness, injury or death being side effects, unwitting citizens are used.”

In the military Doctrine paper, “From PSYOPS to Mind War” written by Lt. Col. Michael Aquino, Military Intelligence: he explores using these more subtle approaches like the patented forms of electromagnetic weapons on large scale populations to subdue them psychologically without them being aware of being manipulated. It also lays out or blueprint for the US gang stalking tactics mixed in with NAZI techniques. Like the SS, the US wants to make it your obligatory duty to watch and inform on your neighbors… with the reward of good citizenship.”

After 9-11, the DHS created 78 state and regional “Fusion Centers” to gather information on potential terrorists. They do this by enlisting local law enforcement, emergency management, public health and private corporations. They also bring in federal agencies, like the FBI and believe it or not the military. Data is then shared throughout the network of participants.

In a report presented in 2012 to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, the Aspen Institute of Homeland Security Group advises: “We move away from a defensive position of protecting the country from foreign terror threats. Instead we should focus on becoming a domestic security architecture concentrating on offensive measures on single adversaries.”

This statement translates into “targeting citizens.”.. It’s an “anti-terrorist war machine” turned into a domestic law enforcement super-tool… This makes perfect sense because in this same two-year investigation they found that these “Fusion Centers’” efforts to compile local intelligence data have not yielded any significant useful information on terrorism. Remember, this whole machine was originally put into motion long ago with these black budget military projects.

I can’t stress the importance of this topic of the DHS enough. It MATTERS that you understand who many of these people really are. The US currently trains “Terrorism Liason Officers” (TLOs) to identify potential domestic targets. These TLOs represent their organizations but report directly to the Fusion Centers. T?LOs are appointed by their state, local or civilian companies they for and go through a 24 to 40 hour federal training. They re made up of police, firemen, paramedics and civilians. Postal, utility, hospitality, and transportation workers are also involved. Everyone is else is brought in as “civilian collaborators.” Friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, police informers are often enlisted to participate and sometimes through deception. They often make up entire stories by telling your family that you are in big trouble or telling your neighbors you are a subject of a criminal investigation. They are then swayed to participate and sworn to secrecy….

So who are the government gang stalkers? Many are your everyday run of the mill demonically possessed peons working for the GREAT SATAN. The vast majority of the rest are all the citizens desperate to prove they are the GOOD people of course….. the shadow government is also continuing with their experiments, projects, and so on.”

Government gangstalking represents the ultimate betrayal, not only to the victims, but to the country itself. It isn’t only tyranny in the classic sense, it’s also traitorous. You may have for some reason been declared an “Enemy of the State” without due process. Another thing that makes it completely different (from other kinds of stalking) is the overwhelming imbalance of power.

Your best defense is knowledge. Knowing what’s going on keeps you sane.

Government gangstalking is an attack on an innocent US citizens by traitors to the United States and the Constitution. If you are a “Targeted Individual” (TI) you in a battle for your LIFE! Your right to live freely and free from tyranny has been taken from you. … Their goal is to covertly destroy you while making your daily life miserable.

(BUT)… there is a law (US Code 18 241) that says the police have to guarantee that you are protected from being stalked or from a conspiracy to do so. If you’ve complained properly and they willfully fail to act then they have become part of that conspiracy by default.

File your case solo and not in a class action…. Since it is a federal crime it means that you file this complaint directly with the DOJ or the FBI. DO NOT file with the State Police or local law enforcement. Do NOT even mention it to anyone other than federal authorities.

I filed a complaint with the Department of Justice on their website for “Acting Under Color of Law.” The US Attorney General’s office is in Washington, DC and it is the pinnacle of police power in the US.

“Color of Law” simply means that the person is using authority gien to him or her by a local, stae, or federal government agency. By depriving me or interfering with my right to live free and pursue my happiness they were misusing that authority.”

…. In New Haven, CT, where I was living during the time of my complaint, the police department was raided by the FBI. Three officers were arrested after a sting operation. The head of narcotics was arrested for stealing money and planting drugs on countless citizens…. The police chief resigned and they disbanded the entire narcotics squad. The officers from that squad left the force completely…. Both towns where I lived got rid of the cops harrassing me and borh for reasons having nothing to do with harassing me. I see this only as a system covering its own tracks. Everyone is in on it and these guys are simply the fall guys.

In the case that happened with the head of the New Haven Police Narcotics Squad, the New Haven Register newspaper reported that he had over 700 informants on the streets when he was caught. That could give you an idea of what TIs are up against. So be visible and be more trouble for them than it’s worth. Sign petitions, write to your congressperson, write an article, a book, join groups, protest, but whatever you do, don’t be silent and don’t lie down. Fight back but do it smart. Keep the conversation going and stay visible and help others by spreading the word.”

Reviews of “Circle of Snakes” on

5.0 out of 5 stars Circle of Snakes …eye opening “how to “ escape gang stalking

Clear and concise depiction of a crime called Gang Stalking , also known as Community Stalking. Many people do not even know this exists because the victims are not always believed . Covert government abuse of powers and citizen fusion centers target and destroy innocent people’s lives daily .. Bobby Towers /Robert Torres shows the reader how to stand up to the same individuals that are supposed to protect them and walks you through the process to freedom from the circle of snakes surrounding us .You need to shed the snakes’ skin !! There are sample “how to” ideas , federal citations, a valuable resource list , and a contact for the author at the end of the book. He goes above and beyond to share a wealth of knowledge to the reader to escape this living nightmare.
2 people found this helpful

4.0 out of 5 stars Bringing Stalking to Closure Via the Court System in the States
January 29, 2018

Circle of Snakes is well written. If you live in the States then the information he provides can be very useful to you if you wish to try and stop this stalking program via the court system. This is an intelligent man who knows the ropes. His story is disturbing and not unlike that which may happen to others worldwide. He speaks of a surveillance stalking program that is polluting the fibre of humanity. Fortunately this man was able to bring his stalking terrorism to a stop.

If you need confirmation about what is potentially happening to you then read this book. If you want to know how to navigate the court system and perhaps find some closure then read this book. You may feel relieved to know that this type of stalking is happening to citizens world wide. The program is basically similar regardless of where you live however, it is really targeted specifically for you based on a master plan that is used by the stalkers. This is not an expensive book and worth the read and could prove to be very helpful. Become educated…read this book.

Dan W.
5.0 out of 5 stars Good book

Haven’t been targeted for years and finding pin holes and stuff in my apartment living in a gang stalking drug-dealing apartment complex I don’t think it’s necessary for any other to put all the frequencies for listening devices cuz no matter how much free time and how much I research I still hurt and found it very hard to find them without tearing up sheetrock which I did not do

M. Baker
5.0 out of 5 stars Interesting read and interesting story that has many occurrences which

Interesting read and interesting story that has many occurrences which are eerily similar to many aspects of and instances throughout my own life. It is refreshing to read someone speaking candidly about this evil and dark side of the American government and law enforcement. This book also provides some helpful information for those who may have tried to fight back against this atrocity but without gaining ground. Finally, I lament with the author when he asks; who is going to repay him for the destruction to his life and business that he suffered through before justice was wreaked upon the entities who were harassing and terrorizing him?

Freya’s Cat Rescue
5.0 out of 5 stars Every Targeted Individual needs to read this book and the …

Every Targeted Individual needs to read this book and the 1st book called Sin Theses. Offers valuable first hand info. Only 80 pages you can read this quickly and garner much helpful advice, links and wast to do.

Patricia L
5.0 out of 5 stars I read it in one night ..good info
April 20, 2017

I read this book in one night. I really enjoyed it. I found it easy to read and understand. I will be using many of the suggestions in this book. I found the information valuable. I am a victim of this crime, and I have already recommended this book to other victims.

5.0 out of 5 stars
February 16, 2018

This is a great read to better understand where gangstalking in America is stemming from and the abuse of targeted individuals needs to be resolved because I don’t think the President knows how this is effecting people in the community.

Rueben Moribante
4.0 out of 5 stars Good book. It explains some of the unbelievable things …
February 21, 2018

Good book. It explains some of the unbelievable things targeted individuals go through and possible ways to end The targing though it only goes on for most. The most enlightening part was uncovering weakness in your targeting in order to fight and end it.

Chinedu Phillip Akunne
5.0 out of 5 stars Warriors read

Fight the stalk with more understanding

5.0 out of 5 stars Great Book
August 20, 2018
Verified Purchase
Excellent book and very informative for anyone that might be encountering this. A must buy.

Anonymous 2
5.0 out of 5 stars Spot on.
September 16, 2017

Spot on.

5.0 out of 5 stars If your targeted, a must read!
October 18, 2018

Thank you for giving the TI community the information needed to actually take on the powers that oppress us. Will always be grateful for your research. One smart Dude.

5.0 out of 5 stars Easy read full of good info
Reviewed in the United States on September 30, 2017
great book hit some points that i personally went though as a targeted person for 15 years so far

Hussain Alhashimi
5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars
June 1, 2016

Kaxi N.
5.0 out of 5 stars Must do your homework
Reviewed in the United States on May 16, 2018

It’s a great book explaining how to get justice.

3.0 out of 5 stars Three Stars
August 29, 2016
Very pro-Putin, not sure what Putin has to do with US gang-stalking.

Amazon Customer
5.0 out of 5 stars Genuine Information Regarding Organized Stalking and Harassment
Reviewed in the United States on January 11, 2017
Circle of Snakes is a very honest and genuine manual written by a man who lived this everyday evil form of stalking. It’s difficult to fathom that this can happen to people and yet it DOES happen to many people around the world each and every day. My husband is going through the torture of this stalking every day and I have witnessed it. It’s a relief to read that someone will willingly risk their own name and reputation to help complete strangers. The book contains very helpful information and insight as to what Mr. Towers did to ultimately end his living hell. Thank you, Mr. Towers for standing up for what is right and speaking out on behalf of the people that do not have a voice and who are turned away from their own family and friends due to the unbelievable nature of this sickening stalking and harassment.

Sherry Mills
5.0 out of 5 stars Thank you
Reviewed in the United States on August 22, 2018
I am so so grateful that you made your story public. I can relate to everything you’ve experienced and then some. Your amazing and this is so important. I had no idea what any of this was a year ago but today I’ve experienced most of what you’ve described in the book. It’s sad and unbelievable and do horrible that it’s hard to find words to describe it. I have read other books trying to educate myself but most of them were more about the microchipping and the microwave guns or something that involved those things. I’m not sure if that’s going on with me if it is I’m not seeing it or feeling anything weird. The police the mayor, judges, attorneys and regular strange people doing the car first things are what I.experience daily and all day at different levels of intensity. It’s such a bizarre chain of events I can’t even begin to go into it. Anyway I felt like someone finally experienced and understands this in the same light I do. It’s awful.and i dont know what to do exactly but now I have something to think about and it seems like a more logical way to deal with it. I’m scared, I’m a woman and I’m alone. What I do know for certain is the people mostly men that do this are cowards and very insecure in their ability as a man to think it’s ok or normal to terrorize someone they know is weaker than them at least weaker physically. They aren’t men they’re monsters!

July 18, 2019
This is my second review. My first review was deleted. I suspect I know who deleted it. The usual slithering cowards. Robbie’s book was a great read, but I would like to know where the lies were that some lady claims he wrote. I, too, am a Targeted Individual and am writing a similar TRUE expose’ where I will be more detailed than Robbie, but what I read in Circle of Snakes is very similar to what me and my family have been illegally harassed by

Mario Efraim
5.0 out of 5 stars After reading I was filled with hope!
October 8, 2016

I didn’t know what to expect reading this type book. I had felt reflief that someone else could relate to what I was going through. I was amazed at the ingenuity, locic and level headedness in his approach towards a viable solution to such a taboo, covert, and diabolic chess game going on against our gifted and awake. I amazingly had already been using alot of his suggestions so I know it works! This book should be a handbook for any t.i. It was such a blessing to have crossed paths with Senor Towers!

5.0 out of 5 stars Great Book
Reviewed in the United States on December 24, 2019
Good info on this topic. Relatable to real world situations. I will read more by this author. Brave man it’s obvious.

Amazon Customer
5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent
Reviewed in the United States on November 11, 2016
This is really a wonderful book to purchase. It gives you all the information you may need to proceed in a factual, concise, way. I think anyone going through similar should purchase this book to help them. Thank you for an amazing book.

5.0 out of 5 stars ULTRA good book!!
February 21, 2021

Absolutely fantastic. A huge. but unknown phenomenon known as “gang-stalking” is described for what kind of coward operation it is. This book is however not a beginners book. This book explains in clear and understandable written English, and I can tell from my own experience that the author knows what he is talking about, how to go about roping all your predators up and prosecute them for real some even with death penalty.

4.0 out of 5 stars Straight forward, concise and quick read!
Reviewed in Canada on April 8, 2021

Being a “Targeted Individual” myself in London, Ontario Canada for at least 4-5 years (to my knowledge), I’ve been assaulted daily by the tactics and tortures of this traitorous syndicate bent on subverting, dismantling the very freedoms, laws and rights Canada was founded on. I consider this an essential read and guide to action for any T.I and perhaps even for their family members, friends and even perpetrators who may have unwittingly been manipulated/coerced into playing into this tyrannical terrorism.

Mrs Hill
3.0 out of 5 stars Intriguing but badly written
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on February 6, 2022

Not very well put together, but intriguing to read. For people who know that “Big Brother” isn’t just watching you but causing problems in your life it is probably really useful. i.e. if you are being stopped & searched once too often or house broken into by “ghost burglars”. Otherwise I wouldn’t bother.

4.0 out of 5 stars To the point. One TI who got free…
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on July 3, 2017

Book is written like your complaint form should be; facts,descriptions and no fuss or emotion. Juxpositions of what is normal with what isn’t and a cool but insightful look into some of the authors own extreme targeting. A lot of good advice with regards to making a complaint legally. In this authors case what he did ended his harassment and he gives plenty to go on towards that route; in the US at least. Briefly touches on DAW weapons and has photos of a v2k device and an x ray zappa. This book keeps to the point of st he did that resulted in getting targeting to end rather than providing information about screening ect.

andres manjon hidalgo
5.0 out of 5 stars el autor sabe de lo que habla
Reviewed in Spain on July 29, 2017

Muy buen libro, el autor sabe de lo que habla y aporta soluciones. Esta escrito con sentido común inteligencia y claridad.

3 Replies to “1) Sheriff’s Departments Behind Gangstalking; Transcription & Comments; 2) Synopsis Of “Circle of Snakes: How To END Your Gang Stalking!””

  1. When I first got this site I was dumbfounded because everything exactly everything he’s talking about is happening to me except it’s more so on a foot because I and and the bus the bus drivers are also in on it I mean I worked at hotels where they bring clothes for these people to wear to stalk you it’s so far beyond harassment it made me out of a nervous breakdown in the middle of a parking lot one time I had to call my daughter and because I could not make it stop this is ridiculous and he’s right their pussies and they’re they’re just they’re viciously just evil evil people to hurt other people’s way they do where kids are committed suicide over this because they arrest him so much this is ridiculous it needs to stop so if anybody’s out there that same thing is happening to you please post it post it and post it and post it until somebody hears us

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