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Appendix 61: Russ Disdair Revisited: “Targets” of Satanic Super Soldiers Are NWO “Resisters;” 2018 youtubes

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February 19, 2024

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ETK Introduction: As I’ve noted in previous posts (Appendix 12. The Black Awakening and the Nephilim Project), Disdair’s worldview, as articulated in his book, “The Black Awakening,” seems like an extreme “worst-case scenario.” Could it be a psy op? Certainly, he puts out some very interesting information and perspectives. And we know from history itself that the world’s Judeo-Masonic-satanic elite use the Bible as a roadmap, and possibly, as a script.

If we combine the information in this post with that put out by ex-security gang stalker, Brian Kofron, in Appendix 60 (Gang stalking is satanic; Insider tells all), we get the sense that modern gang stalking operations may be part of, indeed, the prelude and buildup to Armageddon and the coming of the Anti-Christ!!!!!! If so, we must acknowledge the fundamentally Luciferian nature and purposes of GOG’S NeW GESSTTTTTAPO:

At 20:00 minutes into the youtube:

“They have embedded their people and they are supernaturally protected for now anyway. It’s vast. I think we’ve only seen 5 or 10% of it.

I believe the U.S. military has embedded “dark side,” high-level-programmed, super-soldier-types that are Luciferian-oriented that are controlled by that side. They’ve infiltrated the military. Because I’ve met them.. we’ve engaged, we’ve done deliverance with them…. That’s true in law enforcement and in all areas. These kinds of super soldiers are embedded by design.

We have to ask the question: Why are there 10 million first generation “satanic super soldiers” in the United States? What’s going to happen when 30,000 are triggered/released in the U.S. all in one week? That’s the “red horse prophecy” of Revelations 12. That will happen in Europe, Canada, Australia (as well as the U.S.). The Bible speaks of a massive, global, multi-continental collapse so that a hidden regime can rise (Revelation 13) out of the blood and dust…… Revelations 13.

And the embedded ones are there by design and they have their targets already. They need to eliminate resisters. That’s first on the agenda, let alone creating the bloodshed and the anarchy in society. I can call it the “Black Awakening but it’s the “red horse” prophecy of Revelation 6. It’s a global issue. There will a ritualistic slaughtering of hundreds of millions (and up to 3 billion.)

But their underground, programmed shooters and killers like this already know who they are assigned to kill first. I can say with confidence that all of us who are out in this arena are “targets.”

I’m not afraid of that. Don’t fall into fear. God is God. We have to stand as never before in history, so filled with the power of God, so fearless in the face of this. But this is prophecy. This is real. All hell is going to be unleashed.

They have to collapse the existing system. Not destroy it, because they need to assimilate it and let the new system rise. That’s pure Biblical prophecy. We need to understand that. And there is urgency for us.”

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