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Appendix 126: Jeffrey Madore (TI and Electronics Expert) Explains Organized Gangstalking “Human Research” Torture-Murder Program; 2015-17 Video Transcriptions and Comments

Jeffrey Madore Youtube Channel:

Jeffrey Madore Youtube Channel

Epigraph Quotes:

Summary of Jeffrey Madore’s Insights Into the “Targeted Individual Program” from below videos:

1) “I’ve been followed for over 30 years by General Dynamics here in southeastern Connecticut. They do this for NSA and the Department of Defense and they use subcontractors to get it accomplished. And this is done all across the nation. I have talked to so many different targeted people that experience just what I do. …

I talk to targeted people around the nation, I hear a lot of the same stories. Emergency psychiatric committals, chronic health problems, local police involvement, etc. Just people having their lives torn down in many different ways and given lots of different symptoms like anxiety, depression, pain, attacks to the heart, attacks to the genitals, attacks to the teeth, all kinds of attacks that I’ve experienced and experience regularly. So I feel like it’s safe to say that what I’m experiencing here other targeted people are experiencing where they are. And it’s the same government agencies, the Department of Defense, specifically the NSA, that is doing this, and defense contractors carry it out for them…

This technology, the equipment they are using on me, is manufactured by a company called Tetra Systems and the transducers that are used to follow me are a Model C-104. You point it at a person, it receives their brainwaves and it converts those into the visual and audible information, speech, etc., subconscious thought process. It’s just very invasive. And it can also be used to put subliminal suggestions on a person’s mind. It can alter mood, and all kinds of things.

I know the equipment that follows me produces a digital packet radio signal on 157.740 MHz. If I go up to East Hartford, where my targeted friend Mary lives, that frequency is being emitted from a number of homes near hers. When I go up to Massachussetts where my friend Kate lives, that same packet radio signal. And earlier this year in January, I went to Canada for seven weeks. I was followed, stalked, and attacked in a very painful and difficult way. What was there the whole time was that digital packet radio signal on 157.740 MHz.

As I talk to other victims, I see a picture. I think these are human research programs. They like a person that is resourceful and motivated. They like to take a person and knock them down and watch them get back up and they record that data. And they knock them down again and they watch them get back up and they record that data. Ultimately, they get to a point where that person’s life is so torn down that they don’t get back up. At that point, they start yielding little to no useful data. It’s my understanding at that point they are often driven into suicide so that they won’t unwind and normalize again and maybe be able to tell the story. They call this forced suiciding of targets “taking them down hard.”

I would like to see these weapons classified as weapons. I cannot see any good use in society for equipment like that. So I would like to see them illegal to possess, with significant penalties for possession. And, if used against another person, very extreme penalties, because I don’t think you can violate a person more than to violate their very central nervous system, their very mind, to steal what’s there, and to place something there artificially attempting to control and ultimately bringing on torment and torture that leads to death. I don’t think you can commit a worse crime against a human than human research…. I call it treason.”

2) Historical Context of “The TI/Covert Human Research Program:” 1949 Statement By John Stroud, psychologist/engineer at Naval Electronic Laboratory, Macy’s Cybernetics Conference (1949) Guest, author, “Psychological Moment in Perception;” From: The Minds of Men” documentary by Aaron and Melissa Dykes:

“Man, which we have put in between two already known machines. Man is a predictor and says I shall continue to do whatever my last solution predicted will be right so long as no detectable difference arises. I’m very curious to know just how far we can push this human operator…. Would you please describe which part of the brain should they screw the spark plug in? Heh, heh, heh.

So we have the human operator surrounded on both sides by very precisely known mechanisms. The question comes up: What kind of a machine have we placed in the middle? What kind of a machine is man?”

3) From “Bright Light on Black Shadows” by Dr. Rauni Kilde, former Chief Medical Officer of Northern Finland:

” …All the US military branches are involved in the development of the technology, in cooperation with civil institutions like the Department of Health, in what is known as the NEURAL NETWORK ASSOCIATION. At their 1991 conference, it was revealed that they submitted and endorsed over 1000 projects in brain-computer technology at 350 medical centers, universities, etc.

…The best way to control people without their knowledge is through mind control. According to the CIA Director in 1972, mind control means a world where every thought, emotion, observation, and need is controlled….. Cybernetics, full neurological control and communication, has been in use since the 1940s without the knowledge of the public… The objectives are behavior modification and influencing mental and bodily functions, processes, and emotions remotely through computer-satellite links….

…Directed Energy (DE) weapons, mostly EMF (electromagentic frequency) and acoustic weapons, act on the psyche and the body of human beings and all living creatures….

(And) the Swedish military research (FOI) declares in their report of activities that their goal is to direct the cognitive functions of people for a lifetime.

… On July 21, 1994, the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) proposed that “non-lethal” weapons be used against anyone engaged in activities that DOD opposed. That could include almost anyone. DOD’s potential enemies may be counter-cultural individuals, those with opposing political viewpoints, economic competitors, biological undesirables, etc. From my point of view, the uses of this new technology philosophically are comparable to and amount to the Biblical Fall of man, the eviction from paradise. The all-encompassing thought-reading and mind-influencing capacity (of this technology) divides man into two encampments: Those few “God-like” people, who are allowed to use these means, and all others, whose freedom and free will is being taken away.

We have been very surprised to hear about school and shopping center shootings. How many realize that these are tests where mind control programming is used to create a human robot. The serial killer is a victim himself, being programmed to be an emotionless robot and following orders to kill. The real killers sit behind computers and send him electromagnetic beams to the brain.

…. the secret services and their sabotage and terror “departments” are the biggest “terrorists” in the world and work together with the mafia. That was the case even in World War II, as has been published decades ago…. More crimes against humanity have been committed under the shield of “national security” than the people can ever know…. possibly even more than the mafia.

…To label the (non-consensual) human experimentees, the victims of mind control, as paranoid-schizophrenic is a crime against humanity…”

A. 2015 Videos By Jeffrey Madore

I. (1) Organized Stalking: Introduction Jeffrey Madore (July 27, 2015)

Partial Transcription of Organized Stalking: Introduction

“Hello. My name is Jeffrey Madore, I live in Eastland, Connecticut, and I’m a victim of the crime of organized stalking-electronic harassment. In this video I’d like to give a brief introduction to organized stalking-electronic harassment.

There is an ongoing investigation by the FBI into my case, as I have complained numerous times. So I’d like to get my story and face out there.

I became aware in 2011 that I was being followed, that I was being stalked everywhere I went. It wasn’t long after that that I became aware that electronics were being used. My background is electronics and radio communication. The equipment being used against me to follow me is capable of: 1) surveillance, so I have no privacy, anywhere I go, 24 hours a day. In addition, it’s capable of disturbing the central nervous system, producing effects such as tremor, anxiety, depression, pain. And it does this by modulating the central nervous system. It does it by coupling with the central nervous system with a microwave signal, an inductive coupling. The equipment that’s being used, I understand, is made by a company called Tetra Systems and the transducers that are used to follow me are a Model C-104. And it’s a very invasive piece of equipment.

The people that I have accused of doing this are Electric Boat, Inc. (a subsidiary of General Dynamics, a global weapons manufacturers) and Sonles (a subsidiary of Electric Boat). I made a formal accusation last fall when I found out the FBI was involved and they were investigating. I spoke with the Chief of Police in the town of Gratton, who also informed me that it was indeed Electric Boat that is involved. It is my belief that these types of programs that are conducted are for the purpose of human research. I am a member of FFCHS which stands for Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance. They are an international human rights organization that recognizes this kind of crime. And I have talked to many other targeted individuals.

So I believe this crime that I’m experiencing is something that is more popular than we know. These types of types of electronic apparatus that can be used to affect the central nervous system, the effects that they cause; anxiety, depression, and pain, and others sensations, often mimic symptoms of mental illness, and in doing so, the victim is made to feel as if they are mentally ill. And then when they describe these symptoms to a health care provider, the health care provider then assigns a diagnosis of mental illness. They are placed on medication, quite possibly, put in some kind of therapy, They now have a psychiatric diagnosis. When in fact they aren’t sick at all. They are part of a human research program and they are being followed and monitored and their lives are being torn down.

Personally, I have experienced a number of events in my life, in the past few years especially. Events such as involuntary committals by the police, searches and seizures that were unnecessary and unwarranted (that is, without evidence that should give the police the authority to come in your home and search), wrongful detention, wrongful arrests, manipulation of the criminal justice system, such that I can’t get relief. I’m currently fighting two arrests from 2012. I’ve been to court 38 times and counting. These are arrests where there was not sufficient evidence to bring about the arrests, but I’m still fighting.

So I made these accusations formally that these police actions as well as the manipulation of the criminal justice system, has been brought about those that have been stalking me and seeking to tear down my life, seeking to give me a psychiatric diagnosis, seeking to give me a criminal record.

As I talk to other victims, I see a picture. I think these human research programs… they like a person that is resourceful and motivated. They like to take a person and knock them down and watch them get back up and they record that data. And they knock them down again and they watch them get back up and they record that data. Ultimately they get to a point where that person’s life is so torn down that they don’t get back up. At that point they start yielding little to no useful data. It’s my understanding at that point they are often driven into suicide so that they won’t unwind and normalize again and maybe be able to tell the story.

But my story is a little bit different because those that are assaulting me, I have identified. And I don’t know where the authorities are right now, and what they are doing, but I have to believe that they will be brought to justice. I believe that this will come out. And if it does come out, it is my prayer that people in other places that are being stalked will gain some relief because it will help validate their claims.

I would like to see something good come from my suffering. So that other people’s suffering and pain from this crime is alleviated. So people, please be watchful of what is happening here in Connecticut. This is Eastland Police, the FBI, I believe the Dept. of mental health and Addiction Services is involved, and quite possibly the courtroom itself has been violated by those that stalk me. That mind-altering equipment is being pointed through the courtroom wall at me. The ramifications are huge.

I am hoping that when my case comes up, that enough commotion will be raised that people will see that these types of weapons exist. Weapons that can both extract and place information in the central nervous system to affect a person. To steal their privacy as well as exhibit some degree of control. I’ve seen these weapons demonstrated to me over and over gain. I know they exist. And I see people suffering from them and I talk to them all the time.

So I would like to see these weapons classified as weapons. I cannot see any good use in society for equipment like that. So I would like to see them illegal to possess, with significant penalties for possession. And, if used against another person, very extreme penalties, because I don’t think you can violate a person more than to violate their very central nervous system, their very mind, to steal what’s there, and to place something there artificially attempting to control and ultimately bringing on torment and torture that leads to death. I don’t think you can commit a worse crime against a human than human research.

And I think we all need to look at what’s happening here in Connecticut. And I’m praying that these people will be brought to justice. And that this crime will come out in the open. And that legislation will be passed to prevent it from happening again.”


Debbie Harrington
6 years ago
This has been happening to me for 15 years. After my husband died of a heart attack 5 years ago my enemies stepped up their torture on me. I agree with all that you speak of. I have no privacy and have had so many breakin’s in my home. changing my locks is worthless. I have changed them 5 times these last 3 years . They don’t need a key. Property moved, stolen, money gone and my safe has been broken into many times. They can hear me somehow in my home, I know this to be true because they repeat my conversations when I go outside sometimes. I am a good person and I am kind. I have been told that they spread false rumors about me.The list is endless. They must be using a Flir gun to see me and when I change my code for my indoor cameras system they get the new one from me touching the pad. I can’t keep spending all my money to be safe. I use Vivint alarm n camera system and they bypass that n come on in. sometimes they give me a few of my things back n place them on my table just to let me know there is nothing I can do to stop them. I believe I am being microwaved and being physically wounded by them. They focus on my eyes and they wake me up all the time by making my heart race. Then they talk about how many times they disturbed me in their front yard. They want me to know they are my enemy. I just talk to God and ask for protection. Thank you for your video’s and it is a comfort to know that I am not alone.

6 years ago
I am a victim also. My off the wall gangstalking began same as yours in 2010 or early 11.

Ive been drugged, and chased around, slandered, tried to make me violent many times. I believe I have some sort of electro magnetic energy device hitting me because of the nearly constant tinnitus that only started when the stalking became overt.

They have stalked me in 7 states, 3 of which I lived in since this began. Others just driving through.

I am nearly homeless as a result.

I believe that people like you are doing a great service by putting their tactics out there.

I get caravanned by black and white and silver suv’s everywhere I go. I live out of a hotel, and people here are perps also.

This is major infestation of america all for money. The grants given to community watch groups alone are enormous.

If they use a term like investigation to justify this it is a complete bogus lie.
The investigation is a money making scheme. And that’s why it never ends.

4 years ago
9:40 what you’d like for your life is to help alleviate others suffering touched me. In my opinion….i see true TI’S as beautiful empathetic souls who would never do to others what is being done to us.

Trish Borelli
6 years ago
Hello Jeffrey ~ A friend of mine suggested your video’s as he has been a proven source of information for me on a variety of subjects. I am a disabled adult, I suffer from Bi-Polar Psychosis, Prolonged Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (Dating back to childhood from abuse and the suicide of my biological mother. I also suffer from Anxiety, & Panic Disorders, Major Depression, Borderline Personality Disorder). I had contacted this friend as I had questions on all the talk about “N.W.O and the impending implementation of Martial Law.” What I have read is quite frightening to someone such as myself. I am going to watch the rest of your video’s in hopes of finding answers as to why this is being done to you and others? Why do “they” whoever “they” are want to do this to people? What is there to gain for them and why? I am assuming hard earned tax payers money is being used to finance these situations. I rarely leave my home except for appointments, groceries. I keep to myself, associating with few. I do not seek problems or trouble nor do I allow the drama in my life. I’m sorry for long message but these things are very scary.

Connie Robinson
6 years ago
Jeff, thank you for speaking out and making this video!

Autum Myst
6 years ago
I might throw this out there for all who suffer from this with in their homes. Check to see if the electric company has installed a new Smart Meter on your house. I think much of it could be coming through it. Also, how close do you live to cell towers or any electrical tower. It would be interesting to have people pin point on a map of the country where they are experiencing this to get an idea of how many people are being affected in or near larger cities or out in basically in the wilderness…meaning way out like Montana or the in forests, where it is quite the drive to get to populated area. Having this information can help to narrow down how it is done. I have often wondered if they could also be using satellites in some way. Just a few thoughts of mine. Be well and… I have found that when it happens if I reject and refuse it…it helps me.

There is much to be said for the power of the human spirit and mind. Don’t give in and don’t give up. I will keep you all in my prayers.

Lane Hennefer
3 years ago
It’s too late for me. By the time they (who knows?) let me know there is no way out, they led me on a coarse of totally letting me ruining myself by giving me intervals when i could build myself as a test to see how much longer it would take to totally ruin me again. knowing every counter move i made was only to let me know no matter much effort i made to clear my name the lies. I even tried negotiating offering to join them and they offered what seemed like promises to follow by more humiliation too. They want me dead or to claim i am schzoprenic so they mind control into a mass shooter and futher call me crazy, without ever considering the hell i went through my whole life, my guess is my targeting started around 2012. In a double bind and i am tired of being bullied by everyone who cannot see their part in ny final demise. They are much more ruthless then me and have zero empathy, and that is a big compliment. They will never stop regaurdless of what i do. Clearly im in the omega programm for forced suicide. So I’ll begin writing my last will and testament to bear witness to the hell i was put in and let them read it so they can make fun of me in death as well. The only woman i ever truly loved and the only time my life i felt love was a plant too and thats too much. give me liberty or give me death…

letty diaz
3 years ago
I have gone through the same dilemma and my neighbors in the area of City of Commerce, Ca and East Los Angeles, have been targeting me for the past 3 years. I have audio recording of sound waves and some voices. I have approached each of them and asked nicely regarding gang stalking / electronic harassment. Still these people behaviors act like it is okay to violate a person with a disablity, family members, a child autism and MH. These individuals believe it is okay to sexually harass, electronically black market in my opinion my cat scan and other medical records. But most horrific act is that these perps like to target children with disabilities and elderly. Torture, sexually assault, physically and verbally assault. I have written to various organizations and also to the FBI, Union, crime watches, City’s Attorney and Police Dept. But, I have Faith that my truth will also come out and justice will be served. I’ll keep praying.
6 years ago
I am not versed in physics, but, I think you may put aluminum paper on your walls to shield your house or parts of it, like your bedroom for example. You may even find a way to make it aesthetically pleasing. I am sorry this is happening to you. I wish you the best of luck.

Christopher Cannon
3 years ago
I’ve been Cause Stalked since 2001. Stay strong and God Bless.

6 years ago
This man appears to be a credible victim of gangstalking / organized stalking; however, I am a victim of the stalking and harassment, but I do NOT get the so-called V2K nor do I get any electronic harassment or torture. I consider this to be a program of extreme psychological and emotional torture, with the goal of getting the victim to act out in various degrees of antisocial behavior and/or suicide.

3 years ago
I feel my life is in danger, police won’t do anything.

Donna Taliercio
3 years ago
You have same story as all of us. So, I’m extreme, hit 10 times by speeding cars multiple assaults home multiple work kidnapped. Multiple home invasions. Car theft dog attacks. I’m now very disabled. Bearly getting around. Set up jail numberous. Going court now. I’m walking mostly walker can’t p u any weight. I live in extotioary pain GILL PAIN SCALE. I m gang stalked everywhere. Break-ins beyond 100 s. Sounds good y not include all us?

6 years ago
Get the word out! We need to let people know this exists. We need to get these brutal, dishonest criminals out of our homes, minds and bodies!

4 years ago
I know of individual doing this in a surburb of Chicago. 518 South 6th Ave Maywood, IL. I have gone to the police but they said if I am not the victim they can not do anything. We need to stop them

Paul Espinoza
6 years ago
the authorities are involved and helping who ever it is

Samira Choudhry
4 years ago
This is very interesting how u say this program can get u to the point of anxiety and depression and just really f up yur life im kinda experiencing this i tried to come out to my fam but they dont care idk inshallah ill b ok and I dont usually talk about my life much but anyway just some experience of mine i usually feel like i can live my life but htis anxiety and shit idk o well god will get these scummy roaches

Jeana D Moore
3 years ago
Welcome to the club.
You are now a member for life until you end up dead or on the street with nothing

Hunter Crow
5 years ago
Your voice resembles Bob Dylan.I am experiencing gangstalking.

D cat
2 years ago
your information/experience is that of a ti, but you are too trusting in the system

Autum Myst
6 years ago
Look up Voice to Skull US Patent No. 6470214, Dec 13, 1996. No micro chip needed. Can inflict V2K with artificial frequency rates alone.

steven N
5 years ago
if i was being stalked i would rather the tell me why it was rather than telling the police(fukincg snitching basicaly) just ask them why if your not comminting crime then i dont see why your botherd

Nizin Lopez
4 years ago
My name is Nizin Lopez, I’m a Targeted Individual in Mami/Fla, I know what this guy is talking about. He’s telling the truth.

Samira Choudhry
4 years ago
I have a bad feeling im being experimented on thru electronic harassment im not the same since june 2015 But in 2016 my life basically turned to shit i had problems in the past but in 2016 my life seemed to turn to shit but i believe all this crap im getting is coming from this bullshit program this is unacceptable which is why its vital that u closed minded people need to wake the f up sorry for language but if u cared u wuld listen to what im saying along w this guy at least

Paul Espinoza
6 years ago
so many people are involved ganembers, college kids, young children, old people, cops, firemen, all walk of lives

BeepBeep BABY
4 years ago
??*IF I Can handle gang-stalking anybody can b/c I am happy 2 say I AM THE ??????? MOST GANG-StaLked Person IN THE WORLD. And I’M Very Proud OF This.?? ?*B/c:*GOD❤❤ Thought Enuff OF ME & MY CASE To Write IT IN The BIBLE (*IN ??????? *Zechariah*#5)*!? ???????

Paul Espinoza
6 years ago
I need to talk to you asap

Paul Espinoza
6 years ago
Please help

Samira Choudhry
4 years ago (edited)
i saw in 1 of bryan tews videos that this program can mess w yur sleep htis program can f up yur sleeping patterns

Sweta Ummatt
3 years ago
Jeffrey Madore .. Are you on Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp ?

Samira Choudhry
4 years ago
This crime has to be made aware of wide spread people need to start gettin their head out there ass and be aware about this stuff otherwise ur screwing yurself over sorry but its true

II. Investigation or Party? Part 1, Jeffery Madore, Aug 13, 2015

Hello everyone. In my last video I introduced a situation that I’m going through called organized stalking. And the fact that there is an ongoing investigation. Police have assured me that the FBI is involved in this investigation. I’ve also talked about this investigation being lengthy. And quite possibly too lengthy, in my opinion. You see, while this investigation continues I’m still exposed to those committing the crime, to their surveillance equipment, so I have no privacy. I’m still exposed to the effects of that equipment which are painful at times and life threatening at times.

What I see is a situation where we have an investigation ongoing into something that’s criminal yet the crime continues, yet the assault continues. I don’t believe this is normal in a police investigation. Usually, the victim is placed in a place of safety and then the investigation ensues. So there is something very strange going on here. Very strange to this situation.

I’d like to discuss my theory as to why this is happening. This theory is based on my observation of people who have used this equipment and it’s effect on the actual operators themselves.

The equipment that is being used is being manufactured by a company called Tetra Systems. And it’s designed to produce various effects on an individual. It’s used for surveillance. It is pointed at the victim, the target, from a distance. And it produces a microwave carrier that couples with the brain. Once that carrier impinges on the brain, information can be both extracted (and delivered). We’ve all see the EEG (electroencephalograph) where brain waves are actually monitored, kind of in a crude form and we know that the brain produces an electromagnetic signal. A microwave carrier coupling up to the brain can take that brainwave information and send it back to a receiver where it can be processed.

So it can do surveillance on a person in the form of listening or receiving the information that is both audible and visual. In other words, that which a person hears can be heard and recorded and that which they see can be seen and recorded remotely. It’s fairly advanced. What it can also do is transmit various effects, audible effects. Where that carrier is actually impinging on the nerves that go to the ears in the target. And then electrical impulses placed on those nerves that would be consistent with speech, or other audible forms of information, various sounds can be placed on the ears.

So it very much deprives a person of privacy as well as can communicate with a person at a distance. In addition to communicate, it could be used to harass.

Once coupled to the central nervous system, the sky is the limit as far as what one can do. And this equipment is used to simulate mental illness in the target. And that is really what the stalkers want to do. They want to produce symptoms in that person that cause them to seek out help for mental illness. Quite possibly medication counceling. They want others to see them as mentally ill. So they produce symptoms like depression, anxiety, tremor, pain. Heart symptoms. In my opinion, it can cause life-threatening attacks to the heart. Other sensations. So it’s a seriously invasive tool.

Now why would you want to cause a person’s symptoms of mental illness? Well, in a stalking-type situation, they want to cause a person difficulties in life. And I believe it’s done for human research. So they take a person and they knock them down and they watch them get back up and they do this again and again throughout their life. And each time they record the data… what it took to knock them down and then how they behaved getting up. And so this goes on for a period of years and as long as they are getting good data out of the target they continue; knocking them down and getting back up. And each time they get knocked down, of course, it’s more difficult to get back up. Ultimately, of course, they get to a point where they are not yielding good data. They are not getting up again.

At that point, they want the target to have a history of mental illness. They want to have their friends and family to say: “this person has obvious problems. We’ve tried to help them. We’ve done all these things. They just can’t pull it together. And I fear the worst because it’s just going on and on. And they can’t pull their life together.” People see them as weak and incapable. When actually they are enduring extreme difficulties. If the truth were told, they are heroic.

Ultimately, it is more pain than they can endure and they take their life. And that’s how it ends. It’s referred to as “taking them down hard.” When they get
to the point where they are not getting data anymore that’s useful then they take them to a phase where they “take them down hard.” That means they drive them to suicide and it ends. I believe they are driven to suicide because they don’t people unwinding and rebounding and being able to tell their story such as some of the MKULTRA victims were able to do.

So with this equipment running, I can converse with the people at the other end. Not only can I converse with them, I disturb their equipment with my own. I have a number of transmitters that I use. I’ve been analyzing this equipment from a distance for a number of years trying to understand how it works and what’s happening. And I’m capable of disturbing it in different ways such that it disturbs both the operator as well as the equipment in different ways.

The signals that I have monitored from this equipment follow me everywhere I go. And I’ve used it to do some tracking. I’ve located them, reported them, and had them moved to another location.

So my theory here…. Why is this investigation going on?

Well, from what I’ve seen on the other end, heard on the other end, from talking to a lot of different people over the years… Often the people on the other end of this are operators that don’t have much experience with the equipment. They don’t seem to have formal training. It’s handed to them. They’ve been given some instruction and off they go. So they are trying to understand it, as am I. And often they’ll work with me. Often we’ll exchange information. Sometimes I’m teaching them things that I’ve already learned in an effort to better understand what it is that’s happening here.. how this equipment is affecting me, how it’s affecting them, why this is ongoing. So it’s been a process. And I try to be scientific about it.

I look for consistency, repeatability, consistency of message over time. And repeatability over time. So I try to take things that I conclude and shake them down to those that are reasonable to believe. And I think that I have some of it.

What I’ve seen on the other side of this, what seems most attractive to those that carry this out, is the mind-altering effects of the equipment itself. Not so much on me, but on them. You see, it’s capable of producing depression, anxiety, pain, all kinds of horrible feelings. It can also be used, in a drug-like way, to produce euphoria and for them, hyper sexuality. And I’ve heard a lot about this from the people on the other end.

And they all seem to enjoy using that equipment. Anyone that begins using it feels like they have to do it for the rest of their life. They enjoy it that much. They love the euphoria and they love the hyper-sexuality. And the hyper-sexuality, I believe, is an extreme attraction. I watched them, starting in 2012, learning how to make that device cause them hyper sexuality. And then they began having sex with each other, the men with the men. And then in 2013, the women, some women got involved and they determined how to make it cause the women to be hyper sexual.

And ultimately, it was as a big orgy on the other side. All day long. And it’s hard to believe but it was as if I was coupled up here to a big orgy. Men with men and men with women. And all of them desiring sex all day along. Nothing very normal. And it seemed as if the crowd kind grew on the other side because of that. And I began referring to it as the “sex club” because that’s indeed what it was. And to some degree, may still be.

I certainly hear a lot of that type of thing happening. Maybe not what I observed in 2013 where people were naked all day long on the job. But certainly ongoing. And it seems like they are refining their capability of doing that. And it allows them to attract people to what they are doing. Because it is a crime. It is a crime. And it seems like they have to provide a way of attracting them there. I believe that what they are doing all day is providing them some kind of sexual stimulation. I certainly hear of it often. So it seems like they’ve honed it down so that they know how to do it to the men and they know how to do it to the women. And that is something that has been ongoing.

So euphoria, hyper sexuality, and addiction. I’ve never seen or heard of a more powerful drug than I have seen and heard about in this device. From an awful lot of people over a long time period.

I think of a drug that one might consume or inject. It’s a chemical. Ultimately, it alters the central nervous system in a way that makes them feel good and they enjoy that. Well, this goes directly to the central nervous system and it can be tweeked and adjusted so that they get the feeling that they want. And I do believe that alot of them, the people doing the staking, they continue doing this because they love using this equipment so much. I also suspect that people getting involved investigating it are enjoying the same effect. And it goes on and on.

I’ve been hesitant to put out a video like this, making such a statement, because the last thing I want to do is embarrass authorities that might be out there doing something good, or at least have good intentions. I know in a lot of cases if this is happening, there may be victims and many victims. And I believe that a lot of them may be intentionally victimized. So the last thing I want to do is further embarrass a victim. But the problem is, while this goes on, I don’t get to have the effects on my end, I get pain. I get attacks to my heart. I work out every day. And when I exert, I get attacks to my heart and I can’t breathe. I get bouts of anxiety, depression, whatever is at their whim, all day long. It’s very uncomfortable.

And I have no privacy, no privacy at all in my life. I get followed everywhere I go. I have equipment in my car that I can monitor their signals on, and they indeed follow me. And I try to disturb some things, but it’s difficult for me to live with this ongoing. So as much as I don’t want to embarrass authorities, the authorities need to do something to bring it to an end. I think it is quite the health concern.

Now, in addition to the mind-altering effects from this equipment, there is a microwave signal that is transmitted from it and from what I gather that can be varied in intensity depending on how far away the subject is. They leave that turned up all the way on high. Many people that have gotten involved, everyone that gets involved, speaks of eye problems, eye damage, after a very short amount of time. And some of the damage that they speak of appears that’s it going to be permanent. One of my fields is microwave communications and it’s my understanding that microwave radiation causes eye damage.

The cornea of the eye is damaged very quickly by that radiation. It causes the small vessels in the cornea to heat up, you lose profusion to those parts of the cornea from the vessels being damaged. And that part dies and you form a cataract. And the longer one is exposed, the more serious that cataract is going to be and I don’t believe it’s limited to just the lens of the eye. And though they speak of having trouble seeing in the dark and that could be from cataracts…. In addition, I suspect it might be damaging the iris in the same way. Because people are talking about not only havinga difficult time seeing where there’s limited light, others are having a difficult time seeing in bright light. So I wonder if the iris is not being damaged.

And beyond that, the retina. Recently, I read a paper from the National Institute of Health, and the gist of it was they are now believing that the retina is more sensitive to microwave radiation that the cornea, it just takes a little longer for that damage to show up. So all in all, I think it’s extremely dangerous from the standpoint of eye damage since this equipment is being used improperly. The operators are being exposed to excessive microwave radiation, and they want it that way because they want it coupling to their own minds because it makes the job so much fun.

And beyond that, another health issue is cancer. One person that was involved for a long period of time, starting back in 2012, as of a year ago, he reported being covered with cancer from his face all the way down to his feet. And again, it’s a fact that microwave radiation causes cancer. And it has also been established, at least in my mind, that the operators of this equipment are getting an excessive dose.

It seems that from all the people I’ve talked to on the other end of this, I haven’t talked to anyone that seems to have the instruction manual for the equipment, so I don’t know how they are obtaining the equipment. and people seem to be sustaining real damage, certainly to the eyes and I believe, risk for cancer as well.

Another capability of this equipment: If they take this device, point it at a person from a distance and they put it on the subliminal setting and they speak to it, the person on the other end does not hear it audibly. You feel it as a thought, it comes into the mind as a suggestion. It feels like your own brain is suggesting that very thing. So it’s very, very dangerous. It can allow a person to focus this on a conversation and cause one of the individuals to have thoughts that aren’t consistent with or originating from their own mind. And they’ll end up saying things that they might normally not say. They might take the conversation or argument into a direction they might not take it normally. They might take it farther. To the excess maybe.

Now if the one doing the manipulating wants to make it more dangerous, they can send emotion…irritability, jabs of depression, anxiety. Then you can ultimately create a big disturbance in that discussion. Now if someone is manipulating both sides it can even be worse.

With a device like this you can follow a person around and manipulate those that he or she would be dealing with and make them all uncooperative. It’s really powerful. It is a real dangerous and horrible effect that it can have. I’ve had it used on many people that I’ve had to deal with. While I’m told it’s a demonstration. While I’m told it’s being done, the person I’m dealing with is uncooperative. And you can’t tell them what’s happening, they won’t believe you. They’ll be made not to believe you. So, basically they can shut you down. They can have everyone in your path be uncooperative if they want to.

And so I would like to see this type of equipment outlawed. I hope when my case comes out, it will be shown how dangerous this equipment is. I’d like to see legislation passed to prevent this type of equipment being used on a person. And I would like to see it illegal to possess this equipment because I don’t see any useful purpose for this in our society.

And as I said, when someone is doing this to you, when they point it at you and they make a suggestion sub-audibly, it feels like that suggestion originated from our own mind. And since we all have come to a point where we trust our own mind, we might act on those things. And some people might act on them in a more extreme way than others. Some people might be pushed to extremes by this type of manipulation, especially if they don’t know it’s being done. The ramifications of that are very, very big. (mass shooters, etc.)

Now, what I’ve seen in the people using this equipment, and I started noticing some of these things back in 2012, since these operators are over-exposed to microwaves and are in the microwave field itself, it appears as if there’s a passive thought transfer going on. This device is capable of coupling to a brain and listening to the thought process and interpreting it as audible speech. It’s very invasive in that way. And the subconscious thought process comes out of a speaker on the device. It’s as though these people using the device are sharing thoughts, them with each other, them with me. And I’ve seen that happen a lot. They would start talking about things that were on my mind. And it was quite obvious that they were hearing them. They convinced me some time ago that they can do this, that it has this capability.

And for them it comes out of the speaker. It is formulated into speech and they are hearing these things. However, with all of us in the same microwave field that’s processing what’s in my mind, and I’ve seen a lot of data that supports this…. my theory is that they are all coupled up and connected to the microprocessor in this device along with myself. Many times, they would start talking about things I was thinking about. And it’s quite obvious that they were hearing them. And I thought for a while: “wow, my mind must be in the gutter more than I know. There must be some horrible things in my mind that I originate.”

And it was a while before I started understanding that a lot of what they were hearing audibly weren’t originated by me, they were originated by their own thinking. And I’m hearing it. And therefore, that device is processing into audio just what I’m hearing. So they’re hearing it coming out of the speaker, and they believe it’s me. Especially a lot of the homosexual type of things that would come out, because as I stated, the people on the other end are having sex with each other. Often they’re just men. And I had no interest in that area, so why were all of things coming out?

So that’s what got me to start to theorize as to how it was happening. A lot of things that did not appear to originate with me, indeed, I was thinking about, and they were stating that it was coming out of the speaker. And I started realizing what was happening. We were all in this microwave field together and that processor was processing everything that was in all of our minds. It’s what one might consider “synthetic telepathy.”

So I’m kind of inundated with thoughts all day long. And I have to take all that into subjection and determine which thoughts correspond with my values, which thoughts originated with me and go with those. In addition, they are sending all kinds of emotional effects. So I have to ignore emotions. So it’s been difficult but I’ve been able to continue and I thank God for that. It certainly is a very constant inundation, everything from anxiety, depression, pain, tremors, attacks to my heart, and many, many thoughts that are constantly transmitted remotely that aren’t originated from my own being. And it’s creating a very, very difficult situation.

However, what I see in the people on the other end:

Let’s say you have three men on the other end and they’ve been doing this for a little while… They all have sex with each other, they do it regularly, they are feeling good about it. Let’s say a person comes along. That person might say, and I’ve heard it many times, that no, I don’t want to have anything to do with that (homosexuality). I’m not that.

However, when they move in close proximity to that equipment line now they are coupled up passively to that micro-processor by the microwave carrier. And in a short amount of time they start being interested in the others’ sexuality. And it’s not that much longer before they are having sex with the other men there and they are enjoying it.

And what I see is that device, since the other men there are thinking positively about having sex with that newcomer, that newcomer starts having these positive thoughts about having sex with them, they just don’t originate with that newcomer. And then when they do engage in that the euphoria from the device as well as this passive emotional thought transfer of the others enjoying it. And therefore this newcomer experiences enjoyment of that thing. And now they are kind of initiated so to speak.

III. Investigation or Party? Part 2- Jeffrey Madore, August 13, 2015

Part 2: And in a day or two, they believe that they are homosexual. They don’t want their spouse anymore. They never want to stop. The euphoria, having sex with their friends, their work mates, and sexual stimulation all day long because the equipment is set up to do that. They don’t want to stop, from all that I’ve seen. So the sexual properties of the group seem to be copied and that new person when they come in, they start experiencing all the thoughts and the approval of those thoughts, and then they have the experience, the approval of that experience, the pleasure from that experience, and all that gets packaged into their memory.

And essentially we’ve now cloned them, so to speak, in that area. And not just The people who come into that group, become like the others in the group. It’s very strange. It’s almost as if a new person comes in and they are cloned as they take part in the activities of the group. And out of this whole thing, people will leave, and new ones will come in.

I speak of it as a brain disease. As new people come in, they gain the attributes of the others. And it just gets passed on and on. A year ago, one person left. And he had a powerful need to hurt me. He loved hurting me. And everyone that joined him, if they didn’t enjoy hurting me in the beginning, shortly after that they enjoyed hurting me. And this has just been passed on and on. That’s part of the pleasure that they have. They also seem to enjoy following me around. Listening to me. Hearing me talk. They want to be involved in all aspects of my life. I’ll hear them talking about me. He did this, he did that. Speaking positively about me.

Bragging about me as if I’m their pet on a string. It’s really strange, weird, and kind of disturbing. But it’s going on continually, as I’m making this video. People are enjoying hearing me talk. They don’t want this out in public, but they enjoy hearing me talk.

I’m starting to understand that there are those who are becoming more skilled with this equipment sitting at a terminal that are giving very positive signals to the group when they want them to worship me, to think very highly of me. Because they want me to a be a very important of the picture for them. And from what I’m hearing, they get a sexual type of pleasure when I talk.

And from what I hear, all the men and all the women seem to be very sexually attracted to me. Many have talked like they will one day be my mate and we will live happily ever after with one of these devices in the home. That has not happened and it won’t.

So I do believe they are actively trying to push that to keep them wanting to follow me. They enjoy inflicting pain.

I’ve tried to shake this out over time. As far as the personality on the other side that seems to be created. What do I see in all of them? What are their priorities?

I have come up with priorities for them. They seem to consistently apply.

The people that come together to do this to me all seem to take on the same attributes.

Their # 1 priority is to “hurt him.” I don’t that that’s being enhanced, because they want them to do this. Don’t forget, this is part of a cover-up. And if my accusation stand, this both a criminal and civil case…. These companies seem to have a lot of pull in high places- and they seem to be able to keep attacking me, hoping I’ll have a heart attack and die before the case is complete. And it would be for money.

And there are two police that have been involved with the stalkers. The police know about it and they don’t seem to want to act to stop it.

#2. “Worship him.” They want to know everything about me.

#3. “Have sex with each other.”

#4. “Raise hell.” They like to cause any disturbance anywhere and anywhere they can. They like hurting each other. So they’re all rascals to each other. They like to cause upset wherever they are.

#5. “Perpetuate this.” They will do anything they can to keep all of this going. When I call police or someone… it always starts with people wanting to help me. Then they are interrupted- and after the interruption, the people are no longer helpful. These stalkers know when I’m making a call and sabotage it. They do this to perpetuate this.

#6. “Simulate work.” It seems like anyone that gets involved with this wants to do this forever, and they have to make it look like it’s their job. They need to pulling things out of my investigation showing that something is being accomplished here.

Below those 6 for the people doing this are their family, their wealth, their reputation, their job, all of these are lower priorities than these top 6.

When there are times when I’ve almost gotten away, people on the other end panic. And I’ve never gotten away. I’ve come close to getting away. When this happens they panic at the thought of losing me. So there’s this connection with me that they feel is really important.

As I’ve said, I have electronic equipment to I’m using to disturb theirs. They just use whatever resources they can find to outdo me. I realize that I’m one man and they have a lot more resources. I can do somethings. But I haven’t shut them down completely. I realize now that speaking out like this disturbs them more because their bosses do have the capability of shutting this whole thing down.

I see things continuing. Quite possibly, the local town doesn’t want to shut this investigation down. If I die this will save them money. Likewise, Electric Boat and Sonlas. People investigating this don’t want the environment- quite possibly if they are getting the pleasurable effects of this equipment that make them want to perpetuate it.

But the main reason the perps want to stay involved in this is the mind-altering effects of this equipment. So that putting this information out will jog those that control this investigation and cause them to want to do the right thing- that is, to end it. And bring aid to the victims. I believe many have fallen victim to it.
So they don’t have to be viewed as those of questionable character.

I think there are those who get involved with good intentions and then they fall victim. I think it’s very important to get the information out.


Ron kanakanui
6 years ago
Howsit Jeff, you know I spent some time doing some personal research myself because I to am also a Targeted Individual and your theory is basically what I have been faced with for years I have spoken to some TI’s and have noticed that many because they don’t understand what their faced with or don’t take the time to try and understand it most will come up with their own conclusion and ultimately with end up not having a logical explanation. This is not to say that what we have posted online through various information provided Isn’t useful however as you mentioned through years of keen observation and inconsistency as well as mistakes as our perp’s are also human. Sometimes my thoughts are intercepted and used against me as if I was in an argument with myself but with someone else’s audible voice but someone who is in the group as if it’s on auto pilot at times usually when they are yelling and cursing at me. Your theory is logical and I have the same theory of our attacks. Yes, I also agree with your observation of sexual behavior from the group as they attract attention to entertain themselves I’ve also noticed that for years and have recognized these voices and have mentally nicked named them according to their characteristics. No we’re not going crazy buddy, I believe that when TI’s open up in debt as much as you did, then I feel like I’m not alone and I understand everything you say. I don’t take threat very lightly so don’t want to get caught with my pants down so to speak but every night of every day they threaten to do harm to me and my family, so I will go to sleep with very little or no sleep at all at times. Keep it up Jeff! I’m striving for public awareness in our community. I believe that these perp’s can go out and discredit us as TI’s ONLY if people are not aware of how it works and then the whole process of our new life as TI’s. I’m in a small town total population 43,263 at first I couldn’t educate anyone but I could only imagine that I sounded crazy because I didn’t have a solution as to what was going on, and sadly at that time I was reaching out for anyone that would just listen to me and caused more detriment then anything else, have lost supposedly friends and family members that would prefer me not being around because everyone thinks I’m looney. We are not crazy Jeff I’m full support of your theory and believe and actually go through everything you’re going through buddy. Please hit me up anytime buddy, shoot me an email [email protected]. Have a great day!

I believe in the law of attraction and that thought’s become things however just for our information that is pertaining to our “Positive Goals” I didn’t want offend people or it to be taken the wrong way, hehe….

Gail Raes
6 years ago
Yes Jeff much of the equipment can be built. As you mention in a video you have a device that is helping you. I know someone that maybe of help to you. He can and will build you what you need if it can be done and taylor make for your specs- here is the site: LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC.
Let him know Wayne sent you.

Samira Choudhry
4 years ago

Marcia Sundin
6 years ago
wow. i figured out some of this but just wow. they actually are sick. you rock dude. i see why Father allowed you to be put where you are.

6 years ago
Jeff, it’s time for you to change the shirt you’re wearing in your videos.

IV. Investigation or… cover-up? part 1 (August 26, 2015)

Partial Transcription of Video

Today I’d like to discuss this ongoing situation of organized stalking. I’m assured there’s an investigation going on. And it seems there’s more to what’s going on than just an investigation. And quite possibly that entails a cover-up. And I believe there are reasons why those in charge would want to cover it up. I’ve accused Electric Boat. And I think they’d like to have this investigation end with me being discredited or not alive at all. Both of these would save them money.

But beyond that, I believe these programs of organized stalking which are done for the purpose of human research come from federal government levels. And quite possibly people at high places in the state allow for them. So there is a motive from different places to have this continue. And while this continues, I’m being harassed, stalked, attacked, and my life is being threatened.

They attack me with pain, strong bouts of anxiety, and they attack my heart when I exercise. These things are potentially lethal. I’m 56 years old. And I believe they want to bring about a lethal heart attack. They continually include strong depression and what they want to do is force the person suicide. However, usually the target does not know that electronics is being used on them. They just feel very unwell and ultimately they take their life because they can no longer stand the pain they are enduring.

So this continues on even though police are aware, the FBI is aware. I believe the state of Connecticut is involved. The Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services is involved. And I think that most people that see this probably don’t like it. No one would want this done to themselves, to their friends or family or done n their community. It contributes to an unhealthy community. When someone attempts to control a person and they don’t know that, then their actions would be outside of what their own mind would normally allow them to do.

And it makes me wonder sometimes about these school shootings. Where a person goes in and slaughters innocent children and teachers. And at the end they take their own life. I tend to believe these things are orchestrated, brought about by the use of electronic mind control manipulation. I suspect the people that do it are groomed for a time until they are reliable and then sent in to do that. And one of the reasons, well I suspect many reasons, but one of the things that I look at is electronics. These devices that are used are very small and portable. Electronics became more portable through large scale integration. Integrated circuits where we take many components and integrate them on a small silicon chip. And this started happening in the 80s and 90s.

And I think one of the first school shootings was at Columbine. I think it’s quite possible that these types of weapons have gotten very portable and allowed for the use of them in these types of scenarios. And I look at the way people appear to be heartless as they carry out these crimes as if they have no conscience. And at the end they self-destruct so as not to unwind.

I heard last year through this surveillance equipment (V2K) that they wanted me dead so that I couldn’t say what it was like to be stalked, to experience this electronics on this end, and what I’ve heard on the other end. With this equipment running I can hear my stalkers conversations on their end. And they can hear me when I speak. So I could communicate with them. It’s been like this since 2011.

And since this equipment causes an intoxicating effect on the user, those that are using it enjoy using it and they enjoy the intoxicating effect and it reduces their intelligence level. And when that happens they become very loose-lipped and they talk. So over time, I’ve listened, I’ve talked, I’ve conversed, I’ve interviewed. I’ve sought to understand who it is, what they do, why they do it. And I’m very, very careful not to believe any one story, but look for continuity of message over time. Eliminate variables. Try to make it a scientific process as much as I can. Granted I have kind of a vague connection between them and I. So it’s things that I tend to hold onto as possibilities for truth… so I have shaken out with a process to make sure I’ve done all that I can that they are truthful.

So it’s my understanding that all that I’ve been through, enduring this on my end, they don’t want me to be free to tell these things. They don’t want to get sued, number 1. But beyond that, they don’t want the US government implicated for these programs. And they don’t want this to come out. And I’ve realized that by my attempting to people in government, federal, state, police, it seems like conversations get interrupted, often while I’m on the phone. They know ahead of time that I’m thinking of calling. They see me dial the number. Often, once I make the call, that the person on the other end is interrupted while I’m on the phone, and then when they come back to the phone, they are uncooperative. When I put all these things together, it seems they don’t want these items discussed or coming out. Not even a hint.

Having said that, I’d like to talk about the company, Sonlas. Their employees have been involved in doing this to me. And all of them indicated that they as a company work for Electric Boat as a subcontractor. And I’ve talked to a number of their employees. They certainly don’t want me to talk about these things or make these videos.

I’m the kind of person that doesn’t like to make statements without hard proof. So I’m very careful in what I say publicly. However, this situation continues. I continue to be hurt. And while I continue to be hurt, family are also in jeopardy. So I have to move out of my comfort zone.

So Sonles…. Last year in 2014 at the end of April, I called the President of Electric Boat, Jeffrey Geiger, and I put in a complaint to him that his company was doing this to me and I wanted it stopped. I left that message and 24 hours later I called back. They said they have my complaint and they are investigating and they are taking it seriously. In May, a man who identified himself as Lou Heller called me. He said he worked for Electric Boat and he wanted to me about talk about my complaint. He said “number 1, Sonles never worked for Electric Boat.” Number 2, I should take my complaint up with Sargeant Joe San Juan of the East Lyme police department. When I heard that, I said, let me call you back. And he gave me his number. I called the President of Electric Boat and I said this man just called and he desires to speak with me about your company and my complaint and he wants to speak with me about your company. And before I speak with him any more, I need to know if he really does. And they hung up. I never heard back.

Regarding Lou Heller’s instructions to contact Sargeant Joe San Juan… In fact, Sargeant San Juan was one of the police officers involved in this illegal stalking of myself. So I did not think I should call him concerning this. When you are being stalked in this manner, contacting police can land you in the emergency room of a hospital. At which point you’ll be committed for 15 days as a sort of punishment.

So I gave my lawyer the information. So I tend to believe that Lou Heller is of questionable identity.

I heard some commotion on the other side of the equipment and the name Daniel Patrick came up as being the real Lou Heller. In June, my lawyer called and said the City of Groton police are thinking of arresting you for harassing Electric Boat. I said why am I hearing this from you. He had no answer.


TinaPlakinger TreadingOnSerpents
3 years ago
Well said about the electronics effecting our mood and our heart organ. Subscribed

6 years ago
Make sure you get the police officers reports-and check for call to service calls to the police station at the times the police said they had been taking calls for awhile until they caught up to your car. Make sure your lawyer gets the poice reports and call to service calls also check local town news paper for there police reports.

V. Investigation Or Cover-Up Part 2 (August 26, 2015)

6 years ago
Zimmer Research timeline 16.02 great information Jeff.
Jeff thank you,
“Courage and bravery you share even while being in pain and torture and the daily denial and gangstalking.

6 years ago
I would like to speak with you if you are comfortable. I am HEAVILY TARGETED BY these murderers and they listen to calls, read emails, etc.

VI. Investigation Of Cover-Up Part 3 (August 26, 2015)

Debbie Harrington
6 years ago
Jeffrey I hope all is well with you. I love your mind and how smart you are. Your videos give all T.I.s strength. This is a real event that many innocent people are being slowly tortured with. I had to learn about this horror by myself. I know who is gangstalking me also. Sometimes evil lives next door to you….. stay strong. Your wife is probably a target also because I believe they want to break apart whole families with their crimes against humanity…. They will be exposed one day. Deb

6 years ago
Make sure you get the phone records in print from your landline or cellphone provider highlite times todays date – from the call from the FBI Del Tartar. Have you every thought about taking a polygraph test? I have they are helpful in many ways. I have a TV Show and could get you a number of radio and public access television Skype interviews.

VII. The FBI Sept. 19, 2015


Adam Lee
5 years ago
Discovering gang stalking online had been a relief. I had no idea what was going on and couldn’t believe all the similarities I share with other victims. I really don’t understand why I’m a T.I. No one is perfect obviously, and I’m no angel but I also don’t see how I’m a threat. If anything, it’s small potatoes and I’m boring? I don’t want to use the word flattering but, I’m rather lonely these days and the attention makes me want to walk up to these individuals and strike up a conversation. I find it fascinating because there tactics definitely work, I have been scared to my wits end. I just wish whomever is responsible knew that I’d like to be just a normal, productive person. I don’t want a fight. If anything if be curious in joining their efforts if the TI is malicious or something. I’m actually a kind, gentle person who might be a little outspoken. But, what could it amount to? Personal conversations with family or friends that are soon forgotten?

4 years ago
Thank you for speaking out. you are not alone

TinaPlakinger TreadingOnSerpents
3 years ago (edited)
The FBI is the hub, and they don’t (can’t or won’t) help us. I’ve tried that route too.

6 years ago
They can also stage phony traffic stops again for any reason they deem fit. They can follow you constantly as they are a team and they can be at stop lights before you and they can be coming from anywhere on the street in any direction. If they want they can arrive at a hotel before you and get a room right next to where you are going to get placed and they can wake you up constantly. Please tell me how I can disrupt this machine that can know I am sleeping and detect my motion. I am like about 30 ft away from them and they still know I am sleeping in not a hotel not an apartment but my own home. They do try to discredit the victim but anything that the law does not prevent one from doing they are doing to people. I believe their device maybe like a more powerful machine than the iPhone and how the iPhone can detect your movement and sleep through apps so therefore they likely have tech that works like the iPhone 6.

6 years ago
The law won’t be enforced. Those that tell you there is an investigation aren’t investigating those who are harassing you, they call the harassment an investigation as a cover. This has been going on for decades now, many have tried to get help through normal channels, it won’t help, the normal channels are the perpetrators. It’s your own government either trying to eliminate you for some reason or experimenting on you to perfect the program, likely both.

Venus Argo
6 years ago
But why did they do gang stalking? Are you a ex-criminal or a normal person? I never had anything to do with police or crimes but I´m a victim of gang stalking. The list is endless that I could report and death threats, crimes against me and other things are a normal daily situation for me, online and offline, so I ask why, because I´m nobody special.

VIII. Solving the Crime by Killing the Victim Nov 20, 2015


Debbie Harrington
6 years ago
You speak the truth for sure. Thank you for your video’s and your strength. It’ a hard thing to prove when they focus only and solely on you. Two years ago I brandished my gun in my backyard. I didn’t shoot it I only held it in my hand and I basically told my neighbors how evil they were and begged them to leave me alone. On one side of my home they have friends in homeland security and on the other side of my home they are hi tech computer and alarm installers. I have changed my locks 5 times in 3 years and they don’t need a key….. they just break in and steal from me or hide my things. the list is endless. Well anyway…. I called the police and told them I was afraid of my neighbors and both police officers stood in my living room and told me that I had the right to protect myself and hold my gun outside in my backyard. They, I feel were in on it because in the state of Calif. it is NOT legal to brandish your gun on your property. They gave me false information…. So I was evaluated for 2 weeks before they let me go. A lesson learned plus they took away my guns for 5 years. I get them back in 3 more years. So I am not left defenseless, unarmed, being watched and spied on like you.. It’s sad really because I worked hard my whole life and did the right things and now I’m considered 51/50 by the police. Thank you for your strength to make these video’s. I hope more Targeted Individuals watch you speak. I hope you are free someday from this corruption called Gangstalking….. Debbie…

ryan cook
6 years ago
Great job. Love the video.

6 years ago
infowars dot com

Alex Jones always talks about the criminal elements of our gov’t.

You are not alone in this battle.

Be a regular listener of the show and keep making more of these videos.

Justin Beck
6 years ago
We need a new update Jeff. We want to hear how you and your friend are.

Nizin Lopez
4 years ago
My name is Nizin R. Lopez, I’ve been a TARGETED INDIVIDUAL in Fla since early 2011, long story. Check out my educational video: “GANG STALKING IN MIAMI FLA BY MR NIZIN LOPEZ, PART I.”

6 years ago
I would look into earthing or grounding yourself directly to the earth, or through a ground outlet in your place. When you are grounded, the effects are minimal if any. Search on youtube on how to properly ground yourself or earthing as it is called.

Search the name of this video on youtube. “Benefits of Earthing & Grounding”

David Bell
4 years ago
Please, understand its a huge scam!!! Its community watch!

5 years ago
This video uploaded November 2015 now Its March 2017. Are you Alright?

Stephanie love
4 years ago
I was told it was a website i read
5 years ago
nice……very nice wirk…wish I was clever like that

KS0 Kooley
5 years ago
Any T.I in Alabama?

2017 Videos By Jeffrey Madore

IX. Enemies of the State 1 – Weaponizing a Human, Jul 15, 2017

X. Enemies of the State 1 – Weaponizing a Human (Jul 15, 2017)

Jeffrey Madore

FBI /DOD/Police harass, stalk, and attempt my life by controlling an occupant of my home.


Deb Chase
2 years ago (edited)
What a fabulous video! Thank you for your courage and strength to share your experience strength and especially hope with us. I know too that the time.has come as well for me to share my story. I have felt for years that I was being watched. As far back as I can remember always sensing I was or felt like I was in someone’s “cross hairs”. However it was not until summer of 2018 that I found out this insanity has a name. Organized criminal gang stalking. The more that I have researched the more I am convinced you are correct. What about employers who are perps. I believe they take life insurance policies out on employees which they are helping to gang stalk. What a great way to make a few bucks right? You employ and then take out life insurance on the targeted individual who’s being slowly driven to institutionaliztion incarceration or death. They could easily do this because during the hiring process the new employee signs many paper. So none would be the wiser if some sort of form pushed off as “just another form” the newbie is required to sign in order to be employed, right?
Thank you for the calm clear way in which you shared your testimony.

Lynne Holdaway
3 years ago
No one could make up a story like this, you are courageous, sober minded .I pray you will be protected and heard.

gretta fahey
4 years ago
Jeffrey, It is my belief that once you are brain mapped you can then be programmed but only if you watch a high definition television. Don’t watch tv and you will be totally safe. You will always act on your own volition.

Day Williams
4 years ago (edited)
One time electric current came through my TV screen. Shut the damn thing off. DC cable but still watch old movies and listen to youtube and radio. Those perps can get through our tv screens and watch us and now they can use it to send electromagnetic waves into our homes.

Lynne Holdaway
3 years ago
International tribunal for natural justice,contact Robert Steel.

4 years ago
Maybe you should move……

XI. Enemies of the State 2 – Insurance Fraud (Jul 15, 2017)

Insurance companies defrauded by DOD contractors.


4 years ago
Hello Jeffrey, I see you mentioned Insurance Fraud. Could It be that someone in your family took out a policy on you?

top boho
3 years ago
Jeffrey Madore, your findings are similar to mines,
May I have your contact details, very important.

Judi Cecchetelli
4 years ago
Jeffrey I need to ask you a question do u have a way to contact ?

Stephanie love
4 years ago
You a Jewish believer?

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