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A NOBLE LIE (Oklahoma City Bombing 1995 Documentary; “This Was Mini-9/11”))

Epigraph Quote (Comment to Video):

this was mini 9/11

A NOBLE LIE (Oklahoma City Bombing 1995 Documentary)

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The definitive doc on the Oklahoma City Bombing!
Hey Pete, thank you so much for re – upping this crucially important film. The Lie sure worked well. Even as I type this, I am involved with back and forth jousting on YT against people branding me as delusional. They who control the narrative, control the ‘truth’ and we should always remember that
Thanks to all of the people who put these kinds of things up… Hello to anyone from the JFK videos.
The FEDS that beat that man to death need to have the EXACT SAME THING DONE TO THEM.
Thank you for uploading this seminal documentation of history. When future generations look back and ask how it all happened, hopefully artifacts such as this will help them understand.
Thanks for reposting this documentary it’s been missing off you 2ube for a long time as far as I know. God bless you and save several copies because I believe they will be needed as proof of treason and lies perpetrated by u know who.
@Pete Mountain. Pete, if I didn’t become a subscriber to Coast To Coast am, I wouldn’t have heard the interview George Noory had with Wendy Panting & Holland Van den Nieuwenhof. Thank you for posting this documentary. I know a lot about the false flag operation in OKC, including the bombing. This documentary just confirms what I already knew & explained a lot of what I didn’t know…
thx pete for your work this got scrubbed out before this need to be considered we never know all the truth subbed n liked
I’m curious why the documentary is no longer available on Amazon Prime.
I”m surprised that its here, thanks so much my friend. These guys did a great job in my meager opinion, good work. We have been surrounded with terrorism from the US. sinister forces for a long time.
Incredible how this is shadow banned on YouTube search
Alex Jones been telling the truth for decades . People want to make fun of him but he keeps being proved right!! Pretty good for a conspiracy theorist. Just saying!
What can be learned from a catastrophe similar to this, like, if this happens, what are all the “loose ends” going to be?
Y’all think a fertilizer bomb parked on the road would strip the front of that building?
I wish dude wouldn’t had let Jones insinuate himself in this doc it discredits down the line. Jones is part of the same vibes that sent McVeigh. Just don’t pay attention to Jones he had nothing to do with this research.
The media control tactics explained here have been used to perfection these past 2 years
Im struggling to open this popular video NOW in 2022 more than in 2018.
this was mini 9/11
Tks for posting.
Here from Tim Dillon and Ray Kump lol
That photo at 37:11 is bill hicks
Pete Santilli sent me here
I learned that Janet Reno wasMurdered bc she disagreed WithKlintons during the battle with the farmers. KlintonsTookHer out and used a “look” alike “clone” to replace her so TheKlintonsCould move forward. ITSpureEVIL!
Truth and lies are the same.
One of reason why I don’t like Alex Jones.. he’s not a straight arrow.. him with a story to tell… you can expect him inflate the story with innuendos & exaggerations.. which only hides the truth even more.. he tells.. New media was to shut up.. under direct threat.. but he describes them as being coconspirators willingly help to cover up the facts.. and it has been with him all these years.. the same routine.. I think this type of journalism is referred to as Tabloid Journalism.. the practice to to sale, sale, sale the story..
Chris Emory was on inforwars this week. brought me here

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