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Appendix 170: Enemy Fifth Column Groups Behind New World Order World Takeover & Organized Stalking-Electronic Mind Control/Global Operation Phoenix 2.0

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Appendix 170: Enemy Fifth Column Groups Behind New World Order World Takeover & Organized Stalking-Electronic Mind Control/Global Operation Phoenix 2.0

Dr. Eric T. Karlstrom, Emeritus Professor of Geography, California State University, June, 2017

Epigraph Quotes:

And yet the individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous that he cannot believe it exists.

J. Edgar Hoover, FBI Director,

(Phoenix Program operatives) Lawlor, Simmons, and Scotton recruited spies to map out the VCI´s (Viet Cong Infrastructure) organization, and then targeted its ¨upper tier¨ leaders for neutralization. In the process of going after the enemy´s political leadership, they terrorized the leadership´s friends and families and supporters as well – the ¨lower tier?¨ they sought to pacify through psychological warfare.
The same pattern is unfolding in America. Homeland Security cadres, through the DHS and the various parallel mechanisms, are identifying and targeting the National Security Establishment´s ¨political and administrative¨ opponents in America for neutralization. For upper tier dissidents it means being the target of ¨compromise and discreditation¨ campaigns launched by Ultra(conservative)s, often through deniable assets like the Association of Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO) and other Swift Boat-style organizations.
Since the creation of the Homeland Security protection racket, over eight trillion taxpayer dollars has been moved from social programs into ¨internal security¨ programs that have provided the National Security Establishment with over 250,000 cadres to pacify the flag-waving American public. For the average American this means eternal debt and subservience, as their tax dollars are given to their ¨protectors.¨ The psychological warfare aspect of the pacification program is handled by network news and Hollywood, which erase historical memory and with it, any moral imperative on the part of average Americans to pretend they don´t live in segregated communities; all that matters is dominance over some Other, and anyone can dominate others by becoming a spy for homeland security.
Douglas Valentine, ¨The CIA As Organized Crime: How Illegal Operations Corrupt America and the World¨ (2017)

¨Treason Doth Never Prosper. Why? If Treason prospereth, none dare call it treason.


I toiled wholeheartedly in the vineyards because it was fun, fun, fun…. Where else can a red-blooded American rape, steal, kill, and pillage with the blessings of the All-Highest?

Col. George Hunter White, CIA-MKULTRA Operative

You don´t understand, Marina. These CIA men are human devils.

Patsy, Lee Harvey Oswald, in a conversation with his wife.

I. Abstract and Hypothesis

Having investigated the topic of ¨gang stalking¨ for a couple years and the New World Order for many years, I present the following as a most plausible hypothesis that explains the main operational levels at work in this program as well as some of the principle groups behind it.

A. Hypothesis:

¨Global Organized Gang Stalking: Operation Phoenix¨ (GOG´S OP) is a criminal, covert CIA-interagency ¨irregular warfare¨/psychological warfare program designed to neutralize/eliminate civilian enemies and terrorize domestic populations into compliance with Anglo-American-Israeli neo-colonial goals. At the lower operational level, GOG´S OP is a component of DoD-CIA´s 4th Generation/¨unconventional warfare¨ which is designed to suppress/eliminate dissent and criticism of U.S. policies at home and abroad. GOG´S OP also tests psychotronic/electronic weapons, PsyOp, and mind control technologies, including Remote Neural Manipulation, on millions of innocent civilians who have been designated as ¨potential terrorist threats,¨ ¨subversives,¨ etc. These non-consensual experimentees (aka ¨Targeted Individuals¨ or TIs) are denied due process of law and their Constitutional rights.
At the upper operational level, the program is directed by the ¨High Cabal¨ (Judeo-Masonic-satanist-Illuminati families) which directs the CIA ¨Secret Team¨ and appears to be hell bent on implementing their one-world fascist New World Order (aka antichrist kingdom). This program entails the destruction of all nations, as per the original Bavarian Illuminati plan of May 1, 1776. Unless the people of the world expose and defeat GOG´S OP, this diabolical plan may well succeed.

B. The Lower Operational Level:

Review of past and present ¨CIA-DoD-corporate¨ operations indicates that ¨gang stalking¨ is essentially a modern, ¨globalized¨ version of the CIA´s Phoenix, MKULTRA, and MHCHAOS Programs of half a century ago. The Phoenix Program was unleashed in the 1960´s and 70´s in order to eliminate all civilian support for the Viet Cong during the War in Vietnam and to terrorize the civilian population of Vietnam into submission. Simultaneously, the top-secret MHCHAOS program targeted American civilian dissidents and war protesters in order to neutralize those capable of advancing alternative narratives and to control political perceptions in a broader project termed ¨social engineering.¨ In the 1950´s through 70´s, the CIA developed innumerable chemical, biological, and electronic mind control and torture techniques through its top-secret MKULTRA programs. These techniques were applied in Operations Phoenix and MHCHAOS and are being applied widely in the globalized ¨gang stalking¨ operations, here termed GOG´s OP (Global Organized Gang Stalking: Operation Phoenix).

Because GOG´S OP (gang stalking) fulfills the same basic functions as the CIA´s Phoenix, and top-secret MHCHAOS and MKULTA programs, the CIA/¨Secret Team¨ (Prouty, 2008) is most probably behind it. GOG´s OP´s primary functions include:

1) It is a covert weapon system used to discredit, suppress, and eliminate designated enemies, including domestic critics of America´s wars of aggression in the Middle East and the growing fascist police state at home, aka the National Security Establishment.

2) It is an ¨unconventional¨/¨civil-military¨ warfare operation designed to terrorize populations into submission.

3) It is a global system designed to maintain a self-policing fascist society that maintains and increases class disparities.
Modern ¨gang stalking¨ (GOG´S OP) also has these additional functions:

4) It is a system by which the CIA, in collaboration with military/intelligence/corporations/academic institutions, tests electronic, psychotronic (nonlethal) weapons on non-consenting human experimentees (¨lab rats¨).

5) If ex-CIA scientist, Dr. Robert Duncan (2010), is correct, a fundamental goal of RNM (Remote Neural Monitoring and Remote Neural Manipulation) testing is to digitally capture the minds/souls of these non-consensual experimentees, thereby rendering them mind-controlled slaves/spy agents of the state. This scenario is all the more plausible because this was the goal of MKULTRA-type mind control experiments dating back to the 1940s.
Thus, the full resources of the United States Government and military-intelligence complex are now backing covert warfare/terror operations against domestic enemies (TIs) who have been placed on ¨terrorism watch lists.¨ The ¨High Cabal¨ that controls the U.S. Government is apparently convinced that in order to establish their long-sought one world fascist dictatorship (New World Order) it must perfect the capability to covertly eliminate/neutralize its enemies.

C. The Upper Operational Level:

Because the U.S. Government has evidently been captured by hostile foreign and domestic powers, TIs (Targeted Individuals) of GOG´S OP (Global Organized Gang Stalking: Operation Phoenix aka ¨gang stalking¨) are NOT enemies of the state per se. Rather, they are enemies of the ¨Rothschild-Anglo-American Israeli Zionazi Empire¨ (RAAIZE) which now controls and has corrupted the United States Government to the point that it bears little resemblance to the Constitutional Republic designed by our Founding Fathers. TIs ARE the enemies of this international criminal syndicate governed by the ¨High Cabal¨ (the Jewish Kahal/British Israel/New World Order). I postulate that this criminal syndicate CAPTURED the United States in 1913 upon the passage of the Federal Reserve Act and maintains its control through its control of financial, corporate, military, intelligence, academic, entertainment, media institutions, foundations, think tanks, etc.

Because modern ¨gang stalking¨ operations violate the U.S. Constitution and a host of other state and federal laws, they are as treasonous as the ¨world revolutionary movement¨/international criminal syndicate that created and directs them. Most of the world´s citizenry, perhaps even including some members of the dominant Fifth Column groups, captured institutions, and many ¨gang stalking¨ perpetrators themselves are unaware of these realities. The cultural-religious group that is most aware of them, the Moslems, is currently the target of the most violent overt warfare.
The scenario presented here is consistent with all the evidence I have assembled and posted on my websites;,,, and My goal in presenting these facts and perspectives is to achieve a better understanding of what is happening in the world today, so that TIs/mind control victims of ¨GOG´S OP¨ will have a better chance of defending themselves and defeating this diabolical system.

II. Introduction

In ¨People of the Lie; A Scientific Study of Evil¨ psychiatrist M. Scott Peck concludes that people lie in order to conceal bad intentions. He distinguishes between individuals who are ¨falling¨ into evil from those who have ¨fallen¨ and are irredeemably consumed by evil. He also observed that evil has so consumed our military and intelligence institutions, in particular, that diabolical evil needs to be metaphorically exorcised from these institutions. Clearly, Dr. Peck´s advice was ignored.

It is problematic to try to assign human evil to one particular source. However, numerous books (Marrs, 2016a, 2016b, Jones, 2012, Akins, 2012, Hoffman, 2012) amass overwhelming evidence that one ¨religion,¨ Judaism, is based on self-deification of Jewish males, hatred of all gentiles (non-Jews), particularly Christians, and worship of the Holy Serpent, Satan. Bound by their common goal of achieving world dominion, members of this ¨race¨ have infiltrated all the nations through their ¨diaspora¨ over the past two millennia and have covertly worked to destroy each of their host nations. This helps explain why Jews have been thrown out of over 100 nations since the time of Christ. Because the realization of their goal of ¨Jewish Utopia¨/¨Jewish Universal Empire¨ requires the theft of all ¨gentile¨ property and murder and/or enslavement of all gentiles, it is commonplace for Jews to assume false names and cover identities and to masquerade as converts (¨conversos¨) to other religions, etc. The ¨High Cabal¨ that controls international finance, and hence, most of the nations of the world, is primarily Jewish.

The spy agencies in the employ of this ¨High Cabal,¨ such as the CIA (aka ¨The Secret Team,¨ Prouty, 2008), Israeli Mossad, British MI6, etc., work covertly to help implement these murderous objectives. These agencies conduct ¨clandestine¨ operations in secrecy because all such operations violate national and international laws, treaties, etc. For this reason, spies also typically adopt false names and identities, cover stories, disguises, etc. Indeed, secrecy and deception are among the primary weapons of these ¨fifth column¨ enemies in our midst. Thus, authors such as Walter Bowart (¨Operation Mind Control¨) refer to our secret rulers as the ¨cryptocracy¨ (¨rule by secrecy¨).

Welcome to the world of lies, spies, secrets, sabotage, subversion, covert actions, and yes, terrorism. These factors are common to all totalitarian nations and nations at war. These words also aptly describe the poisonous black threads that constrain and contain the lives of innocent civilians referred to as TIs (¨targeted individuals¨) in the program commonly referred to as ¨gang stalking.¨

And yet, as is demonstrated in various books and on this website, ¨gang stalking¨ of designated ¨enemies,¨ insurgents,¨ ¨subversives¨/¨potential terrorist threats¨ is official U.S. military policy. Pentagon and think tank documents describe these operations as ¨war by other means,¨ ¨military operations other than war,¨ ¨counterterrorism,¨ ¨counterinsurgency,¨ ¨Peacetime Operations,¨ ¨pacification,¨ low-intensity conflict,¨ ¨irregular warfare,¨ ¨political warfare,¨ ¨psychological warfare,¨ ¨Fourth Generation Warfare,¨ and ¨civil-military operations¨ (Rich, 2011). Indeed, in combination with the use of electronic weapons and PsyOp, these kinds of operations define the ¨Revolution In Military Affairs.¨ Whereas some of these terms, such as ¨Peacetime Operations,¨ ¨pacification,¨ and ¨counterinsurgency¨ are Orwellian-type false labels deliberately designed to mislead, all these terms are generally synonymous with the CIA-DoD-DHS military-intelligence-corporate-civilian operations against civilians that we call ¨gang stalking.¨

Even George Orwell´s ¨1984¨ did not envision a thought control system as odious and brutally-repressive as ¨gang stalking.¨ However, because I find the term, ¨gang stalking¨ to be inadequate and misleading, I currently refer to these civil-military operations as GOG´S OP (Global Organized Gang Stalking: Operation Phoenix), GOG´S NeW GESTAPO (Global Organized Gang Stalking Neuro-Warfare Groups´ Electronic Slavery, Torture, and PsyOp Operations), and/or USS MSCUM (United States-Sponsored Mercenary Stalking Cells Undercover Murder).

These secret operations are highly organized and criminal. Hence, they can accurately be described as ¨organized crime.¨ These covert, domestic war operations violate innumerable national and international laws as well as the God-given rights and Constitutionally-guaranteed liberties of American citizens. They constitute a form of political and psychological warfare termed ¨terrorism¨ (defined as the unlawful use of violence and/coercion to obtain political objectives), which is prohibited by international law. By all definitions, these operations constitute ¨crimes against humanity.¨

Nonetheless, this odious system now constitutes a major component of our multi-trillion dollar National Security Establishment complex. Part of this complex is devoted to suppressing public knowledge of these operations (the ¨cover-up¨). Meanwhile, tens of millions of individuals, including countless so-called ¨guardians¨ and ¨pillars¨ of society (Congressmen, the President, County Commissioners, military and police officers, corporate actors, citizen vigilante groups and private contractors, etc.) are complicit in perpetrating these crimes. These so-called ¨law-abiding citizens¨/perpetrators, many of whom have sworn to uphold the U.S. Constitution, are profiting mightily for their part in the implementation of GOG´S NeW GESTAPO and are committing treason. In this sense, Douglas Valentine´s book, ¨The CIA as Organized Crime: How Illegal Operations Corrupt America and the World,¨ (2017) is aptly named.

Is it possible for such a criminalized society to persist? Examples of other criminalized, totalitarian, ¨national security state¨-run societies, including the Soviet Union, Communist East Germany, and Nazi Germany suggest that these kinds of brutally repressive societies are relatively short-lived, thank God.

III. Enemy Fifth Column Groups

¨Gang stalking¨ (aka GOG´s OP) is herein exposed and explained. This information is critically important because this odious system is currently destroying millions of lives. Can this diabolical system be defeated? Perhaps through an increased understanding of why and how this system came into being it can be.

How is it possible that duly constituted governments such as the former Soviet Union and the United States today can covertly genocide large segments of their own populations, indeed, the very people that these governments are charged with protecting? For this to occur, such governments must first be infiltrated, corrupted, and overthrown by enemy fifth column groups.

A ¨fifth column¨ is a group of individuals that conspires to destroy a nation from within that nation. The story of the Trojan Horse provides an example of a fifth column group that gained entry into enemy territory through stealth and succeeded in conquering their foes. Indeed, like the Trojan Horse, fifth column groups operate through trickery and treachery, and thus, comprise the most dangerous ¨domestic enemies¨ of a nation. This is why all politicians, police, and military personnel are required to take an oath to defend the U.S. Constitution against enemies both foreign and domestic. Today, alas, most guardians of the public interest in America have, wittingly or unwittingly, violated that oath and should be recused from their offices and/or incarcerated.

Fifth column group techniques include infiltration and subversion of institutions; overthrows (coups d´etats) of governments; financial and political orchestration of revolutions, wars, depressions; heavy use of spies and covert operations (often termed ¨counterinsurgency operations),¨ etc. (As I have pointed out in previous articles, the Jews as a group are experts in the technique of ICAE: Infiltration, contamination, appropriation, elimination (of nations and institutions)). The danger of complete takeover of a nation or a people is enhanced when fifth column groups are coordinated and/or supported by external, international forces.

Numerous researchers conclude that the most powerful nations; the United States, England, Russia, Germany, etc., have all been overthrown at various times in the past by networks of enemy ¨fifth column¨ groups working towards a common objective. Their goal is world conquest and global domination. Some of the most powerful of these fifth column groups are identified herein. The fact that these groups are not universally recognized as enemy fifth column groups in America and elsewhere is testament to their control of perceptions through their control of government, education, media, etc. Because the success of these types of operations depends largely on maintaining secrecy, exposing the identity and m.o. of these groups may help defeat them.

It is difficult to pinpoint the origin of the ¨world revolutionary movement.¨ Some, indeed, would say the movement began in the Garden of Eden, when the serpent tempted Adam and Eve to overthrow God´s plan. I view that story as a fairly accurate metaphor for the human condition. In ¨Pawns in the Game¨ (1956), Canadian Naval officer, William Guy Carr documents the activities of the ¨world revolutionary movement¨ and traces it to the founding of the Illuminati (aka ¨Order of Death¨) in Bavaria, Germany, on May 1, 1776.. Many other researchers, ¨revisionist historians,¨ and authors affirm Carr´s premise. The Illuminati plan for world conquest was devised by Jewish professor, Adam Weishaupt, on behalf of a (Jewish) ¨High Cabal.¨ By 1782, the Illuminati had taken over the highest degrees of international Freemasonry and by 1789, they had successfully overthrown the government of France through the bloody French Revolution.

The very short version of this ¨revisionist¨/¨conspiratorial¨ history of the United States is this: The United States was overthrown in 1913 when this ¨High Cabal,¨ comprised of primarily Jewish international bankers, gained control of the U.S. economy through the passage of the Federal Reserve Act. The National Security Act of 1947 created the National Security Council and the Central Intelligence Agency and provided this international syndicate (¨High Cabal¨) their own private army. Subsequent, successive coups (overthrows) of the U.S. Government by this ¨High Cabal¨ include the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963 and the false-flag, state-sponsored terror attacks of September 11, 2001 (Operation 9/11).

It appears that when, through coordinated sabotage and subversion, fifth column groups succeed in wresting control a nation, their next task is to purge that nation of internal dissent (and dissenters). Historically, CIA ¨peacetime operations,¨ conducted in innumerable ¨counterinsurgency list¨ nations, have targeted civilians such as intellectuals, teachers, artists, social workers, etc., for neutralization. These individuals, considered capable of inspiring or leading resistance movements, are identified as ¨subversives,¨ ¨terrorists,¨ ¨potential terrorist threats,¨ ¨enemy non-combatants,¨ etc. CIA-generated ¨enemies lists¨ are then passed on to military Special Forces that using a variety of terror tactics, including death squads, etc. to neutralize these ¨enemy non-combatants.¨

In the former Soviet Union, ¨cleansing¨ of undesirable elements of the domestic population was carried out by the Soviet Cheka, the ¨Red Terror,¨ which used all manner of murder, torture, Gulag penal colonies etc. Some 66 million white Christians were systematically slaughtered by the Jewish-led Bolsheviks and Gulag Commandantees. In ¨The World Order; A Study of the Hegemony of Parasitism,¨ Mullins reveals that second-tier Illuminati family ¨statesman,¨ Averill Harriman, and other top Wall Street scions, coordinated the Cheka´s murderous terror activities. Forwood (2011) suggests that ¨gang stalking¨/GOG´S OP/GOG´S NeW GESTAPO is also coordinated from the top by leading Satanist (Illuminati) families.

I suggest that the following fifth column groups, operating in the United States and throughout the world, are some of the key components of the ¨world revolutionary movement¨ that is directed by the same ¨High Cabal¨ and was represented by the Bavarian Illuminati. Here, VERY briefly, are these fifth column groups and some of their attributes:

IV. The Most Powerful Fifth Column Groups Include:

1) The Jews, aka ¨The Serpent People,¨ ¨The Serpent Cult,¨ and the ¨Synagogue of Satan,¨ and their ¨sayanim¨ (Jewish secret agents) have been working collectively to destroy Western Christian civilization since they crucified Jesus Christ nearly 2100 years ago (Jones, 2012; Akins, 2012). They have worked collectively to subvert and destroy America since its inception as well. As a ¨race¨ and religion, Jews are unified by their worship Satan, their hatred of all non-Jews, particularly Christians, and their aspiration for world dominion. For millennia, they have striven to usher in Satan´s antichrist kingdom on earth. To accomplish this objective, they have infiltrated all nations through their so-called ¨diaspora,¨ and have worked tirelessly and secretly to subvert and destroy their each of their host nations. (This explains why Jews have been thrown out of over 100 nations in the past two millennia.) The Hebrew term for their long-sought ¨Jewish utopia¨ (antichrist kingdom) is ¨Tikkun Olam,¨ (¨repair of the world¨).

The Jews´ most sacred scriptures, the Babylonian Talmud and the Kabbala, affirm that all gentiles (non-Jews) are beasts who were placed on earth to be slaves for the Jews, who alone are the ¨chosen people,¨ and indeed, are themselves gods. Many modern Jewish leaders have asserted that ¨the Jews¨ shall be their own Messiah…. A is reference to the plan for Jews to rule the entire earth as a collective.

In ¨The World Order; Our Secret Rulers; A Study of the Hegemony of Parasitism,¨ revisionist historian Eustace Mullins aptly describes the parasitic nature of this particular group.

Jewish financial institutions and lobby groups (ADL, AIPAC, PNAC, etc.), control Washington, D.C. and the U.S. Government.

2) Since the inception of the Bavarian Illuminati (Order of Death) on May 1, 1776, the Rothschild Dynastic Family,has been considered ¨king of the Jews.¨ Through their control of and collusion with City of London and Wall Street financiers and the Black Nobility (also predominantly Jewish), the Rothschild and other top Illuminati families created communism as a means of enslaving humanity. These same financial interests, backed by World Jewry, created the Bolshevik Revolution, the Communist International (Comintern), German National Socialism (Nazis), the Soviet Cheka police, ¨Red Terror,¨ gulag concentration camps, etc.

3) The financial, political, and military interests of the British Empire, under the leadership of the British Royal Family (head of Guelph/Black Nobility families), the Bank of England, the City of London, and the British East India Company, merged and converged with those of the Rothschild Dynasty in the 1600s and 1700s. The common aspiration for a world government centered in Jerusalem is shared by Judaic, Masonic, and British leadership. This political movement has been referred to as ¨British Israel.¨

4) The Rothschild Dynasty in collusion with the City of London and Wall Street financiers, created National Socialism in Germany and backed the Nazis, fomented World War II, and (presumably) is associated with the post-WWII Nazi International(?).

5) Freemasonry, a gentile front for Judaism, is a Judaic cult that worships the ¨Great Architect of the Universe¨ (another term for Satan). The rituals and degrees of Freemasonry are based on the Jewish Kabbalah, a Babylonian system of black magic. Masons that reach the higher degrees are fully aware that satan is the god of Freemasonry. In 1782, at the Council of Wilhelmsbad, Illuminati Jews took control of Freemasonry by commandeering its highest degrees.  Britain and the British Royal Family, in particular, are at the head of world Freemasonry.

6) CIA-Mossad-MI6 and other secret service spy agencies work for the ¨High Cabal¨ of Judeo-Masonic-Satanists. These spy agencies do NOT work on behalf of the people of their respective nations. The U.S. Military (DoD), in conjunction with U.S. intelligence, has largely served its own interests, rather than those of the American people, for over a century. See retired Marine Corps Brigadier General, Smedley Butler´s book, ¨War is a Racket¨ (1933).

7) America´s National Security Establishment, comprised of innumerable intelligence, military, federal, and state and local law enforcement agencies, is backed by these same financial/political interests. The false flag terror event of 9/11, scripted by the Jewish neoconservative think tank, PNAC (Project for a New American Century), provided the pretext to radically expand America´s National Security Establishment at home as well as America´s war-fighting powers abroad.

With 9/11 as pretext, many trillions of dollars have been poured into wars in the Middle East that primarily benefit DoD, the corporatocracy, and Israel´s aspirations to create a ¨Greater Israel¨ (¨eretz Israel¨), as well as the DHS-led ¨national security establishment¨ designed to create a fascist police state in America under Israeli/Judaic/British (Judeo-Masonic-satanic) control.

8) A host of secret societies operate under the screen of Freemasonry and also advance the Judaic-Masonic-satanic goal of ushering in a One World Satanic government under a One World Satanic religion, Judaism. Examples include the Illuminati, Ordo Templi Orientis, Rosicrucians, Skull and Bones, and hundreds more.

9) False religions and Judaic cults, also based primarily on the Jewish Kabbalah, include Mormonism, Jehovah´s Witnesses, Theosophy, New Age religions, witchcraft, the German Thule Society, and hundreds more.  Many, many other fifth column groups, including the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations, are documented in this website and my website.

10) The United Nations is the “world instrument” of British-Israel satanists that is designed to usher in totalitarian world government .  The Great Reset of the World Economic Forum, Rockefeller Foundation, and the UN auspices IS the long-sought and long-planned Jewish Utopia/antichrist kingdom of Judeo-Masonic-satanists.    The planners of this transhuman, indeed, post-human system refer to it by the Hebrew term, “Tikkun Olam” (or “reinvention/repair/re-imagining” of the world).

Message to TIs: Knowledge is power. The more information and knowledge we have regarding the odious and highly criminal ¨Global Organized Gang Stalking: Operation Phoenix¨ (GOG´S OP); its goals, its m.o., its perpetrators, etc., the better equipped we are to defend ourselves against it. My own efforts in this regard bring to mind the image of Dorothy´s dog, Toto, drawing back the curtain to expose the Wizard of Oz as a huckster and a fraud. Perhaps, in this and future ¨psy wars,¨ my handle will be ¨Toto Too¨ (TOTO II of TOTO 2.0?).

But it will take many of us to expose the criminal syndicalists that run America for the traitors they are and many, many more of us to remove them from power. Where ignorance and fear (terror) reign, so too does GOG´s OP and the ruling ¨High Cabal.¨ Their megalomaniacal and murderous aspirations must be exposed to the light of day and thwarted before their odious plans are implemented. Necessity is the mother of invention. And this is a terrible necessity.

V. Conclusion

In this article, I pose an hypothesis which I believe best explains current geo-political realities in America and throughout the world. If this theory proves to be correct, TIs and other decent, concerned citizens must disseminate these findings and do all in their power to restore Constitutional justice to America and throughout the world.

2023 addendum:  Under United Nations dictates, all the nations of the shut down their economies for a man-made virus (Covid-19) on March 20, 2020 and then implemented more or less the same austerity measures.  That we are are currently under the rule of this Judeo-Masonic-satanic world order brings to my mind the tongue-in-cheek coffee cup aphorism, “As I suspected, I was right all along.”

VI. References

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