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The End of Homeland Security (DHS); Preston James, Ph.D., Veterans Today, 10/12/15

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October 31, 2023

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The End of Homeland Security

By Preston James, Ph.D – October 12, 2015 12288

ETK Introduction: At last a voice of sanity and understanding! Thank you Preston James for this excellent summary of the state of the union! While James does not specifically refer to organized stalking (aka GOG’S NeW GESTAPO), he thoroughly understands the draconian role of DHS as well as the powers behind it.

America is now a failing state in severe social and economic crisis because it has been hijacked by a foreign power, the RKM (Rothschild Khazarian Mafia aka Jews), that is stealing all its wealth through illegal, unConstitutional foreign proxy wars for Israel, and attempting to destroy the American people.

Who wants DHS to exist? Most Americans hate it and have no respect for it, viewing it as just another 1984 Orwellian “Big Brother” incursion into their private lives and robber of their precious freedom.

Many see DHS as an horrendous waste of American Taxpayer money.

A congressional study showed that DHS has stopped absolutely no terrorism in America and that all the expensive Fusion Centers have been an unneeded waste of billions of US Dollars.

All the lone-wolf terrorists arrested are nothing but dupes (either retarded or mentally ill) that have been set up and entrapped by the FBI.

The only thing the FBI is really good at is collecting unvetted rumors for their 302 reports (filed as factual field-based Intel), catching bank-robbers and kidnappers, or setting up fake, virtual terror presented as real using DHS/FEMA Capstone style “live-shooter drills” with paid crisis actors (like was done at the Boston black-powder puffer bombing or Sandy Hoax with no dead or injured anyone).

The FBI’s latest specialty is entrapping weak-minded mentally deficient Islamic immigrant minority dupes and framing them as terrorists. To do this they run foreign-based web advertisements and offer these mentally impaired a free ticket for Jihad training so they can become men.

When these dupes accept the FBI’s offer for free airplane tickets from America to the Mideast for Jihad training they are immediately arrested, charged as terrorists and usually plea bargained (manipulated) into long prison sentences. Anyone entrapping like this should be arrested as the actual terrorists for creating terror. An the same goes for drug stings. Any police officer or DEA agent caught selling drugs for any reason should be immediately arrested and sentenced according to current guidelines, no exceptions. If any police officer commits a crime no matter what the phony reason, they should be charged, convicted and do the time and never be allowed to work in LE again.

Others who know more see DHS as the physical representation that America is under siege by the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (*RKM) and view DHS as the RKM’s own private foreign controlled Stasi-style secret police, set up to serve Israel and protect the RKM Banksters from the American masses in case they ever wake up and decide to stopped being victimized by this RKM parasite.

Many employed by DHS stay there only to receive their USG paychecks and have little respect for DHS. Many have lost any other purpose for being part of such an absurd organization run by such perverted absurd individuals and are “sandbagging” to just get by, occupying space and absorbing heat to receive their paychecks.

DHS is the illegal, unConstitutional, treasonous consolidation of American Law Enforcement and Alphabets under the single control of a foreign-based entity, the RKM using Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizen traitors, who serve Israel as their first interest.

We now know for certain that the RKM, Israel and its stateside Cutouts (PNACers, top NeoCons and Dual Citizens) attacked America on 9-11-01 and used their Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) to wrongly attributed blame to Afghanistan and Iraq. This was done to to justify more illegal, unConstitutional foreign wars for Israel.

Because we know that the RKM, Israel and it’s stateside Cutouts attacked America on 9-11-01, we know for sure that the RKM, its main action-agent Israel and their stateside Cutouts are enemies of the USA. Anyone knowingly aiding and abetting them is committing Treason and Sedition.

Once those Members of Congress and USG Officials that are unknowingly aiding and abetting them become aware of this they must immediately stop, lest they be guilty of committing Treason and Sedition, now knowingly serving as part of the World’s largest Organized Crime Syndicate the RKM, which also is the biggest RICO crime syndicate that ever plagued America.

Our job at VT is to make sure everyone becomes fully informed of these facts, and is no longer duped by the Big USG Lies, false-narratives and propaganda of the CMMM which is controlled by six Israeli associated Media Moguls through a single very large RKM linked investment house. And no other media source even comes close to the disclosures that have been made about the RKM, the World’s largest organized crime syndicate or its Israeli-America Terror Machine than Veterans Today by four of its senior Directors.

And we now know for certain know that anyone helping DHS or who helped set DHS up that understood it was an RKM Cutout, has technically committed treason by aiding and abetting a foreign enemy. And now that Putin has checkmated ISIS and fully exposed the Israeli/American/Saudi terror machine behind it every single USG official is learning this horrible truth and will be committing treason if they refuse to act and do their part to disband DHS.

DHS has of course is very dangerous for the continued future of America since it has allowed the RKM and Israeli Dual Citizens to seize control over American law Enforcement, take away the Constitutional rights and privacy of air travelers, place innocent folks on terror watch lists, no-fly lists and no work lists, and use subcontractor groups to harass dissidents psychotronically and with organized gang-stalking.

Right now informed estimates are that one million or more innocent Americans are being psychotronically harassed and gang-stalked as part of a big DHS experiment. A fair number of these innocent victims are being harassed by mistake or as part of large control groups used in this very large experiment to test the latest advanced psychotronics using cell-phone tower emissions, dopplar radar, Wi-Fi, ELF, smart-meters, aircraft deployed psychotronics, and some orbital space-based scalar weapons. If DHS is busted up it is unlikely that the RKM terror machine can be turned against Americans inside America anymore. That is why it is vital DHS is eliminated as soon as possible.

DHS has also proven very dangerous for the American People too, through the now militarized American police, because the training methods and paranoia instilled by DHS and their stooge associates at the ADL who control much of the police training have instilled a “shoot first” attitude and “empty your clip until the threat is known to be over” for any non-compliance, even a minor one. But these foreign controlled stooges have also instilled the view in many American police that We The People are all either actual or potential domestic terrorists.


Actually this “terrorist under every rock” mindset instilled in many American police by the ADL and DHS is the very same mindset that IDF soldiers now view Palestinians with, that is the view that all Palestinians, even unarmed women and children are terrorists.

Doubt this? Then just consider all the numerous shootings and murders of unarmed Americans including disabled in wheel-chairs, women and even children, some who have had their hands or faces blown off in swat team raids to the wrong home by mistake. Because US prosecutors are controlled by the same folks that set up and now run DHS it is almost impossible for there to be any justice over these murders.

We know that DHS was set up as a Stasi-style secret police because Marcus Wolfe who had been head of the East German Stasi was hired as a consultant to set up DHS and make it as close to the Stasi organizationally as possible. Before he could be questioned about his part in the creation of DHS, he just happened to die mysteriously, pure coincidence I’m sure.

DHS is now no longer necessary and must be disbanded as soon as possible.

It is an anathema to We The people, the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. It was supposedly set up to keep us safe from foreign terrorists. But is is like the fox watching the chicken coop because we now know for certain that DHS was set up itself and run by the World’s biggest terrorists themselves.

Thanks to Putin’s remarkable and unexpected decimation of ISIS in Syria, Homeland Security is no longer necessary. Putin has successfully checkmated ISIS and in the process has completely exposed those who created it, supplied it and made payroll for it all along.

All the hype and B.S. coming from Homeland Security has been designed to psyop the American people and transform them into snitches, teaching them to distrust their neighbors and most others in the community. Watch the following absurd videos by Homeland Security, the folks who actually run the biggest terror operations inside America using entrapment of retarded or mentally ill dupes. this crap shows the true colors of DHS and their bad effect on American Police who have been psyopped and suckered in by them. many actually now believe this crap but a growing number are starting to catch on as more and more police are sniped and shot on the job.

A good estimate is that there will be about one Police officer is murdered for every 100 harmless dogs the police shoot for no reason. This is a social structural reality few in government are capable of understanding. All this ADL anti-terror hyping up of the American police is now producing blow-back and many good officers will be shot down for no reason other than these social structural “social system” realities. the only thing DHS is going to do for the American police is to make the public hate them and start murdering them on the job.

Until the American police wise up and figure out they have been psyopped and played by the RKMers, the Dual Citizens and DHS leadership, they are going to pay a terrible price. And the tougher they get with the public and the more militarized they get, the more blow-back will be directed at them and there will be many, many Police Officers murdered on the job. The truly vicious bad Police are a minority but their actions will get a lot of good public servant types murdered on the job.

Fortunately Mr. Janet Napolitano is out as DHS Director and she deserved the boot for allowing her female assistants to move top male managers offices into the male lavatory. Her PSAs and association with Walmart were absurd and many immediately lost all respect for DHS because of this insane DHS Psyop to stoke Americans into massive group subconscious fear.

If you want to stop all World Terrorism, boot out or arrest all the Dual Citizen Traitors, PNACers, and top NeoCons who were involved in the attack on America on 9-11-01 and go after the RKM Banksters and all its Cutouts in the USG and Congress. So far the only one that has checkmated the RKM is Putin and the Russian Federation at the request of their ally in the Mideast Syria.

Some of the DHS doofuses can’t even speak clearly. If they wanted to stop Terrorism in America they should investigate and arrest the FBI Agents that keep setting up and entrapping retarded or mentally ill Somalis immigrants (it’s usually the very same ones who usually keep doing this). These fusion centers are a complete fraud and a total waste of taxpayer money. The reason DHS knows so much about Gladio-style terror is that the Dual Citizen folks who set up DHS in the first place and are now milking vast profits out of it (and the TSA), are actual terrorists and participated in the attack on America on 9-11-01, so obviously they are experts on how it is done and can set up the training programs to represent this. This little video here shows exactly how 9-11-01 was set up by the folks that did it, the RKM Dual Citizen traitors who started DHS and are in the background pulling its strings.

Napolitano’s pioneering warning that played in so many Walmarts was absurd and showed just how derailed the DHS leadership really has been.

We now know for certain where all this terrorism has come from since WW2, who paid for it and how it was done.

Post WW2 terrorism all started with the Gladio left behind army, the secret NATO linked Fourth Reich terror machine set up to battle the Russians and Communism, but was then turned against civilians to mass-murder and maim them by use of staged acts of terror. Gladio was actually a secret union between the USA and the Nazis who never surrendered at the end of WW2 and has morphed into what insiders call the DVD.

The German government and the German Army surrendered but the Nazis never did and American Intel formed a secret partnership with them against the Bolsheviks, aka Operation Paperclip. In exchange for bringing the Nazi Intel apparatus into America and NATO to counter the Bolsheviks, the American Intel received many of the top Nazi secret weapons including the Bell and knowledge of high tech MK-ultra type mind-kontrol, continued to this very day to be used by the CIA to create and activate MK-ultra type mass-shootings.

The purpose of the use of Gladio was to blow up, mass-murder and maim innocents, using staged, synthetic terror to create massive fear in the public’s unconscious group mind in order to strongly motivate them to give up basic freedoms to a super-fascist state that they would never otherwise do.


Super-fascism is the merger of RKM associate large international corporations and the state, with the large international corporations taking over predominant control of the state and using its institutions of government to serve as the RKM’s enforcers against the American People.

The whole purpose of the RKM creating Homeland Security was to build up a huge American Stasi-style secret police which could be turned against the American people, spy on them, interfere in every aspect of their lives and take away many of their basic freedoms, and keep them from ever taking America back from the RKM.

We now know for certain that DHS stooges are being sent around to secretly accuse dissidents of being domestic terrorists to their employers while threatening them with massive fines and jail for disclosing such and placing such targeted individuals on “no work lists”, no fly lists” and other “watch lists”. This is just the kind of thing the East German Stasis were know for.

We now know for sure that Gladio was created by the same group of bloodline families that created every other ‘ism, including Bolshevism, Communism, Fascism, Nazi’ism and Maoism. This group is the *RKM centered in the City of London Financial District, the most exclusive square mile in the World, a private nation that pays no taxes to the UK and has its own police force.

We also know that the RKM infiltrated America in 1913 when it bribed most US Congressmen and the President to pass the illegal, unConstitutional Federal Reserve System (FRS). Of course this was clearly unConstitutional because the US Constitution requires that our money be be real such as Gold and Silver, not paper notes created and lent at pernicious usury by franchisees of foreign Banksters located in the City of London.

64f3785a (2)Sadly this FRS parasite has been stealing We The People’s wealth ever since it manipulated and bribed its way into America in 1913. It specializes in asset stripping America and redistributing our vast wealth to their associates and cronies while feeding a huge war machine and endless wars to make monstrous profits and to gain more and more power and control over Americans.

Why else would America have been in a constant state of war ever since WW2 fighting all these foreign wars which are undeclared, illegal, unConstitutional, perpetual and unwinnable? Yes, it is to make massive war profits for the RKM Banksters and their associated Defense contractors and to take more and more power from We The People.

The creators and supporters of ISIS have now been completely exposed and just happens to be the Israeli-American Terror Machine.

Thanks to Putin’s remarkable actions which have checkmated ISIS, those who run ISIS and started it have now been completely exposed. The American stooges supporting it have even had so much hubris they have now admitted they have been supplying ISIS through the CIA which is actually part of the Fourth Reich system run out of the City of London.

You might ask, well how do we know that ISIS is really an extension of the Gladio Terror machine of the secret Nazi “Left Behind Army” which was under the direct control of the “Fourth Reich” through NATO and the CIA (BCC) and under the control of the RKM? Actually we have the personal notes and pictures of Otto Skorzeny who claimed that the Prescott Bush was a sheep-dipped foreigner brought to America, was part of the Nazi fascist machine and actually had the last name of Scherf. And we know that Prescott Sherf worked for the Wall Street RKM Banksters and his son GHWB (Bush 1) was used to infiltrate and take over the CIA which was started by President Truman in reaction to the Roswell UFO crash.

We now know for certain that Nazi’sim was started by the City of London RKM as a successor to the Bolshevik Communism they started, and was part of a staged dialectic using the Nazis to counterbalance against Communism and set up the cold war in order to increase their wealth and power far into the future.

We also know that Sandy Berger was caught attempting to steal a very sensitive secret document from the restricted classified documents section National Archives in DC and just got his hands slapped when anyone else would have done twenty years or more. This document was the signed agreement between Prescott Bush and the USG in which he was given immunity for his part in the Union Bank’s financing of the Nazi War machine, if he agreed to disclose what he knew and agreed to never run for office nor allow any of his offspring to run for office. Not only was this agreement ignored but it became important to get it out of the archives, which failed. Obviously the exposure and validation of such a document gave the RKM Banksters the ability to keep the Bush Crime Cabal under their complete control.


Thanks to Putin’s checkmate of ISIS, we now know for sure that ISIS is a creation of Israel, American Dual Citizens, PNACers and top NeoCons, Saudi Arabia and Turkey and is functioning as extension of Gladio, run by the RKM which is the fountainhead of all evil in the World and has been for hundreds of years.

Not only do we need to vote out every single sitting Member of Congress but Representative Walter Jones, the only one that did not sign the AIPAC Loyalty Oath to Israel.

But we need to elect folks who will take our nation back, cancel the FRS, move the production and distribution of American money back into the US Treasury where it belongs and issue money that is backed by Gold and Silver and issued without charging the American users pernicious usury.

It is a great crime to charge a people pernicious usury for using what should have been their own money in the first pace, not money owned by a foreign Bankster who infiltrated and hijacked America.

Americans must work together to bring down this system of RKM infiltration and hijacking like a house of cards, by pulling out the supports. Cancelling the FRS and clawing back all its assets stolen from Americans all the way back to 1913 would be the main support and the RKM institutions like DHS and all the private RKM controlled foundations would collapse on themselves like a house of cards.


We The People are now in a race for our very lives and futures. The RKM is moving as fast as it can to get the TPP, Agenda 21 and also Agenda 2030 passed in order to restrict Internet freedom of the press and eliminate Alternative News websites. The RKMers are in a complete tizzy fit over Putin’s checkmate against their Israeli/USA/Saudi terror machine and becoming more desperate by the day. Will they try to set off a nuclear WW3 by using their main action-agent Israel to deploy their Samson Option in mass?

As the economy worsens and the chickens are coming home to roost, more and more Americans waking up. The RKM and their Dual Citizen Cutouts, PNACers and top NeoCons are desperate to get a lid on this powerful spontaneously emerging populism of the American People which has emerged from the popularity of the Alternative media of the Worldwide Internet, the World’s New Gutenberg Press which is truly revolutionary and is exposing many deep secrets of evil perpetrated by the RKM and its Cutouts and assets all over the World.

The RKM’s top leadership has ordered that all Americans be disarmed because they fear the American armed masses and know that if the Americans rebel against these infiltrators and hijackers of America they will be defeated just based on raw numbers and American ingenuity and raw aggressiveness when seriously provoked. The RKM has used one of their wealthy Cutouts to acquire many of the gun manufacturers to make it easy to stop production at a later designated date. But this too is all failing and more Americans are buying guns and becoming first-time gun owners than ever.

Right now there is so much discord among many DHS field agents that many will outright refuse to oppress Americans if ordered to do so. When the folks who set up DHS became exposed for their inside business deals for large personal profits and the top DHS mangers were exposed for their sexual perversions and discrimination against male employees on the job, DHS quickly fell from grace in the eyes of many DHS officers and numerous investigative journalists too. Sadly too many DHS employees have been power hungry authoritarian types that love to wield power, stalk innocent dissidents, or abuse air travelers. And the unlicensed, un-shielded X-ray machines deployed by TSA to make profits for a well-known RKM have created cancer clusters among TSA Agents standing nearby. No radiation dosage badges have been used as are required in every other application.

DHS needs to be disbanded asap and any the good folks working there sent back to their previous agencies which must be restored to operate independently, free of RKM and Israeli influence. And never again must we let any foreign entity seize our monetary production and distribution systems and use it to turn America into a terror, war making machine for their own profit at the expense of hardworking Americans.

The RKM and its Cutouts and Stateside Dual citizens and assets are a very crafty two-faced bunch of slick liars that will keep telling folks evil is good and black is white until they are stopped. They are the epitome of evil by anyone’s definition and the creators of World Terrorism and Gladio-style False-flag attacks designed to kill innocent civilians in order to create massive social fear.

So now that Putin and the Russian Federation have checkmated the RKM by decimating and exposing its Israeli/American Terror Machine in Syria, the RKM and its stateside Cutouts and assets are desperate. These two-faced liars and mass-murderers may try anything including attempts to set off more 9-11-01 false-flags, attempts to detonate nukes in American cities as threatened under their notorious Samson Option that Seymour Hersch first exposed, or may do desperate things to attempt to start a full scale nuclear WW3 between Russia and what is left of the American war machine. Certainly you can expect numerous more MK-ultra type staged mass-shooting, many virtual only but some real too.

But despite all the unpredictability of the RKMers and their slick ability to be two-faced liars and deceivers extraordinaire (some describe dealing with them is like dealing with the Devil himself), the fact is that the RKM is now checkmated for the very first time and this is good news indeed. And unless some unexpected reversal occurs, this checkmate and exposure of the RKM Israeli/American Terror machine actually means that it is only a matter of time and Homeland Security will be finished and then disassembled. And for those that know the sad truth of who set up and runs DHS and why, the end of Homeland Security cannot come soon enough.


* RKM is an abbreviation to represent the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia, a term coined by VT Financial Editor Mike Harris whose VT radio show is on Tuesdays and Thursdays 7-9 PM CST. Mike Harris started using this descriptive term Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) after extensively researching the true but hidden history of the nation of Khazaria and its connection to Rothschild World Zionism now centered in the City of London. The RKM operates out of the City of London, a separate nation inside the UK which has its own police force and diplomats and pays no taxes to the UK government, like the Vatican.

The RKM has deeply infiltrated America and hijacked its manufacturing and distribution of money and most of its institutions of government, uses the US Military to fight its proxy wars for Israel and to earn massive profits. The RKM uses UK, Israeli and American Intel factions to traffick in illegal narcotics to generate massive “off the books” money for black ops and payoffs to politicians and government officials they “own”. And it has now been recently disclosed by former Representative Cynthia McKinney (a true stand up American Hero) that any newly elected member of Congress receives a visit from AIPAC and must sign a Loyalty Oath to place Israel’s security first even before America’s or they will be denied political funding and AIPAC will make a well funded effort to vote them out of office. Obviously until Members of Congress stop taking and obeying these illegal, unConstitutional, treasonous and seditious oaths to Israel, the USA will remain little more than an Israeli/RKM provincial territory and servant.

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