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(Jewish) Protocols Explain Almost Everything: Author Hugh Akins Explains

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“The Protocols of Zion: A No-Forgery Declaration of War Against Christian Civilization”

From NWO- Jew World Order with Hugh Akins, author of “Synagogue Rising: A Catholic Worldview of Anti-Christian Judaism and Counterrevolutionary Resistance”

“We must offer resistance by a universal war.” Protocol 7

What we know about the ‘Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion’ is that:

1) Their authorship is uncertain, and
2) Their authenticity is certain.
3) It is a declaration of war by leaders of Judaism against Christendom.
4) It is the Master Plan and overall strategy to effect the complete takeover of the world.

Candidates for the authorship include:

1) Lionel Nathan Rothschild, grandson of Amshel Meyer Rothshild,
2) Moses Hess, who wrote the original draft of the communist manifesto
3) Theodore Hertz, the father of modern-day political Zionism
4) Asher Ginsberg, ardent Zionist, and founder of B’nai Moshe and B’nai Zion
5) Adolf Cremieux, founder of Alliance Israelite Universelle
6) Adam Weishaupt, founder of Bavarian Illuminati

In all probability, the Protocols was the creation of several authors over time, with Meyer Rothschild presenting the original outline in 1773 at Judenstrauss (Jew Street) in Frankfurt Germany, and Asher Ginsberg delivering the 1897 talk in Odessa from which published text was taken. The 1897 World Zionist Congress is an established historical fact.

The fulfillment of the Protocols is a very strong indication of their authenticity. Some of distinguished individuals who, based on their independent investigations, have become convinced of the Protocols legitimacy include:

1) Father Dennis Fahey: “the program outlined in the Protocols is being fulfilled.”
2) Count Leon De Poncins: (Catholic author) “World War I and the Bolshevik (Revolution) brought about the realization of that which was announced in the Protocols. They are an exposition of the plan of world action of Judaism…. It explains world chaos. The events predicted have come to pass.”
3) Father Edward Cahill (author and founding father of “The League of Christ the King” in 1926): “The most remarkable documents have a significance and importance which forbids their being passed over in silence… The ultimate objective, according to the Protocols, of the Masonic Jewish policy is the complete destruction of Christianity and the enslaving of all the Christians of the world under the heel of the Masonic Jews.”
4) Monsenior Juene
5) Archbishop Marcel V
6) Douglas Reed (author, “The Controversy of Zion,” 1956): “(The Protocols) are a text of inestimable importance for it is shown by the conclusive test, that of subsequent events, to be an authentic document of the world conspiracy first disclosed by Weishaupt’s papers… This document gives the entire picture of the conspiracy; motive, method and objective. It accurately depicts all that has come about in fifty years since it was published and what clearly will follow in the next fifty years unless…. a counterforce emerges.”)
7) Henry Ford (industrialist and author of “The International Jew: The World’s Foremost Problem”)
8) Congressman Louis McFadden (Chairman of House Committee of Banking and Currency from 1920-1931):
9) Saint Maximillion Cole
10) Father Lefev
11) Bishop Richard Williamson
12) Nesta Webster: (author of “Secret Societies and Subversive Movements”): “The Protocols do represent the program of world revolution.”
13) 1919 U.S. War Department. Report, “Investigation Into The Power and Aims of International Jewry” by the military-intelligence division (declassified in 1973) confirms the Protocol’s legitimacy: “The Protocols are anti-Christian and show what this secret Jewish society has been doing in order to make a conquest of the world and to make the Christian forces as ineffective as possible and finally to have the whole world in their grip.”

14) H. A. Gwinn (1920),“The Cause of World Unrest,” states: “The following internal evidence is available as to the authenticity of the Protocols. There is one… fact upon which to build and that is the date at which these Protocols were given to the world. Fortunately, that is set beyond doubt by the existence of a copy of the 1905 edition in the British Museum. Now it must be considered very strong evidence that at that date there was foreknowledge or prediction of the Great Revolutionary Movement which is now taking place. The means by which it was to be brought about; wars, the rise in prices, the corruption of government, and the use of Jewish agents, all apply to the revolution now going on Russia and to the attempted revolutions in Germany and Hungary. It is known, for example, that the two Spodicist leaders in Germany were Jews. And there is universal testimony by all Christian refugees from Russia that the Soviet Commissars, almost to a man, are Jews. And if we consider the internal evidence fairly, it amounts to this: That the document predicts a world revolution carried out by a Jewish organization. And that the (Bolshevik) revolution now in progress is, in fact, carried on mainly by Jews and it is attempt at a world revolution.”

Jews themselves also confirm the Protocol’s authenticity.

15) David Ben-Gurion, modern Israel’s first Prime Minister, predicted that Jews would some day rule the world, a Jewish Sanhedrin would judge the nations, and that a Jewish supreme court in Jerusalem would preside over all disputes.
16) Jewish-Israeli writer, Rose Cohn (“Dali, Australia, and the Mossad,” 2002), stated: “Reading the Protocols is to convince oneself of their factuality as the long-established formula of powerful Zionists for the methodical undoing of Christianity, which is so reviled by leading Jews…. It takes a Jew to understand the Zionist mind as reflected in the Protocols of the Elders. Without reading this officially scorned and hated book, no one can ever understand the Mossad and/or Israel. We Jews have actually behaved and accomplished almost 100% of what is written in that book.” She adds (2002): “The Zionist state of Israel forbids the reading of the Protocols.”

Thus, the 24 “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” summarize the Master Plan for waging the Judaic war against the Christian order. World Wars I and II, the Bolshevik Revolution,
9/11 and the phony Global War on Terrorism, indeed all military and economic wars must be seen in the context of the fulfillment of these protocols as they have been fomented by the leaders of Judaism in order bring in their long sought one-world-government under Jewish control. Indeed, the Protocols, presage and predict the major events of history in the past several centuries.

In combination, the planning and effect of this plan indicate that this Master Plan is indeed being implemented. Thus, we can identify these Jewish-Masonic-Satanists as the world’s deadliest serpent cult. This carefully coordinated evil must be resisted by all decent human beings.

1) Protocol 1 calls for the destruction of the Catholic aristocracy, which they surprisingly admit serves the common good, compared to the revolutionary republicanism of their creation, which serves not the common good but the special interests of the revolutionaries and especially the Jewish and Masonic elite behind them.

The Catholic aristocracy at that time (1897) included the Czars of Russia, the Hapsburgs, the Roman Empire, the Holy Roman Emperor, and many officially Catholic countries, including Italy, Spain, etc.

The aim of the Protocols is to destroy the Catholic aristocracy and replace it with the aristocracy of money in Jewish hands. This has occurred. The dozens of revolutions that have erupted all around Europe and in the Americas in the 18th and 19th centuries were the bloody applications of this Jewish directive.

Protocol 1 also urges Jewish revolutionary cadres to seize the property of non-Jews whenever possible and without hesitation. This explains socialism’s secret aim and strategy, rooted as it is in the Illuminati-Marxist-monopolistic capitalistic plank, calling for the total abolition of private property- except, of course, of that which is concentrated in the hands of wealthy Jews who are running the show from behind the scenes.

Protocol 1 explains how Judaism through socialism intends to root out Christianity and destroy Christian culture; private ownership of property as well as the fruits of one’s own labors being most conducive to a free people living a virtuous and Christian life.

Protocol 1 also mentions the use of terror as a method of conquest. So many people today still hold to the illusion that the phony war on terror is:

1) something of recent development, and
2) that it was precipitated by Islamic rather than Jewish revolutionaries.

2) Protocol 2 calls for economic wars to facilitate the grand theft of property.

3) Protocol 3 speaks of creating economic crises by instigating Marxian class warfare as part of Jewry’s blueprint for Christian destruction:

“We shall create by all the secret, subterranean methods open to us, and with the aid of gold, which has long been in Jewish hands, the universal economic crisis whereby we shall throw open the streets to whole mobs of workers simultaneously in all the countries of Europe. These mobs will rush with delight and shed the blood of those whom in the simplicity of their ignorance they have envied from their cradles and whose property they will then be able to loot.”

This will include illegal immigrants well-organized by demagogues and the welfare class organized by communists and racists causing major economic disruptions.

Interviewer: That reminds me of the “Great Depression” and the 2008 great recession.

The third directive states that one of the ways to kill off the goyim is by manufacturing shortages of food. Our Jewish overlords have brought the U.S. to very threshold of famine in the past, and this could be used to stage a civil war.

The Protocols also calls for the explosion of giant corporations and concentration of wealth in the hands of the few.

Protocol 3 directs all the disciples of the Elders of Zion to stress the ideal of liberty through which men are easily coaxed into fighting against every legitimate authority, even against God and the laws of nature and thereby serving every illegitimate cause. Have we not seen for more than 200 years and even going back 500 years with the onset of Protestantism, the rights of man gradually replacing the rights of God? Liberty is almost always the battle cry, the pretense.

4) Protocol 4, along with 11 and 15, establishes the connection and shows the true relationship between the synagogue and the Masonic lodge. It reads in part:

“Who and what is in a position to overthrow an invisible force, and this is precisely what our force is. Exterior Masonry blindly serves as a screen for us and our object, but the plan of action of our force remains for the people an unknown mystery.”

Protocol 4 also stresses that materialism must be made to replace religion and they’ve certainly won that victory as well in our time.

5) Protocol 5 speaks of a merciless struggle, such a fight as the world has never yet seen. Remember that this protocol was recorded to print before world Jewry brought about World War I and the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, both conflicts with the ulterior motive of furthering the cause of international Zionism. This directive also speaks of centralized government; the creation, step by step, of a super-government, whereby man, little by little, is subjugated and oppressed by an omnipotent state.

Washington D.C. has been undergoing this radical transformation under the socialist administrations of Lincoln, Wilson, FDR, Johnson, Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, and, of course, Obama. And the process accelerated at top speed since 9/11 under the current totalitarian deception of Homeland Security. It’s not Homeland Security but Homeland Subjugation.

6) Protocol 6 and 15 urge the creation of huge monopolies and vast concentrations of money in Jewish hands which we saw accelerate at the time under the Rothschild dynasty’s world network of Masonic and Illuminati allies, and the dawn of the age of the multinational banking and corporate cartels such as never before heard of and which are rapidly solidifying total control in our day, not only over every facet of our lives but over the whole planet. Are we not today the economic slaves of such goliaths as Goldman-Sachs, Halliburton, Monsanto and dozens of other monstrous corporations?

7) Protocol 7 stresses the promotion of an arms race and of universal war; war, debt, and depressions being the most effective means of advancing and achieving their objectives. Once again, these directives were issued just prior to World War I and saw their fulfillment in that totally unnecessary war along with the Second World War which was equally unnecessary.

“We must be in a position to respond to every act of opposition by war with the neighbors of that country which dares oppose us…. We must offer resistance by a universal war.”

8) Protocol 8 calls for the establishment of provisional or regional government as a stepping stone to world government. The United Nations, NATO, the European Union, NAFTA, the North American Union, which they’ve been trying to impose on us by merging Canada, Mexico, and the United States as one regional government. These are all examples of various multi-national agreements or institutions that eat away at the sovereignty of national governments on the road to the Judaic-Masonic-Universal Satanic republic that the Protocols envision and aspire to.

This is the program of anti-Christ. Many leading churchmen 50 to 100 years ago recognized and published that this is the program of the anti-Christ.

9) Protocol 9 exhorts world Jewry to promote anti-semitism. This is no surprise, as this is something indispensible to the anti-Christian crusade. Look at how that most simple tactic, that sinister word, has practically disarmed the whole Christian world. How even our traditional Catholic leaders are terrified of that word more than anything else. The Church has called us to fight for centuries.

10) Protocol 10 gives us insight into the poison of liberalism, which the Jews boast of introducing into the Christian state for the purpose of radically changing the very fabric of the moral, social and political orders. When one considers the unspeakable damage that liberalism has done to the Christian state and since Vatican II to the Church itself under the Trojan Horse of modernism, it’s apparent how deadly this virus is. Liberalism is the plague that sends souls and societies to their deaths.

Protocol 10 likewise emphasizes the importance of investing the President, who is described by the Jews as a “puppet in our hands,” with the power to make war. Once again, war is placed high on the list of Zionist priorities. The US Constitution stipulates that only Congress has the authority to take the country to war, not the Executive branch. . Consolidating absolute power in the hands of the Judaic-Masonic secret societies necessitates bypassing the representatives of the people, so-called, in the House and Senate in order to transfer dictatorial-like powers to a single man, the President. It’s another giant step towards dictatorship and totalitarianism. Have we not seen US Presidents, rather than Congress, entangle us in wars in Korea, Vietnam, Sinai, Grenada, Panama, Columbia, Somalia, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria. Every one of these and scores of other military interventions and entanglements were unquestionably unconstitutional inasmuch as war was never declared by Congress. Here was another major triumph in Judaism’s war against Christianity.

Protocol 10 also emphasizes the importance of arranging or fixing elections. By which, of course, is meant manipulating votes, buying candidates, funding a pseudo-opposition, bombarding the voting public with disinformation. In general, rigging the outcome of elections, which they’ve become masters at doing, especially today through electronic counting and allowing millions of illegal immigrants to vote in national elections in every place where photo IDs are not required. Of course, these people will always vote for the more socialist candidate, the more progressive demagogue who is always promising them dozens of entitlements they have no right to. And always on the backs of honest working people.

The ultimate aim being, again, of course, the destruction of the middle class. Only two classes are to remain in the Jewish vision of the future, and that is the rulers and those ruled; the slave-masters and their slaves, or the Jewish elite and the rest of mankind.

11) Protocol 11 reiterates Freemasonry’s direct link to international Judaism. And it does so in the contest of building the totalitarian state. Here again, mission accomplished, or at least 95% of it, and the American people remain clueless that we stand in the very shadows of totalitarian tyranny.

12) In Protocol 12, Jewish control of the press is underscored. This is something that they have long ago achieved. This directive also admits that the Jews will force the creation of controlled opposition groups. What immediately comes to mind are the scores of phony conservatives, Fox News, the Tea Party leadership, the Ronald Reagans, the George Bushes, the Mitt Romneys, the Newt Gingriches, the Marco Rubios and Rand Pauls, every one of which is a pawn in the hands of Israel and the Zionists.

13) Protocol 13
talks about creating innumerable diversions, occupying the people’s minds with countless distractions to the neglect of moral duties. Whether it’s sports, music, movies, dance, sex, alcohol, fine dining, the theatre. Many of these things are legitimate, but there is an over-infatuation with them and it becomes a distraction and diversion from our moral responsibilities. And they also exaggerate issues and manufacture concerns, real or imagined crises, blown out of proportion in order to keep the people’s focus off the real issues and their real duties. And to keep the masses from discovering the conspiracy behind their national woes.

Conspiracy counts on the people’s ignorance, preoccupation, and non-resistance to steadily gain new ground in destroying the souls of their children, breaking apart the Christian order, and making slaves of every non-Jew on the planet. First, they make of men moral slaves, slaves to vice and to worldly naturalism and materialism, the disordered attachment to perishable things. Then (they make) economic slaves, slaves to money, materialism, and the easy life, featuring every imaginable earthly distraction. Economic slavery means (being) slaves to the money power and to Wall Street and the central banks like the Federal Reserve.

And finally political slaves; as the Russian people suffered so brutally under communism and as the American people are soon to begin suffering if many more don’t wake up and join the resistance, under martial law and a complete lockdown under a ruthless police state complete with an occupying foreign power deployed to stamp out all opposition.

Everything is already in place, the FEMA concentration camps and the deadly drones flying over our homes and communities are only part of it. It’s Homeland Subjugation.

The same protocol refers to the countless dupes of Jewish intrigue. There are throngs of lower class persons the Jewish architects of tyranny are able to rally to their cause; minorities, immigrants, the poor, people laboring against their own interests, as well as young idealists who have been brainwashed in the universities. But this directive isn’t referring to these people. It speaks here of the educated and more affluent and privileged class.

These are prominent people in all walks of life, but especially in politics, religion, finance and business. A wealthy class thought to be independent players, but hardly a one of them is not controlled by the hidden Jewish power. The directive reads:

“Who will ever suspect that all these people were stage managed by us according to a political plan which no one has so much as guessed at in the course of many centuries.”

A large part of the Masonic membership, not the high ranking echelons, many of whom have become worshippers of Satan, but the common local business man and the local professional seeking economic favors or social standing and the local politician seeking the backing of the rich, powerful, and influential, fall into this category – of those that their secret Jewish leaders have stage-managed according to this plan.

Also such organizations as the Council on Foreign Relations and the Bilderbergers, many of whom, the members, are not die-hard conspirators but who have become Zionist assets or “useful idiots” of the Master Plan because of their greed, their ambition, their opportunism, their desire to succeed at all costs.

Interviewer: People should watch the youtube interview with Larry MacDonald, who was a House Representative who died in that Korean Airlines 007 plane crash many years ago. Larry MacDonald talked about the new one-world-order and you can see that this is identical with the Jewish plan outlined in the Protocols.

14) Protocol 14 brings to the fore the all-important assault on religion; on Christianity in general and the Catholic Church in particular, which, of course, has historically been the Synagogue’s greatest enemy, even as today’s Catholics, both Conciliar and traditional, with rare exceptions, and have all but surrendered to the murderers of God.

And when I speak of the “murderers of God” I’m not speaking of the ordinary but the revolutionary Jew, those Jewish fanatics that hate Christ with an all-out hate.

Protocol 14 also encourages the wide use of pornography to undermine virtue, faith, and morality. And it is somewhat common knowledge, even among the chronically-uninformed, that Jews were behind the sexual revolution, pornography, the porn industry, and internet porn from the beginning, as well behind abortion, contraceptives, gay rights, family-planning, so-called, and so on.

15) “Protocol 15 confesses to the most secret political plot and the use of domestic and global police agencies to bring about police powers such as we are seeing today, with such totalitarian police agencies as the ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms), the DHS (Department of Homeland Security), the TSA (Transportation Security Administration), the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) and the like. This protocol encourages the ruthless suppression of the people under these Jewish-created police organizations.

And if anyone doubts that the Jews are behind the rising police state in America, I’d refer them to two primary sources; Christopher Bollyn’s “Solving 9/11: The Deception that Changed the World” and Nathaniel Kapner’s commentaries on his website, Though not a Catholic (in fact, a former Jew himself), Kapner certainly has a grasp of things that is far greater than most Catholic leaders. Isn’t it one of our baptismal duties to renounce the works of Satan?

The greatest danger for us is not exposing them and bringing down their powerhouse before they can solidify total power over us. Scripture tells us to “have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them.” That’s what we are trying to do. We are exposing the empire of anti-Christ which is coming down around us very rapidly.

Protocol 16 instructs, and always under the cover of liberty, to labor to abolish every kind of liberty. So even while they are promoting liberalism, you know, liberty for everyone, bondage is imposed on the nations, while those putting the noose around their own necks are blindly proclaiming liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. Everything in the name liberty, freedom, human rights; the right to kill an unborn child, the right to reject the one religion revealed to man by God, the right to violate every one of God’s commandments, the right to dethrone the King of Kings in their public lives, and on and on and on.

It’s the misuse of liberty. People need to read Pope Leo the 13th’s fantastic Encyclical, “Libertas.” It puts into perspective true and false liberty.

We are being enslaved by the powers behind liberty. It’s God’s punishment for modern man who persistently misuses the liberty that God has given him. Liberty is a great gift to man. But its only intended purpose is to do good and not evil. Nor is it to neglect doing the good we are expected to do, which is to do evil by the sin of omission. We commit sins not just by commission but by omission. Today, liberty has become not only the occasion of the worst sins, but an idolatry.

Americans and the West are especially prone to this blatant violation of the first commandment. No less traditional Catholics, who fail to see that the Americanism they venerate is essentially a declaration of war against Christ the King. It’s liberalism applied to politics and to popular culture, and liberalism always militates against Christian Revelation and the Catholic Church founded by Christ himself.

Our cherished “separation of Church and state” is a Jewish concept and scheme, as I documented in “Synagogue Rising,” set in motion to drive a wedge between God and man by driving a wedge between religion and politics. Nothing else has so effectively uncrowned the Savior of the World and overturned his rightful reign over all the nations as has this abomination called the ‘separation of Church and state,’ which is nothing less than the expulsion of Jesus Christ from our public life.

True Christianity does not divorce man’s public life from his private life or his life as a Christian from that of a citizen. Nor does Christianity sever the duties imposed on us by theology from battling the works of Satan, nor battling the works of Satan from Catholic action, which represents the counter-revolution against the revolution. Only liberals and revolutionaries subscribe to these heresies, which all but emasculate the Church militant.

Once again, there are very many liberals among those fancying themselves as traditional Catholics. We traditionalists need to do a serious examination of conscience and stop doing exactly what we accuse Protestants and modernists of doing, namely picking and choosing which part of the doctrine of Christ we will embrace and live by and which part we deem too difficult or too controversial, whether the heresy of Americanism or the scourge and world peril of Talmudic Judaism, and thereby ignore or reject as evils to be fought against.

For every true and sincere believer, the way of salvation is not the path of least resistance but the way of the cross. Not the way of making friends with the world that knows not it’s God but the combat against it in imitation of Christ.

Protocol 16 covers brainwashing the masses as well, rendering the universities little more than Judaic-Masonic institutions of propaganda and mind control, introducing every vain and vile principle to break apart the ancient Christian order. Christian tradition is especially targeted…. Philosophy, science, economics, sociology. The purpose of subverting education is to turn the goyim into unthinking robots. Once corrupted, they’ll easily be deceived, manipulated, and recruited for every wicked cause and always under the pretense of some good. And who can deny that, today, whole generations have fallen into this category?

17) Protocol 17 gets to the core of the century’s old anti-Christian scheme in the undermining of all authority, especially the Catholic Papacy and priesthood, by means of “freedom of conscience” unto the wrecking of Christianity and installation of a Jewish patriarch to rule the world. Take heed what the elders themselves have said:

“We have long past taken care to discredit the priesthood of the goyim and thereby ruin their mission on earth. Day by day, its influence on the peoples of the world is falling lower. “Freedom of conscience” has been declared everywhere, so that now only years divide us from the moment of the complete wrecking of that Christian religion.”

The Zionists go on to boast that the time will soon come when the Papal Court is destroyed by their “invisible hand:”

“Then the King of the Jews will become the real Pope of the universe, the Supreme Patriarch of an international church,” a one-world church under a one-world government within a New World Order.

And they speak here, too, of fomenting “schism” to bring all this about. Is the modern Church of Vatican II not in fact in a state of schism from the Holy Roman Catholic Church, founded by Jesus Christ and preserved by tradition and Magisterium for 2,000 years? Has it not broken from its past? Has it not set itself up against the authentic Magisterium of the church, creating, in turn, a false Magisterium, made up of Judaized Masons, liberals, and progressives?

The second Vatican Council was, in fact, largely the work of Judeo-Masonry manipulating churchmen unto the destruction of the Catholic tradition and holy Christendom.

And for all the “doubting Thomases” we detail this sabotage of the Catholic religion in the spirit and under the new orientation of Vatican II in the pages of “Synagogue Rising.”

All these things considered how can we not see the rabbinic blueprint implemented in virtually every heresy, event, revolt and crisis of the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries, and continuing into the 21th century?

18) Protocol 18 deals with precipitating internal disorders (ETK: “terrorist events”) and then acting swiftly to execute mass arrests of the more dangerous opponents of the Zionist Master Plan. This is precisely what’s behind the policy, since the Clinton administration, and increasingly so during the Bush and Obama administrations, to associate Christians, pro-lifers, constitutionalists, Ron Paul conservatives, home schoolers, 2nd Amendment advocates, 9/11 Truthers, Holocaust revisionists, critics of Israel, and those who oppose the Jewish Federal Reserve and all of the needless wars we fight for Israel. All these sincere Christians and patriots are singled out by our government in the hands of the Zionist elders as “potential homegrown terrorists.”

This is really terrifying.

Through the campaigns of the notoriously anti-Christian “Anti-Defamation League,” our local police forces are being heavily indoctrinated in this very dangerous mindset. We, my friends, are being set up for the kill. This is the reason behind the Department of Homeland Security’s purchasing of tons of ammunition, actually creating a shortage of bullets for the general citizenry, for the coming showdown between the totalitarian state and genuine Christians and patriots who have taken the lead in resisting in the march towards tyranny.

20) Protocol 20 covers money manipulation through progressive taxation. Every tax on property, taxing the working class out of existence, taxing the affluent to diminish productivity, organizing the poor for revolution the Barak Obama and Martin Luther King way. And it’s not because both men are black but because both criminals are Red, socialists, subversives, Zionists, and agents of anti-Christ. I lived through that time period of the Civil Rights movement. M. L. King was preaching peace but instigating riots.

The federal progressive income was imposed taking its cues from this directive and from the Communist Manifesto. Whenever politicians and demagogues call for taxing the rich, which is always popular with the unthinking masses, the poor, etc., it’s never the super-rich Jewish elites that get taxed. Jewish Wall-Street and their cronies have many loop holes that the rest of us don’t have.

Summary and Conclusion

Victor Marsden, the man who translated the original Russian texts:

“The Protocols are too terribly real for fiction, too well sustained for speculation, too deep in its knowledge of the secret springs of life for forgery.”

Using the strategy articulated in the Protocols, the Jewish conspiracy is bringing the world to the brink of total collapse, just as the Protocols were designed to do.

It is our duty as Catholics and as Christians to mount a massive concerted effort, a massive counter offense against this plot against God and man.

People need to read the Protocols themselves. These are the directives from hell. People should also read the best commentaries on the Protocols; “The Waters Flowing Eastward,” and “The Cause of World Unrest.” Also, read de Poncins “Judaism and the Vatican.” Get involved in Catholic action circles. In short, get educated, get organized, and get involved.

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