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Appendix 94: The New World Order is the British Empire!! (aka Anglo-American and British Israel; Jay Dyer video, July 8, 2021)

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The Real Illuminati And It’s System Exposed (Jay Dyer video, July 8, 2021)

Here Jay Dyer reviews Georgetown Professor and political insider, Dr. Carol Quigley’s book, “The Anglo-American Establishment.”

Jay Dyer: On page 33, Carol Quigley says that Cecil “Rhodes and (Lord) Rothschild hatched a plan to bring America back under the sway of the British Imperium.” This is why America changed so much throughout the 20th century. Everybody knows the Founding Fqthers had a very non-interventionist, stay-out-of-the-European-wars attitude. They knew this would entangle the US back in all these conflicts that would tempt the United States into stepping into the role of policemen of the world, as a new Imperium.

And as we will see, that’s exactly what happened. We even know who did it. We know all the people, we know the the British agents that came over and set up the OSS and CIA.
It was all done as planned by Rhodes and Rothschild…. “We must bring the United States…” video goes blank.

This prepares the way for the Pax Americana. The elites that ran Britain, not the British people, The Royal Society, The Milner Group, the RIIA (Royal Institute of International Affairs), working with the Rothschilds, said we’ll just re-brand this as the American Imperium. This is the “inner party.”

Orwell tells us that elites control both capitalism and socialism-communism. The elite families, the super rich, are above that dialectical fray and they fund both sides of that conflict.

They utilized a secret society structure, modeled on the Jesuit order. They actually wanted the English Imperium to supplant and take over the Roman Catholic Church. It was this secret society group that used controlled chaos- divide and conquer strategy that they used to carry out the Boer Wars, that gave Britain the control of diamond and gold mines in South Africa.

This is not divorced from the esoteric. A big part of the religious arm of the Anglo-American society was the Society for Psychical Cecil Rhodes was a 32 or 33 degree Mason. And a big part of the religious arm secret society was involved in the Society for Psychical Research. They wanted to utilize a kind of religion modeled after psychicalism or mesmerism. They wanted to tap into a pre-New Age esoteric system that they could use as a global religion that they could run and control. They already had control of the Church of England. Eventually, they co-opted the Jesuits.

Their successors run things today. Rothschild came up with this idea for the “Society of the Elect,” the inner core of the secret society, comprised of the top elites amongst the families, Lords, of the 1890s and early 1900s. This society was already structured in 1891. Rothschild (the funder) and Rhodes (the general) and Milner were the top three guys. Then Lords Stedt, Milner, and Bret and nine others formed a “Circle of Initiates,” including Cardinal Manning. And then General Booth of the Salvation Army. Also, Lords Grey and Balfour of the Balfour Declaration. Then the next outer ring is the “Society of Helpers.” This is the thousands of academic elites that they recruited at the universities, the dupes, and patsies, who thought they would be benefiting from this global government. Most of these people were Cambridge and Oxford academic elites. They called themselves “The Commonwealth of God.”

This laid the plans and strategies for today’s global government…. Also Quigley talks about the intelligence network. This functions like a British intelligence network. How they use the Freemasonic lodges. The British used the Masons as a form of intelligence network. Examples would be the movie, “The Man Who Would Be King.”

They bought everybody off, spewed out masses of propaganda, instituted welfare socialism, as well as usury. All this combined into a perfect technocratic order. They promoted the idea that the state is God. They called it Liberal Imperialism. Lord Gray formed the Liberal League and bought up people in the Churches of Scotland and Canada. They played a key role in bringing the US into this power structure.

The function of the state is become a kind of quasi-religion. The imperial philosophy would supplant people’s belief in their own nation states. And they even planned to supplant the idea of individual sovereignty. They would control media, academics and politicians to disseminate the “Atlanticist goals”- get rid of the idea of the nation state and loyalty to family and God and international ideals like freedom.

Aldous Huxley called this “the final revolution.” Actually, they regarded evolution as a form of evolution; this is a Luciferian form of evolution.

P. 186: The secret society pyramid structure had set up 2,500 Royal Institute for International Society members. This was subservient to the top 3, then the Society of the Elect (12 people), then 100 people in the Milner Group. The RIIA set up the American branches of the CFR, etc.

They carved up the globe in the 20th century. They carved up the Ottoman Empire after WWI, creating Iraq, Kuwait, etc.

They coopted the US into coming under this structure during WWII. Spies were crucial to doing this. They were the Irregulars, including Ian Fleming, Bill Donovan and Canadian William Stephenson (code named: Intrepid), helped set up secret inner core of spies and national security state in the 1947 National Security Act, which set up the CIA and NSA.

The same group that set up the Federal Reserve Bank in 1913 set up the secret deep state national security state- which again was set up by this group. The Inquiry, the Irregulars, this becomes the real controlling power of the country.

We don’t have to wonder who was behind all this. Who transitioned America from an isolationist nation to the American Empire. This is the group. It wasn’t the aliens. Bilderberg, CFR, it’s all the same group.

The purpose of the cold War is to get the whole world involved in new conflicts that will get us into the technocracy. The managerial society is the technocratic society. Quigley said computers, AI will run your house and your life. Quigley was an agent, an apologist for these people.

These people adopted the Darwinian, Malthusian, transhumanist power structure system. There are still powerful families who are still involved, but its the Inquiry, OSS, CIA who are adjuncts and busybodies for the banking elite. That’s who runs Silicon Valley. That’s who runs the world right now.

This is the same structure of an inner party that Orwell talked about. We’re going to combine the worst elements of capitalism and communism into the 3rd way, the technocracy. The Cold War was to set up this technocracy.

Fuck the Queen! Expel the fucking Brits? Probably too late.

But we can certainly send Mark and David Eliot and Martin McCauley, British agents in Crestone/Baca, packing.


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