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George H.W. Bush: POTUS-41, New World Order Agent, War Criminal, Skull and Bonesman, Satanist, Pedophile, CIA Director, Traitor, Co-Conspirator in JFK Assassination and Iran-Contra Arms and Drug Smuggling Scandal, Bush Crime Family, etc. (13 youtubes)

New World Order
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ETK Introduction: According to Eustace Mullins’ “The World Order: A study of the Hegemony of Parasitism,” the Bush (crime) family is a Third-Tier Illuminati family and central player in the “Harriman-Dulles-Bush Faction” that sold America out in the 20th and 21st centuries. Originally spelled Busch, the family was/is German Jewish. Today, they probably should be considered “crypto-Jewish” or “secret Jewish.” See my article: The Bush Dynasty of Death: Four Generations of Wall Street War-Making and War-Profiteering.

Webster Tarpley On George H.W. Bush

George Bush’s Contra Cocaine Connection

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