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Appendix 243: DARPA’s Brain Initiative videos

1. DARPA BRAIN INITIATIVE October 14, 2023

Webmaster comment: Excellent and important summary of DARPA’s Brain Initiative (2013 to present). This is beyond our worst nightmare. Has mankind already been coopted? This video says yes.

What do you think about this? I was led to a TikTok video of Mandela Effects. This guy uses an old phone to see the real original version of stuff. This looks like a really cool magic trick, but who knows it could be real. Strange things are happening.

I assume you’re done on Rogue, and Discord, was kind of exiting to see content here!
you coming back bro?
I’m almost completely without any intelligent content these days

I am working on a new research project and my time is very limited. For years I have given people a heads up with very accurate forecasting. Spiritual preparation is the most important but few are interested in that topic.
I will post on this channel from time to time or do an Aethereal Underground episode on Spotify

zeolite may work to chelate the nano tech

dual use technology

you gotta watch the movie UPGRADE. lol, at this point all we can do is laugh.

I will look into it. I do not watch many movies. I got rid of my TV in 1992. Yes laugh or cry. There is nothing that I know we can do to stop this

Great to hear from you again. I think this is one of your best and most troubling videos. Admittedly, I had to listen to it twice to get my thoughts together. I’ve read a lot on DARPA and In-Q-Tel over the years. Money is certainly not an issue. How many decades do you think DARPA type groups are ahead of what the public is allowed to know? Mind control is certainly a major goal of the Social Controllers, but is it the Ultimately Goal? I don’t think so. Does the population have to be culled first? Will they get us to cull ourselves? While current conditioning tools have been highly effective, technology is taking it to another level. China for years has had a wearable halo that young kids ware to determine if they’re paying attention. It is good vs. pure evil and I don’t think good is winning. I’ve been getting myself and my family, to the extent I can, ready spiritually for what’s here. Most people don’t have a clue or even worse don’t want to know what’s happening. People ask me if I have hope for the future given what I believe. My current answer is a quote from Elizer Yudkowsky, “My only hope is that I’m wrong.” Stay safe and enjoy life as much as you can everyone.

good points. If people asked me I would say we are in serious trouble. Mankind can not stop this. Help would have to come from a higher realm

Aside from shielding, I had thought. Maybe not a good one though, just something that came to mind. Create extra signals of junk data to cause interference. Take for example a simple router in apartment complex. Let’s say there are fifty routers all set to the same channel. What do we get? Crosstalk. A simple device the size of our phones that are offline and not designed to even accept incoming signals (to prevent outside hacking) could be used to generate overlapping frequency bands cross a broad spectrum. Give it junk data or spam 0’s. A device for walking around and others for homes and other buildings. A relatively low tech solution.

possible that might work. I am unfortunately not smart enough to design such a device

think maybe raspberry pi pico

good to see you back!

what do you think of their program about brain function, sending signals and memory retrieval? Seems like all the SciFi movie plots are coming true

2. JuxtaRumblin~ Brain Initiative 1/2 December 2, 2023

The flagship device of CTRL-labs has been called an “API for the brain”[3] by TechCrunch and a “wristband to let human beings control machines with their minds” by CNBC.[16]

Thank you Mr. Juxtaposition for allowing me to overlay some links for our folks here on the Psinergy channel and God bless you sir for all the time you have spent educating folks like me, amen.

Love him…he’s like your older brother from another mother! [:rofl:] Just shared the link to this on one of my fav blogs that covers some of these topics but more general related psyop and occult stuff too. Lotta great folks over there esp the host Wordman.
For anyone interested:

Climate Viewer has spoken of the PAVE PAWS system.

1st Mobile Phone Commercial?

3) JuxtaRumblin~Brain Initiative 2/2 December 2, 2023



The flagship device of CTRL-labs has been called an “API for the brain”[3] by TechCrunch and a “wristband to let human beings control machines with their minds” by CNBC.[16]

4) JuxtaRumblin~ Brain Initiative Part 2

FM 3-09.34 Kill Box Tactics and Multiservice Procedures
google fingers terms:
personal area network
bluetooth low energy (BLE)
IEEE 802.15.5
LoRa or LoRaWAN
ad hoc network

5) JuxtaRumblin~ Brain Initiative 3 December 2, 2023

with all my heart i thank you for all you Be and share. Peace…in

I love how he explains how small a NANO PARTICLE is and his analogy with racing motocross and how we change out the oil a lot because we don’t want to motor gunked up with metal shavings/nano particles.

I love his direct friendly approach like this is just info. info that we need and should have had


I think 75%of America is avoidance coping

Fight with courage, not anger | Stoic Ambient Music

My anger that tints my oratory comes from the courage to speak while the signal digs tiny teeth into my efferent nerves and my literal heart tissue so I punch through it, because I /know/ there are strong, loving people out there, humans, God’s creation and they will /hear/ my heart through the tinted inflection because as that collediscope of intention shifts with my tone and the images I show or the words I read; I love through the entire oratory. I feel like this man has brought a tremendous amount of helpful data and when he speaks, it’s a pure sense of courage. I hope those of you out there who are heart warriors feel emboldened in Christ, your creator for prayerful people and may we all love one another as God loves us, amen.

amen! and I feel your heart inside every word you say sis! my fave vid on your lil rumble channel is called Love wins! all I hear and see in your eyes is YOUR heart fire for Humanity that the Lord gifted you with. and Love does win Amen💯❤️‍🔥

in one of his other vids he said Charles Manson didn’t kill Sharon Tate…if that’s true my mind is blown. I need to find his explanation vid about it

I think the Rothschilds did.

Weird interview with Anthony Bourdain

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