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World Economic Forum Announces Digital ID Passport To Be Citizen Of Planet Earth (Feb. 16, 2022)

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World Economic Forum Announces Digital ID Passport To Be Citizen Of Planet Earth

8,905 views Feb 16, 2022

War Room With Owen Shroyer


The Klaus Schwab led World Economic Forum published a document today talking about how vaccine passports and digital IDs to be a world citizen in the name of Covid really brings the Great Reset into clarity. Owen Shroyer explains how this will be used to eventually trap you in the Metaverse. The American media and Intelligence Agencies have egg on their face today, or should, as all their predictions, and attempts, for war with Russia have failed. The CDC in a stunning admission claims that nose swab covid tests were sent to a lab for genome sequencing. Leigh Dundas joins the show to discuss the Freedom Convoys coming to the U.S..

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an hour ago

”The REAL Terrorism-Threat to the USA is Black People”…… You will never hear these words being said on Owen’s or Alex’s show.

3 hours ago
20/3/22 or 20…..322 not many days till march

3 hours ago
cliton will be the so called leader of the so called free world sniff jo jo has not sacked the laughing hyena yet

3 hours ago
owen you watch way two much main stream news and when you start you can no stop dang i like harrison better shame i cant get him till later on most days

5 hours ago


-CDC Director, Rochelle Walensky – JEWISH
-CDC Director, Washington D.C. office , Jeff Reczek – JEWISH
-HHS Secretary, Xavier Becerra – JEWISH
-Vangard CEO, Hortimer J. Buckley – JEWISH
-Head of Pfizer, Albert Bourla – JEWISH
-CDC Chief of Staff, Sherri Berger – JEWISH
-HHS Assistant Health Secretary, Rachel Levine – JEWISH
-Monderna Chief Scientist, Tal Zaks – JEWISH
-CDC Deputy Director, Anne Schuchat – JEWISH
-Covid Czar, Jeff Zients – JEWISH
-Pfizer Chief Scientist, Mikael Dolstein – JEWISH
-Blackrock CEO, Larry Fink – JEWISH
-Covid Senior Advisor, Andy Slavitt – JEWISH
-CDC Chief Medical Officer, Mitchell Wolf – JEWISH
-Blackrock President, Rob Kapito – JEWISH
-Henry Kissinger – JEWISH
-George Sorros – JEWISH
-CEO World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab – JEWISH


-Alex’s first wife Kelly, daughter of Mossad agent – JEWISH
-Alex’s four children, who have Israeli “Right of Return” policy – JEWISH
-The three co-owners of Infowars, Corey Gold, Ben Fuchs, and Joel Wallach – JEWISH
-Editor-In-Chief of Infowars, Molly Maroney, former analyst for “Stratfor”, Zionist controlled C.I.A. front company – JEWISH
-Alex’s current wife, Erika Wulff a former prostitute from Austin Texas who posted her adds on SugarNightsdotCom- JEWISH

Alex Jones protects the Zionist agenda by calling the elite a very broad and vague term called “globalists”. He never allows his listeners to zero in on the one true enemy of the world and will forever having his audience who never read books chasing their tales of dis-information. The Zionists, the one group of people that Jesus warned us about in Revelations 2:9, are behind the forced vaccinations and the New World Order. The Space Force Disclosure released by the CIA in 2017 admitted that the Israeli Mossad is responsible for the covid pandemic and their goal is to ignite the Third World war between China and the USA.

10 hours ago
You are Saturdays warriors. You are in the Saturday night of time, it’s always darkest before the dawn. Run for the hills and cover yourselves, demons. When Christ comes you will be burned as stubble. We are the best and our children are the very best God had to offer for the Saturday night of time. Make sure you have the whole armor of God on. Here comes our spiritual D day we are storming the beaches of Normandy we will liberate the captives that Lucifer and his demons have swallowed up. We will shatter his spells cast upon humanity, the great awakening has arrived and we see you Lucifer even the serpent from the beginning who fell and became Satan. We’re coming for you, yes you now have dominion over your domain but we’re coming for you, all who worship you and serve you will be crushed. We follow Michael the arch angel who is under the direction of Christ, the spiritual fall of Berlin is inevitable. Hitler, Klaus Schwab and his minions will not crush humanity or Gods creations. We love our children too much, we love that which is good too much, we love God too much and you Lucifer are not God your kingdom will shrink into destruction and all that goes with it, we will make
His paths straight and clear out the dead wood for the Masters return for us.

12 hours ago
Again you guys are using hexagons which are the latest symbol of the Illuminati and New World Order everywhere. I am honestly starting to believe that you are a huge part of their agenda, and that you just pretend to be here for the common folk. Symbols used to be the Pyramid, the Eye of Horus or Eye of Ra, then the 3x 6es improvised by Google and other platforms in a circle, now it is a Hexagon and the NWO and Illuminati brag with it everywhere you can look, from the latest movies to the latest shows or TV ads, and you embraced this Hexagon madness. Also one more thing to point out is the LION symbol that David Icke uses among other people, which is there to represent Lion’s Club. Once more Alex was praising Tulsi, and it is clear that his ego is too large to understand that these people, that he praises, are wolves in sheep clothing. While he praises Elon Musk, Elon is killing monkeys with Neuralink and developing a major AI grid with Tesla at the same time. His biggest profit, comes not from car sale, but from DATA sale that cars collect. Yes, Clintons are total trash and should burn eternally in hell forever, but you guys are starting to appear more and more like promoters of NWO, and pretending that you care about people, children or Christians. Stop praising Putin, stop praising Trump, stop praising Tulsi and stop praising politicians. Be journalists and keep all their feet to the fire. This is becoming pathetic. Your platform is sinking more and more every day.

12 hours ago
To the last caller about Jews.
The connection is the fallen.
When the fallen impregnated human women, it was in the Golan heights area…Jewish lands and peoples historically. ALL the ZIONISTS (who are not jews), but DID work with the Nazi 3rd reich. The Zionists are the bloodlines of the fallen, who by our veiw are jews from that day till now…ZIONISTS ARE THE NWO

The bloodlines of the fallen!

12 hours ago
The fellow who called at the end about the Jewish Conspiracy did say that there are good Jews meaning working class normal folk like you and me however the Jewish Mafia is another thing completely to the common Jew. Owen asks how do Jews fit into the Chinese Government? Well Henry Kissinger(Jew) Placed Mao Tse Tung into Power, literally setting up the Communist regime in China in the 1950’s, that same regime continues today.

Soros, Rockefeller, Kissinger, Schwab are All Jews, Most of the Bankster Elite including the Rothschild’s, Warburgs etc Known widely as The Cabal are all Jews. Bezo, Zuckerberg, Owners of Most Hollywood Movie productions are Jews just like Casting Couch Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein, Zucker and the list goes on……of course these are not Godly Jews these are at best Atheists and at Worst Satanists, they are not your average, go to temple Jew living next door or running the store down the road. These people would tread on your Jewish mother to pick up a Shekel. These Jews would destroy Israel if it meant ruling the planet.

They are JINO’s, Jews In Name Only, they use Jewish privilege to hide behind while doing the most despicable acts on earth. These are the Ones Who ran the temple in the days of Jesus, he basically called them Sons of the devil. Now of course there are Goyim involved as well but you’ll find that like Madonna and others they convert to a form of Satanic Judaism to show the are part of that club.

I grew up with very nice kind Jewish folks and i love them, they are my friends and they too know this to be true. Many rabbi’s have written about the cabal. Research it!

12 hours ago
I don’t understand how this Klaus Schwab is still walking around, isn’t he human? He deserves to be burned alive on TV for the whole world to see.

12 hours ago
they can take that jab and shove it up where the sun dont shine

12 hours ago
The whole thing with checking genomes is to find ALL relatives of the divine order, and to identify the Christ, which either the Christ or the AntiChrist was born in Finland at the zenith of the eclipse on Fathers day thru Black sabath Sunday 2021. When the eclipse formed the ring, it placed a circle on the earth where the ENTITY was born.

I thought it was for sure the AntiChrist, but now I wonder, because they are SO FRANTIC to find the Christ line.

We ALL are signed by our creator in each cell of our body…trillions upon trillions of copies of GODs message to YOU.

HARVARD UNIVERSITY discovered SEVERAL messages from our creator in our DNA! The message includes his NAME! The evil Nazi 4th reich NWO wants to desecrate and eliminate that message.


DNA is written in binary code, computer language. A computer scientist learned to read the code, and then deciphered several messages from our very creator, GOD.

13 hours ago
@ the Tik Tok chick that likes to assume. I’m going to assume you’re mentally ill.

14 hours ago
Owen, of course they sent your pcr test swab to a lab, that’s where they do them. What we want to know is, did they take your genetic material and KEEP it to Identify You, in other words did they store it to make you identifiable to government?

14 hours ago
Mass DNA collection.

16 hours ago
The digital ID leads to the Metaverse . God is the trinity , its the code of nature .The trinity is in everything . Digital code is binary, 2 numbers 1 and 0 . If you divide 2 by 3 you get .666 . Meaning if you take life and digitise it you get the mark of the beast .

18 hours ago
South Americans, Cubans, etc need to stay home, stand their ground & fix their sh*t instead of coming here

18 hours ago
Start knocking the snot out of these shit-libtard freaks

19 hours ago
Owen, another great show. Thank you. Maybe the goal is to make life so miserable on Earth that many will volunteer to colonise Mars
Just a thought

19 hours ago
That slimy ‘FDA’ prick does not EVEN have a CLUE WTF he’s talking about! Fauci STILL CANNOT PROVE the VERY EXISTENCE of his ‘covid19’ Fantasy FICTION outside of his Computer Modeled LIE. Yes, the “virus” is NOT what Fauci wants you to think it is and their B.S. Lethal Genetic Drugs are NOT the “cure”.

19 hours ago
I have just shared this because Owen is not yelling ….yet he is speaking with a professional tone. Once he starts yelling like an idiot- instant delete

19 hours ago
Never ever NEVER give up your GUNS People. EVER! No matter what the slimy “Feds” threaten you with or else you WILL end up in their Extermination centers, guaranteed.
19 hours ago
I trust Putin way more than Pedophile Faked President Joe Biden & Nato. Biden is content to send our Treasure off to a foreign Border rather than secure our Southern Border allowing Criminal Sewage Like The Biden Regime to Pour In.

20 hours ago

I will never take orders from a Pus Bag like Biden nor any Demonrat.
The Framers drafted the 2nd Amendment for Law Abiding Americans to protect against a Tyrannical Government such as the one holding America Hostage Right Now

20 hours ago

i think he means “lucifer”, “the devil”, “serpent” has the “religous” jews still waiting on “messiah”… “the evil one” convinced the “religous” and “ethnic” jews to crucify the historic figure known as “Jesus” who claimed to be the “Christ”. “the usurper”, “dragon”, etc. than continued to push ethnic superiority of the group, and also created multiple “cults”, empowering and lifting whom they choose, in “the kingdom of air” .

basically, THE BIG PICTURE. the leo zagami perspective. the Biblical perspective. “them”, “evil”, “unholy trinity” vs God.

Christ Jesus is Lord.


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