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Tactics for Fighting Gang Stalking (Counter-Intelligence Surveillance, Harassment, and Torture)

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Tactics for Fighting Gang Stalking (more accurately termed “Organized Stalking,” “Counterintelligence Stalking,” and “Stalking Crimes Using Counterintelligence Tactics”)


ETK Introduction:

When criminal fascists (that is, corporations in control of government) rule America, they hire the best criminal network they can find to terrorize, “neutralize,” and ultimately destroy the citizenry, who are the rightful owners of the nation and its government. (ETK)

I include this segment from the website because it provides very useful insights into what gang stalking is, how American citizens can expose and ultimately defeat this diabolical system.

Remember, organized stalking is a criminal felony. It is unconstitutional. It violates federal and state statutes in every one of the 50 states. It is immoral, unethical, and despicable.

“So the Achilles’ heel of gang stalking is exposure. From the perspective of intelligence and law enforcement agencies and corporations which use organized stalking as a secret illegal weapon for subversion, the perfect operation is one in which the target becomes progressively isolated, impoverished, emotionally degraded, and eventually commits suicide.”

So, it seems, the elite is clearly ramping up their covert warfare against the American and world citizenry by employing psychological warfare and mind control tactics against “targeted individuals.” This “low intensity conflict/””terrorism” is “war by other means” employed against the domestic population. One can imagine that, unless these criminal tactics are exposed and checked, the (Illuminati/Jewish) elite will employ more drastic tactics, such as were employed against the civilian population of Vietnam under Operation Phoenix. Or these psychpaths could, for the second time, orchestrate civil war in these United States, perhaps by having large-scale military drills such as Jade Helm 2015 and UWEX 2016 “go live.” Clearly, they want it all and clearly they are “hell-bent” to get it all.

In warfare, the best defense is a good offense. The perps themselves must be exposed, “neutralized,” and shamed. What they are doing, after all, is shameful, illegal, unconstitutional, unAmerican, and indefensible. They are the ones who should be locked up. To respond appropriately, targets must familiarize themselves with the law, the U.S. Constitution, and also tactical warfare techniques such as are enunciated in Sun Tzu’s classic “The Art of War.”

In the following document, the author of refers to the perps as: “sewer rats,” “cockroaches,” “careerist statist rodents,” “the goon squad,” “America’s Stasi,” “rat’s nest,” “the Stasi machine,” “counterintelligence pigs,” and “the U.S. government’s Stasi brigade of corrupt cops, snitches, bullies, liars, parasitic security contractors, sociopaths, traitors, and useful-idiot vigilantes.”

In the article below, the author of provides the tools American citizens need to fight “gang stalking.” He describes numerous tactics of civil disobedience, a venerable American tradition, that can also be extremely effective in “neutralizing” these “sewer rats.”

Let us remember and act upon Thomas Jefferson’s words:

“When the government fears the people, there is liberty; When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”

Let’s turn the tables on these cockroaches and take our country back.

Other useful and informational posts regarding gang stalking on this website include:

1) Appendix 9. “gang stalking:” organized and electronic targeting the “domestic enemy.” notes from books, utube presentations, and blogs (

2) Appendix 20. what is “gang stalking?” (with recommended reading) (

3) Appendix 23: “fight gang stalking action pack:” fliers and educational information packet (

In Appendix 9, I quote former intelligence officer Cynthia McKinney, who herself has been victimized by this program for over 40 years. In an interview (), McKinney asserted that a particular religion is primarily involved in gang stalking activities. She stated:

“How are perpetrators solicited to do this?” That is something I have been pondering about for quite some time. What I’ve noticed is that….

“There seems to be a predominance of a particular religion that makes it particularly easy for them to cooperate.”

Interviewer: “ You mentioned something about a religion group. What did you mean by that?”

McKinney: “I’m not anxious to start a religious war… Let me put it this way: I have found over the years that the persons involved, both in gang stalking….. I’ve made it a point to get to know these people (perpetrators), I’ve had to necessarily, and what I have found is that the perpetrators appear to belong predominantly to one particular religion whereas the targeted individuals do not belong predominantly to that particular religion. This is something I’ve observed over the past ten years.”

Interviewer: “What is the particular religion of the perpetrators?”

“I have challenged other TI’s to get to know the perpetrators the people who are harassing them, to get to know those people themselves, to draw those distinctions themselves. There is a religious influence…

Based on the overwhelming abundance of information presented on this website, we can state with certainty that that “particular religion” is Judaism, which is to say, “Judeo/Freemasonic/Satanism” and its innumerable false fronts. Collectively, we have identified this system as the “Synagogue of Satan.”


A. General Strategies
1. Shine a light on the cockroaches.
2. Take calculated risks.
3. Exploit technology.
4. Never give up.
5. Join forces with other victims.
B. Tradecraft
1. Fortification
2. Disappearing
3. Computer & Phone Security
4. Spy Gear
C. Interacting with Perps
1. Scripted Responses & Fake Phone Calls
2. Taking Photos & Videos of Stalkers
3. Making Noise
4. Suppressing Noise
5. Always Smile at the Goon Squad
6. Killing a Stalker in Self-Defense
D. Exposing the Perps Locally
1. Emails & Letters to Local Officials & Organizations
2. Flyers *****
3. Business Cards
4. Window Signs & Bumper-Stickers
5. Chalk Messages
6. Self-Inking Stamps
7. Banners
8. Calling the Police
9. Interacting With Police Officers
E. Exposing the Perps Nationally
1. Letters to Congress
2. Online Petitions
3. Calls to Radio Programs
4. Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests
5. Posting Comments in Online Forums
6. Letters & Emails to Journalists & Non-Profit Groups

A. General Strategy
“What is of supreme importance in war
is to attack the enemy’s strategy.”
– Sun Tzu, The Art of War

1. Shine a light on the cockroaches.

Organized stalking is a manifestation of the view that intelligence and law enforcement agencies, their corporate cronies, and the military-industrial complex should have supremacy over all other elements of American government.

Even if you think that is a desirable power structure for national security reasons, it is impossible to deny that it grossly violates core principles of the U.S. Constitution. Organized stalking also violates stalking prohibitions under federal law and state laws in all fifty states.
One of the implications of that is that the perpetrators need to keep it a secret.

This is a primary difference between the use of organized stalking as a domestic counterintelligence strategy in America today and its use by the Stasi (state police) in communist East Germany: in the U.S. it is illegal.
This was true during the original version of COINTELPRO also – and was a primary reason the U.S. Senate conducted its Church Committee investigations after the FBI’s activities were exposed by civilian activists.

Many of the tactics and strategies employed by the Stasi were virtually identical to those now used (and largely out-sourced apparently) by the FBI and other agencies in the U.S.

In East Germany however, the Stasi wanted citizens to be aware that their society was infested with spies because it furthered the communist party’s goal of political control. In the U.S., such a public awareness would trigger a backlash against the abuse of power by the government and its cronies, so it is kept under the radar.

So the Achilles’ heel of gang stalking is exposure.

From the perspective of intelligence and law enforcement agencies and corporations which use organized stalking as a secret illegal weapon for subversion, the perfect operation is one in which the target becomes progressively isolated, impoverished, emotionally degraded, and eventually commits suicide. That does happen in some cases – the most prominent example being the FBI’s psychological torture of actress and political activist Jean Seberg.

Seberg’s case was tactically successful in the short term (they destroyed her emotionally), but it was ultimately a strategic failure for the FBI because its crimes against her ended up on the front pages of national newspapers.

Without question, the vast majority of Americans do not want to live in a society infested with spies working for a Stasi-type government. To the extent that you can educate your fellow citizens about the creepy and illegal stalking activities of private security mercenaries, vigilantes, and corrupt law enforcement officers, they will be on your side.

Targets of organized stalking must wage a two-front war: we must act locally to expose the harassment to neighbors and others, and we must expose what is happening on a national level as well. Both objectives are critical.

2. Take calculated risks.

A strategic axiom in all arenas of competition and warfare is that the side which is at a disadvantage should be more aggressive. In a sports game, the team with a points lead can often exploit its position by playing cautiously. Conversely, the opponent with the points deficit has a logical incentive to take more risks.

Targeted individuals need to exploit asymmetrical warfare principles. As much as possible, we should employ tactics which are unpredictable, creative, cheap, simple and bold. The worst thing a victim of organized stalking could do would be to adopt a cautious defensive posture.

Counterintelligence subversion is based on a strategy of intimidating the victim to the point that he or she is afraid to go anywhere or do anything without being constantly vigilant. That mental state cannot be sustained for a long period and it diverts energy and time and resources which could otherwise be devoted to exposing the criminals who orchestrate and perpetrate the stalking.

Organized stalking is cowardly and illegal, but the strategy is not stupid. On the contrary; it employs tactics that are both effective and difficult to prove legally. Also, it exploits the superior financial and political resources of the corrupt agencies and their corporate cronies which use it as a weapon.

We need to change the whole game and play it on our terms. Give the perps and their handlers some reasons to be uncomfortable. The way to throw a wrench into the Stasi machine is to expose its crimes to the public, and doing that sometimes requires stepping outside of your comfort zone a bit.
By the way, an additional benefit of adopting an offensive strategy is that when you are focused on working aggressively to undermine the criminals, the emotional effects of their harassment will diminish greatly.

Civil Disobedience

Anyone who is already officially or unofficially blacklisted, should exploit that by taking the game to the gang stalkers. This is not to say that you have nothing to lose: you should avoid doing things which could lead to serious legal trouble. Fortunately, most of the tactics on this webpage are 100 percent legal, and the few which are in a grey area are acts of non-violent civil disobedience.

Incidentally, civil disobedience is a well-established, respected, and morally legitimate way to protest injustices. For targets of criminal harassment by corrupt members of law enforcement agencies and security contractors, it is even more than that; it is a necessary form of self-defense.

You do not need to wade more deeply into the philosophy of civil disobedience for the purposes of understanding its role in fighting gang stalking (or fighting corruption generally), but if you want to pursue the subject, you might want to start with this classic essay by Henry David Thoreau. Civil Disobedience

Another classic document on the subject is “Letter from Birmingham Jail” by Martin Luther King, Jr. King, of course, was among America’s most famous proponents of civil disobedience. He was also a target of intense systematic persecution by lawless thugs in the FBI.

Several things are worth noting about the example of Martin Luther King, Jr. Although he was the target of cowardly and illegal harassment by creeps in a rogue law enforcement agency, he never bowed to their efforts at intimidation. Also note that King is now honored by a national holiday – whereas FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover is mostly reviled.

The Streisand Effect

One of the reasons that most of the tactics listed here do not involve much risk for the targeted individual is that gang stalking perps have to worry about the following phenomenon.

The “Streisand Effect” is when an effort to suppress information inadvertently causes an increase in attention to the information.
An online archive of 12,000 photographs of the California coastline – created to document coastal erosion – contained an aerial photograph (seen below) which included the Malibu mansion of singer and actress Barbra Streisand.

In 2003 Streisand filed a lawsuit to remove the photograph from the archive on the grounds that it violated her privacy. A judge eventually dismissed the lawsuit, but news coverage of the litigation brought much more attention to the photograph than it would otherwise have received.
Before Streisand filed her lawsuit, “Image 3850” had been downloaded from Adelman’s website only six times; two of those downloads were by Streisand’s attorneys. As a result of the case, public knowledge of the picture increased substantially; more than 420,000 people visited the site over the following month. – Wikipedia

Gang stalking perps (including corrupt members of local law enforcement agencies) will not want to attract attention to their gang stalking crimes by doing battle with you in a public way, so they have to be very reserved in their efforts to suppress your exposure of what is happening. You should exploit that.

Incidentally, I don’t mean to bash Barbra Streisand – who, for example, offered her assistance to whistle-blower Daniel Ellsberg when he was facing serious legal danger because of his revelation of the Pentagon Papers.

3. Exploit technology.

Technical counter-measures can seriously disrupt some forms of surveillance and harassment used in organized stalking.
If you can afford to buy counter-surveillance and security equipment (cameras, alarm systems, locks, safes, firearms, bug detectors, signal jammers, etc.), you should do so.

Be as discrete as possible about acquiring and implementing such measures so as not to make them easier for your stalkers to defeat. If possible, try to have friends or relatives make the arrangements and purchases, since they are less likely to be under constant surveillance.
Using technical security measures to fight gang stalking has two major limitations though.

One is the cost. Most targeted individuals lack the financial assets to take advantage of many security technologies; people with significant resources and connections are probably not often selected as gang stalking targets in the first place since they can more easily fight back.
The other problem with a strategy that relies primarily on technical counter-measures is that you will essentially be engaged in a sort of “arms race” with people who have a deeper knowledge of such matters, as well as deeper pockets.

Nevertheless, it is smart to exploit spy gear and security systems as much as possible within your budget. Some effective technological counter-measures are either free or relatively affordable. I try to address those in the sections below.

4. Never give up.

Persistence will lead to victory. Already the digital public square is filled with information and rhetoric which the U.S. government would prefer to censor but cannot, posted by Americans fed-up with the corruption, secrecy, and abuses of power in the upper echelons of government and corporations.

Even the federal government’s massive self-serving security apparatus and its abettors in mainstream media institutions cannot effectively monitor and control the flow of information anymore. Dissent is harder to marginalize and censor in a digital landscape filled with whistle-blowers, citizen-journalists, bloggers, and alternative media websites (from all across the ideological spectrum).

Independent thinkers, entrepreneurs, entities such as WikiLeaks, and movements such as Anonymous have created an information network in which citizens no longer have to wait for the New York Times to expose the next Pentagon Papers conspiracy – or the Washington Post to expose the next Watergate scandal. Even the New York Times admits this:

“News no longer needs the permission of traditional gatekeepers to break through. Scoops can now come from all corners of the media map and find an audience just by virtue of what they reveal.” – David Carr, New York Times, June 16, 2013

One of the objectives of gang stalking is to isolate and break-down the targeted individual by creating the impression that the whole society is against him or her. Don’t make the mistake of believing that false impression. Although the number of people who participate in gang stalking must be large, they are still a very small minority compared with the general population. The vast majority of Americans do not wish to have our society become a creepy police state filled with citizen spies, as happened in the communist nation of East Germany.

Gang stalking victims need to challenge the careerist statist rodents in the food chain, and support political reformers – libertarians, progressives, and others – who defend the individual rights and freedoms of Americans against the predatory inclinations of powerful government and corporate institutions.

5. Join forces with other victims.

Join forces with other gang stalking victims by concentrating on just a few online platforms to share information and expose gang stalking.
Not only are gang stalking victims often in various stages of financial ruin because of their enemies, and short of contacts because of their isolation, they also don’t have one clear source to which they can go for information and support.

African-Americans have the NAACP; American Muslims have CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations). If members of those communities are looking for advocacy, they know where to go.

Targets of gang stalking in contrast are isolated individuals with numerous scattered, marginally-useful websites to go to for information, and those are mixed in among search results with numerous disinformation websites created by government minions.

To have any hope of ever gaining the attention of Congress, targeted individuals must at least begin coalescing around just a few major information sources. This website is intended to be one of those.
For every legitimate anti-gang-stalking website, there seems to be a dozen which are mostly or completely filled with garbage. Every gang stalking victim who has searched for information online knows this is true.
As you visit websites which appear in searches about gang stalking, you first see something which appears to be a possible source of useful information, but on closer look is just a lot of vague B.S. mixed with UFO abduction story links or whatever.

I have listed some of the few exceptions in the “Recommended Websites” page of this blog. There are other legitimate sources as well, but not many.

Consequently, anyone (who is not a targeted individual) searching online – for example, a journalist – will mostly encounter what appears to be evidence that gang stalking is the product of the imaginations of paranoid and mentally-challenged individuals.

Merely creating one more blog or Facebook page to get lost in the ocean of such information is not going to solve the problem. If you want to create an anti-gang stalking website, blog or Facebook page, by all means go ahead (in fact I encourage it), but you should seriously consider also trying to help the community of gang stalking victims coalesce around a few locations – instead of existing only as isolated points spread across the web in a sea of disinformation.

Toward that end, I humbly suggest that you try to promote this website – – as a comprehensive source to which people can go. This suggestion might seem self-serving, but you can see for yourself that I’m not making any money from this website: there’s nothing for sale here.
I will continue attempting to publicize the best suggestions, websites, articles, video links, etc. about gang stalking as they come to my attention by listing them in this website.

Instead of having each victim of gang stalking re-invent the wheel and create a website which attempts to explain gang stalking from scratch, consider creating a more limited website, Facebook page, or blog, which describes your experiences with gang stalking, but also prominently features a link to this website.

As mentioned above, another thing that would be helpful is to go online and post comments in other websites, forums, Facebook pages, Twitter messages, emails, etc.) referring people to this site.

As much as possible, you should do that both at gang stalking websites and in the comments sections beneath articles in major news websites, so they will be seen by non-victims of gang stalking as well. That’s critical.
One very easy way to post such information is to simply copy information from this website – if it relates to an article or a forum discussion.
The best way to connect with other victims of gang stalking is online – although you must beware of perps who pose as targeted individuals (see the “FFCHS” page of this website for details). In general, be suspicious of anyone reluctant to publicly criticize the apparent participation in gang stalking by law enforcement officials.

The very best thing would be for victims to create a legitimate victims’ support group to lobby for the exposure and elimination of gang stalking by petitions and public demonstrations.

If any particularly ambitious gang stalking victim wishes to spearhead an effort to form such a group, please email me about it so I can promote it here. Even though it would inevitably be infiltrated by some perps, it could still be very effective.

B. Tradecraft

I am using this term somewhat loosely here; from the perspective of anyone targeted by America’s Stasi, everything on this webpage is our “tradecraft.” Traditionally, the term refers to the set of specialized methods used by intelligence and counterintelligence agents.

1. Fortification

Although it is impossible to make your residence completely secure against all potential threats, you can make it far more risky for intruders by taking certain precautions.

A full discussion of home security concepts and hardware is beyond the scope of this website. I will mention a few principles here – and try to add more information in the future – but I encourage you to invest some time reading more about this subject and exploiting established security practices and technology.

Here is an example of some good basic advice on this topic.
Begin by implementing standard basic security measures.

Secure all your windows from the inside with bolt locks, and test them from the outside to ensure integrity.

If you have multiple entrance doors, secure all but one of them from the inside with bolt locks before departing, so as to restrict access to a single door.

Install a simple, self-contained alarm system on the entrance door. Arguably, a simpler system will be more difficult for stalkers to defeat than a more expensive sophisticated remotely-monitored system.

Advances in digital audio and video recording devices are making surveillance cameras better and more affordable all the time. Install several small cameras to monitor the entrance from different angles.
Think creatively about how you might arrange for some unpleasant surprises to occur for anyone who visits your residence uninvited while you are not home.

Various laws could apply depending upon the country and region where you reside, but if you determine that it is legally appropriate to implement certain arrangements that are physically dangerous for intruders, that would certainly create some interesting options.

Those options could be very cheap and low-tech also – perfect for asymmetrical warfare. If you can develop a fool-proof system for not endangering yourself and other innocent people, you might want to consider, for example, the potential of strategically duct-taping razor blades to various places in and around your residence. Creatively-placed fish hooks, needles and broken glass can also make your residence less friendly to criminal intruders.

2. Disappearing

Performing a “cleaning run”

For most individuals targeted by organized stalking, it is probably not practical to invest a lot of time trying to master the “tradecraft” of the intelligence and security industry; however, it is worth taking a look at some of the concepts.

In the spying business, a “cleaning run” is a process by which an individual who is the target of surveillance, escapes that surveillance – at least temporarily – by traveling on an unpredictable route over a period of several hours, using a series of different means of transportation and exploiting a variety of environments (busy intersections, deserted areas, underground parking structures with multiple entrances and exits, etc.).

Obviously, such a run would also require abandoning things which can be tracked by GPS monitoring, such as a personal vehicle. If you are carrying a cell phone, you need to remove the battery. That is the only way to ensure it is not being tracked. (Merely turning off the power will not work.)

Some elements of cleaning runs are technical, but most of it is common sense. The targeted individual needs to have a detailed plan, but also needs to create that plan discretely.

Obviously, for most targeted individuals, cleaning runs are mostly only viable as a short-term way to get off of the radar. A long-term solution would require the ability to live somewhere anonymously – a much bigger challenge – especially in an age of ubiquitous electronic record keeping, surveillance cameras and such.

It is far more realistic to work at exposing the deep corruption in America’s law enforcement and intelligence agencies. That can lead to political efforts to rein-in the rodents who profit from the surveillance state. Targeted individuals should take their inspiration from patriots like Edward Snowden.

Here are a few websites which give you a very basic idea of what cleaning runs are about:

Counter Surveillance – The Cleaning Run and Evading Capture

For a deeper look into these kinds of tactics, you might want to purchase a book such as this one: Surveillance Countermeasures

“How To Disappear: 9 Ways To Avoid The Creepy Surveillance Systems All Around You”

This article gives an idea of the kinds of gadgets available to help you stay under the radar.

3. Computer & Phone Security

Corrupt current and former agents of intelligence and law enforcement agencies and their corporate clients will almost always have more financial and technical resources than the individuals they’re stalking. So despite your best efforts, it will be difficult to achieve full computer and phone security.

Therefore you should never assume that your electronic communications have not been compromised. For information that needs to be completely secure, you will need to rely upon non-electronic means – face-to-face communication in remote unpredictable locations, hand-written notes (or a typewriter) to record information, etc.

On the other hand, you can sometimes at least make electronic spying difficult for stalkers by using certain technical counter-measures, such as encryption. Electronic security is very much like the physical security of your home: a determined and skilled burglar can get into your house despite your security precautions, but it still makes sense to lock your front door. Similarly, you might never make your electronic data completely unreachable, but it still makes sense to protect your information as much as you can.

Anonymous Web Browsing

If you want to browse the Internet relatively anonymously (for example, as you search for gang stalking and counter-surveillance information), you can download and use the free web-browser called Tor.

Internet browsing via the Tor network is relatively secure, but it is also very slow. For most of your regular non-sensitive Internet activity you might want to use Mozilla’s popular free open-source Firefox browser, which is generally rated highly for security.

Note: For whatever reason, the Firefox browser seems to clash with the blog template I use for this website. I recommend that you use Google Chrome or Internet Explorer instead when visiting Fight Gang Stalking.
Operating systems that can be booted from your flash drive

To further enhance your anonymity, you can use an operating system called Tails, which is designed to work with the Tor network. It will work with almost any computer, and can be launched from a USB flash drive, DVD, or SD card. Your files are encrypted and your activity leaves no trace on the computer.

Anonymous Search Engines

If you wish to avoid using Google as your search engine – since, for example, one of its chairmen was apparently a friend of the war criminal Henry Kissinger (see June 1, 2013 entry in “Gang Stalking News” section of this website), you can instead use a search engine called Start Page – which is specifically designed to be more anonymous. They bill themselves as “The world’s most private search engine.”

Another search engine which does not track its users is DuckDuckGo.
Internet Search Techniques

Even though most search engine queries are simple, if you want to dig more deeply into the information available online, it is worth learning more about research tools and strategies. This booklet is a bit dated – it was created in 2007 – but it will help you sharpen your skills for exploring the Internet. Untangling the Web

Encrypted Email

If you want to encrypt your communications – such as emails – you can use a program called Pretty Good Privacy (PGP).

The simplest way to exploit the advantages of Pretty Good Privacy encryption is to use the free email service called Hushmail. You can set up a free account in about two minutes.

You will need to also have your friends and relatives create Hushmail accounts. When emails are exchanged between two users of Hushmail, the contents are automatically encrypted. Of course, Big Brother’s vast army of mathematicians and hackers at the NSA presumably have little trouble defeating such security in various ways, but it’s better to at least make the effort to be as secure as possible. You can set up a free account at The only drawback to (the free version of) their service is that you must log-in at least once every three weeks to keep it active.
Another reputable free email service which uses encryption is Riseup. They also offer other secure communication services, such as voice and video chat and Virtual Private Networks (VPN).

Testing your computer’s firewall

Gibson Research is a well-established source of information (and software) regarding computer security. At their website you can test the security of your computer’s firewall. Visit their website and scroll-down to the bottom of the page and click “Proceed.” On the next page, click the button that says “GRC’s Instant UPnP Exposure Test.”

Ad-Blocking Applications

As you probably know, most online advertisements are targeted – as much as possible – toward particular consumers based on data about them. For example, if you perform a Google search for a particular product or service, you are likely to begin seeing pop-up ads related to that subject.
Sometimes gang stalkers exploit this by targeting your computer’s IP address and online accounts with ads specifically intended to harass you.
At one point the local gang stalking crew in my neighborhood began dropping life insurance brochures on the walkway to my door inside my courtyard. Then they followed up with a barrage of Internet ads about life insurance – just to drive the point home. It was a classic “no fingerprints” form of gang stalking threat, because it’s difficult to persuade others (let alone prove) that the brochures and ads are not simply coincidental. The threat was reinforced with the online ad shown above – ostensibly an ad for a novel.

You can eliminate most – but not all – pop-up ads by downloading
an ad-blocking application. Among the best of these programs is
Ad Muncher, which is now available for free.

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)

For a more comprehensive look at how to protect your computer from Big Brother’s surveillance, you can refer to this guide by the non-profit Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF).

Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC)

Another reputable non-profit organization that fights against anti-American spying on computer activities is the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC). This page of their website lists some recommended privacy tools.

Encrypted smart phones

Some phones offer encrypted voice calls and text messages. This PC Magazine article from March 2014 gives you an idea of what is available.

Face-to-Face Communication

Every form of electronic communication can potentially be compromised. If you are discussing matters you wish to keep private, face-to-face conversation should be used instead whenever possible. Go outside and find an unpredictable location for your discussion.

Privacy for indoor conversations can be greatly enhanced by using the effect of “white noise.” One way to do this is to stand close to a sink, turn on the water full-blast, and speak quietly. It can be nearly impossible to detect conversation in that situation.

4. Spy Gear

Products Available

I have no personal knowledge of this particular company, but it seems to offer a wide range of products, so this will give you an idea of what is on the market. It is mostly obvious how the devices featured could be used to document or disrupt the activities of the criminals who perpetrate organized stalking.

Bug Detectors

From my brief online survey of bug detection (camera and microphone detection) hardware, it seems that detectors range from about $80 for basic portable devices to about $2,700 for professional-grade state-of-the-art equipment. The obvious question is: How much do you need to spend to obtain gear you can have confidence in? That is difficult to say because distributors (who presumably have the most expertise) also have an incentive to sell you the priciest gear.

The following is just some basic information I plagiarized from various online sources. My thanks and apologies to whoever wrote it. Technology information should be frequently updated of course, but this is fairly general advice.

Purchase a counter-surveillance device that can detect the magnetic fields and electrical “noise” produced by computer circuitry. Many surveillance cameras and audio bugs emit radio waves and can be identified by a standard RF (radio frequency) detection device.

Conduct a “sweep” of your home with your bug detector. Surveillance devices are often hidden in walls or ceilings, so look for any spots that appear to be spackled or recently spackled. However, with the decreasing size of surveillance equipment, they can be concealed virtually anywhere. Household objects such as pens, clocks, lamps and even watches may contain devices to see and hear what you are doing.

Repeat sweeps frequently. Many surveillance devices can switch frequencies or shut on or off to avoid standard detection equipment. And, of course, a device might simply have a dead battery (until someone replaces it).
Small bug detectors might be used to track audio bugs in the phones or near the phones. Larger bug trackers, measuring the size of a briefcase, can track spy cameras, audio spy equipment and have much more functions than smaller ones. Of course, such detectors cost more also.

More advanced bug detectors not only allow you to detect any bugs in the room, they can also “steal” the RF signal and display what the security camera sees. If the CCTV cameras don’t use any signal encoding, then such spy cam bug detectors will easily display you the wireless camera’s view.

How a Bug Detector Works

Wireless devices, like spy cameras or even computer networks, work by sending radio signals from one location to another. Such signals are called RF, which refers to “Radio Frequency”. Such devices use RF signals to communicate with the receivers. Now a bug detector simply scans the whole room or office for such radio signals and reports to you when it detects anything.

One note here. If you’re doing surveillance in your house, then turning off some wireless devices, like cell phones could be a good idea. This is just to help you better track and spot bugs or spy cameras in the room.

Frequency Range

Usually, bug detectors operate in 2 GHz or 3 GHz frequency range. Now, most spy devices also operate in this range, so there are no problems spotting a bug in that range. However, some (more sophisticated) spies will change the frequency of a bug to a higher level, like 4 GHz or 6 GHz. Then, a common bug tracking device won’t be able to catch any frequencies, but a more advanced solution will do the job.

There are powerful bug detectors for private investigators; or the ones that police use, which can detect RF signals even up to 9 GHz. They cost more, but they’ll spot any bug in the room without problems.

Can Surveillance Bugs Spot Wired CCTV Cameras?

Most bug detectors are able to track almost any wireless spy device that uses RF signals – whether it is a wireless mini hidden camera, a phone bug, or a blue tooth spy cam…

But, detecting hard-wired cameras was a little problem. It’s simply because they don’t use radio frequency signals to transmit data between the transmitter and a receiver. Now, powerful bug tracking devices can spot even wired CCTV cameras in the area.

C. Interacting with Perps

1. Scripted Responses & Fake Phone Calls

Use the tactics of your enemies when they are useful for your purposes.

Lower-level perpetrators of the direct face-to-face harassment involved in organized stalking almost always interact with the targeted individual in a tightly scripted way. The perpetrator is directed to make a specific comment and/or perform a specific action based upon the particular victim and circumstances.

This is done for a very good reason. It allows the handlers to control the harassment in ways which follow a thoroughly tested playbook that has been developed and honed over years of psychological operations by the Stasi, the FBI, and other counterintelligence agencies.

Comments are intended to be as creepy and insulting and provocative as possible (and tailored to the individual victim as much as possible) without including any language that might be incriminating or legally objectionable or suspicious in case they are recorded.

Similarly, the perpetrators’ actions – such as cutting the victim off or brushing against him – are chosen because they will not appear extraordinary to outside observers. (People do sometimes brush against other pedestrians or cut them off – either accidentally or because of common rudeness.) If the actions are witnessed or captured on video, they will seem inconsequential – especially when viewed as an isolated act.

The point is that few, if any, of these acts of harassment are spontaneous, which reduces the chances of mistakes. That logic can be used by targets of gang stalking also. Instead of simply reacting to each act of harassment impulsively when baited by the perpetrators, it is better to have a standard phrase and course of action mapped-out in advance.

This is true both for “street theater” public harassment and the “mobbing” in the workplace by co-workers. If you have a standard action and phrase to use (one which you have mentally rehearsed and chosen for its lack of potentially incriminating language) you will not be forced to respond on impulse.

Sometimes gang stalking perps try to bait targets to react in ways that they can document and use against them (a classic FBI trick). Don’t give them anything to work with. When they say or do something insulting, you should respond based on your plan.

Responding to Harassment in the Workplace

If you’re being mobbed (verbally harassed in your workplace), consider responding to every single instance of such harassment by saying something like “I read that people who engage in workplace mobbing are all brown-nosers. Do you think that’s true?”

If they try to draw you into a discussion about that – for example, by saying “What do you mean?” just smile and say “I just thought that was an interesting theory.”

Always say that. Don’t ever say anything else. Your co-workers will grow tired of having you respond to their insults by hearing you re-ask for the twentieth time whether they think perpetrators of workplace mobbing are all brown-nosers, and having you refuse to get drawn in beyond commenting that you think that’s an interesting theory.

And those exchanges are not the type which employees and managers will want documented verbatim in human resources reports.

An alternate choice of words you might want to adopt as your default comment would be this: “You’ve got a little bit of brown stuff on your nose.”

That is taking a page out of the playbook of the Stasi goons. It will annoy the perp because it will be true – and they will know it is true.
That is the kind of thing that gets under a person’s skin.

Also – what are they going to do about it? They could secretly record what you are saying perhaps, but that would just support your claim that you are being systematically spied upon.

A taste of their own medicine. 🙂

Responding to Harassment in Public – Fake Phone Calls

When you are at work, there are limits to what you can say out loud to gang stalking perps without creating problems for yourself. That does not apply to most other situations. Whenever you encounter a stalker (or even someone you think could possibly be a stalker) anywhere outside of your workplace, this is how you should respond:

Place your cell phone to your ear – as if you are having a phone conversation. If you don’t have a cell phone handy, just cup your hand to your ear as if you were holding a small cell phone – it does not need to be convincing. Then stare right at the perp and smile and say – very loudly – something crude and insulting.

Use your imagination (in advance) to come up with one standard crude insulting phrase that could always be used. Just make sure it’s very crude and very insulting. Gang stalking – like politics – “ain’t bean-bag.”
Something along the lines of “They sent another brown-noser!” would be appropriate. If you can think of something worse, that’s even better. Just refrain from threats – since that could get you into legal trouble.

Repeat as needed. If you get no response, say it again – even more loudly: “I said: They sent another brown-noser!” Always keep smiling as you say it and keep looking directly at the perp.

In between insults, you might wish to say this – for the benefit of anyone other than the perp who might be in the vicinity: “My cell phone has a terrible connection. I’ll try to talk louder.”

If the perp is walking away from you without responding, shout to him or her in the same tone of voice used when you’re trying to get the attention of someone who has dropped something and does not realize it: “Hey! Hey! Brown-noser!”

Push this as far as you like. Perps are kept on a very short leash, so to speak, by their handlers. They know that if they respond physically, they will get into big trouble with the Stasi agent who tells them what to do. I know this – I have field-tested the theory. 🙂

You get the idea. The important thing is to rehearse this mentally in advance so you will react immediately each time without having to think about it at all.

Keep it simple. Don’t try to be Oscar Wilde. Gang stalking perps are often just just a notch or two above mental retardation. You need to connect with them on their level.

If you are not sure whether someone is a perp, go ahead and still use the tactic anyway – just to be on the safe side. If the person is not a perp, he or she will just think you are a loud obnoxious jerk having a crude cell phone conversation with someone. That isn’t really an uncommon event these days, and it is not illegal either.

Note that this fake phone call tactic can also be used effectively in the workplace – although you might want to invest slightly more effort to seem convincing about actually making a cell phone call in case you’re in the vicinity of employees who are not directly involved in the harassment (or surveillance cameras).

2. Taking Photos & Videos of Stalkers

Based on my own experience and accounts of other targeted individuals, perps don’t like being photographed when they’re stalking you. Some will be more bothered by it more than others, but none of them will want you to do it.

With the variety of digital cameras available (cell phones, spy cameras, etc.), you can take photos and videos either overtly or covertly. Both have advantages. If you are trying to annoy the perp’s, taking their photo in an obvious way, might be a good method. On the other hand, if you’re trying to document their actions, a covert spy-camera approach might be better.

Of course, it’s unlikely that your photos and videos will have much legal significance. Perps are told to avoid doing and saying things that could be incriminating. They are normally following very specific directions from their handlers – for example, they are told to make a comment which is not explicitly threatening or slanderous, but which makes reference to something they know about you from conducting illegal surveillance.

I encourage stalking victims to post the clearest photos of the perps online. Try to get good close-up clear shots of their faces. Obviously, the above photo is not a good example of that – although it is a photo of someone who seemed creepy and suspicious in front of my residence at a time when that block was infested with gang stalking perps.

Don’t post photos in a way that could be considered libelous. For example, don’t write a caption which says “These are my stalkers.” Instead, say something like “Here are some people I have seen near my residence, where I’m being gang stalked. Maybe one of these people witnessed something that could be helpful.” 🙂

A note about your legal rights to take photos and videos:

If you are in a public space, you have the right to photograph anyone (or anything) in plain view. When you are on private property, the property owner may establish rules about taking photos.

For a full discussion about your rights as a photographer, see this ACLU web page.

3. Making Noise

Harassment by noise is one of the most common tactics of gang stalkers. Now it’s your turn to exploit noise: buy an air-horn. They’re cheap (they start at about $15). If you live near a store that sells boating supplies, you can get one there. Otherwise you can order one online.

Carry it with you if you’re encountering perp’s on the street in your neighborhood. Use it like a rape whistle. The next time someone makes some creepy comment, take it out and blast it for a few seconds. You should probably use some ear plugs though; air-horns are loud.

Just smile at the perp while you’re doing it. If anyone asks, tell them the truth: you’re being gang-stalked. Simple as that. If the perp asks you what you’re doing, say “Stop gang-stalking me.” Of course, you should say it in a friendly voice and smile while saying it. You might have to speak loudly though; his ears might be ringing.

It’s possible that someone could complain that you’re disturbing the peace, but it’s very unlikely that local cops (who will know about gang stalking) will want to make an issue of it.

By the way, this isn’t just a theoretical tactic; I tested it. 🙂

4. Suppressing Noise

Since harassment by noise is one of the major tactics of gang stalkers, you might want to purchase a pair of noise-cancelling headphones ($80 to $400).

If you cannot afford them, you might want to buy some disposable ear plugs. They will also be handy if you decide to use the air-horn tactic described above.

5. Always Smile at the Goon Squad

Exploit this common valuable advice of anonymous origin:

“Smile. It makes people wonder what you’re up to.”

Every time you see someone who could even possibly be a member of the local gang stalking goon squad, you should greet him or her with a big grin. Every time. Stare right at the idiot and smile.

Even better is to combine this with the tactic explained previously – “Use scripted responses” – by initiating a fake cell phone conversation as a pretense for mocking the perp with crude insults.

But you should always smile at the perp. Although the “street-level” stalkers are generally the stupidest of the various minions, even they are smart enough to understand that the goal of their efforts is to emotionally destroy their target.

Make it clear to them that they are failures. 🙂

6. When is it Appropriate to Kill a Stalker?

I hope I am not alienating potential allies by touching on a subject as controversial as firearms, but a discussion about “tactics for fighting back” would be incomplete without some reference to this issue.
Since I am not a lawyer, I do not offer legal counsel. Also, the particular circumstances of any situation can have important legal implications, so I would not try to give general advice about when it might be legally defensible to kill a particular criminal who is threatening you. I will simply make this layman’s observation: if you are defending yourself – for example, using the very concealable and very powerful Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum pistol shown above – you should do so in accordance with the various municipal, state, and federal laws that apply.

Also, it might be productive to clearly communicate in various ways – in advance – to any local criminal conspirators (professional and volunteer) your willingness to defend yourself.

Specific advice on firearms is beyond the scope of this website, so – for example – I will not attempt to wade into the debate among experts about the relative merits of handguns-versus-shotguns for home defense, but here are some primers on the basics of firing and cleaning handguns:

• Fundamentals of Handgun Shooting

• Cleaning Handguns

Since firearms regulations vary across different states and municipalities, I will not try to generalize about the advisability of particular tactics.

One can imagine though, some of the ways individuals targeted by illegal harassment might respond with firearms. In a society as well-armed as the U.S., the potential for violence is obvious. This reveals much about the priorities of the DOJ and FBI, who apparently sanction psychological operations harassment despite the obvious danger of retaliatory violence against neighbors of the victim.

Perhaps illegal criminal harassment as a counterintelligence weapon is not actually sanctioned by the federal government. You just have to guess about that. For some reason, law enforcement officials never publicly discuss the issue.

Persons targeted by illegal surveillance inside their own residences might decide to do some “targeting” of their own. For example, they might occasionally point loaded firearms at the residence(s) used by those conducting the illegal surveillance.

A targeted individual might even shoot at the perpetrators – although merely pointing a loaded weapon at the perpetrators frequently (with the safety mechanism disengaged) could give them something to think about, since there would always be the possibility of an accident or whatever.
Such counter-measures would probably be especially tempting to use if the firearm was of a sufficiently high caliber to easily penetrate walls.
Obviously, targeted individuals would probably not do that sort of thing with the blinds open – in plain view of persons who were outdoors and could capture such behavior on camera.

I would guess that victims of gang stalking might want to make occasional trips to a firing range to refresh their skills and to confirm that no one had tampered with their firearms during a black bag operation.

Of course, I am not advocating any of this. I am just speculating about how an individual might be likely to respond to organized stalking by corrupt law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

D. Exposing the Perps Locally

Lobbing a Grenade into the Rats’ Nest

I apologize incidentally for the apparent inconsistency of referring to America’s brown-nosed Stasi brigade variously as cockroaches and as rats. In my defense though, the taxonomy of their tribe is a bit complicated – as I make clear on the “What is Gang Stalking?” page of this website.
Our strategy for pest control is a bit simpler; it consists of two main elements.

This a two-front war. We must act locally to expose the perps to neighbors and others – for example by mailing flyers, as explained below. At the same time we must also try to expose what is happening on a national level – which I address in the next section. Both elements are critical to success.

Here are some tactics for disrupting the activities of the local rodent population. Gang-stalking perps try to conduct their operations as quietly as possible and maintain a low profile. We should mess that all up. 🙂

1. Emails & Letters to Local Officials & Organizations

In at least some cases, perps operate with the direct cooperation of local law enforcement – or at least with their passive acquiesence. Presumably, in some cases, various local officials and other professionals are also “in the know” about gang stalking crimes, but they will not want to discuss it openly.

Here is how you shake things up:

(1) Visit the websites of your local city and county government offices and make a list of every email address you can find – from the park maintenance staff to the mayor and county officials.

(2) Download either the flyer in the section immediately below or the letter posted in the section on letters to Congress (that letter is also posted in the last section of this webpage).

(3) Highlight and copy the text and paste it into the body of an email and address it to everyone on your list.

Note: You will probably want to send the email from an anonymous email address, although what you are doing is legal, so you don’t need to worry about it being traced.

(4) Send your email. You will have established the watercooler discussion topic for the day. 🙂

2. Flyers

Distributing flyers is probably the single most powerful tactic for fighting back against America’s Stasi goon squads. Mailing flyers anonymously – or placing them on walkways or doorsteps of residences – is a legal, simple, cheap, and very effective way to expose the crime of organized stalking. Counterintelligence perps do not have a good way to suppress this particular avenue of communication. Also, this tactic circumvents the problem of cowardice and laziness in the mainstream corporate news media because it exposes the information directly to the public.

Using pamphlets to criticize stupidity and corruption is a deep tradition which includes legendary thinkers and activists such as Thomas Paine and Lysander Spooner. Even in an age of television and the Internet, pamphlets remain a powerful communication weapon to expose crimes by government officials. In fact, they are much more powerful in the digital age precisely because they can refer readers to websites (such as this one) for additional information.

An HBO documentary called Mea Maxima Culpa chronicled the sexual abuse of boys by a priest at a school for the deaf in the 1950s and ‘60s. When the victims could not get help from authorities, some of them began distributing flyers which identified their abuser. It was a desperate tactic, but not without effect. Although the perpetrator was never prosecuted, his exposure ultimately forced him into retirement.

You will accomplish multiple objectives by distributing flyers: (a) your neighbors will have some clue about what is happening – which could force the local street-level perpetrators to limit their harassment somewhat, (b) the local police will be forced to contend with some inconvenient questions from citizens about what is happening, (c) the (non-cowardly) members of the news media might investigate and report on it, and (d) such reporting could create pressure for members of Congress to acknowledge the reality of organized stalking – and perhaps initiate an investigation – as was done by the U.S. Senate’s Church Committee during the 1970s regarding the FBI’s infamous Cointelpro operations and the CIA’s Project MK Ultra.

In 2009 Frank L. Raffaele, a resident of Verona, New Jersey was targeted by gang stalkers, and he responded by distributing flyers about the harassment to neighbors and businesses. The flyers generated enough discussion and inquiries that the local police were forced to address the issue, and it became the subject of an article in the local newspaper.
In July 2014, a victim of organized stalking in Guilford, Connecticut distributed flyers to great effect. This was a perfect example of the power of this tactic. A local TV news report on WTNH News 8 and a local TV news report on an NBC News affiliate, and an article in the Connecticut newspaper, The Courant, reported that hundreds of “suspicious flyers” about “gang stalking” were being distributed. The flyers made reference to this website (Fight Gang Stalking), and alleged that organized counterintelligence stalking was being perpetrated in Guilford. A statement by the Guilford Police Department about the matter was also posted in The Day newspaper. A copy of one of the flyers was posted on The Courant’s website. Final score: targeted individuals 10, security industry parasites 0. 🙂

If you can afford the postage, mail your flyers.

Send them to residences, businesses, and schools in your neighborhood as well as to local officials.

I recommend that you send your flyers anonymously. You are not legally required by the U.S. post office to include a return address on your envelopes. You also do not need to address the envelopes to the residents by name; you can simply address them to “Resident.”

If you do want to address flyers to your neighbors by their names, you can go to a website such as WhitePages to find the name(s) for each address. Just click on the “Reverse Address” search tab.

Be as discrete as possible when mailing the flyers. Ideally, have a friend or relative do it so it will be more difficult for the perpetrators to intercept and disrupt the mailing (for example, if they have an accomplice at the post office). It is unlikely that they would interfere with such a mailing though, as it would be a serious violation of federal law.

Distributing your flyers directly

If you cannot afford the postage to mail your flyers, you should distribute them by going door-to-door. You do not need to speak with residents directly; just leave your flyers where they will be seen. This tactic is completely legal by the way. If it is legal for the KKK to leave flyers on peoples cars, doorsteps, and front yards (and apparently it is), then it is legal for you to do so.

One of the few restrictions is that you are not allowed to place flyers inside mailboxes – or even touching mailboxes.

I suggest you go to a print shop or office supply store and have your flyers printed in large numbers at a low cost. That beats wasting money on personal computer printer ink.

Purchase the best quality of paper you can afford. The documents will be taken more seriously if they are printed on quality stock.
Be provocative; your flyers need to be noticed. Consider using a red marker to soak some ink blotches onto your flyers that will resemble blood drops.

The flyer below refers to anti-stalking laws in California. If you live in another state, you can just change the criminal code references to match the stalking laws in your state’s criminal code. This website conveniently lists the criminal code sections for the stalking laws in each state.
You will also need to change the state and phone number reference for your state’s attorney general.

To download this flyer as a Word document click here:

Gang Stalking Flyer

Here is another flyer you might find helpful to stir things up:
Click on image to enlarge: (See

To download this flyer as a Word document click here:
Jean Seberg Flyer

Here is a third flyer which could stir things up:

The ACLU played no role in the exposure in 1971 of the FBI’s illegal Cointelpro operations. Similarly – for reasons known only to its staff – the ACLU apparently never makes any public statements about the ongoing Cointelpro operations commonly referred to as “organized stalking” or “gang stalking.”

The following flyer is an example of what the ACLU could send out
that would be helpful. Since I don’t have the authority to issue public statements on behalf of that organization, I cannot officially say whether it would approve of this flyer.

You could try to contact the ACLU about it, although – in my experience – it is unlikely that you would receive a response to an inquiry about domestic counterintelligence stalking.

It would not surprise me therefore if some targets of organized stalking concluded that the only way to get the attention of the ACLU on this issue would be to anonymously mail/distribute/post flyers such as this one, and thereby generate some attention to the crime of organized stalking.

I have no expertise about the legal liability one might potentially face for distributing a document which bears the ACLU’s logo and implies the organization’s approval. To mitigate the risk of trouble, I included a disclaimer at the bottom.

Whatever risk might be associated with this, it is certainly less than the risk assumed by those who broke into an FBI office in 1971 and stole secret documents which exposed the Cointelpro operations being perpetrated at that time.

Click on image to enlarge

To download this flyer as a Word document click here:
ACLU Flyer

For any of the above flyers which you decide to distribute, I recommend bringing the file to a print shop or office supply store on a USB flash drive, and having them print a batch of flyers for you. That will be much cheaper than paying for the printer ink to print them yourself.

Consider distributing small leaflets also.

If you are distributing your flyers door-to-door rather than mailing them, you might be uncomfortable with full-size sheets of paper such as the one above. If so, consider using small leaflets instead.

Again, the most efficient way to do this is to have a print shop or office supply store print them. Here is a standard document you use.

Click on image to enlarge

To download this leaflet as a Word document click here:

Small Leaflet

Distribute handfuls of these generously and creatively. Perhaps you can incorporate the distribution into your walks/runs/bike rides. This tactic works especially well when it’s windy.

Calibrate your distribution to correspond to the level of harassment you’re experiencing. If the perps are only performing a few occasional small acts of harassment, you can distribute just a few of these small leaflets. If they are intensely harassing you on a constant basis, you can blanket the whole neighborhood.

Repeat as needed. 🙂

3. Business Cards

Business cards offer an excellent way to physically spread information around your neighborhood. They can be easily distributed to while on a walk or a bicycle ride. They are easy to toss onto a walkway or doorstep. They can be easily flicked over a gate or fence.

They can also be placed under vehicle windshield wipers – in residential neighborhoods or in parking lots.

Also, if you’re being mobbed at a local business or at your workplace, you can start leaving the cards there in random places (on/in shelves, drawers, cabinets, chairs, counters, the floor, between the pages of books and magazines, next to the phone, under mouse-pads, etc.). Be creative.

You can purchase 500 business cards (printed in color on both sides) for about twenty bucks.

Here’s a template you can use. Just click on the image to expand it, then right-click on the expanded image and save it as a .jpg file on your computer. Take the image on a thumb drive to a print shop (or email it to them) and have them create a business card with this printed on both sides.

If you cannot afford to have cards printed, take some pieces of heavy paper – such as file folders – and cut out a few business card-size pieces to make hand-written cards. Keep a few of them in your wallet. As long as they’re legible, they will have the desired effect.

The next time you encounter a perp (the paid criminal informant variety or the volunteer useful idiot type), smile and take out a card. Hand it to him or her and say “Have you ever wondered exactly who you’re working for?” If the perp refuses to accept the card, just say “Well, if you get curious, you can always find out” and toss the card on the ground.

The perp will be curious. After you walk away, he or she will probably return to pick up the card – if only to present it to the person who tells him or her what to do. Some of the perps – perhaps most – will take a look at this website and learn exactly what the whole business is about.

Law enforcement agencies and corporations which delegate some of their dirty work to security contractors and other lower-level minions do not want everyone to understand the whole process, so you will be throwing a wrench into the Stasi machine.

4. Window Signs & Bumper-Stickers

Distributing flyers and business cards – as discussed above – are powerful tactics for calling attention to the criminals who are stalking you. However, the exposure they create is temporary. A sign posted inside a window of your residence can be left in place for a longer period.
Depending on the proximity of pedestrians and neighbors to your window (and the severity of the harassment), you might want to start with something small – such as one of the flyers or business cards. If needed, you can post a sign of whatever size needed for visibility.

This can create a real problem for the criminal perps who are stalking you. Anyone whose curiosity is piqued by such signs can visit this website and learn all about the nature of the illegal harassment.

A reader of this website who adopted this tactic sent this photograph of a banner which has been prominently displayed for the neighbors to consider.
Another excellent way to exploit this tactic is to place a sign inside the window of your vehicle – or to order a custom bumper sticker from any of the countless websites which perform that service.

5. Chalk Messages

Scrawl chalk messages about gang stalking on the sidewalk near your residence.
Compared with paint graffiti, messages in chalk are far less likely to lead to any legal troubles. Be creative with the placement, size, colors, and wording of your messages. Be sure to include the term “gang stalking” or “gang stalkers.”
If you know that the residence next-door is being used by perpetrators, you can write “Gang Stalking Perps” on the sidewalk in front of the residence, with an arrow pointing to the residence.
As with flyers and banners, the ideal message is “” so you can convey exactly what is happening. At least a few of your neighbors will probably visit the website to find out what is going on.
Anyone participating in gang stalking will not want to attract attention to his crimes by making a big public issue about your sidewalk artwork. The same is true of the police. Therefore, sidewalk chalk messages are another opportunity for you to exploit the stalkers’ fear of the “Streisand Effect.”
If a neighbor who is not a gang stalker asks what you’re doing, just tell him or her the truth and let the chips fall where they may. You’re not the one engaged in the criminal felony of stalking.

You can purchase sidewalk chalk at toy stores and elsewhere, but I recommend that you instead use a more vibrant colored art-quality chalk which is less quickly washed away by rain – or by a perp with a garden hose.

In particular I recommend “Prang Freart colored paper chalk” (shown above) which you can purchase online or at certain art supplies shops. It’s perfect for the job. Sidewalks are extremely abrasive, and most art-quality chalk – unlike this style – is sold in thin sticks which wear-down or break very quickly.

If you have reservations about using chalk which is difficult to clean-off of the pavement, another option is to start with water-soluble sidewalk chalk instead. If the harassment does not diminish, you can then try the chalk that is harder to ignore.

Here is an example of the water-soluble variety of sidewalk chalk which is widely available:

6. Self-Inking Stamps

This excellent idea was submitted by a reader of this website.
Order a self-inking stamp with a message suited to exposing gang stalking. I would humbly suggest that you include the name of this website in the message – since it is both a statement and an instruction for where to go for more information.

Red ink and bold lettering would be appropriate.

Such stamps are cheap. They are also small and light-weight, so they are easy to carry with you – for example at your job if you are being mobbed by co-workers, or at a local business if you are being harassed there.
I’m guessing that gang stalking perps would not be pleased if the stamp mark began showing up on documents, phone books, invoices, letters, memos, booklets, restaurant menus, office football pool spreadsheets, etc.

You can also stamp your message on adhesive notes — which can be posted almost anywhere. Here are some photos which were emailed to me of such stamp marks showing up on a community bulletin board and a gas pump.


Using currency to spread news about government corruption

I try to avoid recommending tactics which might technically violate any laws – even when they involve virtually zero chance of leading to any legal trouble. I do feel free however, to share information given to me by readers of my website about tactics they have chosen to use.

Apparently, ink-stamps such as the one shown above are being used by some victims of organized stalking to mark dollar bills (on both sides). U.S. currency seems like a symbolically perfect vehicle for transmitting a warning about the deep rot in the U.S. government. Also, unlike an adhesive note, a dollar bill is unlikely to be thrown away; any message it contains will be seen by numerous people over a long period of time.

Although I suspect that the U.S. Treasury Department might not view this tactic as being legally kosher, I can certainly understand why some victims of America’s Stasi are exploiting it. Others are using this tactic too. The co-founder of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream used this method to bring attention to the role of corporate money in American politics, as reported here.

In my view, the most effective ink-stamp message would include more than just the name of the website. A stamp such as this would be ideal:

Expose COINTELPRO Crimes
Google “Fight Gang Stalking”

With an ink stamp, you could easily mark both sides of a whole batch of bills very quickly, and the marks would all be legible. If you can’t afford the $20 to $25 that a stamp would cost though, you could write the message by hand instead:

7. Banners

Hanging a banner is a slightly bolder guerrilla tactic, and one which is harder to do without mutiple people, but you might want to consider it.
The ideal location would be a freeway overpass during rush-hour – assuming you can make certain there is zero risk of the banner falling onto the roadway, but even a small banner in a less exposed location could get some helpful attention.

Again, the ideal message would probably be “” since you can’t pack much information into a sign.

If you do hang a banner somewhere, try to get a photo of it and email it to me so I can post it on this website.

Here is an example of a website with tips about banners. This particular site happens to have an anti-Obama orientation, but I presume the logistics of banners are a non-partisan matter. I considered including advice from the animal rights group PeTA as well, since they hold a lot of protests. But it occurred to me that if you can talk famous actresses and models into posing naked for you, I’m guessing you don’t need any advice from me about anything.

8. Calling the police

If you have read the “Tactics” section of the “What is Gang Stalking?” page of this website – or if you have experienced organized stalking harassment first-hand – you might be familiar with the psyops tactic called “gas-lighting.” That is when stalkers enter the victim’s residence while the victim is away and move or hide an object (or several objects) – or perhaps take something which will be noticed but which has minimal value.
Typically the victim of such incidents will either wonder whether the object has simply been misplaced, or will realize what has happened but not report it to the police because of (a) concern that local law enforcement officials are complicit in the stalking, or (b) because of concern that it will sound ridiculous to make a claim that someone entered the residence and stole something of minimal value – while leaving other items untouched.

The tactic is diabolical – which is why it has been used in counterintelligence operations by agencies in multiple countries for decades. The intent is partly to cause the victim to question his or her own memory, but more seriously, to send the message that one’s residence offers no shelter.

Don’t play the stalkers’ game by their rules; play by your own rules. They assume you will not call the police, so you should call the police.

The very fact that organized stalking almost always involves harassment tactics whose objectively-visible evidence is just below the threshold normally involved in reported crimes proves that the stalkers do not want to have police reports generated.

Of course, calling the police won’t result in anyone being arrested and convicted of residential burglary, but it will force the police department to answer your call (which will be recorded) and to dispatch officers to take a report (which will be documented). Their visit will also likely attract the attention of your neighbors.

Note that this counter-measure would also be appropriate for other psyops tactics which are calculated to remain below the radar of official police reports – such as veiled threats and minor acts of vandalism.

Before calling the emergency dispatcher, you should seriously consider the option of mentioning that you are not sure whether the intruder is still in your residence – because the intruder could still be present theoretically. That might create the need for a more significant and urgent response. If you have a dog though, you will need to consider how to keep it safe, as American cops seem to have a penchant for shooting them.

When the officers arrive, ask them what they know about gang stalking; they will be forced to lie to you and feign ignorance about the subject. The discussion might at least be awkward for the officers – especially if they are not morally corrupt. They will very likely see from your demeanor that you are apparently sincere.

Ideally, you should record their visit with audio and/or video. You should also insist that your concerns about organized stalking be included in the report.

The more time and effort you invest in pursuing the matter the better. Consider calling and/or writing to the police department requesting a copy of the report – or at least the report number. State laws regarding freedom of information requests where you reside very likely will make it possible for you to request information about the incident.

Also consider calling and/or writing to other city officials indicating that a disturbing crime has occurred involving a residential break-in. Consider reporting the incident(s) to your local newspaper also.
You might also consider mailing flyers to all your neighbors about the incident.

The more such actions you take, the more effective this tactic will be. You need to give the perps a reason to refrain from such criminal behavior in the future.

None of this will please the local police department – regardless of their level of involvement or their awareness of organized stalking activity by federal agencies and corporate security contractors. Because of that, your stalkers might consider it more trouble than it is worth to repeat their stunt.

You might be concerned that local authorities will object to what seems like a “frivolous” police report, but remember: they will not want to bring about the Streisand Effect by aggressively trying to discourage your reporting of the incidents. Your insistence on making an issue of what is happening can create a real problem for local authorities.

9. Interacting with Police Officers

Direct interactions with targeted individuals are rarely initiated by law enforcement officers – especially officials who identify themselves as such. Out-sourced overt stalking by agencies and corporations is much more common. Nevertheless, you should be aware of your legal rights in case such encounters occur.

Here is some advice about what to do if law enforcement agents (local police, FBI, etc.) want to talk to you – or to your friends, roommates, co-workers, relatives, or acquaintances. You should read these instructions and memorize the few main points.

Advice from the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union)
Know Your Rights
Advice from the CDLC (Civil Liberties Defense Center)

Here is the nutshell version of what to do if a cop or agent wants to talk to you:

“Make no statement to the police under any circumstances.”
– Robert Jackson, U.S. Supreme Court Justice
Watts v. Indiana, 338 U.S. 49 (1949)

E. Exposing the Perps Nationally

The first prong of the strategy to undermine America’s Stasi is to expose organized stalking crimes locally; the second prong is to expose what is happening on a national level.

Be aware that these outreach tactics can have a powerful effect even if they do not generate immediate replies. The fact that a particular letter, email, phone call, or online comment does not necessarily produce a direct visible reaction should not discourage you. The impact is cumulative. Awareness and discussion of gang stalking will spread a little bit every time you use any of these tactics. Eventually, the Stasi rodent industry will mostly collapse from exposure.

1. Letters to Congress

General Strategy

Members of Congress rarely act upon an issue simply out of a desire to stop an injustice. Instead, they mostly take actions in response to pressure. Since victims of organized stalking are a non-powerful minority of the electorate, their rights are not likely to be viewed as important even if stalking crimes are brought to the attention of legislators. Consequently, this tactic is only one element of a larger strategy.

At the end of this webpage, I address an even more vital component of the exposure process – namely, letters to the news media. Ultimately, pressure on Congress to investigate and end organized stalking will mostly come from a need to respond to increasingly frequent news reports on the topic.
Still, sending letters to your representatives in Congress calling for an investigation into domestic counterintelligence crimes is a smart thing to do, and it requires very little time and effort. You should send your letter (or email) to the member of the House of Representatives who represents your congressional district, and to both of your state’s senators.

Contact Information

The official webpage of the House of Representatives will show you who your representative is if you type in your zip code. Then just click on the envelope icon next to the photo of your representative to get to his or her contact page.

The official webpage of the Senate provides the contact information for your senators. You can look them up by your state or by your senators’ names.

A Standard Letter You Can Use

The easiest way to exploit the tactic of sending letters is to use the letter I have drafted (the link is at the end of this section) – which can be sent exactly as it is to any government official or member of the news media. You only need to add the name and address of the recipient, your name and address, and the date.

Tips for Writing Your Own Letter

If you have the writing skills and free time to compose and proofread a letter which will be taken seriously, then create a persuasive letter calling for an investigation into the crime of organized stalking.
Postal letters are widely believed to be more effective than emails, and I share that view. Their physical nature conveys more seriousness than that of an email. That said, emails are obviously more convenient for the sender – and they have the advantage of being easier to respond to and to forward for the recipient.

You should use the term “gang stalking” sparingly. Most people are unfamiliar with the term and are also likely to mistakenly assume it has something to do with street gangs. In addition, those few people who have seen the term previously – or who bother to perform a cursory search online – are likely to have their perception distorted by the vast amount of disinformation, and are likely to just dismiss your concerns as paranoia. The term “organized stalking” is slightly better, but better still are phrases such as “stalking crimes involving counterintelligence tactics.”

Emphasize mainstream published news reports rather than your personal experiences. You might want to mention that you are a victim of organized stalking, but be aware that for some readers it will undermine your credibility. Some recipients of your letter will assume that you are either paranoid or that you should be contacting the police department instead.

Consider writing your letter in the form of a question rather than an assertion. Although you are in a position to be certain of the reality of gang stalking, the person to whom you are writing does not have such first-hand experience, and cannot know whether your claims are credible. So instead of saying “this is happening and you should look into it,” it might be more productive to ask whether the person you are writing to has any knowledge of the media reports about what appear to be domestic counterintelligence operations, and suggesting that an investigation is in order.

If you choose to write your own letters, you might want to visit this website which has helpful advice about how to contact a member of Congress.

Do not be discouraged if you do not receive replies. At a minimum, your letters will be reviewed by office staff members and some of the letters will generate discussion. Also, letters received by members of Congress will at least be recorded, as required by law.

Contacting Other Members of Congress

Generally, members of the House only concern themselves with letters from constituents who reside within their district. Similarly, senators normally are not interested in letters from residents of other states. If you still want to send additional letters to Congress – it can’t hurt – you should probably direct them to those legislators who have a reputation for being concerned about civil rights.

As I write this, some of the Congress members known to champion civil rights issues include the following people: Senator Ron Wyden (D-Oregon), Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky), Representative Justin Amash (R-Michigan), and Representative Alan Grayson (D-Florida).

Here are the contact pages of the websites of those Congress members:

Secrecy Oaths

Because of their privileged access to classified information, members of the House and Senate intelligence committees – such as Senator Wyden – might already be well aware that an unethical and unconstitutional form of domestic counterintelligence operations is being perpetrated.
Members of the intelligence committees have presumably never been officially told about all of the extremely illegal activities involved in organized stalking as it is actually practiced, but they might be aware that some extensive network of “informants” is being managed by counterintelligence specialists.

Unfortunately, the secrecy oaths taken by members of those committees legally prohibit them from disclosing – even to fellow Congress members – the details of such programs. That oath applies even if the committee members believe a program is unconstitutional.

Although it would be admirable for those Congress members to speak out against such crimes despite the potential legal and career consequences, such acts of self-sacrifice are exceedingly rare among politicians. Nevertheless, letters about gang stalking could at least generate some discussion among committee members – and among their staffers.

Contacting State & Local Officials

Another smart move would be to send your letter to your representatives in your state’s legislature – and other state officials, such as your state’s attorney general and governor.

A Standard Letter You can Send

Here is the letter I drafted that can be sent to any official (or reporter).

As I mentioned, the ideal format is to mail a hard copy of the letter. If you choose to send it via email, I recommend that you copy and paste the letter into the body of your email rather than sending the letter as an attachment because many people are wary of opening email attachments.

Click here to download the letter as a Word document:

U.S. Domestic Counterintelligence

2. Online Petitions

I include this tactic mainly for the sake of being complete. Although an online petition can be created easily and with no expense, it is very unlikely to gain the attention of anyone who can help expose the FBI’s counterintelligence subversion program (gang stalking).

If you are trying to communicate to members of Congress, your best bet is to send letters (especially actual postal letters rather than emails) as discussed above.

I don’t wish to discourage anyone from trying to create a serious credible petition, but you should be aware of the limitations and challenges.

First, do not confuse online petitions with the professionally-organized petitions associated with state ballot propositions. An online petition has no legal significance. It is merely something which – at best – can be cited as evidence of popular support.

Another problem is that people who electronically “sign” petitions must include their name and address. Many – perhaps most – victims of gang stalking will be reluctant to do that for various obvious reasons.

In addition, this avenue has already been corrupted by the FBI’s minions – who have posted a number of fake petitions as disinformation (for an example, see the one on the FFCHS page of this website). Similarly, even legitimate petitions seeking to expose gang stalking can be easily discredited by the FBI simply by having sock puppets post idiotic comments under them and by adding false “signatures” accompanied by statements intended to convey paranoia and stupidity.

I have seen several online petitions directed to state attorneys general and to members of Congress to investigate gang stalking, but they were not credible. As evidence of the crimes, the petitions cited information sources such as blogs or disinformation websites or fake (non-edited) online newspapers, such as, etc.

As with many websites about gang stalking, it is difficult to determine whether the petitions were even created by targeted individuals. I suspect they were deliberate disinformation.

If you wish to pursue this tactic despite the above considerations, here are a few of the websites which provide platforms:

If you do create a petition – or locate a credible existing one, your petition statement should cite some of the published mainstream news reports listed on the What is “Gang Stalking?” page of this website, and you should promote your petition via social media (Facebook, Twitter, email, blogs, etc.).

3. Calls to Radio Programs

Call a radio talk show which is covering an issue that is even remotely related to gang stalking (government surveillance, law enforcement, etc.), and mention that many news reports suggest that there seems to be a current version of Cointelpro going on which borrows heavily from the tactics of communist East Germany’s Stasi.

Cite some of the news reports listed in the What is “Gang Stalking?” page of this website. Ask the host or guest if he or she agrees that it might be a good idea for the U.S. Senate to hold another version of the Church Committee investigations – as was done in the 1970s.

You don’t need to be able to lay out the whole case about organized stalking – although if you have read the material posted on this website you will know far more about police state issues than do most people.

One option is to simply mention the list of publications which have called for another Church Committee investiagion – which you can find in the March 13, 2014 post of the Cointelpro News page of this website.

A large audience could hear about gang stalking for the first time and that would be a great achievement. It would be a lot easier than trying to persuade some program manager to schedule a show on the subject.

A reader of this website used this tactic in July 2013. During a radio talk show segment about how whistle-blowers are treated in the workplace, she called to inquire about the issue of “mobbing” – the organized harassment of an individual by bosses and co-workers.

She told me that she had been harassed in her workplace as part of her gang stalking and when she reported the harassment, the managers initially tried to dismiss the whole matter. When she pursued the issue, they did take it seriously, but then she was retaliated against and eventually fired.

The show’s guests – an employment attorney and a psychologist – were both familiar with mobbing, but many of the program’s listeners were no doubt unfamiliar with the phenomenon, so it helped to spread awareness of it.
A recording of the program is posted here. Click on “Download Audio.” The relevant segment is from 40:33 to 48:25

4. Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests

Anyone targeted by organized stalking should consider trying to exploit his or her rights under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to obtain information about what is happening.

The U.S. government’s official website about FOIA describes the act this way:

“Enacted on July 4, 1966, and taking effect one year later, the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) provides that any person has a right, enforceable in court, to obtain access to federal agency records, except to the extent that such records (or portions of them) are protected from public disclosure by one of nine exemptions or by one of three special law enforcement record exclusions.”

FOIA requests can be used to (possibly) find information about your personal situation – for example, whether you are under investigation or on a watch list. It can also (possibly) be used to find information about organized stalking generally.

Fortunately the act is intended to enable average citizens – not just lawyers and investigative journalists – to obtain information about the government’s activities. In addition to the official FOIA website above, many sites offer tips about filing FOIA requests. Here are a few examples:

ACLU advice on FOIA

Citizen’s guide from Congress on how to make FOIA requests

Exploiting privacy waivers when making FOIA requests

Freedom of Information requests for state records

Websites which assist you in submitting FOIA requests:

An example of a site dedicated to helping people submit FOIA requests is Muckrock. As of March 2014, Muckrock allows its users to submit 5 FOIA requests for just $20. The website’s staff includes people with journalism and technology backgrounds.

Here is the website’s description of its purpose:

Filing Freedom of Information Requests doesn’t need to be difficult. At MuckRock, we are dedicated to wading through the muck so you don’t. What does this mean for you? Less time spent mitigating complex bureaucratic processes so that you can focus on analyzing and reporting on the issues that matter most to you and your organization or business.

As the only public records request service of its kind in the United States, MuckRock serves journalists, researchers, activists and historians, with a track record of over 2,000 requests. Simply log-in to your account and submit your FOI request via our simple web-interface.
MuckRock acts as a request proxy, e-mailing, faxing or even snail mailing the request on your behalf. Documents are sent to our offices to be prepared by our team of experts for your convenience. We can even assist with analyzing your data. Our intuitive system ensures that your documents are for your eyes only until you’re ready to publish.

Here are some examples of gang stalking-related document requests filed by one person.

Here is the MuckRock site page about requesting your FBI file.

General tips:

To exploit the FOIA to obtain information about gang stalking, you should give some thought to creative angles of attack. The exact wording of your FOIA request can make a huge difference. Requests are frequently denied for being too vague, for example.

Also consider the advantage of requesting information in an oblique way. Instead of seeking only information about “gang stalking,” you should consider looking for information about “surveillance role players” and “InfraGard” and other official key words.

Another productive angle might be to seek information about inquiries made by gang stalking victims – of which there must be many. The Department of Justice and Congress have no doubt received such questions.

A caveat about making FOIA requests

While I encourage the use of FOIA requests to pry information from the U.S. government, I would advise you to be realistic about the prospects. To a great extent, the federal agencies which have the most scandals to hide have undermined the purpose of FOIA by adopting a policy of routinely denying legitimate information requests. Such a denial forces the individual making the request to file a lawsuit, and many people lack the time and money needed for such lawsuits. This May 2014 article by Techdirt explains how the feds use this strategy to fight against transparency.
“These agencies know that not everyone has the time or money to battle for the release of documents, so their exposure is limited should they choose not to comply.”

Naturally, you should not expect help in this area from the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), since they are one of the intelligence agencies which is apparently complicit in counterintelligence stalking.
The Techdirt article also notes that the DOJ naturally favors government secrecy over transparency and public accountability.

“The DOJ likely has no problem with the DHS, CBP and others blowing off FOIA requests until the judicial system orders them to turn over the requested info.”

5. Posting Comments Online

One of the quickest and easiest ways to spread awareness about gang stalking is to post comments on websites. Post a comment whenever you see an article online which is even remotely relevant – neighborhood watch programs, police abuse, government surveillance, etc.

You can cause significant damage to America’s Stasi gang stalking program by spending just a few minutes at this every few days while sitting at your computer.

Your comment should explain that gang stalking is essentially a modern version of Cointelpro that has been delegated to criminals and neighborhood watch mercenaries and vigilantes.

List a website or two – such as this one – which people can check for additional information – so they don’t wander off into the countless disinformation websites. Depending on the forum, you might want to just list the website name – rather than the full URL address, so it won’t be filtered as spam.

Take your time to create a good (but brief) message which you can save and re-post on numerous websites. Spell-check it and review it a few times to make sure it’s clear and persuasive.

As people begin noticing multiple references to “gang stalking” online, some will look further into it, if only out of curiosity. I first learned about MK Ultra by seeing the term a few times in comments posted on major media websites, such as Huffington Post. I became curious about it and looked it up (Wikipedia, etc.). Gang stalking is the same kind of thing.
The more comments you post, the better. Try to be the Johnny Appleseed of gang stalking comments. Most forums will permit you to include a link in your comment that will take readers directly to Fight Gang Stalking. If you find that a particular site does not accept that, then just type “Fight Gang Stalking” in place of the link.

Topix is a good place to start. It’s a discussion board website with forums organized around particular cities and states as well as by subject.
If you have browsed the Recommended Websites page of Fight Gang Stalking, you know that Topix has a few forums dedicated to gang stalking comments. Stay away from those. At best they are a waste of time, because they are obviously moderated by gang stalking perps posting disinformation. Most likely, any comments you post there will not be seen by others who visit the forum.

Instead, choose a city – either one close to you or any large city (since a large city’s forums will have more visitors) – and post your comments under popular comments threads. Each comment thread lists the number of comments posted so it is easy to see which threads receive the most attention.

Topix is a user-friendly site; you can register anonymously and begin posting comments right away. I recommend that you try to find comment threads whose subjects have at least a slight connection to organized stalking (crime, politics, etc.) so your comments do not appear to be spam.
You should also post comments beneath news articles on other websites. Some sites require a unique registration, but some systems can be used at multiple sites – such as Disqus and Facebook.

Craigslist is another excellent platform to exploit. Posting information on this community bulletin board website is anonymous, free, simple, and quick. Other targeted individuals have already posted notices there about organized stalking (including the flyer downloaded from this page). It works: some of those postings have generated traffic to the Fight Gang Stalking website.

Here is a page of frequently asked questions about Craigslist.
Here is a page of step-by-step instructions for how to post a notice on Craigslist.

You don’t need to create an account to post a notice on Craigslist, but if you do so, it will make it easier and quicker to post notices on a regular basis.

You can post a notice, such as the gang stalking flyer, on the Craigslist page for a city close to you, and also for other cities. As always, the more the better – although you must wait a couple of days between each post. (You are limited to posting to only one category and in one city, no more than once every 48 hours.)

I have written a standard comment which you can simply copy and paste into a comment box. This comment contains 3,209 – which is a big long (at least unofficially) for some comment threads, although it is well within the maximum size allowed on Topix, for example.

Click on image to enlarge

Click here to download the comment as a Word document:
Online Comment

This tactic is about as easy as it gets. If gang stalking victims are not even willing to copy and paste comments on website comment forums, we probably deserve to be stalked.

6. Letters & Emails to Journalists & Non-Profit Groups

Send letters to news outlets, non-profit organizations, friends, and relatives. You can use the exact same standard letter mentioned above for contacting members of Congress.

Contacting News Agencies

Contact local and national newspapers, magazines, TV and radio programs, and websites – the more the better – and suggest that they do a story on gang stalking.

Don’t ask them to do the story as a public service; pitch it as something which would be interesting for their readers/viewers/listeners. Mention that there is a lot of Internet discussion about the subject (you can mention, for example, a few of the main gang stalking websites, such as this one and the sites in the “Recommended Websites” page of this blog).
Instead of addressing your letters generically to an organization (such as a news agency), it is far better to look-up the name of a particular person at the organization if possible and address it to him or her specifically.

Contacting the ACLU

Apparently the ACLU does not respond to inquiries about gang stalking – or discuss the subject on its website. You might still want to send a letter or email to them just to remind them that we know that they know what is happening.

Beyond a single letter, I would not waste much time trying to contact their national office. A better approach is to do a Google search for the local ACLU chapter closest to you, and attend one of their meetings in person. Ask them whether they are familiar with gang stalking and if they will try to help gain the attention of the national ACLU office on the issue.

Remember though: the ACLU did not expose the first version of Cointelpro, and they have shown no interest in exposing its current version. By all indications, the ACLU’s national office plans to wait until it is safe before they wade into this issue.

Contacting Other Organizations

Cast a very wide net when gathering addresses to which you can send your letters. Include schools (teachers and administrators), churches, businesses, colleges (professors and administrators), private organizations, amusement parks, Civil War reenactment groups, whatever.
Of course, many of those people will have no direct connection or familiarity with issues involving illegal law enforcement tactics – but that’s exactly the point. Gang stalkers want to keep their secrets within their own gang. You can make that impossible.

Here again is the standard letter which can be used for contacting reporters, government officials, non-profit groups, and others.
Click here to download the letter as a Word document:

U.S. Domestic Counterintelligence

Go disrupt the game of the counterintelligence pigs!


A final thought…

Fighting the U.S. government’s Stasi brigade of corrupt cops, snitches, bullies, liars, parasitic security contractors, sociopaths, traitors, and useful-idiot vigilantes is a fight worth having – even if you are unsure of the prospects for a quick victory. Journalist and political activist Chris Hedges gave a speech in Santa Monica, California on October 13, 2013 in which he addressed that point:
“I do not fight fascists because I will win.
I fight fascists because they are fascists.”
If you can help expose illegal spying and harassment of Americans by intelligence agencies, law enforcement agencies, and private security contractors, please do so. America needs more patriots like Daniel Ellsberg, Edward Snowden, Jeremy Hammond, Barrett Brown, Russell Tice, William Binney, Ray McGovern, Thomas Drake, Frank Serpico, Thomas Tamm, Hugh Thompson, Jr., William C. Davidon, John Raines, Bonnie Raines, Keith Forsyth, Judi Feingold, and Bob Williamson.

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