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9/11 Revisited: Mega Project (Group), Kabbalah, Secret Societies, and Organized Crime ( 9/11/20)

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Part VIII: Cult Connections

February 9, 2024

In this program, Rick Wiles revisits an interview he did with a prominent Russian economist, Dr. Tatiana Koryagina, who, in July, 2001, had predicted there would be a major attack on the US in late August 2001. In Wiles’ interview with Dr. Koryagina shortly after 9/11, she discussed the “shadow structures” trying to reduce global population and collapse the global economy.

She stated that the attacks on 9/11 were by this cabal in order bring about these ends.

These shadow structures include mafias (organized crime), secret societies, intelligence agencies, religious cults, and secret financial structures. They control about $15 trillion and their wealth base is supported and sustained by the illegal drug and arms trades, human trafficking and sex trafficking, international sale in human organs, and the gaming industry. She gave this cabal a name: the Mega Project (aka Mega Group of Jewish billionaires).

Obviously, this same group and these same goals are now being implemented in the Covid-19 hoax and the “response” to this hoax.

Who is in this (Mega) group of Jewish billionaires?

Mega Group (Project) names (known in 1998):

Les Wexner, CEO, L Brands
Charles Bronfman, 14th wealthiest Canadian, Seagrams
Edgar Bronfman, Sr., Former President, World Jewish Congress
Ronald Lauder, President, World Jewish Congress
Michael Steinhardt, Strategic Advisor, Genie Energy
Max Fisher, Founder, Republican Jewish Coalition
Steven Spielberg, American filmmaker
Lester Crown, former President, General Dynamics
Laurence Tisch, former owner, CBS news
Leonard Abramson, CEO, US Health Care

Other members:

George Soros (Open Society Foundation)
Jeffrey Epstein

Dr. Koryagina says this group, an elite political-mystical order (the Illuminati), has been operating in secrecy for a long time. These secret societies are involved in satanism.

America lost $5 trillion in securities in the 9/11 event.

There is a wealth of documentation on the insider trading profits that happened surrounding 9/11 that will reveal the perpetrators.

There will be a roller coaster in oil prices. And she predicted new attacks on America.

Rick Wiles: I believe this Coronavirus 19 is round 2 designed to shut down the world economy and reduce the human population. (Also, organized and orchestrated by the Mega Group of Jewish billionaires.)

Is this all coming together now. We’ve been taken over. We’ve been overthrown. It’s already happened. You’ve been put into slavery. Now they are coming in for the kill.

Bill Gates is getting his vaccine ready.

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